As We All Dread the Big Crash, Here Are the Magnificent Seven Ways to Save Your Wealth

Published 95 days ago

Hello, Share Pilots. There is so many predictions of a earth-shattering share crash on this lively website, that we must all be feeling nervous. We all remember a few black days, only nine years ago, when it began to look as all shares would be worth hardly anything at all. Picture your mind’s desolation if that were to happen again. Here are a few precautions you might take.

Randgold - undoubtedly the best large cap gold company in the world

Published 169 days ago

I know, I know...I do have a bit of a perma love-up with Randgold Resources (RRS), London's largest listed gold company but as it is a year since I wrote my latest paean I felt an update was overdue following last Thursday's numbers.

ShareProphets Share Tips of the Year Number 7 - Buy Randgold Resources says Gary Newman

Published 394 days ago

When it comes to picking a company which is going to perform well over the course of a year, I believe that you need to consider the macro-economic factors that are likely to affect the sector in which it operates.

It's time to buy Randgold Resources for a continued gold bull run

Published 493 days ago

Gold has been showing signs of weakness but I am yet to be convinced that this is justified and I think the market has over-reacted, which means that there are some good opportunities around for gold bulls.

Midday cage fight: Randgold versus the Bank of England

Published 538 days ago

Too many years ago to remember I recall one of my University lecturers observing that ‘life is a trade-off problem’. He was highlighting some tedious point about microeconomics, but I have a bit of a personal quandary at midday: should I review the latest interest rate and inflation information dump from the Bank of England (‘Super Thursday’) or listen to the Randgold Resources (RRS) quarterly conference call?

Randgold Brings Riches Out of Africa. Worth a Tickle, if You Agree the Gold Rush Is Growing.

Published 623 days ago

Hello Share Squeezers. Many writers on this stunning website continue to support gold. This is not surprising as nearly all my fellow writers are very bearish on stocks at the mo, even more growly than normal.You could spread bet the price of gold. Or you can buy one of the miners.

You want one gold stock to buy but what? Ten experts say it should be...

Published 639 days ago

Gold seems to be in an uptrend so maybe it is time to get a bit of exposure to the gold sector once more? But how? We adsked ten writers connected to this site and/or speaking at UK Investor show on Saturday if they had to bet the ranch on one stock what would it be?

If Shares Continue Their Tarnished Path, You Might Take a Shine to this Glittering Company.

Published 706 days ago

Hello Share Polishers. They tell me that all the gold in the world is only enough to cover a football pitch. Though nobody informed how deep the deposit should be. TW Note: It is actually "fill an Olympic sized swimming pool."

Time to bank some gold profits for now

Published 714 days ago

With turmoil on markets across the world, gold has seen a resurgence in popularity since the start of the year. It was as recently as late autumn of 2015 when many seemed to be predicting that gold would drop below the $1,000 area, and could possibly even go as low as the $800-850 range.

SP Angel Morning Mining note: Randgold Resources & Pan African Resources

Published 716 days ago

John Meyer of SP Angel this morning comments on RandGold Resources (RRS) and Pan African Resources (PAF) as well as offering a detailed macro view on the news that is shaping global mining and the AIM mining pond.

Randgold Resources offers a good defensive play

Published 741 days ago

With the markets in turmoil it makes sense to have at least something more defensive in your portfolio. Gold has historically always been good in this type of situation, and whilst I’m nowhere near as bullish as some are about where the gold price is going longer term, it should at least offer some protection over the coming months.

How Greece saved my 2015 tips dullness

Published 764 days ago

I don’t know who uttered the phrase ‘you cannot eat relative performance’ first but it strikes me as a very relevant statement to describe my first two tips of the year. But I had a big winner. Thank you Greece!

Randgold Resources: flashing below the 4000p share price level again

Published 807 days ago

I actually was not going to write-up Thursday’s quarterly update from the world’s best larger cap gold mining stock Randgold Resources (RRS).  The numbers showed good progress: rising production at an attractively low cash cost, a building net cash balance and exciting prospective exploration development opportunities.

SP Angel Morning Mining Note: Anglo Pacific, BlueRock Diamonds, Glencore & Randgold Resources

Published 811 days ago

John Meyer of SP Angel this morning comments on Anglo Pacific Group (APF), BlueRock Diamonds (BRD), Glencore (GLEN) and Randgold Resources (RRS) as well as offering a detailed macro view on the news that is shaping global mining and the AIM mining pond. 

BP's dividend maintenance dance - one to add to the pension

Published 820 days ago

The global mega cap energy sector reporting period kicked off today with BP (BP/) reporting 'underlying profit of US$1.8bn for the third quarter of 2015, up US$500m on the previous quarter, along with plans to rebalance its financial framework and grow value long term'.   Well that sounds like something for everyone then: profits sequentially up and more than a hint or two about the importance of remunerating it shareholders. 

SP Angel Morning Mining Note: Capital Drilling, Rambler Metals, Randgold Resources & Tri-Star Resources

Published 821 days ago

John Meyer of SP Angel this morning comments on Capital Drilling (CAPD), Rambler Metals (RMM), Randgold Resources (RRS) & Tri-Star Resources (TSTR) as well as offering a detailed macro view on the news that is shaping global mining and the AIM mining pond. 

Randgold: the world’s best gold company (and reiterating my tip of the year)

Published 899 days ago

“Toast”.  I nearly spat out my breakfast when I heard the CEO of Randgold Resources (RRS) use that word to describe the majority of his competitors in the gold mining space at prevailing commodity prices. 

Tips of the year update #1: Aviva

Published 901 days ago

Early August: whilst most think about upcoming or just passed holidays, the last couple of Ashes tests or – for the real geeks amongst you – the finer points of the Bank of England’s big data dump, my mind muses about the 2015 tips I published at the turn of the year.  Amusingly enough – as often these things fall – both my main tips reported yesterday: Aviva (AV/) and Randgold Resources (RRS).  I will come back on the world’s leading larger cap gold miner later after their conference call but first…the dull world of insurance.

SP Angel Morning Mining Note: Randgold Resources and Rio Tinto

Published 902 days ago

John Meyer of SP Angel this morning comments on Randgold Resources (RRS) & Rio Tinto (RIO) as well as offering a detailed macro view on the news that is shaping global mining and the AIM mining pond. 

Randgold Resources; speculative buy on the Grexit and a rally in gold

Published 932 days ago

As the long-awaited Grexit looms ever larger, the price of gold could well be priming itself for a strong summer rally. Currently at $1,167/oz., the precious metal is trading at the bottom of its annual range and sentiment towards it is decidedly bearish. These are prime conditions for a contrarian reversal and if the Greek crisis intensifies over the coming weeks, gold should benefit greatly from any flight to safety. Such a move higher in gold will be positive for the battered gold miners and chief among these Randgold Resources (RRS) looks an appealing buy.


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