The March edition of the UK Investor Magazine is live - with why we fight fraud

Published 297 days ago

The March edition of the UK Investor Show Magazine is live featuring 7 share tips, company profiles, interview with Richard Poulden of PCGE, why we fight fraud & fake news on Channel 4, Donald Trump, Marine Le Pen, a look at the banksters and much more.

For the Euro, Le Pen is Mightier than the sword.

Published 329 days ago

We are now living through the mother of all financial bubbles and we’ve been living with it for so for so long now that it feels the norm, but it is not.  A bubble exists when asset prices rise beyond what incomes can sustain. UK property prices in 2007 and tech stocks in the late 1990s are fine examples of this. History is littered with such examples. Western governments and the banking cartel of the Central Banks of the major economies in cahoots with a very compliant mainstream media, are doing everything in their vast and considerable power toconvince us that we are living in a golden era of risk-free prosperity and that tomorrow will be even better. 


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