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Published 60 days ago

For 18 years Gervais Williams of Miton has been one of the UK's top small cap fund managers delivering an  annualised return of 8.7% over that period, almost 2 points per annum better than the market. Miton (MGR) is itself listed and has been a good share to own. So what is the secret of Williams' success and what small cap shares is he buying or selling right now?

Falanx - unimpressive interims & placing, though shares to still more than double?

Published 159 days ago

Forget all the blather about how Falanx (FLX) will use the £4 million net raised at 3p to grow its business. Interim results for the period to 30 September show that it was almost out of cash. It is thus quite infuriating for the company to state that it has raised the cash “in response to institutional demand”. Whoever wrote that should be hung, drawn and quartered and have their head placed on a spike outside the Stock Exchange as a warning to others who sput such obvious bollocks via RNS. To the results first...


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