Notes from Underground: My brush with Julie Meyer

Published 19 days ago

The most memorable First Tuesday to me was the one, where the Swedish founders of the site attempted to explain to the room why their website selling clothes needed £135 million to burn through. It was a massacre.

Fishing retailer Angling Direct lists on AIM - but does it offer value?

Published 312 days ago

Following the successful floatation of Fishing Republic (FISH) a couple of years back, it was only a matter of time before one of the other large fishing tackle retailers followed the same route, and we’ve just seen Angling Direct (ANG) list on the AIM market.

Why Marks and Sparks Fails to Spark My Investing Fire

Published 541 days ago

Hello Share Squeezers. You have to love traditional institutions. Marks and Sparks (MKS) is certainly one of those. But apart from a purchase early on in my investing career (not far beyond the Iron Age) I have avoided the shares. Reason: I bought them at £3 plus and for most of the years ever since the share price has monkeyed about at roughly the same level.

Be Heard Group May Be Small, But It May Be Heard in the Winner's List...

Published 625 days ago

Hello Share Swaddlers. There are some companies which don't appeal to me because I prefer businesses which do solid trade in things like engineering, transport, oil, mining, banking and the like. Some may caustically say: much good has it done me. And so I sometimes look for companies with a more esoteric feel (to me anyway) to try and redress the balance.

C'mon Postie, Don't Be Slow, Your Shares in Royal Mail Could Go Man Go.

Published 721 days ago

Hello Share Crunchers. Let me send you a letter recommending you research Royal Mail (RMG). I believe, though am not entierly sure as I don't look too closely into her finances, that my wife still holds some shares. So I am not entirely unbiased. Though I sold mr Royal Mail stock some time ago for a tasty profit - and have no plans at present to buy them back. This is not because I believe the share has a limited prospect of rising, but because this family already owns enough Royal Mail shares. Eggs and baskets and all that.

Royal Mail Could Deliver, Thanks to Automation and the On-line Shopping Bug.

Published 764 days ago

Hello Share Springers. I sold my shares in Royal Mail (RMG) ages ago, but my wife hung onto hers. I think so anyway, as I only usually look at my own portfolio. The reason I sold was because I feared competition from a hoard of other companies which seemed happy to cash in on a booming parcel trade. Obviously, the surge in internet shopping is making that little market much more attractive.

Avanti Communications - just 24 people take up 300,000 person UK scheme

Published 816 days ago

You just cannot make this stuff up. The difference between Avanti Communications (AVN) PR hype and reality is chasmous. With a hat tip to reader BlueFrew, let us have a quick look at the £60 million programme announced in December by the Government in partnership with Avanti to roll out broadband access to 300,000 rural homes across the UK. You want the internet Mr Crofter on a remote Scottish Island so you can download some sheep porn? To hell with cutting the deficit, the ever grateful taxpayer & Avanti are here to help.

Why It’s Wise To Be Wary Of Internet Outfits

Published 1023 days ago

Hello share mates. I'm on the road at the moment. This means I'm having awful trouble getting this daily report to you. We forget this is still a new technology. There is still a long way to go before the Internet actually saves us effort, instead of causing it.

Tom Winnifrith's weekly financial video postcard #64 - fraud issue

Published 1258 days ago

In his weekly financial video postcard Tom looks at how PLC fraud is so much more detectable in the internet era. He also looks at how companies which have engaged in fraud behave in their final months. The video cuts off a bit suddenly but the message was almost finished anyway.

BT – does the bid for Telefonica's 02 make sense?

Published 1276 days ago

Having sold its mobile business some years ago, BT (BT.A) is in talks with Telefonica about the possibility of buying the O2 mobile business for strategic reasons; to enable it to enter the growing mobile, smart phone data transmission market. That makes sense given that BT has a gap in its service offering in mobile communications and given that it is also a strong internet service provider which needs to expand demand for its services. 

The Practical Process of Buying a Share Part Three

Published 1348 days ago

Now to part three of this three part series and a matter on which I have spent three hours tackling today with a share.

Alibaba – the Biggest IPO in History

Published 1390 days ago

Alibaba, the Chinese internet giant, is set to go public. Supporters say that it is like Amazon, eBay, PayPal and Google all rolled into one and could be the most profitable company in the world. Does that sound too good to be true?

ASOS plc – ‘the internet premium’ challenged

Published 1471 days ago

I first commented on ASOS plc (ASC) on this website at around this time last year – concluding, with the shares then at 3755p, that despite the growth being recorded and growth potential, the valuation looked incredibly stretched to me – see HERE. In February this year the shares reached 7050p. The following updates with them now back to levels of May 2013 and following the recent publication of a consumer sector report by researchers Edison entitled ‘Challenging the internet premium’.


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