Eagle Eye Solutions – News America Marketing partnership “exciting”… or an RNS Reach ramp?

Published 11 days ago

Shares in SaaS marketing technology group Eagle Eye Solutions (EYE) are currently approaching 7% higher on the day, above 160p, on the back of a partnership announcement with News America Marketing…

PCI-PAL – “Extends Global Cloud Beyond UK & US”; a conveniently timed announcement?

Published 17 days ago

Shares in “secure payments provider” PCI-PAL (PCIP) are currently more than 5% higher today, above 20p, on the back of an announcement; “PCI Pal Extends Global Cloud Beyond UK & US”

Integumen – as the shares slide… an RNS Reach. Hmmm…

Published 65 days ago

Previously writing on Integumen (SKIN) last week it was issues a speeding ticket… the shares go still faster! – they then heading towards 2.40p. They went on to more than 2.50p, before this week falling back – and today a further ‘Labskin’ update…

Brave Bison – update as shares a further 6.5% higher on RNS Reach announcement!

Published 78 days ago

Brave Bison (BBSN) is “delighted” with a deal with The PGA Tour to “include YouTube channel management, digital rights management, and content strategy development”… and the shares have currently responded a further 6.5% higher, to 3.3p…

LightwaveRF – discounted fundraising “to continue to scale the business… and provide working capital”. Really?!

Published 85 days ago

“LightwaveRF (AIM: LWRF), the leading smart homes solutions provider, is pleased to announce that… it has successfully raised gross proceeds of £2.50 million through a placing of, and a subscription for, an aggregate of 29,411,780 new ordinary shares at a price of 8.5 pence per share”. Hmmm…

LightwaveRF – “pleased to announce”… RNS Reach announcements. Hmmm…

Published 101 days ago

LightwaveRF (LWRF) has this week followed a “Partnership with Honeywell Home by Resideo” RNS Reach announcement from last week with a “UK consumers connect with the Smart family” such announcement. Hmmm…

Mobile Streams – “initiative in Indonesia” announcement is re. services not yet launched. Hmmm…

Published 123 days ago

“new market initiative in Indonesia” announcement from Mobile Streams (MOS), including CEO Simon Buckingham arguing, having “considered a number of markets to complement Latin America and India… we strongly believe that Indonesia, a sizable market with a population of over 250 million, provides the best opportunity to achieve positive results in both the short and long term”. Hmmm…

ECSC Group – “Managed Services Contract Win” RNS Reach, time for an attempted ramparoonie?

Published 128 days ago

“Managed Services Contract Win” from ECSC Group (ECSC) – and the shares have responded more than 10% higher to 77.5p. But it’s an RNS Reach - i.e. “non-regulatory news releases such as marketing messages, corporate and product information” - announcement. Hmmm…

Haydale – after yesterday’s selling news, yet another RNS Reach

Published 131 days ago

I see that AIM-listed Haydale (HAYD) has released yet another RNS Reach to tell of an eighteen month supply agreement. The shares have jumped once again, by 12%, But, of course, it is an RNS Reach and thus should be viewed as a marketing, rather than anything significant such as mega-earnings.

Mobile Streams – partnership with Reliance Jio ‘delight’, but financials?...

Published 139 days ago

Mobile Streams (MOS) is “delighted to be partnering with the world's fastest growing telecom company, Reliance Jio… India's largest 4G network”. However, it’s an RNS Reach announcement…

Haydale: PMDRs selling out, take note!

Published 149 days ago

I have been calling AIM-listed Haydale lower from 78p last June, in the wake of a nasty profit warning. Since then we have had two more, and even the company’s paid-for ramper research company Hardman admits the company needs more cash but Haydale sat on its hands instead of biting the bullet until raising a pitiful £250,00 in a placing at 20p shortly before Christmas and kicked the can down the road with a further £750,000 loan (at 11% interest).

Haydale – ANOTHER RNS Reach!! Pre bailout placing ramp in full swing!

Published 177 days ago

AIM-listed purveyor of all things graphene, Haydale (HAYD) has been on an RNS Reach-fest, the latest of which came this morning. Of course, RNS Reach announcement are by definition immaterial and are best viewed as free advertising. But the market has bought into the ramp and the shares are markedly up on the 12p low point they reached when it emerged – along with proft warning No. 3 in six months – that Haydale had been unable to raise loan finance it had planned to. The stock is now up at 36.5p – still a long way down from the 78p at which I wrote about the company last June.

Mobile Streams – ramptastic user number RNS Reach. Hmmm, why now I wonder?

Published 183 days ago

“MOS welcome the 6 millionth user”-titled announcement from Mobile Streams (MOS) sounds ramptastic… and it’s an RNS Reach (“non-regulatory news releases such as marketing messages, corporate and product information”). Alarm bells ringing…

Haydale – another RNS Reach, no numbers. Desperate stuff

Published 187 days ago

AIM-listed and almost out of cash Haydale (HAYD) has issued yet another RNS Reach, this time to tell us that it has signed an exclusive deal with TKS Siampress Management for an anti-counterfeiting product. Whoopie doo – but there are, predictably, no numbers offered. And an RNS Reach is for news which is, effectively, not material.

Tungsten Corp – now a “secures SdI registration in Italy” RNS Reach. Hmmm…

Published 190 days ago

Tungsten Corp (TUNG) has emphasised “a significant step” with its certification as an authorised intermediary of the Italian tax authority (‘Sistema di Interscambio, SdI). This following it emphasising “appoints new SVP global sales” earlier this week. Hmmm, anything else behind this recent newsflow?...

LightwaveRF – distribution agreement with “high-profile retailer” Dixons Carphone. Great news? Er…

Published 192 days ago

LightwaveRF (LWRF) is “delighted to have signed an agreement with another high-profile retailer… the leading smart home solutions provider, is pleased to announce a distribution agreement with Dixons Carphone”. Great news? Er…

Brave Bison – agreement with Snapchat, why have the shares not reacted as previously?

Published 206 days ago

I’ve warned earlier this year on RNS Reach ramparoonies which took shares in Brave Bison Group (BBSN) to 3.55p and towards 3p – they previously closing at 1.45p. Now a further RNS Reach; “Brave Bison is now on Snapchat”

LightwaveRF – another RNS Reach from it, another warning to investors from me

Published 215 days ago

“LightwaveRF plc (LWRF), the leading smart home solutions provider, is pleased to announce that the Tech Industry ratings publication Trusted Reviews has described Lightwave as a stand out system”. Hmmmmmm…

Haydale – gets a grant, shares race ahead 21%. A good opportunity to get out!

Published 224 days ago

AIM-listed Haydale (HAYD) has announced that it has got a grant of £120,000 from a package worth £249,600 and the shares have raced ahead by 21% to 32p. Of course, the RNS announcing the funding was an RNS reach and therefore does not affect the dire financial position of the company, which I fear may be doomed. Shareholders would be well advised to look skywards in gratitude and view the rise as a welcome opportunity to exit.

Dillistone – emphasises GatedTalent ‘momentum’, but how are the financials?

Published 227 days ago

Dillistone Group (DSG) has announced “GatedTalent registers 20,000th executive member” - including “having launched the innovative executive database at the end of 2017, the pace of registrations has increased considerably with the momentum achieved seeing two considerable milestones being passed in quick succession. The 10,000th registration was registered in August 2018, with the 20,000th being achieved approximately two months later”. Sounds good, but what about financials?...

Ilika – Ramptastic RNS Reach from long-time loss-making Purdy & the bonus people

Published 235 days ago

Shares in Ilika (IKA) are currently 15% higher on the day, heading towards 20p, on the back of an announcement of “Pre-launch samples of mm-scale batteries shipped”. However, I immediately note the announcement is an ‘RNS Reach’ rather than a formal RNS. Hmmm…

Directa Plus – do road test & CEO share purchase merit the shares soaring?

Published 241 days ago

Writing on graphene-based products company Directa Plus (DCTA) in June I questioned significant commercial progress? The shares have though soared today on “World's First Road Surface Containing Graphene” and “Director/PDMR Shareholding” announcements from the company…

Brave Bison – shares stomp ahead… but it’s an RNS Reach ramparoonie AGAIN!

Published 261 days ago

In May I warned on shares in Brave Bison (BBSN) at 3.55p; shares in loss-maker soar on RNS Reach ramparoonie, with a new broker recently appointed. Hmmm!. They closed yesterday at 1.5p, but are currently again heading towards 3p on the back of another RNS Reach!...

Jaywing – “a number of key client wins and service expansions”. How key?

Published 269 days ago

Jaywing (JWNG), the self-described “data driven, insight and creative agency”, is “delighted to see the fruits of our labour across so many diverse clients and industries” with “a number of key client wins and service expansions”. How key though?...

7digital – “Triller contract win”. Ramptastic?

Published 281 days ago

Shares in 7digital Group (7DIG) are currently on the rise after it has followed much-delayed 2017 results yesterday, with a “Triller contract win” announcement today…

Tern – yet another placing (told ya!) and investee InVMA goes shopping

Published 304 days ago

Time to get out the ouzo, for AIM-listed jam-tomorrow investment company Tern plc (TERN) has raided the bucket shops once again – this time raising £2.9 million (before expenses) at 26p, a discount of 21%. In a separate announcement, we are also told that investee company InVMA has been shopping – but no financials are offered and I fancy that is because the purchase is quite insignificant - it was, after all, an RNS Reach.

Haydale – another RNS Reach……when’s the placing?

Published 310 days ago

AIM-listed Haydale (HAYD) has issued another RNS Reach announcement to add to the one released on June 19th. But we all know (don’t we?) that RNS Reach announcements are effectively marketing ploys, not hard news of cashflow. And we also know that Haydale has to get a placing away in order to get its accounts signed off as a going concern.

Interserve - £35m contract: whoopiedoo, but it is insignificant

Published 317 days ago

When I first commented last October 15th on fully listed Interserve (IRV), it was sacking its old board and in a financial mess, and the shares were around £1. I said sell – and glory be, the shares sit this morning at about 60p after an RNS telling us of a new £35 million contract. The RNS strikes me as getting any good news out it can.

Haydale: “Strong Commercial Progress”? No - Red Flags ahoy, it’s a pre-placing ramp.

Published 341 days ago

AIM-listed Haydale (HAYD) has offered the market an RNS this morning describing “Strong Commercial Progress”. Bearing in mind the profit warning of last week, and the inevitability of another bailout placing one wonders if this marks the appearance of pastures new in the distance, or whether it is just a pre-placing ramp.

Brave Bison – shares in loss-maker soar on RNS Reach ramparoonie, with a new broker recently appointed. Hmmm!

Published 368 days ago

Having not been above 1.5p in over a year and previously closed at 0.775p, shares in Brave Bison (BBSN) have soared to a current 3.55p on the back of an announcement entitled “World's 3rd biggest digital media publisher”. I immediately note it’s an RNS Reach announcement though – i.e. non-regulatory and thus is clearly ramptastic…

HaloSource - Africa launch ‘news’… but what about the cash crunch ahoy?

Published 537 days ago

HaloSource (HALO) has announced that “its patented, best-in-class HaloPure disinfection technology is being utilised to power a line of purifying pitchers sold in retail outlets across South Africa by H20 International… Marks the first sale of HaloPure-powered devices on the African continent” - and the shares have currently responded more than 15% higher towards 2p. Ramptastic!...

HaloSource – shares soar on water bottle agreement, turnaround time for this Woodford dog then? Er…

Published 610 days ago

Shares in HaloSource (HALO) are currently around 20% ahead on the day, heading towards 2p, on the back of an “Agreement with Seven Step Ecotech” announcement. Turnaround time for this Woodford dog then? Er…

EU Supply – does “Contract win” merit a 12% share price rise?

Published 646 days ago

Having reached 18p last month, shares in e-procurement software provider EU Supply (EUSP) had slipped back slightly – but are currently further higher on the back of a “Contract win” announcement. This following a trading update earlier in the month…

Proxama – not just “New Contracts”, but new “revenue generating contracts”. Ooooh…

Published 730 days ago

Having recently concluded on Proxama (PROX), the explicit inclusion of “should it require further working capital” suggests to me it very much will, I note an announcement today that the company “is pleased to announce four revenue generating contracts for its Proximity Marketing and Data Division”“Revenue generating” rather than any useful financial information hey? And an ‘RNS Reach’ (i.e. not regulatorily significant) announcement hey? Ramptastic!...

MediaZest – “Significant Project Completion” ramparoonie (Oops, sorry) ‘announcement’

Published 747 days ago

“Significant Project Completion” announcement sees shares in MediaZest (MDZ) currently around 30% higher on the day. Oh, it’s a “Non-regulatory”, RNS Reach ramparoonie (Oops, sorry) ‘announcement’…

Fitbug – shares up on another RNS Reach announcement, but complete ramparoonies now limited?

Published 774 days ago

In a “non-regulatory RNS Reach communication”, Fitbug (FITB) “is pleased to announce a customer renewal for wellbeing services with a large financial institution”. Wow, a renewal hey – this following recently announced 2016 results showing a more than £3 million net cash outflow before new financing on reduced revenue of £1.1 million

blur Group – another contender for most ridiculous announcement of the year?

Published 779 days ago

Previously commenting on blur Group (BLUR) I noted CEO Letts & co excelling themselves with a leading contender for ‘Ramparoonie RNS of the Year’. We today have a “blur engaged with UK County Council” announcement. Surely not again…

Fitbug – “New client contract win” announcement… but before getting excited…

Published 822 days ago

Fitbug (FITB) has made a “New client contract win” announcement. Unfortunately for it however, a previous RNS Reach farce looks to have hindered a ramparoonie…

Fitbug – this time RNS Reach joke (sorry, ‘announcement’) seen for what it is

Published 828 days ago

Having seen its shares soar last month on its previous RNS Reach announcement, enabling a placing before the shares completely slumped back, Fitbug (FITB) has now released another – claiming it “would like to share some insights and findings from a recent case study, following a pilot wellness programme with MTR Crossrail”...

Fitbug – shares soar (before suspension) on an RNS Reach ramparoonie

Published 858 days ago

On the back of an RNS Reach (i.e. not even deemed to merit a main RNS) announcement, shares in “digital wellness technology provider” Fitbug Holdings (FITB) roofed it to be 370% higher, at 0.775p, before a suspension of trading was announced. Hmmm…

Ergomed receives a "buy" recommendation - You is avin a giraffe gents: sell

Published 982 days ago

Ergomed (ERGO) receives a "buy" recommendation is the headline of the RNS Reach that has just gone out. It is very unusual to announce a broker report so I had a butchers at the RNS Reach - a Reach is an announcement the Nomad deems not to be price sensitive. Read on and you see why.

FastForward – Uber ramp as new Nomad/Broker signals Placing Ahoy

Published 1088 days ago

I have a few questions to add to Tom Winnifrith’s and Cynical Bear’s coverage of the fine outfit that is AIM-listed FastForward Innovations Ltd (FFWD). I’m sure there are perfectly reasonable explanations, but perhaps the company might like to share them – especially with a placing so obviously on the way as the (re-) renewal of what was once the AIM-China play called London Asia Chinese Private Equity Fund (CGOP) continues.

Pointless PR Puffery RNS of the day: ServicePower Technology – when’s the placing?

Published 1311 days ago

Hmmm. Seven – yes, SEVEN RNS Reach releases since the start of H2 (July 1). That’s the running score with AIM-listed ServicePower Technology (SVR). It is almost one per fortnight. Surely there is no attempt to pump up the share price ahead of a placing, is there? Oh hang on, what do we find in the interims which were published on deadline day?

UPDATED: Pointless PR puffery RNS of the day – NetDimensions: when’s the Placing?

Published 1314 days ago

I had to laugh out loud when I read this morning’s RNS Reach from AIM-listed NetDimensions (NETD). It is normally a pretty bad sign when a company announces that it has won some sort of spurious award, but this really takes the biscuit. You see, it is not even NetDimensions that has won it: it is one of its clients!  The update is the figures from the balance sheet - far, far worse than my first reading.

Frontera – good news? Or just a pre-placing ramp?

Published 1325 days ago

AIM-listed Frontera Resources Corporation (FRR) issued a long and detailed RNS regarding its operations in Georgia this morning. It seems to offer a rose-tinted view of the world: could it be that this is a good moment to be buying the shares, then? There is much to like, as the company trumpets a significant upgrade to gas resources associated with its ongoing exploration and production efforts in the country of Georgia. Or is it just a pre-placing ramp?

Tom Winnifrith BearCast - 17 May

Published 1469 days ago

In this podcast I look at three issues: the abuse of the RNS Reach system - something I touched on earlier HERE - and why it needs scrapping; Worthington and all the stink around Frankfurt listings and finally the shameless folk at Thomas Cook.

Touchstone Gold - No-one is watching O'clock placing & translation service

Published 1470 days ago

Since 23 March Touchstone Gold (TGL) has realeased 4 RNS Reach statements. An RNS Reach is a statement that is not financially material but allows company's to ramp their shares bu hoodwinking mug punters into thinking that they are of great import. And the 4 releases were indeed true ramperoonie drivel. The shares responded heading up to 0.9p to buy so guess what happened next?

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast Special: How to lie and mislead investors via RNS and RNS Reach

Published 1622 days ago

Just a quick podcast special looking at how companies lie and mislead investors via RNS and also RNS Reach. The latter & its true (lack of) import is explained. Case studies Blur, Optimal Payments, Quindell (natch) and Outsourcery

Tom Winnifrith's BearCast 20th November from the Greek Hovel

Published 1647 days ago

I have finally made it to the Greek Hovel but have faced a few logistics issues. But i am now online and cracking on and so BearCast is back and normal service resumes tomorrow. In today's podcast I cover Globo, Outsourcery, Quindell, African Minerals, what is an RNS Reach and a liquidity event.

PR spinning, share price obsession, misleading investors – Avanti Communicatons, look to sell on Monday results

Published 1714 days ago

Avanti Communications (AVN) is a Bulletin Board darling which spews out more than its fair share of Red flag warnings. Its obsession with its share price is understandable given that it needs to get away yet another equity fundraising within 12 months. And hence I draw your attention to a release issued on Friday.


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