Photo-Me's Wireless Technology Could Snap the Soaraway Share Price Even Higher

Published 40 days ago

Hello, Share Skimmers. For the simple reason that the share keeps on rising and has just powered through its record high, I return to Photo-Me (PHTM).

Should We Hold it? Or Go Flash Bang Wallop? As Photo-Me Snaps New Highs

Published 55 days ago

Hello, Share Plungers. It’s reasonable to keep you up to date on shares I’ve been writing about positively. This is especially enjoyable when the stock in question is probing new highs. Because then the question arises, is it now time to take profits?

Photo-me Shares May Be a Case of Hold it - Then Flash, Bang, Wallop

Published 125 days ago

Hello Share Samplers. When a share approaches company results day, whether for six months or the full year, we can expect the share price to rise. Once that special day arrives, the value often falls - even when profits are in line with expectations or even better. Naturally, the most trading often goes on in the run-up to the announcement concerned and in the week afterwards. But there’s an advantage in buying your shares when nothing imminent is on the company’s diary and when no other news is expected.

Four Tricky Tricks to Try to Tease More Money Out of Your Portfolio.

Published 207 days ago

Hello Share Pifflers. There are many little tricks we learn over the years as we play the golden game of share shifting. As I’ve been in the racket since King Alfred burned his buns, I’ve probably used most of them. As it’s another boring weekend with no markets open, allow me to share a few of the best

Photo-Me's Full Year Results are a Picture of Health

Published 210 days ago

Hello Share Pickers. I knew Photo-Me (PHTM) would hit the daily losers list when the shares rose noticeably the day before. And yet the full year results figures which sparked the drop, were better than many of us expected. Buy on the rumour, sell on the fact is a rampant strategy.

Photo-Me – updates on trading after UK photo ID regulation scare

Published 236 days ago

I previously commented on Photo-Me (PHTM) in January as the shares slid from above 170p to below 155p on UK photo ID regulation media comment. The company has now made a “Trading Update” announcement for its year ended 30th April…

Picture Giant's Share Price Frames Itself Again. Now for some More Northerly Action

Published 341 days ago

Hello Share Squirmers. There was a rather unnerving fall for shares in Photo-Me (PHTM) in the middle of last month. It was based on a scare story that the quality needed for official id photos could be provided by mobile phones and so could be something of a challenge in the future for automatic photo machines.

Photo-Me's Shares Are Under-Developed After Press Scare

Published 365 days ago

Hello Share Gobblers. Uncle Tom has said that Photo-Me (PHTM) is my favourite share. This is no longer quite true, but I do have a lot of faith (and money) wrapped up in the stock.

Photo-Me – responds as shares slump on UK photo ID regulation media comment

Published 366 days ago

Having been down approaching 20% earlier today, Photo-Me (PHTM) has had to make a “Share price movement” announcement – noting this “following media comment regarding photo ID regulations in the United Kingdom”

Four Crackers for your New Year Table. Well, I Think So.

Published 382 days ago

Hello Share Peggers. Here are some shares you might want to monitor closely in 2017. And if you don’t buy any of them soon, don’t blame me if you are kicking yourself later on. Though if you do buy them and they happen to disappoint, I’d rather you didn’t remind me

Picture This - A Stunning Company which Keeps on Developing Profits.

Published 410 days ago

Hello Share Twiddlers. There are some shares in our bag, gang, that we know, just know will keep on bumping up our investment. I have brought to your notice recently the Welsh computer engineer IQE (IQE). That is one of them. Another is Legal and General (LGEN).  And a third is the Honkers Bonkers bank (HSBA).

Photo-Me – agreement for Asda Stores’ Photo Division, “an interesting opportunity”?

Published 519 days ago

Photo-Me (PHTM) has announced an agreement for Asda Stores’ Photo Division – “in the calendar year 2015, the Photo Division generated unaudited sales of circa £19.3 million and made an unaudited loss of £3.4 million”. Hmmm…

Photo Me's Picture of Health Develops into an Interesting Play.

Published 559 days ago

Hello Share Swappers. I know it’s not been long since I last featured Photo-Me (PHTM). This is the share that Uncle Tom characterises as my favourite. Well, it has made me a lot of money, after a very poor start yonks ago. The reason I return to it so rapidly, is that I am even more convinced that the present share price has room to move upwards. The share reached a high of 185p a few months ago. Then on June 21, three days before Brexit, it suffered. Though like many companies singled out for sudden punishment, the shares were oversold in a panicked situation.

Photo-Me – shares slump on results announcement, do I agree with shareholder Malcolm Stacey?

Published 581 days ago

Results for its year ended 30th April 2016 from Photo-Me International (PHTM) include “a 14.6% increase in reported underlying pre-tax profits to a record £40.1million”, though the shares are down more than 17%, at around 132p, in response. As a shareholder Malcolm Stacey’s response is HERE and the following is my take.

Selling Photo-me Shares on Tuesday's Drop? You May Want to Hold It - Flash, Bang, Wallop.

Published 581 days ago

Hello Share Twinklers. As Uncle Tom would have it, Photo-me (PHTM) is my favourite company.  I’m not sure about that but it is still rather galling for me to have to report that the shares are down 15% as I write. It has, to be fair, motored upwards for a few days earlier on the expectation of a preliminary results statement which came out today. But that statement is not at all bad, and I fancy that the 15% fade will soon start to look a lot better.

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast - I am utterly fecked off with everyone

Published 582 days ago

I am not writing much today as I am 100% fecked off with everyone especially Ben Turney, Jason Drummond and lyin' George Osborne. Instead I finished my olive pruning. I think I am going to quit writing and become a full time olive pruner. I discuss Teathers Financial (TEA), the Brexit vote, Photo-Me (PHTM), Chemring (CHG), Churchill Mining (CHL), xCite Energy (XEL) and dog spreadbetting waste of space London Capital (LCG)

Why Photo-Me is a Picture of Health

Published 663 days ago

Hello Share Flickers. For many months now, I’ve been bringing you shares which you may not have considered before. I’m delighted that some of these companies have shown tasty improvements, despite a very downbeat City at the mo.

Zak Mir's Bull Call of the Day No. 2: Photo Me International: Gap Higher Through 50 Day Line

Published 746 days ago

At least all the outdated ID malarkey allows the likes of Photo Me International to cash in on the need for the right kind of photo.

Selfie Machines Are Turning Japanese for Bigger Profits Next Time Round. Ref Photome.

Published 746 days ago

Hello Share Buffs. Over the last few months you may have noticed that I’ve been putting your noses up against a few Footsie companies which are often ignored by the tipsters. They are all doing ok , if you strip out the slight falls nearly every company has suffered in the wake of this Chinese thingy

As Oilers and Miners Squirm, the Leisure Industry Piles on Share Value.

Published 777 days ago

Hello Share Trippers. Oh dear! The price of crude oil drops to less than 40 dollars a barrel.That’s really nasty and we can blame OPEC for refusing to cut down on the amber nectar it has for sale.

Zak Mir's Bull Call of the Day No. 1: Photo Me International: 180p Price Channel Destination

Published 801 days ago

Given how expensive (to a humble chartist) the cost of Photo Me International’s photos are, I can vouch for the way that from a fundamental perspective this is a company which appears to be well founded.

The Indigo Dilemma. Why I Won’t Buy ‘em Back.

Published 844 days ago

Hello Share Masters. It’s not often I pen a piece which is not optimistic about a company. Being bullish is a trait I’ve had since I started the great game in 1987.

There Comes a Point When We’ve All Had Enough. Ref: Ross Group

Published 884 days ago

Hello Share Rattlers. There are some shares, dear chums, which we wish we’d never heard about. I bought stock in Ross Group (RGP), an electrical  set-up, 21 years ago. They were 20p each then. What are they today? - less than one and half pence each.

That Sassy Selfie Set-Up Still Presents a Perky Picture.

Published 909 days ago

Hello Share  Swappers. There is a stagnant feel to the markets this happy July. Nothing seems to be moving very much, held back by the traders' summer hols, China and, to a lessening extent, Greece. But there are always some bunnies which are still running north. And if a share is sailing ahead, even in these stormy days, then it must have a lot going for it. One such perky stock is Photome (PHTM) the company which runs those little boxes that take selfies in railway and bus stations etc.

A Book, a Referendum, the Pounding Pound and Britain’s Galloping Growth.

Published 933 days ago

Hello Shares Bashers. You are the first in your street to hear this, but I have a new book coming out in a few weeks’ time. Tah-rah!

Photo-me Profits Make a Perfect Picture.

Published 942 days ago

Hello Share Smoochers. If I continue with my usual policy of only pointing you in the direction of companies in which I hold shares, there are only so many firms which I can bring to your notice. The ones with a really chance of putting on weight, anyway. So I return to an outfit now who really do continue in life’s upward journey up the hill of profits. I refer to Photome (PHTM), one time darling of the bully boards.

Anybody Ready for a Photo Opportunity?

Published 1233 days ago

Hello Share Pals: You may have heard me go on about a feisty firm called Photome (PHTM) before. They operate those Tardis-like thingies, which you find in post offices and railway stations. Lots of other places, too, these days. And they do other photographic stuff as well.

Hang onto your Hat –the Summer Doldrums Soon Meets the Autumn Rush.

Published 1253 days ago

Hello Share Crunchers: It's not often I'm right. No shame in admitting that. We only have to be on the button 55% of the time to become very rich in the golden game. However, I have been lucky enough to be correct about the present mini recovery. If you had sold all your shares by following the sentiment of a bevy of bears on this outstanding website, you would sadly have lost a bag of money.

Never Mind the Exceptions – Dump Your Losers Early.

Published 1296 days ago

Hello Share Twisters: The most important advice in all Sharesville is ride your winners and dump your losers. I agree with that – though there are still a few difficulties with this rule.


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