HaloSource – trading update from this Woodford dog offer any different a bark?

Published 183 days ago

A first half of 2017 trading update from HaloSource Inc. (HALO) includes “we are very pleased with the progress we have made with our newly executed all-drinking water business strategy… we expect to see continued growth going-forward” and that the company expects operating expenses to be reduced by more than 30% compared to the first half of 2016, with period-end net cash expected to be $2.1 million. A Woodford dog with a different bark?…

Eagle Eye Solutions – from “confident” of sufficient headroom, to John Lewis ‘pump’, to...

Published 238 days ago

In March I questioned whether the balance sheet of Eagle Eye Solutions (EYE) was sufficient despite the company stating it was confident of sufficient headroom to support its current strategic ambitions. It is now “pleased to confirm… 2,666,667 ordinary shares have been conditionally placed… at a price of 225.0 pence per placing share to raise approximately £6.0 million (before expenses)”. Hmmm…

HaloSource – 2016 results, cash crunch AHOY!

Published 288 days ago

I most recently cautioned on water technology company HaloSource (HALO) in February HERE. It has now announced results for the 2016 calendar year…

Eagle Eye Solutions – interim results & Europe partnership, balance sheet “sufficient”?

Published 312 days ago

Having previously emphasised caution on digital promotions technology company Eagle Eye (EYE), I note the shares currently circa 6% higher today at 145p on the back of results for its half year ended 31st December 2016 and a partnership to deliver digital loyalty solutions in Europe with retail marketing company TCC Global…

Barclays at 230p, trading at a big discount to asset value - buy?

Published 1268 days ago

Bank results always come as a great compendium of numbers and statistics: too much for the everyday average brain to comprehend in any easily coherent way. They must even provide a great challenge for banking analysts who, poor devils specialise in this sort of copious material which floods out like the contents of Pandora’s famous box into a world of trouble. It is even worse now that readers are asked to consider three different versions of Barclays Bank (BARC); the one called “core”; the one called “non core” and an amalgam of the two. It is mind bending stuff.    


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