Telit - any chance of an update on the BAMES 16m Euro criminal investigation in Italy?

Published 6 days ago

You might have thought that the 1991 Boston Real Estate fraud was the only brush Telit Communications (TCM) boos Oozi Cats/ Uzi Katz had enjoyed with the law. Think again. Though there has been no RNS from Telit on the matter of the BAMES bankruptcy which saw 1400 Italians lose their jobs and a massive criminal investigation, perhaps it might give us an update now.

Octagonal - First gazette for Company Strike off - is there an RNS due perhaps?

Published 37 days ago

Any company employing disgraced Nilesh Jagathia of Teathers infamy is a good bet either to go tits up or to get into a spot of bother for not filing documents properly at Companies House. And that brings us to Octagonal (OCT) PLC where clueless Nilesh does the books.

Exclusive: Watchstone flogs another business back to the old Quenron gang - when will it tell the market?

Published 38 days ago

Suffice to say the big winners from this transaction are the old gang, the associates of the King of the fraudsters Robert Simon Terry, not shareholders in Watchstone (WTG), Quindell (QPP) as was. But its remiss of the new team at Quenron not to keep you updated. So let me assist.

Advanced Oncotherapy - the ramps become ever more pathetic - today's reeks of desperation

Published 42 days ago

The stench of desperation at AIM POS Advanced Oncotherapy (AVO) is overpowering.It knows that insolvency looms, that the money is running out fast ( within weeks?) and that a blizzard of share sales from death spiral provider Bracknor will obliterate the share price in the last few days. The board know it. The advisers must know it. But they cannot bring themselves to admit it. The pretence goes on for a while yet. And thus today we have an RNS.

Magnolia Petroleum - why Rita Whittingham must be fired Part 3 - duping mug punters

Published 59 days ago

Earlier today i showed how Magnolia Petroleum (MAGP) has become a gravy train not just for CEO, not so lovely Rita Whittingham, but for her extended family as well. But when the operations are not generating cash how to fund the gravy train? Shimples: pump the stock with misleading RNS statements and do a discounted placing. Rinse and repeat. Want an example (for there are many)? Here goes.

SCANDAL: Redx Pharma – goes tits up & blames thieving scousers, just 3 months after raising £12m

Published 83 days ago

It seems to be perfectly acceptable for companies on the Casino to complete fundraisings inadequate to see them solvent. Yesterday at 4.22pm shares in AIM-listed Redx Pharma (REDX) were suspended “pending an announcement” by AIM Regulation (the RNS following at 4.35pm – bit of a rush there fellas?) At no-one-is-watching o’clock (6.35pm: after-after-hours) the company announced that administrators had been appointed - just 3 months after the company had apparently raised £12 million in a placing and open offer. Coke and hookers all round for the Nomad and Brokers concerned. Stale bread and water for those sold this particular pup.

Advanced Oncotherapy – yet another director ponies up, EGM seemingly avoided and Bracknor converts. Most bizarre

Published 91 days ago

Well this is most bizarre! Lobster-potted Bracknor has converted another lump of its death-spiral loan notes. That, of course, is not a great surprise until you study the detail of yesterday morning’s announcement from AIM-listed Advanced Oncotherapy (AVO), where we discover that the conversion shares have been issued not at the lowest daily volume-weighted average price of the past 15 days (21.35p) as per previously announced conversion terms, but at 25p (par price of the shares). Why has Bracknor elected to pay a 17% premium?

Photonstar LED – after-hours monster-discount placing. Anything to see here Guv?

Published 104 days ago

AIM-listed Photonstar LED (PSL) was the subject last week, in the wake of a rampfest RNS, of a Steve Moore conclusion of no financials, no cash, avoid. How bang-on-the-(lack of)-money, for last night the company – well after-hours at 5.24pm – announced a massively discounted keep-the-lights-on placing for a paltry £465,000 at an even more paltry 1.25p – vs a 2nd May closing price of 2.85p and yesterday of over 3p. Nice work. Now take a peek at the share price and volume chart of yesterday, courtesy of ADVFN. Surely it could not be that there was mass forward-selling of placing shares between 8am and 3pm?

Advanced Oncotherapy – another spoof from the kings of spoofery as this time Exec Chairman buys

Published 111 days ago

Well that explains it then! Yesterday I noted my amazement that AIM-listed Advanced Oncotherapy (AVO) had issued yet another ramparoonie director share purchase RNS on Tuesday and that the shares had raced back above not only the all-important 27.5p mark, but above 30p. Now we know why: Executive Chairman Dr Michael Sinclair was in the market filling his boots with 200,000 shares  at an average price of 30.44p. Shame he didn’t pile in when the shares were hovering around the 26p mark so as to save himself a few quid.

Filthy Forty Taihua – shares fall after GM approves delisting, but massive sudden surge today

Published 113 days ago

ShareProphets AIM-China Filthy Forty play Taihua (TAIH) announced last Friday that the EGM called to approve the company’s proposed delisting from the AIM Casino had passed the proposals with the requisite majority. The shares are expected to depart the world’s most successful (but perhaps not for Taihua) growth market first thing on 8 May. In the wake of the announcement – at 4.15pm last Friday, bordering on no-one-is-watching o’clock - the shares again nose-dived, registering a new low of 0.1p on the bid yesterday, but all of a sudden the stock is on the rampage this morning. What is going on?

Advanced Oncotherapy – ANOTHER RNS mess-up!

Published 132 days ago

Following the botched Director Dealings RNS of Tuesday, this afternoon AIM-listed Advanced Oncotherapy has ‘fessed up to another foul-up. This time it refers to an RNS released way back on November 7th last year when the company announced that it had issued 266,668 new shares from the exercise of options at 87.5p per share. Except that it hadn’t.

Advanced Oncotherapy – another SPOOOOOOOOOF and a screwed up RNS: KEEP SELLING

Published 133 days ago

It seems that AIM-listed Advanced Oncotherapy (AVO) is so desperate to get out any good news it can that it rushed out an RNS yesterday morning to notify the market of director buying and got the numbers wrong. Oops. Great work in checking and verifying there by Nomad Stockdale Securities.

Milestone – AGM statement ignores the Elephant in the room: WHEN’S THE BLOODY PLACING?

Published 139 days ago

AIM-listed Milestone Group (MSG) has released an AGM statement – but it is not the voting result, it is the Chairman’s statement – to be delivered by Deborah White, who is (corporate governance Red Flag) also CEO. Of course, some of us think that there should have been a change at the helm some while back in the midst of the non-arrival of placing funds scandal which the company was, to say the least, tardy about ‘fessing up to. 

Servision – Hurrah! A TR-1 from Cascade. But if it walks like a spoof and quacks like a spoof…..

Published 140 days ago

So after all the questions, AIM-listed Servision (SEV) has provided answers. The AIM Rule 26 pages have been updated (after a year, vs 6-months under AIM rules), the personal guarantee of head honcho Gidon Tahan to white knight investors Cascade has been clarified and yesterday lunchtime we even had a TR-1 showing that Cascade was indeed holding the shares issued to it at over 400% of the previously prevailing share price ahead of the announcement of the funding package. But I still think the whole deal is a massive spoof and here is why.

Igas – more details on proposed refinancing, but has the company got enough bondholder support?

Published 159 days ago

Having (quite correctly) been an out-and-out bear of AIM-listed and overindebted Igas Energy (IGAS) ever since we exposed the dealings of former trougher-in-chief Andrew “Piggy” Austin (before he was shown to the edge of the plank) the potential demise of the company has been on the radar. Here are ShareProphets we have flagged up the eventual destination of massive dilution for shareholders or just a round of toast and the company duly served up proposals for a refinancing at 4.5p. I’m still not completely convinced the board will pull off this deal but despite the dilution the terms proposed look to be a remarkable achievement by the new board – IF it can get it over the line.

Eden Research – what’s with this Oxford Capital announcement? It’s dissolved – who got the warrants?

Published 160 days ago

Eden Research (EDEN) yesterday released an odd RNS. Not so unusual was a statement of total voting rights. But it also contained a statement of outstanding warrants and options. Was the company trying to bury something whilst the city was watching yesterday’s Budget statement? At the centre of this lies Oxford Capital Limited, which was dissolved and struck off on 31 January of this year.

Bowleven – did Artemis plunge the knife before bailing out to Crown and if so where is the TR-1?

Published 160 days ago

A brief line in an announcement by Crown Ocean has caught my eye in the latest twist in the battle to remove the useless board of AIM-listed Bowleven (BLVN). The board’s supposedly flagship farm-out transaction, with which CEO Kevin Hart expressed pleasure, seems to me have placed a maximum valuation of around $25 million on the company’s $100 million spent on Bomono. But I wonder whether major institution Artemis has sold out of the 14 million shares the market was told it held on Monday. If so, where is the TR-1, and did Artemis vote the shares against the board ahead of selling them to Crown Ocean? 

blur Group – CEO Letts & co excel themselves with a leading contender for ‘Ramparoonie RNS of the Year’

Published 162 days ago

Having last month failed to ignite the share price with a ramptastic “blur engaged with Top 100 UK law firm” announcement, blur Group (BLUR) has had much more success today – on the back of a “blur engaged with Global Electronics Group” announcement, the shares currently 200%+ higher at above 20p…

Optibiotix - product launch and dumbf**k email

Published 167 days ago

An early contender for the most idiotic email of the day has just arrived. It compared an RNS out this morning from Optibiotix (OPTI) about launching new products and pushing existing ones to the sort of RNS that the recently suspended fraud Cloudtag (CTAG) used to issue. It is hard to know what to say in the face of such stupidity. There is a clear difference.

Servision – come on Nomad Allenby, the silence is deafening

Published 170 days ago

AIM-listed Servision (SEV) has some questions to answer. I hope it is currently answering them to its Nomad Allenby Capital and that we will have a statement shortly. Having announced a funding deal with US-based Cascade (which has nothing to do with Bill Gates) which seemed way too good to be true – at over 400% of the previously prevailing share price – backed by a personal guarantee from chairman and CEO Gidon Tahan, the nature of that guarantee became rather murky on Friday when it emerged after-hours that he had put up his entire shareholding as security. On what terms?

SCANDAL? Filthy Forty Taihua – Tender Offer at 3.28p sees Chairman dump the lot - at 200p?

Published 175 days ago

Shares in ShareProphets AIM-China Filthy Forty play Taihua (TAIH) are unchanged this morning on news of the result of its Tender Offer at 3.28p - paid for from the Open Offer last summer and conducted through the good offices of former Casino poster-boy and former Nomad Daniel Stewart (DAN). But we also see that company chairman Nicholas Lyth has dumped his entire holding. That’s already a bit of a concern, but then so is the statement that his disposal was not at the 3.28p everybody else got, but at 200p per share. What????

ShareProphets RNS Translation Service – Bowleven names the day

Published 182 days ago

And so finally, this morning, AIM-listed Bowleven (BLVN) has named the day for the requisitioned sack-the-board EGM. The company first announced receipt of the EGM requisition from Crown Ocean on 24 Jan and three weeks on it has finally got around to calling it – for 14 March. Hurried this is not. The ShareProphets RNS Translation Service explains all…..(original in bold)

Filthy Forty Taihua – at last that pesky buy-back is announced, but where has Daniel Stewart popped up from?

Published 190 days ago

ShareProphets AIM-China Filthy Forty play Taihua (TAIH) has finally announced the long-awaited buy-back first announced way back last August when launching an Open Offer to pay for it. Hurrah! So it wasn’t a massive spoof to get a fundraising away after all, although the net result of the exercise appears to be a lot more shares in issue and a net inflow of well over half the funds raised. 

Fitbug's latest update must be a joke surely?

Published 208 days ago

If it wasn’t for the fact that ordinary PIs will have lost a lot of money, the announcements and share price movements in Fitbug Holdings (FITB) over the last couple of days would almost be comical!

CloudTag – predictably another conversion by L1, but now warrants being exercised too

Published 211 days ago

This morning AIM-listed CloudTag (CTAG) has announced, predictably enough, another loan note conversion by L1. But in what looks to be a bit of a surprise move, L1 has also elected to start on the warrants too, despite there still being loan notes outstanding. But oh dear, what about the dates…..

Sterling Energy - just how slack is the policing of TR-1s?

Published 223 days ago

This morning at 9.30am AIM-listed Sterling Energy (SEY) issued a "Delayed Notifications of Major Interest in Shares" RNS. The apology is commendable, but this relates to two TR-1 notifications received by the company but not passed on to the market for almost 9 months.

GOTCHA CloudTag! But now tell us about the loan conversion terms

Published 236 days ago

And so AIM-listed ClieTag (oops) CloudTag (CTAG) duly ‘fessed up in the wake of my piece yesterday that it had not been telling the truth. Again. But it gets worse, as the company only dealt yesterday with hitherto undisclosed warrant exercise terms. It did still does not clear up the issue of the loan conversion terms and so, unbelievably, yet another confessional RNS statement is needed. 

CloudTag – draws first half of Tranche 2, but where did £50k expenses come from?

Published 239 days ago

After last week’s “cleansing” RNS which saw the previous suspension finally lifted, you would have thought that there were no further little surprises to come from AIM-listed CloudTag (CTAG). So imagine my surprise at reading yesterday’s RNS announcing the drawdown of the latest lump of cash from L1: just where did £50,000 of expenses come from?

CloudTag – a well deserved bonus?

Published 260 days ago

Given what we now know about the guaranteed sales order from Second Chance and the binding heads of terms deal with Cities, I just had to have a chuckle at the content of an RNS released by AIM-listed jam-tomorrow (and product some time thereafter) CloudTag (CTAG).

Drafting an RNS for Cloudtag: I am such a fecking all round nice guy

Published 265 days ago

I am a nice guy so am always keen to help. It is, after all the season of goodwill and one should love they neighbour, play the Good Samaritan and all that. And thus with shares in the fraud Cloudtag (CTAG) collapsing to 8.25p to sell I have drafted an RNS for the company to issue tomorrow morning. "Statement re Share Price Movement."

VAST after-hours comedy warrants ShareProphets RNS Translation Service

Published 269 days ago

At 6.15pm on Friday – truly no-one-is-watching o’clock – AIM-listed Vast Resources (VAST) released an RNS detailing the exercise of warrants and consequent issue of equity. It is comedy central. Perhaps readers can explain the 10% commission part…..

Another day on the Casino: Filthy 40 China Africa yesterday “knows of no specific reason” for share price move; today restructuring and discounted placing ahoy

Published 273 days ago

Shares in ShareProphets AIM-China Filthy Forty play China Africa (CAF) suddenly had a rocket under them late on Monday. Having been bumping along the bottom at around 4p for months on end, all of a sudden they shot up on Monday to 7.5p and a “know-of-no-reason” RNS duly followed at midday yesterday. This morning they have shot higher again clocking up a peak of 16p. But now, less than 24 hours after knowing of no specific reason for the share price move, the company has ‘fessed up that a restructuring and placing are on the way. 

The People's Operator - if this is not insider dealing on AIM what is?

Published 275 days ago

By shortly after 10 AM today shares in The People's Operator (TPOP) had crashed by 30% from 16.5p mid to just 11.5p. By midday there had been a marginal recovery as some morons went bottom fishing. But there had been fewer than 50,000 shares traded. At 12.33 PM the company published a catastrophic RNS. If this is not insider dealing what is?

SCANDAL - Milestone Group buries delayed bad news: placing cash not arrived, what about solvency?

Published 279 days ago

Talk about a good day to bury bad news: every media commentator is trying to come to terms with the election of Donald Trump (with the notable exception of our own Tom Winnifrith, who is off to get his new Poll Sheriff’s badge) and so at 3.41pm yesterday AIM-listed Milestone Group (MSG) slipped out a “miscellaneous” RNS. It may have won two big contracts recently but in terms of this RNS, there was nothing miscellaneous about it: this company is in serious trouble.

EFH – looking to make a welcome return?

Published 291 days ago

It was good to see AIM-listed med-tech play Angle (AGL) announce that its CEO, Mr Andrew Newland, had successfully seen his sale-and-repurchase deal with Equities First Holdings LLC (EFH) mature at the end of its term, and that the 1.35 million shares involved were safely back in his mitts. Shareholders in Angle will welcome this – but so, it seems, does EFH. So pleased, in fact, that EFH itself released an RNS in celebration.

F40 Asian Citrus: acquisition circular delayed (well I never!) How long until Nomad walks?

Published 306 days ago

Already suspended ShareProphets AIM-China Filthy Forty play Asian Citrus (ACHL) announced this morning that there has been a bit of a delay in getting its circular together in relation to a property acquisition first announced back in August which seemed riddled with related party issues. Since then the company’s shares have been suspended from trading on the Casino amid allegations of accounting irregularities which have led to a delay in releasing its FY16 accounts. 

Strat Aero Interims - it is bust, plain and simple

Published 320 days ago

Lying to your investors is bad. I suppose committing fraud is even worse. But advisers without morals such as Nomad SP Angel and broker Beaufort Securities do not care about such matters as long as they get paid. But that may pose a problem as interims today from Strat Aero (AERO) show that it is completely bust. That SP Angel and Belfort will sign off on an RNS like this says everything you need to know about them. The only thing they should be signing is a resignation letter as Strat is bankrupt both morally and financially.

Strat Aero caves into Hulsey Smith having again lied to its investors

Published 321 days ago

Someone who invested in its last bailout placing told me that he did so because Strat Aero (AERO)'s lawyers had convinced him that it would wipe the floor with litigant Hulsey Smith who had accused Strat of serial fraud. He reckoned the shares would zoom when Strat won the case. Sucker!!!!!! But he is not alone. Strat told all investors via RNS that Smith had no case at all and that it was to counter sue. So today, as the trial loomed, it has caved completely. Er yes. Another lie from a company that is clearly run by pathological liars;. 

ShareProphets RNS Translation Service: Frontera Resources – rampety ramp, rampety ramp (PS you’ve just been diluted again)

Published 323 days ago

AIM-listed Texas-based oil explorer and monster cash-burner Frontera Resources (FRR) yesterday released another ramptastic RNS. The shares stormed ahead by 29% on the day, with the rise getting going at about 11am. No doubt someone just got very lucky, as an RNS didn't come out until 3.35pm.

EXCLUSIVE: Northern Petroleum: Argentine Unit heading for bankruptcy court - when was it going to tell investors?

Published 330 days ago

And there was I thinking that if AIM listed companies had bad news they had to issue an RNS? Well maybe Chris Cleverley has re-drafted the rule book because Northern Petroleum (NOP) seems in no rush to fess up to the impending collapse of its Argentine subsidiary.

Avanti Communications - Friday's RNS just rings false: Collapse still a slam dunk

Published 332 days ago

Hat tip to reader G for fisking the horseshit RNS from Avanti Communications (AVN) on Friday which should be read as a tacit admission that the game is over. This remains a slam dunk sell and almost certain zero. Here's why.

Xcite Energy shares plunge 66%, smell the toast as we offer a ShareProphets translation service

Published 338 days ago

We warned you often enough. When companies have no revenue, are burning cash, have no cash and are drowning in debt, things are not going to end well for shareholders. On the back of an RNS today, mug punters have taken such an almighty rogering that I hear that in Bulletin Board Moron land the shops have already run out of vaseline. So here is a ShareProphets translation service of that RNS (our words in bold).

African Potash – Nomad Cantor Fitzgerald has grave questions for its compliance officer to answer

Published 345 days ago

I read with alarm the deluge of shocking revelations regarding AIM-listed African Potash (AFPO) from the Sheriff of AIM, Tom Winnifrith. The most recent – and possibly most surreal – development was the lawyers’ letter from the twice-bitten-but-still-not-shy Memery Crystal on behalf of its client, Potash. Tom Winnifrith has already suggested that the letter makes a number of stunning admissions, but in my view the implications of the African Potash affair for Nomad Cantor Fitzgerald Europe need to be addressed urgently.

Has Cloudtag committed Fraud & was Nomad Cairn complicit - FCA & AIM Regulation asked to investigate NOW!

Published 346 days ago

Yesterday I explained how AIM listed Cloudtag issued an RNS four days before a placing boasting of $5.2 million of guaranteed orders which was simply not true. To me this is blatant fraud and as such I have written to AIM Regulation (the Oxymorons) and the FCA (The Chocolate Teapots) asking both to investigate both Cloudtag and also its Nomad Cairn which appears, at best, to have been asleep at the wheel for almost nine months. I know that Cairn boss Tony Rawlinson goes skiing each year with a senior figure in AIM Regulation but this scandal cannot be brushed under the carpet.

Metal Tiger – Take a bow, Paul Johnson, AIM’s very own Tiger Woods

Published 349 days ago

Much to my wife’s amusement (and slight horror), I actually gave out a yelp of joy at just gone seven this morning while reading today’s company announcements, as I realised that Metal Tiger (MTR) had broken a long-standing world record. Let me explain…..

Galasys – EGM called… oh dear, is it chairman versus CEO? And a correction….

Published 349 days ago

We have already noted that AIM-listed Galasys (GLS) appears to be minus a company secretary, minus a registered office, minus a Nomad, minus a Broker and minus a NED or two since the board declared war upon itself last year. Now it seems that two disgruntled shareholders have decided enough is enough, but the implications as to what has been going on are dreadful.

African Potash - now lets look at the lies in the RNS 6 days before the bailout placing in January

Published 352 days ago

I have already shown quite conclusively that African Potash (AFPO) misled investors in a material way with an RNS of December 1 2015 as you can see HERE. That should be enough to see the authorities slam both Potash and Stewart Dickson et al at Nomad Cantor Fitzgerald. But it gets worse. I now accuse Potash of lying in an RNS on January 6 2016 just 6 days before the bailout placing. It is lie after lie after lie from this company.

Galasys – an Open Letter to AIM Regulation

Published 357 days ago

I have this morning sent a missive to the fine upstanding, inscrutable and completely effective folks at AIM Regulation regarding the ongoing farce that is AIM-listed Galasys (GLS), which is currently suspended as its Nomad (WH Ireland) resigned last week with immediate effect. This morning, as reported HERE, yet another NED walked the plank with immediate effect, for “personal reasons”, following the Company Secretary, the Nomad and Broker and another NED out of the door, leaving the company with no registered office and a fast dwindling boardroom which is at war with itself.

Cloudbuy – contract RNS, no financials (natch) and unlikely to change market expectations

Published 357 days ago

AIM-listed jam-tomorrow e-commerce platform provider Cloudbuy (CBUY) has announced another contract this morning. No financials were provided and we are told that the contract is “not expected to change market expectations”, yet the release was a full RNS. 

Tom Winnifrith Bonus Bearcast: Ramptastic RNS from FastFoward more horse - sell, sell & sell again

Published 359 days ago

There is more horseshit today in an RNS from FastForward Innovations (FFWD), The money is running our fast. CEO Lorne Abony is in full ramping mode as he know he needs to get a placing away this fall or the game is up. The shares trade at a vast premium to NAV so what to do? Ramp again of course. All is explained in this bonus podcast.

Cloudcall – a TR-1 from the time machine?

Published 363 days ago

This is most odd. AIM-listed Cloudcall (CALL) has released a Holding(s) in Company RNS (HERE) which appears at the same time to refer to future and to rather overdue past transactions. 

Kibo Mining – Whatever next: an RNS about a trip to the crapper?!

Published 364 days ago

An absurd non-news RNS from Kibo Mining (KIBO) this morning looks strange but all becomes clear when one considers the consequences of the gratuitous, greedy deal with Beaufort and Sanderson that I highlighted at the start of the month HERE.

Golden Saint – Er, about those licence renewals?

Published 375 days ago

On 19 July AIM-listed POS Golden Saint Resources (GSR) released an RNS entitled Licence Renewal and Operational Update. What we learned was that in fact it had not renewed its licences at all (in Sierra Leone) but that it would be making arrangements to pay for the…licences in the course of the next two weeks. That was two and a half weeks ago: has it paid? Has it been granted the permits?

Frontera Resources – Red Flags for breakfast, anyone? SELL!

Published 385 days ago

DIRECTOR PURCHASES SHARES screams the headline – in capitals - of an RNS from AIM-listed Frontera Resources (FRR) - not to be confused with Frontier Resources - this morning. Ooooh quick, let’s all pile in – follow the money, as they say, because the insiders know what’s really going on. Er, hang on a moment….

China New – tardy Zambia RNS, shocking. When’s the placing?

Published 385 days ago

If you ever wanted a case-study in Red Flags then look no further than the FY15 results of ShareProphets AIM-China Filthy Forty poster-boy China New Energy (CNEL). This is a company festooned in them. Just for starters, let’s take a look at yesterday morning’s RNS and the involvement of its “independent” NED. It just stinks. Never mind about AIM Rules, let’s get the share price up so that we can get more confetti issued.

F40 Aquatic Foods FY15 results. You’re ‘avin a giraffe, right? And a message for AIM Regulation.

Published 413 days ago

This morning ShareProphets AIM-China Filthy Forty play Aquatic Foods Group (AFG) released its calendar FY15 results. This is a complete farce and AIM Regulation should be ashamed, for that is where the real scandal lies.

EXCLUSIVE: Shocker from Tern – Flexiant goes bust, but when did Tern know it had lost its money?

Published 414 days ago

For all of yesterday’s ramping over Device Authority (formerly Cryptosoft) a big question mark is being hoisted over AIM-listed investment company Tern plc (TERN) after the arrival of some confidential documents at Deputy Sheriff Towers. It appears that Tern has been somewhat tardy with ‘fessing up to losses on its first investment, Flexiant Corporation Ltd. Oh dear….this looks poor. Very poor indeed.

Teathers – where did 3 million shares suddenly appear from on the eve of EGM?

Published 414 days ago

I just love Companies House. You can flick through so many companies in just a few moments and last night I came across a share allotment filing for ex-AIM Casino stock Teathers Financial (TEA) which turned up out of the blue only yesterday, and was filed on 25 June 2016 – just two days after Justin Drummond stepped down from the board. It seems that 3.05 million shares were issued on 29 Sept 2015. So why does this smell so badly of anchovy-stuffed rotting kippers?

FCA must clampdown on abuses of major shareholding notification rules

Published 415 days ago

The procedure for notifying the market about holdings above a certain level in a company is supposed to make everything more transparent, but at times the opposite would appear to be true.

Igas – company update = shareholders set to take a bath. But just how bad is it?

Published 428 days ago

This morning AIM-listed and overindebted Igas Energy (IGAS) released a company update RNS. There was some positive waffle about good progress on its five year shale developments plans, pointing investors to the recent planning permission given to Third Energy for fracking to be employed at a site in Yorkshire. But it is the parlous state of Igas’ finances that this RNS addresses. It looks grim.

Tern – “Acquisition” RNS: er, actually….

Published 433 days ago

This morning AIM-listed investment company Tern (TERN) released an RNS entitled “Acquisition”. In fact the news was that the previously announced acquisition on Flexiant Ltd is all off, at least for now. This raises a few questions.

FastForward – clarification over the $1 million. Now what about that £500,000?

Published 439 days ago

Following my piece on Wednesday asking what had happened to a second tranche of investment into Leap Gaming, AIM-listed FastForward Innovations (FFWD) yesterday finally got around to an RNS confirming that it has now all completed. Hot on the heels of Cynical Bear’s Gotcha on Boxhill (BOX) perhaps we should start up a ShareProphets Nomad Services outfit - £30,000 a year retainer per company? That’ll do nicely.

Inspirit = In fecking denial = In The Merde

Published 442 days ago

There is trouble in the boiler room...not that you'd know it if you read the bollocks being pushed out by jam tomorrow POS Inspirit Energy (INSP). The company has today issued an RNS which is laughable. It really is the most blatant crap you will read all day. Over to the boiler room:

Teathers Financial - today's RNS means shareholders MUST SACK THE BOARD NOW!

Published 474 days ago

Tomorrow at UK Investor Show the Teathers shareholder action group will be manning a stand all day wanting to make contact with anyone owning any shares in Teathers Financial (TEA). Make sure you go and make contact as this company's board must be sacked NOW after another disgraceful RNS.

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast 27 March - which is more shite Outsourcery or Blur?

Published 476 days ago

Hello to the chairman of the LSE and all other readers of this website and welcome to the daily podcast. In detail I look at Outsourcery (OUT) the crock of Turkish run by serial business failure Piers Linney and Blur (BLUR) the piece of Turkish run by uber-poltroon Phil Letts. Which is more worthless? Discuss. Having behaved myself with no bad language at the London Stock Exchange (LSE) AGM I am aware that my standards rather slipped in this podcast. You have been warned. I also cover MX Oil (MXO), Cambian (CMBN), Hunter Resources (HUN) and the uber Turkish Rose Petrooleum (ROSE) whose RNS today screams SELL - PLACING AHOY!

Andalas Energy: Where's the RNS? Justin the Clown now homeless thanks to rule breaker Whitby

Published 478 days ago

Anadalas Energy (ADL), the much ramped piece of Turkish, once called CEB Resources, and run by Dave "rule breaker" Whitby had until close of play on 22 April to publish a re-admission document or it should - if anyone gave a FF about the rules these days - have been booted off the AIM casino. It is now 25th April. There has been no RNS. So....

Fastjet - more bad news from bongo bongo land..the jungle drums play the tits up song

Published 489 days ago

Our resident Fastjet (FJET) owning lunatic Duck & Dive yesterday predicted an RNS from this piece of Turkish imminently claiming that it would show what a "twit" I was with good news. Well D&D was half right there was an RNS. Sadly, for him, it is not good news. Duck remains the twit, I continue to call this one right.

Solgold - Lucian Miers goes short but closes UK Oil & Gas short (pro tem)

Published 491 days ago

Solgold (SOLG) has served up another RNS today which may excite the Bulletin Board Morons but that is perhaps an encouragement to bear raider Lucian Miers who is now short of the stock, selling at c4p.

When is a "result of GM" not a result of GM?

Published 498 days ago

We should all marvel at the care and attention of the regulatory system afforded to investors who dabble in shares listed on the world's most successful growth market. We really should. And that brings me to an RNS released yesterday at 11.59am by AIM-listed RedX Pharma (REDX) entitled Result of General Meeting. Except it wasn't a result of general meeting announcement at all.

Cloudbuy – kitchen sink RNS. Buy or Bargepole? Part 3

Published 507 days ago

Looking through the lengthy RNS from AIM-listed Cloudbuy (CBUY) of last Thursday afternoon a few things caught my eye. I have already discussed the refinancing (HERE) and the repricing of director share options (HERE) but there is plenty more to look at. Here we consider the trading update, corporate governance and a few other matters.

Tom Winnifrith Bonus Bearcast - RNS from Servision today was bollocks, so was the last one - this company is bust

Published 513 days ago

This is not hard. The RNS from Servision (SEV) today is designed to ramp the shares ahead of a rescue bailout placing. It is bollocks if you add up the numbers. So too was the last RNS by the way. I have reported this POS to the FRC for dodgy revenue recognition policies, it almost certainly now has negative net current assets and is burning cash. There is a bailout placing looming and you should sell now. This company deserves to, and could well, go bust.

Challenger Acquisitions – Mark Gustafson suffers grilling at hands of Shard Capital….not

Published 536 days ago

I was pleased to see that Challenger Acquisitions (CHAL) finally updated the market this week with a bit of a non-announcement about the Jakarta wheel, but there were a couple of interesting snippets in the follow-up interview with Shard Capital worth commenting on as you don’t want to put all the good bits in the RNS do you?

Management Resource Solutions has an RNS today that stinks to High Heaven - Sell.

Published 545 days ago

Management Resource Solutions (MRS) has published an RNS today "Holding in Company" which most folks will ignore. They should not. What is fessed up to begs questions about both the company but also about Northland Capital, Nomad & broker to this POS since AIM admission. Read on and vomit.

DQ Entertainment – requisitioners rock boat but no Nomad news: suspension imminent?

Published 546 days ago

AIM-listed DQ Entertainment (DQE) looks set for imminent suspension on the resignation of Allenby as Nomad on 22 Feb (next Monday) as previously notified by the company on 4 Feb in controversial circumstances. Since then the company has issued three RNSs, none of which has given any update on progress on finding a replacement.

F40 Taihua – Oh Dear: time for the Walkers?

Published 572 days ago

Tom Winnifrith has already raised a few awkward questions about ShareProphets AIM-China Filthy Forty play Taihua (TAIH) HERE when he discussed how a profitable company (from China) with net cash of £2.5 million (as at June 2015, so we are told in the Interims) is only valued by the market at about £1 million. Yesterday saw a statement which brought to mind the now executed F40 company JQW. It all rather suggests that there is no earnings visibility and as such I would suggest that the stock could well be worthless.

RockRose Energy – more filings from the pig-sty on Companies House. How can we possibly believe the Admission Document?

Published 573 days ago

We have already flagged up a bit of a mis-match of data between the Admission Document and the Companies House filings of the newly floated RockRose Energy (RRE) on a Standard Listing of the Main Market of the London Stock Exchange – see HERE. But on the day of that first article, Companies House later showed that a correction had been filed (on 7 Jan 2016, as it turns out). A further filing appeared the next day (filed on Christmas Eve). What it seems to show is that the Admission Document was just plain wrong. Or the filings are wrong – even after the correction. This is turning into a farce from Andrew “Piggy” Austin, formerly of IGAS.

LGO Energy - The REAL Reason its worthless: Depletion rates

Published 580 days ago

LGO Energy (LGO) has all sorts of problems. It is almost out of cash, it is burning cash, it is drowning in debt and it has a management credibility issue. But its real problem? Its assets in Trinidad are shite. The company has never come clean on how rapidly new wells go into decline but here is the raw data and it is pretty terrifying. It is based on RNS releases for each of its Goudron wells. 

Xtract Resources - the promises just do not add up

Published 584 days ago

The first step in reviewing a business for potential investment starts with a review of the Board looking at track record, commitment and trust. There are countless examples of insufficient commitment by CEOs but I won’t focus on that here and instead will look at the issue of trust. If a business continues to under-promise and over-deliver, the share price will rerate significantly upwards over time but, unfortunately, the opposite is true, and that is much more prevalent on AIM. And this brings me to Xtract Resources (XTR), another stock promoted shamelessly by Zak Mir.

Naughty naughty Wandisco - but breaching AIM Rules the least of its problems

Published 588 days ago

A extra bag of crisps for The Deputy Sheriff of AIM for spotting a bit of a rule breach by ailing Wandisco (WAND). Given that it is almost out of cash and that insolvency looms if it cant get a rescue bailout underway, perhaps this is just a minor distraction?

New Year's Eve "bury bad news" sweepstakes - result announced

Published 590 days ago

Old Ebenezer has gone off in a huff: he didn't win. And so it falls to me to reveal the results of the ShareProphets New Year's Eve "bury bad news" sweepstakes. The specially commissioned panel from the Global Shorting Conspiracy has reached its decision after due deliberations over which RNSs qualified from New Year's Eve. The offending releases were as follows:

Inspirit Energy - what happened to your Broker, Beaufort Securities?

Published 592 days ago

Oh dear. This looks horribly like a breach of AIM Rules - perhaps the company (or some avid reader) can help me because I can't find an announcement that Beaufort Securities has stepped down as Broker to AIM-listed Inspirit Energy (INSP).

JQW - its Happy New Year to our shareholders, we're being booted off the Casino on Monday

Published 594 days ago

ShareProphets AIM-China Filthy Forty play JQW (JQW) has served up a new year message for its now lobster-potted shareholders. It's goodbye, so long, farewell as its AIM execution beckons first thing on Monday morning. 

The ShareProphets New Year's Eve "bury bad news" sweepstakes

Published 595 days ago

The City has another opportunity to slip out bad news when nobody is looking tomorrow, New Year's Eve. Actually this whole forttnight seems to be open season at no-one-is-watching o'clock, but tomorrow sees another sweet spot for the PR geniuses to ply their craft in this Festy period. So how many dodgy RNSs will we see tomorrow, New Year's Eve?

The ShareProphets Christmas Eve "bury bad news" Sweepstakes

Published 602 days ago

Bah, humbug. With Christmas coming up this whole week is classified as no-one-is-watching o'clock. What better time is there, then, to slip out bad news than on Christmas Eve? As such, we bring you the ShareProphets Christmas Sweepstakes: how many bad news RNSs will there be on Christmas Eve?

UKOG – tell us about your purchase of Angus Energy shares: who got the bunce? Did you lie in an RNS? It seems as if you did

Published 603 days ago

On 3 Feb 2014 the then AIM-listed Lenigas ramp UK Oil and Gas (UKOG) announced that it had purchased a 6% stake in Angus Energy Limited (now called Angus Energy Holdings UK Limited) – see HERE. The price disclosed for this transaction was £368,000, to be settled in UKOG shares to be issued at 0.8p (implying the issue of 46 million shares).

UK Oil & Gas - what happened to this deal Lenigas?

Published 604 days ago

On 15 Jan 2014, AIM-listed UK Oil and Gas (UKOG) announced that it had agreed to buy some assets from Angus Energy. This was further reported as a post-balance sheet event in the FY13 Accounts (see note 12). But there was never any confirmation that the deal had completed. What happened?

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast 8 December - InternetQ, battle underway, LGO a RNS that says desperate

Published 617 days ago

In today's podcast I update you all on the olive harvest - I managed four hours in the fields today despite still being in real pain. But not as much as LGO Energy (LGO) - its RNS today smells of desperation. For strategic review read "the game is up" and that also applies to Kolar Gold (KGLD). I comment on Avanti Communications (AVN) where the share price crumble is accelerating - remember debt is crack cocaine for management but for shareholders it is bad for your wealth. I comment on Silver Falcon (SILF) and tick off the grossly irresponsible, Justin the Clown of ADVFN and also on Defenx (DFX), rapidly becoming an IPO omnishambles. Then onto InternetQ (INTQ) where it is now "game on" but I end with Antrim Energy (AEY) where a concert party of Brokerman Dan, market abuser Chris OIl and ADVFN (AFN) head honcho Clem Chambers have just taken a 3% stake.

Red Flags at Night: Tern “Holdings in Company” RNS – does anyone give a **** about disclosure rules?

Published 628 days ago

At no-one-is-watching o’clock yesterday (5.14pm) AIM-listed Tern plc (TERN) released an RNS detailing yet more selling by institutional investor Hargreave Hale. This has been an on-going off-load ever since I pointed out a few problems HERE, HERE, HEREHERE, and HERE but it would appear that someone has been breaching disclosure rules big style. Was it the company or Hargreave Hale? Some explanation is needed pronto.

Filthy Forty Origo Partners updates on US$2.5m loan. Or is it Canadian $?

Published 663 days ago

There seems to be a spot of confusion at ShareProphets AIM-China Filthy Forty member Origo Partners plc (OPP).  Today it updated the market on an outstanding loan of US$2.5 million to investee company Kincora Copper Ltd which due for repayment on 19 July. It has been replaced by a new loan of US$ 2.5 million. The confusion is that in its interims statement, the loan was described as being CAD$2.5 million. There’s a bit of a difference (about 30% at today’s exchange rates, source: Google).

ShareProphets RNS Translation Service – New World Extends Belize license

Published 663 days ago

Despite knowing that its execution is booked as soon as soon as it gets around to calling the now overdue AGM, the Board of AIM-listed New World Oil and Gas (NEW) has announced the triumphant extension to its exploration license in Belize. To help you understand what is really going on, here is the ShareProphets RNS Translation Service on today’s announcement (original in bold)

Fishing Republic – now the maggots really start to emerge

Published 668 days ago

I have already demonstrated how AIM listed Fishing Republic (FISH) has inflated reported profits by ignoring related party property costs HERE and how the valuation is a rum and coke HERE but now the real maggots are starting to emerge.  With thanks to reader David, I conclude that this company is a shocker and simply not investment grade material.

Daniel Stewart – the silence is deafening: where’s the placing?

Published 668 days ago

Oh dear, oh dear. On 1 October shares in AIM-listed Daniel Stewart (DAN) were suspended for failure to publish accounts on time for the second year running. In between times it was suspended again after its previous Nomad resigned. Three suspensions in thirteen months does seem to be a tad careless, does it not? But the 1 October RNS told us that The Company is working on the conclusion of a funding package that it expects to announce shortly, following which it expects to be able to publish its FY 2015 Accounts and resume trading on AIM. It is now 18 October. Well, where is it? Are there a few issues going on behind the scenes that we have not been told about?

Sefton RNS at 7 AM - here's a song for those still owning the shares

Published 671 days ago

There will be an RNS tomorrow at 7 AM from Sefton Resources (SER). For those dumb enough to still own the shares, here's a song just for you from the great Tom Petty

Horizonte Placing – WTF – was its last announcement, er.. True?

Published 684 days ago

Did Horizonte Minerals (HZM) tell the truth to investors on 28 September? At best it misled them. Will Nomad Finncap resign in disgust? Is the Pope a spiritual leader of  ISIS?

Some Good News for Quindell – or is it?

Published 687 days ago

At last YourLegalfriend has filed a claim on behalf of clients who lost money from owning shares in the fraud and claim that they lost money because Quindell (QPP) published lies in RNS statements. The shares are off a tad at 96.75p but one could view the RNS as good news.

Tern – a few attacks of amnesia ref Companies House and those warrants

Published 689 days ago

Tern’s jewel-in-the-crown investee company, Cryptosoft, appointed a new Company Secretary on 24 July this year in the form of Gravitas Company Secretarial Services Ltd. They seem to have had their work cut out, as we shall see. But in the process of filing various amendments to Companies House a few questions are thrown up over Tern’s investment into Cryptosoft. And then it is back (yawn, yawn) to those pesky warrants where is starts to look as though the giveaway was less accidental than first appeared.

Red Flags at Night: Publishing Technology issues omniwarning as CEO walks

Published 693 days ago

Back on 23 July in its Interims RNS, AIM-listed Publishing Technology plc (PTO) announced to the world that the Board believes the business is on track to meet market expectation for the year. Today, not quite two months on, in an after-hours trading statement which was slipped out at 4.40pm we are told a rather different story. Over to the ShareProphets RNS Translation Service….

Red Flags at Night: Plus 500 takeover delay and Circassia Pharma NED selling

Published 697 days ago

Two no-one-is-watching o’clock RNSs caught my eye last night, both after 6pm when everyone had gone home for the weekend, or perhaps were limbering up for the opening skirmishes of the Rugby World Cup. One from fully-listed Circassia Pharmaceuticals plc (CIR), and the other involved the much covered AIM-listed Plus 500 (PLUS) and its proposed takeover by fully listed Playtech (PTEC).

Tern finally clears up the warrant mystery – and says sorry

Published 708 days ago

Following a series of questions HERE, HERE and HERE AIM-listed Tern plc (TERN) has finally clarified how it managed to allow the holder of warrants exercisable at 4.6p to exercise them at 0.02p instead. I’ve lost count of the clarifications and restatements Tern has issued so far this year, but at least we can start to draw a line under this latest one – although yesterday’s RNS would suggest that Tern’s FY13 and FY14 accounts and results RNSs, and the RNS of 31 July 2013 (which announced the issue of the warrant instrument) were all just plain wrong.

The Tern warrant mystery – an Open Letter to AIM Regulation

Published 712 days ago

Following on from THIS ARTICLE from earlier today, I have written to AIM Regulation and asked them to step in. This is an important matter, because shareholders in AIM-listed Tern plc have just seen more than 1% of their company near-enough handed out for almost nothing, by way of an unexplained warrant exercise which they would have been unaware of. This is not an acceptable situation because the implication is that ownership rights on AIM can become arbitrary.

Tern – mysterious warrant exercise at 0.02p. Where is the regulation?

Published 712 days ago

As previously flagged HERE there is some mystery regarding a warrant exercise announced by AIM-listed Tern plc (TERN) on 17 August (see HERE). I wondered where these warrants, which were exercised at 0.02p, had come from. Following quite a bit of enquiry, it is still unclear. What is also unclear is where the responsibility may lie. So this is not an attack on Tern plc, or its Directors, or its Nomad. It is more a case of how the current regulatory set-up has once again failed investors. In this case it is in a small way, but next time?

Eden Research – this stinks more and more – answer basic frigging questions you tossers

Published 721 days ago

On Monday I stated that an RNS from AIM Cesspit listed Eden Research stank to high heaven. A quite bizarre exchange of emails has followed as more has emerged about that pongy deal with Eden just refusing to answer basic questions.

Red Flags at Night: Independent Oil and Gas funding failure

Published 738 days ago

Released at 6pm on Friday night, this is a devastating RNS from Independent Oil and Gas plc (IOG). For anyone invested here, simply read the RNS which is reproduced below. It says it all: the long promised funding package which was supposed to see the company through has failed because the investor has walked from the deal. Independent has funding thought to just 4 September, at which point there is a £358,000 loan from Darwin to pay back.

Tern rockets on Interims and a Proactive Interview but Hargreave Hale sells again

Published 738 days ago

Phew - what a ride! One moment share of Tern plc (TERN) are drifting at around 6.5p a share and then in the blink of an eye they have rocketed to 15.75p, having peaked at a whopping 27p. Ahead of Wednesday’s interims which showed a balance sheet of just £1.2 million, the Tern rocket had ascended to about 15p a share to value the company at around £7 million. They slipped a little on release of the RNS before a paid-for interview with company chairman Angus Forrest on Proactive Investors ignited the booster rockets and off we went again, up into the clear blue skies above, notching up a peak of 27p (market cap £12.3 million), and a four-fold re-rating. Post-excitement slippage then saw the shares close a wild week at 15.75p, a market cap of £7.2 million. What was all the excitement about? 

Quindell plc – 2014 results review part 2: the state of play now…

Published 739 days ago

I previously updated on some of the damning litany of the past the 2014 results RNSs from Quindell plc (QPP) detailed HERE. The following looks at the state of play now…

Social Media's corrupting influence on AIM

Published 761 days ago

Social media has had a huge impact on the AIM market, but unfortunately often not in a good way!

Kennedy Ventures – a spot of amnesia?

Published 774 days ago

Friday afternoon saw an odd RNS from (Dead) Kennedy Ventures (KENV). It was not the fact that there had been a related party loan which was odd – it was the timing of the announcement. The RNS stated:

Red Flags at Night – Arricano Real Estate FY14 results

Published 781 days ago

That Arricano (ARO) is a real estate developer and operator of shopping malls in Ukraine probably tells you everything you need to know about this company and its finances, with the results statement there just to quantify the disaster that was 2014. There is no point trying to hide it, yet the company released its numbers after hours on Friday (at 4.58pm), in an RNS packed with some of the most convoluted nonsense you could imagine. 

Red Flags at Night – Afren sticks two fingers up at shareholders facing wipe-out

Published 788 days ago

After hours yesterday, Friday, at 6.26pm, came a truly horrific RNS for Afren (AFR) shareholders. Not that the scale of the devastation will come as any surprise to regular ShareProphets readers, Afren published full details of the previously announced restructuring. But to rub maximum salt into the wound, the RNS was released at the last moment possible before the system shut down for the weekend, and was the last company RNS of the day. Bell Pottinger, PR adviser to Afren, must be really proud of its work there. I hope the PR flunkies all slept well last night.

Red Flags at Night…..Regal Petroleum after-hours results RNS

Published 812 days ago

I have some sympathy for the board of Regal Petroleum (RPT) given that its area of operation is in the Ukraine. I sense that they are doing their best to manage the company in the most difficult of situations, but for investors the RNSs released yesterday are very worrying. Cash is trapped in a rapidly depreciating currency and the risks here are massive.

Peace & Love with #MancSlumBoy Brokerman Dan - but PLEASE continue to call for boycott

Published 816 days ago

A long chat with Brokerman Dan, the crony capitalist resident of the Manchester Slums this morning has resulted in a new declaration of peace in our time. We only await his ordering of a nice big celebratory cake from Northern Ireland for the deal to be sealed. We still disagree on a few things, notably the actions of market abuser Chris Oil.

Central Rand Gold placing looks suspicious

Published 818 days ago

Reading the Central Rand Gold (CRND) RNS yesterday morning I started to get a feeling of déjà vu! Twitter and the various bulletin boards for the past couple of days had been full of chat about how it was going to rocket etc, and we saw roughly quadruple the number of shares traded on Monday – 3.1 million - compared to any other day the previous month.

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast 19 May - another snake encountered and snakes telling lies on AIM

Published 820 days ago

Yes, this time it was at the Greek Hovel less than 15 yards from the building. And I was just 3 or 4 foot away. Cripes. I really do not like snakes which brings me on to Philip Crawford on Lombard Risk and Nomad Charles Stanley which today signed off on an OUTRIGHT LIE of an RNS penned by Crawford. I have a 14 year old score to settle with the tosser Crawford and so accuse him of lying to investors today. Is that not against AIM rules? Elsewhere I look at Tungsten, Plus 500, Sefton, Coms and Rose Petroleum which are all sells. Events at Rose have moved fast since the bearcast vindicating me (see HERE)

Rurelec plc – Red Flags at Night, Shareholders’ fright

Published 824 days ago

It is always worth a gander through the after-hours RNSs to see what is being slipped out when no-one is looking. It is a common way for companies – especially those on the AIM Cesspit – to try to hide bad news from their shareholders. It simply doesn’t work, so why they bother is beyond me. But it is an immediate Red Flag. And that brings me to Rurelec plc (RUR). On Tuesday at 4.30pm – bang on market closing time - it released an RNS entitled ‘Extension of Radix Facility Agreement’. Gosh what an exciting life I lead: I just had to take a look…

Tungsten Corp – “to transform the world's supply chain”? Er…

Published 824 days ago

Tungsten Corp (TUNG) has updated that it “expects the unaudited financial results for the financial year to be above the board's expectations at the time of the announcement of the company's interim results”. Good. “Higher revenues, combined with lower than forecast costs in the second half of the year, are expected to result in a smaller loss for the full year than the market's expectation (Good)… of £31.2 million”. Oh! The following offers my translation of what I consider the key parts of a lengthy RNS and why the shares are down more than 10% at 130p on the back of it…

New World Oil and Gas – ShareProphets RNS translation service

Published 834 days ago

It is hard to imagine a messier situation than the current predicament of New World Oil and Gas (NEW). Having had the opportunity to force a temporary suspension while the mess over the proposed Placing and all that it entails, New World seems to have decided not to go down that path. Instead, we have had an RNS this morning. It was a little confusing, so the ShareProphets RNS translation service is pleased to offer its interpretation.

Horse Hill – why is David Lenigas so afraid to tell the truth?

Published 839 days ago

I ask you to compare and contrast two statements and then go email David Lenigas and ask why he is afraid of putting out an RNS for UK Oil & Gas (UKOG) which is er…true.

Worthington: Curiouser & curiouser said the white rabbit as the acid trip continues:

Published 843 days ago

I remain convinced that the chances of Worthington (WRN) relisting are somewhere between no hope and Bob Hope but a hell of a lot closer to the former. But while we dance the charade that it may regain a listing the RNS statements it puts out beg ever odder questions, I am heading down a wormhole with the white rabbit as I try to follow what is going on in the great Worthington acid trip. Try following this for starters:

Edenville Energy talks utter cock as it issues more confetti

Published 846 days ago

AIM Casino listed Edenville Energy (EDL) has missed target after target as its management has simply failed to deliver. And now as it issues yet more confetti it is talking utter cock in its latest RNS out today.  This stock is clearly not investment grade and now let’s turn to the “talking cock” RNS. Having investigated this I see that Edenville has “form”

Tom Winnifrith Worthington WTFCast - 31 March

Published 868 days ago

Fraudster Rob Terry buying into disgraced and worthless broker Daniel Stewart? Labour saying it was the party of deficit reduction? Can life get any stranger. Yes it can thanks to old Mother Worthington (WRN). Its latest RNS just takes bizarre to a new level, something I discuss in this podcast special.

Core VCT (CR3) Update – stance downgrade (but don’t sell!)

Published 870 days ago

I see that the offer price is now up to 57p, a steady enough jump from the 51p offer at which these were first mentioned over the Christmas break. RNS announcements would have you believe that NAV is sitting at 82p.Don’t believe it - see HERE The real net asset value is  60.97 so the shares are no longer a buy – there isn’t enough upside now.

EMED – Tomorrow’s (Good news) RNS today & CEO chat

Published 871 days ago

This release should have gone out on Friday but I guess it will go out at 7 AM Monday. In case you can’t wait here is the EMED Mining (EMED) RNS in full and it is good news but EMED is not out of the woods yet. I have also been chatting to the EMED CEO over the weekend – he seems a decent enough guy.

Volex is avin a bubble with grossly misleading RNS – it’s all about (lack of) cash generation

Published 873 days ago

I have noted before on a number of occasions that Volex is obsessed with spin and share price promotion but that its market cap (£59 million at 65p) is just a total Rum and coke. A grotesquely misleading RNS today only highlights the big problem with this enterprise: (lack of) cash generation.

Afren the RNS it forgot to release on Friday – it has brought in the SFO in to catch the crooks

Published 878 days ago

I bring you below an Afren (AFR) press release dated last Friday which it appears not to have released via RNS. Oversight perhaps?

Quindell – here we go again with Quisling ramp - RNS translation service

Published 884 days ago

In response to yesterday’s ludicrous story in the Sunday Times and a 30% hike in its share price Quindell (QPP) has again put out a misleading statement about its discussions with Slater & Gordon about QLS. I shall again translate this into English. 

Mosman – the POS makes a fool of itself again ref MEO

Published 884 days ago

Mosman Oil & Gas (MSMN) really should give up on trying to discover oil and just concentrate on what it is good at – comedy. Its RNS today is a classic in understated denial. Its laugh a minute stuff.

Tern plc – the gift that keeps on giving: yet more HH sales

Published 894 days ago

Yesterday Tern plc (TERN) announced that Hargreave Hale had sold yet more shares. As predicted HERE  and discussed further HERE.

Frontier Mining – delisting vote on the way, but 83% up in a day on no news?

Published 900 days ago

As discussed HERE  there is already some explaining to do with regard to how shares in Frontier Mining (FML) fell 28% ahead of a delisting RNS back on 17 Feb. The stench of Insider Dealing was hard to avoid and I trust that the authorities will be taking a very close look at that. But yesterday, Fri 27 Feb, Frontier’s shares went on the rampage in the other direction, closing fully 83% UP on the day, on absolutely no news whatsoever. Not even after hours.

Formal Request to FCA to investigate David Currie and Quindell for Market Abuse

Published 903 days ago

On Monday 22 February the fraud Quindell (QPP) put out a statement that misled investors as to the status of its discussions with Slater & Gordon as to the sale of QLS. Slater and Gordon was forced to clarify the situation with its own statement. Shares soared on the Quenron RNS but retreated as S&G revealed the truth. As such this begs the real question as to whether David Currie, the chairman of Quenron and old pal of Mr Robert Simon Terry, is guilty of market abuse. I have written to the FCA today asking it to launch a formal enquiry.

Frontier Mining – Now FCA involved too

Published 908 days ago

I have now reported the price action in the shares of AIM Cesspit listed Frontier Mining (FML) to the FCA last Tuesday as well. As referred to HERE there really needs to be an investigation into what went on that day, as the shares crashed 28% during the day, AHEAD of an after-hours RNS that the company planned to delist.

Frontier Mining – AIM Regulation asked to investigate 28% share price slump ahead of the delisting RNS

Published 909 days ago

As revealed HEREAIM Cesspit listed (pro tem) Frontier Mining (FML) slipped out a devastating after-hours RNS on Tuesday detailing plans to delist and take the company private. To compound that contemptuous treatment of its shareholders, the shares dropped a whopping 28% ahead of that RNS

The US Oil & Gas fraud – GXG markets shows up AIM for the casino it really is

Published 918 days ago

We have many, many times accused Bulletin Board darling US Oil & Gas (USOP) of being a total fraud run by a serial liar Brian McDonnell. Wee Brian has huffed and puffed in private to deluded shareholders about taking legal action against me but he has not done so because he is a proven liar and his company is a proven fraud and the little shit knows it. The latest news from the GXG market where USOP shares remain suspended really shows what a casino AIM has become.

Tern - Yet more clarifications of the clarification of 7 Jan 2015 needed

Published 918 days ago

Tern (TERN) has today issued an omnishambles of a misleading results statement. I shall turn to that later. But before then let’s look at yesterday’s omnishambles RNS from crony capitalist Angus Forrest. A clarification of a clarification of a clarification is still needed.

Red Flag 26 of the 49 Red Flags

Published 920 days ago

My recent book 49 Red Flags serves up 49 ( its actually 50) signs that you should not be owning a given share. The book is dedicated to Rob Terry of Quindell (QPP) who serves as a case study for most of the Red Flags mentioned. You can get a free copy of the book sent to you today by filling in the form HERE. As a sample here is Red Flag 26.

Ashcourt Rowan – Dodgy RNS at No-One-Is-Watching O’clock. Tut, tut!

Published 921 days ago

I have not the slightest clue what AIM casino listed Ashcourt Rowan (ARP) does. But when a company issues an RNS on the dot of 6.30pm, when the RNS system shuts down for the day, it is worth a butchers: what is there to hide, that has been released not just after hours, but even when the fine operatives of the RNS system are packing their bags too?

Tern – More Dodgy Paperwork and Institutional Selling: how big is the overhang?

Published 934 days ago

On 15 Dec 2014, Tern plc (TERN) put out an RNS announcing that it had a big new institutional shareholder in the form units trusts operated by Marlborough fund Managers, under the discretionary control of Hargreave Hale Ltd. It was a big holding: 8 million shares - 20% of the company all acquired in one go. Wow!

Tern– Finally Gets Round To An RNS, But STILL Can’t Tell The Truth

Published 952 days ago

Last Friday and Saturday I highlighted a series of, ahem, ‘inconsistencies’ in two RNSs issued by the company on 15 and 17 Sept 2014. It has taken until today, Weds, for Tern (TERN) to address this. But Angus Forrest and his crony capitalists are still just telling abject lies.

Tern plc – Tomorrow’s RNS Today

Published 955 days ago

In the light of my two articles regarding Tern’s (TERN) RNSs of 15 and 17 Sept 2014 HERE  and HERE which pointed to incorrect information regarding share issues, conversion of debt and the acquisition of Cryptosoft it is clear that Tern and its hapless Nomad WH Ireland will have had to cobble together a response tomorrow if they are to pretend that they give a fart about AIM Rules . Ever helpful, ShareProphets can bring that RNS to you today…

Tern – More on That Acquisition of Cryptosoft, More Questions and what of Nomad WH Ireland’s Role?

Published 956 days ago

On Friday I highlighted a number of inconsistencies in two RNS released by Tern plc (TERN)regarding the acquisition of Cryptosoft and issues of shares which you can read HERE. It gets worse.

Quindell: Translating today’s RNS from Bollocksese into English

Published 957 days ago

Quindell (QPP) has today issued an RNS which is pure bollocks. Ever keen to help I am happy to provide a translation into English, something which shows both that the new board are as keen to mislead as the old and that this company is up shit creek without a paddle. 

Rockhopper Interims Buy

Published 974 days ago

I sometimes wonder if investors really read through issued RNS statements. Today’s interims from Rockhopper Exploration (RKH) are excellent and demonstrate why its only one of two choices in the oil sector I can recommend at the present time. 

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast Special: How to lie and mislead investors via RNS and RNS Reach

Published 974 days ago

Just a quick podcast special looking at how companies lie and mislead investors via RNS and also RNS Reach. The latter & its true (lack of) import is explained. Case studies Blur, Optimal Payments, Quindell (natch) and Outsourcery

What the Quindell RNS really means – it means 0p, and here is why

Published 982 days ago

I could not have put this better myself. Posting on the Motley Fool, the incredibly astute Waz Shakoor (who is short of the stock) explains it in the clearest terms. This is going to 0p. Hat tip to Waz who writes:

Igas – Monday’s RNS Tonight, to Correct Last Wednesday’s Clarification RNS

Published 990 days ago

In the light of yesterday’s piece on boardroom piggery, wrong figures in RNSs, incorrect data given to Dart’s shareholders etc – you can read it HERE  I have now checked through all  IGas’ share issue announcements and Companies House Filings, with particular regard to the holdings and ‘interests’ of CEO Andrew Austin.

One of the RNS Statements Quindell must make on Monday

Published 1004 days ago

The dodgy share sales by three (pro tem) directors of Quindell (QPP) are the least of its problems now as this company and its share price goes into meltdown. But should it wish to clarify its clarification statement regarding the director share sales it described as buys on November 5 I have drafted a release on its behalf. It reads:

ShareProphets Translation Service – the RNS Optimal Payments should have released on Friday

Published 1004 days ago

On Friday, following revelations on this website HERE, Optimal Payments (OPAY) released an RNS which was misleading regarding how its CEO had dumped shares in this fine company. We are helpful fellows and have thus started the ShareProphets Translation service in which we offer up what the RNS SHOULD have looked like.

Cloudbuy & Westhouse (Nomad) and that Equities First Deal – About That Clarification

Published 1006 days ago

I vented my spleen about Wednesday’s ‘clarification’ RNS regarding the Equities First Holdings ‘loan’ which turned out to be a ‘sale’ by Chairman Ronald Duncan - HERE. I have calmed down now, and cool analysis of what we were told raises yet more questions. Serious questions. We have not yet had a full disclosure.

IGas. How about an explanation?

Published 1007 days ago

If I were an IGas  (IGAS) shareholder, I would be more than a little miffed. While the truth is being slowly extracted like a painful tooth from NOMADs  Cenkos (Quindell} and Westhouse (Cloudbuy) over their clients’ dealings with Equity First Holdings LLC (EFH), Jefferies maintains a deafening and belligerent silence.

Tom Winnifrith: BearCast Special - Equities First - the lies of Rob Terry, Quindell & Cenkos - D-day for all 3 looms

Published 1011 days ago

Lets nail this once and for all. The RNS put out by Quindell (QPP) on 5 November 2014 suggesting that Rob Terry had increased his holding in Quindell (QPP) was a lie. Cenkos signed off on that as Nomad. Cenkos issued a note on Friday 7 November 2014 and was lied to by Quindell. I demonstrate why Quindell is lying and explain how Equities First Holdings LLC works. I cite sources which are refered to below. Cenkos needs to come clean on Monday or it is royally in the merde alongside Quenron

Cloudbuy Replies

Published 1012 days ago

In my article published on Friday I wondered aloud whether Director buying a week ago at Cloudbuy (CBUY) was insider dealing in the light of a big contract RNS earlier this week, or was the RNS a load of PR puffery wasting everybody’s time. I had emailed the company on Tuesday evening and by Thursday evening there was still no reply. Then out came the article on Friday and lo and behold I got an email back - from the company secretary, no less - within hours. Funny, that.

Cloudbuy – Contract RNS and Director Dealings

Published 1013 days ago

I have long been a fan of Cloudbuy (CBUY) – an interesting idea looks set to go places. Operating in the B2B arena, Cloudbuy has developed a platform for B2B sales – think of it as a kind of Ebay for business and you get the picture.

Quindell – was this the most misleading announcement ever?

Published 1014 days ago

On 5th November 2014 Quindell (QPP) announced that three directors had purchased £2 million worth of shares in the market. At the same time it was announced that the three directors had entered into a loan facility ‘that may result in the transfer of up to [all their] Quindell Shares’. So far – up to the last two words of the second sentence – we may accept every word of the text of the announcement as based on fact. But from then on, starting from the last two words of the second sentence, ‘as security’, every sentence and almost every word of the announcement (including the table) is a lie.

Quindell – Let’s Put the Canadian Telematics lies into context

Published 1028 days ago

Quenron (QPP) earlier this week announced a telematics deal with one of the top three insurance companies in Canada. Of course that was a lie. Quindell has told lies in RNS statements on a serial basis so that is no shock. The partner is Aviva Canada which is in fact the 15th largest insurance company in Canada. It is the third largest player In the Property & Casualty sub sector but what Quenron said in the RNS was just another lie.

Quindell Red Flags on Overload as Maine Finance Ltd files its annual report

Published 1037 days ago

This came onto my desk yesterday and is a true horror story (unless you are a bear).  Of all of the stinking Quenron subsidiary accounts to emerge so far this is arguably the one that stinks the most. But I still have plenty more to go through so I will not award the “stinkiest Quenron subsidiary accounts 2013” title just yet. I covered the POS that is Maine Finance Ltd in a preliminary way yesterday night in a 40 minute presentation showing clearly that Quindell was a fraud and worth 0p. The video of that talk and accompanying slides will go live within 36 hours and the 2 PLC FDs in the room were horrified by what they heard. But back to Maine Finance Limited.

Rob Terry now about those 9.178808m Quindell shares – a Multiple Choice Question for you

Published 1044 days ago

I established without doubt on Sunday that the Quindell RNS regarding the issue of 18 million shares on September 2nd 2013 was a great big fat whopping lie told by the company led by Rob Terry. This now begs the question about the issue of a further issue of 9.178808 million shares on October 21 2013. Just to whom were they issued and why? This is exactly the sort of issue my lawyers are dying to get into under the disclosure process if the Quindell bitchez ever get around to suing me for libel.

The first Quindell lie of the day exposed – Quindell Property Services

Published 1046 days ago

The annual reports have started to arrive at Companies House for Quenron subsidiaries and I have a stormer of a revelation for you later. Naughty naughty Rob Terry you will not enjoy that one. But as an appetiser and while Mr 2+2 can = 5 sweats on that one I thought I would just point out to you a blatant lie told by Rob Terry to investors which he has admitted to! I have only just noticed. Bad me.

Quindell’s RNS from 18 September 2012 – Quintica Red Flags

Published 1048 days ago

There is speculation that Quenron (QPP) subsidiary Quintica is horribly late in filing its annual report which was due on May 30th. Actually it changed its year end so the report was due to be filed 30th September 2014. It has not been but it is only a bit late not horribly late. However, I just wanted to point out that the release announcing the deal was a tad on the misleading side. 

Horse Hill we expect another RNS as soon as tomorrow as first potential oil zone entered

Published 1051 days ago

Yesterday morning the six Horse Hill participants, put out an RNS which the market read wrongly and marked the shares down. We sense some people were expecting an announcement that oil had been found. We also sense that they won’t be waiting long.

Alpha Returns and the murky world of Shidu – this stinks

Published 1060 days ago

In 2012 Digital Learning Marketplace plc (DLM) was in financial trouble which eventually saw the company restructured into a cash shell. I’ve already written on a placing of shares in Aug 2012 which contravened the Placing Letters, untrue RNS releases, the issue of unannounced loans - in particular a £50k convertible loan issued 1st Oct 2012 which mysteriously survived a CVA which was part of the restructuring and a whole lot more besides.

Avanti Communications – Contract win: puff, puff, huff, puff – sell target is 100p

Published 1107 days ago

Drowning in debt Avanti Communications (AVN) needs to get both another bond issue and an equity issue away in the next year to keep going. It has just issued a profits warning. Its accounts in recent years have raised almost as many red flags as Arthur Scargill and so what to do? Yes…announce another contract win.

Sound Oil – clear upside

Published 1108 days ago

Ben Turney is entitled to his view on Sound Oil (here) but he is wrong. Take it from the man from the Manc slums. I own the shares and this is why Sound (SOU) will make money for Brokerman Dan.

PLCs that are Good Investments Do not issue an RNS at 5.52 PM

Published 1120 days ago

US Oil & Gas (USOP) once issued an RNS at 10 PM on a Friday – that Liam Mcgrattan is a comic genius. But he serves to demonstrate a valid point: if a company starts issuing RNS statements well after 4.30 PM this is a red flag that you should not be invested. Not a reason on its own but the sort of red flag that catches the eye.

Rockhopper Exploration still a worry and a sell & sell Mediterranean Oil & Gas for good measure

Published 1130 days ago

After Thursday’s Premier Oil (PMO) operational update mentioned no feed agreement, much to everyone’s surprise (RKH) Rockhopper Exploration (RKH) served up an RNS on Friday and hey presto we had one! But that does not change my stance. Rockhopper is still a sell and so too is the company it is buying Mediterranean Oil & Gas (MOG). And here is why. 

Roland “Fatty” Cornish – We will publish any response you may have: here is your Charge Sheet

Published 1131 days ago

Four times, or perhaps it is five, we have asked the AIM Regulation Team to investigate whether Roland “Fatty” Cornish and his firm Beaumont Cornish, is fit to continue acting as a Nominated Advisor (Nomad) in light of our revelations about events at Digital Learning Marketplace (DLM) in 2012. We now publish a full charge sheet. If Fatty wants to exercise a right to reply we will publish it. Pro tem we will pass this too onto AIM Regulation.

Rockhopper Exploration Feed Delay - Sell

Published 1133 days ago

From Premier Oil (PMO) today we have the long awaited RNS – it is a damp squib as far as Rockhopper (RKH) goes. There is no feed agreement as yet although it is apparently been imminent for a couple of months. 

Post the Gowex fraud, Gotham City new attack on Rob Terry and Quindell

Published 1135 days ago

In the wake of its 5 day kill of 1.4 billion Euro capitalised fraud Gowex, Gotham City Research has renewed its attack on Rob Terry and Quindell (QPP). It has not before used a five letter word beginning with F. It has now.

Yet another request to AIM Regulation to investigate and discipline Roland “Fatty” Cornish

Published 1140 days ago

I have flagged to AIM Regulation the numerous failings of Roland “Fatty” Cornish and his Nomad firm Beaumont Cornish. Once again I have written to Regulation today asking it to investigate why Fatty allowed Digital Learning Marketplace to publish as an RNS a total lie in August 2012. My start witness is….Angus Forrest now at Tern PLC (TERN) but then at DLM. Forrest is an honourable man and so has, I suspect inadvertently, dobbed Fatty in to The Sheriff of AIM

Astar Minerals – The Liar Repenteth via RNS and with a personal apology: Vindicated the Sheriff moves on

Published 1145 days ago

Twice in the past couple of weeks I have accused AIM Cesspit listed Astar Minerals (ASTA) of issuing an RNS that was a lie - HERE and HERE. Twice I have been pilloried by Bulletin Board Morons. On Friday Astar ‘fessed up via RNS and its chairman Andrew Frangos called me to thank me for forcing his company to set the record straight. The sinner repenteth, I am vindicated. The Sheriff of AIM is a merciful man and the incident is at an end, I move on.

Quindell tells a blatant and demonstrable lie today – re PT

Published 1150 days ago

Quindell (QPP) has today issued an RNS which is a blatant and demonstrable lie. Go on sue me Rob Terry – your company has lied. The issue is the 100 million shares it was meant t have issued to increase its stake in PT healthcare from 26% to 49.9% on March 20 2014. Over the weekend I pointed out that it had in fact NOT issued these shares as it claimed in its prelims and annual report HERE.

Quindell Red Flag of the Day – About those missing 100 million PT Healthcare shares?

Published 1151 days ago

As you know I am thick as two short planks and so I am sure that there is a perfectly reasonable explanation for what appears to be another red flag in the ever growing red flag forest at Quindell (QPP). Perhaps a Bulletin Board moron out there can enlighten me regarding the missing 100 million shares? 

Astar Minerals – was I wrong to accuse it of lying? No… and it gets worse.

Published 1153 days ago

The twitter and bulletin board morons are demanding that I admit that I a joker and admit that my accusation of lying against Astar Minerals (ASTA) was wrong. For the avoidance of doubt: “In its RNS of May 27th Astar Minerals lied.” If Astar disagrees it is free to issue libel proceedings and The Sheriff of AIM will see you in court bitchez. Astar lied and its directors are thus liars. But this gets better (unless you are a shareholder) 

Quindell Bans Media from AGM but I guess 1 Journalist will be there…The Sheriff

Published 1155 days ago

What has Rob Terry got to hide from the press? It is reported that the Quindell (QPP) boss has banned the media from attending tomorrow’s AGM shoot-out. Why on earth would he do that? Perhaps he does not want press reports of institutions questioning him on corporate governance? Or nasty questions about how Quindell projections do not tally with Government data (see my exclusive of earlier today) or perhaps it is questions about the UKLA debacle, the 2012 accounts restatements or untrue RNS statements that he would rather Fleet Street did not pick up on. But…

Astar Minerals – Please Explain why you lied to investors: sell

Published 1156 days ago

On 27th May AIM Cesspit listed Astar Minerals (ASTA) lied to investors in an RNS. This overvalued POS Company is run by a bucket shop stockbroker and anyone buying the shares needs their head examined. The fact that it took The Sheriff of AIM only ten minutes to unearth this lie shows what dumb and unprincipled mothers these folks are. 

Is a typo a hanging offence – ref Leni Gas & Oil?

Published 1157 days ago

Leni Gas & Oil (LGO) published an RNS last Friday which contained a typo. For this, my good friend Doc Holiday wishes to berate David Lenigas, also a friend. I think Doc is, on this rare occasion, wrong but I appear to be getting some flak for this on twitter.

Quindell: Himex and the missing shares – can anyone explain?

Published 1158 days ago

I know that I am not as clever as the average Bulletin Board Moron when it comes to Quindell (QPP) but its apparently contradictory statements have me baffled. Perhaps one of the Rob Terry worshipping Bulletin Board Morons out there might help me explain why apparently contradicting statements regarding the Himex acquisition are not a red flag?

The Pedants are Revolting: Angus Forrest of Tern PLC the Guillotine awaits you: New Lies Revealed

Published 1160 days ago

Between myself and Tom Winnifrith we have shown you ample evidence that while at AIM listed Digital Learning marketplace (DLM) now called Alpha Returns (ARGP) Angus Forrest and Bruce Leith misled investors in RNS after RNS and also committed corporate malfeasance regarding its CVA, I have also show how Forrest has misled investors at Tern (TERN) the AIM Cesspit company where the two men are now in charge. Surely Tern’s Non Exec and advisors must know that no-one will buy shares in their company until these two men face the guillotine. The peasants have had enough.  Just for the hell of it I flag something else…

An Open Letter to AIM Regulation – A Third Request to Investigate Nomad Roland “Fatty” Cornish

Published 1163 days ago

For the AIM casino to work, allowing investors to trust PLCs to tell the truth, every statement they issue in an RNS must be verified by the company’s Nominated Advisor (Nomad). Nomads like Roland “Fatty” Cornish of Beaumont Cornish are paid fat fees for doing this work. If they fail to verify an RNS so that a company lies to investors they should be censured by AIM regulation and, in an ideal wold, prevented from acting as Nomad in future. In that vein I have now issued a third request to the AIM Team to investigate Beaumont Cornish and Fatty in particular regarding lies told in 2012 by Digital Learning Marketplace.

Angus Forrest, DLM and the AIM Cesspit tale of woe Part 6 – the CVA which does not add up

Published 1163 days ago

I have already revealed enough in my first five articles in this series to get regulators crawling all over the mess that was Digital Learning Marketplace (DLM) run by Angus Forrest and Bruce Leith. Tom Winnifrith has taken the matter further and it is now clear that Tern PLC (TERN) must sack both Forest & Leith without any delay. The fact that it has not and that its City Fat Cat advisors (WH Ireland and Peterhouse) will not step in just shows how the Cesspit that is AIM stinks. I now turn to the CVA where Forest & Leith committed corporate malfeasance and issued false RNS statements.

The Lies of Angus Forrest – Let’s start with a small one (well FOUR) as his SACKING beckons

Published 1165 days ago

Angus Forrest the chairman of Tern (TERN) and his sidekick Bruce Leith must be sacked at once for the series of lies they told while running AIM Cesspit listed Digital Learning Marketplace between June and September 2012 and for the clear corporate malfeasance that took place. The are now officially "In sights" and the Sheriff of AIM is on the warpath - see HERE. The list of Forrest's crimes exposed here is growing so just to start of what will be a blitz of revelations I offer him an easy opener. When did DLM part company with its CEO Andy Hasoon?

Ferrum Crescent – is it time to ditch the Ferret?

Published 1167 days ago

Ferrum Crescent (FCR) is an iron ore company in South Africa with a tasty measured resource. I covered the company in January – this was a share tip (see HERE) at 1.75p and initially all seemed well.

Quindell: Sorry to be a bore but about that full listing?

Published 1168 days ago

Call me a pedant if you wish but I am drawn to statements made by Quindell (QPP) regarding its move from AIM to a full listing and I wonder if it might be appropriate for the company to clarify matters for those like me who take an interest in its affairs. On 31 March in an RNS Quindell stated that: 

Berkeley Minerals – About to Take off?

Published 1171 days ago

Is the Berkelely Minerals (BMR) train about to finally pick up some steam? Shareholders are used to missed deadlines, last week was no different. Having been told that the Zambian Environmental Management Agency (ZEMA) would give its decision regarding the commencement of production at the Kabwe tailings operation by the end of the month, Friday came and went and no decision was forthcoming. 

Quindell – Another Question (sorry) re shares and Paul Stanley

Published 1174 days ago

Once again I return to the issue of shares issued for Quindell Property Services – the company bought by Quindell (QPP) on May 3rd 2013. I have already flagged up serious apparent anomalies with the shares issued for this deal which Quindell has declined to clarify – see HERE. But there is more.

The Co-Ordinated Director Share Purchases – A sell signal – ref Kenmare & Quindell

Published 1175 days ago

Bulletin Board Morons always tell me that I cannot be right in saying “sell” because a raft of directors have just bought shares. Au contraire – some patterns of boardroom buying are clear sell signals in themselves.

Short Term Trading Buy: Enables IT at a 27p offer – 3 week target to sell at c33p

Published 1175 days ago

This share tip was published last week on HotStockRockets when the offer price was just 25p. Our paying customers always get in first and will be told to sell first. But this is still a good short term trading buy at a 27p offer. Our corking share tip of the month goes live at 11 AM Friday – to access that for as little as £5 click HERE

Tangiers Petroleum – extended fund raise – this stinks like a kangaroo's arse

Published 1176 days ago

Where do you start with the new posterboy of the AIM Cesspit, Tangiers Petroleum (TPET) and news yesterday that it has increased its fundraise from A$5 million to A$9 million?  The whole thing stinks

Like father like son, today it is Greka Drilling spinning a profits warning as good news

Published 1191 days ago

Yesterday I flagged up how AIM Cesspit listed Green Dragon Gas (GDG) was happily issuing a grotesquely misleading RNS – see HERE. Today it is Greka Drilling (GDL), the spin-off company, which is spinning bad news as good and so legging over private investors. You think this is wrong? No this is AIM and it happens every day.

Green Dragon Misleading Investors – When is a decrease an increase? What a frigging joke.

Published 1192 days ago

This morning’s RNS from AIM Cesspit posterboy Greed Dragon Gas (GDG) plumbs new depths when it comes to spinning bad news as good. The company, its Nomad (Smith & Williamson) and its PR firm (Pelham Bell Pottinger, PR man James Henderson) should all be taken out and shot. This is such a total frigging disgrace in describing black as white. Words almost escape me.

Minoan – Greek Press: Progress at Cave Sidero: RNS & Green Light imminent?

Published 1252 days ago

Is Minoan (MIN) about to secure final planning consent to get the go ahead for its company making development at Cave Sidero. If the Greek Press is to be believed (we know, there is no need to say it), the answer looks as if it could be yes.

Lombard Risk Management – Burying good news?

Published 1579 days ago

It is funny how some companies bury good news. Lombard Risk Management (LRM) issued an RNS on Friday headlined “notice of results.” I just assumed that it stated “Lombard will issue its results on such and such a date” and as such did not bother to read the actual release. Daft old me.

Quindell Portfolio “contract win” or not?

Published 1584 days ago

I know nothing about Quindell portfolio (QPP) other than Lucian Miers regards it as an accident waiting to happen (as he explained here.) and that I share his unease at its aggressive manner of stock promotion. Today’s RNS only increases that unease. 

Vialogy – Promoting again: where’s the beef?

Published 1587 days ago

Vialogy (VIY) the AIM-listed management lifestyle, ooops I meant to say oilfield services group is at it again with another promote the shares announcement. As ever it blathers on about doing work for a big name company (it is Chevron again) but what is this worth? Er……the silence is deafening. The announcement is classic Vialogy waffle. It reads: Chevron has:


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