Management Resource Solutions continues to turnaround the business

Published 86 days ago

Occasionally a company which looks dead and buried does actually manage to turn things around, and I’m starting to wonder if that will be the case with Management Resource Solutions (MRS).

Even More Reasons Why You Might Carry on Buying Shares in 2018

Published 139 days ago

Hello, Share Screamers. I just want to strike one more encouraging note for armchair tycoons like ourselves, before we all settle down to a new year of trading profitably. There are more doom and gloomsters at large than bulls like me. And no wonder with PE’s high and the Footsie breaking new records. But there are reasons for the long-running buying spree and to always worry about a crash is not to take advantage of an established trend.

A Big Bank Lauds ASOS's Prospects - But I'm Not So Sure

Published 154 days ago

Hello Share Diggers. It's always a bit unnerving when one takes a different view to the analysts at a big bank. But I cannot share RBC's view that the share price of ASOS (ASC) will rise.

The Essentials I Insist on When I Commend a Potential Winner to You.

Published 223 days ago

Hello, Share Chuckers. As I bring you promising companies which may have escaped your notice on office days, there’s time to explain my general methods at the weekend. I can’t expect you to follow my various suggestions unless you know my lines of thought. So, for those of you wise enough to subscribe to this essential website, here goes.

Ref: IQE - Will This Nightmare of Gut-Wrenching Tension Ever End?

Published 272 days ago

Hello, Share Kickers. This is a scary holiday weekend for the many of us still holding IQE (IQE) shares. They have risen again, as I write, but how long can the bandwagon keep rolling? Though I’ve been sorely tempted over the last few weeks to sell at least half my shares, I have not done so. I’ll give you a few of my reasons, some of which are not that strong.

Tips to Help Spot that Vital Moment when the Current Bull Market Turns into a Raging Bear.

Published 293 days ago

Hello, Share Bangers. There’s little doubt about it the good ship Shareland is entering very spooky waters. At any time now, the bull market will suddenly turn into a bear that will charge around the china shop. Mixed metaphors a speciality!

Fishing retailer Angling Direct lists on AIM - but does it offer value?

Published 312 days ago

Following the successful floatation of Fishing Republic (FISH) a couple of years back, it was only a matter of time before one of the other large fishing tackle retailers followed the same route, and we’ve just seen Angling Direct (ANG) list on the AIM market.

Distil has been a fantastic investment but it may be time to take some profit

Published 379 days ago

Whilst it is true that a lot of the small companies listed on AIM are total junk, there are also some gems amongst them, and I think that Distil (DIS) falls into that category. I first came across this company at the UK Investor Show a couple of years back and it has performed extremely well since I first covered it as a buy here at around 0.8p - the share price is currently nearly 350% higher than it was back then.

Malcolm Stacey talking bollocks: ShareProphets Translation Service

Published 390 days ago

Malcolm Stacey yesterday offered up a bank holiday sermon on why shares are heading higher and on economics. Sadly old Getafix operates in a post fact era and thus you can read his original article HERE but, since my co-poisoner here in Greece is "feeling unwell" after a late night, I have the time to offer up a translation. My comments are in bold.

Central Asia Metals - the best value mining stock on the market?

Published 415 days ago

A few weeks back I wrote a piece here suggesting that Central Asia Metals (CAML) was one of the best value mining shares around, and following the release of its final results I believe that to be even more the case now.

Want an Easy Way to Invest in Emerging Markets? Take a Look at CLIG

Published 417 days ago

Hello Share Swiggers. As I write this, the share I love is once again putting on more value. However, City of London Investment Group (CLIG) can sometimes be in the opposite camp.

Check this Compass - A Company that Knows Where It's Going.

Published 426 days ago

Hello Share Takers. Compass Group  (CPS) is one of my all time favourites, but it is not a fast mover. We have here more of a slow steady profitable company that rarely sees huge jumps, and even rare falls in its share price.

It's Now a Ten-Bagger, But The Upward Action is Probably Not Over Yet

Published 428 days ago

Hello Share Sappers. Occasionally armchair tycoons like us come across a little jewel. When it happens, and I’ve commended this share to you previously, it is very tempting to blow my own trumpet. Which is what I now do with Creightons (CRL).

Could the Wall Street Crash Happen Again? And If so, Will it Come Soon?

Published 433 days ago

Hello Share Tusslers. The majority of private shareholders at the UK Investor Show at Westminster in a couple of weeks’ time will be sitting on huge gains over the year. They will be in a jollier mood than we’ve seen them in a long time.

IQE Is Still Worth a Look - and Still a Tasty Target for Take-Over.

Published 440 days ago

Hello Share Packers.  All of the shares I’ve brought to your attention have been making good ground. But then again nearly all shares have been flying on the coat-tails of a bullish Footsie.

Switch Your Focus from Tiddlers to Leviathens - But Not Any Old Leviathan

Published 447 days ago

Hello Share Swappers. We are now living in even scarier times than usual in Shareland. What with Brexit, Big Donald, a possible new cold war, inflation and growing world debt. We are also being frightened witless by the continuing shocking revelations by Uncle Tom and his top team of investigators. If I were running a shaky company, especially one on AIM, I would not be sleeping - ever.

'Slowly And Surely They Make Plans Against Us' - and We Could Make Dosh Out of It.

Published 461 days ago

Hello Share Takers. You’ve probably noticed that there has been a shortage of good take-over stories recently. This might put you off your guard. You might decide it is not worth holding onto a share which has long been in the rumour mill, just  because this sort of deal is becoming as rare as budgie teeth.

The Jolly Greene King Could Build Share Value with its Giant Pub Chain.

Published 468 days ago

Hello Share Pitchers. You may have heard me say a few times that the drinks trade is worth a look - if only because people seem to be boozing more than ever these dark days. An easy way to cheer yourself up, you see.

Filthy Forty Jiasen – And now the reason for proposing the AIM delisting

Published 479 days ago

Yesterday we noted the announcement from ShareProphets AIM-China Filthy Forty play - and one of the Fujian Four – Jiasen (JSI) that it was proposing to delist from the Casino. Having listed at 82p per share in 2014, the current 3.125p (mid, last seen) seems a trifle disappointing. Today the company has given its reasons for the proposal. Try not to laugh….

National Health Crisis May Treat the Share Price for Spire Healthcare

Published 489 days ago

Hello Share Troggers.  There’s hardly a day goes by when we are not reminded that the National Health Service is in crisis. Hospitals are being overwhelmed by an unfit, ageing population and operations are regularly put off.

Why it is often difficult to value small resource companies accurately

Published 511 days ago

Valuing small resource companies can be difficult, and often they will appear to be far cheaper than they really are. The bulletin boards, Twitter, etc are full of people extolling the virtues of the companies that they are invested in and pointing out that they should be worth far more than what the share price currently reflects.

Enter the Great British Bank Challenge with a Look at Aldemore.

Published 519 days ago

Hello Share Carollers. Despite Wild Rides’ consistent scepticism, I still favour investing in all of the four biggest banks at the mo. The recent rallies of Barclays (BARC) RBS (RBS) Lloyds(LLOY) and the Honkers Bonkers (HSBA) surely support  this view. 

Marcus Stuttard, Sham Sheriff of AIM: here is your specially selected AIM Portfolio. Good luck, pal.

Published 603 days ago

If Marcus Stuttard, the Sham Sheriff of AIM, really believes that the Casino is properly regulated, we think he should put some of his own money where his complacent mouth is by investing in a portfolio of companies which would demonstrate his confidence in his team of Oxymorons at AIM Regulation. We are such nice guys here at ShareProphets that we have helpfully compiled a beautifully diversified portfolio for him. We, ahem, AIM to please.

I don't see further share price upside for Fishing Republic from here

Published 621 days ago

As someone who works in the fishing tackle industry as my day job, and have done so for nearly 20 years, I watched with interest as the first retailer in the sector floated on the AIM market last June.

San Leon 2017 yield 19% and PE 2.6 - we are in

Published 637 days ago

Well that is the forecast anyway for those who took part in the San Leon (SLE) placing at 45p details of which were announced today. For once we are on the same side as Tosca Fund which did most of the placing as we also had a modest nibble. Delivery is the key but on those sort of forecasts it would be rude not to invest. 

Brexit Rockets the Grid - but It Could Still Power Ahead Even More

Published 685 days ago

Hello Share Bouncers. I am now back at my desk following a very invasive operation the day before. However the team carrying it out was a modal of politeness, friendliness and efficiency. Would that some of Britain’s Chef execs were as useful. There’s a very competent management at the National Grid (NG.) too. But that’s not the big factor in the current ballooning share price. The value has shown a 14% rise since Brexit. A few days ago it was another 2% higher than that.

F40 Aquatic Foods FY15 results. You’re ‘avin a giraffe, right? And a message for AIM Regulation.

Published 695 days ago

This morning ShareProphets AIM-China Filthy Forty play Aquatic Foods Group (AFG) released its calendar FY15 results. This is a complete farce and AIM Regulation should be ashamed, for that is where the real scandal lies.

MP Evans - Digging for Palm Oil Treasure In Indonesia

Published 749 days ago

AIM is home to an incredible variety of companies. That’s great news for those of us with short attention spans – we can never get bored digging around for AIM treasure (or as Buffett might say, there are many rocks for us to look underneath).

Telecom Plus – year-end Trading update

Published 761 days ago

Last week fully-listed Telecom Plus (TEP) released its full year (to Mar 2016) trading update ahead of results to be published in mid-June. It all looks great on the surface, but I think the shares look very toppy.

China fraud Aquatic Foods Trading Update: drip, drip, drip - the water torture continues in a sea of Red Flags

Published 814 days ago

ShareProphets AIM-China Filthy Forty play Aquatic Foods (AFG) released a trading statement yesterday for its full year to Dec 2015. I commented that the last trading statement had more holes than a fish-net and yesterday’s serving of fishiness lowers none of the Red Flags previously raised. 

Lunch with David Stoller of Reach4Entertainment in New York

Published 912 days ago

Declaration of interest – David paid for lunch, a pleasant burger with a blue cheese topping and a glass of red wine.  I happened to be in New York on Global Shorting Conspiracy business so popped into the relatively new Reach4Entertainment (R4E) offices in mid-town Manhattan to kill a couple of hours before heading to JFK.

AIM-China Filthy40 member Aquatic Foods Interims fail to reassure

Published 988 days ago

One of the problems that AIM-listed China stocks have at the moment is that nobody believes them. Nobody believes the claimed cash-piles or profits. This is amply demonstrated by the stock-market histoire of Aquatic Foods (AFG), a member of the ShareProphets AIM-China Filthy Forty. To remind you, it listed in just February of this year at 70p per share, to give it a market capitalisation of £79.3 million. Yet the shares fell steadily to the current 29p. Today saw Interims to the end of June 2015. Scratch the surface, and the Red Flags are all too apparent.

London Stock Exchange tries to screw us all – a broker complains

Published 990 days ago

One of London’s top brokers argues that the London Stock Exchange’s (LSE) lust for screwing the last nickel out of anyone it can is a disgrace and perhaps a sign that on a PE of 42 the shares are a sell. Despite an Oxford degree this fellow needs a grammar lesson so to spare his blushes I have semi-subbed accordingly? The broker writes: 

Buy SpaceandPeople

Published 1027 days ago

Investment Case: From around 140p, shares in SpaceandPeople plc (SAL) fell swiftly towards 60p last year following a profit warning on slower than anticipated sales. However, the final results statement for 2014 noted that “the cost base of the business at all levels has been lowered, the effectiveness of the sales team improved and a new mobile promotions kiosk product and service launched successfully. As a result, trading in the latter part of the year stabilised and also showed promising signs of growth”. This has since been followed by a positive AGM update and contract news and, at a current 80p offer price, the shares are a buy - we tipped this at 71.5p offer two weeks ago.

Is The Share Party Over? – For the Time Being.

Published 1137 days ago

Hello Share Compadres. It is not really expected from me, I know, but I have been getting edgy about the performance of shares lately.

Tom Winnifrith’s Easter share tips (buy) No 3 – Stanley Gibbons

Published 1145 days ago

Yes I know that it has just had a profits warning and that the old adage is that warnings come in threes. But I do not expect that to be the case with Stanley Gibbons (SGI) and so it is my third share tip for Easter at 249p.

Malcom Stacey’s Share tips for Easter No 2 – Good Energy

Published 1146 days ago

Wind farms and solar energy are achieving a much higher profile these days. The rather beautiful white giants are springing up in windy corners everywhere. Vast banks of solar cells are beginning to spread. And even though the present government is cutting back on subsidies for solar energy suppliers, it still looks a reasonable bet.

The Footsie Breaks 7,000 - a Bearcast Special from Tom Winnifrith

Published 1161 days ago

Malcolm Stacey reckons today that I should apologise as the FTSE 100 breaks 7,000. I make no such apology. Some shares have gone up but a headline index can mislead and the reasons for the rally are not sustainable for reasons I explain here. Malcolm is wrong about how current PEs are justifiable and wrong not to be advising folks to bank gains. I look back to 2003 and to 1999 and look forward to 2016 and explain why Comrade Stacey is rash and unwise. A 1916 Wisden is a far better bet.

Is It Barmy to Buy ARM-y with a PE Ratio of 146?

Published 1198 days ago

Hello share smackers. Arm Holdings (ARM) is a very successful and pioneering techno company which has made a lot of money for a lot of people. I am lucky to be among them. The share price has just reached an all-time high.

You Don't Like My Wetherspoon Tip? Well, You Might Be Wrong.

Published 1208 days ago

Hello Share Swingers.There was a ripple of scepticism when I wrote in my modest column that I thought Wetherspoon (JDW), Britain's biggest high street pub chain, was worth a little look.

Yo Ho Ho, Captain Morgan's Diageo is a Timber-Shivering Treasure Chest.

Published 1211 days ago

Hello Share Fans. There is a mighty purveyor of drinkipoos based in the UK which is well worth putting money into. Perhaps not for the in-and-out trader, but almost certainly for the longer term.

Is This the Most Reliable Share-Picking Method Ever?

Published 1212 days ago

Hello Share Plinkers. What is the most reliable way of telling if a company will keep on piling on share value and doling out ever fatter dividends? Wouldn't you like to know? Well, we all would.

Alliance Pharma Trading Update – all on track

Published 1221 days ago

Speciality pharmaceutical company, Alliance Pharma (APH) has updated that 2014 “pre-tax profits are expected to be in line with current market expectations” on turnover of £43.5 million and that “we continue to evaluate a number of acquisition opportunities”

AO World = An Opportunity Which Only Really Looks Disastrous (for shareholders)

Published 1229 days ago

Tom W has already mentioned a certain Mr Rose earlier today but it is another one of his chairmanship that particularly interests me today and that is at AO World (AO.). I looked at the self-styled ‘leading European online retailer of electrical products’ a few weeks ago and concluded that it would ultimately prove to be a car crash for investors based on an excitable valuation today in a sector with growth but ultimately wafer-thin margins and a high level of competition. 

Oil Collapse Leads to Market Plunge

Published 1233 days ago

It’s not been a pretty period for the oil price. On Monday (Monday 5 January) ICE Brent Crude Oil fell by a whopping 5.95% to just over 53 dollars a barrel. On Tuesday (Tuesday 6 January) it was down a further 1.05% to 52.50 dollars a barrel. The slide continued yesterday.

Marks & Spencer– after the Christmas period, where now?

Published 1233 days ago

When I had a look at the prospects for Marks & Spencer (MKS) last July - when the shares were trading at around 423p - I came to the conclusion that its shares could move well ahead, citing my subjective estimate of a possible potential extra one pound a share.

Tom Winnifrith’s seventh share tip of the year 2015 – Buy Stanley Gibbons

Published 1238 days ago

As I explained in my Christmas Day 10 macro themes for 2015 I generally cautious on UK equities – hence my decision to run with 5 buys and 5 sells in my NY selection (three more to come by Sunday night). As such my seventh tip is one you may deem cautious but I see 35% capital upside in it plus dividends and very limited downside. I refer to Stanley Gibbons (SGI), a buy at a 290p offer and at up to 300p with a target of 400p.

Mark Howitt’s share tips for 2015 – No 1: HSBC

Published 1243 days ago

What first attracted me to HSBC (HSBA) as a tip of the year? The fact that I knew how cold and ruthless it could be. I have a certain amount of ‘inside information’ on this. When you look at HSBC... there is often something quite clinical about it. My sister has a bank account with HSBC... you would be hard pressed to easily find that it pays no interest at all. “This account pays no credit interest” it says in the small print. However, if she went overdrawn she’d be charged around 18% every year.

Malcolm Stacey’s Share Tip of the Year Number 2 – Buy Zytronic at 302p

Published 1246 days ago

I always like a niche company. A niche you'll remember is a useful hole in a wall. The niche is useful, yet is small and discreet enough to be overlooked.

BT Aims for EE in Expansion

Published 1255 days ago

It has been announced that BT (BT.A) is in talks to take over EE in a massive £12.5 billion deal, giving the telecom giant access to the fabled ‘four play’ or ‘quad play’ market. A 12% stake in BT would be given to Deutsche Telecom, the partly state owned German operator, who is joint owner of EE with Orange. Deutsche Telecom would also receive a seat on BT’s board.

Is Sainsbury’s Being Targeted by Investors Hungry For Profits?

Published 1257 days ago

There are persistent rumours that Sainsbury’s (SBRY) is being targeted by Crystal Amber Fund Ltd in a bid to spice up the ailing supermarket. Crystal Amber is a London based hedge fund which already holds stakes in Aer Lingus, Thorntons and Pinewood Shepperton. However the fund is currently only worth £100 million, so obviously it cannot eat up the big beast that is Sainsbury’s whole.

HSBC: A share to buy

Published 1257 days ago

Season’s greetings share selectors. HSBC (HSBA) is going to be one of the shares to buy for 2015. As you know, I already hold shares in “The World’s Local Bank” and intend to at least hold throughout 2015, and maybe even add to them.

Market Meltdown Throws Up Massive Bargains

Published 1259 days ago

I’ve already mentioned how the FTSE dropped a whopping 2.49% on Friday. I’ll be directly honest with you now, it was quite painful to watch. Sometimes owning shares is like living in a surreal dream, sometimes it’s like experiencing a nightmare. It’s hard to comprehend how you can be worth so much less at the end of the day... for doing nothing.

BT’s share price has Surged Recently. Why is This and what Should you do Now?

Published 1263 days ago

BT (BT.A) shares are currently trading at 417p, with a dividend yield of 2.62% and a PE of 16.34. This is a big leap forward from a price of around 362.5p in early October.

Just Eat? Just short more like

Published 1267 days ago

Earlier this year, Doc Holiday made a sublime call to short Ocado (OCDO). His timing was perfect. No sooner had Doc sounded the death knell for this stock, the share price took a cliff dive. The logic of Doc’s call was deadly simple – “sell the founder”. 

Poundland: worth more than one pound but don’t pay more than three…

Published 1275 days ago

When we look back on 2014 the market share gains by discounters in the retail sector will be one of the investment themes that will be remembered.  There is therefore a certain correctness in the timing of the Poundland (PLND) IPO earlier this year.  Unsurprisingly if you were lucky enough to buy some shares early on in its life as a public company you are currently at a capital loss but let’s not be too critical at least the business has shown a bit of form over the last few quarters.  It is not easy to generate a 4.7% like-for-like sales growth as Poundland did over the last six months.

Tom Winnifrith's BearCast (with a sore head) - 11 November

Published 1291 days ago

I many not be at my sharpest but I am not pulling any punches as the Quindell scandal deepens. This podcast covers Quindell, Daniel Stewart, Cenkos, KPMG, the lies, the fraud, the implosion and what the fallout will be. I also look at blinkx ( dire results & another Sheriff of AIM win), warn you about African Minerals and look at stocks on a PE of less than 1.

ASOS plc – full-year results reviewed, rating is barking

Published 1311 days ago

Shares in online fashion company ASOS (ASC) bounced back somewhat yesterday on the back of results for its year ended 31st August 2014. The following reviews whether the response looks warranted.

dotDigital Group – confident of further strong organic growth, but will the shares follow suit?

Published 1315 days ago

dotDigital Group (DOTD) has announced results for its year ended 30th June 2014, adding that “demand for email marketing and marketing automation continues to be strong both in the UK and internationally and whilst the sector is competitive the board believes that the dotmailer platform is well placed to continue to generate strong organic growth in revenues over the coming year”. Are the shares well placed to follow suit?

Next Fifteen Communications – still a buy after results?

Published 1323 days ago

As it “continues to transition its core business away from traditional communications services, such as public relations, towards social and digital communications”, Next Fifteen (NFC) has announced results driven by a continued strong performance from its North American business and improving UK trading, with EMEA and APAC stabilising. With me having concluded in January that at an approaching 90p share price there looked to be some growth and income value on offer here and reviewing again in August at 114.5p, the following updates with the shares currently 119p.

Investing is a Life Long Pursuit – ref GlaxoSmithKline and BP

Published 1325 days ago

The FTSE took quite a hit yesterday. It closed down by 1.04% at 6495.58. Yet there is good news- I believe there are a number of buying opportunities around at the moment! For the long term investor a general market sell off should be viewed as an opportunity not a cause for alarm. So here are two stocks that I am nowlooking to add to thanks to the market wobble.

Weekly Financial Video Postcard #52, PE, PEG, PE of 3 = sell edition

Published 1337 days ago

This is Tom Winnifrith’s last video postcard from Greece for seven weeks. He is back in London at the weekend preparing for a presentation on how companies on AIM overstate profits with real examples. That is on Monday but is booked out but if you want to be able to advance book for Tom’s next presentation (it’s free & comes with pizza and wine) register HERE

Netcall plc – annual results enough for me to change cautious stance on the shares?

Published 1337 days ago

Customer engagement software company Netcall (NET) has announced a sixth consecutive year of earnings growth in the 12 months to 30th June 2014. However, having considered that there looked to be little on offer in the shares from a value perspective earlier this year (see HERE), is there enough in the results to suggest otherwise?

The Bulletin Board Moron Nightmare Portfolio – Moths & Flames

Published 1338 days ago

I am indebted to reader DiscoStu for pointing out data from the LSE website showing what other stocks are held by investors in some of the companies I am less than kind about. It is sort of a Bulletin Board Moron nightmare portfolio. Why are these fools so attracted to POS stocks?

The Concept of High Yield. How Effective is it?

Published 1345 days ago

Since I had a strategy for investing, I have adopted the ‘High Yield’ approach to buying shares. In a nutshell, this strategy states that you should buy shares with a yield higher than average for the FTSE 100, if possible with a low PE ratio, the dividend well covered and debt as low as possible.  Does it work?

Naibu FRAUD watch Day 1: now on a PE of 0.46 and 132% upside in shares if Daniel Stewart believes its own SHIT – why wont it say buy?

Published 1346 days ago

Shares in Naibu (NBU) have slumped another 10% today to just 21.5p. The company is an out and out fraud and it is only a matter of time before the shares are suspended. If it had a smidgeon of integrity, its Nomad and Broker Daniel Stewart (which likes acting for China frauds on the AIM Casino and also listed Quenron) would resign. But it seems that the greedy ethics free crony capitalist bastards at Daniel Stewart would rather keep banking fat monthly retainers.

Royal Mail: Buy, Sell or Hold?

Published 1346 days ago

Royal Mail (RMG) shares are trading at 419p with a yield of 3.17% and a PE of 3.25. Royal Mail is known throughout the UK as a ‘universal service’ provider of letters and parcels.

ShareProphets Tip of the Week – Mirada at 13.75p offer – target 24p

Published 1349 days ago

This is the second time we have made this or tip of the week. First time around was at 15.75p but the sods round at Arden then organised a placing which rather kyboshed sentiment, However…

The Naibu fraud – two critical questions and tests of integrity for Daniel Stewart as the stock heads to 0p and/or a delisting

Published 1350 days ago

Apparently at 31p shares in Naibu now trade on a 2015 and 2015 PE of c0.7. Any stock trading on such a rating is either the cheapest stock on this planet or an outright fraud, a Norfolk. Naibu is a fraud. My target price is 0p and this stock will lose its Aim listing soon. It could be very soon. If Daniel Stewart, nomad and broker to this POS – and the firm that listed Quenron – had any integrity it would resign at once as Nomad and broker. As such I ask two questions of Daniel Cesspit.

National Grid – On the Radar screen to buy

Published 1353 days ago

National Grid (NG.) shares are currently trading at 914.5p with a yield of 4.6% and a PE of 13.77. And that makes the stock look interesting.

Banco Santander: Buy, sell or hold?

Published 1354 days ago

Banco Santander (BNC) shares are currently trading at 631p with a yield of 5.94% and a PE of 19.54. Banco Santander is the largest bank in the eurozone by market value, and one of the biggest banks in the world.

What Should you Do about Challenger Bank TSB?

Published 1354 days ago

TSB (TSB) shares are trading at 278p offering a dividend yield of 0% and a PE which is hard to determine; perhaps it is around 12. TSB is relatively well known as a banking brand, previously having been part of Lloyds. It is a UK focused bank, providing services to both businesses and individuals. Buy, sell or hold? 

Time to buy Lloyds Bank?

Published 1355 days ago

Lloyds Banking Group (LLOY) shares are currently trading at 74.01p with a PE that is hard to determine of and a yield of 0%. Some estimates give the current year PE as 10 at the moment. Does that make it a buy or a sell?

Looking back not forward and writing about shares that I own

Published 1367 days ago

So I'm pleased with the amount of people reading my share articles so far. I never imagined this would be happening say six months ago – I many be a published author and have been actively investing for years but writing about shares is relatively new. So far on this website I have written only about shares that I own personally. 

Naibu – Daniel Stewart pumps out buy note but will not answer critical question – target price cut to 0.0000001p

Published 1387 days ago

Following the comical trading statement from AIM listed POS China joke company Naibu (NBU) earlier this week – see HERE - Broker and Nomad to this Norfolk, Daniel Stewart, has published a buy note but refuses to answer my utterly critical question. The shares have slumped to 43.5p putting them on a PE of 0.95 and a yield of 13.8% if you believe the forecasts. I do not and am thus slashing my target price from 1p to 0.0000001p and will reduce it further if Daniel Stewart cannot answer this question:

Stratmin Global Resources - Contract win - BUY!

Published 1420 days ago

StratMin Global Resources (STGR) has announced that it has signed a sales contract with an established US-based graphite trading company and that “now sales channels are being secured, production will be fine-tuned and increased to meet demand and maximise profitability”

Coms – Lunch with Dave Breith

Published 1435 days ago

Fair dues to Dave Breith, the CEO of Coms (COMS). I ripped him apart a couple of weeks ago HERE and he popped into Real Man yesterday and insisted on buying me lunch. I had a salmone e penne, he had a Thai chicken pizza. The food was great and I rather warmed to the man who accepted that my comments were fair.

Coms: I do not like being lied to & this company appears unduly incompetent: SELL

Published 1442 days ago

I was sitting at Real Man Pizza at noon yesterday awaiting my guest, Dave Breith of Coms (COMS). At 12.30 I tried calling to see where he was. His PA called me to say he was off sick and apologising for his second last minute let down in 3 weeks – I do want to meet the guy. As we now know Breith was not sick. That was a lie born out of apparent monumental incompetence at his firm.

IS Solutions at 57.5p worth 73p

Published 1443 days ago

Commissioned researcher Edison has published a detailed note on AIM listed IS Solutions (ISL) arguing that a 2015 yield of 3.1% and PE of 14.5 are hardly demanding for a company delivering strong growth.

Coms – Corrected piece, Conclusion Unchanged

Published 1469 days ago

I published an article on Friday on COMS (COMS) with a factual error. For that I apologise. My conclusion is unchanged but the revised piece follows.

Lombard Risk Management – Burying good news?

Published 1861 days ago

It is funny how some companies bury good news. Lombard Risk Management (LRM) issued an RNS on Friday headlined “notice of results.” I just assumed that it stated “Lombard will issue its results on such and such a date” and as such did not bother to read the actual release. Daft old me.

S&U plc - Long Term Buy

Published 1864 days ago

Fully-listed S&U plc (SUS)is a company I have long followed and the shares were added to the Income portfolio of the ‘Nifty Fifty’ website at an 839.5p offer price in November.

Sell Ocado: Below 149p Risks A 120p Retest

Published 1866 days ago

As most of us are aware, the spirit of the age is to reward failed people, business models, banks, and countries, while holding in contempt those who are successful. In November online grocer Ocado (OCDO) was bailed out, despite having never really achieved more than a token profit over the past decade, trading on a forecast p/e of over 200 next year.


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