IQE: Part Two

Published 15 days ago

Hello, Share Campers. Yesterday I told of my weakness in holding shares in IQE (IQE). Basically, it is loyalty towards the Welsh company which became a six-bagger for me and many other armchair tycoons - at one stage. The problem is that IQE usually disappoints when it reports...

The Curious Case of the Washington Stand-Off and a Whiz Bang Firm from Hemel Hempstead

Published 120 days ago

Hello, Share Swappers. As you know, Big Donald’s stand-off with opposing politicians has led to the curtailment of government activities in Washington. You might not be aware that some British firms are affected by this curious situation. For example, those federal officials who give go-aheads to pharmaceutical companies have not been able to act as speedily as they’d like to...

Brighton Pier Group – gloomy & hard-to-reach PIER follows inedible CAKE for Luke Johnson

Published 134 days ago

“Trading Update” from Brighton Pier Group (PIER) – and the shares currently down around 30%, at circa 45p. Uh oh – after the recent Patisserie Holdings (CAKE) debacle (and with its continuing share suspension), doesn’t look like things are getting any easier for ‘Lucky Luke’ Johnson…

Science Group – trading update & termination of formal sale process. Share price fall justified?

Published 160 days ago

“Consultancy providing applied science, product development, technology advisory and regulatory services to a client base in medical, commercial and food & beverage markets”, Science Group (SAG) has announced a “Trading Update; Termination of Formal Sale Process” – and the shares have responded currently more than 6% lower, towards 200p…

Turkish gold miner Ariana at 1.4p worth 2.82p – Panmure Gordon

Published 176 days ago

Panmure Gordon is house broker to AIM-listed Turkish gold miner Ariana Resources (AAU) and is therefore not impartial – so you can takes its latest musings on Ariana with a pinch of salt if you wish. However, with the shares at 1.4p Panmure has upped its price target from 2.75p to 2.82p in the wake of Ariana’s Q3 numbers. Naturally, with a boat-load of this stock myself (so I'm not impartial either) and a target of at least 2p, I think Panmure are complete geniuses...

As Airports Fill Up for Christmas, EasyJet Could Fly Up and Away

Published 519 days ago

Hello, Share Smoothers. There's no point in my knocking the service given by the budget airline Easyjet (EZJ). For one thing, it would be hypocritical as I use the service more than any other flyer. This will no doubt apply to many of the other passengers swelling the airports for Christmas. And at last I am able to commend your further research into the company, as things are looking up.

Quiz plc – positive interims, but what’s already in the price?

Published 548 days ago

Writing last month on July AIM-listed Quiz plc (QUIZ), I noted “trading update”… but what about profit & cash? The fast-fashion womenswear company has now announced results for its half-year ended 30th September 2017…

Escher Group – late-year ‘trading update’ here seemingly means only one thing

Published 556 days ago

A 4th December 2015 “Trading update” from Escher Group (ESCH) was a warning that “the group will not now close additional license sales that it had expected in H2”. There was no late-year update in 2016, but this year there’s now a “Trading Update”. Hmmm...

Roger Lawson sticks it to Blancco - calls for FRC to look at dodgy accounts

Published 562 days ago

The old goat has turned over a new leaf and today really sticks it to Blancco Technology (BLTG) in which he admits he has a trivial holding. I doff my hat to Lawson for that and his comments on the ShareSoc blog are spot on. Personally this company's revenue recognition policies stink so much that I'd have to rate it as a sell.

Character Group - a buy despite profit warning

Published 588 days ago

Toys, games and giftware group Character (CCT) has reaffirmed that “underlying pre-tax profits for the year ended 31 August 2017 are projected to meet current market estimates”, but that “at this early stage of the group's new financial year the board consider that, based on the latest sales and market data available to them, the group's performance for the year ending 31 August 2018 is now expected to be significantly below current market estimates”. However, there still looks to remain reasons for optimism...

Quiz plc – “trading update”… but what about profit & cash?

Published 590 days ago

Having IPO’d on AIM at 161p per share in July, shares in fast fashion womenswear retailer Quiz (QUIZ) initially rose towards 200p before recently sliding back towards 170p. However, having announced that it would release a trading update for the six months ended 30th September on 11th October, the stock rebounded to a 187p close prior to the announcement. The following updates with it currently retreating to 180p…

LoopUp - another AIM joker

Published 606 days ago

Listed in August 2016 on the AIM Casino, LoopUp Group ( LOOP), says that it is a premium remote meetings company. News today is uninspiring and its valuation is crackers.

Character Group – “solid” trading update tempered by Toys ‘R’ Us news

Published 610 days ago

Updating previously on Character Group (CCT), we noted Finance Director departs, but reassurance provided – and the company has now updated on trading…

Monchhichi – More comedy from these jokers as it moves to the Sub-Standard List

Published 616 days ago

I was smiling for much of yesterday having read the announcement from Monchhichi (MCC) about its proposed cancellation from AIM and a move to the Sub-Standard segment of the Main Market. Let me explain why.

Buy Molins at 155p target price 200p

Published 617 days ago

Tom and I tipped shares in Molins (MLIN) at a 125p offer price in June as we considered that the price did not reflect the potential value following a transformational “Proposed sale of division” announcement earlier that month. The company has now updated with results for the first half of 2017. It is all good news and the shares are still a buy at up to 155p.

InterQuest – shares suspended… but greater hope for shareholders?

Published 620 days ago

Shares in InterQuest (ITQ) have indeed been suspended after it terminated its nominated adviser and broker relationship with Panmure Gordon. However, following an “Update on nominated adviser and suspension” announcement, is there more hope for shareholders than initially feared?...

InterQuest – a further addition to the management buyout’s timeline of shame

Published 624 days ago

Yesterday brought new shame on Gary Ashworth & co involved in the management buyout of InterQuest Group (ITQ) - as Tom has stated in a BearCast HERE. The following details a timeline of shame…

InterQuest – independent director hits back as management-buyout attempted robber barons announce unconditional offer now closed

Published 652 days ago

An “Offer Closed” announcement from the attempted robber barons of the InterQuest (ITQ) management buyout team (at Chisbridge Ltd) has been met by a firm response from InterQuest’s independent director…

InterQuest – management-buyout attempted robber barons back with an “Update”, so am I…

Published 658 days ago

The attempted robber barons of the InterQuest (ITQ) management buyout team (at Chisbridge Ltd) have made an “Update” announcement suggesting generosity; “in order to give holders of InterQuest shares who have not accepted the offer prior to the closing of the offer an opportunity to do so”. Au contraire…

Portmeirion Group – half-year results; argues “positive”, but how so?

Published 659 days ago

Portmeirion, Spode, Wax Lyrical, Royal Worcester and Pimpernel homewares company Portmeirion Group (PMP) emphasises it “pleased to announce a positive trading performance for the first six months of 2017”. Let’s take a look…

James Halstead – “confident of once again reporting record turnover and profits”, so why are the shares lower?

Published 660 days ago

I previously wrote on commercial flooring manufacturer and distributor, James Halstead (JHD) in January on the back of a trading statement taking the shares back up to 500p – though concluding I still particularly wary of the valuation and continued to avoid. There is now a pre-close trading statement which sees the shares comfortably below 450p…

InterQuest – management-buyout attempted robber barons try more spin, but it currently still means little

Published 666 days ago

The attempted robber barons of the InterQuest (ITQ) management buyout team (at Chisbridge Ltd) have made an “Offer Declared Unconditional in All Respects” announcement - and the InterQuest independent director, David Higgins, has responded…

InterQuest – management-buyout attempted robber barons extend offer again as still struggling on acceptances

Published 679 days ago

The attempted robber barons of the InterQuest (ITQ) management buyout team (at Chisbridge Ltd) have made an “Update on Level of Acceptances and Offer Extension” announcement…

InterQuest – management-buyout attempted robber barons struggling on acceptances

Published 699 days ago

The attempted robber barons of the InterQuest (ITQ) management buyout team (at Chisbridge Ltd) have made a “Level of Acceptances Update & Extension of Offer” announcement - and the independent director at InterQuest has responded…

InterQuest – trading warning, but the attempted robber barons admit “solid” longer term fundamentals

Published 707 days ago

“Trading update” announcement from InterQuest (ITQ), a company subject to an attempted robber baron (Oops) management, buyout with a first closing date in less than a week. Hmmm...

InterQuest – summarises reasons to ignore offer (from the attempted robber barons)

Published 717 days ago

With the attempted robber barons having recently posted their offer document to shareholders, InterQuest (ITQ) independent director David Higgins, being advised by the company’s Nomad and broker Panmure Gordon, has summarised why the offer should be ignored ahead of writing to shareholders no later than 15th June…

Fusionex now 42.5p but that is 42.5p too high: fitness guru Paul Scott weighs in

Published 722 days ago

If ever there was a demonstration of how price is not the same as value when it comes to shares it was Fusionex (FXI). Time and time again we pointed out the red flags yet the company maintained a market cap of up to £100 million. that was £100 million too high. Now, after five years in which £55 million has been transferred from UK Investors to Malaysia the company announced after hours on the Friday before the bank holiday weekend that it would delist. Its shares have crashed to 42.52p (the last fund raise was at 325p) but that is still way too high. And Britain's top share blogger, the fitness guru Paul Scott has weighed in and agrees with me.

Haynes Publishing – “a significant turnaround”?

Published 722 days ago

Haynes Publishing (HYNS) is a leading riser currently today on the back of a “Trading Statement” announcement which emphasises “a significant turnaround of the business”, including “reportable profit before tax and exceptional items is expected to be c.40% ahead of the prior year”...

Fusionex - the rats start abandoning the sinking ship, the shares crash 64%

Published 724 days ago

After hours on Friday Fusionex (FXI) a company from the Norfolk province of Malaysia announced that it was planning to delist from the AIM casino. This has always been a "wrongun" and myself, Lucian Miers and the great Kevin Ashton warned you many times to sell - over the weekend I listed 11 red flags the City crony capitalists were happy to ignore. Today the shares have crashed 64% to just 46p and the rats have started to abandon ship.

Malay Junk Fusionex - to end the AIM farce - RNS at no-one is watching a clock - as £55 million of UK cash goes up in smoke

Published 726 days ago

At 5.30 PM on the Friday before the bank holiday, no-one is watching O'Clock, Fusionex (FXI) said that it was to delist from AIM. The shares closed the day off 2p at 129p but will absolutely crater Tuesday as this stinks as we have warned you so many times - as you can see HERE. Once again we are vindicated and the City pump & promote machine must hang its head in shame.

Portmeirion Group – AGM update sounds encouraging, but how so is it really?

Published 728 days ago

An “AGM Statement” announcement from Portmeirion Group (PMP) commences that total group sales are up 26% for the four months ended 30 April 2017 relative to the same period last year” and includes “pleasing performance of the company to April 2017”. Sounds encouraging…

InterQuest – possible management buyout offer, a piss take

Published 737 days ago

With shares in InterQuest (ITQ) yesterday having increased on the day from comfortably below 40p to well above, at 3:51pm (noting the “recent share price movement” - nothing suspicious to concern AIM regulation then!) a newly created company (Chisbridge Ltd) formed by Gary Ashworth, Chris Eldridge and David Bygrave (respectively InterQuest Chairman, CEO and CFO and 33.3%, 0% and 0.1% shareholders) ‘confirmed’ “that it is evaluating making an offer for InterQuest at 42 pence per share in cash with a full loan note alternative”. They're taking the piss, surely...

Filtronic – shares sparked by ‘ahead of expectations’ trading update

Published 742 days ago

Shares in electronics products for the wireless telecoms infrastructure and related markets-focused, Filtronic (FTC) are currently the highest risers of the day. This on the back of a “Trading Update” announcement…

Filthy Forty: Startling news from Asian Growth Properties as shares roof it

Published 781 days ago

Much has happened since I last looked at ShareProphets AIM-China Filthy Forty play Asian Growth Properties (AGP). For a start, shareholders have seen some storming dividends announced – and paid – and this morning the company has announced proposals which will see a huge cash payment dished out.

David Buik of Panmure - not sure if your tweet is shameful or just pointless

Published 791 days ago

David Buik is one of those City grandees you are not allowed to criticise. It is like having a go at the late Queen Mum or beating baby seals to death. In that vein he sent out a tweet today which is wrong but I am not sure why exactly.

Notes from Underground: The Teddy Bears picnic

Published 796 days ago

ShareProphets readership increases every week - we can tell because we're a registration site and if you unsubscribe, you are kicked off the site. We don't have a dead subscription list like other, lesser, sites.

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast: Bob Diamond Panmure Gordon & a crap industry

Published 798 days ago

I have been greatly distracted not least dealing with this utterly brain dead and vile Cloudtag (CTAG) shareholder who has been spamming me with the most ghastly abuse all day. I look at the Bob Diamond bid for Panmure Gordon (PMR) and what it means for the wider broking/corporate advisory sector. I then turn to Premaitha (NIPT) and the wider issue of the pointlessness of commissioned research. I touch on Management Resource Solutions (MRS) in light of the news earlier HERE but now the way it is really trying to screw shareholders with a 5p placing. There is comment on Jubilee Platinum (JLP). Then it is back to two old favourites: Advanced Oncotherapy (AVO) and Milestone (MSG). Woof Woof.

Majestic Wine – Christmas Trading Statement sales numbers appear promising, but are they?

Published 864 days ago

“Christmas Trading Statement” from Majestic Wine (WINE) notes an underlying sales increase of 12.4% for the 10 weeks ending 2nd January. Sounds promising…

Orchard Funding – from “pleased with how the business has grown since flotation” to “below market expectations” in less than 3 months

Published 1046 days ago

1st July 2015: “Orchard Funding Group (ORCH)… is pleased to announce its flotation today on the London Stock Exchange's AIM market… will enable the business to grow to its full potential and become a leading lender in the insurance premium finance and professions finance market”14th April 2016: “we are pleased with how the business has grown since flotation”Today: “the company's trading performance for the current financial year is expected to be below market expectations”. Uh oh…

Goldenport – down 53% today but shareholders still facing a zero. Will Tom W offer a bag of crisps?

Published 1166 days ago

On Saturday we showed why we think that main market listed Goldenport Holdings (GPRT) is a zero following its after-hours burial of bad news on Friday. With the shares (last seen) down 52.6% today, on a spread of 8p – 9p it is red faces all round at Panmure Gordon which rated the stock a buy with a price target of 125p as recently as November 2015 (down from its previous buy recommendation with a target of 200p - itself reduced from 450p - back in April of last year). 

Premaitha - it is all happening - share weakness explained

Published 1169 days ago

Tom Winnifrith was an insider which restricted him from explaining why shares in Premaitha (NIPT) have been weak of late. Now you can see. The company's largest shareholder Rupert Lywood is a total 100% prat

Premaitha Company chat - those 2 sets of forecasts and more: buy

Published 1195 days ago

The wider market is taking a bath and Premaitha (NIPT) shares are not immune to this now at 14.5p-15p. But there are also a couple of points which are company specific and in that vein we have had a detailed chat with the company on Friday.

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast 23 December: The Conservative Club and its all about earnings visibility

Published 1248 days ago

Everything today is delayed by last minute Christmas shopping including the duck fior Christmas day and the stocking presents for the cats and by a visit to the Conservative Club as I explain. In the podcast I again warn David Lenigas and Afriag (AFRI) shareholders that I have a special Christmas Day treat just for them, just as I had for fraudster Rob Fielding of Quindell (QPP) and the convicted Nigerian fraudster Andrew O'Dua on December 25 2014 - HERE.  Elsewhere I look at Sovereign Mines of Africa (SMA), Fitbug (FITB), Game Digital (GMD), Panmure Gordon (PMR), the pensioner muggers WH Ireland (WHI), Levrett (LVRT) and the shoddy scumbags at the Mail on Sunday, Pittards (PTD) and Audioboom (BOOM).

Chamberlin plc – update following interim results & a chat with management…

Published 1277 days ago

Having previously concluded with shares in foundries and engineering group Chamberlin (CMH) at 82.5p that I’d await further updates on the company's performance and outlook HERE, the following updates with the shares currently drifting below 70p post results for the six months ended 30th September 2015…

Corrected: NetDimensions – blow me down with a feather, placing at 60p

Published 1296 days ago

Correction: NetDimension is not formally one of the ShareProphets AIM-China Filthy Forty. Apologies are therefore due to the company. Not that it is any great excuse, AIM itself states that NetDimensions' main country of operations is China (see HERE), and the FY14 Annual Report states that its principal place of business is Hong Kong  - hence the confusion. NetDimensions states in its FY14 Annual Report that has operations North America, Europe, Middle East and Africa, Asia Pacific and China and thus is by no means a pure an AIM-China play. My apologies to all. That said.... 

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast 29 September - a victor crows

Published 1333 days ago

It is back to old style bearcast today as I cannot get Audioboom to work. I am sure that it is all my fault. I crow about: winning the living wage debate last night and Volex (VLX). Then it is onto Panmure Gordon (PMR), WH Ireland (WHI) - please sue me for libel bitchez - and Daniel Stewart (DAN). Then I give a good kicking to tosser Dragons Den star Piers Linney and his POS company Outsourcery (OUT)

Premaitha: Buy at 25p on contract news - target 31p says Panmure Gordon

Published 1432 days ago

Panmure Gordon is house broker to Premaitha (NIPT) so take its morning note with a pinch of salt. It is paid to say buy. However for what it is worth here is its analysis of today's news and its forecasts.

Daniel Stewart says no reason for share price rise - it lies, the reason is fraudster & insider dealer Rob Terry is ramping the shares ...and also Quindell

Published 1438 days ago

Daniel Stewart (DAN) has today been forced to say that it knows of no reason for the increase in its share price and to warn that it's bailout £1 million funding will be at a discount to the current share price. Daniel Stewart lies. The reason the shares are heading to more luducrous levels is that Rob Terry, the fraudster and insider dealer of Quindell (QPP) and The Innovation Group (TIG) infamy is ramping the shares and here is the email that proves it.

Nigel Somerville’s 2015 share tips of the year – No 1: Scancell

Published 1608 days ago

Scancell (SCLP) is a biotech stock I’ve been keen on for some four or five years. The statistics on getting new treatments through clinical trials and regulatory approvals are terrible, so we are certainly at the high-risk end of the spectrum, but I believe the risk/reward is favourable and I like the company, management, the way it behaves (important!) and the products currently being developed. Here is why.

Roche buys Ariosa – Panmure’s bullish Read across for Premaitha

Published 1633 days ago

Today Pharma giant Roche has snapped up a California based form Ariosa which is big in what is termed NIPT. Panmure Gordon, house broker to Premaitha (NIPT) reckons this has a clear read across for its AIM listed client. In a note sent out today it writes:

Premaitha - good AGM statement: Buy

Published 1660 days ago

Premaitha Health (NIPT) has updated investors attending its AGM that it believes its lead product “remains on target to be the first regulated CE marked ‘in vitro’ diagnostic product in the rapidly growing market for non-invasive prenatal screening”.

Premaitha at 18.75p – Panmure Initiates coverage with a buy stance and 23p target (detailed note)

Published 1666 days ago

Panmure Gordon, house broker to Premaitha (NIPT) has initiated its coverage of the stock at 18.75p. It rates the shares as a buy with a 23p target, based on applying a 30% discount to a peer group analysis. The note from analyst Mike Mitchell is a detailed 23 page study.

Premaitha – Share Options award: Reiterate buy stance

Published 1694 days ago

It sticks in the craw when management award themselves share options at 10p when the share price is 17p. But that is what Premaitha (NIPT) announced yesterday. However

Harvey Nash Group - interim results, still a buy?

Published 1696 days ago

identified decent value in the shares of international recruitment and outsourcing services group Harvey Nash (HVN) with them trading at 70p last year. Following results for the six months ended 31st July 2014, does this remain the case at a current more than 104p?

Tip of the week update: Premaitha 40% ahead after 2 weeks – to double from here by Christmas

Published 1707 days ago

AIM listed Premaitha (NIPT)  was our share tip of the week two weeks ago at 10.75p – the shares are now 15.75p but are still a buy from here – we expect them to double by Christmas.

ShareProphets Tip of the Week: Buy Premaitha at 10.75p

Published 1719 days ago

AIM listed Vialogy (VIY) was a perennial dog. That was all meant to change following the reversal of Premaitha into the business at 11p in July. So far the now renamed Premaitha Group (NIPT) has failed to sparkle. The shares are now 10.75p. But after a summer lull we reckon that is all about to change. Big time and soon. Hence it is our share tip of the week.

Share tip: Buy Ducat Ventures at 0.05p

Published 1756 days ago

A member of the HotStockRockets team owns shares in Ducat Ventures (DUC) and will not sell until we have advised you to sell. But for the avoidance of doubt when the shares hit 0.09p to sell do not wait for our call, just bank the gain.

NetDimensions Post Results Broker Research & Upgrades

Published 2223 days ago

Netdimensions (NETD) is a rare beast: a tech stock on AIM that is profitable, dividend paying and has a healthy cash balance.


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