Should We Sell Oilers as Short-Sighted OPEC Makes Our Holdings Skid?

Published 84 days ago

Hello Share Smashers. OPEC, the cartel of 12 big oil producers led by Saudi Arabia, has let us down.

Symphony Environmental - share tip further higher on Saudi Arabia developments

Published 120 days ago

Shares in Symphony Environmental (SYM) were a 6.75p offer price, September 2013, addition to the Penny Shares portfolio of our Nifty Fifty website. We recently updated with them heading towards doubling…

KEFI Minerals has been hit by short-termism but remains a buy

Published 286 days ago

Short-termism seems to be even more prevalent amongst AIM investors these days than I can ever remember previously, and this is having an impact on the share price of any company that has any sort of delay to its business.

Heavy fuel oil alternative still has big potential for Quadrise

Published 372 days ago

The recent low oil prices have not only affected companies producing the commodity, but also others which rely on prices being high in order for their own products to be competitive. AIM-listed Quadrise Fuels (QFI) offers a good alternative investment for anyone who is confident that oil prices will ultimately recover, but who is looking for something a bit different to the traditional earlier-stage oil and gas investments around.

Steve Brown argues why 2014 was not 1985, so 2015 will not be 1986 ref. the oil price

Published 725 days ago

Back in February 2015, Bob Dudley, BP's CEO, said in a Bloomberg TV interview that the fundamental supply and demand picture reminded him of 1986, and he feared we could go into a period of lower oil prices perhaps staying in a range below $60/bbl for as long as three years. He added "It will be a long time before we see $100/bbl again."

The wider implications of low oil prices

Published 948 days ago

Everyone is well aware that the oil price has plummeted, but many have yet to consider the wider implications of this drop. Unless you’ve been living in a cave you can’t help but have noticed the collapse in oil price, but many investors are still only considering it in terms of whether they hold shares in oil producing companies, or even just the fact that it is now cheaper to fill up their car! 

Global Energy Development; tough times to come for AIM’s oilies

Published 954 days ago

I am really surprised at the number of commentators and ordinary shareholders, who view the current valuation of oil stocks as a God-given buying opportunity. As I’ve written before, all the evidence suggests we are in the early phases of an aggressive global price war. Saudi Arabia (and for that read OPEC) appears determined to crush the US “fracking boom”, through a sustained campaign of price suppression. Times are almost certainly going to get a lot tougher before they improve. Any talk of farm-outs or a flurry of deal making seems greatly misplaced. This morning, Global Energy Development (GED) released an announcement, far more in keeping with the times.

Is OPEC flooding the market with crude?

Published 980 days ago

Two weeks ago we had a lively debate on ShareProphets in response to OPEC’s decision not to cut production at its 166th Meeting. Articles and comments flew backwards and forwards, as we all played the wonderful guessing game of predicting world events. Chris Oil and Paul Curtis led the charge for the bulls, while I fought a rear guard action on behalf of the bears. So far, it looks like the market is on my side and there is another argument, which reinforces my bearish view. OPEC’s production targets are not rigidly enforced.

OPEC decision spells disaster for AIM oil companies

Published 994 days ago

It’s been coming for the last four months, but on Thursday OPEC finally declared open war on the US “Shale Revolution”. Yesterday, Chris Oil felt this might present a short term buying opportunity in AIM oil-stocks. I disagree. OPEC’s failure to cut production and the accompanying statement it released are clear signals of intent. The Organisation of Petroleum Exporting Companies, despite intense internal pressure from some of its members, has set itself on a course to crush the highly leveraged “fracking boom”. There is almost certainly going to be a lot of collateral damage, not least among AIM’s oil exploration and production sector, which is so reliant on external funding for survival.

KEFI Minerals Exploration Update – a very positive outcome: Fox Davies

Published 1131 days ago

Kefi Minerals (KEFI) has released an exploration update relating to its 40% owned Jibal Qutman project in Saudi Arabia. Broker Fox Davies has analysed the results and states that they represent a “very positive outcome.”


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