Imperial Brands: dumping the chair is about the share price and Old Father Time not "overboarding"

Published 71 days ago

I see there are various reports circulating that Mark Williamson - the chairman of Imperial Brands (IMB) - is set to fall on his sword soon, having been hassled by institutional investors over perceived "overboarding", given he is also the chair of Spectris (SXS) and on the board of National Grid (NG/). 

Here's a Sparky Electric Company that Should Not Cause Any Brexit Shocks

Published 120 days ago

Hello, Share Jinglers. What shares should we look at now as our break from Europe gets ever nearer? One suggestion of a big enterprise that should not be affected by the big change, whichever way it goes, is the National Grid (NG.)...

A Reliable and Yummy Dividend Offsets Moribund Share Price Action at the Big Grid

Published 161 days ago

Hello Share Squishers. There are some shares which you think you can leave to their own devices. And when you have as many firms as I have in a bulging portfolio, it’s nice to have a few shares which require low maintenance.

As Share Prices Fall the Divi Yields Rise - Here Are the Biggest Payers in the Footsie

Published 180 days ago

Hello Share Pasters. At the risk of trampling a little bit on my brilliant colleague Nigel Somerville’s territory, it might be useful to highlight the best Footsie shares for dividends. This information becomes even more pertinent in times of a falling stock market. As we can still make good money from our divis, even after the direst of shocks.

In a Scary Market, Protecting Yourself and Grabbing the Opportunities Hold Equal Sway. Here's How I'm Playing It.

Published 192 days ago

Hello, Share Scrapers. Who among us isn't a bit spooked by issues affecting the global economy? But what should we do to protect ourselves - and make the most of any opportunities? Well, after doing the research and basing predictions on it, this is what I think.

Why The Boring Old Grid May Spark into Life

Published 321 days ago

Hello Share Takers. There are many contenders for the most boring company in the Footsie, so far as share action is concerned. Among the winners must be the National Grid (NG.).

Most Shares Fall with the Thermometer, So Buy Stocks that Rise as the Snow Falls

Published 417 days ago

Hello Share Shiverers. At the risk of over-simplifying matters, it’s time to winkle out companies who’ll benefit from the icy weather. Some of the choices are obvious, but that’s no reason not to remind you of a few opportunities. And you’ll be surprised how very temporary events - like the current cold snap - can influence share prices. Though the effect is usually confined to a week at the most.

Top Ways to Protect Yourself Again a Share Crash.

Published 423 days ago

Hello, Share Carriers. Even a raging bull like myself has to accept that sooner or later shares will crash to more realistic levels. There was a scare in that unhappy direction a couple of weeks back, but it seems to have been a false alarm. That doesn’t mean that the real thing - a proper crash - doesn’t continue to threaten us. So what should we do to preserve our assets now?

Some Drags on National Grid's Share Price May Not Be Justified. It Could be a Reliable Buy

Published 511 days ago

Hello, Share Swappers. National Grid (NG.) has been a disappointing share of late. Each time it seems to break out, it crawls backwards again. So though my shares have not lost money lately, they can’t seem to make any either.

Yes, Shares Are Expensive, But Perhaps Not as Pricey as They're Gonna Be

Published 731 days ago

Everyone who attended this month’s UK Investor Show will be wondering whether to go into cash. Most analysts on the stage, as opposed to big cheeses supporting their own companies, were in a pessimistic mode. For example, that excellent commentator David Scott (Dr Doom) did a very scary presentation exclusively on the subject of forthcoming market disaster.

Is National Grid Undervalued, As Power Prices Rise in the USA?

Published 757 days ago

Hello Share Finders. One of the more stable shares in my bag is becoming even more favourable to this old punter, given the current uncertainties of the world economy and that it has not really kept up with the rising Footsie.

Stay Alert - if Your Shares Have Links Back in the USA

Published 820 days ago

Hello Share Tickers. The big change of presidents in the USA has frightened some investors into thinking that any stocks with links to America are to be avoided. At least until we become a bit clearer as to what’s what.

Do You Hold Shares with an American Connection? Watch Out for a Possible Donald Effect.

Published 846 days ago

Hello Share Tremblers.  As I hold many shares in British companies which do a lot of business in the USA, perhaps I should be getting cautious. Maybe I should beware the Trump effect in the New Year.

The Big Grid Could Light Up its Shares on Electric Cars, a Cold Winter and Other Power Guzzlers

Published 860 days ago

Hello Share Geeks. In a very recent survey of the most popular companies in which people are currently buying shares, National Grid (NG.) came in the top ten. 

Up the United! The Big Utility Shares Should Float Back Up

Published 918 days ago

Hello Share Troopers. United Utilities Group (UU.) is Britain’s biggest water supplier. But the shares have fared worse than most this month. And while many Footsie giants have recovered after the Brexit vote, this stock which rose sharply after the vote is now dragging its feet. Yet there is no important reason to single it out as a loser, in my humble opinion.

Brexit Rockets the Grid - but It Could Still Power Ahead Even More

Published 1018 days ago

Hello Share Bouncers. I am now back at my desk following a very invasive operation the day before. However the team carrying it out was a modal of politeness, friendliness and efficiency. Would that some of Britain’s Chef execs were as useful. There’s a very competent management at the National Grid (NG.) too. But that’s not the big factor in the current ballooning share price. The value has shown a 14% rise since Brexit. A few days ago it was another 2% higher than that.

Keep Grid Shares for a Reliable Divi in a Troubled Market.

Published 1065 days ago

Hello Share Munchers. Ever since I began writing for this noble website, I’ve been supporting National Grid (NG.) And the case for buying the stock is even greater these days, in my humble opinion.Most of us shareholders who do it for a living are keener on reliable dividends than we might have been in the past. This is due to the alarming falls in share prices recently courtesy of uncertainty about China, Brazil and Europe.

Professor Stacey's Easter Lecture.

Published 1124 days ago

Hello Easter Bunnies. Please take notes. While the stock markets take an undeserved breather at this daffodil time, it’s an opportunity to send you an encouraging message for the rest of 2016.But before that, chums, let’s not forget the true meaning of Easter - and it is not making more money. See you in church.

Fed Up with the Failing Energy Sector? The Grid Should Dodge the Flack.

Published 1168 days ago

Hello Share Pruners. As we continue to highlight companies which are probably a bit safer than most in the mad days we face on the stock markets, may I point you in the direction of National Grid (NG.)

This is Why the National Grid Could Have a Share Power Surge.

Published 1221 days ago

Hello Share Springers. There’s a share in my portfolio which I keep forgetting to check. It’s the National Grid (NG.) This is a big mistake, as we should all monitor our babies at least once a week.

The Importance of Identifying Shares Too Slow to Rise and Too Quick to Fall.

Published 1504 days ago

Hello Share Swingers. When it comes to larger companies, their share prices often seem to be on a pair of kitchen scales.

My Blooming Big BG Bungle – and How To Avoid Similar Disasters.

Published 1548 days ago

Hello Share Truckers. One of my biggest ever killings came about by my having hardly any work to do. It was the amazing rise and rise of British Gas.

Pick Some Companies Which Don't Get What They Sell from the Ground.

Published 1552 days ago

Hello Share Twisters. I opined a few weeks ago that the best course, given the disastrous fall of oil and mining companies, is to focus on firms which don't sell the black stuff or minerals.

Shun Europe and Hit the American Connection.

Published 1562 days ago

Hello Share Poppers. I am steering clear of all shares with heavy business links to the rest of Europe.

National Grid Delivers Solid Results

Published 1626 days ago

National Grid (NG.) is a stalwart of my portfolio and I am glad to see that it has delivered good results again. Most importantly, the interim dividend is 14.71p per share, going ex dividend on the 21 November and is expected to be paid on 7 January 2015. Collecting dividends is a key reason for being a National Grid shareholder, and it is a solid payer - the yield at a share price of 919.5p is 4.6%.

National Grid Shares Are Set to Power Even Further Ahead.

Published 1637 days ago

Hello Share Mixers. It's worth looking at the National Grid (NG.) I posit this happy view because there was a lot of talk this week about Britain facing big black-outs in the future, because of a shortage of working power stations.

National Grid – On the Radar screen to buy

Published 1686 days ago

National Grid (NG.) shares are currently trading at 914.5p with a yield of 4.6% and a PE of 13.77. And that makes the stock look interesting.

Alkane Energy Trading Statement: buy at 42.5p target 54p says VSA

Published 1751 days ago

Alkane Energy (ALK), the UK gas to power producer, has released a pre-close trading update for the six month period to 30 June 2014. Analyst Edward Hugo at house broker VSA has reiterated his buy stance on the stock at 42.5p in the wake of the news and argues that the shares are worth 54p. He writes:

How to Exploit the Fear Index and Make a Killing.

Published 1755 days ago

Hello Share Bunnies: Have you ever wondered why a big Footsie share falls so fast and so far on a piece of bad news, like a profit warning? They certainly drop faster than we private armchair tycoons can sell out and avoid heavy damage.


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