Red flag bingo at JackpotJoy

Published 301 days ago

I am still working on a few details for the next part of my main article. However, as a brief interlude let’s play a little game. We will see how many red-flags we can find on JackpotJoy (JPJ).

The morality of online gaming

Published 301 days ago

I realise here that I might be of a differing opinion to the house view here at ShareProphets. There is nothing beneficial to society in online gaming and it should probably be banned.

Jackpot Joy a compelling short part 2 - Management History

Published 306 days ago

On Monday I started a series in which I gave clear reasons why JackpotJoy (JPJ) was an obvious short. Now let us mover on and have a look at the management and their history in commerce. I am sure that there is nothing to read into  it but Andrew McIver sat on the Board of Daniel Stewart and seems to be pals with our dear friend the king of the fraudsters, Mr Rob Terry

Paddington Bear tucks into JackpotJoy as a big short call

Published 308 days ago

There is split opinion on Standard & TSX listed JackpotJoy (JPY) both from people I highly respect. On the one hand Odey (not Crispin) are buyers and own a significant stake, and on the other hand we have Marc Cohodes who presented the bear case at Grants Conference here. 


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