Time Out Group – New Time Out Market Chicago to ‘continue the success story’. Hmmm…

Published 42 days ago

Time Out (TMO) “is pleased to announce that it has signed a conditional lease agreement for a new Time Out Market in Chicago”, with the group’s CEO Julio Bruno emphasising “we now have a roster of Time Out Market openings in some of the most exciting cities around the world and we are looking forward to them continuing the success story we started with Time Out Market Lisbon”. Hmmm…

Video: Brockham - Angus Energy and that BBC TV Report

Published 314 days ago

The BBC Claims that Angus Energy (ANGS) drilled a well at Brockham without planning permission. Angus says this is not the case. For those who have not seen the original report it is below.

Robinson plc – ‘slight’ profit warning, so why are the shares up?

Published 374 days ago

A trading update from Robinson plc (RBN) includes that “the directors anticipate trading profits for 2016 will be slightly below market expectations”. So why are the shares approaching 10% higher?...

Time Out – claims “incredible milestone” in it to bring “highly successful” market format to London. Hmmm…

Published 467 days ago

Having recently been “very excited” to announce a second ‘Time Out Market’, Time Out Group (TMO) is now “absolutely delighted to announce that we will be bringing our unique Time Out Market format to London”. The following reviews with the stock market not particularly delighted – the shares currently 1.4% higher at 141p, still comfortably below the 150p June IPO price…

Inland Homes plots further expansion

Published 810 days ago

Brownfield land developer and housebuilder Inland Homes (INL) is hoping to sign a new joint venture development deal with Southampton City Council and is also looking at two possible acquisitions after nearly quadrupling pre-tax profits to £34 million in the year to June on turnover doubled to £114.2 million, with stated net assets up 48% to 43.9p a share. Based in Amersham and quoted on AIM, the company, which buys brownfield sites in South East England to build homes with an average sale value of between £250,000 and £300,000, has included a £14.5 million revaluation surplus in its pre-tax figure. It says it is going to adopt the European Public Real Estate Association (EPRA) accounting system to show an asset figure reflecting current market prices rather than significantly lower historic costs.

Sirius Minerals; planning permission granted, now for the hard work

Published 825 days ago

This morning Sirius Minerals (SXX) finally received the long awaited planning permission for its York Potash Project. Shareholders in the company have had to be extremely patient to get to this point, but now the real work begins. Sirius has to complete its Definitive Feasibility Study for the proposed mine and then secure funding to build it. At 17.75p Sirius is valued at £393.7million. There is certainly a lot of value built into this share price, but does that make it a buy?


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