As Luxury Goods Often Ride Recessions, Take a Peek at this Growing Giant

Published 6 days ago

Hello, Share People. If you’re anything like me you avoid buying top class luxury goods, which can be terribly expensive. But there’s a growing army of rich people in this inequitable world who are prepared to pay up for the best products...

What the Dickens is this? A Pawnbroker Which is Growing Fast

Published 128 days ago

Hello, Shares Tasters. Christmas is a natural home for Dickens fans like me. And when I imagine Victorian Britain, I think of pawnbrokers. They are not, as one might imagine, a dying financial institution...

Trading platinum has produced my biggest wins in 2016

Published 862 days ago

I’ve always had in an interest in the natural resources sector, but in the past I had mainly stuck to investing and trading the shares of companies within that area.

H&T’s Interim Results show timely expansion, profits up 42% - Buy!

Published 978 days ago

I’ve argued previously that H&T (HAT) was a great way to buy into a classic financial business with sound management and the added bonus of a positive gold price correlation. This morning, the company announced interim results which will see me continuing to hold on to my position.

Gold is the place to be, I agree with Frank Holmes!

Published 1686 days ago

You know that I am bearish on equities. I explained why last week HERE. But I am bullish on gold although accepting that you have to be ultra-selective in which gold stocks you buy. This week my colleagues from Palisade Capital interviewed Frank Holmes, the CEO of US Global Investors who explains, perhaps more clearly than I can, the bull case for gold.

Signet is not Spelt with a C and it's not a dying swan.

Published 1695 days ago

Hello Share Players; What's the biggest jewellery chain in the UK? Signet (SIG). And in the USA? Signet. And in Canada? Signet. I've recommended this glittering share before, having seen my initial investment rocket. But the success tram keeps on rolling up the high street.

Signet – Jewel in the High Street Crown.

Published 1794 days ago

Hello Share Swingers: I've held our Signet (SIG) shares for many years. You know, the big jewellery stores. I've always thought that engagement rings, wedding bands, presents to girl friends and glittering watches, together with all bangles and beads, will always be in demand.


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