The explicit signs that a stockmarket crash is on its way... soon

Published 85 days ago

All investors wish that they had a crystal ball to predict when a recession is coming in the US. But there’s one thing, says David Rosenberg, chief economist at Gluskin Sheff that has predicted imminent recessions...

Gold & Silver To End the Year on an Upswing

Published 101 days ago

There were spectacular gains in gold and silver last year and that has affected people’s expectations since most of those gains have now been given up. In the near term we will likely test support at $16 silver and $1200 for gold - that is the warning from gold guru Brad Cooke. But... The Fed has set a course of quarterly rate increases that is faster than economic growth which is a formula for stagflation and recession, when this happens investors holding gold and silver investments will do well.

A US recession is coming, evidence suggests within the next twelve months

Published 275 days ago

Mark Carney isn’t willing to take the blame for the state of the global economy any longer. After months of criticism directed at him and his fellow central banking colleagues across the world for low interest rates and the sluggish pace of growth, the Bank of England governor told U.K. lawmakers in the week that it’s time for them to face up to their role.

14 new Investment ideas in July's UK Investor magazine - get your free copy now

Published 372 days ago

From Gary Newman, Nigel Somerville, Steve Moore and myself there are 14 new investment ideas in the July UK Investor Magazine which is out now. I discuss the spirit of insurgency which caused Brexit and which is powering Donald Trump to the White House and its long term implications as well as the Global Recession which will hit the UK soon and it is nothing to do with Brexit! That and much more is free to read now just click on the link below.

Video: Peter Schiff - US GDP is collapsing, this is dramatic & what it means

Published 388 days ago

You know that libertarian gold bug Peter Schiff is a major hero of mine. In his latest video he shows how real GDP growth is negative, it is collapsing. And that has profound implications for all of us on both sides of the pond. This is cracking stuff from Schiff. Yes we really are in recession already!

The start of the beginning, Golden times and a DIY recession

Published 422 days ago

I have said for a long time that accommodative monetary policy completely removes the burden from politicians that would require them to actually make difficult decisions around fiscal reforms, and now Standard & Poor's is saying the same thing.

Dodgy US jobs numbers try and hide a US economy careering into recession

Published 443 days ago

 Friday's U.S. jobs numbers on close inspection are a hot bed of contradiction and to some a sign that even the US (just as the Chinese do with their GDP numbers) will manipulate official numbers if the stakes are high enough. Officially this month the unemployment rate plunged from 5.0% to 4.7%, the lowest since August 2007- on the surface very attractive. But only 38,000 new jobs were created, as the working age population rose by 205,000 and as the two previous month’s numbers were revised significantly downward, giving evidence that 484,000 people who were unemployed last month are no longer unemployed this month.

Steeling growth - the world cheats towards a global recession

Published 506 days ago

After the stock market crash of 1987, The US Federal Reserve sowed the seeds of the biggest debt bubble in the history of the world and this is now starting to unravel. Protecting wealth is now the order of the day and those who are not positioned for the unfolding events will see their net worth fall sharply and substantially, with very little prospect of a sharp bounce back.

If bond markets are to be believed, the world is heading for a global recession.

Published 562 days ago

No longer able to convince the world it’s got China’s economy under control, the government in Beijing is now using ever do more desperate measures. China’s economic weaknesses have been well documented. Among other things, there are significant amounts of bad debt, a rapidly ageing population, fanciful “official” statistics, growing labour unrest, and a host of inefficient, bloated state-owned enterprises. Of course much of this has been known for years,

After 47 years in finance a few thoughts on the markets

Published 1044 days ago

Thoughts of Oliver Cromwell have come into mind as they - and many other unrelated things - sometimes do. Where are we going was the questioned my mind asked itself? And the once famous but now largely forgotten observation of the great Oliver introduced itself to my thoughts: ‘He goest further who knows not where he goest.”  Or in the words of John Lennon, ‘Life is what happens when you are making plans’. Exactly! 


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