Synnovia (Plastics Capital as was) – trading statement; is a 10%+ forecast reduction really “broadly in line”?!

Published 31 days ago

A trading statement from industrial components and consumables manufacturer Synnovia (SYN) - until recently Plastics Capital plc - commences that it “expects trading for the financial year ending 31 March 2019 to be broadly in line with market expectations” and includes “significant organic growth continues to be achieved across both our divisions” and “the change of the company's name to Synnovia plc has seen a smooth transition and is acting as a strong signal to our organisation to do everything reasonably possible to reduce, recycle and re-use plastic waste”. The shares have responded currently, er,… more than 8% lower, back towards 100p…

Carclo – “significantly below” expectations profit warning sees CEO ‘resign’… to then become CEO of the “critical” division!

Published 70 days ago

Previously writing on Carclo (CAR), I noted last summer as the shares headed down towards 90p that I’d want to see at least some consistent financial delivery before having confidence here. Today a “Trading Statement” – and shares in this fine-tolerance, injection-moulded plastic parts manufacturer currently down more than 30% on the back of it, at 55p!...

IQE Stands for I Question Everything. Why Uncle Tom is Wrong this Time

Published 549 days ago

Hello, Share Cavaliers. It’s rare that I keep returning to shares I’ve commended to you. But the case of IQE (IQE) is so intriguing and knife-edge that I think it might be worth keeping under review. As I write the share is up another 6%. It has been seesawing up and down, rather alarmingly, for a few weeks now. Uncle Tom had a go at my support for this stock in a recent bearcast. He argued that the shares are hopelessly over-valued and to take profits might be the more prudent course.

Record Car Sales Should Boost Engineering Firm TT Electronics

Published 938 days ago

Hello Share Funsters. I don’t like investing in the motor industry because I think we should all do more walking, I hate air pollution and don’t really like driving. But this should not stop my bringing to your attention companies in this line which I think might make you some money. Though you must always do your own research as I could be - and often am - wrong.

600 Group – industrial products company “Trading Update” suggests increasing macro woe

Published 1129 days ago

Distributor, designer and manufacturer of industrial products, 600 Group (SIXH) has updated that continued weakness within Europe and the UK is now also being encountered in the USA market. Uh oh…

Renold plc - another case of “Trading Update” = Profit Warning

Published 1136 days ago

“Trading Update” from manufacturer of industrial chains and related power transmission products used in a variety of industries including manufacturing, transportation, energy, steel and mining, Renold plc (RNO) sees the shares currently down more than 25% to 32p. Another case of “Trading Update” = Profit Warning then…


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