Look at the Techno Wizard which Kicks 'Don't Touch' Signs into Touch

Published 314 days ago

You’ve probably guessed already that I mostly prefer future prospects to past performance when assessing if a share should attract my hard-earned. Thus a balance sheet is of interest to me - but not quite as much as a bit of old-fashioned imagination when trying to second guess if a service or product will fly in the next few years.

You Could Make Movies Out of Air Partner's Exploits and its Prospects Could Be Up and Away

Published 517 days ago

Hello Share Churners. Yesterday I looked at a promising company with rather boring products. It was Polypipe (PLP), which makes plastic pipes and ventilation systems. So now let’s look at a firm which has an exciting existence, especially for sports fans (which I am not).

Malcolm Stacey’s Share Tip of the Year Number 2 – Buy Zytronic at 302p

Published 1123 days ago

I always like a niche company. A niche you'll remember is a useful hole in a wall. The niche is useful, yet is small and discreet enough to be overlooked.

Sound Oil: Heading for the FTSE 250 or a takeover bid

Published 1240 days ago

At the moment it looks like the Sound Oil (SOU) share price is in a holding pattern. There is no real movement either way at c12p. But September could be a busy month for the Company.


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