Tom Winnifrith Bearcast 12 December - live from Athens Airport

Published 614 days ago

I start with a hint to the oppo, that is InternetQ (INTQ), fire the lazy upper class fuckwits at FTI Consulting who you employ to do PR, they are useless as I explain in this podcast. It is then onto Condor Gold (CNR), Optibiotix (OPTI), Wildes and his trading strategy in LGO Energy (LGO) and elsewhere - the road to ruin. And finally where is Malcolm Stacey's Santa rally? It seems to be er..late.

November edition of UK Investor Magazine now live packed with share tips

Published 625 days ago

The November edition of UK Investor magazine is now live featuring 4 buy share tips, 3 sells (from TW), company profiles on Inspirit Energy and Prime People, Ben Turney on Irish oil plays, Malcolm Stacey on investing with ethics, and Tom Winnifrith's 'See You In Court, Bitchez' policy. You can download your free copy below

Malcolm Launches Wonderful and Brilliant New Investment Fund

Published 626 days ago

Hello Share Trudgers. Having met some successful fund managers at the fabled Gold & Bears show, I’ve decided to start my own investment fund. After all, they just seem like ordinary blokes and lasses to me.nBut my venture will be based on an almost sure recipe for big money success. While its risks will be almost non existent.

Malcolm Stacey goes to Islington to find Jeremy Corbyn’s Money Tree – part 3

Published 707 days ago

Malcolm Stacey arrived in Islington last night in his pursuit of Comrade Jeremy Corbyn’s famous Money Tree. He felt that he was close to his quest. But did he get to meet the great bearded one?

Malcolm Stacey in search of the Money Tree - Part 2

Published 888 days ago

The token deluded lefty on this website, Comrade Malcolm Stacey is taking a well-earned break on a desert safari searching for the mythical money tree which he and his fellow lefties both worship and believe in. On day 2 we have heard from our Guardian reading friend that it is very hot in the desert. Malcolm thinks that this is all down to global warming and for this he blames Thatcher! In his absence we bring you a few words from his timeless classic, The Armchair Tycoon.

Why the Russian Bear Won't Cause a Bear Market.

Published 923 days ago

Hello Share Comrades. Let's have another look at one of the nasty situations which is said by the gloomsters to threaten our chances of making really big money out of our shares this year. And once again I seem to be picking a fight with TW - see below.

It's That Taxing Time of Year Again, Gang.

Published 949 days ago

Hello Share Stirrers. It's that awful tortuous time again. We suddenly realise we've done nothing about our tax returns. And now we have only three weeks to get the flipping thing sent off. (You have to do it on line now, as the time for paper returns – without a penalty, anyway - is past.)

A New Year Horror Story that Is All Too True

Published 963 days ago

Hello Share Switchers. I saw an alarming sight in Swansea on a freezing wet Boxing Day night.

How Many Eggs?

Published 999 days ago

As well as choosing different sectors of the market in which to buy your shares, really prudent investors scatter their funds over a large number of companies. If you rely on just four enterprises and one collapses, then it's serious. If you have 20 share certificates with different names at the top, big losses posted by two or three companies won't send you looking for an outside ledge on a tall building. Some brokers urge their clients to buy an interest in just 10 businesses. They argue that this is a nice manageable group and that it's hard to keep track of any more.

Windmills On Your Mind? Perhaps they Should Be.

Published 1021 days ago

Hello Share Pushers. There are lots of companies listed on the main stock exchange and on AIM which exploit wind power. You might want to Google a few to see if any of them are worth a punt.

Corrections & Single Company Corrections

Published 1026 days ago

When the Footsie pushes against an old ceiling or breaks through to record heights, even optimists doubt this happy state will last more than another day or two. It hardly ever does. It is soon realised that equities have become oversold and the rot sets in.

Do All the Companies in Your Bag Deserve You?

Published 1072 days ago

My son is job-seeking in Coventry and Birmingham areas. He’s gone to live in the teeming Midlands because its vast population supports more jobs than he could find here in South Wales. Yet nearly every job he applies for, and in some cases gets interviews for, nobody bothers to call him back with their decision.


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