Three Shares I Will Sell Soon

Published 17 hours ago

Hello, Share Peckers. I’ve just recently named three of my shares I have high hopes for. So to balance the boat, I’ll now nominate a trio of not-so-hopeful members of my portfolio. Three shares that I plan to sell as soon as the market indicates the best time.

Sainsbury Joins Morrisons on my 'Less-Than-Enthusiastic' List

Published 12 days ago

Hello, Share Trudgers. Following my less-than-enthusiastic article on Morrisons (MRW) yesterday, I now turn a jaundiced eye on its rival Sainsbury (SBRY).

Though Sainsbury Tries Harder, the Competition is Just Too Much - sell

Published 196 days ago

Hello Share Peggers. The latest set of figures from Sainsbury (SBRY) show that sales in the last four months improved by 2.3%. Which is not too bad, considering the huge challenge from the competition these days.

Easter 2017 update: Top shorted London-listed shares

Published 283 days ago

From the FCA's spreadsheet of short positions required to be disclosed to it, at the start of the year we showed the ten top shorted London-listed shares HERE. The following updates, showing those with a current reported short position of +7%...

Are the supermarkets hot to shop after their Xmas trading updates?

Published 376 days ago

After being outed by Tom Winnifrith as a non-adherent to the Star Wars doctrine, I turn my thoughts to matters in our galaxy (not far away)…and the bevy of trading updates from supermarkets this week.

Sainsbury’s: piling it high and selling it cheap (so treat the shares the same)

Published 482 days ago

As I will publish one day as ‘Chris Bailey’s guide to reading regulatory news statements’, rule 354 is ‘worry about any retail company that starts talking about the price of their products in a RNS’.  Normally such price disclosures highlight desperation and hence Sainsbury’s (SBRY) musings earlier today that…

Steve's Dead Right. ARM Could Trigger More Take-overs. Here Are some Possible Targets.

Published 553 days ago

Hello Share Scrunchers. It always encourages me when my colleague Steve Moore, a modest sort of chap who is very tuned in to our golden game, has the same thoughts as me. Even more so, as we don’t always agree. But when he says that the takeover of ARM Holdings (ARM) is good news not just for ARM holders, but the share investment world as applied to the whole of the UK, then I totally concur.

Sainsbury's does vinyl..are the shares a hit or a flop?

Published 594 days ago

If you are interested in retail shares then one of the more sensible uses of your research time would be to become familiar with the output of Kantar. Even for cheapskates like me there is a reasonable flow of free insights from the business research consultancy to provide a bit of colour. 

Zak Mir's Great Request Show: Bacanora Minerals, Polo Resources, Sainsbury

Published 741 days ago

If you want me to analyse a stock for you just drop me a line at [email protected] - Today I look at shares in Bacanora Minerals (BCN), Polo Resources (POL) and J Sainsbury (SBRY) setting share price targets for all three stocks.

A Few More Reasons to Give a Second Chance to Morrisons.

Published 771 days ago

Hello Share Squirters. About six years ago I bought some shares in Morrisons (MRW). And I immediately regretted it. And that was before all the hoo-ha about Lidl and Aldi taking the customers of the big British supermarkets.

Tesco: the super tanker starts to turn

Published 839 days ago

Which of the following do you believe is more important as a guide to Tesco’s (TSCO) corporate well-being?

Trouble in Old China, Yes - But What Has that to Do with Barnsley?

Published 880 days ago

I want to draw your attention to the absurd affect that the trouble in China is having on British shares. One of the biggest fallers has been ITV (ITV). This company makes it money by advertising British companies, like Tesco (TSCO), Sainsbury (SBRY), WM Morrison (WMR) and loads of other very familiar products in the UK.

Sainsbury at 337p; still good value in a sea of competition

Published 1321 days ago

Last month, I gave my reasons why I thought Sainsbury’s equity was attractive at the then share price of 340p. I described the company as “impressive fundamental value in a sea of intense competition”. In essence, that was based on an estimated prospective dividend yield of 4.8%, backed by a strong balance sheet net asset value of an estimated 317p a share. The share price continued a slide down to about 326p before bouncing; last seen, Sainsbury shares were back up to 337p almost back to where we came in about a month ago. 

Sainsbury shares at 340p, a fundamentally attractive buy

Published 1335 days ago

The results from Sainsbury (SBRY) for the year to 15 March were far from being a disaster; which was good news given the cloud the food retail sector has been under from those drat German price discounters, who seem to have learnt how to compete on both price and perceived quality. Sales were up by 2.8% - not bad even if the ‘like for like’ sales from the stores that had been open a year or more, were up by a mere wisp at plus 0.2%. The company retained its market share in the year to March 2014.


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