It is easy to see why Ocado is heavily shorted

Published 89 days ago

It isn’t hard to see why shopping delivery firm Ocado (OCDO) is one of the most shorted shares on the market, given its current valuation.

As US Stocks Rally, There's Possibly Still Time to Buy British Shares on the Cheap

Published 97 days ago

Hello, Share Piggies. So I was correct, for a change. The big one-day 1100 point drop in the Dow has almost been mopped up by steadily improving US share prices. It’s nearly always the same down-and-up pattern. Unless we get a real share crash, which this wasn’t.

SpaceandPeople – trading update, still a decent recovery play?

Published 130 days ago

Previously writing on promotional and retail merchandising space-focused SpaceandPeople (SAL) in September with the shares at 35p, I concluded there is obvious risk – particularly with a clearly currently challenging retail backdrop and the recent past. However, the valuation and stated outlook could now tempt a small, speculative buy. I now update on the back of a trading update...

Fishing retailer Angling Direct lists on AIM - but does it offer value?

Published 312 days ago

Following the successful floatation of Fishing Republic (FISH) a couple of years back, it was only a matter of time before one of the other large fishing tackle retailers followed the same route, and we’ve just seen Angling Direct (ANG) list on the AIM market.

Comptoir Group – less than a year after IPO on AIM… a profit warning…

Published 354 days ago

A 10:15am “Trading Update” announcement from restaurant group Comptoir (COM), which IPO’d at 50p per share on AIM less than a year ago. An unusual time for a trading update + a restaurant group, with all the pressures facing that sector currently = I think I can guess much of how the announcement is going to go…

Is GSK's Boat Finally Coming In? It Seems Healthy Enough

Published 360 days ago

Hello Share Shapers. Every so often I look at that great British pharmaceutical giant, GlaxoSmithKline (GSK) and I usually notch it up as a buy. Despite the fact that it has not been quite as successful a punt as I had hoped, I am still well up on my three year old purchase. The dividend, which I have at nearly 5% is also useful. And I was gratified that it was one of the perkiest  Footsie risers on Friday.

Where the US leads we will follow - let's start with a property crash and retail-aggedon

Published 369 days ago

I keep saying this till I am blue in the face but most asset classes are global. The idea, therefore that property prices can crash in New York and San Francisco but just keeo melting upwards in other global cities like London is just nonsense.

Retail-aggedon: where the US leads the UK will follow - superb Peter Schiff podcast

Published 374 days ago

Libertarian gold bug Peter Schiff is a big hero of Tom Winnifrith. He called the 2008 crash and he has also made some duff calls. But what he says about US retail in his latest podcast is fascinating. What happens in the US will wash over to the UK in due course. This is terrifying stuff to listen to.

Fishing Republic: Impressive growth but still looks expensive

Published 395 days ago

Fishing Republic (FISH) is a company that I have been keeping a close eye on ever since it first listed on AIM back in June 2015 and, although I find it hard to see value at the current market cap, it is showing signs that it could grow into it.

Crawshaw – claims “good progress restoring sales momentum”. Hmmm…

Published 542 days ago

Last updating on fresh meat and food-to-go retailer, Crawshaw (CRAW) in September as the shares fell below 35p I particularly noted a first 7 weeks of the second half -15.8% like-for-like sales setback. With the company noting a further share price decline towards 20p, there is now a further “Trading update”

Boohoo goes from “not wildly overpriced” to “looks rather overpriced”

Published 605 days ago

Shares in boohoo (BOO) have continued to storm higher since I covered them last month, and have crossed the psychological 100p mark on an intraday basis following the release of today’s interim results. With a £1.1 billion market cap, it is perhaps time to get off this particular train.

SpaceandPeople – half-year results suggest it’ll be profit warning ahoy!

Published 606 days ago

Shares in shopping centre and other high footfall venue promotional and retail company SpaceandPeople (SAL) currently trade approaching 30% lower, at well below 30p, on the back of its results for the first half of 2016. Let’s take a look…

Fitbug – half-year results claim “encouraging progress” & “confident”. Really?

Published 610 days ago

Fitbug (FITB) has announced results for the first half of 2016, including claiming that its “strategy has seen encouraging progress… with our additional working capital and reduced levels of debt following our successful fundraise in July, the board is confident as to the company's future prospects”. The shares have lapped it up by approaching 12%, to 0.28p, but is there really “encouraging progress” and ‘confidence’ here? ...

French Connection - Is It Safe?

Published 611 days ago

It’s time for another reference to share blogging supremo Paul Scott, who wrote in some detail on the subject of French Connection yesterday. While I share much of his perspective on this, I wonder if the bulls here might not be overly confident in their belief that the company is safe.

Vipera – if at first they aren’t as receptive as you’d hoped, announce the news again! ...

Published 616 days ago

After an announcement last week claiming an “exciting development” in the French market helped shares in the company higher to 5.25p, we’ve this week had another announcement from Vipera (VIP); “Broadened Customer Engagement Solutions Offering”. Hmmm…

I don't see further share price upside for Fishing Republic from here

Published 621 days ago

As someone who works in the fishing tackle industry as my day job, and have done so for nearly 20 years, I watched with interest as the first retailer in the sector floated on the AIM market last June.

What's going on at Game? Bankruptcy looming again? Or a screaming buy?

Published 622 days ago

It doesn’t seem long ago that Game (GAME) went into administration. Amazingly, the company floated again within a very short period of time, and since then the share price has again been hurting investors. Could history be set to repeat itself?

Victoria - The Never Ending Success Story

Published 623 days ago

Excuse the title, but it seems to represent the state of play at Victoria plc (VCP). The company held its AGM this morning and accompanied it with a statement to shareholders to the effect that everything is fine. Not bad for a stock which has been an 8-bagger in just two years!

Waiting patiently for a Joules buying opportunity

Published 625 days ago

Shares in Joules (JOUL) surged over the past few days in anticipation of the company’s annual results, issued today. They are indeed about as strong as anybody could have predicted.

H&T’s Interim Results show timely expansion, profits up 42% - Buy!

Published 647 days ago

I’ve argued previously that H&T (HAT) was a great way to buy into a classic financial business with sound management and the added bonus of a positive gold price correlation. This morning, the company announced interim results which will see me continuing to hold on to my position.

boohoo – this won’t end in tears, merely frustration for the impatient

Published 654 days ago

My friend Paul Scott made a brilliant call to buy boohoo (BOO) shares with conviction at 24p, shortly after a profit warning in January 2015. With the shares surging to 80p now, it’s been an incredibly successful trade.

Here's Another Over-Sold Brexit Beauty Which Could Rally fast.

Published 668 days ago

Hello Share Swashers. We all know that shares in Britain took a tumble on June 24 when the Brexit vote was announced. But then many shares recovered. Most property and building stocks, however, did not. So in my view, as the results of Brexit will become clearer later on and will be favourable, property shares are probably now one of the biggest bargains out there. Though of course, if you still fear the exit from Europe, then you won’t agree with me.

Conviviality - Final results do little to dispel sense of risk

Published 676 days ago

Shares in Conviviality (CVR) are up by over 10% to nearly 200p today, although they are still somewhat lower than when I covered the company in May. The final results published this morning suggest that investors should continue to be very cautious about making an investment here

Mothercare - The turnaround story which might finally be on the turn

Published 678 days ago

Mothercare (MTC) has been a potential turnaround story for the past several years, and has doubtless tried the patience of many long-suffering investors. Thursday saw the release of a Q1 trading update.

SuperGroup still growing, maiden dividend announced

Published 680 days ago

SuperGroup (SGP), purveyor of the SuperDry brand, is up 15% today on the back of encouraging final results. The brand is not short of sceptics but its results are doing most of the talking for the time being.

Burberry - New CEO gives the stock a major boost, optimism returns

Published 681 days ago

Burberry (BRBY) has just issued a first-quarter trading update, which does little to alleviate the sense that trading remains difficult. But the market is also digesting the announcement of a new CEO and management structure, which is arguably much more important than short-term trading results. What does this mean for the shares?

Fitbug Holdings – rescue fundraising & debt-for-equity swap

Published 695 days ago

Long-time cash burning machine (sorry, “technology developer and digital wellness pioneer”), Fitbug Holdings (FITB) “is pleased to announce a proposed equity fundraising… and loan capitalisation”. Hmmm…

Brexit - The Shares Which Could Rise and Those that May Fall.

Published 697 days ago

Hello Share Dollies. We are entering the uncharted waters of Brexit. But captains of ships still have a raft (sic) of experience to draw upon, even when you don’t have a map. This is how Columbus discovered the Colonies. One thing - and they’re aren’t many of them - how I score over the vast majority of my colleagues is long experience of what has previously happened in our great game. I have observed the charts, day in day out for so many years that the only interruption of my studies is the couple of weeks when I courted Ann Boleyn.

Joules - Growth but not necessarily value

Published 703 days ago

Premium lifestyle brand Joules (JOUL) is one of the freshest arrivals to the AIM market. Along with Hotel Chocolat (HOTC), Joules has been recognised as one of the higher-quality names to opt for AIM in recent months, and a sign that the junior market is still capable of attracting highly investable companies.

Havelock Europa - Latest developments with AGM and share sale

Published 710 days ago

Last month, I brought to readers’ attention the binary outcome facing investors at Havelock Europa (HVE), which must surely be worth multiples of the current share price if it can ever stage a successful turnaround. We have not had to wait long for further news.

I'm totally baffled by the current Koovs valuation!

Published 714 days ago

Online fashion retailer Koovs PLC (KOOV) is one of those companies where the market valuation continues to baffle me, and I can’t see any reason currently why the share price should be anywhere near as high as it is.

Sainsbury's does vinyl..are the shares a hit or a flop?

Published 716 days ago

If you are interested in retail shares then one of the more sensible uses of your research time would be to become familiar with the output of Kantar. Even for cheapskates like me there is a reasonable flow of free insights from the business research consultancy to provide a bit of colour. 

Havelock Europa - A Binary Outcome Beckons

Published 729 days ago

Interior fit-out contractor Havelock Europa (HVE) published its annual report today, putting colour and detail on 2015’s annual results. This has been an unprofitable business in recent years but the low market cap should be of interest to value investors as it attempts to stage a turnaround.

NewRiver Retail - A REIT for Bullish Income Investors

Published 730 days ago

NewRiver Retail (NRR), the AIM-listed real estate investment trust focused on the retail sector, has announced its annual results this morning. It marks the latest chapter in a stock which is likely to land in mainstream ETFs and funds later in the year.

Sports Direct will drop lower on FTSE100 relegation - sell

Published 817 days ago

Sports Direct (SPD) has had a very bad few months, during which time it has seen around 40% wiped off of its market valuation.

Tom Winnifrith Thinkathon: futurology, publishing, Bulletin Boards, Malcolm Stacey, retail

Published 886 days ago

My sleep patterns disrupted by a late night screening of Star Wars and ealy morning writing to accomodate the travel arrangements of pizza Hardman Darren Atwater, I have only just woken up. The Mrs is out at a party with some Krauts and so I engage in a few reflections on a changing world and how that affects work and investment decisions. Malcolm Stacey is the cue...

This Thrilling Website's Assessed a Few High Street Stores, Recently. So What Next? - Next.

Published 889 days ago

Hello Share Scrimpers. I think all those dire predictions for the end of high street shopping have been overdone. The internet may be scooping up a lot of the Christmas custom. But we should never forget that tons of that profitable traffic is linked to the big retail stores anyway.

Discount store spending confessional…but avoid Poundland shares

Published 973 days ago

Dear readers…time for another confession.  I may have over the last few months enjoyed shopping at my local 99p Store snaffling a bargain or ten (£9.91 worth!) of relatively near-date cereal, biscuits and chocolate not to mention various household goods. 

Tom Winnifrith BearCast December 28 - Retail Gloom, Liquidity Events and Christmas Pudding 3

Published 1244 days ago

I am now preparing for my third Christmas lunch. Duck, goat now goose. Each time followed by Christmas pudding. Ahead of that "treat" I reflect on possible liquidity events next week, tips of the year, Avanti Communications, Quindell, why I am bearish short and medium term, the folly of just publishing buy tips and question why anyone invests in retail any more. I just do not get it.

MySale Group – full-year results, smoother progress since turbulent IPO?

Published 1337 days ago

MySale Group (MYSL), which has established, online flash retail sales sites in Australia, New Zealand and South-East Asia and an expanding international presence has announced a first set of results (for its year ended 30th June 2014) since its far from smooth IPO in the same month. Do these suggest smoother progress now?

Marks & Spencer – 20% upside in share price at 445p

Published 1460 days ago

Researcher Edison has published a non-commissioned report on retail giant Marks & Spencer (MKS) arguing that a recovery story is emerging. The report suggests this will be “evolution not revolution” – i.e. not rapid but suggests that the shares are undervalued at a 445p share price.

ASOS plc – ‘the internet premium’ challenged

Published 1471 days ago

I first commented on ASOS plc (ASC) on this website at around this time last year – concluding, with the shares then at 3755p, that despite the growth being recorded and growth potential, the valuation looked incredibly stretched to me – see HERE. In February this year the shares reached 7050p. The following updates with them now back to levels of May 2013 and following the recent publication of a consumer sector report by researchers Edison entitled ‘Challenging the internet premium’.


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