Paragon Entertainment – “pleased to announce” share subscription… but is it sufficient?

Published 67 days ago

Writing on Paragon Entertainment (PEL) last month I noted it “looking closely at ways of bringing longer term capital into the business” – though concluded at what price?… Now sub 1p, still an avoid / sell. Today a “Subscription” announcement…

Paragon Entertainment – “Property Disposal” announcement... which is far from just a “Property Disposal” announcement!

Published 87 days ago

Previously writing on Paragon Entertainment (PEL) it was December intra-day (2:15pm) “Trading Update”. Uh oh…. Now an intra-day (1:29pm) “Property Disposal” announcement. Surely this one just a routine announcement though?...

Paragon Entertainment – intra-day (2:15pm) “Trading Update”. Uh oh…

Published 153 days ago

“Paragon Entertainment Limited (AIM: PEL), the attractions design, production and fit-out business, today provides a trading update”. Not ‘is pleased to provide’ and intra-day (2:15pm) – Uh oh…

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast - why Ed Croft is wrong to label Nigel Wray a sucker, can't count to 40 & arrived at a bogus conclusion on correct data

Published 392 days ago

In this podcast I look back at a very valid point made by Dr Hon at UK Investor on a cancer still at the heart of the City. I look at AIQ (AIQ), San Leon (SLE) and Paragon Entertainment (PEL) - another Finncap debacle. Then I turn to Ed Croft and UK Investor who was rude to me ( who cares) as he over-ran his allotted time and pretended otherwise by slating me. He also called Nigel Wray a sucker for his investments. Ed: how rich are you? How many AIM stocks have you backed in a major way where you could have m,ade 100* your money? But I am sure you are right and Wray is a sucker. And then Ed presented data which though accurate allowed him to leap to a totally wrong conclusion. If I was scoring his thesis I explain why I'd have to give it a fail. Or as that is now on campuses today a 2:1. Unlike Ed I did not insult someone else on the main stage on their big day as that would have been rude but his nonsense needs correcting.

Paragon Entertainment – “Trading Update” = Profit Warning, Broker updates

Published 558 days ago

“Trading Update” announcement yesterday from attractions design, production and fit-out company Paragon Entertainment (PEL) included news of project delays and increased costs – and house broker finnCap (them again) has downgraded forecasts…

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast: as a former tax dodger in the Isle of Man I can't say I'm shocked by the Paradise Papers

Published 559 days ago

Of course when I was a crony capitalist I spent a couple of years in the Isle of Man with its progressive tax system.  That was all legit, it is called tax avoidance (legal) not tax evasion (illegal) but it is clear that the IOM facilitates a stack of illegal tax evasion. I am not shocked by the Paradise Papers revelations on this and explain why. Elsewhere there is follow on work on Totally (TLY) looking at more red flags and the vanity of sales, then coverage of Red Emperor (RMP) and P:aragon Entertainment (PEL)

Zak Mir's Great Request Show: EKF Diagnostics, Paragon Entertainment, Xtract Resources

Published 1270 days ago

If you want me to analyse a stock for you just drop me a line at [email protected] - Today I look at shares in EKF Diagnostics, Paragon Entertainment and Xtract Resources setting target prices for all three stocks.

Zak Mir's Bulletin Board Heroes: Mobile Streams, Nostra Terra Oil & Gas, Octagonal, Paragon Entertainment, Sovereign Mines of Africa, Surgical Innovations

Published 1298 days ago

Featuring shares in Mobile Streams (MOS), Nostra Terra Oil & Gas (NTOG), Octagonal (OCT), Paragon Entertainment (PEL), Sovereign Mines of Africa (SMA), Surgical Innovations (SUN), together with some share price targets.

Zak Mir's Great Request Show: Ferrexpo, Paragon Entertainment & Premaitha Health

Published 1301 days ago

If you want me to analyse a stock for you just drop me a line at [email protected] - Today I look at shares in Ferrexpo (FXPO), Paragon Entertainment (PEL), Premaitha Health (NIPT), and setting share price targets for all three stocks

Tom Winnifrith BearCast 6 October - Mariana symptomatic of investor exploitation on AIM

Published 1322 days ago

I am not picking on Mariana Resources too much. Okay I am and did so HERE. But the point in this podcast is to show how the actions of Mariana in destroying shareholder value while the crony capitalists plunder and profit are just symptomatic of how AIM works as a whole. I also cover Stanley Gibbons (SGI), Paragon Entertainment (PEL), the scumbags at Mosman Oil & Gas (MSMN), Iofina (IOF), BTG (BTG) and Volex (VLX).

Zak Mir's Bulletin Board Heroes - Anglo Asian, Arian Silver, Copper Development, New World Oil, Orsu Metals, Paragon Entertainment

Published 1335 days ago

Featuring shares of Anglo Asian (AAZ), Arian Silver (AGQ), Copper Development (CDC), New World Oil (NEW), Orsu Metals (OSU), Paragon Entertainment (PEL), together with some share price targets.

Zak Mir's Bulletin Board Heroes - Clear Leisure, Feedback, Paragon Entertainment, Quindell, Sovereign Mines Of Africa

Published 1366 days ago

Featuring the shares of Clear Leisure (CLP), Feedback (FDBK), Paragon Entertainment (PEL), Quindell (QPP), Sovereign Mines Of Africa (SMA), together with some share price targets.

Zak Mir's Bulletin Board Heroes - Alba Mineral Resources, Jubilee Platinum, Paragon Entertainment, Plutus Powergen, Stratex International

Published 1380 days ago

Featuring Alba Mineral Resources (ALBA), Jubilee Platinum (JLP), Paragon Entertainment (PEL), Plutus Powergen (PPG), Stratex International (STI)

Zak Mir's Bulletin Board Heroes - Beowulf Mining, Paragon Entertainment, Proxama, Stratex International, Wildhorse Energy

Published 1386 days ago

Featuring Beowulf Mining (BEM), Paragon Entertainment (PEL), Proxama (PROX), Stratex International (STI), Wildhorse Energy (WHE)

Zak Mir's Bulletin Board Heroes - Amur Minerals, Bushveld Minerals, Coal of Africa, Edge Resources, Jubilee Platinum, Paragon Diamonds

Published 1391 days ago

Featuring Amur Minerals (AMC), Bushveld Minerals (BMN), Coal of Africa (CZA), Edge Resources (EDG), Jubilee Platinum (JLP) and Paragon Diamonds (PEL)


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