Imperial Brands: dumping the chair is about the share price and Old Father Time not "overboarding"

Published 71 days ago

I see there are various reports circulating that Mark Williamson - the chairman of Imperial Brands (IMB) - is set to fall on his sword soon, having been hassled by institutional investors over perceived "overboarding", given he is also the chair of Spectris (SXS) and on the board of National Grid (NG/). 

Do You Hold Shares with an American Connection? Watch Out for a Possible Donald Effect.

Published 846 days ago

Hello Share Tremblers.  As I hold many shares in British companies which do a lot of business in the USA, perhaps I should be getting cautious. Maybe I should beware the Trump effect in the New Year.

Brexit Rockets the Grid - but It Could Still Power Ahead Even More

Published 1018 days ago

Hello Share Bouncers. I am now back at my desk following a very invasive operation the day before. However the team carrying it out was a modal of politeness, friendliness and efficiency. Would that some of Britain’s Chef execs were as useful. There’s a very competent management at the National Grid (NG.) too. But that’s not the big factor in the current ballooning share price. The value has shown a 14% rise since Brexit. A few days ago it was another 2% higher than that.

Keep Grid Shares for a Reliable Divi in a Troubled Market.

Published 1065 days ago

Hello Share Munchers. Ever since I began writing for this noble website, I’ve been supporting National Grid (NG.) And the case for buying the stock is even greater these days, in my humble opinion.Most of us shareholders who do it for a living are keener on reliable dividends than we might have been in the past. This is due to the alarming falls in share prices recently courtesy of uncertainty about China, Brazil and Europe.

Professor Stacey's Easter Lecture.

Published 1124 days ago

Hello Easter Bunnies. Please take notes. While the stock markets take an undeserved breather at this daffodil time, it’s an opportunity to send you an encouraging message for the rest of 2016.But before that, chums, let’s not forget the true meaning of Easter - and it is not making more money. See you in church.

Fed Up with the Failing Energy Sector? The Grid Should Dodge the Flack.

Published 1168 days ago

Hello Share Pruners. As we continue to highlight companies which are probably a bit safer than most in the mad days we face on the stock markets, may I point you in the direction of National Grid (NG.)

This is Why the National Grid Could Have a Share Power Surge.

Published 1221 days ago

Hello Share Springers. There’s a share in my portfolio which I keep forgetting to check. It’s the National Grid (NG.) This is a big mistake, as we should all monitor our babies at least once a week.

Happy News on the Footsie, ITV, The National Grid and Vodafone.

Published 1259 days ago

Shares were up slightly after a disastrous start to the week. That initial poor show was due, as I explained earlier, to a bout of profit- taking in the US, after a few exceptionally good weeks for American traders.

How to Exploit the Fear Index and Make a Killing.

Published 1755 days ago

Hello Share Bunnies: Have you ever wondered why a big Footsie share falls so fast and so far on a piece of bad news, like a profit warning? They certainly drop faster than we private armchair tycoons can sell out and avoid heavy damage.


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