Telit IPO Document 2005 - Note 6.7 care to comment Uzi, I mean, Oozi?

Published 14 days ago

The 2005 flotation of Telit Communications (TCM) will - with hindsight - be seen as yet another badge of shame for AIM, the casino which laughably brands itself as the world's most successful growth market. Until 2004 the CEO of Telit & the companies it bought was, in official documents such as THIS, calling himself Uzi Katz. By the time of the IPO that was Oozi Cats. Let us now turn to section 6.7 of that document.

King of the fraudsters Rob Terry promises $1 billion Knob Park IPO - now about those dodgy accounts.

Published 25 days ago

In five year time, the king of the fraudsters, Rob Terry of The Innovation Group and Quindell (QPP) infamy says he will be floating his latest ponzi, Quob Park Estate for $1 billion. Bollocks. There is more chance of me getting lucky with the entire Dallas Cowboys cheerleaders squad within the next 48 hours.  As the SFO investigation into the £3 billion Quenron fraud ratchets up a gear, the only thing Rob Terry will be doing in five years time is praying that his next Roomie at Ford Open doesn't have a taste for ugly older men.

i3 Energy - Going down like Christmas lights in January

Published 26 days ago

i3 Energy (13E) floated at 55p earlier this week. Its shares now trade at just 34.5p to sell. Even by the standards of the AIM Casino this has been a god-awful IPO. But it is going to get an awful lot worse. 

i3 Energy - a $50m fund raise becomes zero fund raise and £14m market cap (oops make that £11m) - disastrous IPO

Published 29 days ago

It was only a couple of months ago, on May 10 - 6 months behind schedule - when wannabee North Sea oil developer i3 Energy (I3E) announced it was to raise up to $50 million as it joined AIM. Since then, as we have noted before, there have been numerous false starts and it was obvious to all concerned - bar Amanda Van Dyke's related party snakefest Glenwick (GWIK) - that the fundraise was in deep merde. Oh yes. Party on bear dudes. This IPO has bombed and the business model is mega-fucked.

Rockpool Acquisitions IPO - a new member of the Sub Standard XI? I fear I can't SUFTUM

Published 65 days ago

The demise of so many Standard Listed companies means that poor Cynical Bear has some big holes in his Sub Standard List X1 squad. But fear not, from God's chosen lands of Northern Ireland here comes Rockpool Acqusitions which will list in early July having raised £1.5 million at 10p.

Entu – from bad (en)tu worse, issues “more complex and extend further” than expected

Published 70 days ago

October 2014, 100p per share, IPO, Entu (ENTU) has issued a trading update commencing that its strengthened executive team is progressing with the implementation of a detailed action plan, as set out in the full-year results statement, to reduce costs, improve operational efficiency, leverage its supply chain, improve cash collection and strengthen controls. Good, good. But what? The shares currently more than 30% lower on the day at well below 20p. Uh oh…

SkinBioTherapeutics – successful AIM admission for a UK Investor Show ‘Golden Share’

Published 140 days ago

Tom Winnifrith’s ‘Golden Share’ (all proceeds to Woodlarks) from Saturday’s 2017 UK Investor Show has today listed on AIM – and it’s good news…

Optibiotix - Skinbiotherapeutics demerger: Mr Market does not fully realise what good news this is!

Published 154 days ago

Optibiotix (OPTI) has announced - not before time we might note- that the demerger of its 52% unit Skinbiotherapeutics and its own AIM listing is underway. I should cocoa. Book building is cracking ahead on the Skinbiotix IPO. Optibiotix currently has an adjusted 52% of Skinbiotherapeutics.

Van Elle – profit warning less than 5 months after AIM IPO!

Published 154 days ago

Well that didn’t take long; 26th October 2016: “Van Elle (VANL), the geotechnical contractor offering a wide range of ground engineering techniques and services to customers in a variety of UK construction end markets, is pleased to announce the admission to trading on the AIM market”22nd March 2017: trading update including “delay and deferral of contracts”

Jason Drummond's Gametech: Heading for administration but is it all what it seems?

Published 157 days ago

Four days before Christmas I revealed that after Teathers Financial (TEA), the next venture of Jason Drummond, Gametech, was planning a listing on NEX Markets c/o London's worst financial adviser/Nomad Mr Roland "Fatty" Cornish. Wind forward and the Court filing below suggests that it is on the brink of bankruptcy. But is all it seems?

LoopUp – 2016 results emphasise “strong performance” & “positive outlook”, so why are the shares lower?

Published 168 days ago

A 2016 results announcement from remote meetings technology group LoopUp (LOOP) includes “we're very pleased to report strong business performance and a positive outlook in our first set of annual results as a public company”. So why are the shares currently more than 3% lower, at 156.5p, in response?...

Lakehouse – having disappointed thus far on the main market… proposed move to AIM

Published 168 days ago

Having IPO’d on the main market at 89p per share less than two years ago, support services group Lakehouse (LAKE) has announced a proposed move to AIM (along with a “New Contract Win & Update on Trading”)…

DX Group – from trading despair to planning, er, despair…

Published 170 days ago

Having noted previously justified caution on parcels, mail and logistics group DX (DX.), the shares had edged up to 9.5p before a “Re: Proposed West Midlands Hub” announcement last week…

Buy Saffron Energy at up to 7p - target to sell 12p within months (or weeks)

Published 173 days ago

We should declare that certain team members have invested in this IPO at 5p The IPO was last week and we tipped the stock on its first day of dealings. The shares are now 7p-7.5p - we do not expect any retracement but if there is and you can buy at 7p or less do so big time. We expect to be advising folks to be banking profits at 12p within weeks. Our tip as of last week reads:

Tulip mania/south sea bubble – Snap IPO

Published 173 days ago

Snap, the parent company of Snapchat Inc, floated yesterday on the New York Stock Exchange giving the company a closing valuation of just over $28 billion, after the shares surged 44% from the IPO price. It will also made its two founders, Evan Spiegel and Bobby Murphy, worth more than $5 billion each. The stock closed at $24.48, giving the company a market value of $28.3 billion. At one point it reached $26.05 and a market value of $29.1 billion. The company raised $3.4 billion at $17 a share after pricing its initial public offering making it the biggest tech float since 2014, when Alibaba shattered all records. It is almost three times the size of Twitter, bigger than both HP and CBS, and almost as big as EBay.

Filthy Forty Jiasen – tick-tock, tick-tock, it really is bag of Walkers o’clock

Published 182 days ago

The 24th delisting from the ShareProphets AIM-China Filthy Forty is almost upon us, for shareholders in Fujian Province-based Jiasen (JSI) voted through proposals to depart the Casino at a General Meeting on the 15th of this month, with the company’s exit scheduled for next Tuesday. Anyone still holding has less than four trading sessions left to get out.

Well done Fevertree I was wrong - but i struggle even more to see value at this price

Published 192 days ago

Fevertree Drinks (FEVR) is a company that I have admittedly been wrong about in the past – I like the product and way the business has grown, but thought the valuation was crazy!

DX Group – another profit warning, from 100p IPO to sub 10p in less than 3 years…

Published 197 days ago

I previously cautioned on parcels, mail and logistics group DX (DX.) with the shares at 30p HERE and 16p HERE. Hopefully the warnings were heeded as a “Trading update” announcement currently sees the shares 60% lower, heading towards 7p…

LoopUp – review as shares sparked by ‘ahead of expectations’ trading update

Published 217 days ago

I looked at remote meetings technology group LoopUp (LOOP) just after the company’s August IPO – concluding, with the shares at 112.5p, that the valuation in conjunction with usual IPO and growth risks saw me avoid, but that I’d monitor with interest. The shares closed yesterday at exactly the same price as then – but are currently approaching 13% higher today, at 127p, on the back of a trading update announcement…

Tom Winnifrith Podcast: Discussing Big Sofa with Adam Reynolds

Published 247 days ago

Big Sofa Technologies (BST) IPO'd on AIM today at 17p - the shares are now 21p. It is the latest Adam Reynolds stock and we own "a few" shares. I recorded this podcast to discuss the investment case with Adam.

More damning statistics on AIM, provided by the world's "most successful growth market". Not!

Published 259 days ago

As a boy I would eagerly await the start of each month. Before I went to bed I said hares brown hares and my first words on waking would be rabbits white rabbits. That was meant to bring you luck. These days the start of the month ritual ( well six days in) involves chortling at the latest dire statistics AIM provides about itself. November was as bad as prior months. AIM is nothing if not consistent.

OneView – following swift about-turn profit warning, now attempted bailout fundraising ahoy!

Published 285 days ago

I warned shares in OneView (ONEV) were for the bargepole list as they slumped last month after the company went from “remains confident” to “likely to be below market expectations” in 6 weeks. They had subsequently recovered somewhat, but that before a Thursday 10:32am “Trading Update and Notice of Results” announcement…

Electric Jukebox backed by Nigel Wray & Cheryl Crow - sorry BB I am going to pass

Published 289 days ago

The Sunday Times front page splashed with news of a forthcoming AIM IPO in the music streaming world, Electric Jukebox. It is an easy splash in that my pal Nigel Wray, Britain's Buffett, is an investor and the company has celebrity "investors" lead by Cheryl Crow whose face beams out of the paper. Chris Akers vehicle Yolo (YOLO) has today raised £2.5 million and is investing £1.4 million in EJ so maybe that is the IPO the paper refers to. But for me this is a big miss and here's why.

Digital Globe Services – another AIM success story; seller returns for 62% discounted takeover just 44 months after IPO! ...

Published 305 days ago

14 February 2013: “Digital Globe Services, Ltd (DGS), a leading provider of outsourced online customer acquisition solutions for large, consumer-facing corporations, is pleased to announce at 0800 today the admission to trading on AIM… at the placing price of 159 pence per common share… The Resource Group International (TRGI), the selling shareholder”21 October 2016: “The independent directors and TRGI are pleased to announce that they have reached agreement on the terms of a recommended cash offer for DGS… shareholders will be offered for each DGS Share: 60 pence”. You what?!?…

TrendIT – a shocking indictment of the Standard List: part two

Published 311 days ago

Yesterday saw a shocking litany of scandal regarding Iraeli tech play TrendIT (TRIT) of the LSE’s Standard List on the main market. We saw how it managed to gain admission claiming to be raising £4m which didn’t arrive, how its accounts suggest that it was not solvent either before or after the IPO, lost its Broker (Peterhouse) which is yet to be replaced, confusion over which firm was acting for it in its IPO and admission placing, a boardroom merry-go-round, a going concern warning from its auditor and suspension from trading “pending an announcement” we’ve all been awaiting for almost three months  – and it only listed in January! Today we bring you, courtesy of the Global Shorting Conspiracy, a translation of an article published by Israeli newspaper Calcalist.

Trendit – a shocking indictment of the Standard List

Published 312 days ago

If you thought that AIM was badly regulated then the Standard List seems to be making great strides to demonstrate how much worse it could all get. We already have Cynical Bear’s Sub-Standard Shockers XI but in the form of Trendit (TRIT) an extraordinary set of events suggests a real scandal is brewing. Will anyone step up to the plate and take action?

Mkango - the ramp has failed, its a countdown to the bailout placing

Published 315 days ago

Have you looked at the chart of AIM dog Mkango Resources (MKA)? It is a corker. It is all down to the looming cash crisis and that is why the shares now trade at 3.5p-4p which is below the IPO fund-raise price from June 15. That tells you how much trouble this piece of Turkish is in.

The Misys IPO, it is one to dodge and it shows we bears are right

Published 318 days ago

Until it was taken private back in 2012 Misys was one of those stocks you did not need to own. Its track record was okay but not brilliant. It had a habit of letting investors down now and again. Its departure was not greeted with wailing and the gnashing of teeth. But now it is planning a comeback in what is flagged up as being one of the largest IPOs for many a year. Caveat emptor.

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast: Crashing with China, Krispy Kreme and the trainwreck CV of Lyin' Chris

Published 339 days ago

In today's podcast, recorded before my father in law hogs the TV room to watch Songs of Praise, I look at what the Krispy Kreme IPO in Londron means, at signs of the mother of all crashes in China and what the CV of destruction from lyin' Chris of African Potash (AFPO) exposed HERE earlier - means. Am I a hypocrite on this matter.

PureGym to float: Implications for The Gym

Published 343 days ago

I’ve written on this website in gushing terms on the disruptive business model being operated by The Gym (GYM). However, I mentioned before that it has “one larger competitor”. That competitor is floating on the LSE and so it is perhaps not surprising to see The Gym shares slipping on the announcement.

CDialogues - it was a complete dog!, to be liquidated little more than 2 years after joining AIM…

Published 354 days ago

“Following successful completion of the general meeting earlier today… the last day of dealings in the company's ordinary shares is 14 September 2016 and at 7.00 a.m. on 15 September 2016, the company's ordinary shares will be cancelled from trading on AIM”. Hmmm - “successful” CDialogues (CDOG) says…

Mkango Resources - Quarterlies and a whopping great lie about cash

Published 357 days ago

Mkango Resources (MKA) the companyu with worthless (not so) Rare Earth assets in African which no-one else wants and which was trading whilst insolvent at the time of its AIM IPO has released its debut quarterly results on the Casino."When in Rome"...Mkango has marked the occassion with a great big fat lie.

LoopUp Group – shares to loop up or down following AIM IPO?

Published 363 days ago

“LoopUp Group plc (LOOP), a global software-as-a-service provider of remote meetings, is pleased to announce… admission of its ordinary shares to trading on the AIM market… The reception from investors… reinforces our belief that our differentiated product, business model and plans for the future provide the foundation needed to deliver on our potential as a public company”. With the shares currently at 112.5p, up from a 100p admission price, let’s take a look…

Volution - It's complicated, but...

Published 376 days ago

Volution Group (FAN) is another by-product of that IPO glut around 2014, when private equity funds found plenty of willing buyers for a wide range of businesses.

Stock Spirits profitability revs higher - potential recovery play

Published 378 days ago

Heading back into the drinks business, this morning saw interim results from Central and Eastern European spirits producer Stock Spirits (STCK). This can be interpreted as another recent “busted IPO”, with the share price halving since its 2013 flotation.

Fishing Republic – more confetti to come as 18-month just not an issue

Published 381 days ago

AIM-listed Fishing Republic (FISH) only came to the Casino on 4 June 2015. Apparently newly listed companies are supposed to come to the world’s most successful growth market with 18 months’ working capital in the bag. But on Friday it was announced that Fishing Republic is calling a General Meeting in order to seek shareholder authorities to allow it to issue yet more confetti.

Tom Winnifrith bonus bearcast: The AIM casino disgrace that is MySQUAR, I name & shame

Published 387 days ago

AIM casino dog with fleas MySQUAR (MYSQ) has today managed a small bailout placing as it teetered on the verge orf bankruptcy just 13 months after its IPO. The roll call name of shame includes pompous PR supremo Piers Pottinger who is a NED, Nomad SP Angel, brokers Mirabaud and Belfort Securities. The shares have plunged to 4p (60% down on the IPO) but are in fact worth 0p. This is a ZERO, an AIM uber-dog. I look at the red flags, talk you through the maths and name the guilty men, the establishment fuckers, the 1% who have made money as poor old private investors took it up the jacksie again. Yes I am angry and use some bad language.

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast - My father prepares to sink Fred Olsen

Published 391 days ago

I start with the bad news for whoever owns Fred Olsen.  I think look at Octagonal (OCT), Blur (BLUR), much ramped Keras Resources (KRS), XCite Energy (XEL), Magnolia Petroleum (MAGP), 88 Energy (88E), Highlands Natural Resources (HNR), Sareum (SAR) and then a joke IPO called Widecells (WDC), which listed yesterday and is now the subject of a ramp. Feel the stem cells. No actually don't. Just sell.

Shock, Horror! Beaufort issues a "sell" note (re Hotel Chocolat)

Published 406 days ago

Well this doesn't happen very often. In fact, I can't remember the last time I had a morning note drop into my inbox only to find that something was being rated as an outright sell. The usual guff is a series of "speculative buy" ratings (often on things I wouldn't go near). But this morning Beaufort Securities has broken the city's unwritten code of conduct, plunging the knife into recent AIM IPO candidate Hotel Chocolat (HOTC).

Orchard Funding – from “pleased with how the business has grown since flotation” to “below market expectations” in less than 3 months

Published 407 days ago

1st July 2015: “Orchard Funding Group (ORCH)… is pleased to announce its flotation today on the London Stock Exchange's AIM market… will enable the business to grow to its full potential and become a leading lender in the insurance premium finance and professions finance market”14th April 2016: “we are pleased with how the business has grown since flotation”Today: “the company's trading performance for the current financial year is expected to be below market expectations”. Uh oh…

Forterra – from anticipating “a shortfall in brick supply” to plant mothball proposals in less than 3 months

Published 414 days ago

Having IPO’d in April, brick and other masonry products producer, Forterra (FORT) has updated that “profit for the first half is in line with management's expectations”, but that “given current economic uncertainty and sufficient brick inventory levels, the board has reviewed the current production plan...”

Joules - Growth but not necessarily value

Published 428 days ago

Premium lifestyle brand Joules (JOUL) is one of the freshest arrivals to the AIM market. Along with Hotel Chocolat (HOTC), Joules has been recognised as one of the higher-quality names to opt for AIM in recent months, and a sign that the junior market is still capable of attracting highly investable companies.

SEC - Italian PR comes to AIM

Published 429 days ago

This morning sees one of the more curious notices of intention to float on AIM. SEC SpA, “the largest independent advocacy, public relations and integrated communications agency in the Italian market”, is seeking to raise €4-6 million.

CDialogues – you were warned. Having announced new contracts unviable, now all current ones terminated!

Published 432 days ago

“CDialogues plc (CDOG) announces that the group has received a notice of termination… in respect of the four contracts from which CDialogues generates all of its current revenues”. Uh-oh…

Time Out Group – IPO, an absolute rum n’ coke

Published 435 days ago

Time Out (TMO), founded in 1968 as a London culture and entertainment magazine, has listed on AIM at 150p per share, to capitalise the group at £195 million. Founder Tony Elliott sold a controlling share to private equity firm Oakley Capital in November 2010 with the “strategy to transform what was a traditional print brand into a leading digital platform”. Apparently Oakley “invests in and supports the continued growth and development of some of Europe’s leading companies”. Financially, this ain’t one of them…

F40 MoneySwap and PCG Entertainment – a look back in history at the former chairman and his brother. It’s a game of two halves….

Published 440 days ago

Picking up on Cynical Bear’s footballing analogy and having previously wondered whether there might be a skeleton in the cupboard of ShareProphets AIM-China Filthy Forty MoneySwap (SWAP) in the light of last week’s ‘fessing up by fellow Filthy Forty PCG Entertainment (PCGE), further digging reveals a festival of Red Flags. Look no further than the previous stamping ground of MoneySwap and PCG Entertainment (PCGE) former chairman, Mr Kung Min Lin, at Power Capital Global Limited (PCGB), which started life as Sportswinbet (SWB) in 2005. Here are the first half highlights.

Bluebird Merchant Ventures - update on Batangas: shares very cheap: BUY

Published 458 days ago

We now have evidence that some of those who invested in Bluebird (BMV) at the IPO are ignoring lock-ins. That is seeing the shares slip when they should be racing on more good news. We expect this matter to be resolved very shortly indeed and the re-rate to then start and to be dramatic. That makes the shares a buy now.

Breith is back – although I fear the shares will Toople

Published 472 days ago

Only 14 months after David Breith resigned his CEO role at Coms plc (COMS) in March last year (before being forced to leave that is), he is back with the impending IPO of Toople plc next week on 10 May. As ever the prospectus that was issued last week on 4 May deserves a closer read!

BlueBird Merchant Ventures - first mining IPO for 8 months - we have a small flutter

Published 497 days ago

I really hate backing IPOs. Many companies just struggle to adjust to life as a public company, it is like those cricketers who are great at proper cricket but just can't make the adjustment to the pyjama game. Whatever. We have had a small exposure (well not that small actually) today in Bluebird Merchant Ventures (BMV) - Bluebird Mining as was -  which is the first mining stock to make it to the London market in eight months.

Take in the Countryside if You Seek a Punt that Might Build your Portfolio.

Published 508 days ago

Hello Share Tasters. I’ve brought a few house builders to your door since the start of the year. Her’s another one which should see its share price rise - especially as demand continues to outstrip supply.

Healthcare Royalty Trust PLC £300 million IPO canned

Published 509 days ago

Despite the slavish support of the lamentable Midas column in the Mail on Sunday, the IPO of Healthcare Royalty Trust has been pulled. The company first planned to raise £300 million then scaled that back to £150 million but as I flagged HERE the maths did not add up.

If it sounds too good to be true...Healthcare Royalty Trust IPO shambles

Published 513 days ago

Healthcare Royalty Trust was planning a stockmarket listing to raise £200-300 million promising investors that by buying royalty streams in pharmaceuticals that were already being marketed it could generate annual returns for investors of 10% of which 60% would be paid out as dividends. Really?

F40 Origo – a history lesson in reading Admission Documents

Published 527 days ago

ShareProphets AIM-China Filthy Forty play Origo Partners (OPP) remains suspended pending financial clarification as shareholders face a grim high noon in the Isle of Man courts when the majority holder of (now defaulting) zeros looks set to get the company forced into wind-up.

Now you can co invest with institutions in ShoreCap, FinnCap, Arden placings - why not?

Published 538 days ago

Now this is starting to get interesting. PrimaryBid which we have backed since its launch has now got three decent AIM brokers as investors and as of now when they do placings for clients, PerimaryBid customers will be able to participate. This means getting into GOOD placings from half decent brokers acting for decent companies and this is revolutionary. I am already signed up as a client, if you are not sign up - its free - now HERE.

Try the Telstar Tradition and Probe into a New Satellite Venture

Published 546 days ago

Hello Share Plinkers. You may recall that I am a strong supporter of some companies which have links with outer space. Or at least, with satellites. One such favourite has done exceedingly well for me. I refer to Inmarsat (ISAT) that great British space pioneer which does so much to link up people in inaccessible places. Like the top of Everest, for example.

SP Angel Cuts ShareProphets off its Research list but will it still try to IPO insolvent shit? Of course!

Published 551 days ago

Nomad & broker SP Angel has today stated that it will not be sending us any more research and so we can no longer bring you its daily mining note. Why have we been cut off?

Car Crash IPO Lenigas Cuba now MINUS 90% after 3 months - Jabba's Excuses Brilliant

Published 551 days ago

David Lenigas tries his best to ramp the crock of shit that is Lenigas Cuba (CUBA) but its shares are now just 0.5p to sell (in small amounts), that is 90% down in just over 3 months. The excuses Jabba The Hutt is offering on twitter are lamentable as you can see below. And there are also the half-truths.

Mkango Resources - SP Angel Refuses to Comment on the Chris Oil Disaster non IPO

Published 552 days ago

TSX listed Mkango Resources promised investors - including Chris Oil who put in £100,000 at 2.5 Canadian Cents last Autumn - that its delayed AIM IPO would happen early January. Nomad SP Angel signed off on that statement...I put it to SP Angel today why the silence?

Lenigas Cuba – if you’re a fan of Cuban Oil why you might want to buy MEO rather than Lenigas Cuba

Published 560 days ago

Hat Tip to reader "Inspector" for this point on the car crash IPO of the year 2015 Lenigas Cuba (CUBA) and its latest (failed) attempt to ramp the share price. On 9th February, Jabba The Hutt published the following update on his company's investment in Petro Australis:

Hey criminal Chris Oil & SP Angel what's happening with the IPO of bankrupt basket case Mkango?

Published 570 days ago

Oh dear. Oh dear. This looks like another disaster for the lying criminal market abuser Chris Oil who in October put £100,000 into bankrupt TSX listed Mkango Resources at 2.5 Canadian Cents. The stock closed Friday at just 1 Canadian cent with 100,000 shares traded - that would be £500 worth of confetti. But it is not the lobster pot status of Mkango that should really trouble the twerp is the ominous silence.

Jiasen - here is how the fraudsters made their cash

Published 573 days ago

That Jiasen (JSI) is a total fraud is now beyond all reasonable doubt. I actually have more information on this company which the Nomad (Cairn) and AIM Regulation are sitting on but will they bother to do anything? So how has money been transferred from British investors to the fraudsters back in China?

Purplebricks Group – interim results, how much sales & marketing cost needed?

Published 575 days ago

December addition to AIM, estate agent combining online with local property experts, Purplebricks Group (PURP) has announced results for the six months ended 31st October 2015…

Falcon Acquisitions – here comes the ramp (Challenger take 2)

Published 586 days ago

I was interested to see the prospectus for a new cash shell called Falcon Acquisitions published yesterday. The business is headed up by Mark Gustafson and Gert Rieder and the IPO is scheduled for Monday 18 January. 

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast 6 January: Alibaba looks like a red flag slam dunk sell

Published 595 days ago

I could not sleep last night so spent several hours looking at filings by Alibaba (US:BABA), the world's largest IPO. They seem red flag strewn and I would have this one down as a slam dunk sell for 2016. There will be more on this to follow but I am just putting a marker in the sand. Back in the UK I look at Gulf Keystone (GKP), African Potash (AFPO) and LGO Energy (LGO)

Purplebricks foundations look very shaky

Published 598 days ago

Purplebricks (PURP) floated on AIM during the middle of last month, but its valuation looks on the high side to me.

Motif Bio has the potential to be a big winner

Published 602 days ago

The biotech sector isn’t my usual area for investment, but one such company that I’ve been following the progress of with interest is Motif Bio (MTFB).

I agree with Paul Scott - all quoted stockbrokers are a sell

Published 604 days ago

Paul Scott disappointed his army of fans with a refusal to pen a drunken 3 AM blog this Christmas. Shame. Shame. Instead he penned a very sober slating of the quoted brokers prompted by the profits warning from Panmure Gordon (PMR). I have been saying for ages that this sector is uninvestable and but Paul puts it far more clearly.

Q&A with Coinsilium ahead of its Christmas Eve IPO

Published 609 days ago

Coinsilium Group (COIN) shares commence trading tomorrow on ISDX as the first Blockchain technology IPO. We own shares. Ahead of the IPO here is a detailed Q&A with the company’s Executive Chairman Cameron Parry, and CEO Eddy Travia. 

David Lenigas now breaking ISDX Rules for POS Lenigas Cuba

Published 612 days ago

What is it with Jabba The Hutt and rule breaking? The poor man seems addicted to it. His latest offence concerns the ISDX Lobster pot car crash of an IPO Lenigas Cuba (CUBA) where he has clearly broken ISDX Rule 32 (disclosure of price senistive information).

Fraudster Rob Terry floating a new company on the stockmarket? He is avin a bubble

Published 614 days ago

Yesterday Quindell (QPP) fraudster Rob Terry announced that his Knob Park vehicle had spun out a new subsidiary ( which is this still controlled by Mr 2+2 can = 5) , Quob Park Technologies and that "Quob Park Estate (the parent), along with its partners, will be providing advice around the company’s future development strategy, fundraising and corporate financing activities, including any potential IPO". Rob you are avin a bubble.

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast 17 December - Concha another day of shame for AIM

Published 615 days ago

I am sitting here with my father in Shipston. We have just had a long argument about the deaths of Cranmer, Latimer & Ridley. Naturally we both insisted we had the facts right. I am now 1p better off as I was right. My father has gone to the White Bear early in protest. Back to the podcast, I start with US base rates and why the UK will follow and what that means (house price crash, bad for certain equities). Then it is the AIM disgrace of the day Concha (CHA), onto Afriag (AFRI), Inspirit (INSP), Ultimate Sports (USG), Fastjet (FJET), and the shocker of a July IPO Adgorithms (ADGO). It is another day of shame for AIM.

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast 13 December - From a pain in the back to David Lenigas

Published 619 days ago

I start with back news, not good but at least I have a handy tip for dodging passport control. Then it is onto the son of the late Brian Schneider of OEM infamy. He wants you and I to pay far more tax from our legitimate earnings though he has lived a privileged life - and still does - thanks to the proceeds of crime. He is a leading Jeremy Corbyn organiser. Right on Comrades. I look at Petropavlovsk (POG) and the idea of buying shares for the bid.  I move onto a new biotech IPO, Levrett. I explain why its a bargepole but also how the coverage of this in the Mail on Sunday (Simon Watkins) shows again the corrupt nexus between certain financial journalists and the PR world with an aim to dupe you, the investor. Then it is onto Jabba The Hutt's Afriag (AFRI) where I follow on from today's bombshell HERE and the follow up HERE by explaining the real problem it - and AIM - now faces.

Defenx AIM IPO - shocking greed and a crap investment

Published 626 days ago

On Thursday another tech crock of pooh floated on AIM - Defenx (DFX) - this is a tale of City greed and a shite investment.

Senterra Energy – all very cosy round at Optiva Securities

Published 638 days ago

Tired of acting for shite companies run by David Lenigas? I can’t blame Optiva Securities for feeling that way. Acting for Lenigas Cuba must be a bit of a drag. So why not set up your own shite company and float it. Welcome to Senterra Energy (SEN). Rope in a few mug punters like market abuser Chris Oil to pump it on twitter and off you go.

Fishing Republic – Meaningless Gibberish from the can of maggots

Published 639 days ago

A trading statement today from joke company Fishing Republic (FISH) does nothing to dispel the idea that this is little more than a well spun can of maggots. Good try Fishing on sneaking out this gibberish when I am in New York on global shorting conspiracy business. Sadly for you I’m in the City that never sleeps and when in Rome…

Golden Saint Resources shares slide as death beckons – live execution watch update

Published 642 days ago

Floated on the AIM casino 18 months ago at 10p, shares in the insolvent Golden Saint Resources (GSR) are sliding again today and are now just 0.035p to sell (loss since IPO of 99.965%) so how is its crowd funded debt death spiral doing. I am afraid that the news is not good on day 42.

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast 18 November - Globo shoot the Neds, Chris Oil Disaster looming and New World

Published 644 days ago

I am asked to be nice to Globo (GBO) non exec Gavin Burnell. I am afraid that I cannot be because with reward ( and Gavin had made more than £100,000 a year as a Globo NED if one includes share sales) comes risk. For AIM to work he needs now to face risk as I explain. Then it is onto New World Oil & Gas (NEW) and why some folks are setting themselves up to lose money (again). Finally more bad news for market abuser Chris Oil regarding his latest car crash of an IPO, Mkango Resources

Questions for David Lenigas about Cuba - what is the Rushmans deal really worth?

Published 646 days ago

I have already demonstrated that the two “acquisitions” made by Lenigas Cuba (CUBA) post its car crash IPO on the ISDX lobster pot were er…not quite as fantastic as the PR puffery from fat aussie share ramper David Lenigas. Now let’s turn our attention to his partnership with Rushmans which was announced pre IPO. Hmmmmm.

Lenigas Cuba shareholder action group formed – hand back our money they say

Published 654 days ago

Oh dear, as if life were not bad enough for Big Dave Lenigas after LGO Energy’s appearance on the front page of the Sunday Sun today, now comes news that shareholders in ISDX train wreck IPO Lenigas Cuba (CUBA) want their dosh back.

Cambridge prepares £4m AIM comeback

Published 656 days ago

Stand by for the proposed AIM re-float of Cambridge Mineral Resources, the mining hopeful once headed by colourful entrepreneur David Bramhill, former leading light of Nighthawk Energy and Wessex Exploration. Cambridge, which had dabbled in gold projects from Bulgaria to Colombia before bowing out of AIM in 2009 at a fraction of its original 16p float price, will seek between £1 million and £4 million in an AIM re-launch in the first quarter of 2016, to develop the large-scale Masa Valverde zinc, copper and gold project in southern Spain’s Andalucia region, says chief executive officer Mark Slater.

Was David Lenigas the source of the false rumours of a stock shortage in Leni Gas Cuba?

Published 659 days ago

An explosive email has emerged, sent by David Lenigas on Friday to various brokers ahead of the disastrous Leni Gas Cuba (CUBA) IPO. Over the weekend false rumours spread across social media that there was a serious stock shortage ahead of the company’s calamitous market debut. The word was that conditions were primed for another potential New World Oil & Gas-style (NEW) short squeeze. If there were any doubt that this was all nonsense, yesterday’s crushing collapse in Leni Gas Cuba’s share price obliterated this. The rumours were completely untrue and it now seems that Lenigas himself forwarded the email below to a number of online stock rampers. Unsurprisingly this email is now doing the rounds.

Big David Lenigas rushes from Cuba crash to Trinidad train wreck - shock photo emerges

Published 659 days ago

Thanks to reader BobbyChariot who has captured proof that David Lenigas is rushing from Cuba following the disastrous Lenigas Cuba (CUBA) IPO to Trinidad to check out the LGO Energy (LGO) train wreck. Its not a good day for either company but Big Dave is on the case , working hard for shareholders. Feel free to supply a suitable caption in the comments section below

Lenigas Cuba – the greed of David Lenigas and the 0.01p share issue – the dates look very awkward

Published 659 days ago

If those foolish enough to have invested in Lenigas Cuba at 2p back in July are wondering how they might get their cash back I suggest they start doing a date check or two for I have a shocking revelation.

Who's next to be Geong, Geong, Gone? - China AIM 'Filthy Forty' performance update...

Published 660 days ago

Who's next to be Geong, Geong, Gone? - China AIM 'Filthy Forty' performance update. So far 15 down and 2 on the way out. Only 23 left standing. The average loss since IPO is a mere 46.4%. Strip out the two best performerers and two worst and the average loss is 82.5%. Shocking. So who is next for the high jump?

UPDATED: False rumours of a stock shortage in Lenigas Cuba

Published 660 days ago

Over the weekend there was a concerted effort across social media to con private investors into believing that there was a stock shortage for this morning’s Lenigas Cuba (CUBA) IPO. This morning I’ve triple confirmed from various City sources that these rumours are false. There is no shortage in Lenigas Cuba stock for sale, as evidenced by the company’s disastrous market debut. If you want to fight the tidal wave of sellers you can fill your boots with Lenigas Cuba stock. The stock flippers are having a very bad day in the market, despite their best efforts to manipulate it.

Lenigas Cuba IPO - a song for market abuser Chris Oil & fat Aussie share ramper big dave

Published 660 days ago

Following possibly the least successful IPO of the year which has seen punters minus 80% to sell on day one, I'd like to dedicate this song to market abuser Chris Oil who has some explaining to do to mummy and to fat Aussie share ramper David Lenigas. Appropriately it is by The Primitives, aka those dumb enough to invest in this POS.

Lenigas Cuba IPO car crash – Minus 80% to sell on day 1 and it gets worse

Published 660 days ago

I hope you had your beer and popcorn ready for the IPO of Lenigas Cuba (CUBA) at 5p because the spread on the shares right now is 1p-1.75p and it gets worse. The “size” is 25,000 to 50,000 which means that you can sell in parcels with a maximum value of £500. If you invested £500,000 at 2p like market abuser Chris Oil did back in July its going to take a long time and a lot of phone calls to get, some of, mummy’s money back.

V2: Lenigas Cuba fund raising bombs disastrously – prepare for IPO bloodbath Monday

Published 661 days ago

Back in July as David Lenigas raised £4.2 million at 2p for Lenigas Cuba, mug punters like market abuser Chris Oil were told a Standard Listing within 4-6 weeks would raise £5-10 million at 5p. Oh dear, it seems that 13 weeks later the ISDX IPO tomorrow will have seen just £200,000 raised at 5p. Big Dave has bombed! Now wait for the car crash as the maths are dire.

Reader Poll and finish sentence contest – Lenigas Cuba IPO car crash

Published 662 days ago

Lenigas Cuba lists on ISDX on Monday and this is going to be beer and popcorn time as the flippers head for the exit. And so ahead of this car crash we ask you what will he closing bid price be on Monday. But there is a tie breaker as well.

David Lenigas & Chris Oil don’t get free speech, you disgust me and shame yourselves

Published 662 days ago

Market abuser Chris Oil is a big investor in Lenigas Cuba whose IPO will be a car crash on Monday. Thus he and David Lenigas are best buddies these days. Their twitter exchanges last week are disgusting as they celebrate closing down their critics. Prepare to be made nauseous by these ghastly individuals.

Lenigas Cuba: The Fat Aussie share Ramper Big Dave Doth Protest too much

Published 663 days ago

The Lenigas Cuba IPO is going to be a car crash on Monday. We know that a number of the 2p flippers want out on day one and it will be beer and popcorn time as they struggle to sell on the illiquid ISDX tertiary market. But fat Aussie Share Ramper David "I just love the smell of newly issued confetti in the morning" Lenigas is going down fighting and has upped the twitter abuse after I flagged up this looming disaster HERE. Big Dave tweets:

PeerTV – the day the AIM Casino told investors “fuck you”

Published 663 days ago

Last week PeerTV (PTV) – IPO’d at 45p a share four years ago now 0.02p – accepted that four shareholders had the right to stand for election to its board at an EGM on Monday. Today shareholders were told that they no longer had the right to decide who runs the company they own. AIM has allowed PeerTV to execute shareholder democracy. It has sent a message to all investors – FUCK YOU: the crony capitalists run the show.

Lenigas Cuba – IPO car crash ahoy? Flippers ARE panicking

Published 663 days ago

Monday sees the IPO of Lenigas Cuba (CUBA) on the tertiary ISDX platform and there is clear evidence that the flippers are panicking and that this new issue will leave blood on Confetti Street next week.

Filthy Forty (and others) - who is passing these as fit for UK markets? Part 4. Yup, losses again

Published 664 days ago

Having examined Team Stevens and Team Lau, Graham Chester moves on to take a look at Team Wilson/Sacker at UHY Hacker Young in his continuing horror story. Once again, watch as the losses pile up.

PeerTV – sack the board on Monday, back the rebels

Published 665 days ago

PeerTV (PTV) has been a complete disaster story of the AIM Casino. Its first (lack of profits) warning came within weeks of its IPO at 45p per share in December 2010 and in fact related to events prior to the IPO which it had neglected to mention at the time. The shares are now 0.03p. And so it is now time to sack the board at the AGM on Monday. If you own any of the 2.4 billion worthless pieces of confetti in issue here is how to vote and why you should.

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast 22 Oct - Flip Flop talks bollocks (again), Globo, Cambian & Big Dave's next placings

Published 671 days ago

Thanks for all your messages regarding the legal triumph, I comment en passant. Then the podcast turns to the nonsense that flip flop Ben Turney is spouting. I am beginning to think that Old Malcolm Stacey is not the only mad lefty on this website. Then onto Globo (GBO) and more news on "that report" and analysis of the potential for disaster at Cambian (CMBN) even AFTER today's dire warning. There is comment on what is happening at SIG (SHI) and Travis Perkins (TPK) and then onto events at Afriag (AFRI - when's the placing - and growing evidence that the Lenigas Cuba IPO is not exactly flying. Oh... and Northbridge (NBI) when's the profits warning?

Ten stark warnings a hurricane is brewing against the Lenigas Cuba IPO

Published 673 days ago

On Friday Lenigas Cuba released its pathfinder document, prior to its forthcoming IPO - Tom has already savaged it HERE, but it is in fact worse than even he explained. Unlike previous Lenigas debuts, this one has a number of significant cautionary indicators that all might not be well. At 5p most of Lenigas’ adoring legion of fans will ask what can go wrong? The answer is possibly quite a lot, not least because so many of them have already bought in at 2p. We will soon see whether or not the market has exhausted itself of greater fools, but those that ignore the early warning signs could find themselves caught up in a fierce stock market hurricane from 02 November.

David Lenigas and your PR bully - welcome to the kiddies' playpen - more questions

Published 678 days ago

Big Dave Lenigas still will not answer TWO QUESTIONS.  His PR man last night refused to condemn and almost condoned the barbaric behaviour of UK Oil & Gas (UKOG) shareholders. And now the big fat Aussie stock ramper is playing the man (two men) not the ball again on Twitter:

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast Special - Fishing Republic, valuation is er....fishy

Published 683 days ago

Thanks to Paul Scott for his help on this one. I know that Gary Newman is a fan but I just do not get Fishing Republic (FISH) at all - the red flags are now highlighted. The Crony Capitalist City parasistes trousered fees of £550,000 ( two years after tax profits) from a £1.5 million fund raise at IPO (with directors pocketing £106,000) but I somehow suspect investors will not propser with this AIM casino chip.

Adgorithms – ‘material’ profit warning, shares down c.60% since June admission to AIM…

Published 684 days ago

11th June 2015: “First day of dealings on AIM following £27.0m placing… Market capitalisation at Placing Price of approximately £82.1m… Adgorithms (ADGO), a leading software company operating in the high growth online advertising market, is pleased to announce that admission and trading of its ordinary shares will commence at 8.00am today on AIM”9th October 2015: “Adgorithms expects its earnings for the full year to be materially below market expectations”. Welcome to another example of IPO life on AIM…

Golden Saint Resources – More 100% Ramping Bullshit, it’s insolvent – when’s the placing?

Published 699 days ago

After hours interims from Golden Saint Resources (GSR) a few days ago made it 100% clear that this company is fundamentally insolvent. It is by now out of cash, it is running on vapours. A bailout discounted placing is the only way out and so today there is another pathetic attempt at ramping the shares with a gobshite RNS.

Vmoto – another China AIM car crash underway? Or should that be scooter crash?

Published 702 days ago

Oh dear. It is another dismal day for those invested in the Filthy Forty China Aim stocks with shares in Vmoto (VMT) suspended on the casino after a most bizarre statement. Let’s look at the timeline of what has – to date – been one of the star performing China AIM plays one of only three showing gains since IPO. Make that two now.

Lenigas Cuba on track, Big Dave “nothing to do with Sefton” – source

Published 709 days ago

The flotation of the latest vehicle of Big Dave Lenigas, Lenigas Cuba (CUBA) is on course says a source close to the company and its listing could be achieved as soon as October, and will certainly occur by late November.

Zak Mir's Bull Call Of The Day No. 2: Sanne Group: Initial Journey Towards 320p Anticipated

Published 738 days ago

The initial post IPO period for a stock or market can be a very dynamic one for a stock, with the rewards significant for those who can call a positive re-rating well on the timing front. This is something one would be trying to achieve at Sanne Group (SNN), where it can be seen how from the initial 200p offer price the shares opened at 220p and have essentially never looked back. 

China Fraud on AIM – the stench of Zedex

Published 742 days ago

I warned folks about Zedex on 16 September 2014 – it is the unregulated boutique that specialises in floating frauds and investment car crashes from China on the AIM Casino. I now update that piece in light of recent events at Camkids and Naibu, both proven Norfolks. I warn you, next up for share price evaporation is China Chaintek (CTEK).

Breaking: Lenigas Cuba raising £3 million at 2p TODAY, ahead of 5p IPO but not on AIM

Published 762 days ago

And we are off again with the next Big Dave Lenigas fund raise. This time it is Lenigas Cuba where books will close on Friday on a pre IPO funding raising £3 million (or a bit more) at 2p. Heck I know I’m on sabbatical but I thought I’d share this scoop with you.

Jiasen – circling the plughole of AIM Casino Death: FD Quits

Published 765 days ago

China fraud Jiasen (JSI) floated at 82p a year and six days ago. The shares are now 4.5-5.25p following news that the Chief Financial Officer Kian Tan is set to walk the plank within weeks. The shares now trade on an historic yield of almost 50% and at an 80% discount to stated net cash and on a PE of 0.3 if you believe the numbers. I do not. They are pure fiction. Jiasen is circling the plughole of AIM casino death as I flagged up again yesterday HERE.

Fishing Republic; looking to expand

Published 790 days ago

The sportfishing industry is one that I know well, as it has been part of my day job for many years! So it was with great interest that I followed the listing of Fishing Republic (FISH) on the AIM market earlier this month.

Teathers Financial is a highly speculative Buy

Published 812 days ago

Teathers Financial (TEA) has gone from being one of the most talked about and hyped AIM shares to virtually forgotten in just a few weeks!

Zak Mir's Bull Stock of the Day: Royal Mail Group Full Blooded Recovery Towards 570p Indicated

Published 827 days ago

To put it mildly it has been a rather rocky ride as far as shares of Royal Mail Group have been concerned since they came to market in the autumn of 2013. But at least from a technical perspective there has been a method in the madness given the way that after declining quite sharply in early 2014, support came in repeatedly at initial post IPO sub 400p levels. 

SP Angel Morning Mining note: Coal of Africa, Highland Gold, Sirius Minerals, Solgold, Rio Tinto and the new IPO South32

Published 828 days ago

John Meyer of SP Angel this morning comments on Coal of Africa, Highland Gold, Sirius Minerals, Solgold, Rio Tinto and the new IPO South32 as well as offering a detailed macro view on the news that is shaping global mining and the AIM mining pond. 

1 More Question for Rosslyn Data Technologies

Published 837 days ago

Shares raced ahead almost across the board on Friday. Even dogs like Rosslyn Data (RDT) managed to eek out some gains but its stock still languishes at 14.25p despite a raft of meaningless huff and puff releases and well down on its IPO price of 33p a year ago. And so I have a small question for the heavily loss making firm.

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast 29 April - Pre LSE AGM Issue

Published 847 days ago

I am off shortly to the London Stock Exchange AGM and events today show why AIM is such a joke of a casino. I refer to statements by Mosman, the er..lies of New World Oil & Gas and the total farce over Horse Hill. I give you full details of the next Dave Lenigas IPO and where to apply, not that I shall be doing so I stress. I cover the latest disaster to hit my good friend JimMellon, this time it is at Webis. and what the Benchmark and Hardide profits warnings tell us about wider equity valuations.

Video of UK Investor Presentation by soon to IPO Bitcoin play Coinsilium

Published 850 days ago

Coinsilium is planning an IPO within weeks on AIM and it seems to be attracting some interesting backers as a bitcoin play. It presented at UK Investor Show 2015 and here is the video.

Rosslyn Data Technologies – and this is why it is losing customers

Published 853 days ago

When is Rosslyn Data Technologies (RDT) going to serve up a trading statement ‘fessing up to the speed of decline in its UK business, the cashburn and the urgent need to raise bailout capital this year? And when will it ‘fess up to investors about how the IPO prospectus of last year was misleading – a matter I have raised with the FCA – as to the impact of departure of key personnel before flotation? You want another example of that? Here you go.

Trap Oil = Crap Oil – a few facts and figures to make your blood boil

Published 853 days ago

Trap Oil (TRAP) is yet another true disaster for investors – if not fat cat directors – from the AIM casino and 2014 results today come with a warning of potential insolvency and are truly grim. So here are just a few facts and figures to make your blood boil.

A look at some of the rascals involved in the Gate concert party.

Published 866 days ago

It is little wonder that AIM listed China scam Gate Ventures (GATE) chose not to reveal the identities of those behind the concert parties that control 87% of its stock in its IPO admission document.  Nevertheless the fingerprints of “colourful” entrepreneur Dr Johnny Hon appear to be all over it.

Oooh er Mrs…Management Resource shares suspended – who is the mysterious Halycon?

Published 867 days ago

Shares in AIM Casino listed Management Resource Solutions (MRS) were suspended yesterday as it admitted that monies it needed to complete an RTO had not arrived, a statement which begs the question as to who is its supposed lender Halcyon Capital Management Pty Ltd. Oooooo Errrr Missus.

FCA asked to investigate Cenkos and Rosslyn Data Technologies over IPO Prospectus

Published 880 days ago

Rosslyn Data Technologies (RDT) floated on the AIM casino on 29th April 2014 having raised £10 million at 33p. Cenkos acted as Nomad and broker and will have earned almost £700,000 from this company. The shares are now trading at just 13.375p –this has been a disastrous IPO for those who backed it and I have today written to the FCA asking it to investigate Cenkos and Rosslyn to see if the prospectus for the IPO was misleading.

Peter Landau wants to float another POS on AIM – the man has no shame

Published 887 days ago

Disgraced Aussie promoter Peter Landau has no shame. Investors have lost almost everything on Range Resources (RRL) while Landau has trousered millions via his Okap Ventures Company. Shares in Black Mountain Resources (BMZ) remain suspended. Yet the money grubbing bastard is back for more as he plans, I can exclusively reveal, his next IPO.

Tom Winnifrith BearCast - Grand Group Investments - another China POS IPO - Red Flag Special

Published 940 days ago

Grand Group Investments plans to IPO on AIM tomorrow thanks to fat crony capitalist Ray Zimmerman of ZAI Corporate Finance. The usual advisers to China Norfolks are on board: dirtbag lawyers Pinsent Masons and PR poshboy Henry Harrison Topham, I say old chap didn't your grandfather bugger mine behind the bike sheds at Eton? In this podcast I look at the other Red Flags

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast 26 January

Published 940 days ago

In today's podcast I look at Igas (vindicated), Quindell (vindicated), Gowin New (vindicated), Cambria Africa, Flybe, Fitbug, Coms (vindicated) and prepare to have a go again at Ray Zimmerman and ZAI over its next China POS IPO

AO World = An Opportunity Which Only Really Looks Disastrous (for shareholders)

Published 954 days ago

Tom W has already mentioned a certain Mr Rose earlier today but it is another one of his chairmanship that particularly interests me today and that is at AO World (AO.). I looked at the self-styled ‘leading European online retailer of electrical products’ a few weeks ago and concluded that it would ultimately prove to be a car crash for investors based on an excitable valuation today in a sector with growth but ultimately wafer-thin margins and a high level of competition. 

Buy Entu at 107p

Published 956 days ago

Investment Case: Provider of energy efficiency products and services to homeowners in the UK, entu (UK) plc (ENTU) listed on AIM at 100p per share on 30th October. However, unlike most IPO’s, the prospective ratings – a price/earnings multiple of 8.4x and forward dividend yield of 8% – suggested this one potentially attractive. This has been reinforced by a trading update earlier this month noting that the company “has seen robust trading in the year across all its divisions” and that it is seeing a positive combination of increasing brand awareness and increasing public awareness of the economic and environmental benefits of energy efficient home improvements. Still though, at a current 107p offer price – only a little above the IPO price – the shares are a buy.

Speculative Buy Management Resource Solutions

Published 959 days ago

Human capital resource consultancy is far removed from my usual investment area of oil and mining companies! But fellow ShareProphets contributor, Doc Holiday, got my interest when he mentioned a small company called Management Resource Solutions (MRS) that had recently listed on AIM and which was in this business.

Pets At Home: a recent IPO that’s actually quite interesting?!

Published 993 days ago

Another week, another set of numbers from a 2014 float. After Poundland (PLND) last week it is the turn of Ptes At Home (PETS) to pucker up and unburden its latest earnings thoughts onto an expectant market.

Poundland: worth more than one pound but don’t pay more than three…

Published 1000 days ago

When we look back on 2014 the market share gains by discounters in the retail sector will be one of the investment themes that will be remembered.  There is therefore a certain correctness in the timing of the Poundland (PLND) IPO earlier this year.  Unsurprisingly if you were lucky enough to buy some shares early on in its life as a public company you are currently at a capital loss but let’s not be too critical at least the business has shown a bit of form over the last few quarters.  It is not easy to generate a 4.7% like-for-like sales growth as Poundland did over the last six months.

Recent IPO smackdown: Zoopla vs AO World

Published 1002 days ago

Who remembers back to the IPO frenzy of earlier this year?  A time when almost anything seemed possible and, if it was in a reasonable state of readiness, was floated by those oh-so-helpful investment banks. I was reminded of two names earlier today due to the publication of their results.  Zoopla (ZPLA) is the group behind a number of property websites whilst AO World (AO.) apparently is ‘on a mission to become a leading European online retailer of electrical products’ (as per its corporate website).  Both were floated earlier this year and both are nicely below their initial list price.

Friday Caption Contest: Quenron goes into meatballs or was this where the Quindell logo originated?

Published 1027 days ago

A good reader spot of another Quindell (QPP) logo discovered in Fort Lauderdale airport. This time the operation in question is in the pizza and meatballs business. Perhaps Rob Terry has pulled off another masterstroke acqusition given the obvious fit between selling meatballs and telematics, mobile doctors, low cost insurance, ambulance chasing, solar panels, indoor golf and scaffolding installation. Or maybe this is where he got the idea for the Quenron logo from? What do you think? Captions in the comments section below. My entry is:

Daniel Stewart IPO Department – Caption Contest winner revealed

Published 1049 days ago

As ever there was no shortage of readers keen to stick the boot into near bankrupt crony capitalist AIM Casino advisor Daniel Stewart (DAN), the firm run by Peter Shea that made millions floating Quenron (QPP).  Earlier this week we revealed the shock picture of its IPO department headed by smooth talking Paul Shackleton and asked you for your captions. And the winner is:

AO World is a joke and a sell and a lesson for our times

Published 1055 days ago

When, in the not too distant future, learned books and articles appear discussing the crazy climate at the top of the bull market which started in March 2009, there will be various iconic examples greed and folly at the peak in 2014.

Alibaba Gets the Thumbs down from ShareProphets Readers but why?

Published 1062 days ago

Last week we asked you for your thoughts on Alibaba, the world’s biggest ever IPO. It seems that 7% of you already hold the stock and 24% would buy at a lower price but that seven tenths of ShareProphets readers are bearish r not interested. And the results show why. We asked would you buy shares in Alibaba. And you said:

MySale Group – full-year results, smoother progress since turbulent IPO?

Published 1062 days ago

MySale Group (MYSL), which has established, online flash retail sales sites in Australia, New Zealand and South-East Asia and an expanding international presence has announced a first set of results (for its year ended 30th June 2014) since its far from smooth IPO in the same month. Do these suggest smoother progress now?

Mr Dragon’s Den Piers Linney: Why are Outsourcery’s customers so loathe to pay their bills?

Published 1064 days ago

The first six months of this year have not been without challenge, but it is important to remember how much this young and fast growing firm has achieved in the same time” – so says Ken Olisa OBE, the chairman of Outsourcery (OUT) the IT firm run by Dragon’s Den star and serial business failure Piers Linney. Yes Ken – those who backed the AOM Casino IPO in May 2013 have now lost 84% of their dosh with the shares at 16p. You have achieved great things. How about you arrogant fuckers just say sorry for once. You screwed up. Show some humility.

Alibaba – Reader Poll – POS or a Must own stock

Published 1068 days ago

Shares in Alibaba have raced ahead since its IPO and the Chinese internet giant ( which could not get a HK listing away so is US listed is now valued at more than Wal-Mart. Are you temped or compelled to get on board? Personally I think the valuation is insane and am not wild about Chinese stocks in general. But what do you think? The deadline for voting is midnight Sunday and you can vote only once unless you are from Glasgow where it appears multiple voting is par for the course.

GOTCHA! Naibu - The bombshell revelation - surely the shares must be suspended NOW

Published 1070 days ago

I do hope that someone round at Daniel Stewart, Nomad and Broker to AIM listed China fraud Naibu (NBU) has learned to read Chinese since the crony capitalists FAILED to do adequate due diligence on this POS before it listed. Because I have a little press cutting for you chaps from 2008. If you are not too busy spending the £600,000 you have made in fees from Naibu in the past 18 months you need to read it and then resign at once as Nomad and broker and have the shares suspended. This is a bombshell.

Royal Mail: Buy, Sell or Hold?

Published 1071 days ago

Royal Mail (RMG) shares are trading at 419p with a yield of 3.17% and a PE of 3.25. Royal Mail is known throughout the UK as a ‘universal service’ provider of letters and parcels.

CDialogues at 280p worth 330p claims broker Mirabaud

Published 1072 days ago

Yesterday, mobile marketing pioneer CDialogues (CDOG) reported a strong set of first half results, in line with broker expectations. The company posted triple-digit growth in both revenues (+106% to €4.1 million) and pre-tax profit (+111% to €1.3 million), both 3% ahead of the May pre-IPO forecasts. Broker Mirabaud has responded with a buy note at 275p setting a 330p target price for the shares.

Was it Naibu that scuppered the Fraspens IPO or has Daniel Stewart stopped floating shit on the AIM Casino

Published 1072 days ago

The sorry saga of AIM listed China fraud Naibu (NBU) gets murkier and murkier and at the heart of it is City Nomad and broker Daniel Stewart, the firm that brought Quenron to the AIM casino and acts for Naibu. I asked it to show integrity at the weekend by quitting Naibu given my explosive revelation HERE. But Daniel Cesspit would rather bank the fees. So let’s talk Fraspens. Fraspens who you say? Well let me explain, on 21 July this fine enterprise issued a press release announcing inter alia:

Now on a PE of only 0.45, why does Daniel Stewart not rate Naibu as a buy? Because it’s a fraud!

Published 1073 days ago

Shares in China based AIM listed fraud Naibu have slumped to just 23p today – they were 50p on Thursday before the disastrous interims were published. House broker and Nomad Daniel Stewart (the firm that signed off on the Quenron IPO) stated on Friday that earnings will be 46p this year and that fair value is 50p. So why is it not rating the stock as a buy?

Outsourcery share slump accelerates - is Dragon’s Den star Piers Linney really worth £100 million?

Published 1075 days ago

It was less than four weeks ago that AIM Casino listed POS Outsourcery (OUT) announced a rescue placing at 20p. Today the shares are 15.5p to sell. So anyone foolish enough to ignore the serial business failures of CEO and Dragon’s Den star Piers Linney (see HERE) is already almost 25% down. Anyone who backed the IPO in May 2013 has – after 16 months now lost 86% of their money. Way to go Piers, worse is to come. This will be your biggest failure yet – although it faces serial competition.

What Should you Do about Challenger Bank TSB?

Published 1079 days ago

TSB (TSB) shares are trading at 278p offering a dividend yield of 0% and a PE which is hard to determine; perhaps it is around 12. TSB is relatively well known as a banking brand, previously having been part of Lloyds. It is a UK focused bank, providing services to both businesses and individuals. Buy, sell or hold? 

Quindell Red Flag of the Day: Now let’s turn to Utility Supplier Services Limited and Lawyer Mark Hepworth

Published 1104 days ago

Quindell (QPP) Bulletin Board morons it is me again. I have been looking at another of Quindell subsidiary and it begs a few questions for you but also for the Southampton based law firm of Blake Lapthorn and Mark Hepworth a partner there. It’s another Red Flag day for Quindell.

JUST EAT plc – up on interims, but should investors be hungry for the shares?

Published 1106 days ago

Shares in JUST EAT plc (JE.), which describes itself as “the world's largest online & mobile marketplace for takeaway… (which) connects 6.9 million active users to over 40,000 takeaway restaurants in 13 countries” have moved more than 9% higher, to a current 240p, on the back of results for the first half of 2014. The outlook is that “July's results continue to show significant year on year growth and we are confident that this momentum will be maintained”. With the shares having reached more than 290p following the April IPO, I now wonder how greedy the current share price is?

The Sale of Sexy Lingerie outfit Agent Provocateur – what it tells you

Published 1117 days ago

In 2007 venture capitalist 3i bought a then struggling designer and retailer of sexy lingerie Agent Provocateur for £60 million. It is now trying to sell the outfit for £200 million and has hired banks to find a sucker, sorry purchaser.  At this stage an IPO is not planned but none the less this sale is crackers. Well at least the price tag is.

Alex cartoon From Daily Telegraph on IPOs - Superb

Published 1118 days ago

Since the Daily Telegraph lifts our articles without attribution (well that silly cow Harriet Denys anyway) we feel no qualms about this trivial lifting on the subject of IPOs. The Alex cartoon is 100% bang on the money.

Piers Linney of Dragon’s Den – you have 38 hours left to deliver the bad news on Outsourcery: A Reminder…Tick Tock

Published 1120 days ago

Dear Piers. On 27th June you promised the poor shareholders in your POS AIM listed Company Outsourcery (OUT) that you would update them on how you were going to refinance this POS enterprise during July. Of course a promise from you is worth jackshit. I refer to your IPO prospectus of May 2013…

Dragon’s Den Star Piers Linney – A career of business failure revealed and the sham projection of his Outsourcery flotation

Published 1123 days ago

There is a new star on Dragon’s Den, Piers Linney. Yesterday I revealed HERE how his Outsourcery (OUT) firm on AIM is in very real danger of going tits up just 14 months after listing. But Piers is no stranger to business failure. The BBC thinks he is a Dragon with the Midas touch. Au contraire. Today I reveal the full extent of his career of business trainwrecks and the sham projections of the Outsourcery IPO.

Vin Murria leads the tech stars on video – watch her sparkle!

Published 1150 days ago

Vin Murria of Advanced Computer Software (ASW) is rightly regarded as the Queen of UK Tech and headed up the all star panel in our tech session at UK Investor 2014. Listen to her sage words before you consider investing in the next loss making, high flying, tech IPO. She is on blistering form in this video.

Be Careful with Private IPO's - It's Your Money They're After.

Published 1150 days ago

Hello Share Fans: I'm a great fan of government-led initial public offerings. This is when a Whitehall set-up like the Royal Mail (RMG) decides to sell shares to the public for the first time. Obviously, the Royal Mail offering was a success. They pitched the price of the shares too low. But wouldn't you, if you wanted to grab some money from the man and woman in the street to shore up the Treasury?

I Told You TSB Was Worth Stagging Didn't I?

Published 1159 days ago

​Hello Share Mates: It's gratifying to find that my view expressed on this magnificent website that it was worth stagging TSB shares turns out to be on the button.

The Big TSB Offer Closes Today – This Is Why I'm In.

Published 1163 days ago

Hello Share Pushers: The TSB offer closes this afternoon. I have put my application in and so has my wife.

MySale Group – IPO a warning of what is to come?

Published 1164 days ago

The IPO of MySale Group (MYSL) has not been the return to the stock market Sir Philip Green would have hoped for – the shares hitting a low of £1.66 and closing their first day of trading on AIM down more than 7% at £2.10 after the company had to clarify that its “trading currency is currently in GBP, as opposed to British pence as intended. The quote will be changed to British pence tomorrow Tuesday 17 June 8am”. The following reviews a company a Green investment vehicle took a 25% stake in in May.

Hunter Resources – IPO: what does it tell us?

Published 1171 days ago

Investors in gold stocks have taken a monumental beating for almost three years. As such the IPO of Hunter Resources (planned for July 1) on AIM merits a brief comment.

Financial Video Postcard #36 – IPO and property bubbles ahoy

Published 1172 days ago

Tom Winnifrith moves to his back garden underneath the fig tree to record a video postcard on bubbles: The IPO market and residential property.

Hurricane Energy Looks Very Undervalued

Published 1174 days ago

Hurricane Energy (HUR) looks to have huge potential and has already had two large oil strikes off of the UK

On the AIM Cesspit Kennedy Ventures – the Great Bison Energy joke: when’s the cash call?

Published 1548 days ago

Once upon a time there was a company called Managed Support Services PLC which was listed on the AIM Cesspit. It went tits up. Well almost. Its operations were sold but the shell remained intact with a few liabilities and a tiny but of cash. It became Kennedy Ventures (KENV), an investing company, and it shows the idiocy and unsustainability of this whole AIM game.


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