Blighty is Losing the Fight Against Most of the World. But that Doesn't Matter.

Published 11 days ago

Hello Share Chewers. If your portfolio is anything like mine, you’ll be laughing all the way to the bank. All those years of waiting for things to really pick up, after the crash of 2008, are at last bearing fruit. The Footsie has been breaking records for days now. And, if you’ve wisely spread your eggs around loads of baskets, you will be well up. 

Why Santa's Rally May Ride Down the Glistening Lane Till the Spring at Least.

Published 46 days ago

Hello, Share Smilers. At the end of the week, the Footsie gave us an early Christmas present of 73 points. 0r 1%. Yet, I don’t think the big index has finished yet with its traditional Yuletide gifts. The Santa Rally, rather late as usual, is now upon us.


Boardroom shocker at the FTSE-100's GKN

Published 69 days ago

You do not have to be active in the stock markets for long to realise that FTSE-100 companies have the propensity to deliver incompetence and intrigue just like their smaller cap brethren. Today's shocker is centred on automotive and aerospace sector giant GKN (GKN) which has made a bit of a habit over the last few months in bogging things up.

Tips to Help Spot that Vital Moment when the Current Bull Market Turns into a Raging Bear.

Published 172 days ago

Hello, Share Bangers. There’s little doubt about it the good ship Shareland is entering very spooky waters. At any time now, the bull market will suddenly turn into a bear that will charge around the china shop. Mixed metaphors a speciality!

EasyJet's Income Has Taken Off, but I'm Not Sure the Share Prospects Are Flying High

Published 187 days ago

Hello, Share Pingers. Budget airline EasyJet (EZJ) has issued a trading statement to say that passengers in its third quarter were up by more than nearly 11% to 22 million. Revenues improved by 16% to £1.4 billion.

British Land Seems Undervalued and Might Be Worth Building On

Published 189 days ago

Hello, Share Cinchers. It’s been a while since I last commended British Land (BLND) to you. I don’t regret that, though the share was falling at the time and has yet to really rebound. The company deals in what they are not making any more of and it owns it around the UK, including where it’s most costly: London.

Crazy Times Call for Sensible Precautions - Keep Your Selling Finger Poised.

Published 214 days ago

Hello Share Pokers. If any more evidence was needed that we live in strange times it is this weekend’s news that the Bank of England was investigated by the Serious Fraud Office. I ask you!

Here's One For Plastic Palace Alice - A One Year Profit-Doubler

Published 216 days ago

Hello Share Smudgers. Companies which manufacture plastic bits and pieces have done rather well in my bag in recent years. But one I have not so far touched, yet ought to do so soon, is Carclo (CAR).

It's a Scary Week Coming - But I'm Holding My Nerve

Published 235 days ago

Hello Share Mashers. It’s going to be a scary end to the week. What if Labour gets in? The Big City won’t like that and shares will dive heavily. But that will be a short-lived shocker, in my view. Because Jezzer in power will cause the pound to fall even lower. And that more than anything is keeping the Footsie at record highs.

Prospects for Glorious Associated British Foods May Not Be So Glorious At the Mo

Published 249 days ago

Hello Share Tweakers. If I were an investor in Associated British Foods (ABF) I would be getting a little nervous at the moment. It processes and sells food and has the very different business of Primark, the budget clothes stores. You’ve probably discovered that these shops are often stuffed with customers as their prices can be remarkably low.

In Touch Company Deserves Your Attention as Profits Rise

Published 252 days ago

Hello Share Shufflers. There is a Geordie company which wages war on switches and buttons. It makes touch sensors. You’ll see this kind of technology everywhere these days, beginning with your mobile phone.

How the Snap Election Will Affect Your Share Prices

Published 280 days ago

Hello Share Pillagers. We all should have known something big was going to happen by the way shares were marked down heavily after the Easter break. On Easter Monday, when our stock market was closed, the US version was open. During that session, American shares rose by about 1%. That usually means British shares rise in tandem, but not this time.

If You Expect Gold to Shine, Here's a Company to Look At

Published 295 days ago

Hello Share Tasters. At the big UK Investor Show, just gone, I confided on the stage that I’d invested in Sula (SULA), a gold and iron company, because I read a piece from Uncle Tom on this tremendous website. This quoted another expert who felt that Sula was a possible ten-bagger in the making.

Check this Compass - A Company that Knows Where It's Going.

Published 305 days ago

Hello Share Takers. Compass Group  (CPS) is one of my all time favourites, but it is not a fast mover. We have here more of a slow steady profitable company that rarely sees huge jumps, and even rare falls in its share price.

As Insurance Shares Boom, Why Not Look At Legal and General

Published 328 days ago

Hello Share Smashers. With the Footsie once again pushing into a new all-time record, it is perhaps time to re-visit an old favourite of mine.

Companies Perform in Cycles and Now Might Not Be the Time for Halford Shares

Published 331 days ago

Hello Share Takers. Normally, I commend shares your researches might show are worth buying. I consider I have a bit of an obligation to be bullish on companies which might deserve it, to act as some kind of balance towards the many firms that Uncle Tom and the gang so skilfully warn you about.

WH Smith Marches Across the World and It Could Make the Share Price Travel

Published 336 days ago

Hello Share Mashers. Are you ready to give another chance to a great British giant of the High Street? One such outfit, in my humble opinion, is WH Smith (SMWH).

As Inflation Rises, Here Are the Shares to Avoid and Those to Buy

Published 343 days ago

Hello Share Toppers. Allow me to take a tiny break from recommending stocks which could soar to another figure which is on the increase. And that’s inflation, which has risen for the fourth month in a row. How will this trend affect our shares?

Want a Firm Which Could Benefit from the Trump Effect? Check your Compass

Published 352 days ago

Hello Share Tweakers. Everyone has a few shares in their bag which they consider as super reliable. This faith can sometimes backfire, as we all know to our cost. But it’s not a frequent happenstance.

Drink, Drink, Drink to Diageo Shares

Published 358 days ago

Hello Share Trudgers. I’m going to suggest again you look at Diageo (DGE), one of the world’s biggest drinks companies. If you look at your FaceBook pages, you’ll see snaps of loads of friends and relatives, leering with a drink in their hands.

Why I think Shares Might Fly when Brexit Gets Closer

Published 370 days ago

Hello Share Skaters. When pushed by the respected blogger Bearfacts on this ground-breaking website this week, my finger was hovering over ‘sell’ buttons more than ‘buy’ switches in this rather scary month.

So Long Ashtead. Your Last Share Hike Led Me to Take Hefty Profits

Published 372 days ago

Hello Share Movers. After a long and happy relationship, I’ve dumped all this family’s shares in the tool and plant hire company Ashtead (AHT). There are fair reasons, I feel. Though they are nothing to do with the company itself.

The Rising Cost of Foreign Travel Could Be a Drag on Thomas Cook's Shares

Published 376 days ago

Hello Share Crushers. I’ve long held that travel operators are not an ideal choice for investment these days. This is based on the view that as people become more internet savvy, they see the economies of arranging their own holidays - thus eliminating the middle man. This makes it very hard to attain growth, and that’s what really drives share prices. And there are now other concerns on the horizon.

Whitbread Shares May Froth Despite the National Living Wage

Published 378 days ago

Hello Share Cravers. Whitbread (WTB) is a name which still conjures up old-fashioned pubs and breweries. Not necessarily a great business to be in that, as pubs seem to close down all over the shop.

Santa Could Come Early to This Glittering Store as Its Shares Might Fly

Published 400 days ago

Hello Share Scramblers. While its beginning to look a lot like Christmas, B&M (BME) the cheapie store is beginning to look like a reasonable punt to me. The full name is B&M European Retail, by the way.

Compass Could Show the Way, Should Four Year's Hard Work Goes Down the Drain

Published 442 days ago

Hello Share Slurpers. After four years’ dedicated slog, I have finished my blockbuster crime/horror novel. So I've been sending it, one at a time, to literary agents. This is a scary moment, as it could mean four years down the pan. However, I have not made a great deal of money out of my shares over the last four years, either.

Look At Howden Joinery and See if You Could Party in the Kitchen

Published 455 days ago

Hello Share Creepers. I’ve just had a kitchen and a bathroom fitted out. As it isn’t likely to be done again, I chose the most expensive tiles, snazzy worktops, a bath made from steel not plastic and a posh shower screen. Which brings me to today’s suggestion for your further exploration: Howden Joinery (HWDN).

Keep on Falling Pound and Make UK Shareholders Happy

Published 466 days ago

Hello Share Scrapers. The Dow continues to fall. The days when it topped 18500 seem long gone. Happily, the progress of America’s big indicator no longer seems to influence British shares very much. Perhaps it’s because the Brexit vote has given us more of an independent status in the eyes of big investors.

EasyJet Is No Easy Bet while the Pound Flies Low

Published 470 days ago

Hello Share Plinkers. The old memory is not what it was, but I think I may have commended Easyjet (EZJ) to your further researches not so long ago. But stories change all the time, as Uncle Tom often reminds us, and circumstances have altered over the budget airliner.

Robots Play Footsie with the Pound - and Share Shifters Like Us Reap the Benefit.

Published 473 days ago

Hello Share Grinders. The falling pound always seems like a disaster. And It is to holidaymakers and students who are studying broad, like my daughter at the moment. But there is no need to be glum if you are a shareholders. There’s no doubt in my mind that the current soaraway Footsie is because we have brilliant companies over here. Not!!

Nervous Nigel May Be Right to Worry - But Maybe Not Before Christmas

Published 476 days ago

Hello Share Perkers. Nigel Somerville is not only a very nice chap but his analytical skills are legendary and his integrity, like everyone else's on this glittering website, is impeachable. (We quickly disappear from the ranks if we are found the slightest bit wanting). So when Nigel admits to nervousness at the current success of the soaraway Footsie, we have to take it seriously.

Up and Away with British Airways (International Consolidated)? Perhaps Not.

Published 492 days ago

Hello Share Hammerers. I cashed in my British Airways shares before the price of aviation fuel crashed. This timing error cost me a lot of money. And you probably agree with me that selling just before a share price leap is probably the nastiest feeling a share shifter can experience.

Are We Being Served by Debenhams As We Face a Likely Decline in High Street Shopping?

Published 510 days ago

Hello Share Shufflers. I have commended Debenhams (DEB) shares in the past, but I’m changing my mind. This is not because I dislike the store. My nearest branch, which is fairly new, is well laid out, spacious and welcoming. But the truth is that many of us are ordering on-line these days. And sadly these big chain stores may become more and more unnecessary. I had hoped that the nation’s love of shopping would keep them hugely profitable, but hopes are fading.

Themes around a recovering Pound – sector selection for the rest of 2016

Published 512 days ago

Over the years I have heard a lot of rubbish about asset allocation – your choices between equities, bonds, ‘alternative investments’ and cash – being an 80%+ determinant of your return as well as the notion that stock picking is futile and we should all save time and money buying a bunch of cheap-as-chips tracker funds.

War is No Game - But This One Is, and You Could Win. At Least in the Short Term.

Published 533 days ago

Hello Share Swiggers. Games Workshop (GAW) make tiny figures for the war gaming industry. The name Warhammer might be familiar to you. The very imaginative little warriors can be found in specialist shops in many a high street. The firm also makes Hobbit figures. To say that the Hobbit is popular with our young folk is an understatement.

Shares in Smaller Firms Still Suffering from the Brexit Vote Could Rally Soon.

Published 557 days ago

Hello Share Plasterers. Before the Brexit result, I opined that shares would topple, but then make a quick recovery. I didn’t realise then how the bounce back would be much more than a recovery. Shares reached an 11 month high. And yet the BBC continue to broadcast doom and gloom comments that the British economy is now in a perilous situation. The healthy Footsie belies that sort of talk.

A Brexit 'Yes' vote would be bad news for Foxtons

Published 585 days ago

I’ve been fairly bearish on property in general for the past year or so, and whilst I was possibly a little premature in covering a couple of the larger estate agents as shorts, they have ultimately fallen since then.

There's a Fair Chance that FairFX Will See its Customer Count Fairly Fly.

Published 603 days ago

Hello Share  Swelterers. I don’t much like the name of today’s firm I offer for your consideration. You see, I don’t admire company titles which are hard to remember or even say because they don’t conform to the rules of grammar. The company is FairFX  (FFX) which is a prime offender reference my aforementioned prejudice. But having said that, this share is fashionable. That’s because of the EU referendum. If we leave Europe, the pound is expected to take a hit. I dunno why exactly, as the Euro should also be damaged by one of its biggest members leaving. But there we are.


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