Hayward Tyler – possible offer saga soon to conclude?

Published 211 days ago

Having on 31st March announced possible offer discussions with an initial deadline of 28th April, there is now another “extension to deadline” announced by Hayward Tyler (HAYT). However, is this saga now soon to conclude?...

Hayward Tyler – Takeover Panel extension, loan repayment can again kicked slightly further down the road

Published 266 days ago

Engineering group Hayward Tyler (HAYT) has updated on its bank facilities and that, at its request, the Takeover Panel has consented to an extension of the deadline for a possible offer for the company by Avingtrans plc…

Hayward Tyler – new order win as loan repayment can kicked further down the road (though not very far)...

Published 309 days ago

Having recently noted a £2.4 million repayment due to Royal Bank of Scotland on 31st March (Hayward Tyler – announces “new order wins”, but attempted bailout financing dump ahoy?), I now note a further announcement from Hayward Tyler Group (HAYT); “Bank facility update and new order win”...

Hayward Tyler – announces “new order wins”, but attempted bailout financing dump ahoy?

Published 311 days ago

Down from above 75p at the commencement of the year, shares in engineering group Hayward Tyler (HAYT) are currently today rebounding more than 10%, above 40p, on the back of a “New order wins” announcement…

You Might Want to Take the High Road to that Scottish Bank Again

Published 323 days ago

Hello Share Trundlers. It’s only with extreme caution that I commend any British banks to your eagle eye, having lost a stack of my own money on them even since 2007. But I am rather more hopeful about all of the big British ones now.

Hayward Tyler – further extension of debt repayment, what of funds recently raised?

Published 325 days ago

My previous update on engineering group Hayward Tyler (HAYT) noted “repayment of £2.4 million of short term banking facilities, currently extended to 28 February”. The following updates with the shares currently further below 40p on the back of an “Update on banking support” announcement...

RBS: “Do you feel lucky, punk?”

Published 533 days ago

You can do a lot in 100 daysBack in April I was musing about the large UK banks and puckered up some ‘geek analysis’ on Lloyds (LLOY) which basically suggested a double digit trading opportunity was apparent…and so it came to pass over the next four to six week.  A month or so later Brexit and the shares fell out of favour. Despite the grumblings in Lloyds statement last week I am getting similar feelings about an investing opportunity here again. What did I conclude last time?

Royal Bank of Scotland currently offers value

Published 899 days ago

Banking isn’t necessarily a sector that I’d be rushing to take positions in at the present time, given the state of the world economy, but Royal Bank of Scotland (RBS) still interests me at current levels.

It Might Be Worth Buying RBS Before the Big Sell-Off.

Published 953 days ago

Hello Share Twirlers. So George of the Treasury Jungle has decreed that its Royal Bank of Scotland (RBS) shares are to be sold off, probably at a loss to the tax-payer. You’ll recall that the shares have to go for about £5 each to recoup the money - that’s nearly £1.50p more than the present market price.

Government share placings: nothing to fear but fear itself, ref RBS, Lloyds and Royal Mail

Published 954 days ago

The Depression era US President Franklin Roosevelt is probably not often mentioned on this site but his dictum that ‘there is nothing to fear but fear itself’ is inadvertently one of the best pieces of stock market advice you are likely to read. Let’s consider this in respect of some of Britain’s best loved bank shares Royal Bank of Scotland (RBS) and Lloyds (LLOY).

In the market bloodbath…filtering the larger caps (part 1)

Published 1130 days ago

Stockmarkets are always full of surprises and many overpaid pundits have been caught the wrong way during December as those longed for quiet, lengthy ‘business development’ lunches and a half day off to watch the school nativity play has been augmented by a bit of proper volatility. 

Idox – value in the shares as positive operational momentum continues?

Published 1211 days ago

Idox plc (IDOX) has this week announced a further contract win for its Engineering Information Management division as well as new £40 million, four year, banking facilities with the Royal Bank of Scotland and Silicon Valley Bank. The following updates with the shares currently at 41.875p – up from a start of the year 32.5p but down from more than 45p last month.

RBS: interim results - a hold at worst

Published 1271 days ago

On Friday we had the preliminary interim results from the Royal Bank of Scotland (RBS.) Whereas one might have might have expected something slow and vaporous, they were instead robust and tangible enough to push the share price to rise not so much like the slowly rising ghost from the deep grave of its former self but more like a rocket on Guy Fawke's night.  The numbers which lit the touch paper of the market’s hopes and best expectations were the reported figures for profits before tax and the operating profits during the first half. 


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