Online Blockchain - after the pump the dump and another big block-tastic lie

Published 12 days ago

The Nomad is Roland "Fatty" Corniush, the most incompetent financial adviser in the known universe so, on that basis, Clem Chambers blockspoof Online Blockchain (OBC) must feel under no obligation to tell the truth as it places £1 million at 100p. This is the stuff of peak bull market insanity.

Fun and Games, Brotherly love at Cantor Fitzgerald, Unicorn and Directa Plus

Published 130 days ago

Graphite play Directa Plus (DCTA) was not one of the better new issues of 2016. Nomad and broker Cantor Fitzerald earned a good few shekels raising it £12.8 million at 75p in May 2016. The shares roofed it to 200p but the crashed to 32p by early August this year. At that point Cantor's decided to earn its shekels as retained broker with analyst William Game (pictured below) upgrading his stance from corporate "hold" to "buy". Paid for rampers Proactive reports:

Richard Poulden of Wishbone Gold explains import of recent RNS

Published 282 days ago

Okay this is a Proactive Interview so it is not exactly probing. The slippery little twit asking the questions is no Paxman. But we own shed loads of Wishbone Gold shares (WSBN) so, as Richard Poulden gives a very upbeat explanation of where the company is heading, we are happy to give it the oxygen of publicity. Enjoy.

Comeback Video: Big Dave Lenigas is back on the promote - its Anglo African Agriculture

Published 355 days ago

This used to be the old Andrew Monk vehicle but Big dave Lenigas is now in charge. I should say we have some shares in Anglo African (AAAP) and as such I am delighted to see Dave tell us that he will grow sales 4-5 times this year and that Anglo is already profitable and that he will grow the company ten times. Understatement is Dave's middle name! This interview with a less than probing himbo from Proactive is Dave at his best. Go AAAP!

Bulletin Board Moron of the Week sponsored by the Cloudtag Morons who await product launch at CES!

Published 379 days ago

At the CES show this week Cloudtag (CTAG) will be launching its product and Amit Ben Haim will go on Proactive to promise that this will translate into hard sales by May. Oh, no that was 2016 and total sales were nil. But maybe it will be different this time eh? In honor of the morons who think it will be, please post in the comments section below the most idiotic comments on twitter or on Bulletin Boards from the first week of 2017. The deadline for entries is midnight on Sunday 8th January.

Free on Monday – Hear 5 Miners Present at Debut of the new Mining Capital Events

Published 939 days ago

My old pal Alistair Ford, formerly of minesite, has teamed up with Proactive to launch a new series of one day mining events and the first one is on Monday , it is free to attend and you can register by emailing [email protected] - as I am in town I may even pop in myself , to give Al one more friendly face as he sets sail with his new venture

No Problem Companies paying investment prostitutes for research and interviews BUT

Published 1171 days ago

Some folks think that I was wrong to call Louise Cooper an investment prostitute. I make no apologies. The silly cow painted herself as whiter than white, a Mother Theresa. The FACT is that she was more Princess Diana. She works for a company that takes cash from companies to interview them, then gives soft interviews without declaring the payments. That is investment prostitution and is WRONG. However...


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