Sports Direct - drive a bus through the numbers and forecasts!

Published 37 days ago

There are two things I know about 2017. The first is that I had not one but two inaugural trips to a Sports Direct (SPD) store (and survived) and the second is that the omnipresent but embattled retailer should have been my tip of the year the thick end of a year ago. However in this world we must look forward and that brings me to today's first half profits at Mike Ashley's emporium.

IndigoVision – profit warning update, how’s the broker reacted?

Published 53 days ago

Writing on results for the first half of 2017 from IndigoVision (IND) I concluded that there continued to look value, but that I was wary of the second half reliance and that the profit forecast looked ambitious. There’s now been a “Trading update and Board changes” announcement including “it is now clear that management's expectations will not be achieved and that a full year operating loss will be reported” and that, after 14 years service, “Marcus Kneen has resigned from the board and has ceased to be Chief Executive Officer with immediate effect”. Hmmm…

Mothercare – interims emphasise “progress”, so why are the shares a further more than 16% lower?

Published 57 days ago

A half-year report from Mothercare (MTC) includes “we are on track with our transformation plans for our business, with like-for-like sales in the UK growing 2.5% and gross margins up by 34 bps year on year, in the first half. Across the business, we continue to invest and make progress, developing the Mothercare brand into a digitally led, global specialist”. So why are the shares currently a further more than 16% lower, at circa 70p?...

Hornby – results, ‘new strategy’ & fundraising. But is turnaround really ahoy?

Published 63 days ago

Previously writing on models and collectibles company Hornby (HRN), I noted no longer offering bulk sales at a discount & profit warning, but would it have been profit warning anyway? We now have the results for the six months ended 30th September 2017, a strategy update and a placing and open offer announcement…

SRT Marine Systems – interims claim “steady financial progress”. Really?

Published 64 days ago

SRT Marine Systems (SRT) has announced results for its half-year ended 30th September 2017, stating “steady financial progress broadly in line with our expectations and significant operational and project related activities” and “look forward optimistically to the second half”. Sounds encouraging…

Stanley Gibbons – results & a revised division sale see shares slide again

Published 110 days ago

Collectibles group Stanley Gibbons (SGI) has announced results for its year ended 31st March 2017 and a revised sale of a division. The shares have currently responded more than 13% lower towards 8p…

Advanced Oncotherapy – Annual Report published: Guess what?????

Published 207 days ago

AIM-listed Advanced Oncotherapy (AVO) has released its full Annual Report. Having looked yesterday at a few things I thought it would be worth a second look – especially in the light of a clean audit report from RPG Crouch Chapman. Mea culpa to myself and Tom who expected something different, but hang on a minute…

LightwaveRF – follows ramparoonie with half-year results showing continued cash burn

Published 245 days ago

Commenting yesterday on the “Launch of Google Assistant voice control” ramparoonie (Oops) RNS announcement from LightwaveRF (LWRF), I suggested it clearly currently remains cash burn ahoy, with results for the six months ended 31st March 2017 following today

Strat Aero – “Trading Update”, what’s the real balance sheet picture though?

Published 291 days ago

Strat Aero (AERO) “announces a trading update ahead of its full year results for the year ended 31 December 2016”. Hmmm – it’s already April 2017 though. I’d suggest this doesn’t bode well…

Goodwin – 2:15pm ‘Interim Management Statement’ a cause for alarm?

Published 315 days ago

Previously writing on engineering company Goodwin (GDWN) in September with the shares at 1980p, I concluded that the energy industry environment saw me cautious and avoiding the shares. They were little changed on the prior 1895p close before an “Interim Management Statement” announcement at 2:15pm. A cause for alarm?...

Dialight – 2016 results review as share price recovery continues

Published 319 days ago

Previously writing on LED lighting technology company Dialight (DIA) I noted somewhat of a share price recovery to 759.5p, but that ahead of the results for the 2016 calendar year I avoided. The following now reviews post those results – and with the shares having risen further…

Starcom looks no closer to actually making a profit

Published 327 days ago

Starcom Systems (STAR) has just released a trading update which shows that progress is still slower than expected in terms of growth and actually making the company profitable.

Goldplat – half-year results, still a gold recovery buy?

Published 333 days ago

Previously writing on Goldplat (GDP), I concluded that I continued to expect more to come as the shares rose back above 6p. The following updates with they currently up to 6.625p on the back of results for the six months ended 31st December 2016…

Scholium Group – half-year results admit non-delivery of the expected return on increased capital…

Published 415 days ago

I previously warned on rare books and collectibles group Scholium (SCHO) on the back of an October trading statement – and the shares are currently further lower, at 34p, on the back of the results announcement for the company’s half-year ended 30th September 2016…

Digital Barriers – H1 results, claims a clear, strong organic growth engine. But is there?

Published 416 days ago

Provider of surveillance technologies, Digital Barriers (DGB) has announced results for the six months ended 30th September 2016 including “it is clear that we have now established a strong organic growth engine”, though later also stating “organic revenues… were broadly flat at £6.9m”. Hmmm…

Digital Barriers – credit facility ahead of interim results?

Published 459 days ago

Having warned on shares in Digital Barriers (DGB) last year, I note an announcement of a £10 million credit facility – with this following a trading update announcement last week…

SRT Marine Systems – trading update; disappointing first half, better to come?

Published 471 days ago

Having soared towards 60p in August, shares in SRT Marine Systems (SRT, formerly Software Radio Technology) are currently around 8% lower today, at circa 40p, on the back of a “Half Year Trading Update” announcement. Hmmm, let’s take a look…

Vislink – half-year results, TIMBERRR!

Published 477 days ago

July profit warning meant results for the first half of 2016 from Vislink (VLK) were not going to be good but, on revenue 15% lower than in the corresponding 2015 period, at £22.6 million, a loss of £32.8 million!?! And there’s worse…

IndigoVision Group – “camera volumes increased markedly” & cash up, but…

Published 560 days ago

Having previously been positive on shares in IndigoVision Group (IND), I last concluded, with the shares then at 267.5p, that it was difficult to be particularly confident and that I’d look for safer value elsewhere (see HERE). I now update with the shares currently approaching 6% lower today, at 123.5p, on the back of a trading update for the first half of 2016…

Scholium – full-year results, loss reversed & “markets stabilised”, but shares down. Hmmm…

Published 561 days ago

Results for the company’s year to 31st March 2016 see rare books, arts and collectibles group Scholium (SCHO) comment “we were pleased with the performance for the year. A significant loss has been reversed and many of our core markets stabilised”. However, the shares are currently approaching 11% lower on the day, at 32.5p, in response. Hmmm…

Forterra – from anticipating “a shortfall in brick supply” to plant mothball proposals in less than 3 months

Published 563 days ago

Having IPO’d in April, brick and other masonry products producer, Forterra (FORT) has updated that “profit for the first half is in line with management's expectations”, but that “given current economic uncertainty and sufficient brick inventory levels, the board has reviewed the current production plan...”


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