Metro Bank: more madness and two big upcoming investor decisions

Published 10 days ago

Finally is bad boy Metro Bank (MTRO) finally seeing sense?  You will recall that I have been bearish on this one for a while, noting earlier in the month that 'you should still be avoiding this one like the plague' as i explained the madness of the company continuing to prevaricate on their money raising. 

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast - explaining gross margins at Optibiotix

Published 18 days ago

I start with missing cat news - it is mixed. Then I look at Optibiotix (OPTI) answering reader questions on gross margins, Management Resource Solutions (MRS), Bidstack (BIDS) Metro Bank (MTRO), BCA Marketplace (BCA), Alien Metals (UFO), Bould Opportunities (BOU), and an apology on Woodford Patient Capital Trust (WPCT). Now, to the 80% of Bearcast listeners yet to do the decent thing, please donate HERE. We are now at 38% of our target so all donations welcome as young Steve Moore says he may join the rogue bloggers.

Are Metro Bank's PR or Restaurant Group's hiring department the bigger fools?

Published 18 days ago

Lots of numbers are out today but two pieces of buffoonery really stand out. The first is at my old pal Metro Bank (MTRO), a stock which I have written on a number of times – most recently in February when I observed that short selling was not dead at all. The share has dumped a further 15% this morning after a simply bonkers update that was published at 4.45pm yesterday evening…

RNS potpourri - M&S and Ocado, GVC, ITV, Taylor Wimpey...and badboy Metro Bank

Published 82 days ago

There are some thin news days...and there are some busy ones. Today is one of the let us dive in…

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast: Luke Johnson is THE acceptable face of capitalism, Frontera (which is not), 1 day to go

Published 117 days ago

How I suffer for you dear listeners. All is explained. Then there is a long discussion on the administration of Patisserie Holdings (CAKE). I move on with a few more words on The Escape Group (ESC) which I covered HERE and then look at Eve Sleep (EVE) and the folly of Neil Woodford, Scancell (SCLP), Anglesey Mining (AYM), Ariana (AAU), Bluebird Merchant Ventures (BMV), Chesterfield (CHF) and Metro Bank (MTRO). Finally it is one day to ouzo time (again) on Frontera Resources (FRR).

I told you that Metro Bank was dodgy...and that you shouldn't underestimate Burberry's Chinese chavs!

Published 117 days ago

My corporate RNS wooden spoon award today goes to challenger bank Metro Bank (MTRO), whose shares are currently down over 25% which - at face value - does appear a tad surprising given today's full year update shows loans up 48% year-on-year and underlying profit before tax to be up 138%. However...this latter statistic was below hopes and was impacted by a 'softening' in the last quarter due to high levels of mortgage market competition. Well oops...but down 25% oops?

Financials mash-up: who do you fancy in a cage fight - Barclays or Metro Bank?

Published 208 days ago

year ago, I wrote a piece comparing and contrasting Lloyds Bank (LLOY) and the challenger financial Metro Bank (MTRO). Well that worked out well from a long-short perspective: Lloyds - with dividends - lost a touch whilst Metro Bank has absolutely bombed, down over £10 to under £25. I was thinking about Metro Bank again today as it came out with another set of numbers which showed more deposits, more lending, more profit...but still the shares are down 10% odd today. Why such further pain?

Financials mash-up: who do you fancy in a cage fight - Lloyds or Metro Bank?

Published 572 days ago

Putting a portfolio together involves making decisions by comparing and contrasting one company against many others and wrapping it all up in some overriding sector/macro strategy. Simples, right?! For reasons too obvious to state, the financial sector had a shocker during the global financial crisis and which, in due course, led to the creation of a new competitive grouping - the 'challenger banks'. As one traditional name (Lloyds Bank - LLOY) and one new challenger name (Metro Bank - MTRO) have both reported today, let's compare and contrast and see if either pass muster. Prepare the cage...


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