Is Lionsgold really worth £19 million currently?

Published 15 hours ago

The rise in shares of Lionsgold (LION) has got the attention of many, and it certainly looked as though news was leaked prior to an RNS later in the day. Having seen the share price dropping steadily of late, it suddenly surged more than 40% on much higher than normal volume. Initially it looked like just another pump, as this share has been very popular with private investors ever since its share price rose by around 500% in December and is very volatile, but then an RNS dropped informing the market that it was making a new investment, and it ended the day up nearly 90% at 4.55p on the ask.

Premier African continues to fail to deliver

Published 13 days ago

There was a time when Premier African Minerals (PREM) looked to have genuine potential, but in the few years since then it has consistently disappointed investors and is now trading at a fraction of the share price it once hit.

Image Scan Holdings – full-year results emphasise impressive growth, so why the share price decline?

Published 44 days ago

An 8:11am (why?) announcement of results for its year ended 30th September 2017 from X-ray screening systems company Image Scan Holdings (IGE) - and the shares currently a further more than 10% lower towards 8p…

Premier Veterinary Group – narrower focus of resources in the US, wonder why?

Published 94 days ago

A March AGM update saw Premier Veterinary Group (PVG) “confident in the prospects for the US business and has agreed to significantly increase PVG's investment commitment in the current financial year in the US”. An update today includes a narrower focus of resources in the US “until such time that the changes the group is implementing to improve sign up rates take effect and are sustained”. And there’s worse…

Hornby – new CEO, an investment in a company he is the majority shareholder in to follow? Hmmm…

Published 108 days ago

Previously writing on Hornby (HRN) in June I noted CEO Steve Cooke having stated “having returned the group to a sound financial footing we are now in a position to focus on the next stage of the turnaround plan which will see Hornby progress back to profitability and positive cash generation”. There’s today an “Appointment of CEO” announcement!...

Liquid natural gas could still be very profitable for Ophir Energy in the future

Published 143 days ago

Ophir Energy (OPHR) has made far slower progress than many could have imagined a few years back, but the oil and gas fields which attracted many in the first place are still there, and the chances of them being developed still look very good.

Fit Bird Photo Article: QUIZ plc - let's get quizzical part 1/2: history & current position

Published 176 days ago

QUIZ plc (QUIZ) has today listed on AIM, reckoning this “marks an exciting new phase in QUIZ's growth and development as a leading international omni-channel fast fashion brand”. In this part one, I review the current position and in part two the growth prospects and valuation…

Earthport – “not cash flow breakeven in FY 2017”, so it's next year then? Er…

Published 179 days ago

Having declined from more than 45p in September 2015 to sub 13p less than a year ago, shares in Earthport (EPO) approached 30p earlier this year – before declining again in recent months. We now have a “Full Year Trading Statement”

LightwaveRF – Apple certification. Ooooh. Will it though need to be discounted fundraising ahoy?

Published 196 days ago

LightwaveRF (LWRF) “is delighted to announce that its next generation Lightwave Link Plus has been certified under Apple's licensing scheme as a ‘Works with Apple HomeKit’ product”. Ooooh, Apple hey. Cue a further share price rise, but what’s actually happening here?...

Photo-Me – updates on trading after UK photo ID regulation scare

Published 232 days ago

I previously commented on Photo-Me (PHTM) in January as the shares slid from above 170p to below 155p on UK photo ID regulation media comment. The company has now made a “Trading Update” announcement for its year ended 30th April…

Plastics Capital – placing to help “satisfy increasing demand”, but also dividends ‘suspended’. Hmmm…

Published 238 days ago

“Placing to raise £3.74 million” announcement from Plastics Capital (PLA), including to enable it “to satisfy increasing demand for the group's products and thereby accelerate organic growth”. With also a relatively limited 4.5% discount to the prior 122.5p closing share price, sounds reasonable enough. But what’s that? It is to “be augmented by the decision of the board to suspend dividend payments for at least the next two scheduled payments”. Hmmm...

UK Investor Show 2017 ‘Dragon’s Den’ picks update

Published 242 days ago

The sold-out success that was the 1st April 2017 UK Investor Show again saw five 'Dragon's Den' sessions where a number of CEOs each gave a pitch and three Dragons each picked one stock for a £1,000 investment. How are they faring so far?...

LightwaveRF – follows ramparoonie with half-year results showing continued cash burn

Published 245 days ago

Commenting yesterday on the “Launch of Google Assistant voice control” ramparoonie (Oops) RNS announcement from LightwaveRF (LWRF), I suggested it clearly currently remains cash burn ahoy, with results for the six months ended 31st March 2017 following today

Goals Soccer Centres – admits preliminary merger discussions, but a golden opportunity?

Published 271 days ago

Goals Soccer Centres (GOAL) has admitted “preliminary discussions with key rival Powerleague on “combining the two businesses”, though emphasises that is “but one of the strategic opportunities currently being assessed by the Goals board”

Lombard Risk Management – emphasises ahead of expectations, but what about sustainable cash generation?

Published 275 days ago

Lombard Risk Management (LRM) has updated that it anticipates exceeding analyst consensus expectations for its year ended 31st March 2017 and “remains confident” looking ahead. What’s that though expected to be “in the region of £2.4m to £2.8m”“Adjusted EBITDA”. Hmmm…

Gattaca – from confident of profit “in line” to 10-15% below expectations in 10 weeks

Published 281 days ago

Engineering and technology recruitment company, Gattaca (GATC) has updated that “the board has reviewed its outlook for the remainder of the year to 31 July 2017 and now believes that profits for the year will be approximately 10-15% below its prior expectations”. Uh oh…

2017 UK Investor Show ‘Dragon’s Den’ - where has £15,000 been invested?

Published 291 days ago

The sold out success that was the 2017 UK Investor Show again saw five 'Dragon's Den' sessions where a number of CEOs each gave a pitch and three Dragons each picked one stock for a £1,000 investment. Following 2016's picks, what were 2017's?...

Want an Easy Way to Invest in Emerging Markets? Take a Look at CLIG

Published 292 days ago

Hello Share Swiggers. As I write this, the share I love is once again putting on more value. However, City of London Investment Group (CLIG) can sometimes be in the opposite camp.

My £100 investment yesterday - will anyone beat it over 20 years?

Published 366 days ago

In a rash move yesterday, while wandering around "the book town" of Hay on Wye I splashed out £100 on an investment which my father is not so sure about but I reckon is a winner. Having checked a few websites overnight I reckon I am 30% ahead on my trade already but I am holding this as over 20 years it will be a multibagger.

Science in Sport – a “trading update” which omits to update on the bottom-line impact of trading!

Published 380 days ago

Sports nutrition company Science in Sport (SIS) has made a “Pre-Close Trading Update” announcement commencing that “sales increased 30% to £12.24 million in the 12 months to 31 December 2016”. Sounds promising, what about profitability?…

New mine coming online should give Orosur a boost

Published 404 days ago

Orosur Mining (OMI) remains one of my favourites amongst the small gold miners listed on AIM, and I now hold shares in the company myself, hopefully awaiting a turnaround in the price of gold.

Imaginatik – half-year results note “tangible results for our customers”, but what about for shareholders?…

Published 410 days ago

Having fallen towards 1p after being above 5p as recently as May, shares in Imaginatik (IMTK) are currently recovering to around 2p on the back of results for the company’s half year ended 30th September 2016…

Imaginatik – argues “confident”, but should it be?

Published 421 days ago

A trading update for the six months ended 30th September sees innovation software and consultancy company, Imaginatik (IMTK) “confident we have the foundations in place for future success”. Investors though don’t seem as confident – the shares currently remaining slumped at around 1.6p...

Mosman will crash back to earth after a ridiculous share price rise!

Published 436 days ago

Even with all of the other craziness in the markets, the ridiculous share price rise in Mosman Oil and Gas (MSMN) still managed to stand out!

Carclo – after dividend failure, an acquisition & placing…

Published 462 days ago

Having recently cancelled its full-year dividend after the ex-dividend date, specialised plastics company Carclo (CAR) has now announced an acquisition! (along with a trading update and placing)…

NWF Group – AGM trading update reckons outlook “remains in line”, but is a profit warning ahoy?

Published 478 days ago

An AGM trading update from UK agricultural and distribution group NWF (NWF) includes that “the board's outlook for the year remains in line with its expectations”. The shares are currently 5% lower, at sub 150p, in response. Hmmm…

Tern – 2015 accounts for Cryptosoft (now Device Authority) filed. Why don't the numbers match the accounts of Tern?

Published 496 days ago

Tern plc (TERN) investee company Cryptosoft Ltd as was (now Device Authority Ltd) has filed its accounts for the fifteen-and-a-bit months to Dec 2015 and the picture painted is not pretty. Nor is the cross-match (or lack of it) to the accounts of (then) majority owner Tern plc. Call me a pedant, but surely the investment by Tern into the share capital of Cryptosoft at period end should not exceed the total of share capital and share premium, should it? Oh, and then there were a few balance sheet issues.

Craven House Capital – At least we know where Mark Pajak spent his summer holidays

Published 508 days ago

Hallelujah, Craven House Capital (CRV) has announced its first investment in years but, as ever, it raises a host of questions, but I think I’ve worked it out. It’s just one of those summer romances that looks great under the holiday sun but less so on under a grey, autumnal sky. I didn’t take Mark Pajak for a Shirley Valentine character!

Imaginatik – FY results, claims “pleased” with the growth & progress. Hmmm, really?…

Published 521 days ago

Provider of innovation software and related professional services to large and medium-sized enterprises, Imaginatik (IMTK) has announced results for its year ended 31st March 2016 and states it is “pleased with the growth achieved in the year and the underlying progress within the business”. The shares are though currently a further more than 6.5% lower, at 1.75p. Hmmm…

Utilitywise – wariness vindicated as company updates on “weaker overall performance than we would have liked”

Published 530 days ago

“Utilitywise (UTW), the leading independent utility cost management consultancy, today provides an update on trading for the year ended 31 July 2016. The group expects to report significant revenue growth in the period with revenues of at least £82m (£69.1m 2015)”. Sounds promising, so why are the shares currently a further 6.5% lower, heading towards 133p? ...

This Super Share Might Still Suit You, Sir or Madam.

Published 536 days ago

Hello Share Bunnies. I have to admit that my heart lurches every time I hear the name ASOS (ASC), the big on-line clothing store which used to be called As Seen On Screen. Maybe it still is, but the name, which was so up-to-the-minute when the company started now seems dated, as so many retailers are also online now.

FastForward Innovations – Late night RNS: yet another poor connected investment from the Thompson Twins

Published 541 days ago

FastForward Innovations (FFWD) issued an after-hours RNS yesterday at 4.59pm announcing its next investment. Surely it wasn’t embarrassed by it? Let’s take a look.

Ilika – full-year results beg the question when’s it attempted discounted fundraising ahoy?

Published 561 days ago

Commenting on today-announced results for the company’s year ended 30th April 2016, Ilika (IKA) Chairman, Mike Inglis, notes “since my appointment as Non-Executive Chairman at the AGM last September, I have been very encouraged to see the technical progress and increased commercial focus at Ilika. The definition of a clear solid state battery roadmap and the launch of the Stereax M250 have been important milestones on the road to commercial success”. The following reviews with the shares currently more than 14% lower, at 45p…

Vislink – strangely timed “Trading Update” = ‘material’ profit warning & worse still…

Published 562 days ago

A strangely timed (8:01am) “Trading Update” from technology group “specialising in solutions for the capture, management and delivery of high quality video for the broadcast and surveillance and public safety markets”, Vislink (VLK). Hmmm…

NorthWest Investment Group – FY15 numbers from the Filthy 40 Investment company which doesn’t invest

Published 569 days ago

I kid you not: this company has been on the Casino since joining in June 2010 as an investment company with assets of about £3 million and has never invested a cent. Yesterday, ShareProphets AIM-China Filthy Forty company Northwest Investment Group (NWIG) released results for calendar FY15: it still hasn’t invested a cent. But the money is disappearing.

Purplebricks – full-year results, increased loss… but Australia here it comes!

Published 583 days ago

Purplebricks (PURP), the hybrid online and 'local property expert'-based estate agent, has announced results for its year ended 30th April 2016, noting that “we continue to scale and anticipate that the UK business will move into profit in the current financial year” and that it is to launch in Australia. With the shares currently slightly lower, at 130p, in response, the following reviews…

Time Out Group – IPO, an absolute rum n’ coke

Published 584 days ago

Time Out (TMO), founded in 1968 as a London culture and entertainment magazine, has listed on AIM at 150p per share, to capitalise the group at £195 million. Founder Tony Elliott sold a controlling share to private equity firm Oakley Capital in November 2010 with the “strategy to transform what was a traditional print brand into a leading digital platform”. Apparently Oakley “invests in and supports the continued growth and development of some of Europe’s leading companies”. Financially, this ain’t one of them…

Imaginatik – placing complete, but sufficient to net cash generation?

Published 585 days ago

Innovation-focused consultancy and software company, Imaginatik (IMTK) has announced completion of a placing it believes, together with an accompanying open offer, “will be sufficient to take the company to the stage where it is generating net positive cashflow”. Hmmm...

Tern – “Acquisition” RNS: er, actually….

Published 590 days ago

This morning AIM-listed investment company Tern (TERN) released an RNS entitled “Acquisition”. In fact the news was that the previously announced acquisition on Flexiant Ltd is all off, at least for now. This raises a few questions.

Group 4 Services at 271p a speculative buy

Published 1132 days ago

It is hard to resist looking at a share in a company which looks as though it will prosper despite all its manifest shortcomings and disadvantages. It is of course Group 4 Services (G4S) which I have made money in as a counter - or otherwise - intuitive trader; the shares lacking too much in the way of fundamental attractions to be called a proper investment.

Dillistone Group – shares rise on new product announcement, a buy?

Published 1236 days ago

Having noted in its results earlier this year that “our development team has continued to develop the FileFinder product, and has delivered performance and functionality improvements since launch. The division expects to make an important product related announcement later this year”, shares in recruitment software group Dillistone (DSG) are currently approaching 3% higher, at 105.5p. This is on the back of the new product announcement. I provide an update in the following.

GKN at 340p; worth looking at after H1 results

Published 1257 days ago

The shares of GKN (340p last seen) were as high as 468p in May having fallen back an impressive 27 %. After the drop it is worth revisiting the logic for investing here. The reason for buying the shares hitherto was twofold: first the recovery in the world automotive industry (more than 46% of GKN Group sales are accounted for as supplying the world’s auto industry) and second the management’s strategy of building up the Group’s aerospace business by acquisition, taking the company into more growth prospect and better margins; considerably higher than in vehicle manufacture. However does this logic now bear up to scrutiny in light of recent performance?


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