Neil Woodford Dog NetScientific – CEO walks “to assist….in reducing central costs”

Published 25 days ago

AIM-listed Woodford dog Netscientific (NSCI) has announced the departure of its CEO, Francois Martelet as from 30 April 2019 – just a few day’s time – in order to assist the Company in reducing its central costs and pursue other career opportunities. Well I daresay not having to pay his salary, bonuses and medical insurance will help a little with the company’s forthcoming cashflow difficulties, but if he is departing to help the company why is this all in accordance with the terms of his service agreement?

PDS Biotechnology - bad news for Netscientific, and in turn Neil Woodford

Published 28 days ago

PDS Biotechnology (PDSB) joined Nasdaq just over a month ago following the merger of AIM-listed Netscientific (NSCI) investee PDS and previously Nasdaq-listed Edge Therapeutics. Netscientific – itself an investee of Neil Woodford - proudly told the market the listing was at $10 per share, but by the time the RNS came the following morning, the shares had already collapsed to $8.51.

Red Flags at Night - Neil Woodford special

Published 58 days ago

I still see the occasional after-hours RNS which, were I a shareholder in the company concerned, would make my blood boil. Yesterday a release from AIM-listed Woodford Dog Netscientific (NSCI) at 4.42pm on a Friday evening ticked all the boxes.

Woodford dog Netscientific clarifies on PDS, but is it telling the whole truth? Er....

Published 62 days ago

Neil Woodford dog, AIM-listed Netscientific (NSCI) seems to have been forced to put out a statement over its investee PDS which merged with Nasdaq-listed Edge Therapeutics (EDGE) and the combined entity is now listed as PDS Biotechnology (PDSB). 

NetScientific dissembles

Published 67 days ago

NetScientific (NSCI), the AIM casino listed investment dog backed by Neil Woodford, says that it notes its recent share price movement and confirms that it is not aware of any reason for such movement. It then goes onto to try and spoof any mug punters still reading..

NetScientific – de-listing GM adjourned indefinitely as would be defeated, where now for this Woodford dog?

Published 77 days ago

Previously writing on NetScientific (NSCI) it was “Conclusion of Strategic Review” does indeed look more Neil Woodford disaster vicar – including that “the board has concluded that it is in the best interests of the company and its shareholders as a whole to cancel the admission of the ordinary shares to trading on AIM, re-register the company as a private limited company”. There’s now been updates on the General Meeting…

NetScientific – “Conclusion of Strategic Review” does indeed look more Neil Woodford disaster vicar

Published 94 days ago

Writing last month on NetScientific (NSCI), it was zero potential offerors; more Neil Woodford disaster vicar? – that following an announcement that, despite having stated it was undertaking a strategic review as “the board believes that the market is undervaluing NetScientific's portfolio”, it continued to not be in receipt of any approaches and, “not aware of any parties who might now make such an approach or initiate such discussions… the company confirms that it has closed the formal sale process”. Now a “Conclusion of Strategic Review” announcement…

NetScientific – zero potential offerors; more Neil Woodford disaster vicar?

Published 124 days ago

An intra-day (11:08am) announcement and Woodford Investment Management the major shareholder. What’s the chances this announcement from self-styled “transatlantic healthcare IP commercialisation group”, NetScientific (NSCI) ain’t going to be good…

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast: two disasters for Neil Woodford today

Published 125 days ago

I start with a few thoughts on this, the birthday, of Martin Luther King. Then onto the two disasters for the £37 million smug bastard, Neil "nomates" Woodford: Netscientific (NSCI) and Provident Financial (PFG). I look at Big Sofa (BST) and Yourgene (YGEN) , my nap for Q1, then onto Victoria Carpets (VCP) and finally a detailed laook at the fraud that is Eden Research (EDEN).

Neil Woodford’s disaster of the day No 1 – Netscientific

Published 151 days ago

There were two enormous red flags waving at NetScientific (NSCI), the healthcare IP commercialisation group. The first was the announcement a few weeks ago of a “strategic review” which in plain English means “we are fucked” and the second was that Britain’s worst performing fund manager Neil “Nomates” Woodford owns 47% of the company with the funds he used to manage round at Invesco owning another 19%. And so to today’s disastrous news.

Zak Mir's Bulletin Board Heroes - African Potash, Clean Air Power, Nighthawk Energy, Netscientific, Proton Power Systems, Tavistock Investments

Published 1384 days ago

Featuring African Potash (AFPO), Clean Air Power (CAP), Nighthawk Energy (HAWK), Netscientific (NSCI), Proton Power Systems (PPS), Tavistock Investments (TAVI)

Zak Mir's Bulletin Board Heroes - Audioboom, Blinkx, Cap-XX, Castleton Technologies, Netscientific, Proxama

Published 1407 days ago

Featuring Audioboom (BOOM), Blinkx (BLNX), Cap-XX (CPX), Castleton Technologies (CTP), Netscientific (NSCI), Proxama (PROX)

Zak Mir's Great Request Show: Castleton Technology, Netscientific, San Leon Energy

Published 1418 days ago

If you want me to analyse a stock for you just drop me a line at [email protected] - Today I look at Castleton Technology (CTP), Netscientific (NSCI), San Leon Energy (SLE).

Zak Mir's Bulletin Board Heroes - Featuring Daniel Stewart, GCM Resources, Ithaca Energy, Netscientific

Published 1436 days ago

Featuring Daniel Stewart (DAN), GCM Resources (GCM), Ithaca Energy (IAE), Netscientific (NSCI)

Zak Mir's Bulletin Board Heroes - Featuring EMED Mining, Ithaca Energy, Netscientific, Rapidcloud, Red Emperor

Published 1442 days ago

Featuring Emed Mining (EMED), Ithaca Energy (IAE), Netscientific (NSCI), Rapidcloud (RCI), Red Emperor (RMP)


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