Tom Winnifrith Bearcast: The analyst who said a corporate client was "not bust yet"

Published 9 days ago

I start with a tale from my early career and then cover Mosman Oil & Gas (MSMN) - the two are related - Iofina (IOF), Portmerion (PMP) and its profits warning, but is it a buy? And finally I look at Audioboom (BOOM) and worry that another placing will be needed soon. Finally, we are over £20,000 now but most bearcast readers are yet to donate to Rogue Bloggers for Woodlarks, If you have donated I thank you. If not, please go HERE TODAY - a website dedicated to how a company screws its employees and customers

Published 16 days ago

Purplebricks (PURP) is notorious for sending fascist lawyers letters to folks who criticise it. But in the US libel laws favour free speech not heavy handed corporates keen to gag whsitleblowers.  Ultimately a business model that is predicated on screwing both staff and customers is doomed to fail and I shall turn to the latest lack of profits warning from Purplebricks later today. However, for now, I inveite you do enjoy the world of  - read at your leisure and having done so I am sure you'd agree that only a true moron or Neil Woodford, would want to own shares in this company.

Management Resource Solutions – the Profits warning it is refusing to issue

Published 39 days ago

As far as I can see, Management Resource Solutions (MRS) is insolvent so it does not matter how dismal its profits are, it is simply not generating free operating cashflow. As the old saying goes, profits are a matter of opinion, cash is fact. But for what it is worth Management owes us a profits warning…let me explain.

Yu-hoo! Why are the shares down 13.5%? Statement needed, surely?

Published 58 days ago

Shares in Yu Group (YU.) have been slipping for a few days, and today they are off by 13.5% at just 75p bid, 85p offer. Of course, we already know that it was making up its numbers until the appointment of the new FD and the bean-counters have been crawling all over the company since then… has the FCA. A few days ago the stock was at around 120p, so why the drop?

Purplebricks – is it time for a Full Year lack of profits warning?

Published 59 days ago

Britain’s most conceited fund manager, Neil Woodford, has been catching the Purplebricks (PURP) falling knife all the way down and, as at October, his funds owned 29.25% of the company and so he really can’t buy many more shares. And the problem is that no-one else out there is daft enough to throw good money after bad and thus the stock continues to head south. At 123.8p to sell the shares are almost back at the level of the most recent profits warning on February 21. That tells you that another warning, a full year one, is one the way.

IQE - Piss poor sell side analysts and a ludicrous valuation

Published 62 days ago

Shares in IQE (IQE) are volatile. In the past year they have traded between 136p and 56p and closed yesterday at 68p. The market can often be unforgiving when companies disappoint but in the case of IQE it seems remarkably tolerant…

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast - crunching the numbers after today's dire results & profits warning from IQE

Published 65 days ago

In today's bearcast I take a very detailed look at IQE (IQE) and explain why the shares are worth 40p max, potentially half of that. I also cover Blue Jay Mining (JAY), Yourgene (YGEN), Tomco (TOM), Cloudbuy (CBUY) and F40 member POS Walcom (WALG). If you enjoyed this, I think, profanity free bearcast, follow a bloke from the Grim North who donated enough to buy a whole house in the welfare safari and support the Rogue Bloggers for Woodlarks HERE.

Malcolm Stacey is away bothering God

Published 73 days ago

In case you feared that the lack of a daily column from Malcolm means that our 158 year old anchorman had gone to a better place. Fear not. He has but it is not that Heaven...

Tom Winnifrith Bonus Bearcast: WH Ireland is a shit-show (as predicted) but this is an industry in crisis

Published 80 days ago

In this bonus bearcast I comment on today's lack of profits warning from WH Ireland (WHI) and the bailout placing now underway which I had predicted. I look at WH Ireland and its woes but it is symptomatic of an industry in crisis. FinnCrap (FCAP) must warn sooner or later and most of the rest of the Nomad/brokers already have. What is needed is massive wage cuts across the board. Thankfully for supliers of coke and hookers, that will not happen which means a structural and cyclical crisis will claim more casualties soon. If you enjoyed this slating of the City's broken business model why not support the Rogue Bloggers for Woodlarks HERE.

Purplebricks – catastrophic warning: target price 0p

Published 92 days ago

You cannot say that this site has not warned you repeatedly. But some folks like Neil Woodford knew better. Britain's top share blogger (mornings only), Thirsty Paul Scott, was also a fan and we know how accurate his analysis is. I don't know about Scott but Woodford has been averaging down aggressively. Neil always knows better which is why he is worth £37 million a year. Today we have another high profile horror story for Britain’s most conceited fund manager & yet another shocker for the nation's thirstiest share blogger, with a truly shocking lack of profits warning. I shall explain below why this makes the target price is enough to turn a man to drink.

Shore Cap takeover of Stockdale shows what a joke valuation Finncap enjoys

Published 100 days ago

With every other Nomad/broker in town having issued a profits warning in the past few months it is only a matter of time before FinnCrap (FCAP) has to 'fess up to. But quite amazingly the shares still trade at their IPO price of 28p valuing FinnCrap at £47 million which today’s ShoreCap (SGR) purchase of rival Stockdale shows to be a joke.

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast - IQE the profits warning number crunching & denial and blame at Frontera

Published 118 days ago

As I predicted, IQE (IQE) served up another profits warning yesterday. I do a bit of number crunching in this podcast which also looks at the way Frontera (FRR) holders deal with their grief, given the Rolls Royces they were promised by the company's liar of a CEO

Audioboom Trading Statement: what it says is bullshit what it does not say is more important – placing ahoy

Published 123 days ago

Free speech denying, relative employing, value destroying serial bullshitter Rob Proctor of Audioboom (BOOM) is at it again with a trading statement that Nomad Allenby should be thoroughly ashamed of, in every respect.

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast: Finncrap interims (you are taking the piss) and when is the IQE profits warning?

Published 140 days ago

In today's podcast I explain domestic disturbances caused by the need to move to the Grim Northern welfare safari and to be closer to my mother-in-law. Oh happy days. In the podcast itself I look at FinnCap (FCAP), IQE (IQE), UK Oil & Gas (UKOG), Amur Minerals (AMC), Cabot (CAB) and Corero (CNS) a most almighty sell however you look at it.

Haydale – well ho ho ho, time for an ouzo!

Published 154 days ago

And so, at long last, AIM-listed graphene play Haydale (HAYD) has raised some money. With the shares closing at 25.5p last night, it raised just £250,000 in a placing at 20p (a 21.5% discount) and £750,000 by way of a loan from the Development Bank of Wales at 11%. Oh, and we have a new finance director (did he jump or was he pushed), the former CEO (who stepped down on the profit warning back in June) is off (did he jump or was he pushed too?) and so is a NED. 

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast: Just how many AIM Rules must you break before Finncrap gives a damn and quits?

Published 163 days ago

I prepare for Joshua's first meeting with Santa in 2018 and discuss that. I look at Telit (TCM) and its latest wholesale breach of AIM Rules. Why does FinnCrap (FCAP) not care? I ask when FinnCap will have its first profits warning. I look at Purplebricks (PURP), Mysale (MYSL) and Bilby (BILB).

The mystery of the Audioboom Dog that barked – SMTM mothers!

Published 179 days ago

Following a week of intense share price weakness, Audioboom (BOOM) has served up, what looks like, a panicked trading statement. It is long on blather but fails to mention the one thing that really matters: the looming cash crisis. This company could be out of money and insolvent by Christmas, indeed sooner, but free speech denying, family on the payroll poltroon of a CEO Rob Proctor fails to address that elephant in the room. I suppose that there is some good news.

TrakM8 – is it in breach of banking covenants yet? Methinks yes! What is HSBC demanding?

Published 185 days ago

TrakM8 (TRAK) served up dismal interims late last week but as I warned then, things could get an awful lot worse. It all depends on how much the bankers at HSBC and panicking and what they are doing about it. TrakM8 needs to fess up to investors and make a statement.

TrakM8! Timber! Chickens come home to roost big time!

Published 189 days ago

For a while it was going so well for TrakM8 (TRAK). Put out RNS’s saying you had cash when you had debt, record ramptastic interviews with thirsty Paul Scott and get him ramping hard, make really dodgy acquisitions that made no sense, generate no cash and watch the shares go ever higher. Then the Sheriff of AIM started to look underneath the hood and kick the tyres. The shares were 360p back then. They are opening today at just 23p to sell after a truly diabolical set of results and a (lack of) profits warning. If you were at the heart of the rampfest, it would be enough to turn a man to drink.

IQE Clarifies profits warning: as predicted the “crowded bear trade” supports share price (for now)

Published 192 days ago

I noted last night in my bonus bearcast that the real short position in IQE was, whatever the FCA says, probably well North of 20% and that as bears used the profits warning as a reason to close out what is clearly a “crowded trade” this would provide some share price support. And so it has come to pass.  The shares are up 4p at 71p having fallen 29p in late trade Monday. IQE has also clarified its profits warning and that has offered some comfort. It won’t last. You see it is all about cash.

GYG – the Woodford reverse Midas touch strikes again: banks must be shitting themselves

Published 204 days ago

Oh dear. When Neil Woodford spunked £8 million of other folks cash into the July 2017 100p a pop AIM casino IPO of yacht refitting company GYG (GYG) he thought this would be plain sailing. Oh no. Au contraire. The reverse Midas touch has struck Britain’s most arrogant fund mis-manager withy the second (lack of) profits warning in two months. Now I suggest the banks must be shitting themselves, the shares are 42.5p, sinking like the Titanic, as friendless as the Marie Celeste, and things are only going to get worse.

Superdry: popcorn time!

Published 214 days ago

Tom mentioned clothing retailer Superdry (SDRY) in a bearcast just under a week ago  and highlighted the recent profits warning, which was based on warm weather hitting sales of fleeces and the like.  The shares are down at five plus year lows and this is starting to have an impact...on the rhetoric from one of the founders.  I was amused to read in an article in the deadwood press earlier today that: 

Veltyco – CEO “resigns” J’accuse

Published 224 days ago

A bad day for diversity as AIM loses a female CEO in the form of Melissa Blau at Veltyco (VLTY). No doubt our wretched Prime Minister Theresa may will be cross about this but folks who care about weeding out failures and rewarding talent rather than daft quotas will not be crying. The question is whether Veltyco’s statement is true or not. Methinks it is not.

Champion value destroyers Audioboom issue another dire warning dressed up in bullshit- bankruptcy looms

Published 232 days ago

Oh dear, oh dear. At what point will those who have backed this crock of shit decide that it is not worth chucking any more cash down this black hole. I know that free speech denying boss Rob Proctor and his relatives on the payroll need jobs but but this company is just a disaster zone. As he wakes up for a meeting with Karma today, Proctor tries to polish the turd but today’s lack of profits/almost out of cash warning is his worst yet. And that takes some doing given his track record of abject operational failure and of consistent value destruction 

Tipsters positive on Denelm Group, downbeat on Debenhams

Published 250 days ago

Debenhams (DEB) and Dunelm Group (DNLM) both featured heavily in the financial press this week and while both had some disappointing news to share, both broker and tipster outlook about the future of both companies was vastly different. This week, we take a look at the respective performances of each, and how tipster sentiment has shifted over time.

TrakM8 AGM – another day another profits warning on the way

Published 254 days ago

My long term bearishness about TrakM8 (TRAK) a company that issues misleading RNS’s, makes ludicrous acquisitions as it racks up its debts and never translates profits (a matter of opinion) into cash (a matter of fact, unless you are an AIM China fraud) is well documented here.  Of course,  Thirsty Paul Scott had cosy chats with the management and knew better than a "nutcase of the first order". Today the shares have tanked to a new multi year low after another dire statement.

Debenhams – when is a downgrade not a downgrade? When PR spinners Brunswick do Satan’s work

Published 254 days ago

After a share price slump yesterday on media speculation of widespread store closures and other nasties, Debenhams (DEB) has had to put out a trading statement and its use of language shows evil PR spinners Brunswick earning their fat fees as they do Satan’s work, dressing up a profits warning as nothing of the sort.

Rosslyn Data: profits warning x2, cash crunch, misleading RNS's, wrecked balance sheet – what is not to like?

Published 332 days ago

Oh for the days when Rosslyn Data was run by that colourful chap who seemed embarrassed about his career in pornography. These days a boring bean counter is at the helm but the company is still a dog serving up a double profits warning topped with a meagre dose of jam tomorrow today. The balance sheet is a total wreck and surely another bailout placing is needed.

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast - it has been six bloody hard years

Published 356 days ago

In today's bearcast I celebrate six years of being a full time investigative writer not a crony capitalist. I take issue with Roger Lawson on the deadwood press and how the view me but agree partially with him on Inheritance Tax. I explain why there is a flood of Julie Meyer material and why it is justified. I look at Alfa Financial (ALFA) and its 1 year anniversary profits warning. I update on the African Potash (AFPO) class action against its Nomad Cantor Fitzgerald and how things are moving and why this could be my crowning achievement. Finally.. we are almost at £5,000. We are seeking to raise £20,000 for Woodlarks. that will be a game changer for a great charity. 95% of listeners have not donated. To those who have I say thank you. To the rest, I know you can afford a tenner. Please cough up now HERE

Telit is this its fourth, fifth or sixth 2017 profits warning?

Published 437 days ago

You rather lose count after a while. The first 2017 profits warning was on August 7, when mortgage fraudster and fugitive from US justice Uzi Katz served up the interims. Thereafter with insider dealer Yosi Fait taking over Telit Communications (TCM) has served up so many profits warnings that I have almost lost count. And today there is another...

Luceco shares crash today - a timeline to consider - the CEO is share trader of the year

Published 444 days ago

Today saw the second profits warning in three months at Luceco (LUCE). It floated at 130p on 17 October 2017 but here is a more recent timeline to consider. 

Watchstone - Lack of Profits Warning and SFO update

Published 483 days ago

For those who think Rob Terry,, the king of the fraudsters, has got away with the £3 billion Quindell (QPP) scam, there was confirmation today that the Serious Fraud Investigation continues. Actually you can see that on the SFO's website but that Watchstone (WTG) - Quenron wi8th a face lift - confirmed it suggests it is still co-operating. Of course it is. Its new managers loathe the criminal Terry. I do expect arrests this year. The other news - a lack of profits warning and again this is Terry's mess.

Is there panic in the air at Jim Mellon's Regent Pacific as price of Fortacin slashed by 80%

Published 539 days ago

The Daily Mail today reports that the price of Fortacin, the Premature Ejaculation treatment, on which Jim Mellon's Regent Pacific has bet the ranch has been slashed by 80% "just in time for an anticipated sales boom at Christmas." Chaps you are pulling my plonker.

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast - 10 questions for Telit,a zero or near zero in waiting

Published 544 days ago

After three profits warnings since August 7 and the forced departure of its founder and CEO, the Boston fraudster, Uzi Katz, Telit (TCM) is still not coming clean with us. Part of the blame for that must lie with its morally bankrupt Nomad FinnCap. And so I have 10 questions for it and offer up my probable answers since Telit does not do transparency.

Telit - 3 profits warnings in four months, Yosi Fait "cleared" of insider dealing now full time boss - sell

Published 547 days ago

Yosi Fait sold all his shares in Telit (TCM) AFTER it breached its banking covenants which as FD he must have known about as he must also have been aware that first half trading was way below forecast. But the company's new chairman has taken external legal guidance and said Yosi did nothing wrong and so has appointed him full time CEO. Well that's alright then. But there is yet another catastrophic profits warning ( as predicted) which begs the question of how great is debt now and will bank covenants be breached again?

React - Profits warning - chairman Gill Leates and others must go

Published 552 days ago

React Group (REAT) admitted last week that it would miss forecasts for the year to 30th September. It states that the unaudited numbers show revenue of around £2.65 million and a pre-tax loss of around £400,000.

Fishing Republic- the maggots are only just starting to emerge - a retail zero in waiting

Published 557 days ago

When Fishing Republic (FISH) joined the AIM Casino at 15p in June 2015 it published an admission document bulging with red flags which I pointed out in numerous articles HERE. But brokers Northland pumped the stock shamelessly up to well over 40p to get away more placings. But today the shit hit the fan with a shock (lack of) profits warning but the maggots are only now starting to emerge. At 22.5p this is a zero in waiting.

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast - it is fit young mums day!!

Published 568 days ago

Just a short bearcast today as I had to rush off for my regular Thursday morning date with the Fit Young Mums. In today's podcast I talk about the IPO/RTO today of Sosandar (SOS) which we own shares in and I reveal the first of the celeb investors. Then it is onto Playtech (PTEC) and some wider thoughts on gambling regulation in the UK. Finally there is a look at Rosslyn Data (RDT) where - hat tip Roger Lawson - it is surely profits warning ahoy. I look back at the numerous Rosslyn red flags.

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast: When will fraudster Erik Schaer and his fraud MySquar threaten to sue me

Published 577 days ago

Erik, your company MySquar (MYSQ) has committed securities fraud so I guess that makes you a fraudster. Do you think that is libellous or will you accept that I have a solid defence, viz I write what I have already proved to be 100% true: Go on you criminal low life scum please threaten to sue me? In this podcast I ask more questions about MySquar and suggest that Beaufort Securities might just put Erik out of his misery. The shares are now 1.8p to sell and 0p is inevitable.I also look at another zero in waiting BNN (BNN) where today's whitewash stinks., Finally we have a profits warning at Carpetright (CPR) which tells you all you need to know about the British consumer and his nightmare on debt street. I once again discuss BCA Marketplace (BCA) in this context. The big short. 

Well spotted Roger Lawson - The Sharesoc man inadvertently discovers some big red flags at Rosslyn including a looming profits warning

Published 581 days ago

Roger Lawson of ShareSoc bought a few shares in Rosslyn Data (RDT) as a recovery punt in a placing. That he was able to get EIS relief added to the attraction although I still worry he will lose money on this company which I have highlighted many times (HERE) as a howling dog even by the standards of AIM. Lawson attended the AGM yesterday and reports back on what appears to have been a curate's egg in his mind. I think he is being well generous.

Beaufort on MySquar - is this the worst broker note of the year?

Published 590 days ago

Clearly no-one told Belfort Securities that its star client in the fraud sector, MySquar (MYSQ) was going to have a disastrous lack of profits warning today which exposed how it had massively misled investors for months. Because yesterday it urged its clients to fill their boots at 4.02p with a 21p target. At least this shows that at Belfort the Chinese walls between research and broking have no chinks in them. The shares are now 2.98p and are worth 0p. Over to Belfort.... 

Topps Tiles profits warning - do not be tempted to bottom fish

Published 597 days ago

On the surface of it, the retailer Topps Tiles (TPT) looks cheap. Even after today's trading statement the shares, at 73p offer trade on a PE of just 10 for the year ended 30 September 2017. But do not bottom fish. Here's why.

Telit - predictably dire bullshit earnings warning amid vague statements

Published 602 days ago

Yosi Fait the proven insider dealer who runs AIM Casino posterboy Telit (TCM) because Sam Smith's morally bankrupt Nomad FinnCap does not care if its client firms are run by criminals, has served up a bullshit heavy (bogus) profits warning.

Tom Winnifrith Bonus Bearcast - Droning on, Strat Aero is so totally bust it is worth 0p

Published 619 days ago

Interims from Strat Aero (AERO) today are dire. They show a company that was bust on June 30, one with zero earnings visibility and an ongoing cash burn. There is a lack profits warning and a tacit admission that a bailout placing is inevitable. I should cocoa. But even if there is a heavily discounted bailout this company is probably toast. The shares are worth 0p. SELL. This is, like most stocks promoted by the Sith Lord, Zak Mir, toast.

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast - insider dealing is investment, anything else is pure speculation

Published 620 days ago

No I am not talking about Sam Smith's beau, the CEO of Telit (TCM), white collar criminal Yosi Fait. Instead I am talking about betting on oil exploration calls. I cover Jersey Oil & Gas (JOG), formerly Crap Oil, Providence Resources (PVR) which has always been a crap company and I look at Stellar Diamonds (STEL). I then look at the ghastly profits warning at UP Global (UPGS) and the read across from that. There will be more on the Big Issue seller in the Silver Merc on my own website later.

Jim Mellon 's Regent Pacific profits warning - premature ejaculation proving a bit of a cock up

Published 661 days ago

Oh dear, oh dear, it seems as if my old friend Jim Mellon had a bad day at the office on Friday. Hat tip to a reader who has just alerted me to a quite diabolical (lack of) profits warning from Regent Pacific which has many British shareholders thanks to its all share rescue takeover of AIM dog Plethora (PLE).

Shit sandwich with jam tomorrow on top: trading statement from Avanti Coms - but here's what its hiding

Published 689 days ago

Avanti Communications (AVN) has surprised no-one with a grim old trading statement covering the year to June 30th 2016. But the CEO who boasts of how he misled investors with a faked demo to raise funding has - as usual - tried to make a shit sandwich more palatable by serving it covered in oodles of jam tomorrow. But there is something that bombastic prick David Williams is not telling you....

Servision - from bad to worse - 2 profits warnings in less than a month, lying to AIM on June 15, shares crashing but still 100% too high

Published 693 days ago

A couple of weeks ago AIM uber dog Servision (SEV) warned that its calendar 2016 results would be worse than expected. Today we have those numbers and guess what? Not only was that June 15 trading statement a slam dunk lie but we also have a new (lack of) profits warning about 2017. Why the AIM Rule breaching delay in announcing that bad news. It gets worse...

Servision and that breach of AIM rules with the delayed (lack of) profits warning - is it even worse that we thought?

Published 704 days ago

I have been deeply troubled by the most recent lack of profits warning from AIM listed worthless POS Servision (SEV). My initial view, expressed HERE, is that in not admitting to order slippage from December for almost six months it had committed a massive breach of AIM Rules regarding timely disclosure of price sensitive news. But I fear it may be far worse than that.

Servision - (lack of) profits warning and surely market abuse & breach of AIM Rules?

Published 708 days ago

Servision (SEV) the AIM listed POS has today slipped out a horrible calendar 2016 profits warning but the fact that it has waited five and a half months to do so is surely market abuse. AIM Regulations state that price sensitive information must be anounced as soon as it is known. How on earth can the company's hapless Nomad, Allenby, tolerate this state of play? Or does it not care as long as it is paid?

K3 Results - no further nasties: Buy

Published 780 days ago

Updating previously on K3 Business Technology (KBT) in January, we noted a most disappointing profits warning. This is now reflected in announced results for the company’s half-year ended 31st December 2016 – about which we have now spoken to management…

NCC Group - Oops - that accursed word "strategic review," + adjusted bullshit earnings - this all stinks

Published 821 days ago

Shares in NCC Group (NCC) have slumped by 9.5% to 162.5p in late trade after a shocker of an announcement posted at 4.16 PM today. Not quite no-one is watching O'Clock but still late in the day. If you were on your way to the capital markets investor rampfest day it was holding tomorrow, don't bother. It has been cancelled. Cheers,my cyber security expert friends, did you not know you were going to have to issue a shocking profits alert until just now? How long have you been sitting on this bad news? Thanks. can I get a refund on my train ticket?

TrakM8 - Another disastrous profits warning: how close is it to breaching bank covenants?

Published 822 days ago

All the shit I got when I warned y'all repeatedly what a crap company TrakM8 (TRAK) is almost seems worth it now after yet another awful profits warning. No doubt share blogger Paul Scott, crony capitalist PR Man Reg Hoare and uber-bullish analyst Lorne Daniel of Finncap have already ordered that crates of ouzo be sent to me at once as my top analysis is vindicated again. It is what this warning does not say that should terrify you. Things will get worse.

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast: The dangers of fad investing - Fitbit shocker, Torotrak shocks again & China fraud vindication

Published 843 days ago

I take a detailed look at fad investing covering the big California drone fraud but also Fitbit which had a shocking profits warning today, Fitbug (FITB) and Cloudtag (CTAG). I look at two China frauds on AIM in big doo doo, Jiasen (JSI), which is definitely a kill for the Sheriff of AIM, and Taihua (TAIH) which will be. Then I look at Torotrak (TRK), Guscio (GUSC), Greatland Gold (GGP), Andalas (ADL), Golden Saint (GSR), Amur Minerals (AMC) and finally LGO Energy (LGO)

BT accounting problems present a buying opportunity

Published 846 days ago

Whenever you get a big drop in the share price of FTSE350 companies it can represent a buying opportunity, depending of course on what caused the drop in the first place.

Coral Profits warning - this does not stack up: Boss Joe & hapless Nomad (to frauds) Cairn you are yanking my chain!

Published 847 days ago

Coral Products (CRU) served up its interim results on December 8 with a bullish statement on the rest of the year. Today we are told that "a poor trading performance at its Coral Products Mouldings Limited subsidiary during November and December 2016 group profitability for the year ending 30 April 2017 is likely to be materially below management's and market expectations." WTF - how on earth was the December 8 statement not massively misleading? is that down to a deliberate wish to mislead or just incredibly bad internal financial controls?

Mitie Warns Again - A compelling Sell.

Published 852 days ago

I predicted in November that Mitie (MTO) would soon be issuing its third profit warning and that new boss Phil Bentley had every incentive to clear the decks and start afresh, demystifying the opaque balance sheet bequeathed to him by his prickly and defenestrated predecessor Ruby McGregor-Smith.

Fox & Eboracum Marble - lets sort this out

Published 858 days ago

I have been alerted by various folk to the fact that a Fox Marble (FOX) customer Eboracum Marble has a First Gazette notice out against it which, according to the knockers, means it is going bust/is a fraud and that Fox will issue a profits warning. This has seen the shares drift to 7.75p. Sometimes before you hit the sell button it pays to make a few phone calls. Which is why you should buy the shares today.

Tom Winnifrith bearcast - Insider Dealing is a crime that usually does pay

Published 860 days ago

I have an awful cold so cannot speak properly and the Mrs is giving me grounds for divorce (again) with awful TV choices as I suffer from my ailments. In the podcast I cover insider dealing (ref Logica), buying after a profits warning (ref Red Rock & SpaceandPeople) and why the bulls are wrong even though the FTSE 100 is at a record high (ref Malcolm Stacey)

K3 Business Technology - a most disappointing profits warning but hang on

Published 862 days ago

Having been tipped at a 148p offer price at the start of 2013, shares in K3 Business Technology (KBT) have more recently exceeded 350p. However, they are currently back to circa 240p following a disappointing“Trading update” announcement.

ShareProphets 2016 New Year “bury bad news” Sweepstake

Published 876 days ago

We had, according to the totally unbiased  panel from the Global Shorting Conspiracy, a stonking 23 bad news RNSs released on the last trading day before Christmas -  with a couple of stand-out releases from Kenmare (KMR) and TLA Worldwide (TLA) which really took the biscuit. But how many will we see this Friday, the last trading (half-) day of the year? Place your bets….

Eden Research: Profits warning, Terpenetech fraud not addressed, running out of cash again!

Published 884 days ago

Today's end of year trading statement from Eden Research (EDEN) is a disaster. It does its best to distract you from a looming cash crunch and a profits warning but what it also makes clear is that the Terpenetech deal of August 2015 was a fraud. How do we know? Because it is not mentioned. It is swept under the carpet. FRAUD, FRAUD, FRAUD I say again FRAUD.

More damning statistics on AIM, provided by the world's "most successful growth market". Not!

Published 898 days ago

As a boy I would eagerly await the start of each month. Before I went to bed I said hares brown hares and my first words on waking would be rabbits white rabbits. That was meant to bring you luck. These days the start of the month ritual ( well six days in) involves chortling at the latest dire statistics AIM provides about itself. November was as bad as prior months. AIM is nothing if not consistent.

Mitie Group is poised to go much lower

Published 909 days ago

There are few shrewder analysts of the Business Services sector than Matthew Earl, the man who called the demise of Connaught way before the herd, and more recently questioned the value of Mitie (MTO), suggesting a profits warning was on the way.

Cloudtag...Moreover: this just does not stack up at all

Published 927 days ago

Cynical Bear has already put Cloudtag (CTAG) to the sword after yesterday's no-one is watching O'Clock profits warning but I think he is going soft in his old age in that he is far too generous about this worthless fraud. There is a massive question which remains unanswered as the shares head to an eventual zero.

Brilliant Stuff: Tim Martin of JD Wetherspoon - EU leaders are punishing EU companies with Brexit dogma

Published 933 days ago

There is a minor profits warning from JD Wetherspoon (JDW) today and thus I urge you to all go and buy a pint of its finest cheap lager to show solidarity with the company's founder and boss Tim Martin who has used his trading statement to point out how EU leaders are hitting their own people, not us, with the mad anti-Brexit actions. Over to hero of the day Tim Martin:

Avanti Communications - existing debt now yields 30%: that says shares toast

Published 1050 days ago

Yesterday Avanti Communications (AVN) issued a dire lack of profits warning. Having warned folks in a special 25 minute session at UK INvestor (HERE) that this one was heading for the knacker's yard, the bear community is vindicated. Our big call is looking good. But have you seen how the existing debt ( in which Avantis drowning) responded. It says the shares - down 60% to 24p yesterday - are near as damn it toast. The target here is 0p or very close to that.

Interquest Profits warning - but dividend secure

Published 1059 days ago

Maybe the drift in the share price ahead of Monday's profits warning from tech recruitment firm Interquest (ITQ) was telling us something. If so I'm sorry we did not hear it. The statement caused the shares to really tank. To over-react in my view.

Poor Jocasta & Rupert are going to get fired - Foxtons Profits Warning (blames BoJo)

Published 1061 days ago

Oh dear, all those posh kids who were too thick to do anything else and ended up working at upmarket London Estate Agents Foxtons are going to get fired. It is almost P45 time for the young toffs as a dreadful profits warning is out today which, utterly unfairly, blames Brexit. Bloody Boris Johnson. He's not only screwed half the woman in London now he's fucked Foxton's too. The rotter.

Lombard Risk Management - Questions Mount for kiss of Death Phil "InterX" Crawford

Published 1070 days ago

Phil "InterX" Crawford is still to answer the question of the circumstances of his departure from Oracle. Meanwhile there are increasing questions about yesterday's £8 million rescue bailout, in addition to the ones posed HERE. Lets start with that profits warning on 19 April.

Buy Falanx at a 4.5p offer to sell at 6.5p by August

Published 1081 days ago

The shares were 4.25p offer when we tipped this but they are still cheap. Naturally our paying customers got in at lower levels that you can today. However the thesis stands. Falanx (FLX) has not covered itself in glory since its AIM admission just under three years ago. There have been a couple of profits warnings and, just over a year ago, there was a change of strategy, a shift from profitable but dull traditional security to dealing with cyber security. It sounded sexy but it meant huge losses and the shares have slumped to 4p-4.5p. But they are now a buy. Why?

Amino Technologies – after profit warning last year, now a brighter trading picture?

Published 1082 days ago

Amino Technologies (AMO) has announced “a strong first half performance with record order intake and a very encouraging backlog to take into the second half of the year following sales growth in key regions”. Sounds interesting…

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast - 24 hours of hell to go

Published 1120 days ago

24 hours to go to UK Investor and I am screaming at all comers, I really hate the days in the run up to the show. Anyhow (it will all be over tomorrow and I hope you have a great time. Can someone bring me a bottle of ouzo to dull the pain afterwards? On today's podcast I look at the Restaurant Group (RTN) and what its profits warning says about the economy and consumer behaviour. I look at David Lenigas associated shite Octagonal (OCT) and its rum and coke statement, Nighthawk (HAWK), London Capital (LCG), Igas (IGAS) and make a general observation about oil prices and oil stocks.

Phil "InterX" Crawford trainwrecking another company - Lombard Risk profits warning

Published 1130 days ago

Back in 2001 my Valentine's day was ruined by the first of a series of profits warnings from a company called InterX which eventually went bust. Its chairman Phil Crawford had told me so many great things when we met up with his PR bird. She swallowed anything Phil wanted. But the trouble was everything he said about InterX was just fantasy.Wind forward 14 years and Phil staged a coup to take the helm at dull but profitable Lombard Risk Management (LRM). It has not taken him long to weave his "magic" - today's (lack of) profits warning is dire.

Bingo Bango Bongo - WTF is going on?

Published 1131 days ago

As you can see from our coverage HERE I have been a long term bear of Bango (BGO). As far as I can see it is just another jam tomorrow company run by utterly overpaid tossers. But even I am mystified by its share price collapse.

Fastjet: the ghastly truth of looming insolvency the airline & Citigate did not want you to know

Published 1167 days ago

In its most recent profits warning Fastjet (FJET) used language deliberately designed to hide how close it is to trading while insolvent and how inevitable a bailout placing is. Its PR firm Citigate Dewe Rogerson then engaged in disgusting fascist bulling and smearing to distract attention from this pressing issue. But the truth will out and, indeed, here it is.

Starcom – 2015 results, another loss & fundraising (explicitly) ahoy!

Published 1169 days ago

I commented on shares in remote tracking and monitoring company Starcom (STAR) on the back of an April 2015 profit warning which saw them then trade approaching 15% lower at 7.125p. My caution of then has proved justified as I now update with the shares further lower, at just 1.5p, on the back of the company’s announcement of results for the 2015 calendar year…

Fastjet just will not answer - I bet you a bottle of ouzo I know what it is hiding

Published 1170 days ago

I have exchanged a series of emails with Fastjet (FJET) to establish what the company is hiding in its most recent profits warning and whilst it offers excuses it will not come clean. I bet you a bottle of ouzo I know why. And it ain't good news if you are long and wrong.

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast 9 March: Bell, D&D, PR Fuckwits at FTI & Glenwick Rampers talk balls

Published 1170 days ago

I warn you that there is a lot of bad language in this podcast. I start with the balls talked by D&D on Fastjet (FJET). I have put the company on the spot as to what $20 million cash available means and I await a response. It matters big time. Then there is Andrew Bell talking balls on Horse Hill ahead of placings ahoy across the board. Then those who denied placings at Pantheon (PANR) and the posh fuckwits who spin for Scancell (SCLP). Both denied my stories. Both placed today. Folks: you know where to send your ouzo apologies. I discuss those placings and also that of Armadale (ACP) - a pisser as we own those shares. Then I discuss dire results from Glenwick (GWIK), shares in which deserve to halve and which were ramped by the same sort of mothers who ramped CEB/Andalas. The result will be the same. And also a horrid profits warnig from Tandem Group (TND) comes under the spotlight. I also mention my articles today on greedy Junior Doctors ad the BBC's woeful Trump coverage HERE

Hornby: profits warning is dire, and it does not know the causes!

Published 1199 days ago

An announcement today from Hornby plc (HRN) is harmlessly enough sounding entitled “Update on Trading and Transformation Plan” and opens with “Hornby Plc, the international hobby products group, is updating shareholders on progress made so far in its turnaround strategy. The group has made significant progress in implementing changes to its business model to modernise”. Good, good. But what’s that? The shares have halved to around 40p. Better read on…

Plexus Holdings – kudos to Lucian Miers, "very significant" profit warning…

Published 1215 days ago

Kudos to Lucian Miers – as Plexus Holdings (POS), recently identified by him HERE as, due to the current climate, looking to have hit a brick wall has announced that it “has seen a significant slowdown in planned activity by its customers… the company's financial results for the year to 30 June 2016… will be very significantly below market expectations”. The shares are down as a result from the 125p of Lucian’s piece and a prior close of 122.75p to currently struggling above 70p…

Christmas comes early - another Slater & Gordon profits warning - bankruptcy a cert for 2016

Published 1254 days ago

Thank you Santa for this early present. Aussie poltroons Slater & Gordon (SGH) have issued another profits warning with its UK businesses, notably those bought from Quenron (QPP), blamed. Bankruptcy in 2016 now looks a slam dunk cert.

Rob Proctor of Audioboom breaks AIM Rules with Justin the Clown

Published 1254 days ago

A kind reader points out that Rob Proctor of Audioboom (BOOM) has committed a clear breach of AIM Rules in a podcast recorded with Justin the Clown on ADVFN on Tuesday this week following the latest dire (lack of) profits warning.

Tribal Group – hopefully our prior warning that “No earnings visibility + debt = toxic” was heeded as…

Published 1257 days ago

Even on a 19th October profit warning seeing shares in software and services for education management group Tribal (TRB) down more than 35% at sub 80p, I concluded that the shares still looked to be one for the bargepole as no earnings visibility + debt (£23.1 million on the half year stage balance sheet) = toxic; see HERE. A further announcement today entitled “Trading Update, Rights Issue and Move to AIM” sees the shares currently down a further 25p at below 30p…

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast Special - Brady has crap written all over it

Published 1269 days ago

At 5.47 PM Monday Brady (BRY) issued a dire profits warning. I missed it the and apologise. But having fooled me by sneaking out this awful news as I was drinking away at my Christmas Party I decided it merited a detailed look. This company could just be bust by June 2016. At any rate it is a slam dunk sell. Enjoy..

Stanley Gibbons Interims - bad as expected but...heck I've bought the shares

Published 1278 days ago

About ten days ago, Stanley Gibbons (SGI) announced (piss poor) results for the six months ended 30th September 2015 and stated that “the board expects that the group will deliver materially higher revenue and profit in the second half of the financial year than in the first half, partially assisted by this year's auction calendar being more heavily weighted towards the second half”. So I've bought some shares for FIML at 99p.

DX (Group) plc - 10:51am “Trading Update” = Profit Warning Du Jour…

Published 1288 days ago

A 10:51am announcement commencing “DX (DX.), the leading independent parcels, mail and logistics operator, announces an update on trading for the financial year to 30 June 2016” suggested just one thing, and yep there it is in the third paragraph; “the board now expects that profits will be significantly below current market forecasts”

Ubisense Group – profit warning, I’ve an idea where the “further cost actions” can start…

Published 1289 days ago

I looked at Ubisense Group (UBI) in August – noting "performance payments" to CEO Richard Green despite the company’s shocking track record and concluding that, even after the shares had declined from 275p reached last year to 103.5p, “even if the balance sheet was exceptionally strong (it’s not: net cash of £2.5 million), the track record suggests this a clear bargepole stock” (see Ubisense Group – interim results continue shocking track record, where are the shareholders’ “performance payments”?). The following updates with the shares currently down to 66p on the back of an, ahem, “trading update”

Rolls Royce – short cycle versus long cycle.

Published 1289 days ago

In the Thursday earnings season results frenzy I knew that Rolls Royce’s (RR/) interim management statement was going to be of the ‘excitable’ nature when the first emboldened headline of the statement was ‘fundamentally strong portfolio of products’. 

Grafenia plc – following last month’s ‘no one watching o’clock’ profit warning, what now?…

Published 1289 days ago

I concluded a previous piece on Grafenia plc (GRA) HERE by saying that, despite the shares having fallen to 15.5p, withfurther detail of interim results expected to be announced on 9th November, it looked one to avoid. This has proven wise, with the share price now 12.875p…

Just Eat ... more fine dining than Grub?

Published 1304 days ago

Pursuant to yesterday's warning by the US listed online restaurant order and delivery service, GrubHub (GRUB US, market cap $2.2 billion), I sold short a few shares in Just Eat (JE) - market cap £2.9 billion, the UK listed online restaurant order and delivery service. 

Amino Technologies – as share price action suggests, “Trading Update” = Profit Warning

Published 1304 days ago

Tom Winnifrith & I tipped shares in Amino Technologies (AMO) on the Nifty Fifty Income portfolio at an 82p offer price in October 2014, before recommending banking gains and selling at 141p in June – see HERE. I now update with them down approaching 30% today, at 110p, on the back of a “Trading Update” (AKA obviously a profit warning)…

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast 22 Oct - Flip Flop talks bollocks (again), Globo, Cambian & Big Dave's next placings

Published 1310 days ago

Thanks for all your messages regarding the legal triumph, I comment en passant. Then the podcast turns to the nonsense that flip flop Ben Turney is spouting. I am beginning to think that Old Malcolm Stacey is not the only mad lefty on this website. Then onto Globo (GBO) and more news on "that report" and analysis of the potential for disaster at Cambian (CMBN) even AFTER today's dire warning. There is comment on what is happening at SIG (SHI) and Travis Perkins (TPK) and then onto events at Afriag (AFRI - when's the placing - and growing evidence that the Lenigas Cuba IPO is not exactly flying. Oh... and Northbridge (NBI) when's the profits warning?

Vmoto – another AIM China Norfolk announces it’s leaving the Casino in disgrace

Published 1317 days ago

Given the disgraceful profits warning, disposal that made no sense, joke of a balance sheet and all round laughable state of affairs, AIM China play Vmoto (VMT) should have lost its Nomad and been suspended ages ago. Instead it has just announced that it is to leave the AIM casino and since it maintains a listing in Australia it no needs no permission to do so.  Another one bites the dust.

Burberry’s China crisis…and why the shares are a buy

Published 1317 days ago

Six weeks ago when I wrote an article for ShareProphets’ e-book The Magnificent Seven I wrote about a business with…

‘…real heritage and was founded a mere 159 years ago in 1856.  It is a large business and nestles happily in the FTSE-100 supported by brands that have a growing global appeal with net cash on its balance sheet, good free cash flow generation and a progressive dividend yield of currently just below 3%. The company used to just sell its wares from an expensive shop location but today interacts with its fans and followers digitally to such an extent that a couple of years ago its previous CEO was poached by a small technology company you may have heard of called Apple to assist with their digital brand positioning’

Well more fool me.  Burberry (BRBY) may have risen pleasantly in the month or so immediately after the e-book publication but today’s shocker statement and share price moves puts me at a loss today versus my tip level. 

Image Scan Holdings – “Pre Close Trading Update” = ‘Increased Loss Warning’

Published 1319 days ago

Having frequently warned on the stock, most recently HERE, shares in Image Scan Holdings (IGE) are currently more than 15% lower today, at 1.375p, on the back of a ‘Pre Close Trading Update’…

Adgorithms – ‘material’ profit warning, shares down c.60% since June admission to AIM…

Published 1323 days ago

11th June 2015: “First day of dealings on AIM following £27.0m placing… Market capitalisation at Placing Price of approximately £82.1m… Adgorithms (ADGO), a leading software company operating in the high growth online advertising market, is pleased to announce that admission and trading of its ordinary shares will commence at 8.00am today on AIM”9th October 2015: “Adgorithms expects its earnings for the full year to be materially below market expectations”. Welcome to another example of IPO life on AIM…

Grafenia plc – profit warning at end of an announcement at ‘no one watching o’clock’…

Published 1325 days ago

Grafenia plc (GRA) has commenced its most recent announcement with news that it has completed the sale of its Dutch subsidiary for €2.35 million. It has also completed a derisory double of making the announcement at ‘no one watching o’clock’ (5:32pm) and it including towards the end a ‘material’ profit warning…

eServGlobal – delays see new cash required & “increased risk” of profit warning…

Published 1325 days ago

Having warned at 27p HERE, 21.5p HERE and 14.75p HERE, I now update with shares in eServGlobal (ESG) at 7.5p following a number of recent announcements including that it “now considers there to be an increased risk that revenue and EBITDA will be below market expectations” and has agreed a loan from a shareholder to provide it with “additional working capital and enable its pro rata investment in HomeSend”

Vmoto – yet another red flag from a China AIM casino joke

Published 1330 days ago

AIM Casino China play Vmoto (VMT) has served up yet another red flag with an announcement that it has issued a shed load of shares to various parties. Vmoto claims to be drowning in cash but as I pointed out HERE its balance sheet is actually very weak. So today it announced: 

CELEBRATE: Daniel Stewart Profits Warning – please post abuse about Rob Terry in the comments section below

Published 1333 days ago

Quindell (QPP) fraudster Rob Terry told deluded followers of his new Ponzi Knob Park Estates that shares in Daniel Stewart (DAN) are worth 4.2p possibly 10p. Oh dear. They closed today at 1.4p (off 6.7%% for some reason) and well after hours we got a dire profits (or rather lack of profits) warning.

Iofina – time for another profits warning or bailout placing? Or both?

Published 1347 days ago

On 14th July 2015 AIM Casino dog Iofina (IOF) made its last announcement – the usual bag of shite trading update. Its shares closed the day at c22p. The shares are now 14.5p having fallen steadily over the past two months but aggressively of late. So when and what is the bad news?

Goals Soccer Centres – 2015 interim results statement off target

Published 1352 days ago

Operator currently of 46 5-a-side soccer centres in the UK and one in Los Angeles, Goals Soccer Centres plc (GOAL) has announced results for a “challenging” first half of 2015, though things have since got worse…

Image Scan Holdings – a profit warning within a new business announcement?

Published 1368 days ago

Image Scan Holdings (IGE) has made an announcement entitled “First Delivery of New Detector Panel and Software”, which though includes that “the development of these exciting new products has taken longer than we had anticipated and those delays have impacted the company's current year financial performance”

APC Technology Group – 30th July: trading “in line”, today: profit warning!

Published 1374 days ago

Having updated on 30th July that “recent trading has been in line with market expectations. A more detailed update will be provided following the end of the current financial year which closes on 31 August 2015”, APC Technology Group (APC) has now updated that “underlying operating profit for 2015 will be below market expectations” and that “Leonard Seelig, the group Chairman, is leading an operational review of the business with the board”

Goldplat; reading the runes and the immediate future does not look happy

Published 1401 days ago

A month ago I wrote Goldplat (GDP) was “playing with fire” with its sneaky profits warning. I suggested a fundraising was on the way. My article drew a fair amount of criticism from some long-term holders, but events since suggest that the company is gearing up to dilute its shareholders.

Iofina issues another mealy mouth profits warning – when will this slow-mo train wreck end?

Published 1410 days ago

Warren Buffett says that anyone who uses EBITDA is either trying to fool you or to fool themselves and that brings us to a comedy profits warning from POS AIM casino dog Iofina (IOF) issued first thing today. What clowns.

Gulf Keystone: was that a profits warning?

Published 1415 days ago

This morning’s announcement from Gulf Keystone (GKP) had the decided whiff of a profits’ warning about it. It is extremely frustrating when companies dress bad news up. I appreciate the importance shoring up sentiment has, but if a company has to warn shareholders that it is going to miss its financial targets it surely must be an inviolable principle of transparent markets that it explicitly says so. Today’s example from Gulf could prove to be a perfect case in point and doesn’t bode well for new CEO Jón Ferrier’s attitude towards investor relations.

Is Rolls Royce the new BG Group?

Published 1417 days ago

Back in October I bought shares in Rolls Royce (RR), saw them ride up to over £10.50…and Monday – after another profits guidance warning – saw them back at the aforementioned c. £8 level.  A true Grand Old Duke of York share: riding up to the top of the hill and then riding down again. 

Goldplat plays with fire; sneaky profits warning could suggest fundraising on way

Published 1437 days ago

This morning Goldplat (GDP) issued a profits warning, though not that you can immediately tell this from reading the RNS. I’ve got to put my hands up here and admit I initially fell for the PR spin, when I was doing the regular cycle through the RNS roll call. Goldplat’s update strikes a very positive tone and there are no figures included in it. The company also avoids direct acknowledgement of what this announcement truly is. However, on careful inspection, it is clear that this is a warning of trouble to come.

Surface Transforms – Profit Warning: bargepole or buying opportunity?

Published 1443 days ago

Yesterday morning Surface Transforms (SCE) announced a pre-close trading update which contained a profit warning, blaming the breakdown of a furnace during May. The rest of the update seemed fairly upbeat, and a little meat on the bone was provided in terms of the cash position – although there was no indication of trade payables so the fact that there was £776k at its reporting year-end (31 May) and an R&D Tax credit of £200k in the pipeline means we are only being given part of the story there. Given the incomplete nature of this information, the selected highlights offered are rendered useless.

Dialight plc – you were warned…

Published 1444 days ago

At around 950p less than a year ago, I concluded that shares in Dialight plc (DIA) looked “overvalued. And then some.” (see HERE). I then updated in April, at 755p, on an AGM trading update I considered more misleading than informing (see HERE). I now update with the shares currently down more than 30% on the day at around 500p.

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast -4th June: farewell Greece

Published 1450 days ago

My last bearcast from the Greek Hovel starts with the UK Oil & Gas and Horse Hill mob suspensions. Then onto Rosslyn Data and a warning for Charles Clark, but it is not about his career in porn. Then I look at the profits warning from Scicys and what it means for others and then a discussion about running open ended funds and the problems Dave Newton has at Heliium, this covers Coms, Verdes, Optibiotix and Gable.

Rightster..still a wrongster: things will only get worse

Published 1460 days ago

I have warned repeatedly that AIM casino listed Rightster (RSTR) is a wrongster yet somehow the company has persuaded institutional investors to stump up another £5 million at 18p. Good money after bad is what I call it. Those dumb enough to throw cash at this POS should perhaps reflect on a few matters.

Mitie - Evil Knievil's biggest short and why he's excited ahead of Monday

Published 1470 days ago

Mitie (MTO) is now the biggest short position of The UK's second best known bear raider (after Lucian Miers, natch) Evil Knievil and the fat man says that he is expecting a big win on Monday.

Begbies Traynor profits warning but yield attractive and looks safe

Published 1482 days ago

Having announced in March that “increased activity levels in the typically busier winter months for insolvency leave the group well placed to deliver the board’s expectations for the year as a whole”, Begbies Traynor (BEG) has now disappointingly updated that it “now anticipates that the outturn for the full year will be below market expectations” - pointing to a further decline in the insolvency market in the UK…

IndigoVision Group – “trading update” (aka profit warning) disappointment

Published 1486 days ago

After concluding that there looked good value on offer in shares in IndigoVision (IND) at 472.5p in September, the shares exceeded 490p the next month but fell significantly yesterday following a “trading update” (aka profit warning). The following reviews…

Tom Winnifrith Bear with a sore head Cast - April 15

Published 1500 days ago

Thank you to the uber-foxy PR bird for Symphony, brokers Tim & John, foxy bex and the PR spinner to David Lenigas for last night. This bear now has a very sore head and is feeling fragile. Notwithstanding that I go into battle today starting with the Horse Hill omnishambles notably in regard to Solo Oil, moving onto two Chinese POS stocks warning today, to that specialist in China Frauds Daniel Stewart and its own profits warning. I then look at why Kirkland Lake is to leave the Casino and then also at another China POS stock now on ISDX having been booted off the Casino. A second bearcast on Quindell & Slater Gordon is to follow.

Blur’s Phil Letts might be a shite CEO but he does irony quite well

Published 1502 days ago

Philip Letts the CEO of Blur (BLUR) is clearly pretty crap at running a PLC. The latest profits warning and brush with the FRC is just another sign why he – and his grotesquely overpaid wife – should be given the tickety tack as soon as possible. But the man is not without his talents. He does irony well.

MoPowered – it is Five Months to tits up: time to ‘fess up losers

Published 1502 days ago

Shares in AIM casino dog Mopowered (MPOW) now trade at just 2.5p having already slumped by 50% since the bailout placing at 5p last September. You may remember that just ten weeks later the company issued a grisly profits waning (November 24) but since then there has been radio silence. That is ominous.

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast - Blur shocker special

Published 1505 days ago

Today's profits warning from Blur is a shocker in every respect. It allows me to wander down memory lane to a date with Mellissa Hellberg in Mile End park, to a revised version of both Girls & Boys and Park life but also to examine this whole sorry saga from top to bottom. Warning: This podcast contains both singing and explicit language.

Tom Winnifrith’s Easter share tips (buy) No 3 – Stanley Gibbons

Published 1509 days ago

Yes I know that it has just had a profits warning and that the old adage is that warnings come in threes. But I do not expect that to be the case with Stanley Gibbons (SGI) and so it is my third share tip for Easter at 249p.

Stanley Gibbons profits warning - buying op?

Published 1512 days ago

Stanley Gibbons (SGI) has disappointingly announced that “because a number of anticipated high value sales within the group's retail business were not completed in the run up to the (31st March) year end… it is expected that results will be materially below current market expectations”. The following updates with the shares now 8.5% lower in response at 241p-246p…

Balfour Beatty set for a slow recovery

Published 1520 days ago

I was somewhat surprised to see the share price of Balfour Beatty (BBY) rise significantly off of the back of its final results yesterday. The UK based construction company had already issued several profit warnings during 2014, so it probably came as no real surprise to investors that it reported a £59 million loss for the year ending December 31 2014.

Evil Knievil opens short in Mar City

Published 1537 days ago

Infamous bear raider Evil Knievil has open a small “dipping a fat toe in the water” short position in AIM Casino listed Mar City (MAR) following the recent shocking profits warning and details of related party deals, as explained by Steve Moore HERE.

Tom Winnifrith BearCast: Rightster IS a Wrongster

Published 1547 days ago

On February 6 2015 I asked if Rightster (RTSR) was a wrongster and flagged up material issues for it to address. On February 25th 2015 it issued a trading statement which was spun as being a triumph of growth but which was in fact a ghastly profits and sales warning. I unpick the true facts and the grim outlook for the shares in this podcast special.

Digital Barriers another profits warning - will value destruction accelerate?

Published 1548 days ago

Despite announcing £1.5 million of contract awards “attributed to the new leadership of our UK/Europe sales team, giving us confidence that similar changes made to the management of our US and Middle East/Africa regions will materially support our international sales expansion”, shares in AIM-listed Digital Barriers (DGB) currently trade 18% lower at 41p today. This is as the company has also announced that losses and revenue for its year to the end of next month will be worse than expectations due to “the timing of two expected significant contract awards”. Will the operational improvements the company emphasises it has recently made see a step-change in performance or will a below-detailed litany of financial destruction continue here?

Creston – bank gains after weak trading statement

Published 1567 days ago

Marketing communications group Creston (CRE) posted up what can only be described as a rather weak trading statement for the period from 1 October to December 31. Sales grew by 5% in H1 but that slowed to just 1% in Q3.

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast 21 January - Revenue Recognition and Visibility

Published 1584 days ago

In the regular podcast for today I look at revenue recognition and visibility. This is prompted by the comedy/tragedy of a statement from Gowin New Energy - an AIM casino China joke POS - and the profits warning from Intercede. I also look at Weatherly International, Afren, TXO and San Leon

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast 17 January - Pressfit, Paul Shackleton, WH Ireland, Daniel Stewart, an AIM casino scandal special

Published 1588 days ago

Pressfit (PFIT) listed on the AIM Casino on August 1 2014. Its first profits warning came within three months. It was booted off the AIM Cesspit yesterday. It is Chinese. I name those responsible for this scandal - firms and individuals - and suggest that all concerned need steep fines and an immediate termination of their City careers and explain why.

Northern Petroleum forced into issuing a (lack of) profits warning but why is it still not coming clean

Published 1592 days ago

A vicious Bearcast at the weekend appears to have forced Northern Petroleum (NOP) into issuing a profits (or lack of) warning but it is still not coming clean with its long suffering shareholders – why does this company regard transparency as a four letter word? The shares are off again today to 10.5p but remain a sell with an initial 5p target. – brokers remaining positive and directors buying shares worth following?

Published 1592 days ago

Following a profit warning (reviewed HERE) from online fashion retailer boohoo (BOO) there has been some director buying of shares, the appointment of a joint corporate broker and a number of broker updates. The following reviews.

Cloudbuy Profits Warning

Published 1612 days ago

On Tues 23 December Cloudbuy issued a ‘Trading Update’ which, just by the timing of the announcement (Christmas Week) meant that it was unlikely to contain good news: as Tom Winnifrith has already pointed out, if it was good news it would have been rushed out in the previous week while everyone was still at their desks.

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast 23rd December

Published 1612 days ago

The penultimate pre-Christmas bearcast and the profits warnings are coming through at a rate knots from across all sectors: Cloudbuy, Thorntons, Mountfield - what does that tell you? A brief look at the resources sector's woes and then another clue on what exactly is my Christmas treat for a senior Quindell staffer...when will I ruin his Christmas? Problems, problems...

Access Intelligence – profit warning for 2014 & cash raise

Published 1628 days ago

Previously updating on supplier of Software-as-a-Service for the management of governance, risk and compliance, Access Intelligence (ACC) I noted, with the shares at 2.75p, that it now needed to be shown that the company can generate increasing positive cash flows. Until then, the most prudent stance looks to be to take a watching brief. The following updates following a profit warning which currently sees the shares 10% lower today at 2.25p, capitalising the company at £5.3 million.

New Reader Competition – the 12 Days of Quissmas

Published 1632 days ago

We are giving Bulletin Board Moron of the Week a rest for now but it will be back. And so thanks to readers Jane & Bobby Chariot we have a new contest for you all – “The 12 Days of Quissmas” – all you need to do is provide lyrics for a contemporary version. All entries must starts with “On the first day of Quissmas, Rob Terry gave to me, a stonking short on QPP”.

Another profits warning from POS Joke Company Mopowered

Published 1642 days ago

The good news is that AIM casino joke stock Mopowered (MPOW) has found someone stupid enough to be its FD. The bad news for Mr Richard Gordon is that he will be looking for another job in nine months when the company goes tits up – yes just two months after a rescue placing Mopowered has served up another ghastly profits warning. The shares were floated at 100p on December 18 2013 are now just 5.125p. Ouch.

The Fraud Naibu lies again – you could not make this up (but Daniel Stewart believes it)

Published 1642 days ago

The China fraud Naibu (NBU) has today served up a ghastly profits warning but it gets better – it has now changed its excuse as to why a company supposedly drowning in cash has had to scrap its dividend. But Nomad Daniel Stewart, the specialist in floating China frauds, has signed off on the ludicrous statement so that is alright then. Another £6,250 pcm retainer saved for Daniel Cesspit. Ching. Ching. Coke and hokkers all round.

ULS Technology – review of a profit warning just 3 months after AIM listing

Published 1665 days ago

Shares in online provider of B2B comparison and search for residential conveyancing and related services in the UK, ULS Technology (ULS) currently trade more than 20% lower at 35.5p on the back of an update including that “underlying operating profit for the full year is expected to show good growth year-on-year, but nevertheless to be below management's initial expectations”. Having only listed on AIM (with a £12.1 million, 40p per share placing) on 28th July, what has happened here?

Synectics plc – profit warning statement a riddle wrapped in an enigma

Published 1669 days ago

Shares in surveillance technology company Synectics plc (SNX) currently trade more than 30% lower, at 220p, on the back of an announcement that it “expects to incur an underlying loss for the full financial year” as “underlying profit for the second half of the financial year ending 30 November 2014 will be significantly below market expectations of £5 million, though still positive”. Is the severity of the downward share price lurch justified?

Foxtons still a sell at 158p

Published 1669 days ago

Shares in Foxtons (FOXT) have been sliding for a while – the market anticipating that sooner or later London’s poshboy Estate Agent would serve up a profits warning. Last week it duly obliged but even at 158p post warning the shares remain a pretty safe short for Christmas.

Rolls Royce cheap after the change in profits guidance from the management.

Published 1675 days ago

The latest profits warning looks near term and marginal in its impact. The shares of Rolls Royce (RR.) have lost all their former premium and at 803p look good value. A great opportunity for serious long term investors to pick up this long term  technology growth stock at what looks like a low valuation of earnings.  

Xaar plc – what for the shares as forecast downgrades follow profits warning?

Published 1690 days ago

Having fallen to 222p (having been more than 1100p earlier this year) after another profit warning, shares in digital inkjet printing technology company, Xaar plc (XAR) have recovered slightly to a current 232.5p. The following updates as forecast downgrades flow through.

Xaar – shares crash further on another profit warning, what now?

Published 1694 days ago

Shares in digital inkjet printing technology company, Xaar plc (XAR) plunged 37% to 231p yesterday after ots latest profits warning. Should you bottom fish? Don't be silly.

blinkx – another (lack of) profits warning & forward guidance baloney

Published 1695 days ago

Having consistently warned on the dangers of the valuation of blinkx plc (BLNX) since the shares were 93p in April 2013 – previously updating last month that at 43p precious little forward visibility meant being long continued to look more speculation than investment – the following updates on a further profit warning today which has sent the shares down to around 30p.

Quindell – No Reason for the Share Price Movement: Bollocks & I refer you to 2002

Published 1698 days ago

Quenron (QPP) has today sought to reassure investors that there is no reason for its shares to be collapsing. There is. I shall come to that in a second. But first, here is what the Quinnovation Group has to say:

Now RSA shouts about fraudulent industrial deafness claims – ref Quindell

Published 1704 days ago

The Bulletin Board Morons do not seem to understand that if an Industrial Deafness case is lost Quindell (QPP) earns nothing it just incurs cost. So the mushrooming of bogus claims will not generate any cash for Quenron although it is happily accruing income on the basis that it takes on and wins 6,000 cases a month. Given that the number of claims settles has not risen above 20,000 across the while UK for many years, it is inevitable that at some stage it will have to write back all or nearly all of its accrued income from ID, prompting a profits warning. It will also mean that Quindell runs out of cash. The only question is when?

Monitise - Visa is walking, shares crash, and another win for the Sheriff

Published 1709 days ago

Okay its time for the Bulletin Board Morons to apologise to me YET AGAIN – today’s victory is Monitise (MONI), shares in which have crashed to 31p as Visa has said that it wants out. My 10p target price stands.

Steve Moore is Right – The Mighty ASOS Has Work to Do

Published 1710 days ago

Hello Share Spinners. ASOS stands for As Seen on the Screen. This was a great monicker for a company when internet shopping was just getting into swing. But it sounds a bit dated now, which is probably why the initials are used these days.

ASOS plc - another profit warning, another share price slump

Published 1710 days ago

Having fallen from more than 7000p in February, shares in online 'fast fashion' retailer ASOS plc (ASC) currently trade a further more than 6% lower today, at 2270p, on the back of an update that “we expect profit before tax for the year to 31 August 2015 to be at a similar level to 2013/14”. So what now for the shares after the THIRD profits warning?

SpaceandPeople plc – another profits warning, what now?

Published 1714 days ago

Manager of promotional and retail merchandising space in shopping centres and other high footfall venues, SpaceandPeople plc (SAL) has announced results for the first half of 2014 “challenging period for the group, with trading in a number of areas being slower than had been anticipated". It now expects full-year “profit before tax and non-recurring costs of between £800k and £1.0million and profit before tax but after non-recurring costs, of between £500k and £700k”. Is this discounted in a share price, which has fallen from more than 150p earlier this year to a current sub 50p?

Tesco – a buy after the profits warning?

Published 1719 days ago

They say profits warnings come in Threes so is Tesco (TSCO) not a sell now? Chris Bailey reckons that it is a bargain basement buy and has made it the largest holding in his pension as you can see HERE. Clearly there are two points of view.

I’ve just arranged contracts for my luxury yacht but er….Avanti announcement today

Published 1746 days ago

I’ve just arranged contracts on that luxury yacht I like, a bit like Bill Gates’ one but bigger.  It will be delivered in 2017 and launched from Wigan Pier. Okay that is not true but I mention it apropos of the latest hogwash announcement from prize bombast and Uber-Welsh David Williams of Avanti Communications (AVN).

Brady plc – do “the shares look attractive” following a positive first half year?

Published 1749 days ago

Shares in provider of trading and risk management software to the global commodity, energy and recycling markets, Brady plc (BRY) have recovered to a current 77p having fallen to 62.5p in the aftermath of an early year profits warning noting that the company was “disappointed with the impact of timing and currency” on its 2013 calendar year results. The following updates post the release of a trading statement for the first half of 2014.

blinkx plc – new product announcement, but how effectively can it be monetised?

Published 1750 days ago

Having consistently warned on the dangers of the valuation of internet media company blinkx plc (BLNX) since April 2013, I previously updated last month following a profits warning which had seen the shares fall from 65.75p to 33.25p. I now return to this stock as it delivers a new product launch announcement today, which has caused the shares to nudge higher, although only to 31.25p (last seen).

ASOS: I said sell at £33, shares now £24 – target cut from £20 to £16, keep selling

Published 1754 days ago

Nine weeks ago after the profits warning from ASOS (ASC), to much abuse from Bulletin Board Morons who looked at price not value, I warned that the shares would fall further from £33 - HERE. They have. But the shares have further to slide and I am today cutting my target price from £20 - see HERE -  to £16 and here’s why.

Monitise: Weedy non-news, Edison puffer after profits warning: Red Flag Placing Ahoy – Sell – target 20p

Published 1758 days ago

Early this month Monitise (MONI) served up a dismal profits warning. Delays in revenues were – in true Rob Terry fashion – viewed as being for good reasons but once again this company failed to hit targets.  Now we see a weedy non-announcement and an Edison puffery research note all of which are Red Flags. Whatever Monitise says it is running out of cash and a placing is inevitable.

Dialight plc – interim results, cash flow improvement still needed?

Published 1760 days ago

Shares in applied LED technology company Dialight plc (DIA) continue to trade well below the 1400p September 2013 highs, but at around 950p have also recovered meaningfully from the 700p levels to which they were reduced on an early 2014 profits warning. After the results announced last week, I take a look at the figures for the first half of 2014.

New Feature! – Directors at the Trough; Getech

Published 1760 days ago

Special thanks go today to the directors Getech (GTC). For a while, I’ve had in mind a new feature looking at excessive or unjustified executive compensation. It is no wonder that AIM has the reputation it does for rewarding corporate failure so generously. Too many listed companies appear to be run solely for the benefit of incumbent directors. This is a key part of the reason that buying and holding AIM stock can be such a suicidal investment strategy. Unfortunately, little will ever likely be done about this issue so all we can do is report it as we come across it. The good news is that director behaviour in paying themselves can be one of the best indicators for identifying which stocks to avoid (often like the plague!). This new feature will hopefully go some way in helping you avoid one of the more treacherous pitfalls on AIM. Welcome to Directors at the Trough.

Thomas Cook - The Profits warning next week says airline guru Andrew Monk

Published 1764 days ago

Andrew Monk heads up broker VSA Resources but in a former life was an airlines expert. He even set up one. It went tits up. But he knows how this industry operates and his views on THomas Cook (TCG) are clear. He noted this morning. 

Enables It May Enable Me to Get Some Money Back

Published 1765 days ago

Hello Share Riders: I have a few shares at the moment which are not doing that well. I should have sold them after a 10% drop on the purchase price. That's my usual rule.

The ShareProphets top 10 Stocks to Short – Reader Poll on next to Slump Results

Published 1766 days ago

Two weeks ago Evil Knievil, Matt Earl, Lucian Miers and I served up our top ten stocks to short this summer and why – HERE. Avanti Communications (AVN) has already done the decent thing and issued a profits warning. We asked our readers at the weekend to vote on which of the ten would be next And the results are:

Avanti – The Profits warning does not stack up

Published 1769 days ago

Naturally I am delighted to see bombastic uber-Welsh Avanti Communications (AVN) boss David Williams have to eat humble pie and serve up a profits warning on Friday. But what the statement says and what it does not say is just terribly confusing. I start on June 13th when Avanti stated:

Reader Poll – Which will be the next High Profile share price collapse from the Top 10 Shorts

Published 1770 days ago

Ten days ago, Lucian Miers, Matt Earl (The Dark Destroyer), Evil Knievil and I served up our top ten shorts in London. One of them, Avanti Communications (AVN), has already done the decent thing and

Where will Quindell’s shares be at Christmas? Our readers said and Gotham is set to up the ante

Published 1770 days ago

For what it is worth I become ever more convinced that my 20p target price for Quindell (QPP) is looking to be wrong and that I should slash it. Gotham City is also set to up the game. Rob Terry said he was suing. Gotham then accused him of the 5 letter F word that rhymes with broad. Rob Terry now says he will let the results do the talking. That is to say he has chickened out of his day in Court. Why? The word on the Street is that Gotham is now working on a second major and detailed report and it is set for publication in the early Autumn. That should be fun. 

Why did Quindell not issue an H2 2013 profits warning? Back to that Canaccord Note – can someone explain?

Published 1771 days ago

Quindell (QPP) did not issue an H2 profits warning for 2013. Instead it hit targets and managed to get away a £200 million equity raise. Without that cash it would have gone bust in January. But my attention is drawn to the recent Canaccord buy note (page 18) which begs the question of just how Mr 2+2 can =5, Rob Terry, managed to hit his numbers and avoid a profits warning.

Thomas Cook – Harriet Green to get her P45 with profits warning and rebranding farce?

Published 1774 days ago

I have predicted it before but predict again – the imminent trading statement from Thomas Cook (TCG) will be a profits warning. Of that I am certain. My question is whether its self-important and image obsessed CEO Harriet Green gets a one way ticket out of the building the same day.

Coms: Buy, sell or hold at 4.33p

Published 1775 days ago

A couple of months ago I got a bit of a flaming from certain Bulletin Board Morons for suggesting that shares in Coms (COMS) were overpriced at 6.1p. It was not like I was saying that I had shagged their wife’s but the reaction was as if I had made that claim.  I said – at the time – I’d buy the shares at c4p. After a profits warning on Friday the shares ae 4.33p. Would I buy?

Blinkx – questions for the Sunday Times and for Numis Securities

Published 1782 days ago

I read with interest a puff piece for blinkx (BLNX) in the Money section of The Sunday Times. For the avoidance of doubt, despite receiving two lawyers’ letters from this company, I have always been a bear and remain so after last week’s dire profits alert as you can see HERE. But what makes newspapers print this shit other, perhaps, than that the journalists might get a cushy job on “the dark side” if they such enough PR cock for long enough.

blinkx – This Stinks! Dire Profits warning

Published 1787 days ago

"S. Brian Mukherjee, Ed Bridges at FTI, ultra-thick hackette Harriet Denys, Citi Group, Numis Securities, Richard Eaton of bullyboy lawyer Twobirds, Roger Lawson--we have beaten them all. We have beaten them all. S. Brian Mukherjee can you hear me? S. Brian Mukherjee, I have a message for you in the middle of the share price collapse. I have a message for you: We have been 100% vindicated on your POS stock. S. Brian Mukherjee, as they say in your language in the boxing bars around Madison Square Garden in New York: Your boys took a hell of a beating! Your boys took a hell of a beating."  Yes blinkx (BLNX) has served up a disastrous profits warning.

ASOS Warehouse on fire – if it was a sell before….

Published 1797 days ago

Oh dear, Oh dear. It seems as if the ASOS (ASC) warehouse, somewhere in the Grim North went up in smoke on Friday evening. The UK website has stopped taking orders but says that it will resume operations within the next day or so. Ok so what about the share price then?

Xaar plc – profit warning vindicates my earlier caution

Published 1801 days ago

Shares in digital inkjet printing technology company Xaar plc (XAR) currently trade more than 24.5% lower today, at 560p, on the back of a disappointing trading update. Having been consistenly cautious on the shares since I first covered them on this website last Summer (see HERE) and as recently as April (see HERE), the following updates.

ASOS – Morgan Stanley sticks the knife in - £25 target

Published 1805 days ago

I am an ASOS (ASC) bear and explained last week why I think the shares should be at £23 - HERE. Natch the City’s brokers all used phrases such as “buying opportunity” after the most recent profits warning. Heck they seek corporate mandates rather than handing out decent advice. But hat’s off to Morgan Stanley. It has broken ranks with a bearish note out today. Good on you fellas.

ASOS plc – brokers wrong before, are they wrong again?

Published 1808 days ago

Following the most recent profit warning and share price decline from ASOS plc (ASC), a number of brokers have updated with a positive stance on the shares. Are the City community right now having also largely been positive at much higher prices previously (see HERE)? Er...

Two very important questions for Getech Group’s RNS writer

Published 1808 days ago

I have two very important questions for whoever writes Getech Group’s (GTC) RNS announcements. What are you smoking? May I have some please? In what has been a calamitous six months for Getech, it still clings onto its faith in the strength of demand for its services and “high levels of interest and positive feedback on its major product, Globe”. Unfortunately for the company and its poor shareholders none of this has translated into sales and the stock has tanked. Today’s latest profits warning needs to be read to be believed; talk about making the best of a bad situation!  

ASOS – Still a sell – target c£23

Published 1812 days ago

ASOS (ASC) got off lightly with its profits warning yesterday but as its PR and IR machine cranks up do not be tempted to bottom fish at £33 – this stock £70 not that long ago ) is heading lower still. £23 looks about right as an initial share price target.

ASOS – the aftermath of another profit warning

Published 1813 days ago

Having reached more than 7000p in February, shares in online ‘fast fashion’ retailer ASOS plc (ASC) currently trade a further more than 27.5% lower today at 3272p on the back of an update that a “higher mix of UK and European sales, with lower retail margins, together with increased levels of promotional activity, leads us to reduce our EBIT margin guidance to c.4.5% from c.6.5% for the current financial year”. Having warned continuously over the last year on the valuation – see HERE, the following updates my view.

blur – what a dog, even the house broker not forecasting free cashflow yet

Published 1826 days ago

blur (BLUR) has been bailed out by a hugely discounted fund raise today at just 75p. Existing investors face 37% dilution but even assuming the maximum $20 million is raised this dog with fleas is not out of the woods yet as the note just out from the broker that organised this placing (N+1 Singer) makes painfully clear.

Balfour Beatty - the drop is overdone

Published 1828 days ago

Profit warnings are never good for a company, but they also often cause an over-reaction and give investors a chance to buy at a bargain price. This may well prove to be the case with infrastructure services company Balfour Beatty (BBY). The company issued just such a warning a couple of weeks back and saw its share price drop from around 285p, before settling at the current level of 223p. Is now the time to swoop on this weakness?

A Delay in results is nearly ALWAYS bad News

Published 1832 days ago

I compare and contrast two companies here: Totally (TLY) and Greka Drilling (GDL). The matter is the question of a delay in results.

blur Group - a second ghastly warning, change name to 'The Damned'?

Published 1837 days ago

Shares in the AIM company which grandiosely describes itself as reinventing how businesses do commerce, blur Group plc (BLUR), slumped another 44% yesterday to 155p as it served up a second disappointing trading statement within a month. Time to change the name, while continuing the pop theme, from blur to 'The Damned'?


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