The implied £4 million valuation for Bould Opportunities looks crazy - strong sell

Published 18 days ago

A few weeks back I covered Bould Opportunities (BOU) and the huge increase in the share price, and I must admit that I am surprised that the share price has managed to stay up at these levels. At the time I last wrote about this company - which recently changed its name from Photonstar LED (PSL) - the shares were trading at around 0.045p, and I have been expecting them to drop hard at some point – and still do...

Bould short squeeze rumours are a load of rubbish designed to pump the share price!

Published 33 days ago

There’s nothing like talk of a short squeeze to get private investors predicting all sorts of crazy figures and scenarios – when the reality is that it is normally nothing more than just a rumour designed to pump the share price, and even if true it would be more likely to result in suspension of trading for a disorderly market, than a huge rise in the share price.

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast: Lord Razzall fecks off back to the Westminster Swamp but his final numbers from Boxhill are bollocks

Published 110 days ago

In today's podcast I take a detailed look at Boxhill (BOX) and at Yu Group (YU.) - I believe numbers from neither. I ask questions about Staffline (STAF) and its curious statement today. And i also do some number crunching on the living dead, Phontonstar Led (PSL) and have a few thoughts on Independent Oil & Gas (IOG)

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast: The return of Wildes, Roger Lawson and Lucky Lord Lucan

Published 111 days ago

I am plagued today by Bulletin Board Morons reporting me to the FCA, by Roger Lawson and some ungracious comments on fraud busting at Globo (GBO), Quindell (QPP) and Patisserie Holdings (CAKE) and by our former in house Bulletin Board Loon who has returned to really rile me with some vile comments on the holocaust which expose him as the Jew hating vermin that he is - HERE. I comment on Angus Energy (ANGS), UK Oil & Gas (UKOG), Domino's Pizza (DOM), Feedback (FDBK), Photonstar Led (PSL), Starcom (STAR) and Cabot Energy (CAB).  Footnote, Roger is now planning to run an amendment flagging up that I did advise folks to sell/short Patisserie warning "something's not right". Roger you are a gent.

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast - a curate's egg of a day for Neil Woodford

Published 112 days ago

In today's podcast there are repeated references to Cheryl Cole as I discuss Utilitywise (UTW), Sensyne Health (SENS), Neil "smug bastard" Woodford, Flybe (FLYB), Eqtec (EQT), Phontonstar Led (PSL), Active Energy (AEG) and Altona Resources (ANR)

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast: It looks as if the move to the Grim North is full steam ahead

Published 126 days ago

Well so much for a slow housing market! It looks as if it is full steam ahead on a move to the Grim North! Away from that, in today's podcast I look at Revolution Bars (RBG), Photonstar Led (PSL), Debenhams (DEB), Flybe (FLYB), Gear4Music (G4M) and Goals Soccer Centres (GOAL). And I commend to you Gary's fine piece on Eqtec (EQT).

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast - The rot at the heart of the AIM Casino: Photonstar Led, Tomco & Blue Jay

Published 157 days ago

In today's podcast I start with Deutsche Bank and the dire problems faced by the EU. Who really wants to stay in bed with this corpse? That pans out to wider reasons to be bearish and I cannot stress too much look not at P&Ls but at balance sheets. I look specifically today at Photonstar Led (PSL), Tomco (TOM), Low & Bonar (LWB), Argo Blockchain (Don't laugh at me too much), Optibiotix (OPTI), IQE (IQE) and the scandalous behaviour of team BlueJay Mining (JAY), moving on from the points flagged up HERE

Photonstar LED – “pleased to announce” placing. But it’s monumental dilution for what?

Published 157 days ago

Photonstar LED (PSL) previously commenced announcements with “the British designer and manufacturer of smart LED lighting solutions and cloud based building management services”… . It today states “PhotonStar LED Group plc (AIM: PSL.L), is pleased to announce that it has raised gross proceeds of £100,000… at a price of 0.02p per share”

PhotonStar LED = PhotonStop RIP

Published 181 days ago

Well you can’t say you were not warned! As both Steve Moore and Tom Winnifrith are drinking from the bottle of ouzo supplied by the Global Shorting Conspiracy it falls to me, on behalf of ShareProphets, to say told ya! (I’ll have my little cupful later). It was announced by AIM-listed PhotonStar LED (PSL) a few minutes ago that its wholly-owned subsidiary PhotonStar LED Limited was placed into liquidation. With the remaining business yet to sign a material contract and needing funding, this really is toast.

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast - in praise and defence of my friend Luke Johnson

Published 198 days ago

I will not take the populist path of kicking Luke just becuase he is down. Firstly he is my friend and I don't abandon pals just because they are not flavour of the month right now and secondly, and more importantly, much of the criticism is pure bollocks by folks who could not run a whelk stall and do not know what they are talking about. I also look at what makes a dead cat bounce ref Photonstar Led (PSL), Urals Energy (UEN) and Inspirit Energy (INSP).

Photonstar LED – from “increased demand” in, to potential administration of, fixed LED lighting business - in less than five weeks!

Published 201 days ago

Writing on Photonstar LED (PSL) earlier this month it was partnership announcement… when’s the attempted new funding then?. Today a “Trading Update”, including early “the competitive price pressures on fixed LED lighting have shown no sign of abating throughout October… anticipated demand for the subsidiary's circadian lighting products has not materialised”. Uh oh…

Photonstar LED – partnership announcement… when’s the attempted new funding then?

Published 213 days ago

Photonstar LED (PSL) has announced a partnership with a housing association in the south of England which “manages over 80,000 homes”, emphasising “the opportunity to work with the Association as part of their Smart Estates vision is one we are very pleased to be part of”. Hmmm, what’s the detail?...

Photonstar LED – shares having soared ahead of new product. Guess what?

Published 383 days ago

Previously writing on Photonstar LED (PSL) just over two months ago, I suggested £0.43 million of funds then raised not likely to last long. Recently though, ahead of a release of its “next generation halcyon cloudBMS product”, the shares have soared and thus surprise, surprise…

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast: Who sent me the lawyer's letter and suspending disbelief (pro tem) on Tesla, Telit & Purplebricks

Published 383 days ago

The lawyer's letter? I must keen you in suspense as I discuss with my lawyers how to respond so you can still vote on who sent it HERE. I also chatted today to Lucian about three slam dunk shorts: Telit (TCM), Purplebricks (PURP) and Tesla (TSLA). Or are they slam dunks? Might disbelief be suspended forever.? I then look at Photonstar Led (PSL) at Conroy Gold (CGNR) and at how AIM gives capitalism a bad name by not letting bust companies such as Andalas (ADL) fail.

Photonstar LED – “pleased to announce”… (as we warned) a massively discounted placing!

Published 445 days ago

At the end of January I cautioned as Photonstar LED (PSL) argued “a further step towards… strategy of transforming the group into a software and services business, focused on lighting and building management as a service” and that “the unaudited net loss for the group has been reduced to approximately £0.9m, compared to a net loss of £1.46m in the previous year” - concluding it looked to remain cash crunch ahoy and thus, natch, the stance remained sell / bargepole. Now a 3:34pm “Conditional Placing of £430,000 & General Meeting” announcement…

Photonstar LED – a disposal, but also roll-out delays – still cash crunch ahoy?

Published 474 days ago

Photonstar LED (PSL) has announced what it argues is “a further step towards PhotonStar's strategy of transforming the group into a software and services business, focused on lighting and building management as a service”, together with a Trading Update

Photonstar LED – interims; despite delay of roll-out May placing was stated to be for, guess what?

Published 598 days ago

Results for the first half of 2017 from PhotonStar LED (PSL) include that “during H1 2017 steady progress has continued to be made in transitioning the group into becoming a retrofit connected lighting and building management business” and that “we… believe… we are now well positioned to achieve the successful delivery of Halcyon” (the company’s ‘Internet of Things’ platform for retrofit into commercial buildings). The shares have responded, er, more than 30% lower to 0.825p…

PhotonStar LED – results see CEO McKenzie claim “steady progress”, so why are the shares a further more than 7% lower?

Published 726 days ago

PhotonStar LED Group (PSL) CEO James McKenzie commences his comments on 2016 in the company’s results announcement that “steady progress was made in transitioning the group into becoming a retrofit connected lighting and building management business. We have installed a number of trials in a variety of sectors”. Sounds promising, so why are the shares currently 7.5% lower, at 1.85p, on the back of the announcement?...

Photonstar LED – thanks Nigel & a few more things…

Published 746 days ago

Nigel Somerville commented earlier on how for those suckered in by the Photonstar LED (PSL) ramparoonie, it’s now mega-dilution ahoy (monster-discount placing shares representing a 19.8% increase in the issued share capital). I thank Nigel for the kind words – and make a further few points…

Photonstar LED – after-hours monster-discount placing. Anything to see here Guv?

Published 747 days ago

AIM-listed Photonstar LED (PSL) was the subject last week, in the wake of a rampfest RNS, of a Steve Moore conclusion of no financials, no cash, avoid. How bang-on-the-(lack of)-money, for last night the company – well after-hours at 5.24pm – announced a massively discounted keep-the-lights-on placing for a paltry £465,000 at an even more paltry 1.25p – vs a 2nd May closing price of 2.85p and yesterday of over 3p. Nice work. Now take a peek at the share price and volume chart of yesterday, courtesy of ADVFN. Surely it could not be that there was mass forward-selling of placing shares between 8am and 3pm?

PhotonStar LED – shares 'roof it' on a “proposed roll out” announcement. Hmmm…

Published 752 days ago

Shares in PhotonStar LED (PSL) are currently roofing it on the back of a “Proposed roll out of Halcyon IoT platform” announcement. Let’s review…

PhotonStar LED – loss warning, product modifications needed & cash crunch ahoy as CEO claims “good progress”!?!

Published 840 days ago

“James McKenzie, Chief Executive of PhotonStar (PSL), said: ‘In 2016, we made good progress in transitioning the group into becoming a retrofit connected lighting and building management business’”. Good, good. You what? The shares currently more than 15% lower, at sub 1p, in response to the announcement…

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast 11 December - I prove I'm an optimist - putting cash in a Greek bank

Published 1256 days ago

Yes I have indeed done just that, or I think I have. The olive harvest saga continues and the snow has started on the mountains above the Greek Hovel, pictures later. In this podcast I look at Jabba The Hutt ramping Afriag (AFRI) and warn you what will happen next. Then a comment on LGO Energy (LGO) before heading onto PeerTV (PTV) and - in an unusual manner - I cover ValiRx (VAL). You see Satu I am a man of my word, Halosource (HALO) gets "the treatment" as does Gary Newman for buying into corporate bullshit speak. Then it is onto Photosntar Led (PSL), Fitbug (FITB) and finally InternetQ (INTQ).

Tom Winnifrith's BearCast 29 October

Published 1664 days ago

I am feeling a lot sharper than yesterday and this is podcast is no holds barred stuff on why I am still bearish on the markets, on Monitise, Quindell, Photonstar LED, Fitbug and more.


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