Our Hero Wetherspoon's Martin: Re Brexit the CBI should put a sock in it, the FCA is weak and unrealistic

Published 42 days ago

Tim Martin is again our4 hero of the day, speaking out against the FCA,m the CBI, the Financial Times and other remoaners" who are trtying to dilute Brexit with disingeneous comment. On the occassion of a trading statement from his JD Wetherspoon (JDW) chain of ghastly plastic pubs, Martin has let rip. The great man states:

Luke Johnson speaks up for we terrified entrepreneurs

Published 63 days ago

Luke Johnson will be among the star speakers at UK Investor Show 2018. Those with a golden ticket will also get to hear him in conversation with Nigel Wray at the Saracens evening the Wednesday beforehand - that will be a battle of the pizza men, a real treat - more details HERE. In his Sunday Times column last weekend he echoed my post-election gloom about how we entrepreneurs should feel terrified - HERE. It is brilliant stuff. Frankly Luke is THE reason to buy the Sunday Times. Luke opines:

Vote Conservative Today - the alternative would be a national disaster!

Published 76 days ago

There is a case for not bothering to vote at all. All four main parties (we include the SNP and, very charitably, the Lib Dems) are committed to running unfunded budget deficits up to at least 2025. None of them are prepared to make the tough choices a nation with an ageing population and a gaping budget deficit needs to make. In that sense all of the politicians are being dishonest with the electorate. So what's new?

Why I am voting Conservative at the General Election and you should too

Published 79 days ago

Shareprophets reader Jonathan Price has already put the case for voting Lib Dem. Crackpot lefty Darren Atwater has put the case for voting for the terrorist's friends in Labour. Now it is over to Andrew Bell, the son of a Tory MP, who puts the case for voting for the Conservatives. Over to Mr Bell:

Notes from Underground: Help stamp out disco in our lifetime

Published 80 days ago

The first non-Tom article is #1, The explicit signs that a stockmarket crash is on its way... soon, by David Scott. This bodes well - the snakes and frigana may actually be drawing Tom's attention away from the market and back to his sabbatical.TW note you missed out this article which was actually the most read, modesty prevents me from saying who penned it. More Labour vote rigging!

It's a Scary Week Coming - But I'm Holding My Nerve

Published 82 days ago

Hello Share Mashers. It’s going to be a scary end to the week. What if Labour gets in? The Big City won’t like that and shares will dive heavily. But that will be a short-lived shocker, in my view. Because Jezzer in power will cause the pound to fall even lower. And that more than anything is keeping the Footsie at record highs.

Why I am voting Labour on June 8

Published 83 days ago

To say that ShareProphets readers are right wing is to say that WG Grace is the greatest sportsman of all time. Yet, in a blatent scheme to rig the election in favour of the Tories, Tom has arranged for various patsies to argue in favour of the lesser parties. Yesterday Jonathan Price batted for team Lib Dem.  Although Tom expects today's offering to be a token paen to Labour. I say, prepare to be shocked: you're going to be voting Labour. 

The graph that makes the case for Not Voting at all - the three main parties are ALL deficit denying liars

Published 97 days ago

The graph below is terrifying and makes a strong case for not voting at all in the General Election. It tracks the tax burden - the amounts the State takes from its citizens as a percentage of GDP. This is horrifying.

This House Ain't Made of Straw, Like so Many Companies, but Bricks

Published 100 days ago

Hello Share Trudgers. There’s been talk of a collapse in property prices on this august website. As I’ve often posited, I consider this too dire a view of the bricks and mortar game.

Energy Caps Will Only Make Things Worse for Centrica

Published 104 days ago

Hello Share Squishers. It seems fairly obvious that gas and electricity supply companies may well see slimmer share prices after all this general election talk about capping energy bills. But so far, the market has not cropped shares by very much.

Leavers are either nuts or hiding what they're really on about. There, I said it

Published 108 days ago

Old-time Labour voters have been moving to the Tories by the thousands over Brexit. What is it that they are truly concerned about?

Local Elections - UKIP toast, Lib & Labour disaster - Tories slam dunk certs for June 8

Published 110 days ago

You can always dismiss local elections as local contests which tell you nothing about the result of the next General Election. But when that next General Election is just five weeks away and when there are clear trends evident across the board you can make clear assumptions. Let's start with UKIP whose spokesperson Lisa Duffy said the results were "disappointing" but she would "not call it a disaster". As I write the fruitcakes have lost 98 of the 99 seats they were defending and not gained one. If that is not a disaster what is? UKIP is finished. And its votes have clearly gone Conservative.

New General Election caption contest: Diane Abbott on Countdown edition

Published 113 days ago

Caption this photo of Labour star Diane Abbott on Countdown . The deadline for entries, in the comments section below, is midnight tonight.

General Election Caption Contest Winner: Knock at your own risk

Published 119 days ago

Yesterday, we asked you to caption the photo below highlighting why the IRA would like to see Labour win. The competition was keen, but we've selected a winner.

And the winner of the Labour Benefits caption contest is:

Published 122 days ago

Friday, we asked you to caption the photo inside in recognition of the snap election. The results seem to show that ShareProphets readers are neither Labour voters nor CloudTag fans. 

Caption Contest: Can you see the benefits? Vote Labour in the General Election?

Published 124 days ago

The subjects of the Channel 4 Mancunian documentary Shameless are featured in this spoof Labour advertisement. can you offer a more suitable caption? Post your answers in the comments section below with a deadline of midnight tonight (Friday)

Lonmin offers a leveraged play on platinum prices

Published 171 days ago

Lonmin PLC (LMI) was one of my best performing share tips during 2016, and following the recent pullback I think it is well worth another look.

African Potash - 2 days to find $1.1 million: an open letter to Lord Peter Hain

Published 358 days ago

In two days time African Potash (AFPO) must repay its finance director's wife $1.1 million as it is obliged to clear the most expensive loan in AIM history. It has no cash so prepare for mega dilution as the loan will be repaid in shares at 0.29p per share, or lower. Against that background I have, this weekend, shown that on both January 6 2016 and December 1 2015 it lied to investors ahead of its last bailout placing, it engaged in fraud. The man charged with holding CEO lyin' Chris Cleverley to account on this is perma-tango tanned Labour Lord, Peter Hain. I have written to his Lordship today.

Labour’s lurch to the left – a good day for democracy!

Published 710 days ago

What a week for British politics! The party of socialism has elected a socialist leader: whatever next? The loons may be in charge of Her Majesty’s Opposition, but actually this is a great week for the country as a whole. Suddenly there is a choice.  

Don’t Let the Summer Lull Get You Down. It’s the Dozy Season.

Published 734 days ago

Hello Share Smashers. My babies are going through a bad patch at the mo. Am I worried? Should you be worried? The answer is: No.

The Russell Brand Kiss of Death - watch out Audioboom

Published 772 days ago

Russell Brand, hero to millions, and thought leader of our time, has an envious track record. That is a track record of supporting something and it then going horribly wrong. Will the Brand kiss of death also curse Audioboom (BOOM)?

Money Tree worshipping mad leftie Malcolm Stacey talking rot again

Published 820 days ago

I wonder if it was his years at the BBC which saw my pal Comrade Malcolm Stacey infected with the mad lefty virus. Becuase the old Money Tree worshipper does talk some awful rot and today's column from him HERE is a classic. I feel forced to point out in the interests of balance why he is spouting total gibberish.

Why I am voting UKIP

Published 840 days ago

And today we conclude our series from contributors to this site on how they are voting in the General Election with an offering from Graham Perch on why he is supporting UKIP.

Why I am not voting at all in the General Election

Published 842 days ago

Recently we have been bombarded with adverts on TV and radio reminding us to make sure that we are all registered to vote in the forthcoming general election. But I find myself increasingly questioning just how much difference it really makes. 

Bulletin Board Winner of the Week #18 announced – it is a tie

Published 842 days ago

Until the General Election is finally over, we are allowing both idiot comments by MPs or political figures as well as by Bulletin Board Morons to be entered in this contest. And as such we have a tie for the most moronic posting of the week.

Why I have already voted Conservative

Published 844 days ago

We continue our series on why various ShareProphets writers are voting for a range of parties on May 7th. I asked for a postal vote and so I have already voted and I voted Tory. Since I view the entire political class with contempt the main reason for voting Tory was to annoy my Labour voting wife. But there are actually three more serious reasons why everyone should vote Tory in the General Election.

Why I shall vote Liberal Democrat in the General Election

Published 846 days ago

We have asked a number of ShareProphets columnists to justify how they are voting next week. We start our series with guest columnist Jonathan Price who explains why he is voting Lib Dem. 

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast - Chatting to Doc Holiday

Published 850 days ago

In this podcast I look at the bleating customers of IG Index, the nature of AIM in relation to a chat with Doc, the Labour/SNP threat to Britain in the context of HSBC threatening to quit, Rosslyn Data and James Courtis Pond and again at the forthcoming AGM Of the LSE.

Is The Share Party Over? – For the Time Being.

Published 863 days ago

Hello Share Compadres. It is not really expected from me, I know, but I have been getting edgy about the performance of shares lately.

A Tale of Two Parties – and a Possible Swipe at Our Shares.

Published 866 days ago

Hello Share Munchers. They've been telling us that the election run-up was going to send share prices down. The markets, after all, hate uncertainty.

Weekly Financial Video Postcard #60 - Is the City analyst system totally bent?

Published 1004 days ago

Prompted by the Kevin Ashton, Quindell and Canaccord revelations HERE but also by the pickle Daniel Stewart finds itself in with Naibu Tom Winnifrith explains why the City analyst system is inherently bent and conflicted in this week's video postcard.

Most ShareProphets Readers Expect Dave Cameron to be next PM but 2% of you are delusional Lib Dems – Reader Poll Results

Published 1052 days ago

We asked, at the weekend, who you, our readers, expected to form the next Government. The bad news is that a fifth of you think the nightmare scenario of a Lab/Lib coalition is on the cards. Time to emigrate methinks. Most readers thank that one way or another Call Me Dave Cameron will get to stay in No 10 and 2% of our readers are officially delusional thinking that the Lib Dems will form a majority Government. The full results are:

Reader Poll – Who will be the next UK Government as UKIP looks set to get its first elected MP

Published 1054 days ago

On Thursday the good folks of Clacton in the green and pleasant county of Essex vote in a by-election caused by sitting MP Douglas Carswell resigning his seat. Oddly for a Tory MP this was not triggered by a sex scandal but because Mr Carswell has joined UKIP and will stand for UKIP in that contest and will win by a landslide. In light of that who do you think will form the next Government?

A Labour Government Would be Terrible for British Shares

Published 1063 days ago

Please note that this article is not meant to be an attack on any individual Labour supporter, but I believe the consequences of a Labour government for British shares would be terrible. Ed Miliband delighted the United Kingdom with his 65 minute speech yesterday. The word ‘together’ was used 51 times. I guess it sounds better than socialism.

I shall vote UKIP on 22 May in the Euro Elections because…

Published 1191 days ago

The European project is a grand political scheme, doomed from its inception. It is foretold in scripture. Genesis 11 4-9. According to the story, a united humanity speaking a single language decided to build a tower into the sky to overthrow God. In response, God confounded their languages and scattered them all over the earth. 

I’m Voting Tory on May 22nd in the Euro Elections because

Published 1192 days ago

Actually I may not be voting Tory. There is mounting evidence that I shall be deprived of the vote completely thanks to Labour Dirty tricks – that is my wife (who explains the Labour case here) neglecting to put me on the electoral roll. If I do vote, choosing a party is like deciding which sort of shit you want smeared in your face for the next five years. But forced to choose there is only one sane choice and that is to vote Tory.

I’m Ripping up my voting slip on May 22nd in the Euro Elections because…

Published 1192 days ago

I have, to the lasting shame of my dear departed Labour supporting Pater, steadfastly refused to vote. (Something I'm quite proud of). I've never voted & have no intention whatsoever of ever voting.  I think it was while reading Aldous Huxley (Brave New World) or The Ragged Trousered Philanthropists that the penny finally dropped. We're being cultivated and harvested by State apparatus. Divide & Rule. The lumpenproletariat are used as a commodity, labour, to be traded by the Alphas.


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