LightwaveRF – “Google Assistant voice control” ramparoonie

Published 97 days ago

Shares in LightwaveRF (LWRF) are currently circa 65% higher on the day, above 25p, on the back of a “Launch of Google Assistant voice control”-entitled ramparoonie (Oops) RNS announcement...

Photonstar LED – thanks Nigel & a few more things…

Published 112 days ago

Nigel Somerville commented earlier on how for those suckered in by the Photonstar LED (PSL) ramparoonie, it’s now mega-dilution ahoy (monster-discount placing shares representing a 19.8% increase in the issued share capital). I thank Nigel for the kind words – and make a further few points…

Fitbug – shares up on another RNS Reach announcement, but complete ramparoonies now limited?

Published 134 days ago

In a “non-regulatory RNS Reach communication”, Fitbug (FITB) “is pleased to announce a customer renewal for wellbeing services with a large financial institution”. Wow, a renewal hey – this following recently announced 2016 results showing a more than £3 million net cash outflow before new financing on reduced revenue of £1.1 million

blur Group – CEO Letts & co excel themselves with a leading contender for ‘Ramparoonie RNS of the Year’

Published 169 days ago

Having last month failed to ignite the share price with a ramptastic “blur engaged with Top 100 UK law firm” announcement, blur Group (BLUR) has had much more success today – on the back of a “blur engaged with Global Electronics Group” announcement, the shares currently 200%+ higher at above 20p…

Fitbug – “New client contract win” announcement… but before getting excited…

Published 182 days ago

Fitbug (FITB) has made a “New client contract win” announcement. Unfortunately for it however, a previous RNS Reach farce looks to have hindered a ramparoonie…

Fitbug Holdings – Kiqplan new app announcement, when’s the next fundraising ahoy?

Published 638 days ago

Fitbug Holdings (FITB) has announced a new version of its digital health and fitness training programme, Kiqplan. My immediate thought was when’s the next fundraising ahoy? - and the shares have responded by heading 6.5% lower at 1.80p. I guess you can fool some of the folks some of the time...

Arria NLG – beware the ramparoonie!

Published 833 days ago

Arria NLG plc (NLG) has announced “a paid for Proof of Concept Pilot Agreement with the UK arm of a global financial services group” – and the shares have currently responded by falling a further 1p to 6p. The following explains why…

Fitbug – "New Contracts" announcement (ramparoonie) not all that it may seem

Published 978 days ago

Shares in Fitbug Holdings (FITB), having slid back to 7p, have soared again on Friday to  10.5p – to capitalise the company at more than £25 million - on the back of an announcement entitled “New Contracts with Amazon, Best and Target”. However, is the announcement actually what this headline suggests?

Fitbug – following the ramparoonie, the inevitable discounted placing arrives

Published 988 days ago

Following a late October piece – ‘Fitbug Holdings ramparoonie – beware, balance sheet terrible, placing ahoy?’ – the company (FITB) has duly announced it has undertaken a discounted placing, this raising a gross £3.5 million at 9p per share. The following updates.

Fitbug Holdings ramparoonie – beware, balance sheet terrible, placing ahoy?

Published 1029 days ago

Having seen its shares rocket in a ramparoonie special  from 0.375p prior to a 22nd October announcement that “the US retail chain Target Corporation and UK supermarket J Sainsbury plc will stock Fitbug products in their wearables ranges from November 2014” to approaching 8p, Fitbug (FITB) has updated that, noting the recent move in its share price, it “wishes to announce that it continues to trade in line with the board's expectations” before a couple of hours later seemingly being made to further announce that “it knows of no reason for the move in its share price other than its agreements with Target Corporation and J Sainsbury plc to stock Fitbug products in their stores”. Now at 6.22p, capitalising the company at £10.5 million, what is the outlook from here?


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