Goodwin – full-year results, sufficient value to compensate for “continued tightening”?

Published 6 hours ago

With I having questioned in March 2:15pm ‘Interim Management Statement’ a cause for alarm?, mechanical and refractory engineering company Goodwin (GDWN) has now announced results for its year ended 30th April 2017…

Caspian Sunrise could have a bright future

Published 14 days ago

Sometimes geographical location can be enough to put off investors, but in a lot of cases that is unjustified and means that companies operating in these areas can represent good value for money.

Andrew Monk on the great oil exploration triangle

Published 28 days ago

Andrew Monk of VSA Resources has a geography lessn for those following oil explorers. Believe it or not the hot spot is not somewhere close to Gatwick Airport but somewhere a bit more exotic.

Parkmead Group has the potential to succeed in the long term

Published 31 days ago

Usually it takes far longer for companies to move forwards operationally than the majority of investors expect, and it is at times when most people have become bored and moved on elsewhere, that opportunities can present themselves.

As Oil Shares Could Face a Blacker Future, You Might Look at this Unfashionable Sector Instead.

Published 32 days ago

Hello, Share Muckers. Because I still own far too many oil stocks, I really must take my pruning shears to most of them. We seem to be moving very slowly towards renewables and nuclear, not to mention the march of hybrid cars.

UK Oil & Gas - It is great fun to laugh at Lucian Miers but....remember Sound Energy

Published 35 days ago

Lucian Miers advised shorting UK Oil & Gas (UKOG) and went short himself at c3.1p, boasting that twice before he had made a packet on the short tack with this perennial darling of the educationally sub-normal wing of the provisional private investor army. The shares are now 4.65p and the Bulletin Boards and the comments section on this website are full of posts by folks laughing at my old friend, the Bard of the Boleyn. So has East London's most feared short seller lost his marbles as well as a vast amount of dosh?

I'm getting a feeling of deja vu with Nu-Oil and Newfoundland

Published 43 days ago

Nu-Oil and Gas (NUOG) is all the rage at the moment amongst PIs, but I’m finding it hard to get quite so excited about its prospects and am getting a feeling of déjà vu when I look back at some of the old Enegi Oil announcements.

Highlands Natural Resources: Some funding (not death spiral, honest) but a hugely risky punt even at 14p, sorry I mean 12p

Published 47 days ago

Two weeks ago, following the results of Highlands Natural Resources (HNR) I advised getting out at 23.75p as the bubble appeared to be bursting (see HERE). Well done if you did as you could have got back in at 12p last night as part of the announced funding via PrimaryBid but the question is: should you have done? Hmm, I’m not quite as tempted as Tom sounded HERE but let’s take a look at the details.

That Old Question, BP or Not BP, Could Now Be Answered with a Yes

Published 49 days ago

Hello Share Swiggers. I had a lot of money invested in BP (BP.)  shares and was happy as a pig in muck with a galloping share price and juicy dividends. But that was before the big leak in the Gulf of Mexico, followed by a crash in the oil price.

Hurricane deal disappoints investors, but is it really that bad?

Published 54 days ago

Hurricane Energy (HUR) is a company that I have followed closely, and have been invested in at various times, since it first floated on the AIM market, and it has come a long way since then.

Crazy Times Call for Sensible Precautions - Keep Your Selling Finger Poised.

Published 60 days ago

Hello Share Pokers. If any more evidence was needed that we live in strange times it is this weekend’s news that the Bank of England was investigated by the Serious Fraud Office. I ask you!

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast: Why Paul Scott's fucktard follower will always lose & should you sell all your oil shares?

Published 62 days ago

Okay this really is the last one until September. But I have packed and am ready to travel and am bored, so here goes one more time. First up I discuss those who always blame others for their lack of profits, citing some twitter chum of the great Paul Scott. Then as Brent plunges through $45 I discuss why it is falling, where it will go next and if you should sell all your shares. The answer is a very selective no.

Mosman Oil & Gas over-reacts to very average news at best!

Published 71 days ago

Private investors often seem to have very short memories, and although many have previously been badly burned by putting money into Mosman Oil and Gas (MSMN), some were flocking back into the company again today, sending its share price rocketing.

Some might think Oilex looks cheap - it isn't!

Published 77 days ago

Oilex (OEX) took a big hit to its share price this week following news of an unsuccessful workover at two of its oil wells, and it is hard to see how the company is going to turn things around.

Petrofac can still recover after recent bad news

Published 87 days ago

Petrofac (PFC) has seen its share price get absolutely hammered in recent weeks, and although some will probably think I am mad, I can see a buying opportunity here at these levels.

Gushing On Two Fronts, this Scottish Oil Giant Is Rocking Through the Rye

Published 91 days ago

Hello Share Crunchers. I hold stock in an awful lot of oil producers, perhaps too many. But one company which has never lit my fire is Cairn Energy (CNE). Maybe I should dip in, though.

All Eyes On OPEC. Will It Come Up with Goods or Will our Oil Shares Slide Down a Greasy Pole?

Published 92 days ago

One of the most fascinating scenes I’ve seen for some time is the sight of Big Donald jigging around with some sort of weird entertainment put on by the Saudi’s for the President's visit. It almost made me forget the big benefit of this amiable state visit on share shifters like us. And that of course is that the President’s friendly reception sent the oil price up.

Time to buy Vedanta before the release of results in the UK

Published 94 days ago

Vedanta Resources (VED) was one of my best performing shares during 2016, and after a significant pullback in the share price in recent months it is well worth considering buying back in at current levels.

Here's What You Might Do, as the Price of Ebony Nectar Wobbles Down

Published 109 days ago

Hello Share Grinders. Unusually for me, I’m a little pessimistic this weekend. And the cause - a very weak oil price. This is a big disappointment, as the signs a few months ago were that the price of the ebony nectar was on the rise.

I'd Like to Be In Amerisur. Well, Actually I Already Am

Published 121 days ago

Hello Share Snappers. It’s a bit disconcerting when you elect a share to bring to your notice and then find it appears on the list of most shorted shares on this stupendous website.

Why the sudden interest in Infinity Energy?

Published 124 days ago

There suddenly seems to be a lot of excitement all over twitter and the bulletin boards about a tiny AIM shell called Infinity Energy SA (INFT) – but of course that wouldn’t have anything at all to do with the recent placing and placees looking to offload for a quick profit!

A Few Jolly Good Reasons to Return to BP

Published 128 days ago

Hello Share Rattlers. On checking the number of BP shares I hold, I was rather shocked. It’s one of those shares I’ve been gradually building up, whenever I find myself with a bit of share cash and no clear company currently worthy of investment.

Photo Update: Union Jack Oil - Wressle news unlikely to please the naked protestors

Published 132 days ago

Union Jack Oil (UJO) has noted an “Appeal & New Planning Application” announcement on the Wressle oil field (Union Jack: 15%, including 3.33% subject to approval from the Oil and Gas Authority) from operator Egdon Resources (EDR).

Oil Shares and that Tomahawk Strike

Published 137 days ago

Hello Share Chirpers. Once again, hostilities threaten the world. The Americans have launched a missile strike on a Syrian airfield. The Russians and the Iranians don’t like it. The Middle East is in even more turmoil.

My view on Sound Energy's market valuation remain unchanged

Published 147 days ago

I’ve been bearish on the valuation of Sound Energy (SOU) for a while now, and nothing in the updates this week on Tendrara or its final results have changed that opinion. Don’t get me wrong, I can certainly see potential in this company, and it has done well to turn things around and get to where it is currently, but I still think that it is crazy that it is trading at a market cap of well over £500 million at this point in time.

This Oiler is Worth a Look as Hurricane Johnnies Find a Rocking Golden Goose

Published 148 days ago

Hello Share Plungers. It’s not very often a small oil company rewards its investors. What with the falling oil price and all. But just look at Hurricane Energy (HUR). About 12 months ago, the shares were about 10p. They now stand at 59p! But is this the top?

Lekoil offers plenty of longer term upside

Published 154 days ago

Many AIM oil companies promise the earth, yet in most cases are still no nearer to actually producing anything despite a number of years having passed since their initial discoveries, so it is refreshing to see that there are exceptions to this trend.

How the Weak Oil Price Threatens the Footsie's Perky Progress

Published 156 days ago

Hello Share Twirlers. Though the Footsie has been striding ahead, it would have done far better if the oil price had behaved itself. We are not just talking oil shares, but the whole of the share economy. A weak oil price has a negative effect all round.

Is it worth giving Chariot another chance?

Published 157 days ago

Chariot Oil and Gas (CHAR) has begun to get my attention again recently as it has plenty going on operationally during the next year or so, and could well become a popular share to be in once again.

BP or Not BP? That is Exxon's Question. Meanwhile, I'm in a Quandary

Published 163 days ago

Hello Share Shakers. A bit of a dilemma faces me. I have some BP (BP.) shares in my ordinary trading account. I want to switch them to my ISA. When I do that, there’ll be an interim few days when I no longer hold the stock. For BP at the moment, this is a bit dangerous.

Goodwin – 2:15pm ‘Interim Management Statement’ a cause for alarm?

Published 165 days ago

Previously writing on engineering company Goodwin (GDWN) in September with the shares at 1980p, I concluded that the energy industry environment saw me cautious and avoiding the shares. They were little changed on the prior 1895p close before an “Interim Management Statement” announcement at 2:15pm. A cause for alarm?...

Petro Matad continues to defy gravity

Published 176 days ago

There are times when a share continues to defy gravity for far longer than most people would expect, and that certainly looks to be the case with Mongolian oil explorer Petro Matad (MATD).

It's time to consider Premier Oil as a longer term recovery play

Published 178 days ago

Premier Oil (PMO) is a company that I have been bearish on so far in 2017, but it has now reached a level where I would consider changing my stance to a buy, or at the very least one to watch closely for when the recent trend changes direction and it starts to bounce.

Northbridge Industrial Services – another trading update it’s “pleased to issue”, yet sees the shares slide

Published 194 days ago

Northbridge Industrial Services (NBI) is “pleased to issue” a trading update for the 2016 calendar year, yet the shares have responded more than 8% lower to 123.5p. Hmmm...

Want a Spanking Dividend? Here's the Choice

Published 196 days ago

Hello Share Poppers. I am doing rather well financially at the mo. And it’s my guess you are, too. So let’s stop moaning and try to enjoy life a bit more. I’ve pushed across some of the spare dough with my brokers into my current account as I intend to spend a little more on myself.

Market gives a muted response to Premier Oil refinancing deal

Published 200 days ago

The market doesn’t like uncertainty, and that is why Premier Oil (PMO) has been continuing to under-perform in comparison to some of its peers in the oil and gas producing sector in terms of the share price.

Profits Down, But Prospects Up as Rising Oil Price Should Benefit Shell

Published 201 days ago

Hello Share Pagers. The results of Royal Dutch Shell (RDSA) were not too clever. Profits down by another 37% on last time. But remember how lousy the price of Brent Crude is at the moment.

Plexus – DISGRACE: following big share slides in advance, you’ll never guess what “Trading Update” is like (you will)…

Published 202 days ago

With its shares down more than 11% on Tuesday and further more than 12% on Wednesday morning, cue a 1:48pm “Trading Update” announcement from Plexus Holdings (POS). And you’ll never guess what (you will)…

Cluff is a good speculative oil and gas exploration play

Published 206 days ago

The last couple of years have been a torrid time for those holding shares in small oil and gas exploration companies in general, with very few exceptions.

Union Jack - Wressle knockback, market over-reacts: buy

Published 206 days ago

Union Jack (UJO) announced a couple of weeks ago that the planning committee at North Lincolnshire County Council had served up an adverse ruling in respect of the development of the Wressle Oil Field in North Lincolnshire licences PEDL180 and PEDL182. Union Jack holds an 11.67% stake in both licenses.

A Ear in Your Shell-Like. Royal Dutch Shares May Be in for a Boost.

Published 207 days ago

Hello Share Suckers. You’ve may have noticed, but probably haven’t, that I’ve been selling shares in some companies which I am heavily invested in. This is because times are uncertain and success with a few of my favourites, have left them a little top heavy in their pricing territory.

Nature Group – Sale of Gibraltar operations sparks shares, but what of trading?

Published 218 days ago

Previously writing on another ludicrous results statement from Nature Group (NGR), I noted ‘we’ll see on the loss-making Gibraltar entity (“held for sale” net assets on the balance sheet £0.79 million)’. Today there is a “Sale of Gibraltar Operations” announcement, though which also includes a trading update…

Serica remains a buy despite recent strong gains

Published 220 days ago

Usually when shares in a small AIM company has risen by nearly 300% from the level where I recommended it as a buy, I would be advising to take your profits before the almost inevitable retrace that so many suffer from.

Premier Oil looks to offer more risk than reward at the current share price

Published 223 days ago

Like many producers, Premier Oil (PMO) has been struggling with debt since the oil price crashed a few years back. Some have managed to refinance the debt on their balance sheets, but for Premier the process has been dragging on for far longer than many expected and hasn’t exactly helped sentiment surrounding the company. Following today’s update though it looks as though that is finally about to be resolved.

Can the Ebony Nectar Rocket the Footsie to Where It's Never Boldly Gone Before?

Published 231 days ago

The bulls among us are rejoicing at the beginning of the new year. But what’s causing the Footsie to beat its all-time highs? 

Financial results of many oil producers will disappoint in 2017

Published 233 days ago

Looking at the performance of many oil producers over the past few months you could easily be forgiven for thinking that their problems are over and all is rosy within the sector once more.

Why it is often difficult to value small resource companies accurately

Published 236 days ago

Valuing small resource companies can be difficult, and often they will appear to be far cheaper than they really are. The bulletin boards, Twitter, etc are full of people extolling the virtues of the companies that they are invested in and pointing out that they should be worth far more than what the share price currently reflects.

Here's Another Share Which Could Spurt Up with the Growing Oil Price.

Published 236 days ago

Hello Share Splodgers. Have you considered buying shares in Petrofac (PFC)? It’s one of the world’s biggest providers of infrastructure, including buildings and equipment to the oil and gas world.

Is Wincanton a Win, Win Situation? A Few Reasons Why it Might be.

Published 237 days ago

Hello Share Crunchers. May I bring to your attention Wincanton (WIN) a freight haulage firm. It’s been described as a provider of supply chain solutions, but I expect you join me in ridiculing fancy descriptions like that.

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast: Assisted by my father, 8 predictions for 2017

Published 239 days ago

Once again I am sitting here in Shipston with a live audience of one, my father. So we have his take on George Michael - mine is HERE. My views on Syria are referred to in the podcast and the article I mention is HERE. Then I go onto my 8 macro calls for 2017 covering Europe and the Euro, interest rates, corporate earnings visibility, fraud & bankruptcies, house prices, shares, gold and oil.

Canadian Overseas is a good example of why you should manage risk

Published 246 days ago

It never ceases to amaze me just how much some are prepared to risk on very high risk AIM companies where the odds are against them, and this is a sure-fire way to quickly see all of your money go up in smoke!

Getech Group – AGM update sees shares bounce

Published 253 days ago

Provider of data, studies and services to the natural resources and energy sectors, Getech (GTC) has updated in conjunction with its AGM – and the shares have currently responded approaching 10% higher, to 35p…

Long road to recovery for Gulfsands

Published 253 days ago

Whilst it is great to see Gulfsands (GPX) rising on the back of recent news about a possible peace deal in Syria, I am far from convinced that such a large rise in share price is in any way justified at this point in time.

That She Blows - Up Go the Oilers and It's Not Over Yet

Published 253 days ago

Hello Share Cybers. One does not like to preen. And to be honest I haven't had much justification lately, what with Advanced Oncotherapy's woes. But you will allow that I did see oil prices rising.

Trading platinum has produced my biggest wins in 2016

Published 256 days ago

I’ve always had in an interest in the natural resources sector, but in the past I had mainly stuck to investing and trading the shares of companies within that area.

Plexus Holdings – AGM update; argues strong position for next cyclical upswing, but how far away’s that?

Published 258 days ago

Shares in oil and gas engineering services company Plexus (POS) are currently more than 12.5% higher, at 73p, on the back of an “AGM Statement” which argues “with a strengthened balance sheet, a large wellhead inventory, an expanded suite of Plexus products, partners in strategically important territories, and a successful track record with a who's who of blue chip operators, Plexus is in a strong position to take advantage of and benefit from the next cyclical upswing”. Hmmm…

Oiling the Wheels of Share Rises for Purveyors of the Ebony Nectar

Published 261 days ago

Hello Share Twangers. I was beginning to worry that my predictions that the price of Brent crude would rise steadily were not going to happen. The ebony nectar value has been falling in the last month or so (by about 10%).

LGO Energy - cash bonus in Spain not enough, another placing inevitable & another sleight of hand by Ritson

Published 266 days ago

Loons, like our very own LGO Energy (LGO) owning fanatic Wildes, will have yesterday celebrated news that 11,200 barrels of Spanish oil which had accumulated over the summer had finally been sold. But shares in LGO still fell to just 0.11p. Here's why.

Time to consider banking a profit on Canadian Overseas Petroleum

Published 275 days ago

Shares in Canadian Overseas Petroleum (COPL) have performed brilliantly since I tipped them as a buy, but I would now be looking to bank at least some of that profit in the near future.

Mosman will crash back to earth after a ridiculous share price rise!

Published 286 days ago

Even with all of the other craziness in the markets, the ridiculous share price rise in Mosman Oil and Gas (MSMN) still managed to stand out!

You May Not Want to Sell Shell Pell Mell on These Figures

Published 294 days ago

Hello Share Diviners. Jim Slater's legendary book on shares, second in my view only to my own works, including the recent Share Attack, advocated investing in shares you really know something about. I seem to remember - though could be wrong - that the Zulu Principal got its name because his wife knew plenty of stuff about Zulus.

Rockhopper still has potential but you will need patience

Published 307 days ago

Oil still has a long way to go before it is at a healthy level for many oil companies, but the recent rise back above $50 a barrel certainly seems to be creating some interest in the sector, at least for the time being.

Wood Group Could Be One of the First to Shine on an Oil Recovery

Published 309 days ago

Hello Share Smackers. You may be getting a little tired of my banging on about my expected recovery in the price of Brent crude. Never my, my vicar’s sermon on Sunday was all about the importance of ‘pestering’ if we want to be heard by the Almighty. So I’ll keep pestering you about this.

As Brent Crude Trickles Up, You Can Be Sure of Shell, Shell, Shell

Published 315 days ago

Hello Share Twiggers. The price of oil continues to nudge up. As I write, it is only a whisper away from a 10 month high. I see no reason why that trend won’t continue, especially with winter drawing on and my central heating boilers going full pelt for the first time today. Another clue to rising oil prices is that big costs are returning at the petrol pumps.

Enquest looks cheap compared to its peers

Published 316 days ago

Oil has been enjoying a good run over the past couple of months and many producers have seen that rise reflected in the share price of those companies.

EasyJet Is No Easy Bet while the Pound Flies Low

Published 316 days ago

Hello Share Plinkers. The old memory is not what it was, but I think I may have commended Easyjet (EZJ) to your further researches not so long ago. But stories change all the time, as Uncle Tom often reminds us, and circumstances have altered over the budget airliner.

The tangled web of Nu-Oil and Gas

Published 317 days ago

Large increases in share price on smaller AIM companies always get my attention, especially in the case of Nu-oil and Gas (NUOG) which closed up over 400% in a single day last week.

Union Jack - picks up new acreage: good but no fat cigar: BUY

Published 318 days ago

The UK's 14th onshore licensing round came to a close today with the final awards of new acreage and Union Jack (UJO) gets a win from the process. Egdon Resources has formally been awarded license PEDL 339 in the East Midlands and if Union Jack pays 20% of the cost of the first well - which it will - it gets a 10% interest.

Oil for One and Oil for All. Look Again at the Big Oilers

Published 320 days ago

In my humble view, now could be a good time to return to oil shares. I certainly hope so, as I have lost a packet since the big oil crash which began a few years ago. I’ve gradually dumped my holdings in the hopeful explorers, but I still have major holdings in the big producers, like Royal Dutch Shell (RDSA), BP (BP.) and Tullow (TLW). All of them are well shy of their previous bests.

Nature Group – “pleased to announce” results as shares slide on another ludicrous statement…

Published 329 days ago

Following an absolutely ludicrous results statement previously, Nature Group (NGR) is “pleased to announce the unaudited interim results for the six months to 30 June 2016”. The shares are currently approaching 8% lower, at 4.375p, in response. Is the company at it again? …

Goodwin – a 2:40pm “Interim Management Statement” = intra-day profit disappointment

Published 342 days ago

Following Sepura, the intra-day profit disappointment continued (although to a much lesser degree) with a 2:40pm announcement from engineering company Goodwin (GDWN) – this including notice of a current year first quarter (to 31st July) pre-tax profit down £0.75 million from the corresponding 2015 period, to £3.05 million...

Enteq Upstream – AGM update on company & industry positions

Published 344 days ago

Having slid back towards 12p following a June announcement of results for its year ended 31st March 2016, shares in oilfield services technology and equipment supplier, Enteq Upstream (NTQ) are currently steady at 16p on the back of an “AGM Statement” announcement, which includes an update on current conditions in the industry…

Will success with the drill sustain the Hurricane Energy rise?

Published 347 days ago

It was great to see Hurricane Energy (HUR) announcing the completion of another successful well at its Lancaster field, as it has been a company that I’ve been a fan of for sometime.

Hurricane’s Lancaster Well – It’s Turtles All the Way Down

Published 348 days ago

Well maybe not all the way down but at least all the way down to 1646m TVDSS. Hurricane (HUR) has announced the results of its 205/21a-7 well and Robert Trice has to be really delighted with what they have found, not just PR delighted, They have proved mobile oil down to 1646m TVDSS about 240m below structural closure. This is really significant and I reckon using my trusty slide rule that could support an oil in place of about 1.3 billion bbls. 

Oil's Well that Ends Well - Stand By for A Rising Price

Published 351 days ago

Hello Share Scuffers. As I write the price of Brent crude is $47.62 dollars a barrel. That is lower than recent days when the price crawled back above $50. However, the trend is up and after reaching a nadir of $38 dollars a year or so ago, well the current oil price is a lot better now than it was.

Petro Matad - cash rich and going nowhere!

Published 354 days ago

Petro Matad (MATD) has been one of the worst performing AIM oil companies in recent years, taking into account both its operations and share price.

Premier Oil – Covenants deferred again as it walks the financial tightrope

Published 356 days ago

This morning brought news that the covenant test for Premier Oil (PMO) has been delayed for the third time. While the support from the lending group is to be welcomed, the continuing need for deferral proves that the company's equity holders remain on a financial tightrope.

Braemar Shipping Services – “Trading Update”, results “will be materially lower than 2016”. Uh-oh…

Published 358 days ago

“Braemar Shipping Services plc (BMS) provides the following trading update, further to our AGM Trading Update on 30 June 2016”. Not ‘pleased to provide’, just “provides”, Uh-oh...

Pressure Technologies – “Update on Recent Trading” = Another Profit Warning…

Published 358 days ago

Having initially warned of further downside risk with the shares at 166p HERE, I note shares in Pressure Technologies (PRES) are currently more than 11% lower today, at 140p, on the back of an “Update on Recent Trading”

88 Energy: A Case Study in the Risk Tolerance of Private Investors

Published 361 days ago

For my sins, I took some time to read through 88 Energy’s Interim Report released last Monday. While continuing to believe that the attractiveness of a stock is inversely related to the number of other investors who are analysing it, I decided nevertheless to see what all the fuss was about.

LGO - as the cash runs out the news from Spain & Trinidad underwhelms

Published 366 days ago

I take my hat off to Neil Ritson, the hapless CEO of LGO Energy (LGO), as he does not seem keen to disclose more information about how his company is doing. Unfortunately the information is underwhelming and as the company's cash runs out and the next bailout placing looms the shares are set to head only one way. And it is not up.

The Chairman's Blog 4: Sir Benjamin Dover of Global Mining Endeavours writes (from the Savoy)

Published 367 days ago

Following the example set by Paul Warwick the chairman of worthless penny stock Andalas (ADL) in starting a blog, Sir Benjamin Dover of AIM listed Global Mining Endeavours has decided to follow suit and like Paul promises to be Candid in his approach. Day 4

Premier Oil looks shaky going forwards

Published 369 days ago

Premier Oil (PMO) has just released its interim results, but I’m not convinced they are quite as rosy as they might initially appear at first glance.

As Brent Crude Rallies, It Could Be Time to Grease Your Portfolio with More Oilers

Published 371 days ago

Hello Share Swiggers. If you have shares in producing oil firms you might want to consider hanging onto them. And if you have spare cash you might research a few likely companies with a view to a bit more investment. The reason is that the price of Brent crude oil is going up again. It is tickling $50 a barrel as I write. It was there a few months ago when the price level caused some excitement. Quite a few oil companies nudged up on the news, including Shell (RDSA) and BP (BP.).

BHP Billiton: make billions in losses… and the shares correctly go up

Published 372 days ago

You cannot complain when one of your tips of the year has put on over 35% in the last eight-and-a-bit months, but it would be fair to say a month or two into the year even I wondered what I had let myself in for with BHP Billiton (BLT).

Bull, Bull, Bull! This is Not A Load of Bull. The Rise of the Footsie Should Continue.

Published 375 days ago

All Right. I know I am in incurable bull. But it is an attitude which has served me well over the years. Enough to make a living out of trading shares, anyway. We are in a gradual bull market now. This surprises a lot of folk, because the Brexit vote was expected to hit business hard. And yet - and this puzzles me, too - the Footsie has not been as high as it is now for a long, long time. It’s now only a whisper off its all time high record 

Heavy fuel oil alternative still has big potential for Quadrise

Published 376 days ago

The recent low oil prices have not only affected companies producing the commodity, but also others which rely on prices being high in order for their own products to be competitive. AIM-listed Quadrise Fuels (QFI) offers a good alternative investment for anyone who is confident that oil prices will ultimately recover, but who is looking for something a bit different to the traditional earlier-stage oil and gas investments around.

Sound Energy will come back down to earth with a painful bump

Published 379 days ago

One of the biggest red flags of a company being ridiculously over-priced is its directors selling shares, and that certainly looks to be the case with Sound Energy (SOU) following its after hours RNS!

Hoots Mon, This Scottish Oil Producer Could be Worth a (Highland) Fling

Published 380 days ago

Hello Share Swappers. The price of crude oil bested $50 dollars a barrel a few months ago. Consequently big oil producers like Royal Dutch Shell (RDSA) started a long-awaited rally. Then the oil price dipped back to around $40 dollars. So it looks as though oil prices are not recovering at all. Except that the last time I looked the oil price was over $44 dollars a barrel, so it’s on the up again.

Getech – claims downturn due to market conditions, so does recovery really require this share option bounty?

Published 384 days ago

With its shares down at levels barely seen since more than four year ago, data and services provider to the natural resources industries, Getech (GTC) “is pleased to announce the appointment of Dr Jonathan Copus as Chief Executive Officer with immediate effect… Jonathan does not hold any shares in the company but… on his appointment, the company will grant Jonathan Copus 1.4 million share options”. Hmmm, let’s take a look…

Aggreko: supping at the temporary power share opportunity trough again

Published 385 days ago

You would have thought I had learnt my lesson on the temporary power market following the disastrous APR Energy ‘excitements’ of a year plus ago. Perhaps I feel emboldened because the ultimate takeover of the company by a do-gooding consortium bailed me out on the name and added a touch of profit to boot. Alternatively I feel a touch of unfinished business on Aggreko (AGK) after calling the stock interesting when it exited the FTSE-100 fifteen months ago and it has quietly been one of the stars of my portfolio year-to-date. At least until today.

Northbridge Industrial Services - “is pleased to issue”… a profit warning...

Published 387 days ago

Industrial equipment provider Northbridge (NBI) “is pleased to issue the following pre-close trading update in advance of its interim results for the six months ended 30 June 2016, which are scheduled to be released on 29 September 2016”“Pleased to issue”. Good, good, but what’s that?, the shares currently down more than 11% on the back of the announcement? Hmmm…

Why I've been buying Genel despite the risks

Published 388 days ago

Geo-political instability can make investments far more risky, but alongside that you will often find the potential for large returns with companies which look undervalued based upon their fundamentals.

Cheer Up You Gloomy Lot! The Future Could Be Bright

Published 389 days ago

Hello Share Sponsors. As I write the price of Brent crude is $43  a barrel. That’s a lot worse than the $51 dollars it reached a few months ago. And the fall has been reflected in the share price of nearly all oil companies. For example, the share price of Royal Dutch Sell (RSDA) is off by about 5%.

Wizz Air - The Ryanair of the East posts top results: Buy!

Published 399 days ago

Those who have read our coverage of Fastjet (FJET) on this website know that we have no qualms about warnings investors away from worthless airlines. But I believe there are worthwhile alternatives, and Wizz Air (WIZZ) happens to be one of them. The airline today posted record Q1 results.

Serica Energy should be back in production soon

Published 405 days ago

I am often left struggling to find smaller oil companies that actually look a good investment, as opposed to just a gamble on a single big drill, or where all of the potential future value is in the ground with no actual plan or finance in place to get it out!

Frontera Resources shareholders will be diluted into oblivion!

Published 407 days ago

In a market filled with companies that have wasted a small fortune and haven’t got a lot to show for it, Frontera Resources still manages to stand out from the rest as having taken both to a new level!

Aminex: "Shabby" Management has betrayed Shareholders says SP Angel

Published 408 days ago

Once again the angry young man of the world orf oil analysis, Mr Zac Phillips has plunged his pen straight into the back of the management of a listed company. This time it is Aminex (AEX) which gets it with both barrels from Zac. He writes:

Gulf Marine Services – clients are “seeking cost efficiencies”, Uh oh…

Published 414 days ago

Provider of support vessels to the offshore oil, gas and renewable energy sectors, Gulf Marine Services (GMS) has released an “Operational and Trading Update” commencing that clients in the Middle East are “seeking cost efficiencies as a result of the challenging low oil price environment”. Uh oh…

Plastics Capital – after interim numbers failed to impress, what about the full-year?

Published 415 days ago

Having sold on the Nifty Fifty subscription site last year at above 100p, the following updates on Plastics Capital (PLA) with the shares currently at 93p following results for its year ended 31st March 2016…

Gulf Keystone Petroleum - Living On Borrowed Time

Published 417 days ago

June was a quiet month for Gulf Keystone (GKP), at least in terms of news for observers. Internally, there are doubtless all manner of interesting conversations taking place. We were given a twin helping of clues on Friday as to the content and direction of these discussions. Unfortunately, there is still no reason to believe that the shares have any value. But maybe the end is nigh.

Premier Oil – Lenders give more time, situation remains grave - SELL

Published 418 days ago

I previously noted the importance of a successful conclusion to Premier Oil’s (PMO) bank lender discussions, and made the case that a very large equity raise was probably needed to put the company back on a sound footing. This morning finally sees some news on those lender discussions, made necessary by Premier’s inability to satisfy its covenants.

Shall Shell Shares Soar? Sure They Should. (Trying Saying That Aloud)

Published 421 days ago

Hello Share Cats. One thing the Brexit vote hasn’t attacked so far is the oil price. Well, Brent did go down a tiny fraction, but hardly worth noticing. And that could be due to world factors, anyway. Which reminds me that Royal Dutch Shell (RDSA) has risen for the two trading days since the Big Vote result was announced. I am a giant holder of Shell oil. It is the biggest lump in my portfolio. I already held a lot of Shell shares.  Then it gobbled up BG and part of that deal was its handing over even more Shell stock.

Brexit - The Shares Which Could Rise and Those that May Fall.

Published 422 days ago

Hello Share Dollies. We are entering the uncharted waters of Brexit. But captains of ships still have a raft (sic) of experience to draw upon, even when you don’t have a map. This is how Columbus discovered the Colonies. One thing - and they’re aren’t many of them - how I score over the vast majority of my colleagues is long experience of what has previously happened in our great game. I have observed the charts, day in day out for so many years that the only interruption of my studies is the couple of weeks when I courted Ann Boleyn.

US Oil & Gas - its still avin a bubble

Published 424 days ago

Serial publisher of lies, US Oil & Gas (USOP) now has cash to spend having found some of the stupidest people on this planet to pony up cash in its 27p placing. Hence now it has to update us all on its quest for oil where there is none. I apologise on missing this gem from comedy central on 17 June but better late than never.

Premier Oil - Holed Below the Waterline? (Part 2)

Published 430 days ago

Yesterday in Part 1, I outlined the gravity of the situation facing Premier Oil’s (PMO) equity investors. In that piece, I presented my view that the purchase of E.ON’s North Sea assets was an attempt to temporarily fix a covenant breach situation, but that any profits it generates are unlikely to be material against Premier’s debt pile.

Premier Oil - Holed Below the Waterline? (Part 1)

Published 431 days ago

Anyone lucky enough to buy independent exploration and production company Premier Oil (PMO) around the January lows achieved a two-bagger in quick time as the shares rallied rapidly from around 20p to achieve a high of 75p last month. It is currently capitalised at £360 million ($500 million) and is a favourite on the bulletin boards. Sadly, it’s not yet clear that Premier has its house in order. There could be some serious pain yet to come.

Canadian Overseas will attract plenty of interest later this year - now is the time to buy

Published 431 days ago

Many private investors love a bit of a gamble on a big exploration oil drill and there is always plenty of hype surrounding them, but over the past year or so very few have taken place, certainly compared to previous years anyway.

Buy Glencore on any short term weakness

Published 433 days ago

A couple of months ago I covered Glencore (GLEN) as a short, but I now think it is time to consider closing and looking to go long on the shares, especially on any dips.

Follow the Fellow Who Follows Tullow.

Published 433 days ago

Hello Share Bunnies. Tullow Oil (TLW) shares I've held a long time. Too long, as it turned out. Not many years ago they doubled my outlay in a year or two. Then, like nearly all other big oilers they were hit a year ago, or so by the big black stuff crash. Actually the share had been on the back foot before that. But I reckon Tullow could be on the march again. Over the last few days, the advancing oil price has decided to take a rest. But not for long, I fancy. You can see my reasons in a few recent examples of my modest Shareprophets column.

Why BHP Billiton Shares May Have Been Oversold and Could Now Be a Bargain.

Published 435 days ago

Hello Share Swipers. BHP Billiton (BLT) is a famous mining and oil producing company. It provides us with iron ore, copper, diamonds, aluminium, the ebony nectar and natural gas.  I can imagine in my mind's eye many of you are now heading for the door. But hang on a bit. Not only is the oil price rising, but this company has been held down by issues which may have been overdone.

Getech – another profit warning, how’s the “strong financial position” looking now?

Published 439 days ago

Having emphasised caution on shares in provider of data, studies and services to the oil, gas and mining exploration sectors, Getech (GTC) at 37.5p HERE, the following updates with them currently a further couple of percent lower, at 26p, on the back of a “Trading Update” with regard to the company’s year to end July 2016…

To Shell and Back. The Case is Royal Says My Old Dutch.

Published 440 days ago

Hello Share Plungers. I’ve been teetering round some serious Royal Dutch Shell (RDSA) research for a week or two now. That’s because I - along with a goodly few other City commentators - expect the price of Brent to skid upwards. But why buy Shell shares in preference to those  offered by all that competition? Because of size mainly. Shell is probably too big to fail and if that oil price keeps bubbling up, then good old Shell we will among the biggest beneficiaries.

Another Look at How our Oil Shares Should Soon Light the Lamp of Profit..

Published 441 days ago

Hello Share Poodles. As so many of us hold shares in companies involved in the ebony nectar, it’s seems a good wheeze to once again bring you bang up to date on how the price of Brent crude should fare in the next few months. Because there’s little doubt that the value of the black stuff has a huge bearing on share prices. And not just those of oil companies, but nearly every other listed firm as well. It’s a question of high oil prices raising general confidence.

Hardide – half-year results dire, cash crunch & thus (explicitly) fundraising ahoy!

Published 443 days ago

Half-year results (to 31st March 2016) from Hardide plc (HDD), a company which “develops, manufactures and applies advanced technology tungsten-carbide coatings to a wide range of engineering components… Customers include leading companies operating in oil…” Uh oh...

Why Your Shares Might Not Fall For Much Longer - Ref: The Big Brexit Vote.

Published 445 days ago

Hello Share Schemers. I read a very recent piece on this glittering website from Terrers the Frenchman. Readers of his occasional, but very well researched and detailed articles, will know that he usually takes the gloomy view. And this is what happened in Thierry’s latest interesting piece which points out that the Footsie is once again on the back foot. In his opinion things may just get worse before they come better. And yet, as he also mentions oil prices have risen and the S & P has been trading near highs. So what’s holding the Footsie back? Well, I think we all suspect it is the uncertainty over Europe.

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast - sticking it to Mayair, Jupiter Energy and in fact all Australians bar Kylie

Published 446 days ago

In today's podcast I start with a few words on Greece as I head up to the Greek Hovel and the snakes. Then I move through TrakM8 (TRAK), Avanti Communications (AVN) and onto Boxhill (BOX). Lord Razzall: we will give you the day off to compose a resignation (in disgrace) letter, there are two more bombshells for you but they can wait until the weekend. I look at Bushveld (BMN), Jupiter Energy (JPRL) - and what its crisis says about oil companies in general - and finally I spend a good time taking apart Mayair Group (MAYA)

Gulf Keystone Petroleum - Revelations: The Final Judgement

Published 450 days ago

And God shall wipe away all tears from their eyes; and there shall be no more death, neither sorrow, nor crying, neither shall there be any more pain: for the former things are passed away.

It is with no small sense of humility that I disclose a token short position in Gulf Keystone Petroleum.

Nature Group – full-year results statement absolutely ludicrous

Published 452 days ago

Shares in provider of port reception facilities and waste treatment solutions for the oil, marine and process industries, Nature Group (NGR) are down approaching 24%, at 5.625p, on the back of a “Final Results” announcement. Recently-appointed Chairman Berend van Straten is though “pleased to announce the 2015 results”. Hmmm…

To Be Crude, Oil Looks Perkier, which Is Why I Stick with High Dividend BP

Published 455 days ago

Hello Share Chippers. I rate my large number of oil stocks in the same bracket I consider banks - a real solid gold let down. As I mainly invested in oil and banks because I once thought the sectors were relatively safe, I am even more disappointed. Banks of course have been a drain on our pockets ever since the big crunch of 2007. Whereas oil has only recently taken a nasty dive.

Ithaca - Waiting for Stella

Published 464 days ago

North Sea oil and gas producer Ithaca Energy (IAE) provided an interim report this morning which has reassured investors that long-awaited production in the Stella oil field will be coming soon. But the shares still carry an extraordinary amount of risk.

Ophir Energy offers good value and is cash rich

Published 489 days ago

Currently I am wary of a lot of oil and gas producers, given some of the recent rises that we’ve seen, but there are still a few out there that seem to offer decent value.

Hurricane Energy manages to raise funds at a large premium - long term buy

Published 491 days ago

Prior to the oil price crash, Hurricane Energy (HUR) was a favourite of mine and is one that I still watch closely despite not having held a position there for a long time.

Gulf Keystone 0p by early May - I slash target price from 1p

Published 495 days ago

I am beginning to think that my 1p target price for Gulf Keystone (GKP) is in fact far too generous. Having called this as a sell at 180p and all the way down to abuse from every moron in the land I think it is time to revise the target price. The shares are off another 9% today to just 4.675p. Okay I shall stop being a nice guy, I am cutting my target price from 1p to 0p.

Getech Group – interim results, claims “a strong financial position”. Really?

Published 504 days ago

Having followed a profit warning with news that its CEO is to walk the plank, geoscience services group Getech (GTC) has announced results for its half year ended 31st January 2016. They ain’t pretty…

Is MX Oil worthy of one last chance?

Published 505 days ago

It is crunch time for MX Oil (MXO) and especially it’s CEO Stefan Oliver who is in ‘last chance saloon’ when it comes to delivering and placating his shareholders!

Aladdin Isn't the Only One to Make Brass Out of New for Old.

Published 511 days ago

Hello Share Shimmiers. For a long time I've had a policy of not investing in any more techno companies. They were starting to go wrong for me, well most ‘em.

This Ebony Nectar Outfit May be One of the Better Ways to Oil Your Portfolio.

Published 520 days ago

Hello Share Rattlers. It takes a bit of courage to go anywhere near oil shares these days. But we have to be thankful that the price of the ebony nectar seems to have stabilised a bit at around 40 dollars a barrel.

US Oil & Gas - is it time for comic relief already? The fraudsters excel themselves

Published 526 days ago

I have been saving a duo of no-one is watching O'Clock announcements from Thursday 10 March and a third the next morning from the fraudsters at US Oil & Gas (USOP) for a day when I needed cheering up. After an hour in the dentist's chair, today is such a day. This is sheer comedy genius from Brian "the dog ate my drilling data" McDonnell. Say what you want about wee Brian but you cannot deny that this guy is the funniest Irishman since Father Ted. Where to start?

Goudron Bollocks from LGO as it tries to ramp as £5 million rescue placing struggles

Published 527 days ago

Five days ago we revealed that David Lenigas himself was trying to arrange a £5 million bailout placing for insolvent LGO Energy (LGO) which would see Jabba go back on the board and hapless CEO Neil Ritson pushed into the long grass a couple of months later. We have emails from broker Dowgate to potential investors explaining Jabba's plans and saying that the placing would close well before the end of last week. There has been no RNS. Clearly - and not surprisingly - the placement is struggling big time and so LGO has today released ramptastic bollocks from Goudron to try to spoof punters into backing the bailout.

Alba Minerals placing can't be far away! SELL - and also Sell UKOG

Published 544 days ago

Alba Minerals (ALBA) is a company I covered previously as a speculative buy, but its now time to cash in 100% or so profit!

Pipeline approval for Amerisur Resources - buy?

Published 551 days ago

It is still my view that the current low oil price is offering plenty of opportunities to buy shares in producers at a depressed share price.

Pressure Technologies – AGM trading update notes “resilience”, but profit warning ahoy?

Published 553 days ago

Serving the oil, gas, alternative energy and defence markets, Pressure Technologies (PRES) has updated that it is currently showing "resilience" despite some extremely difficult markets. But is a profit warning ahoy? ...

Even the Oil Price has to Bottom Out One Day - While BP Still Pays its Monster Divi.

Published 553 days ago

Hello Share Shafters. I keep stressing, to the point of boredom I expect, that these days, it’s best to choose companies which pay richer dividends. We cannot rely on share prices rising, but even in the choppiest waters, some firms manage to award a decent divi two to four times a year.

Shameless ramping by David Lenigas & the Horse Hill Companies ahead of bailout placings

Published 554 days ago

At least two of the companies involved in Horse Hill will go bust within weeks if they do not issue shares for a bailout placing and thus the ramping of today's (probably good but not great) news from Surrey was shameless with ther fat Aussie Share Pusher David "I won't say who made money from Danadav" Lenigas at the fore.

Why is Bowleven my favourite small oil company for the long term?

Published 558 days ago

Bowleven (BLVN) like so many other AIM oil companies has been a big disappointment to anyone who has invested longer term – including myself in the past! But if you’re looking to buy into any smaller oil companies at a time when the oil price is down around the $30 area that we are currently seeing, then it would be high on my list, and probably right at the top.

Getech Group – following dire profit warning CEO now walks plank, shares still unattractive

Published 560 days ago

Having followed an August update that “market conditions in the year ahead will remain challenging but, based on the existing contracts and continued client interest, the directors remain optimistic for the future” with a November warning that “there remains considerable uncertainty about the state of the market and… accordingly we believe the year ahead will be trading substantially below current market expectations”, Getech Group (GTC) has now announced that “Raymond Wolfson is stepping down as Chief Executive Officer and director of the company with effect from no later than 31 July 2016”

Tom Winnifrith Bonus Bearcast - My friend you are in sheer denial on Gulf Keystone, your shares are worthless

Published 570 days ago

My earlier podcast on oil was I thought very balanced but one shareholder in Gulf Keystone (GKP) disagrees as you can see in the comments section beneath that excellent Bearcast HERE. My fried you are in denial just like Comrade wildes on LGO Energy (TOAST) and those who still believe in Avanti Communications (AVN). I refer to all three stocks but Gulf in particular as I examine the various facets of this common investor trait of denial. 

Next Job for Bush, Ritson, Carroll, Piggy Austin - oil worth less than shit chicken graphic

Published 573 days ago

As the summer wears on folks like little Keith Bush at Northern Petroleum (NOP), Andy Carroll of POS Mosman Oil & Gas (MSMN), halpess Neil Ritson of LGO Energy (TOAST) and Andrew "Piggy" Austin will be looking for new jobs as their company's go tits up. The graphic below suggests that next time they might want to try serving up something customers want to pay for?

Rick Rule: Uranium, Gold and Silver, China and Oil

Published 575 days ago

Rick Rule of Sprott is perhaps the world's best known resource stock investor and thus not a man to be ignored. In this podcast with my colleagues at Palisade Capital his warning on energy stocks is clear, the opportunity - selectively - is in mining plays. I agree.

USA 2015 to 2017: Mr. Brown's Production Forecast

Published 577 days ago

So how much oil will be produced going forward? After following the weekly production statistics avidly for some months and initially being smugly pleased by the data saying exactly what I wanted to hear, I then became completely befuddled by the data saying the opposite. I had almost reached the conclusion that the weekly production data wasn't worth paying attention to.

Eleven Oil stocks heading for Zero

Published 584 days ago

The weekend news from the oil sector is grim. I am not sure that folks out there in, what Malcolm Stacey might term, punterland realise just how grim it is. There is a massive PR and IR industry supporting the proposition that things can only get better. Au contraire, for the next few months at least, they are going to get a lot worse. And in that spirit I offer up a list of eleven oil E&Ps to sell now, to get out what and while you can, as they could well hit zero. 

LGO Energy - The REAL Reason its worthless: Depletion rates

Published 587 days ago

LGO Energy (LGO) has all sorts of problems. It is almost out of cash, it is burning cash, it is drowning in debt and it has a management credibility issue. But its real problem? Its assets in Trinidad are shite. The company has never come clean on how rapidly new wells go into decline but here is the raw data and it is pretty terrifying. It is based on RNS releases for each of its Goudron wells. 

A 100 year war with Daesh, oil worthless in 30 years - the Black Swan 2016 Newsletter

Published 593 days ago

Each year my friend Richard Poulden produces a very thought provoking New Year Newsletter and the 2016 edition is a stormer. It is also the most pessimistic I have seen yet. Pour yourself a stiff glass of whiskey and brace yourself.

Zak Mir's share tips of the year Number 2 - Buy Egdon Resources

Published 604 days ago

2015 was the year when (at least for now), I had to swallow my disappointment regarding there possibly not being 1 billion barrels of oil under Gatwick airport. But it was the year when the long awaited shale gas / fracking revolution looked to be finally getting underway. While there are doubts about the possible environmental effects, poisoning aquifers, and of course the not in my back yard syndrome, the fact is that The Treasury needs the money to fund money guzzling organisations such as the NHS.

A Christmas cracker from the liars at US Oil & Gas

Published 608 days ago

"It's the way I tell em" used to say Frank Carson, before continuing "Its a cracker". But old Frank had nothing on his fellow Irish comedian wee Brian McDonnell of US Oil & Gas (USOP) which served up a stormer of a Christmas update yesterday. Brian, you crack me's the way you tell em. That classic "The dog ate our drill test results" still has me in stitches. And now this.

Steam Oil Lands Another Whale

Published 613 days ago

We in The Steam Oil Production Company are actually really pleased (i.e. not just PR company pleased) to tell the world that we have signed a sale and purchase agreement with EnQuest to acquire its 100% interest in Licence P1996. What’s that got to do with whales you might ask. 

US Oil Production is Falling - the hard data

Published 623 days ago

This is a short article and one dedicated to a particularly enthusiastic commenter on the site – Wildrides. The mind boggles as I try to unravel from where that pseudonym was derived.

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast extra 7 December - Malcolm Stacey 100% wrong about oil & shares

Published 625 days ago

Old Getafix is a good man and we agree on many things. But his article today HERE on oil and on how shares are cheap is just 100% wrong and I have to take the Money Tree worshipper to task on this.

Reduced hedging to cause more pain for oil producers

Published 626 days ago

Oil producers have had a terrible year, but I think there could be more of the same to come and we will see some more casualties. Unfortunately oil is one of my favourite sectors and it has performed abysmally over the past 12 months or so, thanks to the crash in oil prices, with WTI currently sitting at around the $40 area, and Brent at circa $43.

It’s Hey Up and Away! as this Yorkshire Lad Suggests We Look at Airlines.

Published 638 days ago

Hello Share Muddlers: In an earlier piece this week, I opined that we should not be fearful of investing in airlines, just because murderous terrorists are at large. The argument was that there are so few airline incidents that the chances of being embroiled in one are more or less nil. And yet airline shares have suffered in the last few weeks. Ever since that crash of the flight from Egypt to Russia, to be exact. 

88Energy – private investors acting like lambs to the slaughter

Published 642 days ago

Will private investors on AIM ever learn? This morning 88 Energy (88E) raised A$3million at 0.47p, a mere 24% discount to where the stock opened on Monday. The company also announced a first come first serve Share Purchase Plan (SPP) to raise up to €4,999,999 from existing eligible shareholders. Under the terms of this, retail holders of 88 Energy are allowed to purchase parcels of up to A$15,000 worth of stock on the same terms as the placement participants. No doubt people will fall over themselves to take up this deal, but if the company has such great prospects why the steep discount?

Will Premier Oil decide to progress Sea Lion next year?

Published 644 days ago

On Monday Premier Oil (PMO) announced the sale of its Norwegian assets for $120million cash. The company will use the money to help pay down some of its sizeable debts. According to its half yearly report, Premier had net debts of just over $2billion versus cash and undrawn debt facilities of $1.5billion. The business is clearly struggling, as reflected by its share price performance over the last eighteen months. On the verge of tumbling out of the FTSE250, Premier trades at 74p (last seen) and has a market cap of £376million. If things don’t improve for Premier in the near’ish term, this could have a nasty effect on Rockhopper (RKH) and, more specifically, commercialisation of the Sea Lion discovery in the North Falklands Basin.

Building up a head of steam, yes we are

Published 648 days ago

I have written lots of articles here but this one is a little different, this one is all about our company – The Steam Oil Production Company Ltd. I’ve mentioned us now and then and I’ve also written about steam flooding technology and its potential, but this time I’m going to tell you a lot more about us. There is a good reason for that and it’s because we are looking to capitalise the company so that we can take the company forward.

Gulf Keystone at 27p – a risky buy, but watch the 6.25% 2017 bond price

Published 651 days ago

In the next week we should find out whether or not the Kurdish Regional Government (KRG) is going to make good on its summer pledges. In August and September it promised to establish a regular payment cycle to the various oil producing companies active in the country for crude exports. Share prices of Gulf Keystone (GKP), Genel (GENL) and Norwegian firm DNO (DNO) leapt on the news. Two months and two payments later, the third should be due on or around 15 November. If Gulf receives another $15million, might this help restore some faith in the company’s future?

Pantheon Resources; market goes wild, ignores health warnings

Published 656 days ago

Pantheon Resources (PANR) has been AIM’s success story of the autumn, but the market’s reaction to this morning’s reaction looks overblown. The VOS#1 well, in which the company holds a 50% stake, has encountered natural gas and oil in an unexpected zone at 12,600ft. On the face of it this is good news, but there are some cautionary warnings that investors should not get too excited just yet. Despite these the market has reacted joyously and Pantheon’s share price is up 16.2% at 86p last seen.

Atlas Development - massive bargepole stock, with dilution coming

Published 657 days ago

Atlas Development and Support Services (ADSS) has been heavily promoted on bulletin boards and Twitter this year, but current holders look like they’re going to get screwed.

Slashing Costs Alone Won't Create a Future for the UKCS, Ref: Hurricane Energy

Published 663 days ago

Here's the thing, cutting costs is all well and good, indeed getting rid of waste and unnecessary expenditure is essential to create a platform for growth, but without growth, there is no future for the oil and gas business in the UK. Without growth then next year's production will decline and more costs need to be cut and the year after that even more, until one day the only option left is to shut everything down.

UK Oil & Gas pumps out more Horse Hill Bollocks but no one believes the Lenigas bullshit any more

Published 672 days ago

Almost a year since the first drilling “discovery” at Horse Hill and the companies involved, led by David Lenigas ramp UK Oil & Gas (UKOG) still decline to drill again, instead pumping out more and more meaningless reports on the prospect. Today there is another but almost no-one believes the Lenigas blather any more.

Fewer folk believe in Santa, The Tooth Fairy or the Horse Hill oil find - Alba placing falls badly short

Published 674 days ago

I wonder how long it will be before that annual ritual occurs when the Daily Mail discovers a CofE vicar who has foolishly told the kiddies that Santa does not exist. The poor chap gets pilloried for a week or so before even the Mail accepts that he cannot be burned at the stake for telling the truth. I have felt a bit like the poor Rev when pointing out that whatever Steve Sanderson of UK Oil & Gas (UKOG) says on camera – and then denies he ever said – there is NOT 100 billion barrels of oil at Horse Hill. Maybe the tide is now turning.

Shops, Oil and Luxury Goods Should All Pay Well as the Nights Draw in.

Published 676 days ago

Hello Share Stockers.  I came back from a sortie in the Grim North (as Uncle Tom annoyingly puts it). And I find that shares had decayed a bit. Usually, quantum physics kicks in and a spell away from the screens often produces a rise in my fortunes. Which is the main reason I do not consult the share charts when I’m away from my base. But this time the shares had dwindled somewhat. Yet I was soon happy again. That’s because Friday saw a Footsie rally.

Nostra Terra turns to North Africa

Published 684 days ago

US-focused AIM underperformer Nostra Terra Oil and Gas (NTOG) has teamed up with junior market pariah Independent Resources (IRG) in a potentially transformational $3.5 million (£2.3 million) deal to acquire a half share in Egypt’s East Ghazalat oil producing concession, containing proven and probable reserves of one million barrels.

UK Oil & Gas – more meaningless tosh as shares slide?

Published 688 days ago

The Horse Hill farce continues apace with the latest RNS from UK Oil & Gas (UKOG). If I needed cheering up this nonsense did the trick.

Are the stars aligning at Tower Resources?

Published 692 days ago

I worry if I am losing my mind, but Tower Resources (TRP) is fast becoming a conviction buy for me. Yesterday the company announced the appointment of two relatively heavyweight technical directors to the board. Following on from recent institutional support, successful acquisition of the Thali Production Sharing Contract (PSC) offshore Cameroon and a flurry of insider purchase, the signs are all there that some significant is happening for this shock.

Alba Mineral Resources: betting the ranch on Horse Hill

Published 698 days ago

Shareholders in Alba Mineral Resources (ALBA) should have the odd question or two for their board, after this morning’s announcement of three purchases. For £365,000 cash, £523,371 worth of shares (based on last night’s close) and 45,909,726 warrants at 0.5p, Alba is going to up its stake in Horse Hill developments by 5%, buy an option to buy a further 5% and buy a separate option to farm into 5% of the production licence of the Brockham Oil Field. For good measure, this last option, if exercised means Alba will have to fund 10% of the Brockham well cost.

After the Car Wash, the Tsunami - short contractors who had business with Petrobas

Published 699 days ago

Brazil is cleaning up its act, the national oil company, Petrobras, and its contractors are being dragged through a car wash. The country, the company and the industry will be better for it but in the process famous and respected companies will become casualties; some have already suffered, but investors will want to know how to predict who will be next in the firing line. Skip to the last paragraph if that is all you want to know.

Kiss Me Goodbye, Hardy and Let Me Go, LGO.

Published 702 days ago

Hello Share People. I’ve really gone off small oil companies. Two in particular have lost me rather a lot of money. I refer to LGO Energy (LGO) and Hardy Oil (HDY). 

How does the Market Value Undeveloped North Sea Reserves

Published 704 days ago

This is a question close to my heart as in The Steam Oil Production Company we have a good few barrels of undeveloped reserves, so I do pay attention to how the AIM market seems to value undeveloped barrels in the ground, especially those in the UK & Ireland.

LGO Energy: Gary Newman vindicated, this one is in trouble

Published 705 days ago

A month ago, Gary Newman wrote that LGO Energy (LGO) “looks overvalued and in trouble”. His analysis drew quite a lot of criticism, but this morning it looks like his view has been vindicated, as the company announced an unimpressive set of interim figures. For good measure, hidden away in these, is a significant downgrade of the company’s production outlook.

New World Oil & Gas: Peter Sztyk claims shareholders are behind him. So call the AGM.

Published 706 days ago

There is still an opportunity to settle the future of New World Oil & Gas (NEW) like gentlemen. That is unless current Chief Executive Peter Sztyk gets his way. Having just lost an hour of my life to the company’s futile shareholder call, it is quite clear that Sztyk is the only man in the room who cannot see the game is up. To his credit he fielded some of the more difficult questions he was sent, though ducked the most challenging ones. Despite this, his answers were highly unsatisfactory. Sztyk claims he has a mandate from his shareholders to pursue the company’s interests in Belize. That is complete balderdash, as he knows full well.

Tower Resources; plague stock on the mend?

Published 707 days ago

Whenever I mention Tower Resources (TRP) to anyone it’s as if I’ve asked him or her if they enjoy incest and Morris dancing. At the same time (because surely you cannot have one without the other). Tower appears to be as loathed a stock on AIM as one could imagine. With its miserable history, 6.7billion shares in issue and 0.16p share price it’s no wonder this oil & gas exploration company seems to feature at the top of most people’s bargepole lists. What could there possibly be to love?

Mosman Oil & Gas; same old disclosure problems

Published 708 days ago

After last year’s highly selective reporting of its New Zealand oil “discoveries” (which didn’t turn out to be commercial), the board of Mosman Oil & Gas (MSMN) is back up to its old tricks. If you don’t read today’s RNS carefully enough, you’d be forgiven for thinking that the STEP Royalty is a cracking bit of business. The market has clearly fallen for the spin, with Mosman’s share price up 21% at 7.875p, last seen. Once again sentiment traders have blindly piled into a stock, which stands little to no chance of ever delivering shareholders a fundamental return. Here’s why.

UK Oil & Gas: delivers a dose of reality

Published 709 days ago

This morning, UK Oil & Gas (UKOG) issued a far more realistic vision of what this company can realistically hope to achieve. Forget the Horse Hill pipedream of billions of (unextractable) barrels for a moment and pay close attention to the numbers in today’s announcement. No one has ever doubted that UK Oil & Gas could be a viable business. However, the reality is that it is most unlikely ever to live up to the blue (pie in the) sky fantasy many appear to have bought into.

Serica Energy looks comparatively cheap

Published 714 days ago

Looking around at the AIM oil and gas shares there are plenty that still appear overvalued in light of the recent oil price crash. But there are a handful that stand out as looking cheap and offering value, and I believe that Serica Energy (SQZ) falls into this bracket.

Faroe Petroleum looks a good North Sea bet

Published 715 days ago

North Sea oil is hardly something that I would generally be rushing to put money into at the moment. The collapse in the price of Brent has led to lots of job cuts recently and cutbacks in the development of new assets – some of which are no longer viable at current oil prices. But some companies might be, including possibly Faroe Petroleum (FPM).

MX Oil – can it triumph over the savage funding environment?

Published 720 days ago

I’ve got to admit I like the MX Oil (MXO) story. There is plenty of reason for me not to like it, but despite this the fact remains that this is a company that has seized its opportunities. When CEO Stefan Olivier bellowed at me that he wanted me to buy into his MX Oil vision it provoked a wry smile. “Who the bloody hell does this man think he’s talking to?” I quietly wondered to myself, as I received a barrage of an elevator pitch down the phone. We haven’t spoken since, but the brash confidence of that first contact has left its mark. The question now is can MX Oil deliver on Olivier’s bullishness?

CEB Resources – a story to believe in?

Published 721 days ago

The CEB Resources (CEB) story has won over a lot of supporters in the market. This is unsurprising given the five-fold increase in the company’s share price since the start of the year. At 0.75p (last seen) CEB is worth £5.4million, but the question for investors is having put in such a strong performance in the year to date, how much upside is left for the shares?

Rise Early, Work Hard, Strike Oil, ref. Hurricane Energy & Xcite Energy

Published 730 days ago

Everyone knows  J. Paul Getty's formula for success: rise early, work hard, strike oil; and pretty much everyone I know in the oil business rises early and works hard, some of them even strike oil. So it's hard to find many oil folk who don't believe in the quote, of course the tricky bit is the last part of the aphorism. Striking oil generally requires a decent dollop of good fortune as well as brilliant geoscience and that elusive material, money; however when we do strike oil these days we generally manage to keep it in the well, unlike these pioneers in times past who needed to have a decent turn of speed when they struck oil.

LGO Energy looks overvalued and in trouble

Published 733 days ago

The share price of LGO Energy (LGO) has plummeted recently, but I still think it looks over-valued and wouldn’t be buying. At the start of the year I gave a sell recommendation on the company when the share price was around 3.5p, giving a market cap of circa £100 million, and since then it has fallen to its current level of 1.55p on the ask.

If Not For You, LTO & SAGD, We'd Be Sad and Blue

Published 734 days ago

Last week I spotted a very interesting chart that Gregor MacDonald tweeted which showed world oil production over recent years excluding the USA. The chart was pretty flat and that got me wondering about the extent to which the world has come to depend upon Light Tight Oil in the USA and, for that matter, Steam Assisted Gravity Drainage projects in Canada.

My hot oil shares tip – avoid the sector like the plague

Published 734 days ago

I see that Gary Newman was tipping MX Oil (MXO) here yesterday. I admit that he knows far more about the company than I do. But I just think he is wrong. The problem is not the MX but the oil. This sector should be avoided like the plague.

Sefton – is its Indonesian deal now a hospital pass?

Published 735 days ago

As I sat three miles from Horse Hill on Monday night I tried to distract myself from the thought of rolling green fields never to be tainted by industrial development, to the matter of oil. And to Sefton Resources (SER). Not that it is rolling in the stuff. Its main problem is lack of money – I sense that a rescue bailout is underway (see HERE). But it has a secondary problem, its much vaunted Indonesia deal must be in trouble.

Sefton shares imploding, now 0.04p to sell when’s the bailout placing?

Published 737 days ago

As I sit in a hotel at Gatwick Airport killing time ahead of a flight to Athens, I ponder a walk down to Horse Hill. But enough of never to be spoiled green fields, let’s talk about oil. Sefton Resources (SER) shares tanked again today and are now just 0.04p to sell – the market cap is sub £1.4 million. So when’s the rescue bailout? Is it underway already?

Debt and Oil – A Toxic Brew for the Oil Sector

Published 737 days ago

I say that but that isn't exactly what I mean. You can happily mix debt and oil production, the cost of debt can be set off against corporation tax and as long as you don't have too much it can improve your equity returns a treat, it even makes sense to draw down debt as you develop an oilfield. When I say that debt and oil are a toxic brew what I mean is that debt doesn't mix with exploration and appraisal. It's not that they don't mix well, they shouldn't mix at all.

Three Share Trading Dilemmas for the Long Hot Summer of Share Stagnation.

Published 737 days ago

There are quite a few share dilemmas to be resolved as the long hot summer of not very much happening draws on. The first is what do we do about oil shares. I certainly am not going to invest any money in those companies, which put all their hopes on finding more of the black stuff. I’ve been let down too often.

Fastnet – Doing the Right thing even if it is red face time

Published 738 days ago

A friend from God’s Chosen Country asks whether I should be slamming Fastnet (FAST) for getting out of the oil business. Au contraire. Yes there must be red faces at this AIM listed Irish oil explorer but I think it is doing the right thing and that more should follow. I applaud Cathal Friel for taking the flak for doing the right thing.

The North Sea isn't dead, it is just resting, says Steve Brown

Published 741 days ago

I wrote before about my calculations of the breakeven point for some recent and some upcoming North Sea projects, but time marches on and cost estimates and reserve estimates change so I thought it worth updating the picture.

More pain to come for the oil sector

Published 741 days ago

Oil companies have been hammered again in recent months, but I think there is still far worse to come for some of them. Reading the bulletin boards you could probably be forgiven for not realising the extent of the problems that many producers will be facing in the near future, as some investors are sticking their heads in the sand and expecting a quick bounce back in the oil price – as they have been for months now!

How to Break a North Sea Project Cost Estimator ref. Hurricane Energy & Xcite

Published 744 days ago

How do you know what a North Sea development project will cost? Well, most of us have our rules of thumb, some a tad more sophisticated than others. They range from just knowing that North Sea capex per barrel has been running at nearly $30/bbl for the last few years to sophisticated computer models based on construction rates and equipment weights.

Bank of England announcement could hit the FTSE 100

Published 748 days ago

The FTSE was strong yesterday, the index was boosted by mining stocks. As we know the index is influenced by the three major sectors, oil, banks and mining stocks. When one of these sectors is strong in general the FTSE is strong too. The rally in mining stocks could extend further as bargain hunters will be attracted by low valuations after the recent slide.

Gulf Keystone – Will the Kurds make good on their promise to start paying?

Published 750 days ago

Shares in Gulf Keystone (GKP) surged yesterday from a low of 26p to a high of 36p, triggered by news of a pledge by the Kurdistan Regional Government (“KRG”) that it will start making monthly payments to its oil producers from September. This morning, Gulf’s stock has settled back to 33.5p (last seen), valuing the business at £327.6million. This is towards the bottom of the company’s trading range since the start of the year and after yesterday’s excitement the question is, is Gulf a buy?

Petroceltic International – is the board dancing to Worldview’s tune?

Published 751 days ago

The 35% drop in Petroceltic International’s (PCI) share price over the last three weeks has been one of the most predictable events of the year. Once the company’s major shareholder, Worldview, fired the first shots in the latest civil war to engulf the company, there really was only one direction the stock could take. Against the backdrop of a persistently low oil price, lingering concerns about the health of Petroceltic’s balance sheet were bound to have a depressing effect. This morning the company issued its latest response to this unfolding disaster. And it doesn’t exactly inspire one with much confidence, even at 58p per share.

Mosman Oil & Gas – the dead horse flogging becomes desperate

Published 751 days ago

It’s no secret that by early 2010 I had failed at what I was doing. Miserably. Facing up to that realisation was incredibly tough. A hair’s breadth from bankruptcy, the following couple of years were a surprisingly liberating experience. There is nothing like a period of enforced penury to help one reassess what matters in life and redefine one’s course. At some point, in the not too distant future, the directors of Mosman Oil & Gas (MSMN) are likely going to share this experience, as they finally come to terms with the fact their business has no serious future on AIM.

Oil Industry Service Sector – Nimble Like a Ninja

Published 753 days ago

Just like a ninja, the oil industry service sector has responded to the demands of the market place and reduced the cost of doing business in the upstream world by more than 15% in just six months.

Red Rock Resources – at 0.03p it is a binary gamble

Published 755 days ago

As a former online poker player, I learned two things from that excruciatingly dull game. First, life is too short. Second, how important it is to play the averages. I’ve probably gained the most from the first lesson, but the second has proven to be surprisingly valuable on a daily basis. It taught me that consistent success often requires making counter-intuitive calls based purely on the long-term mathematical probability of success of repeating the same decision. This technique can often be applied to trading AIM stocks and at current levels Red Rock Resources (RRR) might present just such a set up.

Bowleven; more positive news, market remains unmoved

Published 761 days ago

This morning, Bowleven (BLVN) delivered its latest in a string of positive RNSs and yet again the company’s share price has barely moved. Today’s encouraging news came from the oil encountered in the targeted reservoirs at the Zingana exploration well, in the Bomono exploration permit. Although Bowleven still needs to complete its evaluation of the wireline logs, the fact that it has suspended Zingana “pending further re-entry” is suggestive it is happy with what it has seen so far. Of course, this being Bowleven a degree of circumspection is definitely required, but how much more does the company have to do to prove its worth? Oh, how the market must hate this stock.

Buy Oilers as Low Amber Nectar Prices Can’t Last Long.

Published 761 days ago

Hello Share Cats. Nobody talks about oil shares much anymore. It seems the low price of crude has taken its toll on those of us who have invested big time in oil companies, both big and small.

Market abuser Chris Oil tries to ramp New World Oil & Gas - ShareProphets Translation service

Published 766 days ago

Market abuser Chris Oil has amazingly still been offered a platform by the ADVFN Newspaper to write his semi-literate shite. Today he tries to pump New World Oil & Gas (NEW) with a ludicrous suggestion that a company with piss-poor worthless assets, a totally discredited management and c£3 million of cash could be worth £40 million. In this podcast I serve up a translation of the Oil piffle which you can see below. 

Petroceltic; open conflict breaks out with Worldview, not looking good for the share price

Published 769 days ago

This lunchtime, Worldview released details of the subject matter of the EGM it has called for at Petroceltic International (PCI). In response to the “past history of very poor financial management and false claims”, Worldview now seeks to place restrictions on the board and to stop it pledging the company’s “crown jewel, namely its participation in the Ain Tsila asset, as a security for a contemplated $175 million bond issuance”. Reading through Worldview’s full announcement and it looks like things are about to get bloody over at Petroceltic.

The Eagle Ford Soared, Now it will Swoop: the US shale dust-up begins

Published 771 days ago

Everyone is waiting for the data that says US shale production is on the wane and it never seems to arrive. But the runes are out there for those who want to know. 

A House, a Dragon, China, Greece and the Sage of Omaha.

Published 775 days ago

Hello Share Swingers. One of the earliest saying of Warren Buffet, the world’s second richest man who did it all with shares, was this. It doesn’t matter if the stock markets are falling - as long as you don’t want the money in a hurry.

Time to buy Genel Energy again

Published 776 days ago

Genel Energy (GENL) has been a favourite of mine this year, and I now view it as a buy again. Having tipped it at 470p at the start of April, it had risen to around 620p by the end of the month when I advised banking profits on all the larger oil producers – specifically Genel - having seen Brent rise into the high 60s, and many having enjoyed a big bounce.

Buy Bowleven at 30p; FREE sneak peak at one of six tips in our latest guide

Published 779 days ago

Has the oil market genuinely bottomed? This is the crucial question facing investors in the oil & gas sector, this summer. The Saudi-led price war on the United States’ “Fracking Boom” has been most disruptive. The collapse in the price of oil has played havoc across the industry. Globally, billions of dollars worth of projects and planned capital expenditure have been shelved or pulled entirely. Sentiment has been badly affected and worries persist about the long-term structural challenges still facing oil & gas companies. This is especially true for those listed on AIM, but if I had to pick one from the bunch my choice would be Bowleven (BLVN).

David Lenigas Saint or Serial Sinner, Quindell worth 0p? and is now Gold’s moment?

Published 780 days ago

The July edition of UK Investor Magazine went live last night. It is free to access and the cover story is “David Lenigas, saint or serial sinner” – a joint effort by myself and the Sith Lord Zak Mir. There are a couple of company profiles, three stocks to buy and three to sell. One of those is Quindell which really could be worth 0p again! And there is more…

Here's why I still don't like Sefton Resources!

Published 784 days ago

Sefton Resources (SER) is a company that I’ve been negative on for a number of years, and still am now!

Range Resources: Puntland turns to dust, royalties leave little left to play for

Published 785 days ago

After eight years, tens of millions of dollars spent, the building of an “airport”, a failed two well drill campaign, an oil to water controversy, an absurd contemplated plan to drill in pirate infested waters and one of the most hyped stock promotions in recent years Range Resources (RRL) has announced this morning that it is pulling out of Puntland. Shareholders are left with nothing, other than a greatly overvalued stock price.

Madagascar Oil – our share tip is ahead but more to come soon, buy at up to 10p

Published 789 days ago

Madagascar Oil (MOIL) had a busy week and that sees its shares now trading at 9.25p-10p, up on our tip at 9.25p (offer), but there is far more to come. Here’s why.

Sefton Resources: a recovery story to believe in, so long as jokers don’t ruin it

Published 790 days ago

At long last clear daylight is now shining on Sefton Resources’ (SER) much anticipated deal to bring in a new CEO and asset to the business. Although yet to complete, with hurdles still to overcome, this is genuinely starting to look like a recovery story people can believe in and get behind. That is so long as the various pantomime characters pursuing the company don’t foul things up with their tomfoolery.

Is Afren trying to dupe its shareholders?

Published 790 days ago

There is just so much to say about the restructuring it is hard to know where to start. A good place would be Waseem Shakoor’s piece HERE, but there are concerns that Afren is being, shall we say, less than helpful to its beleaguered shareholders as they decide upon whether to take part in the open Offer as part of the proposed restructuring.  Let us take a look at a few statements in the RNS and Prospectus from last Friday.

Madagascar Oil could be a multibagger - Evil Knievil

Published 792 days ago

Infamous bear raider Evil Knievil is long an oil stock. That stock being Madagascar Oil (MOIL). Knievil says that wider family interests now own around two million shares and he is thinking of adding to that holding.

Lekoil looks a good buy with production looming

Published 795 days ago

Lekoil (LEK) has had the misfortune to be tainted by the whole Afren (AFR) saga, but looks to be making good progress. Its share price had been on the decline anyway thanks to the falling oil price, but it really took a hit at the start of this year when the full extent of the problems that Afren were having came to light.

BG Group is a cheap way of buying Shell Shares

Published 796 days ago

Anyone kicking themselves for missing out on the takeover bid for BG Group (BG.) looks to have another chance to benefit from any deal.

Should We Hang Onto the Dragon’s Tail - Or Cash In Now to Be on the Safe Side.

Published 797 days ago

Hello Share Swipers. When I opined last month that Dragon Oil (DGO) was a goodly punt, I’ve been surprised that the performance of the exotic share purveyor would be quite as zapper as it is now.

Nostra Terra; expansion drive makes this a speculative buy

Published 799 days ago

Waiting for more drilling results from recent acquisitions and looking for fresh deals, US-focused Nostra Terra Oil and Gas (NTOG) is ‘now able to go for some bigger opportunities,’ declares chief executive officer Matt Lofgran, as the company digests last month’s agreement to obtain 1% of the 35,000-acre San Miguel property in South Texas. He says Nostra Terra, which doubled production last year to 35,380 barrels of oil equivalent, hopes to benefit from the depressed state of the oil market by picking up more hoped-for bargains, after securing the White Buffalo prospect in Wyoming and acquiring two properties on the sought-after 870 million-acre Eagle Ford oil shale trend in South Texas.

Buy Rockhopper and Falkland Oil & Gas for the long term

Published 803 days ago

The Falklands oil companies were once a favourite amongst private investors, but recent good news has only had a muted response. Back in 2010 companies such as Rockhopper (RKH) and Falkland Oil and Gas (FOGL) saw some crazy rises in share price and valuation of the company via its market capitalisation.

Range Resources – back from the dead?

Published 807 days ago

This morning, Range Resources (RRL) returned from its self-imposed six-month suspension. As of writing, the stock is up 70.7% at 0.96p. After the issue of 650million shares to Sibo, for the £5.2million lifeline announced last week, Range will have 5.77billion shares. This values the company at an eye watering £53million and leaves only one question. Has the market lost its mind?

Well tests cheer Union Jack Oil

Published 810 days ago

David Bramhill, entrepreneurial executive chairman of Union Jack Oil (UJO), has been sounding characteristically bullish about tests at the Wressle 1 oil and gas discovery in North Lincolnshire, where the AIM -quoted company holds an 8.33% stake. Fellow AIM counter Egdon Resources (EDR), with a 25% interest, has estimated a potential resource of more than two million barrels at Wressle, in the Crosby Warren field, and recently indicated three separate reservoirs had shown oil and gas, with an oil column below the gas zone, and extended tests are now under way.

SeaEnergy – Trading Update, piffle!

Published 812 days ago

One can have some sympathy for companies operating in the oil & gas support services sector: clearly with the oil price having dropped so much last year their products are going to be less in demand. But with SeaEnergy (SEA) there is another issue: that of spurning an opportunity.

BG’s Share Price is Still Bogged Down – But Not for Long, I Fancy.

Published 834 days ago

Hello Share Swingers. There’s still no proper upward movement on BG (BG.) And yet Royal Dutch Shell (RDSA) has put in a bid which has been estimated at being worth £13.50 in cash and shares

I’m Forever Bashing Bubbles, Pretty Bubbles in the Air.

Published 838 days ago

Hello Share Splashers. There’s been a lot talk – including on this dazzling website – about bubbles. Commentator after commentator keeps banging on about the dangers of economic bubbles bursting to embarrass happy share-shifters like us.

Video from the Blogger's Cafe at UK Investor Show: The Great Chris Oil

Published 840 days ago

The man of the moment Chris Oil was interviewed at the bloggers cafe at the UK Investor Show. Gosh he is prescient as he discusses how he worries about getting a call from the Takeover Panel. Mr Oil is on cracking form.

Video of presentation by Kevin Foo of Victoria Oil & Gas at UK Investor Show

Published 844 days ago

The next presentation from UK Investor Show 2015 is by Kevin Foo of Victoria Oil & Gas (VOG) who also appeared on the main stage oil panel.

Time to bank some oil profits

Published 847 days ago

It has been a great start to the year for anyone who has been buying into many of the larger oil producers. Most of these large producers, and companies associated with the oil industry, hit their lowest market caps for a number years at the end of 2014 and going into 2015.

What's all this appraisal business then?

Published 848 days ago

Everyone knows the oil and gas value chain, I have drawn it for countless investor and strategy presentations, from my days in short trousers in BP's Corporate Planning Department to yet another roadshow presentation for investors. Here is one I had prepared earlier, no need to draw the picture yet again.

Video of the Oil experts Session at UK Investor Show - Horse Hill and much more

Published 852 days ago

The oil experts main stage session at the UK Investor Show was hosted by scruffbum Ben Turney and featured Cathal Friel, Matt Lofgran, Kevin Foo and myself with a cameo appearance by Derek Musgrove when it came to Horse Hill. But the discussion was wide ranging. Oil prices to Africa to shares as you can see in the video below.

What Iranian Supply Overhang?

Published 856 days ago

Everyone is expecting oil to flood onto the market if the US agrees a deal on the Iranian nuclear programme and eases sanctions on Iran. I read that Iran is storing 30 million barrels of oil at sea as sanctions keep a lid on sales. I am quite sure that Iran has 30 million barrels of oil at sea but for those people who believe that Iran has meekly shut in production because of sanctions, well for you I have a bridge at the bottom of my garden which I would love to sell you.

Do the Maths: Parsing the Horse Hill Press Releases

Published 862 days ago

The mainstream press and the bulletin boards are all of a tizz about a massive discovery of oil at Horse Hill in Sussex. The numbers are quite gargantuan. The BBC reports there could be 100 billion bbls of oil in place. Now do the real maths.

Horse Hill – the best stock promotion in years!!!

Published 867 days ago

Eventually a lot of people are going to lose a lot of money on UK Oil & Gas (UKOG). This morning’s announcement from the company, laughably titled “Significant upgrade of the Horse Hill discovery”, has been wrapped in one of the most skillfully crafted and epic stock promotions of recent years. I correctly predicted this “Horse Hill super-ramp” was coming, last month. Today it is just sad to watch gullible and lazy “credible” journalists from the BBC, ITN and Sky News fall over themselves to interview David Lenigas. God knows what hysteria tomorrow’s papers will carry.

Shell’s late Easter present for BG shareholders

Published 868 days ago

Dissatisfied with your chocolate haul at Easter?  Well if you are a BG Group (BG.) shareholder than industry behemoth Royal Dutch Shell (RDSB) has been kind enough to offer you a late Easter present.  Today’s bid may only value BG shares back to a level seen in the middle of last year but at a theoretical near 50% premium to the previously prevailing share price.

Tax Relief for the North Sea Industry - Budget analysis

Published 882 days ago

Last week the Chancellor offered some relief to a North Sea industry suffering from high costs and low oil prices. He didn't do it out of the kindness of his heart but rather to keep new projects coming online and to make investment in old fields that bit more attractive.

Mosman – the POS makes a fool of itself again ref MEO

Published 891 days ago

Mosman Oil & Gas (MSMN) really should give up on trying to discover oil and just concentrate on what it is good at – comedy. Its RNS today is a classic in understated denial. Its laugh a minute stuff.

Last chance to buy Bowleven before deal completion

Published 895 days ago

Bowleven (BLVN) hasn’t exactly got a reputation for delivering news on schedule, but this really could be your last chance to get in before the next news.

Trinity Offers Good Upside & Newsflow

Published 895 days ago

Trinity Exploration and Production (TRIN) has looked undervalued for a long time, but that could soon be about to change. The AIM-listed, Trinidad-based oil and gas company had previously looked cheap compared to its peers even when oil was at much higher prices, and since crude tumbled late last year it has been hit harder than others in the region. 

Why Value per Barrel is Such a Lousy Metric for oil company valuations

Published 904 days ago

Value per barrel is a completely hopeless way of putting a price on an oil company or project; but (as with democracy and political systems) unless you have all the detailed facts, numbers and sophisticated tax models it is still the best tool most investors have.

Ithaca Energy looks even better value now

Published 907 days ago

Any negative news on AIM listed shares these days often has a disproportionate affect on the share price of the company. Ithaca Energy (IAE) was no exception when earlier this week it updated the market on the development of its Greater Stella Area production hub, and revealed that there had been further delays.

Max Petroleum; all too predictable catastrophic failure.

Published 925 days ago

How much longer will the London Stock Exchange and Financial Conduct Authority throw British private investors to foreign wolves? Yesterday, the latest Kazakh wipeout hit the market, as Max Petroleum (MXP) all too predictably blew up, taking with it tens of millions of pounds worth of savings. This company should have been suspended months ago. Instead it was allowed to continue to trade, sacrificing the savings of one last batch of mug punters, sucked into the false promise of salvation.

UKCS Taxes: A Golden Opportunity to Maximise Recovery in UK oil

Published 933 days ago

The Treasury and DECC have asked for comments on a new investment allowance intended to replace the existing plethora of allowances for small fields, heavy oil fields, deep water fields, brown fields, and the like. Now I have to declare an interest, our company has an undeveloped oilfield that would have had a heavy oil allowance, and that allowance was a really important part of making our proposed project profitable. So I am hoping that the new allowance will be as good as, if not better than, what went before. With the oil price less than half of what it was when we applied for the licence, everybody in the industry is looking for some relief from the tax burden on their projects.

The Falklands Drilling campaign is about to begin – a buy signal

Published 934 days ago

The Falklands drilling campaign is about to start for Rockhopper Exploration (RKH) and for Falklands Oil & Gas (FOGL). Location maps show that the Eirik Raude rig was travelling on Friday afternoon around the Ivory Coast. 

Vedanta ... in for a penny

Published 935 days ago

Vedanta (VED), with a market cap of £1,021 million, has fallen by some 68% since its 2014 peak, to 371p. In the twelve years or so since it floated, Vedanta shares have has been as high as near 3,000p but are now right back down to below the IPO price from 2003.

Vedanta Resources Offers Great Value

Published 936 days ago

At a time when many are avoiding oil and mining shares I still think there are some that offer great value long term. If you want a penny share where you could double your money overnight then there is no point reading further, but if on the other hand you’re looking for an investment that could yield significant returns in coming years when commodity prices recover, Vedanta Resources (VED) should be on your list.

Flybe – share Price Over-reacts to Trading Statement

Published 939 days ago

I warned in my last piece on Flybe (FLYB) HERE, that you should reduce your holdings. I apologise for not saying sell altogether as the shares tanked on the back of a trading statement yesterday. So what now at 66p. 

The panic will hit in 2015, go long gold as the fake US recovery is exposed

Published 941 days ago

I believe in Sound money. President Obama does not. He believes in QE and the Money Tree which is why I agree with Gerald Celente that the US economic recovery is a fraud and that one should be long gold and that we will see blood on the streets in oil.

Is Afren worth the risk?

Published 944 days ago

I’ve been watching Afren (AFR) with great interest in recent weeks and am not convinced it is the basket case that some are saying it is, including TW as he explains HERE.

Pick Some Companies Which Don't Get What They Sell from the Ground.

Published 944 days ago

Hello Share Twisters. I opined a few weeks ago that the best course, given the disastrous fall of oil and mining companies, is to focus on firms which don't sell the black stuff or minerals.

The Euro mess is not played out yet – great news for gold

Published 948 days ago

As a hardline Austrian economist, who makes Tom Winnifrith seem like a Big State Keynsian, it will not surprise you to hear that I think that the Euro mess is far from played out and that the effects on oil, copper and other commodities will be profound. Of course the big winner will be gold.

Rules 27 & 28 of the 49 Golden Rules of Making Money from Oil, Gas & Mining Shares

Published 948 days ago

We start today with another excerpt from The 49 Golden Rules of Making Money from Oil, Gas & Mining sharesby myself, Tom Winnifrith, and the young apprentice Ben Turney. Rules 27 and 28 cover Bulletin Board and paid for research. Actually these rules apply to making money from all shares. To download a free copy of the whole book fill in the form here

Here Are Your New Year Resolutions for 2015.

Published 964 days ago

Hello Share Peddlars. It's that time when we make New Year Resolutions. They make jolly good tools for imposing a bit of discipline on our share dealings.

Gulfsands Petroleum; why shareholders must support the board

Published 973 days ago

A month ago, I asked whether or not Waterford Finance & Investment’s planned boardroom coup at Gulfsands Petroleum (GPX) was the answer? Broadly speaking, I sided with Waterford, if for no other reason than a change in board can often lead to a change in sentiment. However, having followed developments in the last month and read last Wednesday’s strongly worded defence from Gulfsands’ besieged executive directors, it’s become clear that the company’s private shareholders have only one choice. They must vote in support of the current executive board directors… or get wiped out by a placement.

Chariot Oil & Gas; navigating through an extremely tough market

Published 975 days ago

On Wednesday, Chariot Oil & Gas (CHAR) issued its “pre-close update”. It described both the challenges and opportunities it faces in the current climate, in a bid to soothe investor concerns about the company’s declining share price. At 7.85p, Chariot is near its 52-week low and is worth £20.8million, well below the expectations of many shareholders. Frustration has been growing at a perceived lack of progress, but is this fair? I caught up with CEO Larry Bottomley to hear his views on how he plans to navigate the oil sector’s troubled waters.

Rules7 & 8 of the 49 Golden Rules of making Money from oil, gas and mining shares

Published 976 days ago

Today we bring you rules 7 and 8 from The 49 Golden rules of Making Money from Oil, Gas and Mining shares by Tom Winnifrith. To get your free copy of the whole ebook sent to you by Christmas just fill in the form HERE

Is History Repeating itself with oil prices? An AIM CEO writes...

Published 977 days ago

As the famous Dame Shirley Bassey sang, “it's all just a little bit of history repeating”.

A Bumper Christmas Pressie for Takers of My 2014 Tip Fortune Oil.

Published 978 days ago

Hello Gang. It's nice to be able to benefit from a bit of good news these days. But my rather large – most would have said too large – holding in Fortune Oil (FTO) has paid off.

Is OPEC flooding the market with crude?

Published 984 days ago

Two weeks ago we had a lively debate on ShareProphets in response to OPEC’s decision not to cut production at its 166th Meeting. Articles and comments flew backwards and forwards, as we all played the wonderful guessing game of predicting world events. Chris Oil and Paul Curtis led the charge for the bulls, while I fought a rear guard action on behalf of the bears. So far, it looks like the market is on my side and there is another argument, which reinforces my bearish view. OPEC’s production targets are not rigidly enforced.

Three King Sectors Which Aren't Currently Bringing Gifts.

Published 985 days ago

Hello Share Monkeys. I have three kinds of shares which are not doing at all well at the moment.

Upstairs, Downstairs Go the Big Dealers.

Published 988 days ago

Hello Share Funsters. There is a definite pattern to the path of British shares at the moment. It’s a long time since I’ve known their behaviour to be so precise. 

Rules 47 & 48 of the 49 Golden Rules of Making Money from Oil, gas & Mining shares

Published 990 days ago

Another Sunday and another excerpt from the 49 Golden Rules of Making Money from Oil, Gas & Mining shares by Tom Winnifrith and Ben Turney. You can download a free copy of this excellent book by filling in the form HERE

Too Many Shares in Ebony Nectar? (That’s Oil) - Don't Worry.

Published 993 days ago

Hello share grinders. If you have a bucket of oil shares- and I know a lot of us have - then these are rather dark days.

OPEC Decision does not spell disaster for AIM Oil Companies..

Published 997 days ago

I read with interest my friend Ben Turney’s post OPEC bear view on the oil price and stocks HERE. I disagree with him and my initial economic reasoning is that lower oil prices will see heavily indented US fracking firms wiped out so restoring a supply demand balance. 

Rules 21 & 22 of the 49 Golden Rules of Making Money from Oil, Gas & Mining Shares

Published 997 days ago

Today we bring you an excerpt from the book published earlier this year by Tom Winnifrith and Ben Turney. You can order a free copy of the entire book HERE

OPEC decision spells disaster for AIM oil companies

Published 998 days ago

It’s been coming for the last four months, but on Thursday OPEC finally declared open war on the US “Shale Revolution”. Yesterday, Chris Oil felt this might present a short term buying opportunity in AIM oil-stocks. I disagree. OPEC’s failure to cut production and the accompanying statement it released are clear signals of intent. The Organisation of Petroleum Exporting Companies, despite intense internal pressure from some of its members, has set itself on a course to crush the highly leveraged “fracking boom”. There is almost certainly going to be a lot of collateral damage, not least among AIM’s oil exploration and production sector, which is so reliant on external funding for survival.

Sound Oil; the saviour of Antrim Energy

Published 1003 days ago

What a dramatic announcement from Sound Oil (SOU) this morning. Some might call the company’s unsolicited swoop for Antrim Energy (AEY) predatory. There’s no denying it has an aggressive feel to it, but only a fool would believe that this is a seller’s market for oil companies.

Rules 5 & 14 of the 49 Golden Rules of Making Money from oil, gas & Mining Shares

Published 1011 days ago

Earlier this year Tom Winnifrith & Ben Turney published an e-book “The 49 Golden Rules of Making Money from Oil, Gas and Mining Shares”. We have another 50 copies of this book to give away as a Christmas treat – simply fill in the form HERE. Meanwhile as a taster, here are rules 5 and 14.

Gulfsands Petroleum; is a boardroom coup the answer?

Published 1013 days ago

On Tuesday, Waterford Finance & Investment, a 26.51% shareholder in Gulfsands Petroleum (GPX), issued this announcement calling for a general meeting to remove CEO Mahdi Sajjad and commercial director Kenneth Judge from the board. Shareholders now face a stark choice. They can either support a pair of directors, who have apparently failed sufficiently to redefine the company’s strategy, or put their faith in the motives and intentions of Guernsey based Waterford. It’s a very tough call.

Three oil calls revisited; Gulf Keystone, Bowleven & President Energy Part 2

Published 1023 days ago

In Part 1 of this pair of articles I took a look at Gulf Keystone (GKP). In Part 2 I revisit two more of my picks from the summer, Bowleven (BLVN) and President Energy (PPC). With the outlook for oil prices as bearish as it is, is there much to be positive about for either stock?

Three oil calls revisited; Gulf Keystone, Bowleven & President Energy Part 1

Published 1023 days ago

Two and a half years ago I wrote this article, outlining the apparent direct relationship between the movement of the price of oil and the introduction of Quantitative Easing. Even though I’ve had this at the back of my mind since, I failed utterly to anticipate the recent price collapse of the black stuff, in response to the withdrawal of QE by the Federal Reserve. This should have been an incredible trading opportunity, not least because the move appears to have wrong-footed so many in the market. In grappling for an explanation, most commentators have settled on a consensus that oil’s fall from Grace is down to fundamental reasons and the lack of global growth. Anyone who has followed the Baltic Dry Index over the last few years will know this is nonsense. Given that the outlook for the price of oil looks decidedly weak, it’s time to revisit three stocks I assessed over the summer and look for any possible signs of encouragement.

Max Petroleum; yet another Kazakh disaster

Published 1030 days ago

Hot on the heels of the Sunkar Resources (SKR) shareholder wipeout, another Kazakh tale of woe on AIM is reaching its pitiful conclusion. Max Petroleum (MXP) really hasn’t received the attention it deserves from this site. This is yet another story from AIM’s resource sector of wanton value destruction and lost shareholder fortunes, amounting to many millions of pounds. By any measure, this company has been an unmitigated disaster, culminating in a crescendo of dire news. 

Horse Hill-1 Portland result

Published 1034 days ago

Today I will take a quick look at the Horse Hill-1 Portland well result. Now I won't be scathing about Brokermandan, a fellow writer here on ShareProphets, but I don't think he has got this one right.

Crime of the Century? Aussie Typo ref David Lenigas

Published 1041 days ago

I’d like to remind certain people who’ve attacked the mercurial David Lenigas, in recent weeks, that this is the man who a couple of months ago was being praised by the vast majority for making them collectively, hundreds of thousands, if not millions of pounds. (Where are they all now David?) Fast forward to the present day and Mr Lenigas is now being demonised on financial web sites, bulletin boards, comments sections & twitter.

Afren; can it regain lost ground after sacking its CEO?

Published 1044 days ago

News broke last night that Afren (AFR) sacked its CEO, Osman Shahenshah, and COO, Shahid Ullah, after the company’s independent review found both directors had received “unauthorized payments”. As a constituent of the FTSE 250, Afren has shown it is possible for non-executive directors to act swiftly and assuredly in dealing with wrongdoing by executive board members. I can think of the odd board or twelve on AIM, which would do well to take note, not least because Mr Shahenshah was one of the co-founders of Afren. Now that he is gone and the company has dealt decisively with any controversy, can Afren’s share price regain lost ground?

Sanctions against Russia will backfire and the impact on oil companies

Published 1045 days ago

I regard the sanctions the West is imposing on Russia as wrong and our policy as both misguided and likely to backfire. Nowhere is this more obvious than in the world of oil and gas. My colleagues at Palisade Capital this week recorded an interview with Marin Katusa, the Head Energy Strategist for Casey Research, who explains this far better than can I.

Get FOUR Books by Tom Winnifrith worth £29 for free

Published 1050 days ago

Tom Winnifrith now has FOUR books all written within the past year on sale on Amazon.  Together they cost £29 but you can order all four for FREE today.

Providence Resources, There is Light at the end of the tunnel: buy at 131p – target 300p

Published 1054 days ago

It’s time to shine a light on the Irish two bombed out stocks this weekend. In these uncertain times it’s safer looking at exceptionally undervalued companies with the oil price now at seasonal lows than at toppy ones beloved by the Bulletin Boards. I will start with Providence Resources (PVR). 

Trinity Exploration & Production looks cheap when compared to its peers

Published 1057 days ago

Trinidad and Tobago focused oil companies are popular with private investors, but it looks like many are missing the value in one of those. Trinity Exploration and Production (TRIN) looks very undervalued when compared to its peers, with a market cap currently around £55 million. 

Horse Hill we expect another RNS as soon as tomorrow as first potential oil zone entered

Published 1058 days ago

Yesterday morning the six Horse Hill participants, put out an RNS which the market read wrongly and marked the shares down. We sense some people were expecting an announcement that oil had been found. We also sense that they won’t be waiting long.

Speculative Buy Union Jack Oil

Published 1059 days ago

After reading Union Jack Oil’s (UJO) interim results released today it really did cement the company in my mind as being well placed to take full advantage of the buzz around onshore UK. It’s little wonder people are looking for the safe haven of Europe as West Africa with Ebola, The old Eastern Bloc '' nuff said '' and the Middle East has the dawn bombing raids to look forward to. 

Tangiers Petroleum; David Wall obliterates his shareholders

Published 1064 days ago

The reckless mismanagement of Tangiers Petroleum (TPET) has led to yet another shareholder wipeout. To be frank the writing has been on the wall for this dreadful stock for a while, but today’s shocking RNS announcement will do little to soothe badly burned shareholders. The company claims that the “final cost of the TAO-1 well was in excess of the Company's internal budget”. This is apparently why Tangiers is now in such a dire financial state and is being forced to relinquish its 25% stake in the Tarfaya Offshore Block, Morocco, as well as conduct a $1.2million placement at the equivalent of 0.324p (a 97.5% discount to the prevailing pre-duster price). The problem with this line of argument is that the costs of the TAO-1 exploration well came within the “plus or minus 25% variance” announced in the amended budget on April 28th. To add insult to injury, rather than explain why he bet the farm on a single wildcat exploration well, Managing Director David Wall instead believes the market owes him a second chance. It doesn’t.

Sirius Petroleum; something not quite right about this story

Published 1073 days ago

I last wrote about Sirius Petroleum (SRSP) towards the end of July and suggested the company was “nearly there” in finally realising its ambition to drill the Ororo-1 well, offshore Nigeria. Located in the Ororo oil field (OML 95), Ororo-1 was drilled by Chevron in 1986 and had an initial flow rate of c.2,200bopd from one zone and another 600bopd from a separate oil producing sand. According to the official line from Sirius, Chevron abandoned this discovery during a lower price environment, but the strength in oil over the last decade has made projects such as these economic. This all sounds extremely appealing, but there are problems with this story.

Mosman Oil & Gas; don’t be surprised if it places by the middle of November

Published 1078 days ago

The development of Mosman Oil & Gas (MSMN) is fascinating to watch. The company has executed an extremely well defined strategy, almost flawlessly. Since listing in March, the directors have taken the company’s share price from 8p to an intraday high of 56p. They have achieved this without announcing commercial discoveries of oil and without telling any lies. This high wire act is very impressive.

Getech Group – largest ever single contract win, shares still a speculative buy?

Published 1080 days ago

Shares in geoscience business specialising in the provision of data, studies and services to the oil, gas and mining exploration sectors, Getech (GTC) currently trade more than 13% higher today, at 64.5p, on the back of an announcement of “its largest ever single new contract, worth $5 million”. I update in the following having last month concluded, at 53p, that the shares looked to have some speculative appeal.

There's Oil Still To Play For with BP

Published 1083 days ago

Hello Share Totters. So BP (BP) runs against a US judge who says it has been negligent in that nasty oil leak in the Gulf of Mexico. The shares dropped nearly 6% on the news. Great – as I have a big holding in this British set-up! I don't know, the whole Footsie is rising like a lolly pop stick in a cloudburst – and I am still down today because of one American judge.

The Horse Hill Racecard – place your bets now

Published 1084 days ago

And so we are now drilling at perhaps the most talked about UK onshore oil filed for years – Horse Hill. View this as a horse race. The participants are Regency Mines (RGM), Solo Oil (SOLO), Stellar Resources (STG), UK Oil &Gas (UKOG), Alaba (Alba) and Doriemus (DOR). 

Antrim Energy looks a decent gamble

Published 1087 days ago

Buying a share that has spiked on hype is rarely a good idea, especially when the level of hype is unjustified, and that certainly applied to Antrim Energy (AEY). When the UK based company, which is listed on AIM and the TSX, announced the result of a prospective resources report of its 25% owned Skellig block offshore Ireland, you’d have been forgiven for thinking that they’d actually struck oil the way the share price spiked and from all the hype on the bulletin boards!

Rules 13 and 14 of the 49 Golden Rules for Making Money from Oil, Gas and Mining shares

Published 1091 days ago

Ben Turney & I recently published a new e-book, The 49 Golden Rules of Making Money from Oil, Gas and Mining Shares. You can get a free copy sent to you by filling in the form HERE. But as a taster here are rules thirteen and fourteen.

Should we be sad to see Lenigas go?

Published 1091 days ago

Yesterday was a momentous day for AIM as we saw David Lenigas depart his role at Leni Gas and Oil (LENI). Lenigas stepped aside from his eponymous company and gave way to a new number of board members. He leaves behind his legacy if only in name and maybe salaries will rise, but should we be sad or is this a great revelation?

Rules 8 and 10 of the 49 Golden Rules for Making Money from Oil, Gas and Mining shares

Published 1092 days ago

Ben Turney & I recently published a new e-book, The 49 Golden Rules of Making Money from Oil, Gas and Mining Shares. You can get a free copy sent to you by filling in the form HERE. But as a taster here are rules eight and ten.

President Energy; still all to play for

Published 1092 days ago

I decided to wait before writing a response to President Energy’s (PPC) so-called disappointing well result at Jacaranda, a fortnight ago. These remain tough times for the small cap oil & gas sector. While some highly speculative stocks have seen incredible surges in their share prices, other, more established companies, with proven fields, have struggled in the market. President sits somewhere in between these two groups. It is far too early to class the company’s concessions in the Pirity Rift Basin, Paraguay, as commercial assets. This remains a very high-risk play. However, the result at Jacaranda appeared to take the company much closer to realising its ambitions. Or at least that was my interpretation of the fateful RNS.

Bowleven – patience should bring rewards

Published 1093 days ago

Resource companies are notoriously bad at meeting deadlines. When a delay is announced it is often a signal to ditch the stock. Judging by the response to Bowleven’s (BLVN) announcement this morning it seems the market is behaving true to form. Bowleven is down 1.25p to 33.75p, last seen. However, having spoken with the company’s PR representative, this drop could be a buying opportunity. But then again, I’ve been saying that since 38.25p!

Rules 2 & 7 of the 49 Golden Rules of Making Money from Oil, Gas & Mining Shares

Published 1094 days ago

Myself & Ben Turney recently published a new e-book, The 49 Golden Rules of Making Money from Oil, Gas and Mining Shares. You can get a free copy sent to you by filling in the form HERE. But as a taster here are rules two and seven.

NEW Mining and Oil shares book by Tom Winnifrith – get your FREE Copy

Published 1095 days ago

The 49’ers series continues with my newest book – the 49 Golden Rules of Making Money from oil, gas and mining stocks.  It is published TODAY and you can buy it on Amazon for £6.25. Or we have 500 free copies to give away and you can download yours now by filling in the form below..

US Oil & Gas – Last trade was at 34p – get out now while you can – target 0p.

Published 1096 days ago

Last time I warned about the GXG listed POS that is US Oil & Gas (USOP) was on July 28 HERE when the market cap was £20 million. Based on the last trade at 34p it is now £13.98 million. It is overvalued by £13.98 million sell while you can. My target price remains 0p

Nostra Terra set to go on a bull run

Published 1097 days ago

It’s been a long time since I wrote up Nostra Terra Oil & Gas (NTOG). The feisty oil minnow fighting for attention amongst the bigger, riskier AIM oil exploration companies. Let’s start by saying that this company are run by a team who are decent, honest individuals trying to get their message across against a cacophony of noise from more voluble oilers. The message often gets lost. That is about to change significantly. 

Is BP Worth a Place in Your Portfolio?

Published 1097 days ago

BP (BP.) shares are trading at 481p on a PE ratio just 6.6 and a dividend yield of 4.8%. The quarterly dividend has recently risen by more than 8% to 9.75 cents per share. BP is my largest holding, and the one I have held for one of the longest time. I am not selling.

Gulf Keystone; watch Kurdish oil sales

Published 1101 days ago

As Iraq adjusts to a new Prime Minister (not a military coup, Tom) and the US Air Force rains down fury on IS fighters, the Kurds have quietly continued to make progress in supplying the international market with their oil. Reuters is on top of this story and over the last few weeks I’ve had a couple of Google Alerts trigger with news of the status of different Kurdish oil shipments. Of all the reports and rumours currently circling around Gulf Keystone (GKP), this could well prove to be the most significant in the long run.

Buy Falklands Oil & Gas at 26.75p – target 75p – interview with CEO Tim Bushell

Published 1103 days ago

Falkland Oil & Gas (FOGL) has acreage in the North and South Basin of the Falklands, will by 2015 be drilling more fully funded wells than any other Falkland oil company come 2015 – as highlighted by Red Evans HERE – and its shares could treble. Here’s why. 

MX Oil – Perfectly poised for Mexico

Published 1106 days ago

Rewind back to 1938, Hitler takes control of the German Army and proceeds to invade Austria, the FA Cup Final is televised for the first time, and Mexican President Cardenas nationalises its country’s oil reserves. We all know what happened shortly after to Hitler, and watching the FA Cup Final on TV is now a thing of the norm. However not many will be aware of the implications of the Mexican oil reserves and how this could affect one AIM listed company; MX Oil (MXO).

Is the dire situation in Iraq a chance to average into Kurdish oil stocks?

Published 1108 days ago

I’ve spent a little time this morning wondering how I could write about events in Kurdistan. It is horrible hoping to profit out of human suffering, but I’ve had to remind myself the market is amoral. It simply reflects the good and the bad of our society, for better or worse. I’ve chosen to be a market commentator and it is more than probable that if you are reading this piece you’ve chosen to buy stocks. However we might feel about what is happening in the world, in this aspect of our lives our goal is simply to grow our wealth by as much as we can. Fear often leads to the best buying opportunities. It is generally a costly mistake to ignore this. The precipitous drop in the value of the various companies with Kurdish oil ventures could prove to be a significant opportunity for anyone who believes in the long term viability of these operations.

US Air Strikes will not save the Kurd Oil plays forever

Published 1110 days ago

President Obama has now ordered his warplanes to bomb some ISIS Islamofascist loons off to a place where they get to meet 72 virgins.  He is now off on a 2 week golfing holiday. If you think that this will save the Kurd oil plays in London - Genel (GENL) and Gulf Keystone (GKP) here is why you are wrong.

Sell and Short Gulf Keystone at 68.25p

Published 1111 days ago

On a financial level I have always been bearish on Gulf Keystone (GKP) long arguing that the shares were really only worth 30-50p – something that has not endeared me to the Bulletin Board Morons. Well I guess I was right. But what has changed to make this an outright slam dunk short sell? Answer: ISIS.

Buy Ithaca Energy for the Long Term at 132p

Published 1111 days ago

Ithaca Energy (IAE) is definitely one of the more stable oil companies listed on AIM and its shares look set for a good rise from 132p. 

Afren at a bargain basement price

Published 1114 days ago

Afren (AFR) has taken a massive hit following the suspension of two of its directors, and it could well have further to drop. Last week’s news that the CEO and Chief Operating Officer had received unauthorised payments benefitting them personally has already knocked more than £500 million off the market cap of this oil and gas producer.

Bowleven; time for Kevin Hart to go

Published 1115 days ago

When a stock persistently refuses to respond positively to good news this can suggest something is wrong behind the scenes. It is true that as the resource market on AIM continues its slow recovery there have been examples of delayed reactions. In some instances, a wary investing public has taken its time to accept and digest upbeat reports, before eventually pushing deserving share prices higher. However, in the case of Bowleven (BLVN), it’s been nearly six weeks since the company announced its Etinde farm-out with LUKOIL and NewAge and the stock continues to trade below the notional value of the deal. The Etinde farm-out is still to complete, but since it was first announced Bowleven has taken steps to resolve the outstanding issues, including today’s announcement that the long awaited Exploitation Authorisation has been formally awarded. So is the market telling CEO Kevin Hart that his end should be nigh?

Sound Oil: valuation looks stretched

Published 1118 days ago

Tom and I have recently published a new e-book, “The 49 Golden Rules of Making Money from Oil, Gas and Mining Stocks”. Over the last few months, Sound Oil (SOU) has provided a perfect case in point for several of our Golden Rules. Back in the spring, when the shares traded hands between roughly 4.6p and 6.9p, this could have been a wonderful stock to buy, based on the company’s success at Nervesa. Thorough research and good timing would have definitely paid off. Today, however, at 12p (last seen) and a market cap of £49.84million, the risk/reward balance appears to have tilted more towards the risk side of the equation, despite the progress the company has made. And if you don’t believe me about this

Tangiers Petroleum; piecing together the jigsaw

Published 1119 days ago

I found Monday’s announcement from Tangiers Petroleum (TPET) a little strange. In announcing that the TAO-1 exploration well had intersected its secondary objective, Assaka, but had not encountered hydrocarbon shows “based on currently available information”, the board must have known what would happen to the share price. Predictably, it crashed c.40% over the following few days, to close at 7.13p yesterday. What was odd about this announcement is that the company voluntarily unleashed the dreaded duster phraseology on seemingly incomplete information. This morning, dual-listed Tangiers announced it had requested a trading halt on both ASX and AIM “due to pending results from the TAO-1 exploration well”. This now begs the question why Tangiers didn’t suspend its stock on Monday and wait until Tao-1 drill had reached the Assaka total depth?

US Oil & Gas – Conversation with Alexander David Securities…developing: New target price 0p.

Published 1122 days ago

Yesterday I accused US Oil & Gas (USOP) CEO Brian McDonnell of being a liar and a fraud and said that he should go to prison. I invite him to sue me for libel as this is a watertight case and such a case would only hasten his destruction  I also pointed out that this raises questions for US Oil’s retained broker and advisor Alexander David Securities. And guess who called me this morning?

Buy Salamander Energy at 113p – target 250p

Published 1123 days ago

To newcomers, Salamander Energy (SMDR) is a complex beast with a medium sized market cap with assets in the Far East. Look under the bonnet and you will find over 100% upside for the shares from the near term drilling of the NK2 50% cos well, growing production, vastly reduced debts and an 11p dividend thrown in. And it seems like a prime takeover target. Buy at 113p – target 250p. 

Financial Video Postcard #43 – The Real Prospects for Equity Markets

Published 1123 days ago

Sitting next to his newly constructed uber-environmentally eco-loo at his Greek Hovel Tom Winnifrith’s weekly video postcard does NOT mention Quindell (QPP).

Rockhopper Exploration still a worry and a sell & sell Mediterranean Oil & Gas for good measure

Published 1137 days ago

After Thursday’s Premier Oil (PMO) operational update mentioned no feed agreement, much to everyone’s surprise (RKH) Rockhopper Exploration (RKH) served up an RNS on Friday and hey presto we had one! But that does not change my stance. Rockhopper is still a sell and so too is the company it is buying Mediterranean Oil & Gas (MOG). And here is why. 

Northcote Energy – a buying opportunity at 0.72p?

Published 1138 days ago

The market did not react terribly generously to the operations update published last week by AIM listed Northcote Energy (NCT) marking the shares down by 7.5% to 0.72p. House broker Beaufort reckons that was not right and says the shares are a speculative buy. It writes: 

Rockhopper Exploration Feed Delay - Sell

Published 1140 days ago

From Premier Oil (PMO) today we have the long awaited RNS – it is a damp squib as far as Rockhopper (RKH) goes. There is no feed agreement as yet although it is apparently been imminent for a couple of months. 

Support Big Boys from the Black Stuff

Published 1143 days ago

Hello Share Chompers: I'm awash in oil. Not literally, you understand, but still investing big time in oil companies. I hold far too many shares for my own good.

Unrest in Iraq and Ukraine Will Affect UK Oil Giants.

Published 1161 days ago

Hello Share Shakers: I am heavily invested in oil companies. This is partly due to laziness. They are fairly easy to research. I check how much they hold in reserve first.

Union Jack Oil a buy at 0.27p – target 0.7p ( or is that 6.3p!)

Published 1163 days ago

Broker SP Angel has published a detailed research report on AIM listed Union Jack Oil (UJO) claiming that shares in the AIM listed UK onshore oil play should be valued at 0.7p rather than the current 0.27p. 

Mosman – was I wrong?

Published 1165 days ago

Today folk I want to start by congratulating everyone who is in profit with Mosman Oil & Gas (MSMN). The shares ballooned higher last week, just like a number of Wayne Rooney's shots yesterday. The returns some of you are sitting on are phenomenal so well done

New World Oil & Gas – an extremely simple question to answer

Published 1170 days ago

Yesterday, shareholders in New World Oil & Gas (NEW) were treated to yet another excuse for inactivity in Denmark (whoops, sorry, I meant “extension to the licenses”). But fear not, those extremely generous director salaries are still being paid, so it won’t be long now before CEO William Kelleher and the two Sztyks have repaid the $1million in loans they took out from the company, to pay for their participation in March 2013’s controversial placement. What a carry on! However, there is one easy, easy question this board can answer. On what basis does it claim that its proposed deal with Al-Maraam will enable New World to “participate in drilling and production in Kuwait and marketing of crude oil abroad”?

Meeting Notes – Chat with David Lenigas

Published 1174 days ago

David Lenigas popped by earlier in the week for a chat on a number of matters. As ever the great man had a lot to say on a range of issues. But a few points stick in the mind.

Buy Bushveld Minerals – bank gains in Nostra Terra and Petro Matad

Published 1174 days ago

Today folk I update you on several fronts. First of all I will bring an end to two trades that I started in January. I said to sell Petro Matad (MATD) at 10.25p. It is now 3.75p. I said to buy Nostra Terra (NTOG) at 0.25p. It is now 0.34p. Well done to anyone who followed in and made stonking gains of 64% and 36%. Close out both now and take the cash.

US Oil & Gas – The Joke Continues

Published 1186 days ago

At No-one is watching O’Clock (5 PM on the Friday before a Bank Holiday weekend) GXG listed US Oil & Gas (USOP) served up its interims and an operational update. Once again CEO little Brian McDonnell shows that he is a true comic genius. I take my hat off to Brian, he never fails to have me in stiches.

Leni Gas & Oil – The Shareprophets Trading tip of the week

Published 1187 days ago

The solid tip of the week went up earlier HERE, now for a bit of fun and a trading share tip of the week. Run by the marmite character that is David Lenigas, AIM listed Leni Gas & Oil (LGO) trades at 1.17p valuing it at £28 million but ahead of a potential game changer week in Trinidad, that may well be far too low: the shares are a trading buy.

New World Oil & Gas; Al-Ma..who?!!!

Published 1191 days ago

When New World Oil & Gas (NEW) announced its surprise potential entry into the Kuwaiti oil sector, the market reaction was ecstatic. The company’s shares nearly doubled in price, as speculators salivated at the prospect of gaining access to at least some of the 3.5MMbopd, which Kuwait plans to produce by the end of 2015. Taken at face value this sounds like an incredible deal; except there is one small problem. I cannot find any reference, whatsoever, to New World’s apparent Kuwaiti partner in any of the published lists of approved contractors, authorised to tender for work in Kuwait’s oilfields.

Gulf Keystone – IMS : Good News…for the bears

Published 1197 days ago

Oh dear, oh dear, today’s trading statement from Gulf Keystone (GKP) is a bit of a dog’s doo doo. I fear that the bears will enjoy it and having suggested that the stock might be a trading buy on the basis that grossly overpaid CEO Todd Kozel might be about to get his P45, I now revert to my normal sell stance – so far utterly vindicated with the share price having dived today to 91p.

Tom's financial video postcard #4

Published 1535 days ago

Why are oil stocks such dogs? Tom discusses why most offer no oil exposure, why investors fail to understand risk reward in this sec tor and what the outlook is for junior E&Ps.

Buy Fastnet Oil & Gas: Above 20p Targets 30p Plus Again

Published 1583 days ago

It has not been a good month for fans of anything which comes out of the ground. We started off with a crash for Gold / precious metals, although arguably it was mining stocks that only led the way down, but also feel even more painfully before their respective underlying markets.

Buy Petrel Resources: A Billion Barrels For £12m

Published 1584 days ago

From a fundamental perspective it would appear that bulls of Irish oil exploration group Petrel Resources (PET) has already stamped its authority as far as investors are concerned following the revelation in November that Quadrant 35, part of its 11/4 licensing option in the Irish Atlantic could contain one billion barrels.

Circle Oil Board Appointment – Joke of the day: LMFAO

Published 1584 days ago

Oh please. I am still laughing. You could not make this up. Well you could. Circle Oil (COP) has today appointed a new director Dr Keith Morris. Yes the name rings a bell. This is a scream.


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