Kefi Minerals Fund Raise - grit your teeth and buy

Published 339 days ago

This Kefi Minerals (KEFI) share tip at a 0.58p offer has not been a good one so far. We apologise and as shareholders share your pain. The shares are now 0.34p-0.36p. We took more shares in this fundraise at 0.33p on the view that the underlying value is c1p per share. So what has happened?

Beowulf will quarry ‘strategic partners’

Published 924 days ago

Kurt Budge, chief executive officer of unloved Beowulf Mining (BEM), says the company will seek ‘strategic partners to monetise’ its 113 million-tonne Kallak North iron ore project in northern Sweden, if, as he now hopes, the Stockholm government grants it a 25-year exploitation licence by the end of this year. AIM-quoted Beowulf, which has newly raised £650,000 at a lowly 1.25p and has seen its shares crumble from 30p five years ago to 1.35p now, draws comfort from a change of heart by the County Administrative Board (CAB) for the local Norbotten County from opposition last October to qualified support today.

AFC Energy. Is it worth £150 million? You must be kidding.

Published 998 days ago

AFC Energy (AFC) is currently enjoying its day in the sun as the AIM Casino’s favourite fuel cell stock. Hydrogen fuel cell technology companies were all the rage in 2006/7 at about the time AFC Energy was floated, with Ceres Power and ITM Power reaching stratospheric valuations before crashing back down to earth and, in the case of Ceres Power, all but wiping out shareholders.

Robert Tyerman’s share tips of the year No 1 – Paragon Diamonds

Published 1121 days ago

Diamonds seem to have escaped the worst of the carnage that has afflicted other commodities, from gold to iron ore and participants in the sector, perhaps unsurprisingly, claim to see a widening of interest in the dazzling gemstones, from China to the Middle East, with a new emphasis on their potential merits as investments as well as adornments. One such enthusiast is Philip Manduca, former hedge fund pioneer, brother of the head of the Prudential insurance giant and chairman of AIM-quoted Paragon Diamonds (PRG).

New boss at Paragon launches revival plan

Published 1236 days ago

Philip Manduca, hedge fund pioneer and newly established executive chairman of AIM dog Paragon Diamonds (PRG), is trumpeting big ambitions for the company and its Lemphane kimberlite pipe in the gem-rich southern African kingdom of Lesotho. His strategy includes moving to production at Lemphane, where Paragon owns 80 per cent and suspects it holds a minimum of one million carats, as soon as possible, perhaps before next March, and vertically integrating the company by taking significant stakes in cutting, polishing and retailing stones.

Ariana Resources: genuinely building value? At 0.9p looks tempting...

Published 1333 days ago

Ariana Resources (AAU) is not a company well known for its ability to keep deadlines. First scheduled production at the company’s Red Rabbit gold-silver project in western Turkey has been delayed several times over the years, but Ariana now claims it expects to reach this goal in H1 2015. Patience is bound to be wearing thin among long term shareholders, as they’ve watched the stock drift lower. The share price has been further restrained since last summer, after Ariana entered into an Equity Swap with Lanstead Capital. However, with new drilling exploration targets defined at Kiziltepe (part of Red Rabbit) and the mine commissioning process plodding along, is it time look at this stock as a medium term buy?

Naughty Ariana!

Published 1680 days ago

Michael Spriggs, the chairman of Ariana Resources (AAU), should be sent to bed without any supper! This morning Ariana updated the market about its equity swap with Lanstead Capital. This complicated deal is a variation on the SEDA arrangements AIM investors have come to know and love.


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