Doctor, Doctor I Feel Like a New Share. Have a Look at EMIS, then

Published 46 days ago

Hello Share Munchers. A very useful company is commended today, one which should benefit from the growing army of GP patients. I don't know about you, but it's almost impossible for this family to see a real doctor these days. This is not always due to a shortage of them, but a fast-growing number of older patients suffer more than one chronic illness...

Software Firm Which Deals with Boring Bits Could Be Back in the Fast Lane Again

Published 111 days ago

Hello, Share Takers. I’ve been searching for more companies which, like Zoo Digital (ZOO), have A-list companies among their clients. My thinking is that firms which attract household names among their clients must have been given a very careful look-over first. Big companies cannot afford to make mistakes and they have the funds to do a bit of quality snooping before they buy...

You’ve never had it so bad – The Government’s tax grab hits level not seen since 1969

Published 301 days ago

More money for the NHS promises wretched Theresa May, citing a bogus Brexit dividend then ‘fessing up that taxes will have to go up too. And now it seems that bone idle and overpaid teachers are going to get even more money too.  But it is not as if taxes are, whatever dumb snowflakes and dumber politicians claim, too low. Au contraire.

Two Treatments for Rare Conditions Could Cure Amryt's Unfairly Low Share Price

Published 307 days ago

Hello Share Chewers. Small pioneering medical companies are a favourite of mine. As finding a cure for a condition which is so often overlooked by the giant pharmas has to be a good thing. Both from the point of view of patients and that of shareholders.

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast: Turning down a date with a hot blonde chez Winnifrith, I'm getting old

Published 479 days ago

Okay it was Julie Meyer. Whatever I think of her she is fairly hot in a weird sort of way. Anyhow I explain all in today's podcast. I then move onto IGAS (IGAS), UK Oil & Gas (UKOG), Avanti Communications (AVN), Sabien (SNT)  - statement nbeeded Roland "Fatty" Cornish?  And finally to Paternoster Resources (PRS) - black bag needed Amanda Van Dyke? PS My NHS Lies podcast I mentioned is HERE

Is GSK's Boat Finally Coming In? It Seems Healthy Enough

Published 721 days ago

Hello Share Shapers. Every so often I look at that great British pharmaceutical giant, GlaxoSmithKline (GSK) and I usually notch it up as a buy. Despite the fact that it has not been quite as successful a punt as I had hoped, I am still well up on my three year old purchase. The dividend, which I have at nearly 5% is also useful. And I was gratified that it was one of the perkiest  Footsie risers on Friday.

As Hackers and Computer Bandits Grow in Strength, so Does the Presence of this Techno Sheriff

Published 733 days ago

Hello Share Graters. I’m always trying to find companies you may not be aware of. It’s a way of widening the scope of this largely critical website. Today I commend to your further investigation a company called Defenx (DFX).

Falanx & the Cyber attacks & the £100 million political scandal

Published 735 days ago

We own Falanx (FLX) shares and are currently well over 100% up on our investment with stock at 9.5p mid. HotStockRockets readers are now 100% ahead on the share tip too. So with the stock surging on the basis of the massive cyber attack that started on the NHS on Friday what to do? First realise that this is a political scandal. 

This Big British Pharma is Set to Grow as our Health Slumps

Published 832 days ago

Hello Share Punchers. I’ve just heard on the BBC more woes facing British hospitals. It does seem that most of them now have no slack and routine operations keep being put off, with nowhere to send many patients once beyond the surgeon’s knife.

National Health Crisis May Treat the Share Price for Spire Healthcare

Published 849 days ago

Hello Share Troggers.  There’s hardly a day goes by when we are not reminded that the National Health Service is in crisis. Hospitals are being overwhelmed by an unfit, ageing population and operations are regularly put off.

Doctor, Doctor, What's the Best Way to Get a Modern Surgery?

Published 886 days ago

Hello Share Tootlers. It's quite a bit since I last suggested you might do some further research on Assura (AGR). Since then the company has found another £300 million from investors.

Free Iona tests on NHS - good news for Premaitha: Buy

Published 929 days ago

The Government has announced that as of 2018 it will offer free Non Invasive Prenatal Tests (NIPT) for Downs to women deemed to be at high risk - that is those over 38 years old. Right now it costs you £180 to have an NIPT test rather than an invasive one which has a 1% chance of killing your baby.

Premaitha - The Guardian reports that the NHS will offer free NIPT tests from 2018: what about morality?

Published 932 days ago

The Guardian has reported that as of 2018 the NHS will offer free non invasive tests for Downs to all at risk women. This is great news for AIM listed Premaitha (NIPT) which is a leading provider of such tests. For it there is a clear financial gain but there is an ethical element here which as a shareholder but also a recent father causes me some issues.

Banks, Hospitals and Company Share Schemes All Need This Enterprising Outfit.

Published 1021 days ago

Hello Share Squashers. Here’s a share I’ve not looked at before. I’m not sure why as it is all about, well, shares. A real share share. Equiniti (EQN) is the name and it provides a share monitor service. It links 18 million shareholders to their babies. It also offers a service to companies which include shares in their remuneration packages to their workers. This is good for employers, as there is a growing mountain of legal work connected to schemes like these and Equiniti helps them to deal with it.

Optibiotix, new patent filed: so what?

Published 1094 days ago

OptiBiotix Health (OPTI) has announced that it has filed a new patent to protect advances made in its skin division in identifying microbial proteins which have the potential to prevent Health Care Acquired Infections (HCAI) caused by antimicrobial resistant (AMR) superbugs such as MRSA. The company says HCAIs lead to higher morbidity and mortality, and cost the NHS an estimated £1 billion per year. This represents a global market opportunity of $82 billion.

Doctor, Doctor I Keep Thinking I'm a Surgery. Let Me Assura You You're Not.

Published 1099 days ago

Hello Share Screamers. Don’t say I never bring you areas you may not have thought about investing in before. Today it’s an outfit that builds and develops, then rents out, doctor’s surgeries. Assura (AGR) is the name and medical property development is the game. My doctor’s surgery looks purpose built to me. It has loads of extra rooms and space for all the bits and pieces which goes with ordinary doctor’s visits these days.

This Small Pharma is Expanding into the US and Asia- A Wise Move if We Quit Europe.

Published 1171 days ago

Hello Share Trekkies. The health game is a good place to be for winning share seekers like us in 2016. Bio-science firms are set to reap the benefit of an ageing world population with all its attendant health problems. And even younger folk will sadly require more medical care, unless they can do something about their unhealthy diets.

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast 3rd February - Deltex dont give me that working capital crap

Published 1202 days ago

I start with today's placing news from Deltex Medical (DEMG). I do not reckon that this will be its last placing and its language stinks at every level. The money will be used for "working capital". Bollocks. It means to "fund our ongoing fucking losses". And there is more. Yes this is a bad language special. And if you are a Guardian reading loser who thinks the NHS is cash starved you will also be offended.  I also look at Petro Matad (MATD), Petroceltic (PCI), Rose Petroleum (ROSE) and once again push Wandisco (WAND) for a statement. Is there a "strategic review" yet? How close are you to tits up time?

You Might Not Want to Give Emis a Miss with Future Growth Probably Highly Likely

Published 1215 days ago

Hello Share Swipers. I hope you’ve not had call to visit your doctor lately. But if you have, you’ve probably noticed a difficulty getting your appointment and a bursting surgery once you finally you got there. 

Premaitha - good news from the NHS

Published 1217 days ago

Premaitha Health (NIPT) has welcomed the UK National Screening Committee recommendation to routinely offer non-invasive prenatal testing on the NHS to high-risk pregnant women, noting “this is the first time that non-invasive prenatal testing will be routinely available to high risk pregnant women on the NHS and sets a precedent that we expect other countries to follow in the near future” and that“Premaitha is uniquely positioned to bring the benefits of non-invasive prenatal testing to the NHS”

Totally transformed by change at the top

Published 1218 days ago

Following on from my recent pieces looking at the key first step of investment analysis – researching the senior team – here’s a (rare) positive piece from me about that in the context of a missed opportunity at Totally (TLY). 

Why Not Get Totalled? This Zippy Post Hospital Care Firm may Cure My Losses After All.

Published 1231 days ago

Hello Share Smackers. About years ago, I invested in a little health care contractor, called Totally (TLY). It was on a share tip from Uncle Tom.

Tom Winnifrith: Its 3 AM & Ive just checked myself into Hospital

Published 1258 days ago

No David Lenigas it is not the loony bin but Kalamata General. After my fall while picking olives on Monday I thought that I was healing and managed four hours in the fields on Tuesday, albeit in some pain. But after three hours sleep on Tuesday night I awoke at two in absolute agony. The guy from the hotel reception came to my room, arranged everything and within 30 minutes I was at Kalamata Hospital.

Primary Health Properties targets further expansion

Published 1307 days ago

Buying and developing sizeable modern health centres and renting them to general practitioners has been proving a profitable game for fully-listed Primary Health Properties (PHP), a UK real estate trust which aims to boost its present £1.1 billion of assets by at least £100 million a year and hopes to see rental growth in the sector accelerate from its present unexciting 1%. Having made nearly £37 million pre-tax in 2014, the London-based company is proposing to move to quarterly dividend payments and to carry out a four-for-one share split, after lifting net asset value 10% in the first half of this year to £377.5 million or 339p a share, with interim pre-tax profits up 47% to £32.4 million, helped by a £2.2 million interest rate derivatives gain, on a 5.2% increase in rental income to £30.6 million.

In the Jungle, the City Jungle, the Advanced Oncotherapy Lion Sleeps Tonight

Published 1361 days ago

On the principal that one should always put their money where one’s gob is, I try not to highlight shares, which I don’t already own. So let me begin this modest column by saying that, not only do I already own a heavy bundle of Advanced Oncatherapy (AVO) shares, but some of my friends and relatives have them, too. 

Totally in love with Totally

Published 1395 days ago

Hello Share Followers. Totally (TLY) is a small whose main function is to arrange self-help coaching for seriously ill patients once they leave hospitals. It was at one time, maybe still is, a favourite of Uncle Tom*.

Premaitha - NHS testing IONA - this is potentially enormous

Published 1442 days ago

The Daily Mail & BBC this weekend ran stories about how the NHS was doing trials which would see all pregnant women getting a non invasive pre-natal test for down's syndrome. The Mail piece sums it up HERE

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast - General Election lies

Published 1506 days ago

This is not the most important election ever. It matters little who wins. None of the parties are going to do anything about the big issues of slashing spending on welfare, the pensions ponzi, education or the NHS. All will continue the UK's slide to insolvency. None understand who creates wealth. That is the subject of today's podcast.

Inside the empty mind of a Bulletin Board Deramper/Moron – ref Totally

Published 1823 days ago

I am drawn to a certain Bulletin Board thread for AIM listed Totally (TLY) where after one recent announcement one poster published 52 separate negative pieces. What sort of moron spends his days like that? A Bulletin Board Moron of course. Now there is a comment on Shareprophets after our most recent piece HERE.  Let me address it. 

Totally - another contract win: Buy

Published 1824 days ago

The contracts and growing of its relationship with the NHS continue for Totally plc (TLY) and the shares are starting to respond. There is a lot more to come on that front.


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