One of My Most Tipped Shares, Creightons is now a more than 30-bagger. And that's Not a Typo.

Published 55 days ago

Hello Share Smatterers. If anyone ever berates you for risking your money on penny shares, you might want to tell them the following tale.

Don't Be Glum, Chum. When the Market Crashes You Can Still Taste the Jam

Published 102 days ago

Hello Share Pinkers. As the markets are closed, I thought I might do a weekend piece to encourage you to carry on trading once the doors open again. We are constantly reminded on this legendary website that shares are overvalued and about to crumble. I don’t doubt it, though I’m fairly convinced the bull run has some months to go yet.

Pensioner muggers WH Ireland - does it have an ethical bone in its body?

Published 157 days ago

You will remember the case of poor Mr Bagot, an elderly client of WH Ireland (WHI) who had his life saving stuffed into a range of utterly inappropriate penny stocks, many of them corporate clients. Mr Bagot has got a bit of his money back but not most. He fights on. Mr Bagot has this update:

Switch Your Focus from Tiddlers to Leviathens - But Not Any Old Leviathan

Published 172 days ago

Hello Share Swappers. We are now living in even scarier times than usual in Shareland. What with Brexit, Big Donald, a possible new cold war, inflation and growing world debt. We are also being frightened witless by the continuing shocking revelations by Uncle Tom and his top team of investigators. If I were running a shaky company, especially one on AIM, I would not be sleeping - ever.

Thanks to Shareprophets, I've Piled into Two Stocks I'd Never Heard Of

Published 305 days ago

Hello Share Guzzlers. Acting on information from two quarters on this glittering website, over the last week I’ve invested quite a lot of loot in a couple of penny shares.

Some good news from Fox Marble...its about time!

Published 459 days ago

Fox Marble (FOX) has announced that its “order book has increased to €3.9 million for the year” and developments offering further potential.

Not Everyone Agrees, but I’ve Almost as Much Faith in Welsh Terrier IQE as Its Bosses Have.

Published 594 days ago

Hello Share Scrappers. One of my favourite penny shares is not every body’s cup of tea. I keep seeing IQE (IQE) on a list of most-shorted shares, you know the one that appears from time to time on this wondrous website.

WH Ireland Stockbroker John Molyneux explains discretionary broking to Mr Bagot – new picture emerges

Published 684 days ago

Scumbag brokers WH Ireland (WHI) hosted a table at last night’s black tie AIM awards. What with the taxis, champagne on top, etc. that must have cost it £3000+ but presumably it did not invite Essex Pensioner Mr Bagot, a man whose life savings were trashed by its former senior employee John Molyneux (see HERE

Don’t You Hate the Small Profit-Takers? ref: Feedback.

Published 686 days ago

Hello Share Bunnies. There was some interesting share movements after all the good news came out for Feedback (FDBK), the minnow capitalised at a mere £5 million. 

Distil - very positive trading update, shares still a buy

Published 705 days ago

Owner of premium drinks brands, Distil plc (DIS) has updated on “a continuation” of the positive trend from its AGM update in July.

WH Ireland: an open letter to Business Secretary Sajid Javid MP – will you help other pensioners who were mugged?

Published 723 days ago

Over the past two weeks we have unearthed details of how senior WH Ireland (WHI)  Stockbroker John Molyneux (now suddenly retired) systematically stiffed those with discretionary accounts into duff penny stocks, usually corporate clients. So far one 78 year old who lost c£330,000 has been given compensation of £150,000 – but this may be the tip of the iceberg. So I have written to Business Secretary Sajid Javid asking him to intervene urgently.

There Comes a Point When We’ve All Had Enough. Ref: Ross Group

Published 730 days ago

Hello Share Rattlers. There are some shares, dear chums, which we wish we’d never heard about. I bought stock in Ross Group (RGP), an electrical  set-up, 21 years ago. They were 20p each then. What are they today? - less than one and half pence each.

'Tis My Delight on a Friday Night. And Every Other Night of the Week, as well.

Published 739 days ago

Hello Share Campers. I’ve got an awful admission to make. I am an addict.

Your Share Shoots Up Like a Rocket to Mars? Sell it.

Published 771 days ago

Hello Share Scribblers. It is the wisest thing you can do with penny shares. If one of your cheeps rises by an awful lot in a day, you must hover over the sell button.

Maybe We Should Sneak Under the Greek Tragedy and Snaffle Lloyds Shares.

Published 789 days ago

Hello Share Splashers. I’ve been trying to de-clutter my over-stuffed home by selling at a car boot sales. After three hours of just sitting on my car seat, I made an easy 60 quid. All very enjoyable in the sunshine.

The Magic of Penny Shares - Part Three. (Or The Odds for George Bush Running Away with Britney Spears.)

Published 791 days ago

Hello Share Shooters. While this Greek farrago continues to make investments in the Footsie and mid cap range a bit scary, I’ll continue with my trilogy on how to handle shares, which are not likely to be affected by the Euro crisis. So I make a few more observations about the best way to dabble in penny shares.

The Sensible Way to Deal in Leaping Penny Shares.

Published 793 days ago

Hello Share Scratchers. As the Footsie is blighted at the mo by the Greek tragedy, it’s right that we should turn our attention to penny shares. These blighters, as we all know, can turn into multi-baggers whereas Footsie gains can’t. They can however sink without trace a lot more easily, because their valuations are so near the floor anyway.

There Ain’t No Cure for the Summertime Blues.

Published 816 days ago

The Summertime Blues seems to have hit shares again. That old adage about going away in May is no longer true. But the fact remains that the old share game goes off the boil between June and August.

We banked a 350% gain on our last tip in seven days - but it is not always that way!

Published 817 days ago

We wish life was that easy. Yes our last tip was a winner - it was the infamous New World Oil & Gas - we got in and out at the right time and made a killing for our readers. It happens now and again in the world of penny shares. Even we did not think that tip would work out quite as well - our targetted gain was just 50%!

Zak Mir's Bull Stock Of The Day: Thorntons: Latest Gap Higher Targets 140p

Published 828 days ago

Given an ongoing addiction to the bulletin board stocks and the penny shares area in general, it takes a lot for me to stray to more sedate situations where perhaps the trading volumes are subdued. However, Thorntons (THT) is currently in focus as it would appear that we have a big bullish daily chart.

When Elephants Stomp North, the Mice Head South – But Not for Long.

Published 838 days ago

Hello Share Pootlers. It’s nearly always the same when the big companies put on a huge spurt, the penny shares suffer. Not all of them, of course, but there is a definite downward drag.

Don’t Shirk the Sell Button as Penny Shares Face a Testing Time.

Published 848 days ago

Hello Share Munchers. I’ve been getting a little bit nervous over the many penny shares I hold. Should I be waving bye, bye to some of my more risky stocks? Normally, I shrug off such spooky feelings, unless I have good reason to believe a penny dreadful is indeed dreadful.

Penny Shares – A Warning.

Published 861 days ago

I've just had a very good day with a few long-held penny shares. They include Zoo Digital (ZOO) up 11%, Enables It (EIT) up 22% and a massive 57% hike by Ascent Resources (AST).

As the Days Trickle Down to a Precious Few (Frank Sinatra).

Published 875 days ago

Hello Share Chisellers. It's almost too late. And yet it can make a big difference. I'm talking about the annual job of selling winners and losers over the year to try and balance the books and avoid paying too much capital gains tax on our share profits.

Malcolm Stacey - Searching for the Money Tree part 3

Published 892 days ago

The token deluded lefty on this website, Comrade Malcolm Stacey is taking a well-earned break on a desert safari searching for the mythical money tree which he and his fellow lefties both worship and believe in. On day 3 we have heard from our Guardian reading friend that there are some very poor people wandering around the desert with only a tent to their name. Malcolm thinks that this is all down to the wicked Bedroom Tax imposed by the Evil Tories back in the UK. Once again he blames Thatcher! In his absence we bring you a few words from his timeless classic, The Armchair Tycoon.

Malcolm Stacey in search of the Money Tree - Part 2

Published 893 days ago

The token deluded lefty on this website, Comrade Malcolm Stacey is taking a well-earned break on a desert safari searching for the mythical money tree which he and his fellow lefties both worship and believe in. On day 2 we have heard from our Guardian reading friend that it is very hot in the desert. Malcolm thinks that this is all down to global warming and for this he blames Thatcher! In his absence we bring you a few words from his timeless classic, The Armchair Tycoon.

Play Your Cards Right – Raise the Ante with Oil and Mines.

Published 905 days ago

Hello Share Stackers. I spent the weekend in a poker game with my old card school which has not convened since the year techno stocks crashed in 2000.

Here Are Your New Year Resolutions for 2015.

Published 964 days ago

Hello Share Peddlars. It's that time when we make New Year Resolutions. They make jolly good tools for imposing a bit of discipline on our share dealings.

Three King Sectors Which Aren't Currently Bringing Gifts.

Published 985 days ago

Hello Share Monkeys. I have three kinds of shares which are not doing at all well at the moment.

How Many Eggs?

Published 1004 days ago

As well as choosing different sectors of the market in which to buy your shares, really prudent investors scatter their funds over a large number of companies. If you rely on just four enterprises and one collapses, then it's serious. If you have 20 share certificates with different names at the top, big losses posted by two or three companies won't send you looking for an outside ledge on a tall building. Some brokers urge their clients to buy an interest in just 10 businesses. They argue that this is a nice manageable group and that it's hard to keep track of any more.

The Footsie Ain't that Stodgy – and You Can Still Make a Killing.

Published 1012 days ago

Hello Share Peddlars. Trading shares is a funny old business. Sometimes, I am well up on my dealing activities. And at other times, I go around kicking the kids because the old stocks are, well, in the stocks.

Penny Shares – Penny Dreadfuls?

Published 1039 days ago

Beginners think these are equities priced at one penny each. That’s been known. But it simply means a cheap share, priced at less than 80p. They usually belong to companies which have skated on thin ice and haven't yet found a ladder to escape the pond. Some analysts scathingly refer to them as 'penny dreadfuls’.

How to Cash In on the Typical Path of a Cheapo Share on Heat

Published 1045 days ago

Howdy Share Fans. There are lots of crucial choices we have to make as share shifters. All of them are brain-hurters. Perhaps the worst of them is: how long should we hang on to a penny share, which has just stormed into life?

The Highlands, the Lowands and Braw Bricht Penny Shares.

Published 1068 days ago

Hello Share Laddies and Lasses. Well, it’s been an exciting week on the old share front and no mistake! Personally, I had a few penny shares hit the gravy trail, after months of waiting. I expect you had some cheap winners, too.

The Magic Maths of Penny Shares.

Published 1069 days ago

Hello Share twitchers. I love trading penny shares. In and out, in and out, that’s the way to do it. Of course, the normally big spreads are a nuisance. But the rewards when a penny hits the red hot trail can be stunning.

Falling Unemployment is Just the Job for Putting Shares Back on Track.

Published 1104 days ago

Hello Share Trundlers: Government figures this week show once again that unemployment is down. Ok, the number of young people who have never worked still gives cause for concern, but the rest of us are finding new jobs.

Why Most Penny Shares Don't Deserve Loyalty

Published 1136 days ago

Hello Share Seekers: I'm off to a birthday party in the Smoke to meet people I've not seen for 20 years. Wonder what they look like now? Lots of bald patches and less-than-trim figures I should imagine. A bit like shares you've held a long time, lots of unattractive changes can take over the year. I will be a lot gladder to see my old colleagues than be reminded of shares which have let me down over the years – and most of these bad memories are penny shares I kept too long.


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