Echo Energy shares suspended after no insider dealing on AIM, honest guv!

Published 81 days ago

Shares in uber-ramped Echo Energy (ECHO) were suspended today after a sharp share price move on Friday forced an admission from the company. Hmmmm, heavy share dealing just before a big announcement. But this is AIM, the world's most successful growth market so that is just a total coincidence just like it always is on the casino. Move along gents..nothing to see.

Saffron Energy: The ramp is on already – it’s all in the name

Published 103 days ago

I’ve been on holiday for a week in Italy (funnily enough) and am just catching up on a few interesting pieces of news and thought I would comment on the Saffron Energy (SRON) deal with Sound Energy (SOU) that was announced last week. Makes a lot of sense in many ways but I am disappointed by the scale of the James Parsons-led ramp that has started already supported in all the usual places.

More PR pumping at Sound Energy - valuation absurd

Published 108 days ago

We have warned you often enough that the valuation of Sound Energy (SOU) is que absurd even though the shares, at 55p, are well off 99p year highs. Still anyone not using today's "news" from Morocco as an opportunity to sell is nutso. Here is how a leading broker called it: 

Another less than glorious drill result from Sound Energy - top broker warns shares deserve to halve again

Published 199 days ago

Earlier in the week the disappointment was that the Italian Badile gas play had flopped. But at least the Moroccan excitement could allow James Parsons, the aggressive stock promoter who runs Sound Energy (SOU), to keep the plates spinning. we have news from Morocco. And it is more bollockese and not great news.

Echo Energy - down after Sound News but further to fall?

Published 200 days ago

Shares in Echo Energy are off by 5% at 14.5p mid today on the back of the bad news on the drilling front from Sound Energy (SOU). But do they have further to fall? On fundamentals yes they do. 

Sound Energy - shares crash as Badile flops, is the company really pleased?

Published 201 days ago

Some folks are just lazy fucks. The team round at PR crony capitalists Vigo Communications who charge an arm and a leg for spinning for Sound Energy (SOU) appear to be such folks, as they put together today's disastrous press release using cut and paste. It starts "Sound Energy, the African and European focused upstream gas company, is pleased to provide an update on the drilling of the Badile exploration well, onshore Italy.". With what followed I bet the ranch that Sound was anything but pleased. Hint: the shares have crashed by 30% to 54.25p in early trade.

Echo Energy: The “Cornerstone Investor” leaving so soon – surely not?

Published 210 days ago

My second piece on insiders cashing in and odd TR-1’s is, very predictably, looking at Echo Energy and, in particular, the two late RNS’s on Friday afternoon which show that the “Cornerstone Investor”, Greenberry plc, is offloading shares and warrants all over the shop and appears to be almost giving them away too – what a charitable sort! Let’s take a look.

Yes you should join Primary Bid NOW but do not take up its Toople offer whatever you do

Published 231 days ago

Primary Bid's latest offer is its first non AIM placement. It boasts this as an achievement. But the company is Toople (TOOP) a proud member of Cynical Bear's Sub Standard XI. It is a dog and while I urge you all to join Primary Bid now HERE, I also urge you not to take up this offer.

Echo Energy – And so it starts: the abuse of the Block Admission rule – it must be stopped

Published 233 days ago

It’s not often that I comment on an RNS entitled Total Voting Rights, but I had been waiting for yesterday’s RNS from Echo Energy (ECHO). In my view, there has been an abuse of AIM rules, or, at the very least, the spirit of the rules, and I believe Echo has just one simple aim, namely to keep the average PI in the dark for as long as possible to enable certain parties to cash in big. Please allow me to explain.

Echo Energy – Insane valuation; James Parsons is not worth £100m, he’s not a magician: SELL

Published 241 days ago

My last piece rather naively thought that Echo Energy’s (ECHO) new institutional equity investor, Spartan Fund, or Pegasus Fund as it became, would want to put its funds in at a fair valuation and thought the share price would go down. I was wrong and must assume that it is all part of the connected group of institutions and individuals here that have led to an insane valuation that appears to indicate that the mere mention of James Parsons is worth £100 million. That is nonsense and this is a massive sell.

Echo Energy – Bizarre funding arrangement, share price must drop, mustn’t it?

Published 274 days ago

I’ve been scratching my head over the funding plans announced by the newly re-named Echo Energy (ECHO) earlier this week as there is an unusual aspect to it and can’t believe that the share price won’t drop in the short term as a result. Let me explain.

My view on Sound Energy's market valuation remain unchanged

Published 297 days ago

I’ve been bearish on the valuation of Sound Energy (SOU) for a while now, and nothing in the updates this week on Tendrara or its final results have changed that opinion. Don’t get me wrong, I can certainly see potential in this company, and it has done well to turn things around and get to where it is currently, but I still think that it is crazy that it is trading at a market cap of well over £500 million at this point in time.

Independent Resources down 30% but valuation insane

Published 312 days ago

No doubt the spivs are on the ramp again but shares in Independent Resources (IRG) have dived by 30% to 0.415. That is because the stock has today on ex-rights on the open offer announced today. If you buy now you do not get to take part in a 2 for 3 offer at 0.065p! So do the maths again.

Tom Winnifrith Bonus Bearcast: Independent Resources Group up 569% - complete and utter insanity: do the math!

Published 319 days ago

Shares in Independent Resources (IRG) are up 569% today. I know James Parsons of Sound Energy (SOU) has joined but this is insanity, a rampfest by many of the usual suspects. Just do the maths! If you cannot I can do it for you in his bonus podcast.

Game Changer for AIM: Sound Energy - £24.1 million fund raise - you can take part via Primary Bid

Published 422 days ago

I will not be. As far as I can see the current market cap of £450 million is borderline insane and certainly not justified by the fundamentals. So I don't blame Sound Energy (SOU)  at all for raising cash at this level. If folks want to pay up, the company would be crackers not to let them. But some will disagree.

Sound Energy will come back down to earth with a painful bump

Published 529 days ago

One of the biggest red flags of a company being ridiculously over-priced is its directors selling shares, and that certainly looks to be the case with Sound Energy (SOU) following its after hours RNS!

Exclusive Interview with Sound Oil CEO James Parsons

Published 1205 days ago

When I last wrote about Sound Oil (SOU), I suggested the “valuation looked stretched”. People lined up to disagree with me, not least Brokerman Dan. The problem with the rebuttals is they just sounded like the same tired old lines trotted out about countless resource stocks on AIM, all promising heavenly riches. And we know what happened to the overwhelming majority of them. Despite my cynicism, I was approached by a friend of Sound Oil’s asking if I’d talk to CEO James Parsons to hear his version of the story. Earlier in the week I caught up with Mr Parsons and there could be more to this company than I initially thought. 

Sound Oil – clear upside

Published 1264 days ago

Ben Turney is entitled to his view on Sound Oil (here) but he is wrong. Take it from the man from the Manc slums. I own the shares and this is why Sound (SOU) will make money for Brokerman Dan.

Sound Oil: valuation looks stretched

Published 1267 days ago

Tom and I have recently published a new e-book, “The 49 Golden Rules of Making Money from Oil, Gas and Mining Stocks”. Over the last few months, Sound Oil (SOU) has provided a perfect case in point for several of our Golden Rules. Back in the spring, when the shares traded hands between roughly 4.6p and 6.9p, this could have been a wonderful stock to buy, based on the company’s success at Nervesa. Thorough research and good timing would have definitely paid off. Today, however, at 12p (last seen) and a market cap of £49.84million, the risk/reward balance appears to have tilted more towards the risk side of the equation, despite the progress the company has made. And if you don’t believe me about this

Sound Oil CEO James Parsons Q&A

Published 1706 days ago resources writer Doc Holiday caught up with James Parsons, the CEO of AIM listed Sound Oil (SOU) last week for a short interview. Here’s the transcript.


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