SRT Marine Systems – order “for the world's biggest single deployment of AIS AtoN”. Wow… Or not…

Published 5 days ago

Following the postponement of a significant contract announced at the end of last month, SRT Marine Systems (SRT) has now announced an “AIS Aids to Navigation Contract”, including that “the order is for the world's biggest single deployment of AIS AtoN”. The world's biggest hey, sounds impressive!…

CAP-XX – “First high-volume order for Thinline”. Sounds exciting, but is it?

Published 8 days ago

Having reached above 12p in February before falling back, including post a trading update in June, shares in CAP-XX (CPX) have currently returned to those prior highs on the back of a “First high-volume order for Thinline” announcement. Why “high-volume” though rather than an actual number? Ramptastic?...

Mirada trading statement, feel that cashburn - placing ahoy

Published 9 days ago

With apologies to my fellow bear Matt Earl, the Dark Destroyer, who is a NED at Mirada (MIRA) but today's trading statement moves swiftly from gushing about jam tomorrow to a a damning admission of the monumental cashburn which leave the balance sheet holed beneath the waterline. It is placing ahoy and for a company of this size that means bucket shops and a deep discount

Surface Transforms – “pleased to announce” result of open offer excess. Hmmm…

Published 13 days ago

With its shares having been above 20p at the start of 2017 and still above 19p in June as it attempted to mitigate “we continue to look forward with confidence”, Surface Transforms (SCE) has announced the final result of a fundraising which it has emphasised has seen a “most encouraging response from shareholders”. At what price per share again?...

Plant Impact – placing, tries to argue “represents a premium”. Hahaha…

Published 28 days ago

Plant Impact (PIM) has announced the conditional placing of new shares in the company at 31p each raising a gross approximately £4 million, with the announcement also including “the placing place (price?) represents a premium of 6.0 per cent to the closing mid-market price of 29.25 pence per existing ordinary share on 25 July 2017”. Hmmm…

Plant Impact – following share slump from 35p on Friday… Potential Capital Raise at 31p. Over to blink-182…

Published 37 days ago

Following a far from routine “Third Quarter Trading Update” last month which saw shares in Plant Impact (PIM) slide, they recently looked to have stabilised at around 35p – that was until Friday when they strangely slumped to sub 30p. Or is that now ‘strangely… until today’?...

Surface Transforms - discounted fundraising o’clock (as warned)

Published 48 days ago

In December I noted cash concerns on Surface Transforms (SCE) following a half-year trading update. I reiterated these last month, despite the company arguing “we continue to look forward with confidence”. Now surprise, surprise it’s discounted fundraising ahoy…

Shit sandwich with jam tomorrow on top: trading statement from Avanti Coms - but here's what its hiding

Published 50 days ago

Avanti Communications (AVN) has surprised no-one with a grim old trading statement covering the year to June 30th 2016. But the CEO who boasts of how he misled investors with a faked demo to raise funding has - as usual - tried to make a shit sandwich more palatable by serving it covered in oodles of jam tomorrow. But there is something that bombastic prick David Williams is not telling you....

Strat Aero - reality setting in - do not BUY!

Published 58 days ago

I warned you in explicit terms yesterday that the doubling of the Strat Aero (AERO) share price to 0.14p on the back of results which can best be described as a shit sandwich with dollops of jam tomorrow on top, was not justified. The shares have now slumped back to 0.09p-0.11p (TW 7, BBMs 0 once again) but do not BUY now for there are still deluded fools abroad.

Strat Aero - shares double on results but the company is almost bust - placing ahoy!

Published 58 days ago

Shares in Strat Aero (AERO) have almost doubled today to 0.14p which amazing as the final results for calendar 2016 are out and are utterly crap. Okay they are less crap than 2015 but they are crap and indicate that the company must be as near as damn it, bust. Yes we are promised more jam tomorrow but before we get there surely it is placing ahoy?

Avanti Communications Trading Update: More jam tomorrow, cashburn & shit sandwiches today - target price 0p

Published 84 days ago

Avanti Communications (AVN) the drowning in debt satellite operator run by a man - David Williams - who has boasted about how he misled to investors to raise capital, by faking a product demonstration, has served up a trading update. As ever with Avanti it is packed with jam tomorrow but the reality is that it is the usual Williams fare, a shit sandwich.

Corero Network Security – service launch of a contract announced a month ago. Ramptastic!

Published 93 days ago

An announcement from Corero Network Security (CNS) with a headline “Corero Tier 1 Internet service provider customer GTT Communications, Inc. launches DDoS Mitigation service”. Then “further to the announcement on 19 April 2017 regarding a Global Tier 1 Internet service provider customer win… announces that the customer, GTT Communications, Inc. (NYSE: GTT), has launched its DDoS Mitigation service”“Global Tier 1” now hey! And you what? The contract win has already been announced? Ramptastic…

Flowgroup – shares crash on announced “potential alternative” to proposed Flow Energy business disposal

Published 104 days ago

Writing previously in March on Flowgroup (FLOW), with the shares then at 5p, I concluded that there looked to remain both funding and jam-tomorrow uncertainty and to continue to avoid. Presently, the shares are approaching 40% lower on the day, at sub 2p, on the back of news that the company “is in the advanced stages of preparing a significant capital fundraising as a potential alternative to the proposed disposal of the Flow Energy business”

Andalas - ramptastic news: in case you forgot it needs £500,000 (which it hasn't got) by Friday

Published 122 days ago

Another day and another ramptastic "Operations Update" from Andalas Energy (ADL). Operations is a bit of a strong word as Andalas does not really have any. It should really have been "Jam Tomorrow" update but then again tomorrow suggests the jam may arrive which, given the track record of this dog, looks unlikely. What will arrive on Friday is a demand for £500,000 and as Andalas has sod all cash and is burning what it has at a rate of knots that is a bit of a problem. Oddly this is not mentioned in today's RNS.

Cloudbuy – AGM statement: it’s jam tomorrow (honest, this time, guv’!)

Published 127 days ago

AIM-listed Cloudbuy (CBUY) this morning issued an AGM statement which offered yet more jam tomorrow, even more jam next year but the only jam today is the one the company seems to be in.

BNN Technology: Where does all that money go?

Published 129 days ago

BNN Technology (BNN) has duly announced its prelims for the year to Dec 2016. First of all: hats off to broker Mirabaud for finding punters willing to throw a further £25 million at the company on top of £51 million stumped up last year.

Steve Moore Sell tip of the year, Sabien Technology - TIMBERRRRR…

Published 147 days ago

Noting the balance sheet in conjunction with its trading, towards the end of 2016 I put forward Sabien Technology (SNT) as a sell tip for 2017 at 3p – questioning at what price another attempted bailout fundraising so soon after the previous one? We now have the answer…

Flowgroup – energy supply business disposal & microCHP boiler production updates

Published 152 days ago

Writing last month on Flowgroup (FLOW) I noted the shares down below 6p, having been 25p+ less than a year ago. Having fallen further, to sub 4p, they have currently recovered to 5p following a couple of recent announcements…

Fitbug – “New client contract win” announcement… but before getting excited…

Published 182 days ago

Fitbug (FITB) has made a “New client contract win” announcement. Unfortunately for it however, a previous RNS Reach farce looks to have hindered a ramparoonie…

Fitbug – this time RNS Reach joke (sorry, ‘announcement’) seen for what it is

Published 187 days ago

Having seen its shares soar last month on its previous RNS Reach announcement, enabling a placing before the shares completely slumped back, Fitbug (FITB) has now released another – claiming it “would like to share some insights and findings from a recent case study, following a pilot wellness programme with MTR Crossrail”...

Flowgroup – “welcomes” UK government announcement, surely this market promising again for it then?, Er…

Published 195 days ago

Flowgroup (FLOW) has ‘welcomed’ an announcement following government Feed-in Tariff review, adding it believes the statement is “the result of significant co-ordinated industry pressure, in which the company played a key role”. Good, good, the UK market promising again for it then? Er…

Flowgroup – “pleased to announce” update, but bailout placing to be required?

Published 196 days ago

Flowgroup (FLOW) “is pleased to announce that it expects to announce its results for the year ending 31 December 2016 during May 2017. The company expects its trading results to be in line with analysts' forecasts”. Hmmm, so why are the shares currently down a further more than 8%, below 6p, having been 25p+ less than a year ago?...

Surface Transforms – claims “strategically important” contract win, but how’s the cash burn?

Published 201 days ago

Manufacturer thus far of largely jam tomorrow Oops, of carbon fibre reinforced ceramic brake discs, Surface Transforms (SCE) has announced what it describes as a “strategically important” contract win – and the shares have responded approaching 10% higher, to 23.5p. BUT…

MySQUAR: A cash-burning, “jam tomorrow stock” – AVOID!

Published 230 days ago

A tad surprisingly, I got into cryptography at Christmas so, taking inspiration from a mighty opus in that domain, I thought I would look at a shockingly, disappointing stock, MySQUAR (MYSQ), using a particularly odd approach. No trophy for working out my antics as you may actually find it a risky topic to Disqus, but can I actually do 400 words on this stock in a fitting way with my customary virtuosity?

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast: I shall keep this simple so that morons don't get even more confused

Published 250 days ago

I start with a few explanations of how businesses work and how markets work for shareholders in Cloudtag (CTAG) and Optibiotix (OPTI), Then I mention two risers, Falanx (FLX) and Andalas (ADL) before moving on to Marechale (MAC), MySquar (MYSQ) and finally, in great detail, the 17 years of jam tomorrow bollocks that is Torotrak (TRK). Remember, as per podcast, - five share tips for a fiver - starts Monday at 7 AM, don't miss out sign up HERE

CAP-XX – was pleased with commercialisation progress, now lower prices in ‘response to customer demands’. Hmmm…

Published 259 days ago

Having in its October full-year results announcement been “pleased with the progress made in commercialising our small and large supercapacitor products”, CAP-XX (CPX) has now announced it has “responded to the demands of our international customer base… significant production cost savings on its supercapacitor solutions for both passenger vehicle and heavy vehicle automotive applications”. Hmmm…

EXCLUSIVE: Inspirit Energy - cash run out? Supplier has to go to Court to get paid

Published 285 days ago

Oh dear. Oh dear. It looks as if the cash position at John Gunn's boiler room Inspirit Energy (INSP) is getting so very tight indeed. With the shares slipping to just 0.24p to sell and there being no sign of jam tomorrow being turned into anything resembling an order, we have just been passed judgement in a court case which closed this week.

The 88 Energy Rampathon - it is 'avin' a bubble

Published 309 days ago

Another day and another ramptastic RNS emerges from the Icewine jam tomorrow factory owned by 88 Energy (88E). What we really want to see, of course, is the quarterly report for the three months to September 30th showing just how much of the June 30th net cash of A$20.3 million has been spunked away to money heaven. The answer to that will explian today's ramping.

Nanoco – full-year results; claims “excellent position”, but actually en-route to cash crunch ahoy (again)?

Published 316 days ago

Nanoco Group (NANO) Chairman Dr Christopher Richards considers it “a pleasure to be introducing Nanoco's results for the year to 31 July 2016”. The shares are currently more than 6% further lower, at 55p, in response…

Surface Transforms – full-year results; management ‘confident’ and ‘excited’, market response less so…

Published 317 days ago

Developer and manufacturer of carbon ceramic products for the brakes market, Surface Transforms (SCE) “is pleased to announce its preliminary results for the year ended 31 May 2016”. The shares are currently 7.5% lower, at below 25p, in response…

Nanoco – “update on the timing of revenue recognition” just days before scheduled results announcement. Uh-oh…

Published 320 days ago

Having in August announced, for its year ended 31st July 2016, “unaudited revenues in the year were £1.9 million (FY 2015: £2.0 million)”, Nanoco Group (NANO) has now made an “Update re Unaudited Revenues” announcement just days before its scheduled results announcement. Hmmm…

Wandisco: I smell an enormous rat: where's the money going?

Published 325 days ago

On Wednesday, cash guzzling over-ramped serial non-deliverer of anything other than jam tomorrow Wandisco (WAND) announced that it had a new CFO at 7 AM. At 10.41 AM Thursday the company's founder, CEO and all round head honcho David Richards walked with immediate effect. No credible reason was given for his departure. I smell an enormous rat.

Inspirit Energy - if it is out of cash by end October is it placing ahoy (Again)

Published 346 days ago

On May 17th 2016 Inspirit Energy (INSP) raised £750,000 gross ( call it £700,000 net) at 0.5p per share but since then the news from the boiler room has been limited. The shares have tanked to just 0.29p and, worse, still, basic maths suggests that the jam tomorrow producer will be out of cash again within weeks. Is it placing ahoy? Methinks yes. Here are the maths.

Nanoco – update as shares down on “Change of Adviser” announcement

Published 371 days ago

Down from more than 100p little more than a year ago, though, at 68p, around 60% ahead of levels throughout most of June, shares in self-described “world leader in the development and manufacture of cadmium-free quantum dots and other nanomaterials”, Nanoco (NANO) are currently slightly lower on the back of a “Change of Adviser” announcement...

Nanoco – claims “commercial, technological and organisational” milestone achievements, but financials?

Published 379 days ago

An announcement commences “Nanoco Group plc (NANO), a world leader in the development and manufacture of cadmium-free quantum dots and other nanomaterials, provides the following trading update ahead of its preliminary results for the year ended 31 July 2016. During the year, the company made substantial progress and achieved a significant number of commercial, technological and organisational milestones”. Hmmm, I note no mention of ‘financial’, wonder why? ...

Elektron Technology – current trading lower, lashings of jam tomorrow…

Published 391 days ago

Elektron Technology (EKT) CEO John Wilson emphasises that “the group continues to make progress in the delivery of new product development programmes in our growth brands, which the board believes will significantly enhance shareholder value”, though current revenues (six months ending 31st July 2016) “are expected to be lower than those for the same period last year”. Hmmm…

Cloudtag Placing (quelle surprise) so when's the next one?

Published 405 days ago

CloudTag (CTAG), the company that produces jam tomorrow and is ramped by a legion of pea brained inbred imbeciles with a collective IQ of less than your average tomato has announced yet another placing, this time raising £800,000 (before costs) at 5.25p. Hmmmm.

Cloudtag Does Hidden Placing I do hope the morons were lubed up

Published 408 days ago

This is so shoddy. As I have pointed out on a number of occasions, Cloudtag (CTAG) has negative net current assets and is burning cash. Hitherto it has managed to persuade mug punters to buy into placings done at a premium to the prevailing share price on the basis that there was lots of jam tomorrow.

Surface Transforms – annualised revenues of £10m-£12m in sight. Er, not quite…

Published 408 days ago

Carbon ceramic brake discs company, Surface Transforms (SCE), has announced a “Pre-Production Technology Development Agreement”, including “expected annualised revenues after start of production reaching approximately £10m-£12m on mature volumes”. The shares are currently up approaching 9%, to 18.75p, in response. Hmmm – let’s take a look…

Bingo Bango Bongo Trading Statement - Ronan Keating knows what you mean

Published 408 days ago

Jam tomorrow producer Bango (BGO) has served up a ramptastic trading statement which distinguishes itself by missing out all of the metrics a sane investor would want to know about. Lads, Ronan understands.

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast - My father worries he may be a victim of the peasants revolt

Published 412 days ago

On my personal website I have a podcast HERE about how Chilcot exposes the establishment/rest of us divide again and how this will create even more anger as the war criminal Blair walks free. My father, who is lisening to me record today, fears that he is in the firing line as a member of the establishment. I then move onto the omnishambles Boxhill (BOX), Portmeirion (PMP), Vislink (VLK), Igas (IGAS), Blenheim Natural Resources (BNR), lie and jam tomorrow producer African Potash (AFPO), Frontier Resources (FRI) and finally onto the fraudsters Eden Research (EDEN) where I will be asking for your help, dear listeners, tomorrow. 

Surface Transforms – trading & operations update, more jam tomorrow?

Published 434 days ago

Following a recent “successful fundraising” (AKA a smaller investor shafting), Surface Transforms (SCE) has released a “Trading, Premises and Operating Update”

Highlands Natural Resources: Now you are contradicting yourselves - where has the money gone?

Published 439 days ago

The bullshit from this over-ramped jam tomorrow AIM piece of crap continues but with the shares tumbling to 53p on the latest RNS fantasy perhaps the penny is dropping. The problem the rampers have is that they have spouted so much horseshit in a deluge of RNS releases that they are now contradicting themselves. So let's deal with Schlumberger.

EXCLUSIVE: Cyan trying to raise £12.5 million at 0.21p

Published 457 days ago

A good City source tells me that Beaufort Securities is trying to raise £12.5 million for uber jam tomorrow play Cyan (CYAN). The shares are 0.28p now the word is that the placing is being priced at 0.21p or lower.

Surface Transforms – revises extent of smaller investor shafting

Published 496 days ago

Having last month announced a smaller investor shafting (sorry, a “equity fundraising of up to £5.0 million”), Surface Transforms (SCE) has updated on a revised extent of the shafting…

Koovs plc – “received firm indications of interest” for £20 million, but will the jam tomorrow be delivered?

Published 497 days ago

India-focused online fashion retailer Koovs (KOOV) has announced a conditional, including on General Meeting approval, capital raising at 25p per share. This stated to be “part of our planned growth, and will allow us to continue to build our brand, develop our customer offer, and deliver our strategy”. Hmmm…

GCM Resources – Interims: dilution ahoy!

Published 511 days ago

AIM-listed GCM Resources (GCM) has been trying to get permits for a coal mine in Bangladesh for as long as I can remember – and this morning’s interims to Dec 2015 continue the lashings of Hartley’s being promised for tomorrow, or the day after. Or perhaps never. But meanwhile the cash is running out and there is a Going Concern warning to be found. Not surprising, as the balance sheet shows Net Current Assets weighing with a deficit of £416,000 – quite a problem when the market capitalisation is just £2.8 million (source: ADVFN).

Surface Transforms – fundraising announcement; smaller investor shafting o’clock

Published 523 days ago

“Surface Transforms (SCE) is pleased to announce a conditional equity fundraising of up to £5 million… The net proceeds of the fundraising will enable the board to pursue its strategy of having the capacity to supply the commercial volumes which may be required by automotive OEMs… as well as fulfil their existing commitments to the company's aerospace and other customers”. Hmmm…

Serial D. O. G. DOG Servision - when is the placing?

Published 577 days ago

AIM casino listed Servision (SEV) went public on New Year's Eve 2004 ad has been a serial disappointer ever since. More than eleven years on its shares have collapsed, more than $14.672 million has been sent to money heaven and the only commendation one can make is its consistency. It is always losses, more losses, more jam tomorrow and when's the placing? And it is that matter that needs addressing for the answer must be soon. Beware the ramp.

TrakM8 - before we look forward lets just examine its historic lack of cash generated (Part 7)

Published 577 days ago

Paul Scott insists that I must ignore the series of historic lies, woeful lack of cash generation and the rest of the Red Flags at TrakM8 (TRAK) and look forward to the jam tomorrow. I shall do exactly that on Monday and show why that jam won't arrive. But Benjamin Graham tells us that historics are often a better guide to valuation than promises of jam tomorrow and in that vein I shall now demonstrate what an overhyped dog's dinner of a cash consumer this company is.

Tern – Cryptosoft update and a clarification from yours truly

Published 621 days ago

AIM-listed Tern plc (TERN) released an update on the progress of its flagship investment Cryptosoft yesterday morning. I’m not entirely sure why it bothered, given that only £26,000 of sales is reported in something of a jam tomorrow statement.

Imaginatik plc – a financial fundamentals standpoint as Rob Terry plays his games

Published 793 days ago

Imaginatik plc (IMTK) finds itself in the headlights today – for reasons detailed by Tom Winnifrith HERE. What is the view from a financial fundamentals standpoint?

Cloudbuy Profits Warning

Published 973 days ago

On Tues 23 December Cloudbuy issued a ‘Trading Update’ which, just by the timing of the announcement (Christmas Week) meant that it was unlikely to contain good news: as Tom Winnifrith has already pointed out, if it was good news it would have been rushed out in the previous week while everyone was still at their desks.

Kalimantan – and the Placing they didn’t tell you about: More shite from a POS on the AIM casino

Published 1056 days ago

Kalimantan Gold (KLG) has been a perennial jam tomorrow POS stock on the AIM Casino. Directors fees all round. Advisors fees all round. Placing after placing after frigging placing as it hypes up one target, raises cash, moves the goalposts and them raises cash again. All the time it is private investors who get screwed. Let me tell you about the placing it failed to do earlier this week.

Bingo, bongo, Bango – dismal interims – when is the bailout cash call?

Published 1064 days ago

I have noted before how Bango (BGO) merits an AIM Casino jam tomorrow promises. Floated in 1999 it has sent £27.5 million to money heaven and has never made a profit. Interims today are thus par for the course but the cash position looks tight. At 102p the market cap is £46 million and the shares are a screaming sell.

Thomas Cook – Not a Profits warning but not inspiring: Harriet Green still on borrowed time

Published 1119 days ago

Sadly Thomas Cook (TCG) did not as I had hoped serve up a profits warning today. Its shares are broadly unchanged at 122p but its trading statement is far from inspiring and the City knives are still out for PR obsessed CEO Harriet Green. She cannot afford to slip.

Westminster Group Video - cheap as chips or another AIM loser - you decide

Published 1124 days ago

Westminster Group (WSG) seems to divide opinion. There are some folk who think it is yet another loss making jam tomorrow AIM stock. Others (see HERE) love it and think the shares are cheap as chips. To help you decide here are the CEO and FD Peter Fowler and Ian Selby ( a good libertarian) in video action at the UK Investor Show.

Bango is your record the most shocking on AIM and when is the cash call?

Published 1132 days ago

Does Bango (BGO) deserve some sort of award for its record for not making profits? The company was established in 1999, floated on the AIM Cesspit in 2005 and is still not actually making a profit? To date investors have lapped up its jam tomorrow story of enabling folks to make payments via apps, etc. and circa £25 million has gone to money heaven. But surely as yet another cash call looms this farce cannot pay on forever?

Sell Magnolia Petroleum: Multiple 3.5p Failures Imply 2p Zone Retest

Published 1567 days ago

Having done a “Michael Fish” over there likely to be no meltdown at Quindell Portfolio earlier today (feel free to Google him), there will be no prisoners taken as far as the downside is concerned at struggling stocks. Example 1 is Magnolia Petroleum.


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