Impellam – full-year results argue “our strategy is working”. Is it?

Published 67 days ago

Recruitment and managed services group Impellam (IPEL) has announced full-year results, including emphasising “Our strategy is working with revenues increasing by 4.9% (5.7% at constant exchange rates)”… The shares have responded currently to 460p – 16% lower!...

Impellam – starts with Managed Services “ahead of expectations”… but it’s a profit warning!

Published 235 days ago

A trading statement from staffing and managed services company Impellam (IPEL) commences that “Impellam continues to make good strategic progress. Our Managed Services businesses in the UK and Australia are growing ahead of expectations as is the entire US business, on a like for like currency basis”. Sounds good then. The shares?... Er, currently down approaching 20% at around 500p!...

I Impel 'Em to Look at Impellam, If They Want to Invest in a Company that May Be Just the Job

Published 297 days ago

Hello, Share Bunnies. A long time ago, I dumped my shares in Impellam (IPEL) though I think my wife may still be a holder. I recall that I followed some advice on this beautiful website to part company with this across-the-board recruitment agency. They'd had a good run and so I made a handsome profit. But the company seemed to be running out of steam. Yet if I were commended to buy the share today, I might do so on the latest results.

Are We Singing From the Same Page When I Say this Firm Could Just Be the Job?

Published 762 days ago

Hello Share Spooners. I’ve long held that recruitment agencies are a decent bet in these turbulent times. The reason is that unemployment seems to be on the back foot in various parts of the globe, including here in Blighty.

Michael Page May Be Just the Job for Divi Seekers.

Published 1130 days ago

Hello Share Squelchers. You may or may not recall that I am a fan of recruitment agencies. This is because there are more jobs in the UK than ever before. Also, if you are looking for employment, going to an agency is probably the best chance you have. As my son found out, they will find you a temporary job . And that comes without your having to be interviewed by the new employer. Then, in many cases, the job becomes permanent and there you are.

Make Hays While The Sun Shines - The Current Share Price May Warm Up Fast.

Published 1204 days ago

Hello Share Movers. There are more jobs in Britain than there ever have been. Quite an amazing fact, don’t you think? When you consider that we all once expected a sci-fi future full of labour-saving devices.

K3, Impellam & Vislink – updated views on my 2015 share tips of the year (with links to picks for 2016)…

Published 1232 days ago

In aggregate – as displayed HERE – my 2015 recommendations performed well. The following updates with my current views on those and links to my picks for 2016…

Impellam Group – tip of the year update on interims & an acquisition

Published 1390 days ago

Impellam Group (IPEL), a 2015 tip of the year from me HERE, has announced results for the six months ended 3rd July 2015 and a £28.8 million (and up to £37.2 million) acquisition. To update…

Try Impellam 1-2-3. The Jobs Train Is On the Move Again.

Published 1732 days ago

Hello Share Shunters: Let me see if I can interest you in a firm called Impellam Group (IPEL). They are in the job recruitment game. This was not a booming business in the long, dark period after the Credit Crunch. With no jobs going how could you make a crust when nobody was taking on anybody? But things are better now, with many more spare jobs, even if many of them are not paying quite as well as they used to.


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