A Malcolm Stacey share tip where the company has misled investors hugely

Published 39 days ago

Actually I am being generous. One might suggest that certain undergarments are look very combustible. I am sure that when Malcolm becomes aware of this he will wish to revisit his position. This is a scandal, the company has declined to comment and its advisors do not seem to give a damn either, their excuses are risible.

Malcolm Stacey is away bothering God

Published 42 days ago

In case you feared that the lack of a daily column from Malcolm means that our 158 year old anchorman had gone to a better place. Fear not. He has but it is not that Heaven...

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast: No! Neil Woodford, this is not a fix and Malcolm Stacey ignores Anna Soubry's arse

Published 58 days ago

I start with a brief discussion of my first longish Woodlarks training walk. 12 Miles done and dusted. As you consider my rather smelly feet please make a small donation to rogue bloggers for Woodlarks HERE. Then I  look at Provident Financial (PFG) and mention BCA Marketplace (BCA) and Purplebricks (PURP) en passant before commenting on Malcolm Stacey's article of earlier on penny shares.

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast: Let us pray for Thirsty Paul Scott and his boss Ed at Stockopedia

Published 68 days ago

Thirsty Paul Scott and his boss Ed Croft at Stockopaedophile do not like me. Maybe that explains Paul's very sad attack on Optibiotix (OPTI) yesterday which was strewn with factual errors and poor analysis. Or maybe Paul was just pissed after pouring too much vodka on his cornflakes that day. I go through his article pointing out the string of errors. Clearly Paul is not a well man and we should pray for him.  Elsewhere I look at Sabien (SNT), its knob head boss, dodgy share dealing, the cash crisis and why it is fecked. I cover Cabot (CAB), Wandisco (WAND) and then take a look at Motif Bio (MTFB) - a share tip from Malcolm Stacey where, I have told him, you all deserve an update - and a related party Amphion (AMP), which looks pretty fecked too.

Notes from Underground: To the spivs on AIM, they probably date the world BS / AS (before ShareProphets and after ShareProphets)

Published 72 days ago

I just realised that we are coming up on our sixth year of publishing ShareProphets. (The actual date is in April).

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast - madness, madness, madness

Published 90 days ago

No not Malcolm Stacey again although he is mentioned. Instead I look at how to value a cyclical stock, I cover Mortgage Advice Bureau (MAB1), Zoo Digital (ZOO), Amur Minerals (AMC) and Flybe (FLYB)

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast: Extreme bad language mainly about that f*cker Boris Johnson

Published 91 days ago

Make sure your kids do not listen to this podcast. Today I cover the latest bonkers idea from Malcolm Stacey, NetFlix (NFLX), tesla (TSLA), IQE (IQE), Dods (DODS), Flybe (FLYB) and Totally (TLY). I also explain why I am even more of a f*cking feminist than before, as of today.

The ShareProphets share tips of the year 2019 – No 11 is from Malcolm Stacey

Published 115 days ago

Between Christmas Day and January 2nd we shall be publishing more than 20 share tips of the year – buys and sells. Eleventh up is the second from Malcolm Stacey.

Next and Staffline under the spotlight next week

Published 115 days ago

Ahead of a more comprehensive review of annual broker and tipster activity next week, this week’s article focuses on two expected early-January trading announcements from Next (NXT) and Staffline (STAF). Strong returns on Next shares were wiped out during a disappointing second half to the year, while shareholders of Staffline will be happy with a return of over 20% in 2018. Both updates will be seen as important early indicators for their respective sectors, but are brokers and tipsters bullish about both companies’ future prospects?

The ShareProphets share tips of the year 2019 – No 2 is from Malcolm Stacey

Published 119 days ago

Between now and January 2nd we shall be publishing more than 20 share tips of the year – buys and sells. Second up is one from Malcolm Stacey. 

“A Tough Week for ASOS: Broker and Tipster Opinion”

Published 122 days ago

The biggest casualty of the week was online fashion retailer ASOS (ASC), which was toppled from its position as the most valuable company on AIM after shares sunk by 50%. Investors were spooked by the company’s trading update for the first three months of the financial year – released on Monday – warned of a “significant deterioration in the important trading month of November and conditions remain challenging”. After three years of impressive returns, 2018 had already proven a fairly rough year for holders in ASOS prior to this week’s events. Still, brokers and tipsters (on the whole) have been bullish about the future prospects of the company.

Malcolm Stacey Santa Rally Caption Contest Result

Published 127 days ago

There were numerous entries to this caption contest as you can see HERE although once again our in-house BB loon Wildes got overly excited looking at pictures of the crazy cat lady Carole Cadwalladr and thus served up a number of utterly non relevant observations. There can only be one winner of the semi naked photo of Britain’s top share blogger (mornings only), thirsty Paul Scott and it is…not Wildes. Instead the victorious caption for the photo below is:

Malcolm Stacey's Santa Rally Caption Contest - deadline Sunday night

Published 128 days ago

For some reason the old boy has not been banging on about the Santa stockmarket Rally quite as much this year as usual. In that vein, for the chance to win a semi naked photo of Britain's top share blogger (mornings only) thirsty Paul Scott, please supply suitable captions for the picture below in the comments section. The deadline for entries is midnight Sunday... do your worst.

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast - Malcolm Stacey you are talking bollocks

Published 128 days ago

Malcolm wrote a piece today on Brexit and shares.  Quite simply he is talking unmitigated bollocks and I explain why.

Tom Winnifrith: a reader dares me to publish his explanation of why I'm talking bollocks

Published 139 days ago

I wonder if this reader is Malcolm Stacey in disguise? He seems a terribly optimistic fellow dismissing all my bear points made in today's bonus bearcast. Calling himself "KeepingTWhonest" he opines:

Tom Winnifrith Bonus Bearcast: Deafening silence from Purplebricks, Malcolm WRONG (Bovis) and a UK house price crash?

Published 154 days ago

This bearcast is prompted partly by news Purplebricks (PURP) is not telling you about and partly by Malcolm's buy note on Bovis (BVS) earlier and partly on some new housing data out yesterday. Suffice to say Purplebricks is in ever deeper merde, Malcolm Stacey is wrong and there really could be a big fall in UK house prices and volumes and it is just partly linked to Brexit. It is a pin and we know there is a bubble.

The Most Frequently Tipped Companies by Professional Tipsters in November

Published 157 days ago

What blue chips do the "professional" share tipsters like and should we care?

Video: great news for Malcolm Stacey, Jeremy Corbyn and in house BB loon Wildes - we have found the Magic Money Tree

Published 162 days ago

It's trebles all round on Malcolm in the Punter's Return becuase, as you can see below, we have indeed found and located the Magic Money Tree. The nation's problems are all over, vote Corbyn, sit back relax and await paradise on earth.

After the MySquar triumph: Still not signed up to quality investigative fraud busting journalism at 2p a pop. Why not?

Published 169 days ago

Just over a year ago ShareProphets went from an advertising model (i.e. letting evil Google bleed us dry) to a subscription based one. That means we can write what we want and thanks to well over a thousand of you, our revenues have gone up and we did, actually, make a tiny, debut, profit last month. Hooray! But perhaps you are reading this article sitting outside all walls and have not signed up for full access at just £5.99 a month HERE. Just think what you are missing…

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast: Malcolm kids himself, FinnCrap & Sam Smith must be desperate to IPO right now, why?

Published 176 days ago

I start by referring you to a video just up of my labour of love, the Greek Hovel, which you can see HERE. Then I take apart the bullish nonsense about the stockmarket Malcolm Stacey served up yesterday HERE.  Finally I look at IPOs planned for the next few weeks such as that of Sam Smith's FinnCap and broker AJ Bell. Why oh why go now? Surely they are both either mad or desperate? I discuss in detail why both should be avoided like the plague, referring also to the Funding Circle IPO debacle.

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast: Does Feedback have incriminating photos of Malcolm Stacey dancing naked round the Magic Money Tree?

Published 179 days ago

In today's podcast I look at Purplebricks (PURP) and whether Neil Woodford is going nutso, Tesla (TSLA), RPS Group (RPS), Debenhams (DEB) and Feedback (FDBK)

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast: is BCA still the big short? Yes and here is why

Published 184 days ago

I start with reflections on a rather plump young lady not wearing a bra parking her truck in front of my makeshift studio here in Greece. Moving swiftly on, I have a go at Malcolm Stacey over this piece and at James Bowden over this piece. I stand with Chris "three brains" Bailey on the recruitment stocks. Then it is onto BCA Marketplace (BCA). is it still "The Big Short?" I discuss in light of news both from Pendragon (PDG) and from the USA yesterday. 

Malcolm Stacey heads to Russia in search of the Magic Money Tree - the conclusion

Published 209 days ago

As you may have gathered last Tuesday, Malcolm’s long-suffering wife reckons that he has been spending too much time in The Punter’s Return and so has organised a holiday in Denmark, Sweden and Russia where Mr Stacey hopes to discover the magic money tree and an updated theme for his next novel. We left him  landing in Russia and having a spot of bother at passport control. In the last chapter of this series, our senior reporter has now updated us on his progress since…

Malcolm Stacey heads to Russia in search of the Magic Money Tree Part 4

Published 213 days ago

As you may have gathered on Tuesday, Malcolm’s long-suffering wife reckons that he has been spending too much time in The Punter’s Return and so has organised a holiday in Denmark, Sweden and Russia where Mr Stacey hopes to discover the magic money tree and an updated theme for his next novel. We left him on his way to “The Bridge”, but our senior reporter has now updated us on his progress since…

Malcolm Stacey heads to Russia in search of the Magic Money Tree Part 3

Published 215 days ago

As you may have gathered on Tuesday, Malcolm’s long-suffering wife reckons that he has been spending too much time in The Punter’s Return and so has organised a holiday in Denmark, Sweden and Russia where Mr Stacey hopes to discover the magic money tree and an updated theme for his next novel. We left him having just arrived at Copenhagen airport, but our senior reporter has now updated us on his progress since…

Malcolm Stacey heads to Russia in search of the Magic Money Tree Part 1

Published 216 days ago

Mrs Stacey says that I have been spending too much time in the Punter’s Return reading dull articles about shares and that we need a break. She says that I need inspiration for my next novel and so has suggested that we head off on one of those holidays advertised during Midsomer Murders for a more mature and sophisticated audience.

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast - Malcolm Stacey you are stark raving mad

Published 224 days ago

In today's bearcast I look at Vela (VELA), Debenhams (DEB), Nakama (NAK) and why Malcolm Stacey's bullishness on the house builders is a sign of madness, I think I need to send the old boy on a holiday to reflect. Yields of 8%, 9% and 10% for a sector tell you that what lies ahead is very bad news indeed, including, almost certainly, dividend cuts.

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast - equity markets tell you Andrew Monk & Malcolm Stacey are complacent and wrong and residential property is facing a big sell-off

Published 238 days ago

I note Chris Bailey's excellent article earlier, HERE, and have to say he is bang on the money and those who advise buying housebuilding shares such as Andrew Monk and our own Malcolm Stacey are very wrong. The equity markets are telling you there is a stack of trouble ahead.

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast: Stacey & Trump wrong, Bowden misguided & Musk just Nutso - Tesla to $0?

Published 248 days ago

In today's bearcast I explain a few flaws in today's article HERE by Malcolm Stacey on Brexit and shares. And why, for once, Donald Trump calls it wrong when he says companies should report less often. Then I take on Mr James Bowden of Stockemndation after his latest article HERE -why brokers and newspapers are to be ignored when they say BUY. Finally Tesla and Elon Musk, I look at the latest developments at Musk's clear mental breakdown (I should know about it, but it was six years ago for me) and at why Tesla could be a zero and far faster than folks think.

Have you read Malcolm Stacey's Best-Selling book of Unmentionable Horror

Published 310 days ago

Hello Book Lovers. Writing for Shareprophets. com has given me terrifying insight into the world of dark horror. So I wrote a scary novel called Black Snow.

URGENT Beaufort Affair: Client deadline to claim compensation is TONIGHT

Published 318 days ago

Like Malcolm Stacey, I too had a Beaufort account. I was taking a casual peek through my Junk mail late this afternoon and to my horror found an email telling me the deadline to get a claim in for my small handful of shares, in the event that PWC's charges for the fishing expedition saw them sell my shares. Since there was no cash (I took it all out a long time ago), I expect the portfolio to take a hit.

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast: Chris Bailey is right, Malcolm Stacey is wrong

Published 342 days ago

So far it has been a good day. I look at four shares I own: Optibiotix (OPTI), Falanx (FLX), Premaitha (NIPT) - yes Wildes you are wrong! - and Sosandar (SOS). And I comment on today's Julie Meyer bombshell. Praise be the Lord. I look at Beowulf Mining (BEM) and wider lessons after its placing and then discuss housebuilders in general after Chris Bailey's excellent article HERE. Chris is right, my old friend Malcolm - a sector bull - is wrong and I explain why.

9 UK Investor Show share tips for 2018 - No 3 Malcolm Stacey

Published 364 days ago

This week all of the team will tip 1 stock - long or short - which presented at UK Investor on Saturday or was mentioned in a presentation. For paying customers only, third up it is Malcolm Stacey. 

Notes from Underground: Meet and greet

Published 366 days ago

Thank you to the many ShareProphets readers who came by the stand at yesterday's UK Investor Show. It was terrific to meet real, live, readers and to hear how they enjoy and profit from the site. I tried to thank each one personally for subscribing, as those subscriptions keep ShareProphets thriving.

Less than 24 hours to go We can still email a ticket to you for Saturday

Published 373 days ago

If you have been to the UK Investor Show before you know how educating and exciting it can be. Now, with the show owned by Nigel Wray's family, the 2018 event on April 21 in Westminster is set to be the biggest in our 17 year history and also the most spectacular. Book today and we can still email you a ticket to be there

ITV – another one for the dividend muncher’s list

Published 373 days ago

I’ve been wandering through my list of tasty-looking dividend plays identified HERE for further additions to my dividend muncher’s list. The first was BT (BT.A) which I bought at 225p and has since risen nicely to 241.5p. We’ll see how this plays out when its results are released early next month, but so far, so good. My second choice was Centrica (CAN), but I haven’t taken the plunge there yet. Working down my list of high yields, it has been too easy to rule out most of them but I alighted on ITV (ITV) and I wonder if now may prove a good time to climb on board.

How to Make the Very Most of Next Saturday's Big, Big, Big UK Investor Show.

Published 374 days ago

Hello Share Packers. We all know the big UK Investor Show is at Westminster next week, compere Mr Malcolm Stacey. And, because you’re serious enough about shares to be on this magnificent website now, I bet we’ll be meeting a few of you on Saturday. I’ve been attending the show for years now, so allow me the impertinence of giving a few tips on how to wring the best from your visit.

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast: The times they are a changin' (for the worse) in praise of Malcolm Stacey & Chris Bailey

Published 388 days ago

The excitement mounts as the Winnifrith family heads off for a day at an owl sanctuary for that is the current obsession of young Joshua. Ahead of that I reflect on themes touched on by Malcolm Stacey today (HERE) and also Chris Bailey (HERE). I go far further than they do. The times they are a changin' and not for the better. Bring on the goats. If you like bearcasts then remember that at UK Investor on April 21 one of many highlights will be a live bearcast with myself and Paul Scott. Make sure you book a free ticket HERE using the promotional code WINNIFRITH

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast: Malcolm's in love with the ugliest girl in town, UKOG and other dogs

Published 390 days ago

Bad language alert. No I am not referring to Mrs Stacey. I would not dare but to Feedback (FDBK) which has done a placing today but another one is needed soon. I look at Mosman (MSMN) which has had terrible results and imagine the conversations round at SP Angel as poor Zac Phillips is forced to pen another buy note on this POS. I look at results from UK Oil & Gas (UKOG), the RedX (REDX) disaster, RM2 (RM2) and Conviviality (CVR). I really enjoyed today's podcast and - conceitedly - think it is rather a good one. 

IQE will please everybody with these results - bulls, bears, loons and Uncle Tom Cobbley

Published 399 days ago

IQE (IQE) the manufacturer of wafers which pretends that it is the next ARM and is the darling of Bulletin Board Morons, brokers looking to earn 5% on the next placing so writing ramptastic research reports today, avid broker report reader Paul Scott and our own Malcolm Stacey, has served up results for calendar 2017 which will please everybody.

Notes from Underground: Malcolm's other horrors

Published 400 days ago

It's been an ongoing trope on this site to note when mainstream media ties itself into knots trying to avoid mentioning the word ShareProphets. Instead, they tend to refer to our dozen writers as a 'blogger' or, in more convoluted cases, as 'an Italian newspaper.' But finally! We have a brave newspaper, the Western Telegraph, in Haverfordwest has referred to our name in full. No wonder that they were named the best weekly newspaper in Wales.

Feedback - Oh dear, Malcolm appears to have contracted a nasty bout of Woodforditis

Published 420 days ago

To be clear, I don’t believe Malcolm has ripped off shareholders in an investment trust he manages by stuffing it full of unquoted stocks to save his bacon elsewhere; however, he does seem to have picked up a few of the “star fund manager’s” bad habits when it comes to a stock, namely Feedback (FDBK).

The ShareProphets 24 share tips of the year: No 6 a BUY from Malcolm Stacey

Published 483 days ago

Between December 24 and January 2 we are serving up 24 share tips of the year from our team of writers at ShareProphets. The share tips are for paying subscribers only. Next up, the second of two ideas from the grandfather of share blogging Malcolm Stacey.

The ShareProphets 24 share tips of the year: No1 a BUY from Malcolm Stacey

Published 485 days ago

Between today and January 2 we will be serving up 24 share tips of the year from our team of writers here.  The share tips are for paying subscribers only. We start with the first of two ideas from the grandfather of share blogging Malcolm Stacey.

REVIEWED: ShareProphets writers tips of the year for 2017

Published 486 days ago

Ahead of 2018's selection to follow over the next week or so, how have 2017's tips fared to-date?...

Notes from Underground: Putting your portfolio up in smoke, willingly

Published 506 days ago

This week, ShareProphets writers presented seven tips to buy for Christmas, including one from me. My original suggestion was vetoed by Tom as being 'not on AIM' and 'too weird.' But I'll share it with you now.

Bearcast Special & the Christmas share tips from Malcolm Stacey & Nigel Somerville

Published 511 days ago

We start our seven share tip Tuesday with Malcolm and Nigel. Like all the other writers they were asked to tip a share to gain 33% by Christmas. In both cases they have put their money where their mouth is. First Malcolm Stacey..

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast - Malcolm Stacey not 100% bonkers on shite AIM stocks but almost..

Published 521 days ago

Malcolm outlines a strategy today for playing AIM Casino stocks which I regard as folly. I explain why it could go disastrously wrong in two ways. Then I look at the wider asset bubble in relation to art, soccer players, real estate and new media and how that impacts on the stockmarket and will, in due course, implode.

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast: Our big LONG play for the year is coming back & worrying about Malcolm Stacey

Published 541 days ago

This is a two part bearcast. In part one I discuss what is the biggest single investment we have made for a couple of years which comes back to the market this week. I explain why I am excited and why we have gone in big. Then I pick up on Malcolm Stacey's article yesterday on Day Trading. A) Don't do it and B) why this is one of many signs that remind me of the latter stages of the 2001 bull market. I recount my failings as a whistleblower then and why I am so depressed by the sordid antics of today's AIM

Paul Scott on why he's short of ASOS

Published 549 days ago

Some posts on our comments section are so interesting that they merit a wider audience. Overnight Paul Scott, Britain;s top share blogger, served up a really interesting one on ASOS (ASC), prompted by Malcolm Stacey's recent (bearish) article here. This is really very interesting analysis. The great Scott writes: 

Notes from Underground: Bearcast, king of the leaderboard

Published 562 days ago

That fact that Bearcast is popular is not surprising, but consider that it underreported: hundreds of ShareProphets members that use their private feed to download Bearcasts to their smartphones and computers, which don't show up in the page views.

London's oldest bullion dealer Sharps Pixley now accepts bitcoin

Published 574 days ago

I still do not understand bitcoin as a currency and store of value. For me, gold fills that space. Maybe I am just getting too old. But at least I am not yet 239. I refer not to Malcolm Stacey who is only 184 but to gold bullion dealer Sharps Pixley which was founded in 1778. It is now allowing folks to buy gold with Bitcoin using the processor Bitpay.

Notes from Underground - The commentariat

Published 576 days ago

It's week two of the reader-supported ShareProphets and everything is going better than planned, which is a very disconcerting feeling. Hundreds of readers have joined and we have far exceeeded what we were previously receiving on the advertising and free access model. At this rate we will be covering our current cost base and be able to contemplate the first pay rises in 4 years, for your writers, by November.

Tom Winnifrith Bonus Bearcast: The Aeorema Death Match, Stacey vs Moore, I am Solomon

Published 578 days ago

Malcolm Stacey today reckons that Aeorema (AEO) is a buy at 26p, HERE. Sadly he has got his numbers wrong. Steve Moore reckons it is a sell but I think his analysis is wrong. I  enter this grudge match with my verdict in a bonus podcast.

Video: The grandfather of share blogging Malcolm Stacey on why you should join ShareProphets

Published 587 days ago

As of midnight if you are not paying just £5.99 a month you lose access to our 300 articles and podcasts a month. In this video, the grandfather of share blogging comments on my use of French but explains very clearly why you'd be bonkers not to sign up. It is a false economy not to join as Malcolm points out very clearly. So watch comrade Stacey in action and then sign up NOW HERE 

Notes from Underground: We now return to your regularly scheduled programme, already in progress

Published 590 days ago

Tom has returned from his sabbactical and the stats speak for themselves: you people like Bearcasts. I can only imagine the plight of our readers for the past five months, fetal position on the floor, listerning to a skipping Victorola or the snow of an untuned wireless waiting for the return of Bearcast.

Notes from Underground: The Summer Wind, came blowing in, from across the sea

Published 597 days ago

The summer silly season is now over, and over 77,000 individual readers read ShareProphets during the past week. That's 77k readers who came to read real analysis and honest opinion. ShareProphets doesn't aggragate stories, we don't do clickbait, and we don't coddle our readers. You should be proud that you're one of them. 

Equities First – the £18 million question over IQE

Published 623 days ago

It is almost three years since the Equities First Holdings story hit the headlines with the deal signed up with by Rob Terry et al at what was then called Quindell – now Watchstone (WTG) – whereby the sale of shares via a non-recourse sell and buyback deal was dressed up as a director share purchase.

Tom Winnifritb Bearcast: lessons from Carillion, 88 Energy, MySQUAR and the faux political correctness of my father exposed

Published 652 days ago

Here I am in Shipston with my father who enjoys bearcasts if they mention him so just for that reason I record again. His faux political correctness is exposed by the issue of coverage of women's cricket in The Guardian - the dreadful newspaper he has delivered to try to fool my family of public sector "working" lefties that he is one of them. In terms of the market I look at Carillion (CLLN) and 88 Energy (88E). Shares in both companies are collapsing today and I look at why and at what lessons folks should be learning. You could so easily have avoided losing money on both. Please note Malcolm Stacey and other Ocado (OCDO) bulls, lesson one on Carillion is for you. I also make it clear that while he may have some of the attributes of a Bulletin Board Moron as he showed HERE, Evil Knievil is not, in fact, a BBM, I was just joshing him when I suggested otherwise. En passant I look at MySquar (MYSQ) and explain why today's exposes HERE and HERE may refer to events a long time ago but are pertinent. 

Notes from Underground: Um, go Quindell?

Published 674 days ago

Ha ha. We've been waiting for this for weeks, but now Slater & Gordon (who were given all the relevent ShareProphets articles when there was still time to back out) has actually filed suit against Watchstone, nee Quindell, claiming breach of warranty and/or fraudulent misrepresentation for a total amount of up to £637 million plus interest. It almost makes one want to root for Quindell this time.

Malcolm Stacey misquotes me but is wrong about Inmarsat anyway - don't fight the tide

Published 701 days ago

Malcolm Stacey is old enough to know about King Canute. In fact he is so old that he was there as a boy when the King sat in his chair on the beach and attempted to turn back the tide. Malcolm surely you remember the day as if it was yesterday? In which case why do you forget this valuable lesson when it comes to Inmarsat (ISAT) and your article today in which you misquote me and get it wrong in so many other ways.

English Taxpayers cash chucked down the pit by the feckless Welsh and Malcolm Celebrates

Published 712 days ago

England (well mainly the South East) subsidises Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland. C'est la vie. It is part of being a United Kingdom. Personally I'd send all the Celtic loons packing, give them their independence and slash taxes for we hard working residents of England. But that is not the way and just to rub our noses in it, Welsh resident, Malcolm Stacey celebrates how local councils and the Welsh Assrembly have ponied up £50 million to turn some Godforsaken post industrial shit hole in South Wales into a new "Silicon Valley." Bollocks.

Advanced Oncotherapy share plunge - when will it hit 0p? Reader Poll

Published 717 days ago

Shares in AIM dog Advanced Oncotherapy (AVO) closed Friday at just 21p. That is below the 25p nominal meaning that death spiral provider Bracknor cannot convert any more loan notes without taking a huge loss and, if that continues, it means the company will go tits up in the summer. Or the former Malcolm Stacey darling will need to approve a capital reconstruction to set a new nominal (2.5p?) which will see the shares plunge, so meaning Bracknor physically can't convert loan notes so Advanced will go tits up this summer. So when will its shares hit 0p or be suspended from AIM? Vote now in our reader poll - deadline midnight tonight.

Malcolm Stacey talking bollocks: ShareProphets Translation Service

Published 723 days ago

Malcolm Stacey yesterday offered up a bank holiday sermon on why shares are heading higher and on economics. Sadly old Getafix operates in a post fact era and thus you can read his original article HERE but, since my co-poisoner here in Greece is "feeling unwell" after a late night, I have the time to offer up a translation. My comments are in bold.

Notes from Underground - Jumping Jack Lenigas

Published 737 days ago

In the comments, some people have asked why David Lenigas was asked to present at the UK Investor Show when ShareProphets was just so beastly to him. There are two answers.

Notes from Underground: Money ties

Published 751 days ago

The column was delayed today as your humble correspondent recovers from yesterday's UK Investor Show, easily the biggest and best of the 15 years that Tom has been organising these things. This would be my tenth.

Tom Winnifrith bearcast - Insider Dealing is a crime that usually does pay

Published 829 days ago

I have an awful cold so cannot speak properly and the Mrs is giving me grounds for divorce (again) with awful TV choices as I suffer from my ailments. In the podcast I cover insider dealing (ref Logica), buying after a profits warning (ref Red Rock & SpaceandPeople) and why the bulls are wrong even though the FTSE 100 is at a record high (ref Malcolm Stacey)

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast - Malcolm you are just wrong, wrong, wrong

Published 837 days ago

I start on the matter of our latest Winnileaks shocker on the fraud African Potash (AFPO). Then it is onto why Malcolm Stacey is just so wrong on the housebuilders HERE. Then I look at Touchstar (TST), Strat Aero (AERO) and Andalas (ADL).

Notes From Underground: Happy New Year

Published 842 days ago

As today is New Year's Day, there is nothing to do but reflect on our activities of the past year and anticipate the adventures of the next. Starting Tuesday, we'll be back full time, although we have a few surprises planned for Monday, Quixotically jousting the windmills of AIM but for today, Happy New Year to you and your familes. 

ShareProphets Share Tips of the year 2017: No 15 Buy Centamin says Malcolm Stacey

Published 845 days ago

Hello Share Hopers. Gold prices are not as high as they might be, given the shakiness of the major currencies over this year. These currencies may be come even more unstable in 2017 - the dollar, euro and pound.

Bulletin Board Moron of the week result - a clear winner

Published 847 days ago

There could only be one winner this week although there were some cracking entries as you can see here. But congratulations to Goggles for this winner found, natch, on the LSE Asylum Cloudtag thread:

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast: The K to O of AIM fraud & a dire warning on property

Published 856 days ago

I start this podcast with an absolutely dire warning on property as an asset class. Malcolm Stacey is wrong just look at the most recent Begbies data and think about it long and hard. Then I continue my series on AIM fraud. A to E is HERE. F to J is HERE and today I look at K to O covering Kevin Ashton, Lawyer's Letters, Minmet and Mike Walters, New World Oil & Gas and Odey Asset Management. I stress Odey is not a fraud but I'm making a general point about fund managers. My Scrooge article I mentioned is HERE. The next part of this series is P to T - any suggestions for what Q and T might cover?

Notes from Underground: Popcorn time

Published 870 days ago

Well, it's time to sit back, put one's feet up, and watch how the Cloudtag events unfold. Will the company avoid the terrible fate of the death spiral? Or will it, as the bulletin board morons suggest, suddenly demonstrate a viable and desirable wearable product at the CES 2017 trade fair in, oh, five weeks.

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast: 550kg of olives harvested in one day, I'm cream crackered

Published 870 days ago

I am utterly wiped out after day one of what looks like being a cracking harvest. A full photo report is HERE. In the podcast I discuss votes tomorrow in Austria and Italy and what they mean and why we bears are feeling good about the lack of a Santa Rally. Trump was Santa this year and that rally is over. I explain why I disagree with Malcolm Stacey's article today. I then look at a number of AIM stocks set to slide and why, as I refer to Steve's piece earlier. In focus: Avanti Communications (AVN), Advanced Oncotherapy (AVO), Telit (TCM), Boohoo (BOO), Tungsten (TUNG), Fastjet (FJET), Cloudtag (CTAG), African Potash (AFPO) and I have a few words about Worthington (WRN)

Could there ever be another ASOS in terms of share price gain? And if so what?

Published 916 days ago

As I noted in bearcast yesterday I remember my old pal Mark Watson Mitchell tipping ASOS (ASC) at 7p. The shares hit a high of c£70 so that was a 1000 bagger for anyone who got their timing spot on and held. I doubt anyone did. But could there be another ASOS lurking out there on the London Stockmarket and if so what is it?

Does Emollient Malcolm settle my nerves? No, but here are a few whacky ideas.

Published 927 days ago

Malcolm Stacey kindly took the trouble to comment on my piece of Tuesday when I confessed to a bout of extreme nervousness in the wake of the FTSE100 again breaching the 7,000 mark. Answering my concerns the next day, Malcolm was still in upbeat mood. But perhaps not quite as upbeat as we might think: I sense that the ShareProphets uber-bull may be preparing the ground for a spot of nervousness himself, with his suggestion that the markets will continue to rise this side of Christmas. What comes after that?

As the FTSE100 sails through 7,000 what to do?

Published 931 days ago

No doubt raging bull Malcolm Stacey will be crowing and snarling bear Tom Winnifrith will be growling as he changes the nappies: the FTSE100 has, again, popped up through the 7,000 mark. We can expect round 4,953 of the ding-dong between those two in the coming days. But what to make of it – are we on the cusp of a cracking selling opportunity or should we be filling our boots? And if we treat the latest gyrations as a chance to offload, what to do with the proceeds?

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast: The USA is going bust but France is catching up & why shoddy broker buy notes are a sell signal

Published 932 days ago

There are two parts to this bearcast. First I look at Government Debt and GDP over the past 8 years in the UK , France, the US and Greece and where all four are heading - it will startle those like Jeremy Corbyn, Chancellor Hammond and Malcolm Stacey who still believe in the money tree. Then I look at the great sell indicator that is a broker buy note and explain why.

Notes from Underground: Sinko de Mayo

Published 932 days ago

I see the  nutters on Twitter going on about as the share price of some company or other that ShareProphets investigates continues to rise, we're obviously idiots who don't know how to do the only important thing in life - fill yer boots.

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast: Malcolm Stacey's maddest article ever - he is mad as a Cloudtag moron

Published 933 days ago

Malcolm's article today, HERE, suggests that the men in flapping white coats will be coming for him soon. He is madder than a convention of morons at the Cloudtag (CTAG) AGM. But it is all symptomatic of late stage bull market self delusion. I discuss this phenomena and give explicit advice of how to protect your wealth ahead of the shit storm that is coming. The reference to safe spaces for dippy and pathetic millennials is HERE

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast - I'm selling shares ahead of a winter of discontent

Published 941 days ago

I refer to a podcast I did earlier on Dr King and Donald Trump HERE. Malcolm Stacey has today urged you to buy shares HERE. I am starting to sell FIML owned shares as I am now more bearish than I have been in a very long time. I take apart Malcolm's flimsy arguments but add in a number of other points to make, what I think, is a compelling bear case.

Wasting More Time with the bastards at Barclays

Published 943 days ago

Having had the run around from my Barclays team in Douglas, Isle of Man as I described on bearcast yesterday, I was advised to go to a Barclays branch in Bristol with two forms of ID to change its records of whom I worked for. As I had a dental appointment in town I walked to the main Barclays branch in central Bristol, at Broadmead, where the bastards then wasted another forty five minutes of my life with sheer incompetence.

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast - Looking back to 16 September 1929, lessons we don't learn

Published 948 days ago

In this podcast I speculate on how the pace of change is accelerating and what world my son will grow up in. But more importantly I look back to 8 years ago yesterday and 87 years ago yesterday, to what happened then and the mistakes and lessons we all forget to think about as we blunder on. Yes I am talking asset bubbles and stockmarket crashes again. Malcolm Stacey take note!

Do not give a cent to the Calais Jungle Charities - Malcolm Stacey is wrong (again)

Published 955 days ago

Today my friend Malcolm has stated that he is giving £1,000 to three Charities helping folks in the Calais Jungle as they wait to (illegally) enter Britain. He urges you to donate and you can read his article HERE. But I urge Malcolm to cancel his cheque and for no-one to give a cent to the Charities because what Malcolm says is just plain wrong. Malcolm means well but is naive and poorly researched.

Tom Winnifrith Bonus Bearcast: Malcolm Stacey has mad bull disease & is wrong, wrong, wrong

Published 976 days ago

Malcolm Stacey penned a piece earlier today (HERE) on why shares should rise. They may do so, as we live in crazy times but an number of the "facts" claimed by Malcolm are quite simply wrong. And his thesis is thus built on straw - he is wrong, wrong and wrong again as I explain in this bonus podcast.

Tom Winnifrith Bonus Bearcast: Brexit, data manipulation, hate crimes, house prices & Malcolm talking Foxtons cobblers

Published 992 days ago

I have been doing some work to show that the claims made by the left that Brexit has caused a sharp rise in hate crimes are at best academically flawed and thus unproven and at worst an outright lie. That leads me very directly onto claims made by Malcolm Stacey today on Brexit and house prices as he discussed Foxtons (FOXT) HERE. I take that article apart completely as my old friend is just wrong.

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast - Avanti won't be playing Germany in the invasion of France role play

Published 999 days ago

I am challenged to comment on Cenkos (CNKS) as an investment in light of todays news on its role in the Quindell fraud (HERE). Okay, I do my best. Then it is on to Techfinancials (TECH), Advanced Oncotherapy (AVO) and some friendly advice for Malcolm Stacey, Gulf Keystone (GKP), XCite Energy (XEL) and then I end with Avanti Communications (AVN) where I hope you understand the historical analogy.

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast: Mad Bull Malcolm Stacey just so wrong about the stockmarket (again!)

Published 1004 days ago

I am at my father's house in Shipston for my step mother's funeral. Their garden is magnificent and it is a wonderful day in this pretty Warwickshire town. Ahead of that I have a few words on the latest bullish offering from Malcolm Stacey - HERE. Malcolm is just plain wrong.

Notes from Underground: Malcolm in the Middle

Published 1010 days ago

I have only question this week - and that is what does Malcolm Stacey think of the Caption Contest run in his absense when he went on holidays. Some of you guys were just cruel. Hilarious, sure. But cruel.

Malcolm Stacey in Hospital Caption Contest Result

Published 1015 days ago

There were thirteen entries in the final Malcolm Stacey caption contest as you can see HERE. Thankfully Getafix is back from his time with the Quacks and normal service has now resumed. The winning caption for the picture of the nice young lady below came from Backwoodsman and is:

Malcolm Stacey Caption Contest 8 - Off with the quacks

Published 1019 days ago

Sadly Getafix has a routine hospital visit today and so, once again, we must live without his golden prose. Luckily the greedy bastard junior doctors are not on strike for a change so we hope that normal service will resume tomorrow. But Malcolm has managed to send in a snap of one of the nurses treating him and I invite you to suggest a suitable caption in the comments section below by midnight tonight

The Final Malcolm Stacey Caption Contest winner is... The King

Published 1020 days ago

Day 7 of the Getafix on Holiday Caption Contests saw six entries as you can see HERE. But there was only one winner which, once again, was the King of the Caption Contests himself, Show Me The Cash. His entry to the photo below is:

Malcolm Stacey on Holiday Day 7 caption Contest & day 6 winner

Published 1021 days ago

There were a massive 28 entries for yesterday's Getafix caption contest! I cannot think what aroused such interest but perhaps you might get an idea HERE. Anyway there is a joint winner and today Malcolm has sent us yet another selfie from his your worst in the comments section below with a suitable caption. Now to yesterday's caption for the photo of Malcolm with the stunning partially clad young lady.

Malcolm Stacey on holiday Caption Contest day 6 & day 5 winner

Published 1022 days ago

Yesterday's holiday snap from Getafix generated 17 possible captions. The most innacurate, from Backwoodsman, suggested that Malcolm burying his cash in the ground might be his worst investment decision. No way. Surely buying LGO shares was worse. At least there is a slim chance of getting your cash back out of the hole. But Backwoodsman also served up the winner. You can see all 17 entries HERE. Today Malcolm's snap suggests the old rogue has got very lucky. Do your worst.

Malcolm Stacey on Holiday Caption Contest Day 5 ( and day 4 shock winner)

Published 1023 days ago

The standard of entries in yesterday's Getafix on holiday contest was dire. And so notwithstanding the fact that Wildes will now report me to the FCA for market abuse I am awarding the non existent prize to my own entry. You can see the other captions HERE. Please do better with today's selfie sent in by Malcolm who is now back on the beach as you can see below.

Malcolm Stacey on Holiday Day 4 Caption Contest & Day 3 winner

Published 1024 days ago

It is not just to avoid Wildes screaming "fix - insider dealing and market abuse" and reporting me to the FCA but once again I am not awarding the prize for the day three contest to Nigel Somerville. You can see his and the other five losing entries HERE. For today's contest Getafix has, it seems, left the beach and headed inland and sent us a new photo to allow you to do your worst. The deadline for entering today's contest is midnight ( which is also the deadline in the Tory leadership poll HERE). So yesterday's winner with another corker was...

Malcolm Stacey on Holiday Caption Contest day 3 (and day 2 winner)

Published 1025 days ago

Getafix is still on holiday and without his enthusiastic endorsement trading activity in Advanced Oncotherapy (AVO) has all but disappeared. But as a consolation the old boy has sent us another holiday snap which is begging for a suitable caption. Yesterday's picture produced a standout winner from the 10 entries as you can see HERE

Malcolm Stacey on Holiday Caption Contest day 2 (and day 1 winner)

Published 1026 days ago

Getafix is still on holiday and has sent us back another snap for our amusement. But before we go to today's caption contest there was a clear winner yesterday

Photo-Me – shares slump on results announcement, do I agree with shareholder Malcolm Stacey?

Published 1035 days ago

Results for its year ended 30th April 2016 from Photo-Me International (PHTM) include “a 14.6% increase in reported underlying pre-tax profits to a record £40.1million”, though the shares are down more than 17%, at around 132p, in response. As a shareholder Malcolm Stacey’s response is HERE and the following is my take.

There he goes again, Malcolm blaming Brexit for everything - he is just plain wrong

Published 1053 days ago

Last time it was the slowdown in house prices. Today it is the fact that UK equities are not rocketing that Malcolm Stacey is blaming on Brexit fears. His fellow Guardian reading Euro loons blame Brexit for slowing UK economic growth while Dodgy Dave blames it for an increased chance of World War Three. Maybe it is Brexit that is causing Cheryl Cole not to head out to the Greek Hovel for a night of passion with me?.Bloody Boris, you bastard: it is all your fault that I am not playing jiggy wiggy with the UK's leading chanteuse tonight.

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast: Saying the unsayable - Advanced Oncotherapy is surely a massive sell

Published 1056 days ago

You can't be critical of shares in companies that are fighting cancer or of ones beloved by Bulletin Board Morons and Malcolm Stacey. Yes I can! Sorry but shares in Advanced Oncotherapy (AVO) are surely a stonking sell. Then I cover PCG Entertainment (PCGE), and with reference to Teathers (TEA) I look at Boxhill (BOX) which will go to zero one way or another. I have a few comments on Highlands Natural Resources (HNR) but flag up that I am penning a piece tomorrow

Tom Winnifrith Bonus Bearcast: Why Malcolm Stacey is 100% wrong on Commercial Property stocks

Published 1070 days ago

Earlier today Malcolm wrote a buy note on Land Securities (LAND). In this podcast I explain why I disagree with his analysis of that stock but also of the wider commercial property market in light of recent news.

Video: The Balloon Debate from UK Investor Show - now this was fun

Published 1072 days ago

This was meant to be just a fun debate to start the day with a few laughs. Girly swat Chris Bailey took it really seriously but other competitors myself, Malcolm Stacey, Colin Bird, Dominic Frisby were more relaxed. Speaking for gold Andrew Bell was so relaxed he forgot to turn up but Jan Nelson stood in at the last minute. I explain what a balloon debate is in the video. Enjoy.

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast: Darren a fecking genius, Uramin scandal explodes & Malcolm wrong on Advanced Oncotherapy?

Published 1074 days ago

I had a really weird computer snag which threatened to stop play. Luckily pizza hardman Darren Atwater can be a fecking genius and talked me through a solution. After that digression I move onto Uramin, possibly the biggest mining scandal for decades. It moved up a notch yesterday with events in France now moving apace. Oooh er missus. Finally I explain my concerns about Malcolm Stacey's bullishness on Advanced Oncotherapy (AVO). It may well demonstrate many sad truths about how new tech often plays out.

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast 8 May -Don't fall into the trap Malcolm (Stacey) admit that facts have changed

Published 1079 days ago

In today's podcast I chide my colleague Malcolm over an article he runs tomorrow on Inmarsat (ISAT). He makes the mistake, as we all do, of failing to accept that facts have changed. I explain why Inmarsat is certainly NOT a buy but then also reflect on why J Hon Esq makes the same error on China and on why I am so bearish on equities and, in accepting that, why the case for gold grows stronger.

Baby Bear, Graham Neary - Welcome aboard the good ship ShareProphets

Published 1082 days ago

I rather think that the lineup of main writers is now complete. Joining myself, Malcolm Stacey, Amanda Van Dyke, Lucian Miers, Steve Moore, Nigel Somerville, Gary Newman, Chris Bailey, Thierry Laduguie, Evil Banksta and Cynical Bear we now - as of today - have Baby Bear, aka Graham Neary on board.

Caption Contest of the Week: The People's Assembly workshy bimbo edition

Published 1094 days ago

The People's Assembly are folks who reject the choice of those who actually voted in the last Election. With millionaire lefties such as Russell Brand and Charlotte Church involved you may guess that everyone writing here - bar Malcolm Stacey - views them with contempt. Thus we invite you to suggest captions for the picture below. You have all week to think about it, the deadline is midnight Sunday 24 April

Notes from Underground - Happy Belated Birthday

Published 1100 days ago

It shows the lack of sentimentality of the ShareProphets team that we let the third anniversary of the founding of this site pass without notice. 6 April 2013 financial journalism covering the City was reinvented. 

Tom Winnifrith Bonus Bearcast: A 10% yield must be bogus

Published 1107 days ago

I refer to Malcolm's article earlier on Anglo American (AAL) HERE where I fear his numbers are not correct. More generally I discuss what a high dividend yield means: is it too good to be true? Usually the answer is, sadly, yes.

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast 9 April - what I take from the Big Short

Published 1108 days ago

Malcolm Stacey wrote earlier about what he took from the Big Short - HERE. I took a rather different message as I explain in this podcast recorded with my father's help in Shipston.

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast 26 March: No Easter Eggs for Paul Scott, No Quotas for Women on Boards

Published 1123 days ago

I shall leave Paul Scott to battle with Malcolm Stacey about the existence of God. But I hope that Paul as a non believer shows no hypocrisy by devouring any Easter Eggs. Now it is my turn to bash Malcolm over his daft views on women on boards. He is wrong, my wife and the public sector "experts" are wrong. The grim reaper will achieve what quotas will fail to do and will make Britain wealthier in the process.

Imagination Technologies – does a “Restructuring update” & recent share price move alter my stance?

Published 1132 days ago

Imagination Technologies (IMG) has announced “an acceleration of its restructuring programme” and that “the group will undertake asset write-downs as well as record a number of contract and tax provisions”. The following updates with this coming after a dreadful profits alert last month

So All Our Shares Are Falling - So What?

Published 1165 days ago

Hello Share Trundlers. Having just seen the new film ‘Dad’s Army’, I keep recalling the desperate question ‘Permission to panic. Captain?’ In the case of your share portfolio, I would say ’No’.

Totally transformed by change at the top

Published 1191 days ago

Following on from my recent pieces looking at the key first step of investment analysis – researching the senior team – here’s a (rare) positive piece from me about that in the context of a missed opportunity at Totally (TLY). 

You have been warned..ignore the mainstream press & Malcolm Stacey, I am not the only mega-bear

Published 1207 days ago

I see the Daily Telegraph is today still pushing the "we are in a bull market don't miss out" line so favoured by Malcolm Stacey. It is not a view I share. This article by Jim Quinn appeared on Zero Hedge yesterday and is superb. Just brilliant. Read it and be warned...

Malcolm Stacey's share tip of the year No 1 - buy Advanced Oncotherapy

Published 1214 days ago

I can’t exactly remember which New Year shares I tipped last year. But I recall that one of them Zytronic (ZYT) which does wonders with touch technology, was a cracking performer - I got a gold star for it in the performance table!

Optimistic Me Says Prepare for a Bumper New Year - But Be Wary of These Sectors.

Published 1216 days ago

Merry Christmas Share Shakers. I’m so overcome with the Christmas spirit that I’m going to give my wife a truly romantic present this year. A shopping bag on wheels in a tartan design.

Airlines Should Fly in 2016 - and the Best Flyer of All could be Easyjet.

Published 1217 days ago

Hello Share Scrapers. Shares dropped in value by 10% this year. Which means if you had a portfolio of £1m, then you are down £100,000. Ouchipoo! I expect your holding is a lot less than that. And any road up, we should always remember that a 10% loss is nothing in the great scheme of things. One year, I recall shares rose by 137%. (Or was it even more?)

Coming Down Santa Claus Lane - a Few Shares I Hope St Nick Will Put in My Stocking.

Published 1218 days ago

Hello Share Helpers. Not long to go now before Santa calls. But I’m not sure it will as sumptuous a Yule celebration as normal in Stacey Towers. It’s not really been a good year and that applies to most of us, I fear.

Tom Winnifrith Thinkathon: futurology, publishing, Bulletin Boards, Malcolm Stacey, retail

Published 1219 days ago

My sleep patterns disrupted by a late night screening of Star Wars and ealy morning writing to accomodate the travel arrangements of pizza Hardman Darren Atwater, I have only just woken up. The Mrs is out at a party with some Krauts and so I engage in a few reflections on a changing world and how that affects work and investment decisions. Malcolm Stacey is the cue...

I would bet against Tom Winnifrith and on Barratt Developments

Published 1219 days ago

Hello Share Freakies. There are those among us who feel that house prices in Britain have peeked. Uncle Tom is one. But I just can’t see it. If one thing drives demand more than anything else it is shortage of supply. And everyone knows that there are simply not enough houses and flats to go around. 

This is Why the National Grid Could Have a Share Power Surge.

Published 1221 days ago

Hello Share Springers. There’s a share in my portfolio which I keep forgetting to check. It’s the National Grid (NG.) This is a big mistake, as we should all monitor our babies at least once a week.

This Thrilling Website's Assessed a Few High Street Stores, Recently. So What Next? - Next.

Published 1222 days ago

Hello Share Scrimpers. I think all those dire predictions for the end of high street shopping have been overdone. The internet may be scooping up a lot of the Christmas custom. But we should never forget that tons of that profitable traffic is linked to the big retail stores anyway.

All That Super Yuletide Nosh Could Make Marks and Sparks a Tasty Punterooni.

Published 1223 days ago

Hello Share Shufflers. I've been a bit wary of Marks and Sparks (MKS) on this scintillating website before now. But I'm beginning to change my mind. I still find its clothing range a bit bland. Though I'm, not a fashion expert, and maybe what I see as a bit bland is really exciting new fashion.

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast 16 December: African Potash this stinks & an apology to Doc Holiday

Published 1224 days ago

This podcast ends with an apology to Doc Holiday. I am happy to set the record straight on which shit Patrick Cheetham stock he tipped and which was a Malcolm Stacey blunder. We start with another request for ideas on what I should get the Mrs for Christmas and thanks Mike from Scotland but it is not going to be a boob job. Then it is onto the disgrace that is African Potash (AFPO), Bonmarche (BON), retail generally, nasty remarks about Americans, Work Group (WORK) and today's Jabba The Hutt comment concerns LGO Energy (LGO)

Viva Aviva – Don't Worry About the Floods This Prosperous Firm Will Rise to the Top.

Published 1224 days ago

Hello Share Spoolers. I've said a few times before that I feel confident investing in British insurers. As financial ventures they are in prime position to benefit from the long, slow rally from the credit crunch of 2008.

Fear of Terrorists Won't stop the Carnival, as Cruising Gathers More Fans.

Published 1225 days ago

Hello Share Swooners. I've been saying that the pre-Christmas affect on shares would influence some stocks more than others. Among the possible winners, I thought were holiday purveyors. Coming to mind were Tui (TUI), Thomas Cook (TCG) and Carnival (CCL) the big cruising firm.

A Few More Reasons to Give a Second Chance to Morrisons.

Published 1226 days ago

Hello Share Squirters. About six years ago I bought some shares in Morrisons (MRW). And I immediately regretted it. And that was before all the hoo-ha about Lidl and Aldi taking the customers of the big British supermarkets.

Don’t Let Your Bursting Christmas Post Fool You - Royal Mail May Not Deliver a Rosy New Year.

Published 1228 days ago

Hello Share Sprinters. I trust you made a packet out of Royal Mail (RMG) when it was privatised. I sold my shares fairly quickly, and did very nicely. My wife held onto hers and is still in profit.

Whitbread: The Shares Costa Lotta at nearly 45 Quid a Throw - But This Is a Tasty Play

Published 1229 days ago

Hello Share Trillers. When I think of that well-known British name Whitbread (WTB), I think of pubs and beer. As I am a red wine man, this does not always thrill me.

Cast Your Eye at this Flexible Little Company which Would Appeal to Plastic Man

Published 1230 days ago

Hello Share Smashers. If you’re looking for an ethical share, I’m not sure you can do much better than having a peek at Biome Technologies (BIOM). Let me begin straight away by saying I’ve lost money previously backing this lot. Quite some years ago now, the share went wrong . I seem to remember this lot was called Stanelco then. And they were big favourites among penny play armchair tycoons like you and me.

As Oilers and Miners Squirm, the Leisure Industry Piles on Share Value.

Published 1231 days ago

Hello Share Trippers. Oh dear! The price of crude oil drops to less than 40 dollars a barrel.That’s really nasty and we can blame OPEC for refusing to cut down on the amber nectar it has for sale.

Is It Ever Justified to Take £10,000 to Cast a Listed Company in a Rosy Light?

Published 1232 days ago

Malcolm First: Hello Share Squirmers. There could be pressure on people like me who write about shares. We could be approached by PR people who want us to write about their clients. Which means that they expect us to give positive reports to companies which issue shares.

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast extra 7 December - Malcolm Stacey 100% wrong about oil & shares

Published 1233 days ago

Old Getafix is a good man and we agree on many things. But his article today HERE on oil and on how shares are cheap is just 100% wrong and I have to take the Money Tree worshipper to task on this.

Don’t Let Those Big Market Jolts Get You Down. US Traders Are Playing Games.

Published 1233 days ago

Once again the money markets behave in a totally balmy and yet predictable way.Towards the end of last week, the Dow suddenly fell like a super charged stone. British shares followed in their usual obsequious way.

Big Fat Telly Watchers Set to Send ITV Shares into the Stratosphere.

Published 1235 days ago

Hello Share Soupers. The price of ITV (ITV) shares has flattened out recently. It’s a stock which tends to do this. Nice steady increases day by day, if on the tiny side. Then comes a brief period when traders lose interest in the shares.

This Port is Not a Lemon and it’s in Indian Country. Ref: Skil Ports.

Published 1237 days ago

Hello Share Shooters. It’s quite some time since I wrested your attention towards an interesting play with its potential in India. You’ll be aware that India is being vaunted by some - well, at least by me - as the new China.

That Commons Vote and the Effect on All Our Shares.

Published 1238 days ago

Hello Share Twiddlers. There’s going to be a big vote in the Commons. It is the type of vote which is so important that it impinges on everything we hold dear in this country - including our shares. 

What I Thought of the Way the Audience Behaved at the Gold, Bears and Traders Show.

Published 1240 days ago

Hello Share Swashers. There were some real heavyweight stars talking about shorting, mining, gold investing and the general state of the economy at the fabulous Gold Bears and Traders Show at Westminster at the weekend. The turns were all brilliant in their revelations.

Your Shares Are Dropping? Don’t Worry, It’s Bargain Time.

Published 1240 days ago

Hello Share Smoochers. Even an eternal optimist like moi has to admit that it’s all a bit depressing at the moment, even if we’ve just had a couple of fairly good days. 

I Hope You’re In the Right Place this Saturday, You Lucky People!

Published 1243 days ago

Hello Share Shakers. I’ve interrupted my packing to write this piece. Where am I going? To the big Gold, Bears and Traders Shebang at Westminster this Saturday, of course. Anyone who hasn’t attended any of Tom’s share shows is missing a big treat and I hope to see some of you at this one. I shall be on the main stage all day. 

As They Try Hard to Make it All Up to Me - RSA Could be Worth a punt.

Published 1244 days ago

Hello Share Shapers. I could cheerfully kick RSA (RSA)  the old Royal Insurance company in the teeth.

BG Takes the Road to Shell and Back.

Published 1245 days ago

Hello Share Trundlers.  The big Royal Dutch Shell (RDSA) and BG (BG.) merger has been the elephant in the room at many a big discussion on current share trading.

It’s Hey Up and Away! as this Yorkshire Lad Suggests We Look at Airlines.

Published 1246 days ago

Hello Share Muddlers: In an earlier piece this week, I opined that we should not be fearful of investing in airlines, just because murderous terrorists are at large. The argument was that there are so few airline incidents that the chances of being embroiled in one are more or less nil. And yet airline shares have suffered in the last few weeks. Ever since that crash of the flight from Egypt to Russia, to be exact. 

Don’t Let Empty Fear Put You Off Investing in Airlines.

Published 1247 days ago

When the Paris massacre happened, I’m ashamed to tell you what one of my first thoughts was. Am I safe attending the Gold Bears and Traders Show at Westminster, London, this Saturday?

The Spirit of Christmas? - Diageo Sells It, Which Should Put Share Value in Your Stocking.

Published 1249 days ago

Hello Share Shiners. When I was asked to choose a share most likely to rise in the Santa Rally, I was tempted to choose the following company to invest in.

BG Takes the Road to Shell and Back - the mega merger moves forward

Published 1250 days ago

Hello Share Trundlers.  The big Royal Dutch Shell (RDSA) and BG (BG.) merger has been the elephant in the room at many a big discussion on current share trading. It was  nearly a year ago, or seems like it, that Shell said it wanted to take over BG. (We are not talking about British Gas here, which is really Centrica (CNA). Confused? You will be.)

Spock: ' I Think The Enterprise Will Get Us There, Jim.' Ref. Enterprise Inns

Published 1251 days ago

Hello share snatchers. Our beloved government does like to interfere in profit making business, does it not?

More Evidence That Shop Shares Will Soar in the Countdown to Christmas- Ref. Debenhams

Published 1252 days ago

Hello Share Plumpers. Among the eight likely risers for the up and coming Santa Rally (get your FREE copy here) my choice is Debenhams (DEB), the big department store. This is a bit obvious really. You would expect a company at the heart of the jolly bustle of Christmas to attract a rising share price. But maybe there will actually be better Christmas sales this year. You see, I have some evidence of better retail performances, which you may not be privy to.

Concentrate on Mid Cap Shares, Till the Share Price Blitz is Over.

Published 1253 days ago

Hello Share Shapers. It is a dilemma how to treat our portfolios at the moment. The Santa Rally refuses to kick in. (t was late doing so, last year, I seem to remember. But most of us still expect the usual Christmas improvement in share prices, especially for those companies associated with a Yuletide boost in profits because of what they do  - big stores, breweries, hotels, entertainers and all that jive.

Big Traders Should Not Give Blood-Soaked Terrorists the Satisfaction

Published 1254 days ago

Hello Share Pioneers. That horrendous attack by eight or more lunatics in Paris will linger in our abhorrence for years to come. Yet, in the midst of this stupid violence lies a serious question. Should we allow such atrocities to disrupt our lives, and especially our economic world?

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast 14 November: Malcolm wrong on Northern Rock, the AIM Crock and more David Lenigas

Published 1255 days ago

In today's podcast I start with the awful Paris attacks - my thoughts on this can be found in detail HERE. Then it is onto why Malcolm Stacey is 100% wrong about Northern Rock today (HERE), to the crock that is AIM and to a boycott already underway and finally some more musings on my favourite subject - David Lenigas

Northern Rock Assets Sold at Last - Good, Now Where’s My Cut.

Published 1256 days ago

Hello Share Masters. So the Government has accepted £13 billion  for selling its mortgages with Northern Rock  to the Americans. Yes, that's not a mistake,13 billion pounds! 

The Zulu Principle Allows me to Rave On Again About BT.

Published 1257 days ago

Hello Share Pickers. When Slater the Great wrote his fine book Zulu Principle in 1992, he could not have known that my book Share Attack, just out (get your ShareProphets Reader Offer Here), would be even better. In my opinion, anyway.

Though the Fundamentals Are Important, Don’t Forget Three Other Factors.

Published 1258 days ago

Hello Share Sorters. It’s important to realise that the fundamentals of a company - it’s latest profits in relation to past shows, it’s debt, its assets, it’s price to earnings ratio and so on - is not the only area we should consider when seeking to buy or sell a share.

Happy News on the Footsie, ITV, The National Grid and Vodafone.

Published 1259 days ago

Shares were up slightly after a disastrous start to the week. That initial poor show was due, as I explained earlier, to a bout of profit- taking in the US, after a few exceptionally good weeks for American traders.

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast 10 November - More Lenigas material & remember I had a hippie childhood

Published 1260 days ago

Having been warned off by the thuggish PR to David Lenigas (HERE) I have asked AIM Regulation to get the low down on Big Dave's trades or otherwise in LGO Energy (see HERE). And then what next? Aha Octagonal (OCT), an AIM listed company where the aforementioned Mr David Lenigas is involved - needless to say its shares have slumped. Then it is onto Nanoco (NANO) and Wandisco (WAND) as well as Lonmin (LMI). Finally I commend to you last night's BBC programme by Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall on waste and the supermarkets. Can Malcolm Stacey reallysay the are ethical investments? I commend you all to watch it. Remember I grew up in a hippie self-sufficent family so maybe I am biased but I was horrified.

So What if the Footsie's Fallen? Rely on the Santa Rally.

Published 1260 days ago

Hello Share Pals. The Footsie started the week by losing fifty-plus points. This was more or less unexpected as there was no bad news on the economic front. 

My First-Hand Check on Medical Opportunities As I End Up in Hospital. Ref. Feedback, Avacter & Advanced Oncatherapy

Published 1261 days ago

Hello Share Folk. I’m going to the hospital today to see about my prostate gland. I started the routine tests a few years ago and have been under the eye of a brilliant consultant ever since. There’s a lot of debate of whether we should have these tests done, as it causes a lot of anxiety and their reliability is not always that great. On the whole I would suggest you do have them done, if you’re of a certain age.  But what do I know?

Location, Location, Location - and, for this Rocketing Company, It’s Outer Space.

Published 1263 days ago

Hello Share Fadists.  My favourite company in outer space is Inmarsat (ISAT). Yes, I know there aren’t many to choose from.

Reader Offer: Brace Yourself for a Share Attack. Malcolm’s Book has a Bite.

Published 1263 days ago

Do you need a great Christmas present for a friend or family member who’s always wanted to dive into shares, but didn't dare enter the water? Then look no further than 'Share Attack’ the great new book with teeth by our very own Malcolm Stacey. Malcolm has kindly offered ShareProphets readers an exclusive 25% discount

Hello Share Flingers. Here’s a useful Santa Rally suggestion. Try Diageo.

Published 1264 days ago

Obviously, there are going to be a lot of Diageo (DGE) products consumed at Christmas. More whiskey, rum, gin, beer et al all round. The usual festive fling makes no difference to all-round profits, of course. Christmas happens every year. But it’s the perception that counts.

Ticker, Ticker Timing. How to Trade at the Right Time of Day.

Published 1265 days ago

Hello Share Spicers. There is no more important consideration in the grand old art of wheeling and dealing shares than the concept of correct timing. But it’s nigh impossible to pull it off perfectly. I cannot remember one occasion, among the many deals I do per week, that I have ever managed to buy at the very bottom or sell at the pinnacle of share value.

A Word in Your Shell-like. I’m Sticking with BG.

Published 1266 days ago

Hello share Mates. Those of us who have big holdings, or even small ones, in BG (BG.) have been on pins for most of a year now. That’s since Royal Dutch Shell (RDSA) announced it was to merge with the big oil and natural gas giant. The $70billion offer was in cash and shares and made BG shares worth about £13.

The Time Is Right to Solve a Legal Problem. So Why Can’t I Do It?

Published 1267 days ago

Hello Share Surfers. I’ve had a very expensive October. And we’ve still got the cost of Christmas to come. But we’re about to begin the fab led Santa Rally and it’s not a good time of year to sell shares. Not in my view, any road.

The Growing Influence of ShareProphets - And How it Affects You.

Published 1268 days ago

Hello Share Wizards. As ShareProphets now reaches 61,500 individual readers per week - a record and rising fast - I’m getting bit nervous about the shares I suggest and those I tell you I’ve lost faith in. There’s an awful lot of responsibility there, especially as a readership so large may just move markets.

Refugees, Migrants, Chimney Sweeps, Plumbers and Candlestick Makers.

Published 1270 days ago

Hello Share Twiddlers. I can’t get a piano tuner. I have to wait 2 months before I can have a builder to fix my gutter. There’s a six-week waiting list for a chimney sweep. I need a brick-layer to help shore up my back wall. Can’t find one at all. My bathroom cold tap has stopped working.  Can I secure a plumber? Can I Fokker aeroplane! What we need to do is welcome a lot more refugees and migrants to do a hard day’s work for a decent day’s pay.

It’s Not Too Early to Cash In on the Santa Rally.

Published 1271 days ago

Hello Share Mashers. Are you ready for the Santa Rally? This is the annual situation where stocks rise in response to the usual summer slump in share prices. But it’s not just the fact that so many big traders were away from their desks in the summer that means the first two winter months normally see a jolly rise.

Oh, Oh, Antonio - You May Be Right About Lloyds Bank.

Published 1272 days ago

Hello Share Swipers. You have to admire the sheer cussedness of stock markets. Nobody could accuse most of its movements of following predictable patterns.

Will You March Up the Hill - Or Come Marching Down Again? Ref: William Hill

Published 1273 days ago

Hello Share Samplers. I am a text account customer of William Hill (WMH) the big bookies. As such, I make a bit of gelt always betting against British sports people. My reasoning is that the odds are skewed in favour of the foreign party, because so many people bet on UK competitor out of daft patriotism.

As the UK Deteriorates, BT Should Cash in.

Published 1274 days ago

There is no doubt in this vintage punter’s mind that Britain is getting slobbier, lazier and fatter all the time.

Waiting for the Big Take Over? These Are Times it Probably Won’t Happen.

Published 1275 days ago

Hello Share Puddlers. One of the biggest dilemmas in share-shifting is what to do when we’re minded to sell a share in a company that has long been rumoured for take-over?

Build on America's Building Revival by Eyeing Up Ashtead the Mighty.

Published 1277 days ago

Hello Share Pushers. Firms with a strong connection to America are doing well at the moment. Signet (SIG), the sparkling jeweler keeps on putting on value. Which is quite understandable, as I sold all my holding last month.

Let’s Get Ethical. You Know It’s the Only Moral Thing to Do.

Published 1278 days ago

Hello Share Chumeroonis. Wasn’t that another marvellous victory for the grumpy crusader? Uncle Tom did really well (again) by fending off a court case threatened by another aggrieved businessman?

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast 22 Oct - Flip Flop talks bollocks (again), Globo, Cambian & Big Dave's next placings

Published 1279 days ago

Thanks for all your messages regarding the legal triumph, I comment en passant. Then the podcast turns to the nonsense that flip flop Ben Turney is spouting. I am beginning to think that Old Malcolm Stacey is not the only mad lefty on this website. Then onto Globo (GBO) and more news on "that report" and analysis of the potential for disaster at Cambian (CMBN) even AFTER today's dire warning. There is comment on what is happening at SIG (SHI) and Travis Perkins (TPK) and then onto events at Afriag (AFRI - when's the placing - and growing evidence that the Lenigas Cuba IPO is not exactly flying. Oh... and Northbridge (NBI) when's the profits warning?

Why Not Arm Yourself for an Even Brighter Future with the Cambridge Chip Chucker?

Published 1279 days ago

Hello Share Babies. I recently sold a big share of my holding in Cambridge-based Arm Holdings (ARM). This is because I am always nervous of big technology companies. And indeed, small ones.

Hello, Me Old China! You Need Us More than We Need You.

Published 1280 days ago

Howdy Share Bunnies. It’s not easy competing against the hugely entertaining and sensational revelations which appear daily on this hallowed website. But one has a duty to present the very broad economic picture from time to time to help make the right general decisions in the ancient art of share picking.

ITV Goes West To Extend it’s Telly Empire. Time to Buy, Bejabbers?

Published 1281 days ago

Long-time readers of this awe-inspiring website will know that I’ve long waved the flag for ITV (ITV) as a reasonable punt.

It’s Worth Giving the Honkers Bonkers Another Look.

Published 1282 days ago

Hello Share Sorters. I have a holding in the Honkers Bonkers Bank (HSBA). It’s not as big as it used to be, as I realised I was far too overloaded with its shares in the event of another dollop of bad news for banks.

Shops, Oil and Luxury Goods Should All Pay Well as the Nights Draw in.

Published 1284 days ago

Hello Share Stockers.  I came back from a sortie in the Grim North (as Uncle Tom annoyingly puts it). And I find that shares had decayed a bit. Usually, quantum physics kicks in and a spell away from the screens often produces a rise in my fortunes. Which is the main reason I do not consult the share charts when I’m away from my base. But this time the shares had dwindled somewhat. Yet I was soon happy again. That’s because Friday saw a Footsie rally.

Zytrong; They Don't Make Space Guns, but the Share Price Could Rocket - Even More

Published 1285 days ago

Hello Share Pruners. Just over a year ago, I was singing the praises of a little company called. Zytronic (ZYT). Sounds like a type of Dan Dare space gun doesn't it, but bear with me.

More Reasons to Buy Morrisons.

Published 1286 days ago

Hello Share Monkeys. Good old Morrisons (MRW). It has decided to spend £40 million pounds to boost the pay of 90,000 shop workers to £8.20 an hour. That's a tasty improvement on the present rate of £6.85.

A northern warning that we Armchair Tycoons do the silliest things

Published 1287 days ago

Still on the road to Yockenthwaite in search of Jeremy Corbyn. Not exactly, but I do continue to tread the Grim North. Being out of touch of the Capital's Square Mile has its compensations. There's no news of more AIM scandals to heat the blood, no agonising decisions over whether to sell a poor performer or to dump stock in a company hoping for takeover by a dithering predator

Why Not Join the Tesco Recovery Bandwagon?

Published 1288 days ago

Hello Share Shunters. Well, I’m having a terrible week. My new bed from Tesco (TSCO) arrived with a vital part missing. Then the Internet connection to my new home in York failed to work. And then...oh, never mind let’s look at Tesco.

Is This a Right Royal Opportunity? Ref: RSA.

Published 1289 days ago

Hello Share Pitchers.  Royal Insurance, or RSA (RSA) as it’s been known for some time now, is going through a very funny period.

The Ebony Nectar Rides Again. Recent Share Rallies Point to More.

Published 1291 days ago

In my humble opinion - and I know this will bring a deluge of detractions - oil prices will now recover. And with this happy circumstance, of course, so will the very depressed share prices of some of our old favourites.

Why Captain Kirk Made Better Choices than Mr Spock.

Published 1292 days ago

Hello Share Shapers. Let’s take a look at the general situation facing ordinary share buyers like us at the moment. Volumes were down in August and September. They always are , due to the big traders preferring to spend more time with their holidaying families. 

Wafers, Wafers Everywhere - and Not a Share to Dump.

Published 1293 days ago

Hello Share Changers. I seem to remember that Uncle Tom doesn’t particularly like IQE (IQE) a firm which has, once or twice, been described as the new Arm Holdings (ARM) 

Don’t You Hate the Small Profit-Takers? ref: Feedback.

Published 1294 days ago

Hello Share Bunnies. There was some interesting share movements after all the good news came out for Feedback (FDBK), the minnow capitalised at a mere £5 million. 

Feedback and the Big Spanish Connection.

Published 1295 days ago

Hello Share Thrashers. It’s not my custom to return to promising shares I’ve brought to your attention in the recent past. I normally wait at least six months or so - with only a few exceptions.

Food, Not So Glorious Food. I'd Bite Into Something Else.

Published 1296 days ago

Hello Share Smashers. It was Harvest Festival at our church. The stress this time was on feeding others. We were urged to do something for hungry refugees, rather than gorge ourselves on junk food. 

The Indigo Dilemma. Why I Won’t Buy ‘em Back.

Published 1298 days ago

Hello Share Masters. It’s not often I pen a piece which is not optimistic about a company. Being bullish is a trait I’ve had since I started the great game in 1987.

'Bye Indigovision. One Can’t Wait Any Longer.

Published 1299 days ago

Hello Share Swappers. I’ve previously brought a little surveillance firm to your attention. It's called Indigovision (IND). This was quite some time ago and of course the story in Crazyland is always changing. 

Perhaps Compass Will Show You the Way.

Published 1300 days ago

Hello Share Shovellers. You might consider doing a bit of research into Compass Group (CPG), especially if you are looking for a longer-term investment.

Mining Stocks May Be a Bargain Now - But I Still Daren’t Risk It.

Published 1301 days ago

Mining shares are at a nasty low at the mo because the Chinese are not buying as many raw materials as they used to. Their GDP has been slowing down just as their shares have tumbled on the Chinese stock exchange.

Shares Are Stuck At Nowhere Junction - But I’m Holding my Nerve.

Published 1302 days ago

Hello Share Slickers. I wonder if you agree with me that our shares are stuck in Nowhere Junction at the mo. And have been for some months, truth be told. This, as most seasoned share shifters will attest, is nothing unusual for September.

Three Dwarves and a Giant Make Jack All Right.

Published 1303 days ago

Hello Share Sliders.When I chose four shares to recommend to my student son Jack three weeks ago, he did his own research. Then he decided my suggestions were ok and piled in. He had £1,000 to play with, money he’d saved by chamber maid-ing at the holiday flats next door. So that was £250 in each company?

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast 26 September: Defending Malcolm Stacey, Attacking CEB Resources & Zak

Published 1304 days ago

In today's podacst I start with an apology to India from yesterday's Bearcast. Then it is on to defend Malcolm Stacey for his column today on refugees - for once the old boy is 100% correct although most folks seem to disagree. Then it is onto Zak's piss poor analysis of China frauds (HERE). Finally CEB Resources (CEB) which looks like a totally overvalued AIM Casino ramp.

Let’s Support the Refugees, For Goodness Sake!

Published 1305 days ago

If you are worried about the UK being swamped by refugees, then I don’t blame you. But you’re still wrong to be concerned. Yes, we are already a very populated nation. But we have some very big cities to accommodate newcomers and our beautiful countryside would not be affected.

That Royal Disaster May Just Be a Slight Set-back In the End. ref: RSA.

Published 1306 days ago

Hello Share Hawkers. The RSA (RSA) saga has been an unmitigated disaster for me, more or less since I first bought the shares at least 15 years ago.

Your Spread or Mine? Beating the Chasm Twixt Buy and Sell Costs.

Published 1307 days ago

Hello Share Putters. One thing that really stops us making as much as we should - and worse, can put us off buying penny shares altogether - is the obscene size of some of the spreads.

The Drain on Bank Shares Can’t Last Much Longer. Can It?

Published 1308 days ago

Hello Share Scrunchers. The four big British banks are looking like bargains to me. And I know that as soon as I say something like that, the many who take an opposite view will be sharpening their pencils.

How I Avoided an RSA Disaster - Then Walked Straight Back Into It.

Published 1309 days ago

Hello Share Fans. Well, that was a bummer. There I was expecting Zurich to put in a strong offer for RSA (RSA) the big insurance combine. There was talk of £5.50 from the present going rate of 5.15p which had already been boosted greatly by the preliminaries to merger.

Kiss Me Goodbye, Hardy and Let Me Go, LGO.

Published 1310 days ago

Hello Share People. I’ve really gone off small oil companies. Two in particular have lost me rather a lot of money. I refer to LGO Energy (LGO) and Hardy Oil (HDY). 

The Chinese Appetite for British Medical Science Will Benefit Feedback Fans.

Published 1312 days ago

Feedback (FDBK) is a company going places. And it’s just gone to another one. This is a compact firm, mostly owned by family and friends, with only a small proportion of ordinary share-shifters like us.

Fancy a Big Divi and a Future El Dorado. Have a Butcher’s at City of London Investment Group.

Published 1313 days ago

Hello Share Thrashers. I know a few of you did your research after I brought the City of London Investment Group (CLIG) to your notice. And I know one or two of you dipped your toes in the water.

Shareprophets Probes the Italian Economy - Part Three.

Published 1314 days ago

O.K. Italy got into deep trouble in the bloody aftermath of the big credit crunch. It was among the top three countries affected worst. At that difficult time, Silvio Berlusconi was in charge and he said there was nothing to worry about the economy, when there clearly was. What can you do with a bury-your-head-in-the-sand leader like that?

Mama Mia, Those Zippy Italians Can Show Other Struggling Euro Countries a Thing or Two.

Published 1315 days ago

Buon Giorno Share People. I spent last week testing the Italian power of recovery to revitalise the Eurozone and so invigorate the UK economy, particularly, as always, the value of our shares.

Italy, a Lonely Cat, a Sealed Box and My Wonderful Bag of Shares.

Published 1316 days ago

Hello Share Fellows.  You may have noticed that I’ve not been posting my usual observations for a week now. That is not because I’m in dark despair. But I’ve been in Italy investigating the financial situation there.

Malcolm Stacey’s Quest for Jeremy Corbyn’s Money Tree – the Conclusion

Published 1319 days ago

On Thursday night Malcolm Stacey attempted to gain entry to Jeremy Corbyn’s last campaign rally but was foiled and failed to meet the bearded one. Does that mean that his search for Corbyn’s Money Tree is at an end?

Malcolm Stacey’s quest to find Jeremy Corbyn and the famed Islington Money Tree – part 2

Published 1321 days ago

Good news. The Quest is hotting up. Getafix is worried. His potions based on cuttings from the money tree do not seem to be working. Why are shares in Advanced Oncotherapy not at 50p despite being featured here twice a week? Why is the FTSE 100 not at 8,000 as predicted? Perhaps the Money Tree he has been using in the depths of the Welsh forest is a fake or has lost its powers. Fear not…for another old fool (sorry we meant respected druid) has emerged in North London and Malcolm seems to have tracked him down.

Malcolm Stacey heads off to find Jeremy Corbyn on another Money Tree Quest

Published 1322 days ago

Getafix is worried. His potions based on cuttings from the money tree do not seem to be working. Why are shares in Advanced Oncotherapy not at 50p despite being featured here twice a week? Why is the FTSE 100 not at 8,000 as predicted? Perhaps the Money Tree he has been using in the depths of the Welsh forest is a fake or has lost its powers. Fear not…for another old fool (sorry we meant respected druid) has emerged in North London

Great News from the States, Gang. - So Why Is It Crushing Our Shares?

Published 1324 days ago

Hello Share Pushers. As the old shares lose more and more value, the reasons given for the slide back become ever more bizarre.

We Should Always Keep 20% in Cold Cash - Except Perhaps Now.

Published 1326 days ago

Hello Share Trundlers. The great Warren Buffet said that it doesn’t matter if shares fall. As long as we don’t need money straight away.

Journey into Space as Inmarsat Blasts Through Another All-Time High.

Published 1327 days ago

Hello Share Wingers. You probably know by now that I’m usually very glad to support shares where the potential is all in the future. This is why I’m a fan of biotech companies, which are trying something new. The risks are big because the pitfalls, including the fear of failure and tough licensing stipulations. But the rewards can be quite staggering.

Oscar Wilde Was Dead Right - But Only for Big Established Companies. Ref. RBS

Published 1328 days ago

Hello Share Fans. As most shares seem to be falling these days most of the time, it’s probably not the time to bring you any red-hot tips. Even the best of companies wobble when the tide goes out.

Pilfering Bulletin Board Posters are Not Really a Curse - But They Still Need a Few Manners.

Published 1329 days ago

When I wrote about Advanced Oncotherapy (AVO) at the weekend, it was copied and pasted word for word, almost immediately into blogger’s corner at the LSE website.

You’ve All Heard About Jonah and the Whale. But I Don’t Think our Share Values will be Swallowed Up.

Published 1330 days ago

Hello Share Shruggers. There’s a been a lot of talk in the Big City, including on this astounding site, about the Stock Market facing utter disaster. China, the Middle East threat, forthcoming Europe referendum, Greece, high-price-to-earnings ratios, many Footsie firms battling against year lows and so on and so forth.

In the Jungle, the City Jungle, the Advanced Oncotherapy Lion Sleeps Tonight

Published 1333 days ago

On the principal that one should always put their money where one’s gob is, I try not to highlight shares, which I don’t already own. So let me begin this modest column by saying that, not only do I already own a heavy bundle of Advanced Oncatherapy (AVO) shares, but some of my friends and relatives have them, too. 

Why the Most Obvious Trading Lesson of All is Always Totally Ignored.

Published 1334 days ago

Hello Share Smashers. Uncle Tom has already alluded to my lesson for today. And that is that we should buy when the market has been weakened by topical events. Yes, I know the advice is pretty self-evident. So why does everyone do the opposite?

Trouble in Old China, Yes - But What Has that to Do with Barnsley?

Published 1335 days ago

I want to draw your attention to the absurd affect that the trouble in China is having on British shares. One of the biggest fallers has been ITV (ITV). This company makes it money by advertising British companies, like Tesco (TSCO), Sainsbury (SBRY), WM Morrison (WMR) and loads of other very familiar products in the UK.

Why the China Syndrome Might Actually Be Good for Our Shares.

Published 1336 days ago

Let’s have another look at China. I was talking at length the other day with an economist from Shanghai. It was not a vital meeting between high power financiers, like myself, and a top moneyman from the Communist party.

Tom Winnifrith BearCast - Heck I agree with Malcolm Stacey: Don't panic!

Published 1337 days ago

Well this is a first. I read Malcolm Stacey's column today and for once I almost agreed with the old boy. Yes I remain a bear but I am net long equities and not panicking. Here's why.

Have a Fire Sale If You Want To. But Not This Old Punter. No, Indeed!

Published 1337 days ago

Hello Gaag… Well, there’s always something to worry about, isn’t there? It used to be sub-prime mortgages, followed by crumbling UK banks. Then it was Italy, Ireland, Spain and Portugal. Then, when we thought it had all gone quiet, it seems that Greece was still in a mess. It threatened to pull European shares down - but compromise was worked out and nothing happened.

There Comes a Point When We’ve All Had Enough. Ref: Ross Group

Published 1338 days ago

Hello Share Rattlers. There are some shares, dear chums, which we wish we’d never heard about. I bought stock in Ross Group (RGP), an electrical  set-up, 21 years ago. They were 20p each then. What are they today? - less than one and half pence each.

Saturday Caption Contest - Stockmarket crash edition, sponsored by Malcolm Stacey

Published 1340 days ago

Most folks will not enjoy reviewing their portfolios this morning after last week's stockmarket meltdown. Even the man who says that he is better at stock picking than Warren Buffett, Mr Chris Oil, is having a bad time. To lighten the mood we ask you for captions for any of the pictures below - the deadline for entries is midnight Sunday. Come on Malcolm, give us your bullish take on these reminders that nothing changes....

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast - Stockmarket crash Edition - are you listening Getafix?

Published 1340 days ago

A few house points on Chris Oil, Dan Levi and flip flop Ben Turney then onto the stockmarket crash. Yes I called this right and comrade Malcolm Stacey er...less right. Getafix says he is not panicking TODAY ( why not?) but I now update my analysis and explain why shares may spike higher short term ( but many not) but why medium term I stay bearish. And where I am especially bearish.

I’ll Say It Again - Share Shifters Like Us Have No Need to Panic.

Published 1340 days ago

Hello Share Freakies. May I offer a few opinions on the way the world economies are going - and, to adapt the famous line from Harold Wilson - their effect on the shares in our pocket.

Don’t Let the Summer Lull Get You Down. It’s the Dozy Season.

Published 1341 days ago

Hello Share Smashers. My babies are going through a bad patch at the mo. Am I worried? Should you be worried? The answer is: No.

Are You An ISA Millionaire, Yet? Well, Don’t Get Obsessed with the Idea.

Published 1342 days ago

Hello Share Fans. If you’ve been trading for some years- and I guess from most of the posts on this glittering website that you probably have - you’ll have most of your shares safely tucked away in self-select ISAs. I know that I have. And luckily for me, most of my really big earners, like Dragon Oil (DGO) and BT (BT.a) are in these handy tax havens.

Don’t Let the Bar Stewards Talk You Up.

Published 1343 days ago

Hello Share Swabs. If you read the blogs of amateur share traders, you will be aware of a stupid, and rather dangerous, mind-set. This is the talking up of share values.

My Surprise Finds of Black Rock, Millwall and Ross Group.

Published 1344 days ago

Hello Share Pickers. While we are languishing without much to do in the long hot summer, I heartily recommend going through your bottom drawer.

Three Share Trading Dilemmas for the Long Hot Summer of Share Stagnation.

Published 1345 days ago

There are quite a few share dilemmas to be resolved as the long hot summer of not very much happening draws on. The first is what do we do about oil shares. I certainly am not going to invest any money in those companies, which put all their hopes on finding more of the black stuff. I’ve been let down too often.

Lloyds and RBS Are Rubbish this Month as the Government Bashes Private Shareholders Again.

Published 1348 days ago

Lloyds Bank (LLOY) is a real letdown for private investors, these days. And I wonder why. My view is that the government are, behind closed doors, flooding the market with their own shares. Obviously, if two many buns are knocking about the cafe, the public appetite wains.

Have a Look at this Egyptian Gold Miner - Is that Pharaoh Enough!

Published 1349 days ago

Hello Share Bottlers. I’ve held shares in Centamin (CEY), the Egyptian gold miner for some years now. Given the dramatic events that have shaken that interesting country, the share price has followed rather a boring path.

Your Share Tips Were Not All Right, Jack. But They Will Be - ref. Advanced Oncotherapy, IQE & Lloyds

Published 1350 days ago

Hello Fellow Share Bashers. The other day I told you how I’d picked five companies for my 21- year-old son Jack’s first share portfolio. But I was a bit miffed when he went off on a ten-day holiday to Denmark, without lodging his first £1000 with the broker. So far my fantastic five tips have gone unused.

Black Amanda Says Shares Will Crash. They Won’t, but Buy a House Just in Case.

Published 1351 days ago

Hello Share Sprigs. I become fed up with the number of people who tell me I should stop trading shares and invest in houses instead. A family member even told me this week ‘House prices never fall.’ But they jolly well do, don’t they?

Tom Needs to Pack It In NOW - Or End Up in Hospital.

Published 1352 days ago

Hello Share Twizzlers. As we all know, Uncle Tom has been saying for some weeks now that he is going on a sabbatical. He said he was worn down by the constant stress of all the investigations and rude reactions.

Shares, Interest Rates and the Hellish Sea of Doom.

Published 1355 days ago

Hello Share Pickers. As far as my routine share trading goes at the mo, I am feeling all at sea. The Wide Sargasso Sea, actually.

Why It’s Wise To Be Wary Of Internet Outfits

Published 1356 days ago

Hello share mates. I'm on the road at the moment. This means I'm having awful trouble getting this daily report to you. We forget this is still a new technology. There is still a long way to go before the Internet actually saves us effort, instead of causing it.

One of My Favourite Life Science Bunnies is Still Boldly Growing Where It’s Share Price Has Never Gone Before. - Avacta

Published 1357 days ago

As you know, if we mention shares on here we cannot trade for a few days. That’s in case we get all enthusiastic over a company and then sell it during the supposed rush to buy, such as Avacta (AVCT).

The Footsie Versus Penny Shares? - Sit on the Fence.

Published 1358 days ago

Hello Share Sloggers. There’s a lot to be said gang for only investing in Footsie giants. Or at least companies which are big, rock solid and constant cash earners.

Here’s a Guide With Teeth - Putting Clear Blue Water Between You and the Next Punter.

Published 1359 days ago

Hello Share Takers. It’s a big day for me. The first book I’ve written for a long time is being published. As it’s the fortieth anniversary of the film Jaws (yes, really!) I’ve called it Share Attack.

The 10 Golden Rules for Making Money from Shares.

Published 1360 days ago

This article by Malcolm Stacey appeared in the July issue of UK Investor Show Magazine. The August edition was published yesterday and can be accessed HERE. Now to the 10 Golden Rules

The Dragon Sleeps a Little Longer. How Should we Deal with It?

Published 1361 days ago

Hello Share Plinkers. As you’ll see on this outstandingly good website, Dragon Oil (DGO) faces a tricky dilemma. As you’ll probably know, a big Middle East oil set-up called ENOC has bid £7.50 per share. This is up nearly a half on the May price.

BG’s Back in Favour as Shell Cracks Down on Costs Again.

Published 1362 days ago

Hi Share Shapers. New life has been breathed into BG (BG.) the big British natural gas combine. The share has been gradually falling away in value even though Shell (RDSA) has bid for the company and had been accepted by the BG board as a goodly lot of fellows who would do a splendid job for we shareholders.

That Sassy Selfie Set-Up Still Presents a Perky Picture.

Published 1363 days ago

Hello Share  Swappers. There is a stagnant feel to the markets this happy July. Nothing seems to be moving very much, held back by the traders' summer hols, China and, to a lessening extent, Greece. But there are always some bunnies which are still running north. And if a share is sailing ahead, even in these stormy days, then it must have a lot going for it. One such perky stock is Photome (PHTM) the company which runs those little boxes that take selfies in railway and bus stations etc.

RSA Merger Hope Leaves Us With a Difficult Decision.

Published 1364 days ago

Hello Share Sweepers. Bloomin’ Heck! While I still agonise over whether I should accept the offer for Dragon Oil (DGO) shares from a bigger oil company, I get landed with another difficult choice over an insurance giant. That insurance set-up is RSA (RSA) the old Royal Insurance lot.

Enjoy the Soap Opera - But Don’t Let It Stop You Trading.

Published 1365 days ago

Hello Share Jugglers. Hard though it is, chums, to keep up with the flood of sensational stories on this glorious website, one must still try to convince you that buying shares is still a pretty good way of making money for doing very little.

Don’t Let a Boring Footsie Make You Leap into Murky Waters.

Published 1366 days ago

Hello Share Swogglers. When the markets are racked by uncertainty, the big shares fall. This is nothing to do with their performance. It is everything to do with a nervousness, which pervades all. We all know that the markets hate uncertainty.

Totally in love with Totally

Published 1368 days ago

Hello Share Followers. Totally (TLY) is a small whose main function is to arrange self-help coaching for seriously ill patients once they leave hospitals. It was at one time, maybe still is, a favourite of Uncle Tom*.

Buy Oilers as Low Amber Nectar Prices Can’t Last Long.

Published 1369 days ago

Hello Share Cats. Nobody talks about oil shares much anymore. It seems the low price of crude has taken its toll on those of us who have invested big time in oil companies, both big and small.

Beware the Galloping Pound - It’s Now a Serious Threat to our Shares.

Published 1370 days ago

Hello Share Scribblers. I’m getting really worried now about the effects of the booming pound sterling on our share values. The rate is now around 1.43 euros to the pound. Yet it doesn’t seem too long ago that a pound was only worth one euro.

Who is Britain’s best blogger on shares….it is er…..

Published 1371 days ago

And there we were thinking that Brokerman Dan was Britain’s share blogger of the year - so says ADVFN. But it seems that he has a rival to the title. No. It is not the smaller companies journalist of the year, the chump from the IC who tipped shares in almost every single China fraud as a buy. Instead..

You Can’t Afford a Share Trading Summer Holiday.

Published 1371 days ago

Hello Share Shapers. It really does seem true that the share markets take a summer break. The only good thing about the July performance of my bag is that the shares are not actually losing values.

How to Invest in Wafers which Are Now’t to Do with Ice Cream.

Published 1372 days ago

Hello Share Smashers.  There’s a techno firm I rather like. In some ways it’s a smaller version of Arm (arm) whose gizmos turn up in most mobile phones and other computery stuff. The name is IQE (IQE). It makes wafers for computers, but too my shame I’m not sure what wafers are. Except the ice cream kind.

Now Do You Fancy a Punt on the Chinese Market?

Published 1373 days ago

Hello Share Snappers. You may remember that, in the film China Syndrome, with Jack Lemmon, a nuclear power plant in America starts to disappear into the earth. There is a fear that it will get a long way down, hence the title.

Three Kings of Medical Pioneering – Advanced Oncotherapy, Feedback and Avacta - All Pause for Breath

Published 1375 days ago

I’m more than ever convinced, gang, that companies which are pushing at the medical frontier may boldly take our share portfolios to higher plains where they’ve never reached before.

Just When You Thought It Wasn’t Safe to Get Back In the Trading Water.

Published 1376 days ago

Hello Share Floggers. The old shares are settling down a bit now. It’s not so much that the Greece fandango has been resolved. Or indeed that the falling Chinese stock market has been stabilised. It’s just that the big American traders have got impatient with waiting for something dramatic to happen. So now they’ve stoped holding their horses and they’ve started buying again.

Greece and the Bigger European Hole Means We should Choose Shares in A Wider Market.

Published 1377 days ago

Hello Share Plungers. We’re told by the International Monetary Fund that Greece will never be able to pay back its big debt and that creditors should be willing to take a haircut. Sense at last, but with the Germans in a bloody frame of mind towards the Greeks, that short back and sides will not be forthcoming.

How a Foxy Commons Debate Makes Me a Little Bit Concerned About Our Shares.

Published 1378 days ago

Hello Share Trundlers. I hardly ever go off topic. This is after all a website for people who care about shares. But actually, I don’t think I am wholly thinking about something else when I draw your attention to the important debate in Parliament, planned for today and now postponed.

Your Share Shoots Up Like a Rocket to Mars? Sell it.

Published 1379 days ago

Hello Share Scribblers. It is the wisest thing you can do with penny shares. If one of your cheeps rises by an awful lot in a day, you must hover over the sell button.

Two Golden Rules for Hard Times - and a Bonus Tip for Luck.

Published 1380 days ago

Hello Share Sweepers. As we’re all still feeling pretty nervous about our shares, I would not advocate doing much trading at the moment. The Chinese stock market and the Greek tragedy are both taking their toll on our confidence. So it seems to me we now have a good opportunity to drive home two glittering lessons which are especially useful in difficult times like these.

As the Big Dragon Choice Creeps Nearer, a New Drilling Update Tempts Me to Say No.

Published 1382 days ago

Hello Share Mashers. Let’s turn to Dragon Oil (DGO) again. I do so because the’ve issued some news that its oil production has hit a new record. Yes, the highest its ever been. Production for 2015 is likely to be up by 15%.

A House, a Dragon, China, Greece and the Sage of Omaha.

Published 1383 days ago

Hello Share Swingers. One of the earliest saying of Warren Buffet, the world’s second richest man who did it all with shares, was this. It doesn’t matter if the stock markets are falling - as long as you don’t want the money in a hurry.

Let’s All Sit on Our Trading Hands till the Greek Climax (Expected at the Weekend.)

Published 1384 days ago

Hello Share Rattlers. There doesn’t seem much we can do with our shares at the mo. Not until the Greek tragedy is resolved.

Join the Paper Chase for Profits with your Office Friend, Communisis.

Published 1385 days ago

Hello Share Scrunchers. Nobody likes getting junk mail. Except me, who rather likes a big dollop of mail every morning and no longer gets it from friends and family. They’re not dead; they’ve just gone onto email. Lazy beggars! But one firm which does junk post - they prefer to call it direct mail - is Communisis (CMS).

Buy Banks in the Shadow of the Greek Tragedy.

Published 1386 days ago

Hello Share Twitchers. There’s not much of an appetite to buy shares at the mo. The Greek vote was a step into the unknown, and that’s for sure.

A Book, a Referendum, the Pounding Pound and Britain’s Galloping Growth.

Published 1387 days ago

Hello Shares Bashers. You are the first in your street to hear this, but I have a new book coming out in a few weeks’ time. Tah-rah!

Fighting the Big Dragon. Should We Accept that £7.50 Offer?

Published 1389 days ago

Hello Shares Wobblers. I’ve just been phoned by the Emirates National Oil Company. They’re the big outfit which is attempting to take over Dragon Oil (DGO).

Barclays Could Be Worth a Dabble Now It’s Greek Liability is Only £74m.

Published 1390 days ago

Hello Share Stalkers. You may have gathered that I favour investing in the big British banks. My main reason is that they were great once, with yummy share values - and that even if we get half way back to the days of glory, our purchases now will be quids in later on.

Let’s Feel Sorry for the Greeks - But Hang Onto Our Shares, Anyway.

Published 1391 days ago

Hello Share Plumpers. What ever happens in the Greek crisis, it won’t affect our share values. Yes, there’ll be a bit of panic for a month or so. But there’ll be no difference in the long run. So why get upset at the way the European money-movers are treating our friends in the beautiful islands?

The Greek Tragedy Moves Me to Say Goodbye.

Published 1392 days ago

Hello Share Shovers. I’ve always thought that I would vote to stay in Europe when we have our referendum. I fondly believed that, as other European countries are our biggest market, it would be daft to cut loose.

The Ostrich Principal - how to avoid panicking in a crash

Published 1393 days ago

Hello Share Milkers. In the classic 'sixties Batman movie - the one before they started to get dark and boring - the caped crusader was seen charging around a harbour trying to find a safe place to throw a smoking big black ball.

Druid Getafix, aka Malcolm Stacey, must have over-imbibed at the Punter’s Return – ref Tesco

Published 1394 days ago

This morning my money tree worshipping comrade, the druid Getafix, aka Comrade Malcolm Stacey has written comments (HERE) about Tesco which are so completely insane that I have to respond. Quite simply, I can only assume that Malcolm took too much magic potion last night as he appears to be off with the fairies. Malcolm writes about Tesco:

Pay Your Store Workers a Bit More, Tesco. Every Little Helps.

Published 1394 days ago

Hello Share Twiddlers. I hold shares in Tesco (TSCO). I have written before on this lip-smacking site in anticipation of a big recovery after disastrous figures. But now I am not so sure.

Photo-me Profits Make a Perfect Picture.

Published 1396 days ago

Hello Share Smoochers. If I continue with my usual policy of only pointing you in the direction of companies in which I hold shares, there are only so many firms which I can bring to your notice. The ones with a really chance of putting on weight, anyway. So I return to an outfit now who really do continue in life’s upward journey up the hill of profits. I refer to Photome (PHTM), one time darling of the bully boards.

Maybe We Should Sneak Under the Greek Tragedy and Snaffle Lloyds Shares.

Published 1397 days ago

Hello Share Splashers. I’ve been trying to de-clutter my over-stuffed home by selling at a car boot sales. After three hours of just sitting on my car seat, I made an easy 60 quid. All very enjoyable in the sunshine.

The ShareProphets Experience Goes from Strength to Strength.

Published 1398 days ago

It’s not easy being an optimist on this sumptuous site. I am supposed to be surrounded by miserable shorters, who need to be pessimistic by the very nature of their calling. But the fact is that only few shorters write for ShareProphets. And when they do, they make their position very plain, so that you can take what they say with a pinch of salt.

The Magic of Penny Shares - Part Three. (Or The Odds for George Bush Running Away with Britney Spears.)

Published 1399 days ago

Hello Share Shooters. While this Greek farrago continues to make investments in the Footsie and mid cap range a bit scary, I’ll continue with my trilogy on how to handle shares, which are not likely to be affected by the Euro crisis. So I make a few more observations about the best way to dabble in penny shares.

Don’t Be Carried Away, Gang. Share-Shifting Needs a Cool Head.

Published 1400 days ago

Remember, chums, that famous song from West Side Story - ‘Play it cool’. It’s all too easy to be carried away when a share, especially a penny stock, takes off. Usually the first wave of buying on some tasty morsel of news, is overdone. The good tidings will probably not justify the interest.

The Sensible Way to Deal in Leaping Penny Shares.

Published 1401 days ago

Hello Share Scratchers. As the Footsie is blighted at the mo by the Greek tragedy, it’s right that we should turn our attention to penny shares. These blighters, as we all know, can turn into multi-baggers whereas Footsie gains can’t. They can however sink without trace a lot more easily, because their valuations are so near the floor anyway.

This is How Your Shares Will Fare in the Next Five Years.

Published 1403 days ago

Hello Share Charmers. It’s time we took a long view at world economics and the affect of the next five years on share prices.

My Pennies Are on the Rise. Especially Avacta the Mighty.

Published 1404 days ago

As the big shares all decay, as I write, due to the Greek woes, the penny shares are, as usual, largely unaffected. And some of my large stable of cheapie are doing well enough to offset the disappointment in my Footsie collection.

Should We Hang Onto the Dragon’s Tail - Or Cash In Now to Be on the Safe Side.

Published 1405 days ago

Hello Share Swipers. When I opined last month that Dragon Oil (DGO) was a goodly punt, I’ve been surprised that the performance of the exotic share purveyor would be quite as zapper as it is now.

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast Special - Comrade Malcolm Stacey WRONG on Greece & Shares

Published 1406 days ago

Earlier today Comrade Malcolm Stacey, our token money tree believer on this website, argued HERE that Greece would not go bust and that would cuase shares to zoom higher. I am sorry to say that he is wrong on one if not both counts and explain why in this podcast.

Don’t Worry. A Greek Tragedy Will Not Be Staged. And Your Shares Will Soar.

Published 1406 days ago

Hello Share Pluckers. As I’m pretty ignorant about the Greek tragedy, I leave the analysis to Tom and others who’re nearer the problem. But I think I might be able to add a very general view on what might happen now, based on a lifetime’s experience of big global threats to the world economy.

Feedback Shares Soften, but is that a Buying Opportunity?

Published 1407 days ago

Hello Share Sappers. I beg your indulgence to return to Feedback (FDBK), the company which uses whizzo computers to help diagnose and monitor many types of cancer. As reported previously, this could be a topping investment. Though, as per usual, we should always add a cautionary note about medical pioneers.

Banks for the Memory. The Darlings of Yesteryear Could Ride Again.

Published 1408 days ago

Hello Share Shovellers. There will be the usual shouts of horror when I mention shares in the four big British banks.

Coats, Bags and Expansion. Burberry Should Ride Up - With Wear.

Published 1410 days ago

Hello Share Catchers. I’m not invested in Burberry (BRBY) the clothes shop, famous for its distinctive check designs. This is because I am generally fearful of High Street shares. However, I’ve got to admit I am tempted by this one.

It Might Be Worth Buying RBS Before the Big Sell-Off.

Published 1411 days ago

Hello Share Twirlers. So George of the Treasury Jungle has decreed that its Royal Bank of Scotland (RBS) shares are to be sold off, probably at a loss to the tax-payer. You’ll recall that the shares have to go for about £5 each to recoup the money - that’s nearly £1.50p more than the present market price.

Honkers Bonkers Shouldn't Have Fallen - So It’s a Buying Opportunity If Ever I saw One.

Published 1412 days ago

Hello Share Swingers. I recently tipped Honkers Bonkers (HSBA) on this delectable website. Since then the share price hasn’t moved much.

The Swansea Bay Tidal Lagoon: the folly & corruption of the political, media & business elite

Published 1413 days ago

Today comes the news that planning permission has been granted to a £1 billion wildlife destroying green energy project in Swansea bay. This will cost the British consumer vast amounts of money but the political, media and business elite are right behind it. The Swansea bay tidal energy scheme shows the folly and corruption of an elite that has never been more out of touch with the plebs, the punters, you and me. We who pay the bills.

The Current Pros and Cons of Advanced Oncotherapy.

Published 1413 days ago

Hello Share Masters. I just want to return to Advanced Oncotherapy (AVO) as the boards seem to have gone quiet on this popular favourite among private punters.

Plunge Into Ashtead Before Its Results Next Week.

Published 1414 days ago

Hi Share Sorters. A firm I’m often promoting to your attention is Ashtead (AHT). It’s a very big outfit -on both sides of the Big Pond. It hires out tools and plant, mostly to the building trade.

Might Be Worth Chancing Your Arm Again.

Published 1415 days ago

Hello Share Perishers. When choosing a company which you really want to pay its way then you need one that is very, very likely to make more money year by year. Just one year when profits are not as happy as the one before is a warning sign. One British success story that is expected to accelerate profits from now in is Arm Holdings (ARM).

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast 7th June

Published 1416 days ago

As my father spends an hour in Church I explain why filial devotion does not stretch far enough for me to join him - I despair for the Church of England. Then I add to the points raised by Nigel Somerville in his earlier piece on another Geoff Morrow - of Gate infamy - China joke stock (HERE) and to Steve Moore's comments on Audioboom (made HERE) and make general points about companies that update on KPIs. Finally I disagree with Comrade Malcolm Stacey on his market view of Saturday HERE

The Present Bull Run Could Defy Gravity Till the Year's End at Least.

Published 1417 days ago

Hello Share Scoffers. Uncle Tom believes that the present bull market is ‘ridiculous’. There are some other very perceptive and experienced writers on this scintillating website who agree with him. Including the morose, but sharply intelligent Frenchman and Amanda the Golden.

Do Share Tips Affect Prices – Do they Buck Stone Abbey?!

Published 1418 days ago

Hello Sharemates. When a share bounces up fast, there is often a report on RNS saying the board knows no reason why the shares should have risen. Sometimes, it will add…’other than comments on bulletin boards’. This was the case with a little £3 million pound set-up, called Feedback (FDBK), which I highlighted this week. Before that, a message appeared from Advanced Oncotherapy (AVO) saying that the company did not know of reasons for a boost in share price after I wrote about it.

I Love Feedback - It Might Make Me A Bit Better Off.

Published 1419 days ago

Hello Share Swingers.  It seems ages ago that I first tipped Feedback (FDBK) the life science company. It was during all the excitement about another medical punt, Advanced Oncotherapy (AVO). I think I said something optimistic along the lines that Feedback could be another Advanced, which is a multi-bagger..

Shares Which Sparkle over Three Days, then Fall, Nearly Always Zing Back with a Bang.

Published 1420 days ago

Hello Share Plinkers. A share which rises strongly over three days, nearly always drops back. We saw this with Lloyds Group (LLOY) over the last few weeks. It also happened to that darling of the bully boards, Advanced Oncotherapy (AVO) over the last six weeks.

Is the Sun at Last Rising on Sunrise Resources?

Published 1421 days ago

Hello Share Bunnies. I don’t often comment on small mining companies. I’m far too likely to get grumpy about these adventurers. They have over the years lost me a lot of money. Even if one of them, Red Rock Resources (RRR) is on my radar for improvement at the moment, having lost me thousands in the past. But there has been some good news about another of my failures Sunrise Resources (SRES).

Have a Bash at Honkers Bonkers.

Published 1422 days ago

Hello Share Monkeys. I’ve written about RBS (RBS) and Lloyds Group (LLOY) lately. But I’ve neglected the biggest UK bank of all, Honkers Bonkers (HSBA).

Tom Winnifrith: I'm on sabbatical - "flip Flop" Ben Turney is in charge

Published 1423 days ago

As of midnight "flip flop" Ben "pitchfork" Turney will be editing this website as I am on leave for the next six to nine months. Let me explain.

House Prices, Greece and UK Growth All Do Battle in the Latest Share Wars.

Published 1425 days ago

Hello Share Munchers. Let’s have a look at the world economy and the British arm of it in particular. Knowing what is happening on the biggest scale helps us to make choices on the very smallest scale ie: which shares to buy or sell next.

If Tom Thinks I Talk Rot, Why Do I (Mostly) Agree with Him?

Published 1426 days ago

Hello Share Shakers. Perhaps I did not express myself clearly enough – if so, t’were a grievous fault (Shakespeare’s Marc Anthony) – yet I’m stuck with it. But I happen to agree with almost all Tom said here yesterday.

Money Tree worshipping mad leftie Malcolm Stacey talking rot again

Published 1427 days ago

I wonder if it was his years at the BBC which saw my pal Comrade Malcolm Stacey infected with the mad lefty virus. Becuase the old Money Tree worshipper does talk some awful rot and today's column from him HERE is a classic. I feel forced to point out in the interests of balance why he is spouting total gibberish.

Why You should Look at Persimmon, Barratt and Galliford Try.

Published 1427 days ago

I think it was six years ago that we all thought low interest rates would not last. They have, and there is no sign, as far as I can see, that they will rise any time soon. They may even continue to bump along at their present lowly level for another six years.

Why RBS Is Probably One of the Very Best Long term Punts

Published 1428 days ago

Hello Share Tweekers.  I recently wrote about RBS (RBS), the old Royal Bank of Scotland, observing that the share price now is still only 4% of its previous high. That previous high was over £9 and was reached just before the bank crisis of 2007/8.

Take-over Bonanzas and Other Things Ain’t Wot They Used To Be

Published 1431 days ago

Hello Share Chinkers. There are some strange things going on in the world of mergers and take-overs. It ain’t right, mister.

Hard to Believe – but RBS Shares Are Still Only Worth 4% of What They Once Were.

Published 1432 days ago

Hello Share Shapers. While composing an essay about RBS (RBS), I found myself writing that their shares are now only worth 4% of what they used to fetch before the great credit crunch of 2008.

Marks Profits Sparkle, But Are They Still Worth a Punt?

Published 1433 days ago

I got rid of my Marks and Spencer (MKS) shares a few years ago now. They were among my slowest moving stocks of all time.

Diamonds in a Rubbish Dump.

Published 1434 days ago

Hello Share Mates. As we flounder along in a rather pedantic time for shares , apart from the pennies  and rogue firms hat always provide a bit of excitement on the bleakest days, it’s time to reflect on a few illogical paths  that await happy share-shifters like us.

Well, That Didn’t Go the Way I Expected. Ref: Advanced Oncotherapy

Published 1435 days ago

Advanced Oncotherapy (AVO) is one of the most talked-about shares on the net at the mo. And it’s not just the army of private bloggers who are desperately trying to talk up the share by making fortune teller predictions.

What God Said to the Armchair Trader.

Published 1436 days ago

Hello Share Chuckers. An armchair trader asked God if it was true that a minute to Him was like a million years.And also if a million pounds was like a penny.‘Both perceptions are true,’ agreed the Lord.

The Sith Lord Repents - Zak Mir returns to ShareProphets

Published 1437 days ago

As the death star imploded the rebel alliance was contacted by Sith Lord Zak Mir with a message stating that there was good in everyone, even him. And so we are delighted to welcome the prodigal Jedi back to the fold. 

Advanced Oncotherapy – a Note from Malcolm Stacey.

Published 1438 days ago

I have not done this before but I want to add a note about my recent Advanced Oncotherapy (AVO) share tip

As This Website Exposes Ever More Dirty Dealings, Here are Some Tips for Rank Beginners.

Published 1438 days ago

There is a lot of heavy stuff on this smasherooni website at the moment. You may think you need a first in finance from the London School of Economics to make use of it.

As Spare Shares Are Mopped Up, Advanced Oncotherapy Should Set Sail for the Stars.

Published 1439 days ago

Hello Share Munchkins. It’s not been so long ago that I was trumpeting Advanced Oncotherapy (AVO). But the fashionable biotech firm is beginning to get interesting again.

Like Will Shakespeare, ‘I Know a Bank Where the Nodding Violets Grow.’

Published 1440 days ago

Hello Share Squidgers. Just where is the Lloyds share going? May I humbly opine that it will go a lot further than it has already done in the last week or so – even if the latest rise in value has been pretty remarkable.

Sparring with Fluorspar. Let’s Have Another Try with Tertiary Minerals.

Published 1441 days ago

Hello Share Ploughers. Let’s have another look at Tertiary Minerals (TYN). After a long fallow period, well, slow decay to be honest, the shares are stirring back to life again.

BG’s Share Price is Still Bogged Down – But Not for Long, I Fancy.

Published 1442 days ago

Hello Share Swingers. There’s still no proper upward movement on BG (BG.) And yet Royal Dutch Shell (RDSA) has put in a bid which has been estimated at being worth £13.50 in cash and shares

No, It’s Not Eastenders – But Try Compass and Merlin.

Published 1443 days ago

Hello Share Jigglers. It’s not easy to collect readers for my modest column at the mo. What with all the current excitement on this glittering website.

When Elephants Stomp North, the Mice Head South – But Not for Long.

Published 1445 days ago

Hello Share Pootlers. It’s nearly always the same when the big companies put on a huge spurt, the penny shares suffer. Not all of them, of course, but there is a definite downward drag.

Video of Malcolm Stacey, the grandfather of share blogging, interview at UK Investor Show

Published 1446 days ago

It was a great day when Malcolm Stacey parted company with the Evil Empire and joined the team at ShareProphets. I was really thrilled to have my old pal on board even if he is a bit of a money tree worshipping leftie. Malcolm hosted the Bloggers Cafe at UK Investor Show 2015 and will do the same again at UK Investor 2016 on April 16 and I know that many of you had a good chat with Comrade S on the day. He did find time to do this short interview as well

Advanced Oncotherapy looks great value

Published 1446 days ago

Bio-tech companies are a long way from my usual area of interest in oil, but given my view that we are likely to see lower oil prices in the near term, I’ve been looking elsewhere. An AIM company called Advanced Oncotherapy (AVO) has caught my eye recently – I know that fellow ShareProphets writer Malcolm Stacey is a big fan as well, and I was having a chat with him about it at the recent UK Investor Show.

I’m Forever Bashing Bubbles, Pretty Bubbles in the Air.

Published 1446 days ago

Hello Share Splashers. There’s been a lot talk – including on this dazzling website – about bubbles. Commentator after commentator keeps banging on about the dangers of economic bubbles bursting to embarrass happy share-shifters like us.

Dragon Oil, the Ukraine, A Merger and Me.

Published 1447 days ago

Hello Share Fans. When I was just launching into the golden game after the Big Bang of the eighties, a very nice chap, who became a big cog in organising the last Olympics, suggested I buy Dragon Oil (DGO).

Do a few more readers have 20 minutes to spare for student Zahir

Published 1448 days ago

A university student called Zahir Pandor has again been in touch for help with his thesis which is on “investor sentiment on AIM”. He asks for you help.

As Hanging Onto Thrashed Oilers Begins to Pay Off, Is It Time to Buy Even More?

Published 1448 days ago

Hello Share Spikers. There are a lot of us still awash in oil shares. Remember that Royal Dutch Shell (RDSA)is one of the biggest, if not the biggest, companies on the biggest of all British share clubs, the Footsie.

How Advanced Oncotherapy Might Rise – Now a £20m Placing of New Shares Is Spoken For.

Published 1449 days ago

Hello Share Trimmers. Investors in Advanced Oncotherapy (AVO) are in a peculiar situation. For though our shares are now trading at just a touch over 8p, they could be worth a lot more.

How to Find the Punter’s Return and its Mysterious Links with Hyperspace.

Published 1452 days ago

Hello Share Monkeys. The most common question I was asked in the Blogger’s Café at the legendary UK Investor Show was: where exactly is the Punter’s Return?

Why Shelling Out for BG Shares Could be a Gas, Gas, Gas.

Published 1453 days ago

Hello Share Swillers. I happen to know there are a lot of BG (BG.) shareholders reading this splendiferous website. That’s because we get a lot of interest every time the natural gas giant is mentioned.

Growth Figures Kick Our Shares – But Are they Reliable? Probably Not.

Published 1454 days ago

The big city puts a lot of reliance put on growth figures. And it isn’t always justified. Britain’s growth, or GDP growth as it’s known, has knocked shares for six in the last few days. Though the latest figure shows that Blighty’s economy is still growing, it’s not moving up as quickly as shown last time.

This Share Smells Nice – You Might Want to Nose In. Ref: Creightons.

Published 1455 days ago

Hello Share Smashers. I drew your attention a while back to Creightons (CRL). It fashions toiletries and things which make your car smell nice. The very popular Lidl is an outlet for its produce.

Don’t Shirk the Sell Button as Penny Shares Face a Testing Time.

Published 1456 days ago

Hello Share Munchers. I’ve been getting a little bit nervous over the many penny shares I hold. Should I be waving bye, bye to some of my more risky stocks? Normally, I shrug off such spooky feelings, unless I have good reason to believe a penny dreadful is indeed dreadful.

Hello Again Taxi Drivers and Milkmen. How’ve You Been?

Published 1457 days ago

Howdy Share Seekers. When I first started writing for the newly-formed Sharecrazy website in 2000, the world and his wife were trading shares. I could not take a taxi ride without the driver expressing an opinion on his portfolio. The secretaries at work were swapping stock market ideas. The milkman had a pretty thick portfolio of stocks.

Video from UK Investor: The Sheriff of AIM on death threats, Rivington, Quindell, fraud and more

Published 1459 days ago

This was the session at UK Investor Show I enjoyed the most: Tom Winnifrith as the Sheriff of AIM interviewed by Amanda van Dyke, Nigel Somerville and Malcolm Stacey. Very straight talking on mistakes, on Rivington, on Jim Mellon, on the death threats, on fraud on Quindell and on much more.

The Topping Tale of Three Health-Based Penny Shares- my battle with GREED.

Published 1459 days ago

Hello Share Dribblers. I’ve had rather a dispiriting week. We all get them from time to time, even when the Footsie holds up very well, as it does now.

Oil, Building and Life Sciences – That’s the Way to Do it!

Published 1461 days ago

Hello Share Breakers. Well, the strain was too much for me. I said earlier that I had turned a lot of my shares into cash. It seemed I had moved overnight from being a bull to a bear.

Tom Winnifrith BearCast 22 April

Published 1462 days ago

I start this podcast with the awesome power of Malcolm Stacey to move markets as per his share tip today. All hail Comrade Stacey. Next up is a joke statement from joke company ValiRX, Eurasia Mining, Westminster Group, Coms and then another good kicking for poor Phorm.

IS this Beauty the next Advanced Oncotherapy? – That’s What I Heard at the Big UK Investor Show.

Published 1462 days ago

Hello Share Pickers. I told you I usually pick up some decent tips from the UK Investor Show which we were all treated to on Saturday. I’ve now had time to research a few of these diamonds and the first one I’ve bought is Feedback (FDBK).

A Firm which Could Rocket on that Lloyds Sale Promised on a Tory Win.

Published 1463 days ago

Hello Share Twiddlers. So if the Tories get in again they will sell off Lloyds (LLOY) shares to the public at a discount.

The Loneliness of a Long Distance Share Trader – and the Happy Panacea of the UK Investor Show

Published 1464 days ago

Hello Share Turners. Well, that was some share extravaganza at the weekend. The UK Investor Show was full to bursting with share shifters and company stands. A magic atmosphere. The main stage was buzzing and side events were sparkling. Lots of folk came to swap ideas with Shareprophets writers, too, in the Blogger’s Café.

Is This the Greatest Share Show in the World?

Published 1467 days ago

Hello Share Swillers. Well, it's almost time. The zappy UK Investor Show 2015 is only one day away.La st year's event was a really happy affair. And yet shares were not doing that well at the time, as I recall (though the old memory is starting to go).

“I Leap Up – Who Pulls Me Down?” – ‘The Tragical Hystory of Doctor Faustus.’ Ref: Lloyds Group.

Published 1468 days ago

So Lloyds Bank (LLOY) shares have crawled ever so painfully and slowly above 80p again. We have already been in this territory several times.

Penny Shares – A Warning.

Published 1469 days ago

I've just had a very good day with a few long-held penny shares. They include Zoo Digital (ZOO) up 11%, Enables It (EIT) up 22% and a massive 57% hike by Ascent Resources (AST).

What We'll All Talk About in the Blogger's Cafe.

Published 1471 days ago

Hello Share Pickers. The fabulous UK Investor Show is coming up. Just a few days to go, now. It will be great to meet you in the Blogger's Cafe. I did time there last year and really enjoyed it. Picked up a few tips, too – like City of London Investment Group (CLIG) and Galliford Try (GFRD). And shares on both are still doing well.

Ask Tom Winnifrith any question and win a special prize in one week's time

Published 1471 days ago

One of the main stage talks at the UK Investor show on 18th April ( yes one week away) is an “ask Tom Winnifrith” session where the Sheriff will be interviewed on the main stage by Malcolm Stacey, Nigel Somerville and Amanda Van Dyke The topics will be wide ranging: Quindell (with new material), frauds past and what Tom is looking at next to “go after”, coping with death threats, what changes AIM must make to stop investors getting screwed, his ancestor the pirate, where he sees value, free speech and a bit of personal stuff from three years ago to set the record straight. Do you have a question for Tom?

Where's Malcolm at #UKInvestorShow & do you want to tweet from the show?

Published 1472 days ago

You want to know where at the UK Investor Show, you'll find Malcolm Stacey? We know he is one of our most read columnists and - unlike some of our writers - he seems almost universally liked. Well for most of the day, Malcolm is "mein host" at The Punters Return, that is to say the Bloggers Cafe. Most but not all.

A Tale of Two Parties – and a Possible Swipe at Our Shares.

Published 1473 days ago

Hello Share Munchers. They've been telling us that the election run-up was going to send share prices down. The markets, after all, hate uncertainty.

UK Investor Show – come chat to us at the Bloggers Café: tickets start landing today

Published 1473 days ago

To save me answering a few emails, tickets for the UK Investor Show should start landing today. By tomorrow all bar 40 of the 2000 tickets should have landed so if you have booked and not got a ticket by Thursday PM email me on [email protected] and I will sort it out. The show is now just 10 days away and there are still 40 tickets available so if you want one book NOW at – there are many reasons to book but one is “The bloggers café”

Buying BG Means a Tasty Profit When the Shell Marriage Goes Through.

Published 1474 days ago

Hello Share Tweakers. The BG (BG.) takeover story started very well with a rise of 40% on the share price of a few days earlier. That was because Royal Dutch Shell (RDSA), one of the biggest companies in the Footsie, seek a juicy merger.

I've Been Feeling a Bit of a Fraud – ref BG Group.

Published 1475 days ago

Hello Share Chippers. For the last few months, I've felt a bit of a fraud. I've been telling you about some companies I thought were good investments. Some have gone onto to new all-time highs. Inmarsat (ISAT). Legal and General (LGEN) Compass (CPG) Arm Holdings (ARM) have all done really well.

The West Side Story Principal. Part Two.

Published 1476 days ago

Hello Share Shakers. My daily article at the start of the week reminded you that I am a momentum trader. That is: a private dealer who watches which shares move sharply upwards, and then jumps on the apple cart in the educated hope that the stock will keep on a rising for another day or two.

Tom Winnifrith BearCast 7 April

Published 1477 days ago

Thanks to bloody Doc Holiday and the Mrs and her damned organic vegetable box this is my third take on this Bearcast and I have thus wasted 40 minutes of prime time working and am not pleased. In the podcast I look at Wildhorse Energy and insider dealing ( no apologies for crude racial sterotypes about Australians and how they got there), Daniel Stewart, Good Energy and Malcolm Stacey's other weekend share tips, Mosman Oil & Gas and have a detailed look at Condor Gold.

Winning Shares and the West Side Story Principle.

Published 1477 days ago

Hello Share Sliders. Never over-estimate the great British public when it comes to making sensible choices. They are about as likely to be able to single out the best shares as they are to pick a good telly programme. And we all know how rubbish most of the popular shows are these days.

Malcolm Stacey’s Easter share tips No 3 - Avacta

Published 1478 days ago

A year ago, I had three beautiful cats. Now I have only one. In between, came some agonising trips to the vets to try and save two lives. It was not possible in the end, though of course my family did everything they could to postpone the inevitable.

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast Special - Disagreeing with today's Stacey share tip

Published 1479 days ago

Just a little podcast on the matter of Good Energy (GOOD) - Malcolm Stacey's share tip for today. I am not - as you know - a fan of all this Green shite and for that reason but also because the maths looks all wrong to me I explain on why I would pass on Comtrade Stacey's share tip earlier (HERE)

Malcom Stacey’s Share tips for Easter No 2 – Good Energy

Published 1479 days ago

Wind farms and solar energy are achieving a much higher profile these days. The rather beautiful white giants are springing up in windy corners everywhere. Vast banks of solar cells are beginning to spread. And even though the present government is cutting back on subsidies for solar energy suppliers, it still looks a reasonable bet.

Malcolm Stacey’s Easter Share tips No 1 Advanced Oncotherapy

Published 1480 days ago

Not that long ago a five-year-old boy called Ashya King made the news in sad circumstances. He was taken away from an NHS hospital in Bristol and then grabbed by the police in Spain where his parents were arrested.

The True Meaning of Easter and a Cracking Eggs-tra Tip.

Published 1481 days ago

Hello Share Takers. First of all let's not forget the real meaning of Easter – and it's not to take advantage of the closed markets to review your portfolio.

Don't Worry Gang, Oil Will Be Well.

Published 1482 days ago

Hello share sharpers. I don't think I will be alone in saying that my share portfolio has been decimated by the falling oil price. This is because the Footsie is dominated by big oil shares – BP (BP.) BG (BG.) Royal Dutch Shell (RDSA) et al.

As the Days Trickle Down to a Precious Few (Frank Sinatra).

Published 1483 days ago

Hello Share Chisellers. It's almost too late. And yet it can make a big difference. I'm talking about the annual job of selling winners and losers over the year to try and balance the books and avoid paying too much capital gains tax on our share profits.

Marks and Sparks May Not Spark This Time, Either.

Published 1484 days ago

Hello Share Mates: I only rarely consider punishing a share on this glittering website, but even I, occasionally, succumb to a negative frame of mind.

The Effect of Negative Inflation on Share Prices.

Published 1485 days ago

There was, a few years ago, a big thing about the Bank of England failing to stick below its annual inflation target of 2%. Now everyone is getting worried about the latest inflation figure of zero. 

Shares that are stagnant pools and the shares that are steady risers

Published 1486 days ago

I've bought cheap shares in a small company, only to see them sink even lower. Stupidly anxious to save face, I can't bring myself to cut my losses. Many more like me refuse to sell. But nobody else wants to buy such a no-hoper.

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast - 28March

Published 1486 days ago

In this podcast I start with the Footsie - er it is now at 6,855 what was that comrade Malcolm Stacey was saying about when 7,000 was breached shares had to rocket to the moon? Only asking. Then it is onto the sordid tale of Gate Ventures and its latest RNS (sorry for the poor taste Woody Allen gags) and Sorbic International.

Are markets overvalued, or are they going up? The Tom vs Malcolm ding-dong

Published 1487 days ago

I have read with great amusement the ongoing spat between Tom Winnifrith and Malcolm Stacey as to whether markets are about to plunge or rocket. Tom reckons markets are too high already and will fall. Malcolm Stacey thinks they will continue higher. Who is right?

Hold the Phones and Hold the Shares.

Published 1487 days ago

One of my star performers is BT (BT.A). It's been rocketing through new all-time highs for some time now.

Only buy EasyJet when its shares lose a bit of altitude

Published 1488 days ago

I was on an EasyJet (EZJ) plane yesterday and a generally fairly pleasant experience it was too.  Admittedly there were not free drinks or nibbles, I had to print out my own boarding card (in a personal technological first I actually downloaded it to my phone – who said you cannot teach an old dog new tricks!) and there were attempts to cross-sell me all sorts of things I did not want but as an overall A-to-B travel experience it was absolutely fine and did what it said on the tin without being too minimalist or crude. 

Capital Gains Tax and the Nicer ISA Solution.

Published 1488 days ago

Hello Share Swallowers. It's that time of year again. We must think about selling enough shares to take advantage of our annual capital gains tax break.

What Should I Do As One of My Tips Jumps 75% on the Day?

Published 1489 days ago

Hello Share Primpers. One of my three 2014 tips on this smashing website has made a one day leap of 75% as I write this.

Don’t Be a Property Magnate – Move into Barratt Homes Instead.

Published 1490 days ago

Hello Share Fans. I hate the expression 'no-brainer', so I won't use it in the context of buying shares in Barratt Developments (BDEV).

There Could Be More Easy Money in EasyJet

Published 1491 days ago

Hello Share Fiends. I've never been a fan of airlines as an investment. It always seemed to me that the risks of everyday running were too high.

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast 23 March

Published 1492 days ago

The placing song is back again as crony capitalist Steve Berry issues another joke of an RNS for Touchstone Gold. The podcast also covers Clean Air Power (CAP) where surely there is an R missing in the epic, SpaceandPeople, Egdon, Europa Oil & Gas and an update on the latest legal proceedings against The Sheriff of AIM and some comments on my over-optimistic pal Malcolm Stacey and his take on the markets

Tom Winnifrith's Too Gloomy Again – There's Still Stacks of Time to Make Hay in the Share Sunshine.

Published 1492 days ago

Hello Share Mongers. While still on the ceiling at the marvellous news that the Footsie had finally sneaked through the all-time historic marker of 7,000, I listened to Tom's Saturday Bearcast HERE. He thinks the share world will soon meet its Waterloo.

Be Different when it comes to buying and selling shares

Published 1492 days ago

Ineffectual investors follow the herd. The crowd may be right some of the time, as they're all following the same obvious pointers to success. But if everybody is correct about a situation, and puts their mouth where everybody else's is, profits won't be worth hollering about. It's a bit like everyone being guided by current form to pick draws on a football coupon. If the chosen teams all draw, everyone wins the pools, but the cash prizes are laughable. It's only by being right when most folk are up the creek that you can ever hope to win enough for a private island, a Rolls Royce and a small jet.

To Infinity and Beyond Now It’s an All-Time Record for Our Sun Shine Shares.

Published 1494 days ago

Hello Share Stabbers. We've all been waiting for so long that now it has happened I just can't believe it. The big Footsie index has finally broken through its very all-time record to reach above the fabled notch of 7000!

Like Webster's Dictionary, I've Been Morocco Bound.

Published 1495 days ago

Hello Share Trekkers. I wonder if you've been following my desert adventures as outlined by Uncle Tom over the last week or so.

Malcolm Stacey in search of the Money Tree - Part 6

Published 1496 days ago

The token deluded lefty on this website, Comrade Malcolm Stacey is taking a well-earned break on a desert safari searching for the mythical money tree which he and his fellow lefties both worship and believe in. On day 6 we hear that Malcolm has still not found the great Money Tree but inow faces a cash crisis. Why will these folks in the desert accept is Oxfam gold Amex card or his Co-Op Visa Delta? Why do they demand cash only and why will they accept only wicked US dollars not Malcolm's beloved Euros? This is all a conspiracy by the evil bankers and Malcolm knows who encouraged that sort of thing. It's all the fault of Thatcher. In Malcolm's absence we bring you a few words from his timeless classic, The Armchair Tycoon.

Odd One Out Result & the 9 villains for UK Investor Show explained

Published 1497 days ago

Okay now we can put you out of your suspense. Let’s start with the nine villains  - let me explain. Thank you for all your suggestions, I can see that there is a ground swell of support for including Roland “Fatty” Cornish in the nine and who am I to object? The final 9 will be revealed on April 18 at UK Investor Show and you can see photos of them all at a special stand.

Malcolm Stacey in search of the Money Tree - Part 5

Published 1497 days ago

The token deluded lefty on this website, Comrade Malcolm Stacey is taking a well-earned break on a desert safari searching for the mythical money tree which he and his fellow lefties both worship and believe in. On day 5 we hear that Malcolm has still not found the great Money Tree but is now stranded. He insisted that the car he hired be electric so as to combat global warming but can find nowhere in the desert to recharge it. Malcolm has written to his MP demanding a windfall tax on bankers in Burkino Faso to pay for recharging points across the desert. We need more foreign aid, it is all the fault of Thatcher and the wicked Tories. In Malcolm's absence we bring you a few words from his timeless classic, The Armchair Tycoon.

Malcolm Stacey in search of the Money Tree - Part 4

Published 1498 days ago

The token deluded lefty on this website, Comrade Malcolm Stacey is taking a well-earned break on a desert safari searching for the mythical money tree which he and his fellow lefties both worship and believe in. On day 4 we hear that Malcolm is confused as he meets a tent dwelling nomadic tribe. Why have these fellows not got permanent homes. This is clearly the fault of the Evil Tories and their Bedroom tax. Taxes must be increased to pay for a massive programme of council house building. Malcolm has told the nomads that they will enjoy living in a tower block but they seem a bit confused. Malcolm blames the lack of social housing in the desert all on Thatcher. In his absence we bring you a few words from his timeless classic, The Armchair Tycoon.

Malcom Stacey is in Search of the Money Tree Part 3

Published 1499 days ago

The token deluded lefty on this website, Comrade Malcolm Stacey is taking a well-earned break on a desert safari searching for the mythical money tree which he and his fellow lefties both worship and believe in. On day 3 we hear that Malcolm has had angry words with the owner of the only coffee shop in the desert. Not only does the fellow not have an equal opportunities affirmative action staff recruitment programme but he also serves no fair trade finest Nicaraguan special roast. What is the world comng to? Malcolm blames it all on Thatcher. In his absence we bring you a few words from his timeless classic, The Armchair Tycoon.

Malcolm Stacey - Searching for the Money Tree part 3

Published 1500 days ago

The token deluded lefty on this website, Comrade Malcolm Stacey is taking a well-earned break on a desert safari searching for the mythical money tree which he and his fellow lefties both worship and believe in. On day 3 we have heard from our Guardian reading friend that there are some very poor people wandering around the desert with only a tent to their name. Malcolm thinks that this is all down to the wicked Bedroom Tax imposed by the Evil Tories back in the UK. Once again he blames Thatcher! In his absence we bring you a few words from his timeless classic, The Armchair Tycoon.

Malcolm Stacey is in search of the Money Tree Part 1

Published 1502 days ago

The token deluded lefty on this website, Comrade Malcolm Stacey is taking a well-earned break on a desert safari searching for the mythical money tree which he and his fellow lefties both worship and believe in. On day 1 we hear that Malcolm has been trying desperately to get hold of a copy of the Guardian Newspaper, can’t find it (the desert has some attractions) and blames Thatcher! In his absence we bring you a few words from his timeless classic, The Armchair Tycoon.

Remember that Overbought Shares Can Get More Overbought.

Published 1503 days ago

Hello Share monkeys. I've alluded to this before. But it has stuck in my mind as one of the acutest observations made about modern stock markets of the world.

The Importance of Identifying Shares Too Slow to Rise and Too Quick to Fall.

Published 1504 days ago

Hello Share Swingers. When it comes to larger companies, their share prices often seem to be on a pair of kitchen scales.

Stay in Your Seats For the Really Good Big Picture.

Published 1505 days ago

Hello Share Movers. Let's take a peek today at Shareland's really big picture. Usually, we share shifters look at the much smaller picture of British shares and the national economy.

A Massive 300,000 New Jobs Spikes the Footsie. But How Stupid a Reason is that?

Published 1506 days ago

Hello Share Chums. The Footsie dived 40 or so points at the end of last week. This was a real pity.

Why Does the Media Fail to Report Good Share News?

Published 1508 days ago

Hello Share Smudgers. I get so fed up with the way the broadcasters treat share-shifters like us. I'm particularly critical of my old employers the BBC.

This Fabulous Website Hots Up, Your Honour – While the Money-Making Goes On.

Published 1509 days ago

Hello Share Students. There is some serious action currently transpiring on this legendary website. Tom is really in the thick of it – yes, even more than usual.

Never Mind what’s on the Telly – Feel the Share Price.

Published 1510 days ago

For what it's worth, one of my main strategies, if not THE most important to me, is to keep my peepers peeled and my ears finely tuned.

Good Job You Have Me, Gang, the Job-Finding Firm I Tipped is On the Job.

Published 1511 days ago

In spite of a bit of polite opposition on this stupendous website, I ventured 45 days ago that Impellam (IPEL) was worth a punt.

As the Rising Pound Hits Most Balance Sheets, Here's the Kind of Company to Sell.

Published 1512 days ago

Hello Share Shovellers. As a fairly frequent traveller in Europe, I am cheered by the new value of the pound against the euro.

Play Your Cards Right – Raise the Ante with Oil and Mines.

Published 1513 days ago

Hello Share Stackers. I spent the weekend in a poker game with my old card school which has not convened since the year techno stocks crashed in 2000.

Eh-Oop and Away with British Airways.

Published 1515 days ago

Hello Share Swaggers. It's always nice when a company recommended by your Yorkshire correspondent on this splendiferous website rockets to the top of the winner's board a few weeks later.

Put Your Pennies in the Photo Pix Box – As Profits Develop.

Published 1516 days ago

It seems I was right when I last tipped Photo-me (PHTM) the company which owns, rents out and services 25,000 little tardises all over the world.

Two Tasty Tips on Share Trading I Bet You Didn't Know.

Published 1518 days ago

Hello Share Shovers. I have lots of rather eccentric hints about profitable share trading which I never see highlighted anywhere else.

Forget British Debt and Be Cheered by the Big, Big Picture.

Published 1519 days ago

Hello Share Skimmers. It' a bit of an odd feeling when you take a position which is the opposite of that which a lot of writers you respect are currently holding.

Take No Notice of the Share Pessimists – Even Experts on This Beautiful Website.

Published 1520 days ago

Hello Share Pals. Those good people who continue to say share prices are too high and destined for a nasty fall are just plain wrong. And yet they continue to attack the Footsie's stellar performance, even over the last few days on this very website.

Tom Winnifrith BearCast 22 February

Published 1521 days ago

A brief comment on Mar City (another shocker) but a more general explanation of why I do not YET do bullcasts. It is to do with fraud but also why I perceive that the markets are way overvalued and comrade Malcolm Stacey is so wrong!

I hold L & G, but not Standard Life but it is good news all round

Published 1522 days ago

Hello Share Plodders. When you've a minute, gang, just look at those wonderful figures just issued by Standard Life (SL.). I'm talking about its annual results for the whole of 2014.

That 15-Year-Old Footsie Record is Doomed – and When Now't Happens in Greece and Ukraine Your Shares will Zoom to Mars.

Published 1523 days ago

Hello Share Pushers. It's intensely annoying for us to see the Footsie repeatedly approach its all time high and then draw back. As I write this, the old target of around 6950 has still not been breached.

Try Galliford Try – Half Year Profits Up 12% and Divi Hiked 47%.

Published 1524 days ago

Hello Share Swashers. Galliford Try (GFRD) has got more going for it than an odd name. To begin with, it is a house builder – and you may be aware that I've been supportive of the British home-making industry for some time.

Don’t Sell Oily Shares as the Price of Crude Will Shoot Back Up.

Published 1525 days ago

Hello Share Smashers. I'm fairly sure a load of our readers are still invested heavily in oil. I know I am.

Shareholders Have Never Had It So Good – but It's Going to Get Even Better.

Published 1526 days ago

Hello Share Drivers. I fancy most of you will be pretty uncertain how shares will react this week, and indeed, for the rest of the winter.

Fancy a Pop at Emerging Markets? – Look at City of London Investment Group.

Published 1529 days ago

Hello Share Pushers. Let's return to the City of London Investment Group (CLIG). Since I last brought this dynamic company to your attention the shares have been putting on steady value, given the odd minor glitch along the way.

Take the Daily 'Big Winner' Lists with a Big Pinch of Salt.

Published 1530 days ago

Hello Share Stackers. I looked at the list of big risers today and was gratified that San Leon (SLE) the oil and gas outfit, was up by a third. Wonderful, I thought. Which is always my reaction when I see one of my penny shares towards the top of the 'massive gains' list.

Is It Barmy to Buy ARM-y with a PE Ratio of 146?

Published 1531 days ago

Hello share smackers. Arm Holdings (ARM) is a very successful and pioneering techno company which has made a lot of money for a lot of people. I am lucky to be among them. The share price has just reached an all-time high.

When Shares Soar, Turn Some of Your Babies into Hard Cash

Published 1531 days ago

Hello Share Peddlars. Quite a few of my favourite shares are tickling new highs. If it were not for the fall of oilers and the continuing problems of banks, the Footsie would now be far higher than its all-time zenith.

Time for Another Sip of the Panic-Ravaged Ebony Nectar - BP

Published 1533 days ago

Hello Share Munchers. If you look at any old graph in Shareland, you will see that sudden massive dips are almost always followed by a recovery.

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast 9th February - Swear Word Free Edition

Published 1534 days ago

I am in a good mood. Why am I in a good mood? I do not know.. But I am. And thus I am well set to be beastly to everybody but I think that I have just managed a whole podcast without swearing. Let's put that down as a first but not a precedent. On this edition I discuss oil prices and Max Petroleum, Afren, Igas and Gulf Keystone. What does blood on the streets mean for this sector. I look at Scholium, Oracle Coalfields and also why I am right to be bearish and Comrade Malcolm Stacey is wrong to be bullish about equities.

Made a Killing on the Fiery Footsie? Here’s What You Should Do Now.

Published 1534 days ago

Hello Share Plinkers. It's absolutely freezing around here. And there's an icy blast thrusting through this ancient house, which makes it even chillier.

The Joy of Notching Up New Record Highs.

Published 1537 days ago

Hello Share Codgers. Probably the best way to tell if your favourite shares are going to do even better in the future is when they burst through their 12-month highs.

Why Diageo and Wetherspoon Might be Right for Your Portfolio – Despite what Tom Thinks.

Published 1538 days ago

Hello Share Changers. My recent support for a couple of big British firms has been criticised by Uncle Tom this week

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast: The Footsie is "flying" - Malcolm Stacey is 'avin a bubble

Published 1539 days ago

My esteemed colleague comrade Malcolm Stacey is nothing if not consistent. The great Money Tree worshipper is perennially bullish and once again that is his message today (HERE). But is the Footsie "flying?" I compare it to a 1916 Wisden and it is clearly not. And I point out why even if it breaches 7,000 there is every reason to be bearish rather than bullish.

The Footsie Flies Again – You Lucky People!

Published 1539 days ago

Hello Share Sweepers. As previously predicted by this old codger, the bull market is well and truly on track again. So far none of my detractors has acknowledged defeat, but when the old Footsie target of just short of 7,000 is breached, I expect some concessions on that front.

A Sheaf of Super Signals for Shares that will Soon Shine.

Published 1540 days ago

Hello Share Chirpers. Let's have a look at the ideal company to invest in – one that ticks all the boxes.

You Don't Like My Wetherspoon Tip? Well, You Might Be Wrong.

Published 1541 days ago

Hello Share Swingers.There was a ripple of scepticism when I wrote in my modest column that I thought Wetherspoon (JDW), Britain's biggest high street pub chain, was worth a little look.

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast - what is cheap and what is a trading statement?

Published 1543 days ago

It seems that I disagree with Comrade Malcolm Stacey once again as I discuss whether a stock on a PE of 22 (Diageo or JD Wetherspoon) can be desribed as cheap. I then discuss what should be in a trading statement looking at Foxtons, Blur and Outsourcery - run by the ghastly Piers Linney - and what this says about shares in all three.

Want a Tasty Share? Dip Into J D Wetherspoon

Published 1543 days ago

Hello Share Shovers. It's not often I bring to your attention a share which I don't own. I think its only fair that if I advocate a stock, then I ought to have previously put my dosh where my gob is.

Yo Ho Ho, Captain Morgan's Diageo is a Timber-Shivering Treasure Chest.

Published 1544 days ago

Hello Share Fans. There is a mighty purveyor of drinkipoos based in the UK which is well worth putting money into. Perhaps not for the in-and-out trader, but almost certainly for the longer term.

Is This the Most Reliable Share-Picking Method Ever?

Published 1545 days ago

Hello Share Plinkers. What is the most reliable way of telling if a company will keep on piling on share value and doling out ever fatter dividends? Wouldn't you like to know? Well, we all would.

Tom Winnifrith BearCast - Disagreeing strongly with Chris Oil & Malcolm Stacey

Published 1546 days ago

This website is about debate. You can respect or even like your colleagues and I am a massive admirer of Malcolm Stacey for the record. But you have to tell your friends when they are wrong. The way that Chris Oil looks at Flybe (HERE) is wrong and comrade Malcolm's comments on Greece and the Euro today (HERE) are wrong at every single level. I explain why in this podcast.

Some Super Shares to Choose in the Election Countdown.

Published 1547 days ago

Hello Share Scramblers. The general election is creeping up on us like a fog around Dracula's castle. As a result we can expect some turbulent days for the old share prices.

My Blooming Big BG Bungle – and How To Avoid Similar Disasters.

Published 1548 days ago

Hello Share Truckers. One of my biggest ever killings came about by my having hardly any work to do. It was the amazing rise and rise of British Gas.

That Greek Election Will Boost Your Shares, Not Shave Them.

Published 1551 days ago

Hello Share Shiners. There's a lot of worry among UK share shifters about the way the Greek elections on Sunday will go.

How to Make Money Out of Shares You Know Little About. Ref: IQE

Published 1553 days ago

Hello Share Smackers. As I write this modest little column, my IQE (IQE) shares have leapt on the day by 12%. This is jolly good because I've been ambivalent about this investment.

It's Great Being the Only Bull in Town

Published 1554 days ago

Hello Share Bashers. It's rather nice being the only bull around this strapping website. Because when the Footsie rockets through the old 6,900 barrier later this year, I won't have to share the credit for being right with anyone.

Impellam – I can’t agree with Malcolm Stacey (again)

Published 1555 days ago

Like most of my family, Malcolm Stacey has a range of daft lefty opinions which see us disagree on a number of matters. He is a top bloke and we agree on a lot (busting financial fraud, immigration, etc), but I still have images of him sitting in Wales kneeling in prayer to the Money Tree and that brings us to Impellam (IPEL) which he wrote about on Saturday and where we half agree.

Why Deflation Menaces Share Prices and How to Avoid the Dire Consequences.

Published 1555 days ago

We are facing deflation in the UK. At the moment, the rate of inflation keeps on kicking in below the Bank of England's target of 2%. It's now not expected to exceed that barrier until 2017 at the earliest.

Good Job Prospects Impel You to Consider Impellam

Published 1557 days ago

Hello Share Followers. Happily, the number of people in work is rising in the UK. Nearly every time the official figures are announced, it seems to take journos by surprise that there really are more work opportunities flying around.

Time to Swap Out of Low Dividend-Payers into Some Bigger Hitters.

Published 1558 days ago

Hello Share Spinners. With shares in such an iffy state at the moment, it's time we looked at how they pay their way in another important area than just watching their values grow.

Don’t Chew the Carpet – The Sun Will Soon Put on its Hat Again

Published 1559 days ago

Hello Stock Trundlers. Yes, it's a stodgy old time in the share market swamp. Even the companies in the most fashionable areas are no longer seeing reasonable gains.

Why Do Share Shifters Like Us Get Such a Raw Deal?

Published 1560 days ago

Hello Share Choosers. As I've been completing my tax form. I've been wondering why share fans like us get such a raw deal from all quarters.

The Only Reason I like Sport is that It's Boosted BT.

Published 1561 days ago

Hello Share Bouncers. A wedding guest once asked me for an opinion on a football game. When I said I couldn't give a fig for sport, he asked incredulously 'But what do you do with your spare time!'

Shun Europe and Hit the American Connection.

Published 1562 days ago

Hello Share Poppers. I am steering clear of all shares with heavy business links to the rest of Europe.

Strategies for making money from shares

Published 1563 days ago

There are some who frown on the concept of a 'system’ when used in relation to share investment. It smacks too much of gambling. Racing fans and roulette players use systems. Analysts and other posh people in the City use strategies. Here then are a few investment strategies which have proved to be heartily robust although of course nobody can speak for the future.

Special Shares

Published 1564 days ago

In a fair world shares in companies would steadfastly ascend if their earnings improved year after year. But some lucky firms attract more investment than their profit-and-loss accounts deserve, because of the sort of things they make or services they provide. These fortunates may be worth investing in because of their 'hidden assets'. As we'll see, some of their attractions wouldn't be at all alluring if we lived in a sane world. 

Share Prices Stabilise – Now Look for Big Gains.

Published 1565 days ago

Hello Share Swizzlers. In the new year, shares took an alarming lurch into the red abyss. Did this bother me? Not a bit.

Sell Your Shares in the Rag Trade – It's Likely to Wear Out.

Published 1566 days ago

Hello Share Shakers. Up-to-the minute research suggests that developing most cancers is a matter of bad luck, rather than lifestyle or diet.

Don't Rely on History – Move Back to the Future.

Published 1567 days ago

Hello Share Streamers. While I am not totally dismissive of the chartists, I do have a few reservations about their ability to predict share success.

Support the Tool Hire Firm that Knows the Drill.

Published 1568 days ago

Hello Share Funsters. At the risk of boring you so early in 2015, I'm returning to my drum banging for Ashtead (AHT).

Tom Versus Mark – And What this Dustup Shows Us.

Published 1569 days ago

Hello Share Shakers. You are probably being entertained by the current up-and -downer on this scrumptious website between Uncle Tom and my fellow scribbler Mark Howitt.

Why the Punter's Return Celebrates Tonight.

Published 1571 days ago

Hello Share Treaders. The year 2014 ended with the Footsie lower than it was at the start. How disappointing is that? Especially as we were always being told that the bull market was about to come crashing down.

Here Are Your New Year Resolutions for 2015.

Published 1572 days ago

Hello Share Peddlars. It's that time when we make New Year Resolutions. They make jolly good tools for imposing a bit of discipline on our share dealings.

As Britons Slump Before the Telly, Canny Share Shifters Could Look at ITV.

Published 1574 days ago

Hello Share Swampers. It can't have escaped your notice that the population seems to be getting dozier. There are people who watch television for eight hours a day.

Cash in on a Company which Brings Power to the People.

Published 1575 days ago

Hello Share Twiddlers. When I first bought into United Utilities (UU.) energy and water prices were uncontrolled and rising. Therefore, this electricity and water supplier for the North West of England seemed to be a double golden egg – it was making a profits and, being an arch-defensive share, seemed fairly safe.

Malcolm Stacey’s Share Tip of the Year Number 2 – Buy Zytronic at 302p

Published 1579 days ago

I always like a niche company. A niche you'll remember is a useful hole in a wall. The niche is useful, yet is small and discreet enough to be overlooked.

Malcolm Stacey’s Share Tip of the Year Number 1: Buy Lloyds Banking Group at 77p

Published 1580 days ago

Lloyds (LLOY) is a bank which deserves a better share price. Its shares reached 86p in 2014, which was a huge improvement on its best performance in the year before.

Don’t Forget the True Meaning of Christmas – as Shares Set to Soar.

Published 1581 days ago

Hello Festive Frolickers. We have a Christmas Card competition in our house. The best ones are put on a shelf and judged. Sad isn't it?

A Quindell Christmas Carol …part one

Published 1581 days ago

It was the night before Christmas and all was still at the Country Club, Rob Terry called home. The great man himself had decided to call it a day early and was lying (as is his wont) on his enormous four poster bed. Young Mrs Terry had said that she was going out with girlfriends To S.Daddy, a new nightclub in Southampton and so Rob’s only companions were his two faithful poodles Canakos and Cencord who lay snoring at the foot of his bed.

There's Still Time to Cash in on Christmas Factor Winners.

Published 1582 days ago

Hello Share Mince Pie Munchers. They say there is not much that is predictable in the crazy world of shares. Otherwise , we would all be millionaires, right?

I’m Dreaming of a Right Christmas for Tesco.

Published 1583 days ago

Hello Share Babes. I don't know what I would have done without Tesco (TSCO) this Christmas. Well, maybe that's a bit of an exaggeration. But it certainly beat most firms I've dealt with so far this Yuletide for super service.

Two Christmas Footsie Favourites that Will Sparkle This Year.

Published 1585 days ago

Hello Share Sorters. There are two companies in my bag which are almost certainly going to do better others this Christmas.

A Bumper Christmas Pressie for Takers of My 2014 Tip Fortune Oil.

Published 1586 days ago

Hello Gang. It's nice to be able to benefit from a bit of good news these days. But my rather large – most would have said too large – holding in Fortune Oil (FTO) has paid off.

Try BT, and BP - Or Keep Your Christmas Cash Till January 15th.

Published 1587 days ago

Hello Share Moochers. There's little guidance I can offer at the moment in the great game of share dealing

Why the Time Might Be Ripe to Bite Into Oily Giants like BP and Shell

Published 1588 days ago

Hello Share Pushers. I know for a fact that you are probably stuck with a load of oil shares. I know I am. Like banks in the olden days, we were under the illusion that we are safe with oil. This was for one overriding reason – that so many things depend on it.

Want to Make More Dosh on Shares? -Avoid Plonkers and Stop Eating Junk.

Published 1589 days ago

Hello Share Muddlers. The old Stockmarket is still stodgy. But this is not the time to sell shares, in my humble opinion. As I've tried to say before recently, the reasons for the slowdown are not very good ones.

Baby, It's Not So Cold Outside as Even Oil Shares Will Warm Up.

Published 1590 days ago

Howdy Share Cowboys. This is a disruptive time of the year, gang. I don't have to tell you that most minds are on other things than their humdrum day job.

Tom Winnifrith BearCast 14 December -Santa rally is hogwash, shares are going down

Published 1591 days ago

I wish no offence to those who believe in Santa (rallies) such as comrade Stacey not to those young whippersnappers such as Mark Howitt who see every sell off as a buying opportunity. But I have been warning for months that UK Equities were simply overvalued and that remains the case. Their advice to buy on the dips and not on the dips has been flawed. I am vindicated and I shall be more vindicated and so today I explain why shares (FTSE 100 down to AIM) are not for buying just yet.

Shares Will Soon Be Riding Up Santa Claus Lane.

Published 1592 days ago

Hello Share Tweakers. So shares aren't doing too well at the mo. All those of us who expected a Santa rally to squeeze in before December 25th have so far been disappointed. We got an early Yuletide splurge, but it wasn't much of a fillip was it?

Three King Sectors Which Aren't Currently Bringing Gifts.

Published 1593 days ago

Hello Share Monkeys. I have three kinds of shares which are not doing at all well at the moment.

I'm in the Money - with Great News on Ashtead Wednesday.!

Published 1594 days ago

Hello Share Tweakers. I am a happy bunny at the mo – despite a turbulent week on the stock market. This is because a blue chip I quite often thrust under your nose has beaten even my high expectations and has rattled up another 10%.

Watch Out for Sell-By Dates, Christmas and Nutty Behaviour.

Published 1595 days ago

Hello Share Freaks. One of the jolly benefits of the Santa Rally is that it provides a bit of excitement when real corporate activity is in a down period.

Upstairs, Downstairs Go the Big Dealers.

Published 1596 days ago

Hello Share Funsters. There is a definite pattern to the path of British shares at the moment. It’s a long time since I’ve known their behaviour to be so precise. 

Don't Knock Immigrants – They're boosting Your Shares

Published 1597 days ago

Hello Share Winners. There is a lot of worry about immigrants coming to Britain. It's helping UKIP to do well in by-elections and in the polls.

Whether Tis Nobler in the Mind to Choose BT or Not BT

Published 1599 days ago

Hello share varlets. BT (BT.A), or British Telecom as I continue to call it, is a very ambitious company. Consequently it has a very exciting share.

Hate to Brag, But All My Recent Picks Are Rattling Up.

Published 1600 days ago

Hello Share Shunters. I'm doing my Christmas cards. This is no quick task as I like to put news letters in each one. And none of these poxy Round Robins for everyone, either

Maybe Time For a Punt in the House of the Rising Sun

Published 1602 days ago

Hello Share Samurai. There's a growing case for turning Japanese. I mean in the buying of Oriental shares.

Buying Shares which Fall Is No Reason to Beat Yourself Up

Published 1603 days ago

Hello Share Bunnies. If you make a mistake in Shareland and buy when you should have sold, it was not your fault. You must realise this – and be happy

Santa Claus is Coming to Town – and So Are Higher Share Prices (For These Companies).

Published 1604 days ago

Hello Share Rockers. It's only 24 days to go now, gang. And we are now seeing, at last, the fabled Santa Rally. Will it keep on going? You bet it will. The Footsie will probably not slow down until the New Year, except for the odd mini correction for the sake of good taste.

No Big Disasters, So Expect Insurance Giants to Soar.

Published 1606 days ago

Hello Share Squashers. You may not have noticed, as we only hear on the news of terrible disasters, that the planet has been a pretty quiet place as far as wholesale catastrophes are concerned.

Why I've Tempered my View on Tesco.

Published 1607 days ago

Hello Share Shooters. When I said we might have another go at Tesco (TSCO) recently, there was a volley of opposition among the comments which followed. Hardly anybody agreed that it was worth giving the supermarket giant another chance.

Shares Rise with Populations – and that's Zipper for Share Shifters Like Us.

Published 1608 days ago

Hello Share Shakers: There are writers on this spiffing website who poke fun at me for being a bull. They say that I'm wrong to believe the pre-Christmas Footsie has any more upward life in it

Ashtead Share Price Keeps On Building

Published 1609 days ago

Hello Share Shufflers. Let's take another peek at one of my all-time great shares. The company hires out building and industrial tools and gear and, though it's a British firm, it does a lot of business in the currently buoyant USA.

The Big Emotional Tug of War Which Spells Share Success.

Published 1610 days ago

Hello Share Swappers. There are two ogres stalking Shareland. And they are both big - very big.

Let's Go Tesco Again.

Published 1611 days ago

Hello Share Punchers: Let me go out on a controversial limb and suggest you look at 95-year-old Tesco (TSCO) once more.

Here's the Best Time of the Day or Week to Sell Shares

Published 1614 days ago

Hello stock churners. The optimum time to sell a share, any share, is... any time at all. Now, there are many share pluckers who cannot sell a share until the last minute of the trading day. They begin by thinking they'll sell their shares early on. But then the price moves against them and they dither, hoping for an improvement.

Lloyds May Now Be the Best Bank on which to Risk Your Cash.

Published 1615 days ago

Hello Share Mashers. Each time I do a piece about Lloyds Group (LLOY) it shoots to near the top of the Shareprophets 'most read' list.

How to Fight Off the Libel Lawyers

Published 1616 days ago

Hello share shovers. I confess to being a little out of the loop at pres. This is due to my having made a 250 mile odyssey to congratulate in person our fast becoming famous Uncle Tom on his latest successes on the standard of a few firms on the Aim market.

The Christmas Share Charge May Be Late – But the Sleigh is Revving Up

Published 1618 days ago

Hello Share Crunchers. Well, the Santa Rally – where shares pound ahead at Christmas time – has trundled away to a rather slow start. In fact, when tradition dictated that stocks would gallop ahead around Guy Fawkes night, the Footsie decided to be a damp squib.

The Footsie Ain't that Stodgy – and You Can Still Make a Killing.

Published 1620 days ago

Hello Share Peddlars. Trading shares is a funny old business. Sometimes, I am well up on my dealing activities. And at other times, I go around kicking the kids because the old stocks are, well, in the stocks.

Insurance Shares Are a Good Bet – But Which Ones to Choose?

Published 1621 days ago

Hello Share Trundlers. My main current reason for buying shares in insurance companies is that they are set fair to take advantage of the ever-improving financial situation, following the now long-gone credit crunch of 2007/8.

Why Don't You Boldly Go – with Inmarsat.

Published 1622 days ago

Hello Share Swogglers. Have you noticed how much interest there is in space travel at the mo?

As the Toffs Get Richer - So do Share Shifters Like Us

Published 1623 days ago

Hello Share Folk. Did you see the blockbuster programme on the telly this week that showed the wealthy getting richer and the poor not so?

This Website is Not for Your Entertainment. We Want to Make You Rich

Published 1624 days ago

.Hello Share Shunters. There is always a welter of critical items on this fine website. Unlike most financial sites, there is not an over-arching bias to praising companies to the skies.

All This Talk About a Share Melt-Down is Cobblers.

Published 1625 days ago

Hello Share Swirlers. There is the usual pessimistic mood infesting the great world of share trading. A dreary November doesn't help.

Seizing the Moment

Published 1625 days ago

Even in its quietest periods there is always something happening in the stockmarket. Scandals, mergers, take-over bids (real or rumoured) and new flotations are ready to break up the tedium when shares are neither rising nor falling. And a nimble-witted investor can profit from almost any of these situations - if she jumps the right way. Here are some typical market 'stories’ with advice on how you may be able to exploit them. 

Fancy Emerging Markets? – Look at City of London Investment Group.

Published 1627 days ago

Hello Share Polishers: The City of London Investment Group (CLIG) handles investment funds not just in the capital of the Britain, but in various 'emerging' parts of the world.

Keep Your Noses Out Of Our Banks.

Published 1628 days ago

Hello share twisters. The government is interfering with our banks again. They've launched yet another threat to the very fragile share prices of these very necessary institutions.

Marks and Sparks Soar by 9% - But I'm Not Buying 'Em Back.

Published 1629 days ago

Hello Share Twiddlers. Marks and Sparks (MKS) is a traditional British share I bagged almost the first day I started trading shares. And that was at the time of the Big Bang in 1987.

Time to Drink at the Diageo Christmas Party.

Published 1630 days ago

Hello Share Swogglers. Obvious saying of the week: there are some businesses which do a lot better at Christmas.

Hang onto Your Shares - Until Christmas at Least.

Published 1631 days ago

Hello Share Scramblers. Shares have had a hard time recently. I fear I'm presently about 5% down on my total equity bag, and I think this is about average.

Shares in International Consolidated Airlines Group Should Take Off on Soaring Profits

Published 1632 days ago

Hello Share Shapers. When British Airways attracted Spaniards a few years ago and became International Consolidated Airlines Group (IAG), I kind of lost track of my holding.

Stop Losses & Readies at the Ready

Published 1633 days ago

Stop Losses are the opposite of high targets. You decide, when buying a share, exactly how much you're prepared to see it fall in value before you let go. This is your 'stop loss'. When it reaches that level, you don't wait for a possible bounce-back, you act firmly, take your money and run. Stop losses prevent you fretting too much if things start to go wrong. It's not entirely foolproof as the company in question could be suspended unexpectedly on the Stock Exchange before your low point is reached.

A Much-Loved Guide Dog May Be a Good Omen for RBS

Published 1634 days ago

Hello Share Scrunchers. I read in my paper that a woman who bent down to kiss her guide dog good night, and banged her bonce on a coffee table, can now see again. How’s that for a rare good news story!

Need Some Fast Cash? Here's What Shares to Sell.

Published 1635 days ago

Hello Share Plinkers. Many of my colleagues on this website, led by Uncle Tom, put the knife into companies. That is brilliant. Because you will have found, I'm sure, that most commentators on other sites extol shares to high heaven.

National Grid Shares Are Set to Power Even Further Ahead.

Published 1636 days ago

Hello Share Mixers. It's worth looking at the National Grid (NG.) I posit this happy view because there was a lot of talk this week about Britain facing big black-outs in the future, because of a shortage of working power stations.

Sorry, Smiths Group – It Was All a Big Conking Mistake.

Published 1637 days ago

Hello Share Shapers. They say that it's the payment of dividends, rather than striking it lucky occasionally, that leads to making real money on the Stock Exchange.

More Bad News for Bank Share Fans.

Published 1638 days ago

Hello Share Pickers. So the all the big British banks passed the big stress test of the European Banking Authority. That's jolly good isn't it?

Niche to See You, to See You Niche.

Published 1641 days ago

Hello Share Rattlers. Look around for nice niche companies. What are they? The clue is in the word. A niche is a small inset into a wall. The sort of place where you might put a suit of armour in a castle hall.

Beware of Dragons, Moon Monsters, Vampires and Rising Debt.

Published 1642 days ago

Hello Share Strimmers. My mother always told me ‘If you haven’t got the money, you can’t have it.’ When I was in a pre-Beatles rock ‘n’ roll group, my dad marched me back to the shop to hand back a Clavioline ( an early keyboard) which I’d bought ‘on the never.’

Why My Ethical Investing Article Wasn’t Rubbish.

Published 1643 days ago

Hello Share Peddlars. Now that I‘ve returned from hectic Berlin with time to think about it, I must reply to Uncle Tom Winnifrith’s description of my original piece on ethical investing as ‘Tommy Rot’.

How to Make Money on a Cool Yule

Published 1645 days ago

Hello Share Shakers. Christmas comes earlier every year. My Tesco branch has been selling mince pieces for weeks now. Xmas cards have been in charity shops since August. Unforgivable!

Penny Shares – Penny Dreadfuls?

Published 1646 days ago

Beginners think these are equities priced at one penny each. That’s been known. But it simply means a cheap share, priced at less than 80p. They usually belong to companies which have skated on thin ice and haven't yet found a ladder to escape the pond. Some analysts scathingly refer to them as 'penny dreadfuls’.

Why is a Company like a Balloon?

Published 1648 days ago

Why is a company like a balloon? Because it can go bang. Well, yes, but there's another answer. It's easier to make a small firm grow in size than it is to inflate a giant company which has already been puffed up nearly to its limits. 

Looking at Fallen Angels

Published 1649 days ago

The following tip has been confided in me by many successful investors and comes highly recommended. Fallen angels are big companies which have stumbled on rocky ground. Their share values have behaved like a stone in a well after bad news, a profit warning say, and have continued to plummet. They're well worth watching for signs of a recovery. Because after a year or two in the doldrums, fallen angels can shoot skywards again in a spectacular way.

Be Different - when to buy shares

Published 1649 days ago

Ineffectual investors follow the herd. The crowd may be right some of the time, as they're all following the same obvious pointers to success. But if everybody is correct about a situation, and puts their mouth where everybody else's is, profits won't be worth hollering about. 

Maybe its Time to Dump Minnows and Choose Whales.

Published 1650 days ago

Hello Share Kickers. Aim gets a lot of stick on this sumptuous website and often rightly so. When you relax the rules and don't insist on the higher standards of the higher market that is what's going to happen.

Why the ethical investing of Malcolm Stacey is so much tummy rot - I cite Wilberforce

Published 1652 days ago

One of the highlights of my 2013 was Malcolm Stacey’s departure from the Evil Empire and arrival here at ShareProphets and a great memory of 2014 was the day we spent together around the time of the UK Investor Show. Malcolm really is one of the nicest and most decent guys in the world of shares. But what he has written today I fundamentally disagree with – as Malcolm well knows!

Let’s Get Ethical - I know Tom Winnifrith disagrees with me on this!

Published 1652 days ago

Hello Share Pushers. Let’s take a look at ethical investing. I have not led a blameless life. There are people who really dislike whom I used to be. And thinking back I can’t blame them.

How to Cash In on the Typical Path of a Cheapo Share on Heat

Published 1653 days ago

Howdy Share Fans. There are lots of crucial choices we have to make as share shifters. All of them are brain-hurters. Perhaps the worst of them is: how long should we hang on to a penny share, which has just stormed into life?

As Longfellow said ‘Into Each Life Some Rain Must fall’.

Published 1655 days ago

Hello Share Gang. Gosh, it’s dispiriting when your shares, which were once doing so well, start to decay in value. This is happening to me at the mo and it can put a damp blanket on your whole life. But we are wrong to let falling shares get us down. Here are a few reasons why.

Why I’m a Tesco Kid.

Published 1655 days ago

Hello Share Casters. Tesco (TSCO) shares are under a cloud at the mo having toppled miserably on some questions about their figures. Even before that, the shares had fallen a long way, due to some not very successful operations abroad and a nasty supermarket price war here.

Tales of the Unexpected Can Make You Jump the Moon.

Published 1657 days ago

Hello Share Manglers. In Shareland we can expect the unexpected. This is annoying. If everything turned out as we had hoped (or feared) we would have a much less worrying time of it.But then again, nobody would make any money because we would all do what the next punter did - and so returns would be small.

Advanced Oncotherapy is On the Upward Move Again

Published 1659 days ago

Hello Share Movers. I have called your attention more than once to a firm called Advanced Oncotherapy (AVO). It is using the technology based on the Hadron Collider to develop a cancer treatment that is much cheaper and less bulky than older machines.

Yankee Candle Will Keep UK Shares Hot.

Published 1659 days ago

Hello Stock Pickers. Last week was poor for shares with the Footsie falling about 120 points in all. Even a last-minute rally on Friday did nothing to help that sad fact.

Change of broker on the AIM Casino means Placing Ahoy – ref Tertiary Minerals and others

Published 1660 days ago

I do not wish to make this about Tertiary Minerals (TYM) on its own as that will prompt Malcolm Stacey and Comrade Wildrides to issue a fatwa against me. But it rather illustrates a point about just how the AIM Casino works. 

An Investment to Last? – Look for a Low P/E and Rising Divis.

Published 1662 days ago

Hello Stock Riflers. I guess most share shifters who tune into this fabulous website are short or mid term punters. I'm mostly a momentum trader which means some of my trades are very short indeed. You can't afford to stay with a stock too long when you haven''t done deep research, but are instead relying on the fact that the share is moving upwards now - and could continue to do so for the next few days.

Is Diageo on the Cusp of a Big Share Bender?

Published 1663 days ago

Hello Share Tipplers. The big drinks firm Diageo (DGE) has had a dream rise to fame and fortune. But all that stopped about a year ago.

Wild Rides Rides Again - with Tertiary Minerals.

Published 1664 days ago

Hello Share Shunters. Dedicated ShareProphets poster Wild Rides is a very wise and - judging by his frequent posts on this merry website - a very experienced share shifter. He and I are occasional investors in a penny share outfit which goes up and down like a yo-yo some of the time.

Go Man Go as Growth Gallops Yet Again.

Published 1664 days ago

Hello Share Shakers. I was one of the few saying that growth would go on rising faster than expected in the UK. I started about a year ago when it was clear that GDP was on the mend finally – after the nasty credit crunch of 2007-8.

Keep an Eye on the Blues and Reds.

Published 1665 days ago

Hello Share Funsters. You can’t easily tell on the day if a share will go up or down. Yes, it will probably rise with the tide of a Footsie that is going up or come down the same way. But that only really applies to giant or medium cap shares.

How Those Wily Americans Are Proving Me Wrong.

Published 1667 days ago

Hello Share Dabblers. I think I may have spoken too soon when a said not that long ago that the USA was losing its grip on the world economy.

Oil May Not Be Well In Shareland.

Published 1669 days ago

Hello Share Mates. I’m beginning to regret holding so many shares in the big oil companies – like BP (BP.) Royal Dutch Shell (RDSA) BG (BG.) Tullow Oil (TLW) et al

Gallumping Giants Can Be Just as Shaky.

Published 1672 days ago

Just when I thought it was safe to get back into the Tesco  (TSCO) water, another big whammy hits the supermarket chain. The latest is, of course, a massive set-back.

A Ray of Sunshine in a Darkening Sky.

Published 1673 days ago

Hello share twisters:  As you know, most of the articles on this mind-blowing website, are presently in the negative vein. This is a marvellous thing, as most other financial websites carry glowing reports on all kinds of shares. Who knows what vested interests might be at work in some of these sparkling write-ups.

Forget the Doctor’s Dilemma – It’s Share Folk who Face Really Fetid Choices.

Published 1673 days ago

Hello Share Binders: There are lots of dilemmas that we have to address in Shareland. And in this heady environment, we realise that the wrong decision could cost us thousands of pounds.

The Highlands, the Lowands and Braw Bricht Penny Shares.

Published 1676 days ago

Hello Share Laddies and Lasses. Well, it’s been an exciting week on the old share front and no mistake! Personally, I had a few penny shares hit the gravy trail, after months of waiting. I expect you had some cheap winners, too.

The Magic Maths of Penny Shares.

Published 1677 days ago

Hello Share twitchers. I love trading penny shares. In and out, in and out, that’s the way to do it. Of course, the normally big spreads are a nuisance. But the rewards when a penny hits the red hot trail can be stunning.

Hoots Mon – Don’t Forget Your Auld Acquaintance in #Indyref

Published 1678 days ago

Hello Share Snatchers: I’ve called my bookie to bet on a ‘no’ vote for the big Scottish referendum. So you see I am biased.

Scots Will Take the ‘No’ Road – and Share Prices Will Rocket Through the Rye.

Published 1681 days ago

Hello Share Twiddlers. Patriotism can be a dangerous thing. I don’t altogether agree with it. But watching ‘The Last Night of the Proms’ at the weekend, I was struck by the pure fun people were having singing Rule Britannia. It was also uplifting to see all those Union Jacks being waved at the same time as Welsh dragons and Scottish flags.

ShareProphets Readers do not see stockmarket crash until 2015 or later – 36% see crash in 2014

Published 1682 days ago

Well you are a bullish lot are you not? It seems as if you are largely in agreement with our resident optimist Malcolm Stacey, in not foreseeing a stockmarket correction any time soon. I personally expect one within weeks if not months as I explained in my video postcard last weekend HERE. In our poll last week we asked when you expected a correction of 10% or more. And you said:

So My Building Hopes Came to Pass – You Lucky People.

Published 1683 days ago

Hello Share Totters.  When I said a month or two ago that British housebuilding firms were a good investment, I did not realise how right I was going to be.

Your Shares and the Greatest Thinkers of All Time.

Published 1684 days ago

Hello Share Pickers. Might I have your permission to be really heavy – and talk about some serious philosophical arguments which have a bearing on your shares.

Why our American Dream Might Sour.

Published 1686 days ago

Hello Share Shiners. It is exceptionally galling to me that my wife’s portfolio is doing better than mine. I would like to report that this is a temporary situation, but it ain’t really. She’s been ahead for about a year.

Anybody Ready for a Photo Opportunity?

Published 1687 days ago

Hello Share Pals: You may have heard me go on about a feisty firm called Photome (PHTM) before. They operate those Tardis-like thingies, which you find in post offices and railway stations. Lots of other places, too, these days. And they do other photographic stuff as well.

Don’t Panic, Capt. Mainwaring, When Directors Dump Their Shares.

Published 1688 days ago

Hello Fellow Dabblers: Be careful of taking director dealings too seriously. I know it doesn’t give us a very secure feeling when we see that the director of a firm has sold a bag of shares.

Reader Poll – when will the stockmarket suffer a crash? I think soon!

Published 1689 days ago

In my weekend editorial on my Nifty Fifty website I will be explaining why I think that the stockmarket is likely to suffer a correction of 10-20% before Christmas. Others disagree – comrade Malcolm Stacey reckons that no such crash is on the cards. What do you think?

The Seller’s Golden Rule – Never Look Back.

Published 1690 days ago

Once I sell a share, I try not to look back to check the share price. If I do, I usually regret it. You can bet your granny to a penny that once a share is sold the price will rise. You’ll feel left behind.

There's Oil Still To Play For with BP

Published 1691 days ago

Hello Share Totters. So BP (BP) runs against a US judge who says it has been negligent in that nasty oil leak in the Gulf of Mexico. The shares dropped nearly 6% on the news. Great – as I have a big holding in this British set-up! I don't know, the whole Footsie is rising like a lolly pop stick in a cloudburst – and I am still down today because of one American judge.

ShareProphets Readers Back Malcolm Stacey NOT Tom Winnifrith on house prices – they are bullish

Published 1691 days ago

Every year back in the 1980s and 1990s the esteemed brokerage house of Wood Mac would poll institutional investors in oil stocks on where they thought oil prices were heading. The result was always the same. The consensus was that the next 12 months would be the same as the past 12 months. Maybe how that is how the human mind works. And perhaps that is why ShareProphets readers this weekend said that they were bullish on house prices. Or perhaps it is just that they like Malcolm Stacey (a bull) more than TW (a bear).

You're All Making Me Nervous.

Published 1692 days ago

Hello Share Sharpers: The Footsie is doing so well that even I'm getting nervous. I've been saying for about six months now that UK shares are largely undervalued. A lot of very distinguished analysts, including Uncle Tom and others on this stupendous website take the opposite view.

Even Magic Shares Sometimes Hit the Fan.

Published 1693 days ago

The British weather in totally unpredictable. Every forecast for my neck of the woods seems to be widely out. But if the weather is hard to fathom the stock market is even more so.

Shares Will Beat the Old Footsie Record before Christmas – I Think.

Published 1694 days ago

Hello Share Shovellers: There is no let-up to the stream of anti-share sentiment on our beloved website. Everywhere I read doom and gloom pronouncements on the over-valuation of stocks in Blighty and indeed, the rest of the world. And yet the Footsie keeps on rising. Well, well, well what a surprise.

Feel-Good Medical Shares Could Hit Higher Temperatures.

Published 1695 days ago

Hello Share Collectors: There is a growing case for investing in companies, which sell or look for medical cures. I think the big British pharma companies are undervalued and worth a punt.

Saturday Reader Poll – Soaring House Prices what next – boom or bust?

Published 1696 days ago

According to the Nationwide the average UK house is now worth £186,036 – an increase of 18% during the past year.  Some like Malcolm Stacey see further increases due to lack of supply. Tom Winnifrith reckons that affordability ratios look stretched and that when interest rates rise many over-extended owners will be in trouble. What do you think?

Signet is not Spelt with a C and it's not a dying swan.

Published 1697 days ago

Hello Share Players; What's the biggest jewellery chain in the UK? Signet (SIG). And in the USA? Signet. And in Canada? Signet. I've recommended this glittering share before, having seen my initial investment rocket. But the success tram keeps on rolling up the high street.

A Tale of Two Checkouts – And I Choose Morrisons

Published 1697 days ago

Hello Share Swingers: Generally speaking, I hold no truck with silly supermarket shares. Firstly, they are boring. They go up a bit, the come down and then regain their old value. But they never seem to get anywhere.

Ashtead Shares Keep Building – and the Party Is Just Beginning.

Published 1699 days ago

Hello Share Grinders: Ashtead (AHT) is a go-ahead company which hires out tools and bigger gear to the building industry.What they supply will always be in demand because this kind of thing is pricey and builders, who often can only keep going by taking big loans, like to keep their costs down. Hiring the heavy stuff is a good way of doing it.

British Shares Overvalued? Do Me a Favour.

Published 1700 days ago

Hello Share Pickers: The bears among us outnumber the bulls. Everyone, it seems, expects shares to fall in value. One of the growling grizzlies' most pressing arguments is that American shares are over-valued. Well, so what? Don't buy them. And sell any that you have.

Exploit the Big Booze Binge with Diageo.

Published 1701 days ago

Hello Share Swingers: I live next door to a block of holiday flats. I'm amazed by the number of empty bottles they put out for recycling. Only two or three families knock back enough wine to fill the cellars of a big restaurant, as far as I can see.

Expect a Flurry of Share-Boosting Take-Overs, but Not Yet.

Published 1703 days ago

Hello Share Smackers: You don't often get merger and take-over talk at this time of year. The big cheeses of companies are too busy taking their annual hols. It takes a lot to work to sort these things out. And before you make the big announcements, you have to have some complicated the press relations campaigns sorted out.

Try Impellam 1-2-3. The Jobs Train Is On the Move Again.

Published 1705 days ago

Hello Share Shunters: Let me see if I can interest you in a firm called Impellam Group (IPEL). They are in the job recruitment game. This was not a booming business in the long, dark period after the Credit Crunch. With no jobs going how could you make a crust when nobody was taking on anybody? But things are better now, with many more spare jobs, even if many of them are not paying quite as well as they used to.

Black Beauty Could Kick Your Portfolio into Life.

Published 1706 days ago

Hello Share Sharpers: Uncle Tom is showing his tremendous moral courage on this outstanding website yet again. Let’s all marvel at some of his forthright and detailed posts over the last few days. May I also exhibit a small show of bravery by drawing your attention once again to Lloyds Bank (LLOY). This is perhaps more foolhardy than courageous, though, as the beggars have let me down so often since the big crunch days of 2008.

Hang onto your Hat –the Summer Doldrums Soon Meets the Autumn Rush.

Published 1707 days ago

Hello Share Crunchers: It's not often I'm right. No shame in admitting that. We only have to be on the button 55% of the time to become very rich in the golden game. However, I have been lucky enough to be correct about the present mini recovery. If you had sold all your shares by following the sentiment of a bevy of bears on this outstanding website, you would sadly have lost a bag of money.

Let's Play Housey-Housey.

Published 1708 days ago

Hello Share Crashers: It is worth looking at house builders again. I think some of these companies will see a hefty rise in their share prices soon.Yes, I know that house prices have stabilised lately. In fact, the cost of London homes has just dipped. But surely we all expected that in the capital: property prices there were getting out of hand.

Europe in Another Mess – but Mario the Mighty Will Sort it Out.

Published 1709 days ago

Hello Share Chums: At the end of last week, the Footsie ended a brilliant day by rising by more than 50 points. Then the day's hike evaporated like dew in a forest fire. Why? Because there were some last minute jitters about that Russian convoy of lorries to the east of Ukraine.

What You've Always Wanted to Know About EPS – but Never Dared Ask?

Published 1711 days ago

Hello Share Meddlers: There are lots of little pointers we need to consider before buying or selling a share. Most of them are hard to get your head around.

The Kind of Company To Avoid Like Rattlers in a Bran Tub.

Published 1713 days ago

Hello Share Gang. Here is a gaggle of  firms I try hard not to invest in. I do not always stick to these omissions, but on the whole I manage to. I hope it's of some help to you in the difficult seas of buy and sell.

Get the Legal and General Eagle in Your Nest.

Published 1713 days ago

Hello Share Munchers: Insurance outfits have taken a pounding over recent months. Mostly, it's because the government said people could take cash sums out of their pensions when the time comes to retire. They expect people who've been saving all their working lives to take the opportunity to blow the lot on a new car, boat and so on. That's the way I read it, anyway.

Telly Giant Could Be Snapped Up – You Lucky People!

Published 1715 days ago

Hello Share Teamsters: That big independent telly firm ITV (ITV) has had a remarkable recovery. Over the last two years it has become more than a four bagger. That is because the Credit Crunch decimated the advertising industry. Who wants to advertise when nobody has the cash to buy anything? But now that growth is back, so is advertising.

I Agree with Warren Buffett – Falling Shares Mean Nothing.

Published 1715 days ago

Hello Share Fans: As so many excellent writers on here disagree with me that shares will soon rise, I feel duty bound to re-state the case for optimism. Don't believe half of what you read in the Press about shares. If you do you'll make enough wrong decisions to stop you making any real money at the golden game.

How to Make Money in Today's Stodgy StockMarket.

Published 1718 days ago

Hello Share Paddlers: Just because shares are generally falling – due to the summertime blues more than anything else – doesn't mean we cannot continue to make money.

Swap My Penny Share Hopefuls for Safer Giants? – Not Likely.

Published 1719 days ago

Hello Share Wafters: When shares fall there is a perception that we should sell before things get worse. Whenever I have tried this, my recently-sold stocks have staged a miraculous recovery.

Be Like Fred Astaire – and Do the Continental

Published 1720 days ago

Hello Share Curdlers: If you have been avoiding shares in other European countries you have made a big mistake. A lot of Continental companies are doing rather well. How do I know? Well, take a look at how some of the big funds which invest in only European shares have been doing for their clients.

Power to the People Giant Set to Energize Share Price.

Published 1721 days ago

Hello Share Pickers: Aggreko (AGK) has been a great share for me. But that was a few years ago. When the share price started to decay after a long healthy bull run, I dumped 'em. There is no loyalty in this black heart. Your best share in the whole wide world should be dropped when things start to go wrong. And they nearly always do, eventually.

Let’s Dare Try Bank Shares Again.

Published 1722 days ago

Hello Share Shakers: The banks have had a hard time of it. Yes, I know that's a kind way of putting it. No sooner do they overcome one set-back than the next one raises an ugly head. At the moment, the big worry is that some overbearing authority will bang in another ludicrously big fine.

Why Uncle Tom is Wrong in Saying I'm Wrong.

Published 1723 days ago

Though he put it more politely, Uncle Tom Winnifrith has written again to say that my view that shares will keep on rising is a lot of bull. Well, a bear should be able to recognise a bull in the big wide City.

10 Reasons to be bearish about shares & why Malcolm Stacey is wrong

Published 1724 days ago

Malcolm Stacey is a great man and one of the nicest guys in shares. But his bullishness about equity markets is wrong. And here is your 10 point checklist as to why it is right to be bearish.

Sell Some Shares for Rainy Days – But Not Yet.

Published 1725 days ago

Hello Share Pickers: As I continue to say, against growing opposition, the present decline in share values is a purely cyclical thing. It is based on a slackening off period as the big traders take their annual hols. There is also a lack of share boosting mergers and take-overs, as the Europe and the USA slumber in the summer sun. It takes a lot of hard work to embark on company couplings and such ventures are usually left till the hard-working Autumn.

As Bing Crosby Sang: ‘We're Going Well, We're Going Shell.’

Published 1726 days ago

Hello Share Snafflers: The latest trading update by Royal Dutch Shell (RDSA) has well exceeded what City analysts had predicted. Such reports often do these days, as the 'experts' continue to under-estimate the effect of increasing growth on world economies.

The Two Reasons Why Shares Are Stagnating Will Vanish Soon.

Published 1727 days ago

Hello Share Smiths. There are a lot of dark predictions going around. Everybody seems to expect share prices to tumble. Our Uncle Tom Winnifrith is among the gloomy brigade. He thinks shares are overvalued. But I think all these dire expectations are being overdone.

Kiss Me Hardy, but More Importantly Make Me More Money.

Published 1728 days ago

Hello Share Chuckers: Let's have a look at a  little oiler based in Aberdeen. It’s called Hardy Oil (HDY). I've not been that well rewarded since I bought this interesting share a few years back. But it's three month graph starts to show a different story. It reads like a stairway to heaven. A more or less steady progression north.

Praise for ADVFN.

Published 1729 days ago

Hello Stock Pickers: There are some websites, which are truly beneficial for sharesmiths like us. This one is a case in point – especially for warning us what shares to avoid or sell. Its 'buy' tips are extremely tasty, too. Except mine, mayhap. Ok, I'm highly biased.

Growth, an Overcrowded Island and the Huge Boost to Our Shares.

Published 1730 days ago

Hello Share Tweakers: According to the latest figures, growth in Britain is up by another 0.8%. It doesn't sound much, does it? But growth is so tiny usually, that the latest improvement is not minor at all. The happy fact is that Blighty's GDP is rising faster than anyone expected. It is now higher than before that infamous Credit Crunch in 2007-8. That is going some.

Invest in us we are ethical – just another AIM Con

Published 1731 days ago

Malcolm Stacey is a very good man. He is an ethical operator in every way. But when looking at the nest of snakes that is AIM that is not perhaps the greatest attribute an investor can have. The Vipers lure you with a line about ethical investing but 99% of the time it is just so much cock.

The Fight to Zap Cancer with the Hadron Collider.

Published 1731 days ago

Hello Share Mates: Sadly, cancer is on the march in Britain and around the world. I'm sure we all know quite a few people who are affected. It's because we're getting older and the condition has a longer period to strike. But I also don't have to tell you that children and teenagers are at risk, too.

Inmarsat Is No Waste of Space.

Published 1733 days ago

Hello Share Mashers: Inmarsat (ISAT) is a great British space-age techno company – but not as we know it, Jim. You may recall lots in the news about Inmarsat earlier this year. They were the ones who were looking for bits of wrecked plane in that big missing aircraft tragedy.

Enables It May Enable Me to Get Some Money Back

Published 1734 days ago

Hello Share Riders: I have a few shares at the moment which are not doing that well. I should have sold them after a 10% drop on the purchase price. That's my usual rule.

Lloyds Bank – and the Curse of Interfering Mandarins.

Published 1735 days ago

Hello Share Sifters: Everyone I know – well, about 20 of them, have shares in Lloyds Group (LLOY). They are hopeful that the Government will put its slice of the company up for sale at a quid a share. Also that a dividend will start to come their way.

How to Cash in On Emerging Markets – With City of London Investment Group.

Published 1736 days ago

Hello Share Twiddlers: Let's have another look at the City of London Investment Group (CLIG). I've brought them to your attention before, but they've rocketed ahead quite nicely since then. Despite their name, they are not concerned with buying up London properties to make capital gains or rent out homes, offices and shops. This is a pity, as they would, given the present price boom in the capital, be doing even better than they are now.

The Trouble With Value Investing.

Published 1737 days ago

Hello Share Bunnies: Like the world's richest man, Warren Buffett, I believe that the success of my longer-term investments relies on a share's good value. This kind of approach is known, funnily enough, as value investing. It's the only kind of speculation that the great man ever does. Or at least that's what I glean from reading a few of his speeches.

Get Three Great Investment books worth £20 for Free Today

Published 1738 days ago

If you go to Amazon these three investment e-books will set you back around £20. But you can order all three for free today. The three are

Footsie Favourite Compass Shows the Way.

Published 1739 days ago

Hello Share Fanciers: I've sung the praises before of the catering giant Compass Group (CPG). I've held their shares since they split with Granada Television. Remember them?

The Lottery a voluntary tax? Yes but a regressive one and so bad none the less

Published 1739 days ago

One of George Orwell’s amazing predictions back in 1948 – when he wrote 1984 – is how the plebs would be kept in a state of ignorant servility by pleasures such as the lottery. Malcolm Stacey described it yesterday HERE as a “voluntary tax.” Yes but it is a bad one none the less. 

How to Win the Euro Lottery.

Published 1740 days ago

It's the good old summertime And shares, according to Uncle Tom Winnifrith, are about to end in tears with a sudden end to the bull run. So I thought I would stage a little diversion from my usual favourite subject of shares which are going to rocket, by looking at a different kind of speculation.

Indigo, Indigo, Indigo – Sung to the Football Chant 'Here We Go.'

Published 1740 days ago

Hello Share Twisters: I've been a holder of IndigoVision Group (IND) for so long I was watching a Viking raid when I first bought the shares. And over those many years, they have done rather nicely, thank you. Before the Credit Crunch they rocketed ahead in a thrilling fashion. Since then, the stocks have done ok. But the share price is due for steady progress I fancy for the rest of the year.

Big Smoke Growth to Galvanise Shares in the Galloping UK.

Published 1741 days ago

Hello Share Pickers: I've just got back to Wild West Wales from a business trip to the Smoke. The family went on a little trip around Greenwich at the same time. They were knocked out by the armies of fast-spending tourists.

Profit, Sales, Debt, Growth and the Crimson Pirate.

Published 1742 days ago

Hello Share Folk: OK, let's get down to the basics. Let's remind ourselves of the really important, solid gold ground rules that should govern all our share decisions. Let’s take the fundamentals of each company into consideration when we read all those tips on shares, especially those highlighted on this sizzling website.

Why Most Penny Shares Don't Deserve Loyalty

Published 1743 days ago

Hello Share Seekers: I'm off to a birthday party in the Smoke to meet people I've not seen for 20 years. Wonder what they look like now? Lots of bald patches and less-than-trim figures I should imagine. A bit like shares you've held a long time, lots of unattractive changes can take over the year. I will be a lot gladder to see my old colleagues than be reminded of shares which have let me down over the years – and most of these bad memories are penny shares I kept too long.

The Big Summer Share Shuffle Must Be Done.

Published 1746 days ago

Hello Share Fans: In this rather inactive share period, I always put my portfolio under the microscope. I need to decide which stocks should go and to choose which companies I will use the proceeds to top up with more shares?

There Ain't No Cure for the Summertime Blues

Published 1747 days ago

Hello Share Pushers: Members of my family used to annoy me every February by constantly reciting ' this is a funny time of year'. They meant that after the scurry of Christmas and before the awakenings of spring and summer holidays, there was never much happening. I'm tempted to say, for share pickers like us, that this sunny month is a 'funny time of year'. Once again nothing much is happening. In lazy July and August you can always expect shares to suffer. And they are so doing.

Sickly Shares Will Soar as World Wealth Grows.

Published 1748 days ago

Hello Share Tweakers: My shares seem to be softening fast. So what? Who cares? I certainly don't lose any sleep over a toppling Footsie. We have to recognise that all shares drop from time to time. There's a reason. It's that the big short- term traders cannot turn proper profits unless shares shed value on quite a regular basis.

Tiny Price-to-Earnings Ratio’s Rule – So Goodbye Arm Holdings

Published 1749 days ago

Hello Share Twiddlers. Anyone for a P/E lesson? Don't worry. I don't mean that hideous physical education at school. I am a great fan of price-to-earnings ratios. A low P/E shows me that a share is cheap in relation to the real money a company is making. What better recommendation could you have than that? A low P/E says to me that we are looking at a bargain.

Never Mind the Exceptions – Dump Your Losers Early.

Published 1750 days ago

Hello Share Twisters: The most important advice in all Sharesville is ride your winners and dump your losers. I agree with that – though there are still a few difficulties with this rule.

Support Big Boys from the Black Stuff

Published 1751 days ago

Hello Share Chompers: I'm awash in oil. Not literally, you understand, but still investing big time in oil companies. I hold far too many shares for my own good.

What Adam Faith Told Me About Curbing Losses.

Published 1752 days ago

Hello Share Bunnies; When I was 16, I saw Adam Faith singing 'What Do Ya Want' at the Doncaster Gaumont and mugged him for an autograph. Many, many years later, when he was writing a share column for the Daily Mail, he told me to sell any shares that shed 7% of their purchase price. He called it his 7 per cent solution after the Sherlock Holmes story.

World Conflicts Won't Affect Shares – It's Still Buying Time.

Published 1754 days ago

Hello Share Shiners: The world seems to be exploding with violence. We have Israel and Palestine, Syria, Iraq and the Ukraine to worry about. Saudi Arabia is deeply worried, so are other Middle East countries. Two hundred and fifty poor Egyptians face the death penalty. Libya is a powder keg waiting to go off. Some African countries, including Kenya and Nigeria are overrun by terrorists.

How to Exploit the Fear Index and Make a Killing.

Published 1755 days ago

Hello Share Bunnies: Have you ever wondered why a big Footsie share falls so fast and so far on a piece of bad news, like a profit warning? They certainly drop faster than we private armchair tycoons can sell out and avoid heavy damage.

Two Free books on shares on offer..

Published 1755 days ago

If you want a free e-book on shares, written by someone who knows what they are talking about look no further. In fact we have two free ebooks on offer for you today.

You’ve Let Me Down Too Often, BG.

Published 1755 days ago

Hello Share Shakers: My biggest holding by far is BG (BG.) It is counted as an oiler, but its biggest seller is natural gas. I hold far too many of these blighters for comfort. They are risky.

The Admirable Creightons Is Set to Get all My Dough Back.

Published 1756 days ago

Hello Share Nudgers: Many, many years ago I was persuaded by a good friend to invest in Creightons (CRL). You probably haven't heard of them – they're so small and usually moribund.They have a market cap of just £2m. They make soaps, fragrances and toiletries, such as things you put in cars to make them smell a bit better.

Be Careful with Private IPO's - It's Your Money They're After.

Published 1757 days ago

Hello Share Fans: I'm a great fan of government-led initial public offerings. This is when a Whitehall set-up like the Royal Mail (RMG) decides to sell shares to the public for the first time. Obviously, the Royal Mail offering was a success. They pitched the price of the shares too low. But wouldn't you, if you wanted to grab some money from the man and woman in the street to shore up the Treasury?

Growth - and Share Prices - Will Escalate All Over Europe.

Published 1759 days ago

Hello Share Gang: The official UK growth figures are currently good. They took the government and most people in the Big City by surprise. They didn't surprise me. Growth is a snowball. Once it gets going it grows bigger faster than expected every time.

Banks, Houses and Jobs – All Badly Handled and Dire for Shares.

Published 1761 days ago

These British banks are a bummer, aren’t they? Why can’t they do something positive for shareholders like us? The price just won’t rise. Even though they seemed to be out of the mire now. The trouble is nobody trusts them. So, though their price to earnings ratios are very low now, the big buyers are staying away.

My New TSB Shares Will Have To Go.

Published 1762 days ago

Hello Share Folks. A week or so ago, we were all considering whether to invest in the TSB (TSB) float. In fact, the sale was a massive 10 times over-subscribed

Shares Slide – But Not for Long as Growth Won't be Denied.

Published 1763 days ago

Hello Shares Peekers: I'm beginning to wonder if that old cliché about 'Going away in May and coming back on Leger day' is true, after all. For the last few months, we've been given a few false dawns in the long awaited bid to blast the old record of 6,900 or thereabouts. Now it seems shares are really retreating.

Commune with Communisis – I'm Banking on Growth.

Published 1763 days ago

Hello Share Tweakers: Not too long ago - which could be years, given my failing memory – I commended to you a little share called Communisis (CMS). At the risk of turning down the corners of your mouth by telling you that they include junk mail in their services, I think they are an even better bet these days.

Dinosaurs, Mice and People Who Talk Down Shares.

Published 1765 days ago

Hello Share Twizzlers: The articles on this website are truly independent. Many write-ups elsewhere on the net are not. Analysts can have vested interests. Press relations people are entitled, nay, duty- bound, to submit stuff to push share prices.

I Told You TSB Was Worth Stagging Didn't I?

Published 1766 days ago

​Hello Share Mates: It's gratifying to find that my view expressed on this magnificent website that it was worth stagging TSB shares turns out to be on the button.

Worried About Oilers in the Middle East and Ukraine? – Try South America.

Published 1768 days ago

Hello Share Paddlers: There’s a plucky oil company called Amerisur Resources (AMER). I found the tip on this punchy website and put some money into it. It’s since put on another 33% But I don’t think the fun is over yet.

Exclusive offer: 2 FREE guides to help you make money!!!

Published 1768 days ago

This week we are giving our readers a double offer to help you make money. First we have 100 copies of Iain Maitland’s “The Golden Rules of Making Money from Residential Property” and then we have 50 copies of Malcolm Stacey’s timeless classic “The Armchair Tycoon”, a must read for all serious investors. Don’t miss out. Profit today!

Unrest in Iraq and Ukraine Will Affect UK Oil Giants.

Published 1769 days ago

Hello Share Shakers: I am heavily invested in oil companies. This is partly due to laziness. They are fairly easy to research. I check how much they hold in reserve first.

Soggy Shares Will Hit the Sunshine Trail Soon.

Published 1769 days ago

Hello Share Pals: The old shares seem a bit soggy at present, to say the least. There is no appetite for risk, as they say.

The Big TSB Offer Closes Today – This Is Why I'm In.

Published 1770 days ago

Hello Share Pushers: The TSB offer closes this afternoon. I have put my application in and so has my wife.

The Tale of Rip Van Winkle and the Footsie.

Published 1771 days ago

Hello Share Polishers: There are some people who only ever invest in Footsie shares. This is not a sensible approach. Here are a few reasons why shares in the big 100 can be poor value.

Permission to Panic Capt. Mainwaring? Certainly Not!

Published 1773 days ago

Hello Share Shunters; Getting old is not very nice. I remember my youth with affection – I had such a good time in the fab fifties and swinging sixties. Now, I'm only a share trader with a battered lap top, miles from anywhere in the Wild West (Wales).

Learn from the Grand Master: The Grandfather of Share Blogging Malcolm Stacey

Published 1774 days ago

Malcolm Stacey is known as the grandfather of share blogging. A professional journalist and broadcaster he has been writing about and trading shares since er… we will spare his blushes but it is a long, long time. He is a good and honest man who I am proud to call my friend and am delighted to work alongside once more.

The Fall of Unemployment and the Rise of Shares.

Published 1775 days ago

Hello Share Fans: We don't often discuss unemployment on this fine website. That's because the subject isn't directly linked to stocks and shares.

Malcolm Stacey A Deluded Lefty – I start to worry about my old pal

Published 1778 days ago

As ever I start my day reading the excellent column of my old pal Malcolm Stacey, the grandfather of share blogging. But today I was spluttering into my cornflakes as I read his words. Has my old pal become infected with “deluded lefty disease”? Please tell me it is not true or that it if it is you will spend a weekend at the Richard Poulden libertarian boot camp with Ms Argyle (pictured as she is better looking than Comrade Poulden), Matthew Sutcliffe and Dominic Frisby seeking urgent therapy.

The Hidden Economy Plus Official Growth Will Keep Shares Rising.

Published 1779 days ago

Hello Share Turners: The rector at my church married the curate at the weekend. A whacking 600 guests attended a garden party in the grounds.

Food Glorious Food Won't Help the Share Price Ref: Morrisons, Tesco and Sainsbury.

Published 1780 days ago

Hello Share Persons. Stay away from supermarkets. I don't mean you should stop eating. But think long and hard before buying shares in them. 

Compass Shares Will Continue to Travel North.

Published 1783 days ago

Hello Share Shiners: There are some companies that shout success at you. The share price continues to rise in a slow steady progression and the divis tick up, too.

PEG-ing Shares in The Top Bracket – a better way to judge stocks!

Published 1784 days ago

Hello Share Mates: Let's have a look again at price-to-earnings ratios. There are all sorts of formulae, sums and equations you can use to help you decide if a share price is good value or not.

Join the Royal Family – the Frog May Become a Prince.

Published 1785 days ago

Hello Share Tweakers: Royal Insurance, or RSA Insurance (RSA) as they're known these days, has been a loser in my bag. I've held them ever since I dated Boudicea. But they've done nothing big for me.

Learn from the Master: The Grandfather of Share Blogging Malcolm Stacey

Published 1785 days ago

Malcolm Stacey is known as the grandfather of share blogging. A journalist and broadcaster he has been writing about and trading shares since er… we will spare his blushes but it is a long, long time. He is a good and honest man who I am proud to call my friend and am delighted to work alongside once more.

Condemn the Low-Life who Threaten Our Writers.

Published 1786 days ago

Hello Share Jivers: I last saw Doc Holiday when, near midnight, he picked me up from the pavement near Euston Station. This was not due to drink or infirmity. I'm just clumsy.

25 Free Copies of the Investment Classic "The Armchair Tycoon" to give away TODAY

Published 1786 days ago

We have another 25 copies of Malcolm Stacey’s “Armchair Tycoon”. This updated version of Malcolm’s classic contains 150 pages of enduring market wisdom from one of the most experienced share traders around. This is an exclusive offer to ShareProphets’ readers, just click below to get your free copy.

Why Five Firms Are Not Enough ref.BT

Published 1788 days ago

Hello Share Fans: How many different companies do have in your share bag? Have you nabbed so many that your chances of really striking it big are diluted?

Build on Your Builder Shares, Now We've a Right to Buy- Ref. Kingfisher

Published 1789 days ago

Hello Share Shufflers: There's been some interesting news about the government's house buying scheme. Apparently 28,000 families have been able to buy their own homes under the Right to Buy plan.

Something's Coming Up the River - waiting for the FTSE100 record

Published 1790 days ago

Hello Share Fiends: The markets are in a stuck-in-the mud phase, as nobody really knows which direction shares should take. Consequently, the Footsie has been trading in narrow bands on most days. Daily gains have been coming quite steadily, but mostly under 30 points and often a lot lower.

The Footsie Set to Shimmy - Like My Sister Kate.

Published 1791 days ago

Hello Share Swivellers: So even when most of the great British public vote to give Europe a kicking, shares still rise. They should have fallen on the news, given that we do so much trade with our Continental friends.

Exclusive Giveaway: 75 copies of the "Armchair Tycoon" - a must have!

Published 1792 days ago

After the flyaway success of our May Bank Holiday promotion, we’ve secured another 75 copies of Malcolm Stacey’s “Armchair Tycoon”. This updated version of Malcolm’s classic contains 150 pages of enduring market wisdom from one of the most experienced share traders around. This is an exclusive offer to ShareProphets’ readers, just click below to take part.

Let's Get Bizzy with the Fizzy and Other Hot Opportunities - ref. Diageo & Britvic

Published 1794 days ago

Hello Share Movers: We all had a wet winter. Round here, May has not been much better. But I have seen a few long-range weather predictions, which say that nature will make up for the damp spells by giving us a long hot summer.

Try Shares With a Better Beta in the Present Bull Market.

Published 1797 days ago

Hello Share Fans: Is the Beta thingy important to you as a share shifter?

No More Defensive Shares for Me.

Published 1798 days ago

Hello Share People: Should we all switch to defensive shares? You know, the usual essential goods and services. The things we can't do without – and live. Like food, electricity, gas, water, yes and alcohol. 

Hail, Hail to the Profit-Takers

Published 1799 days ago

Hello Share Shifters: Some people call it profit-taking. Others ask why not call it by its real name 'selling shares'. But profit-taking has more to it than that. There is a more opportunist element to it.

This Will Be A Brilliant Week.

Published 1799 days ago

Hello Share Fans: We've just had a beautiful weekend round here. Enough to set up high expectations of a bumper week for the old Footsie.

A Few Good Reasons to Choose BP

Published 1802 days ago

Hello Share Turners: It's always prudent to inspect some of your biggest holdings every few weeks or so to see if the story has changed.

The Hidden Lessons of Company Dividends.

Published 1803 days ago

Hello Share People: I really love dividends. It's why I have half my shares in Footsie companies. They pay the best. Insurance companies, for some reason can be particularly generous. It's all helps my household expenses.

Winning the Arm Race - Shares Still Cheap

Published 1804 days ago

Hello Share Freaks. I brought Arm Holdings (ARM) to your attention recently. I opined that while the price to earnings ratio is horrendous, the company's future prospects seem amazingly good.

Footsie Reaches 14 Year High – Now Hold Onto Your Hat!

Published 1805 days ago

Hello Share Crumblers: It's not often I'm right, so it's worth mentioning it when I am. I have been pretty isolated around this gaff by saying that the Footsie will keep on rising

Get to grips with sentiment to improve your stock picking

Published 1807 days ago

Hello Share Fans: Let's get sentimental. This is nothing to do with adding a measure of love to ordinary things, usually from the past. This is all about judging sentiment in the financial markets.


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