Fancy a Firm that's Not Cut its Divi in 56 Years and Goes from Strength to Strength?

Published 163 days ago

Hello Share Shellers. Some of my formative years as a broadcaster were at BBC Radio Leeds. It was in the centre of that fair city in a shopping paradise called the the Merrion Centre. Happy days!

October UK Investor Show Magazine - Shares to beat ASOS, When the Bubbles Pop, Scotland can't afford to leave

Published 253 days ago

The October edition of the UK Investor Show magazine is live features 7 buy tips, including 5 our writers believe will  beat ASOS. Plus a feature on why the Bubbles are About to Pop, in Trump vs Clinton - who is the biggest loser from this contest, and why Scotland can't afford to leave the UK.

Foxtons share price overreacts to letting fees news

Published 263 days ago

Estate agents took a big hit last week when Chancellor Philip Hammond’s Autumn Statement revealed a surprise, in the form of a ban on letting fees.

Catch Dominic Frisby on Tax in Edinburgh, I'm reminded of Mark Steyn on the Diary of Anne Frank

Published 417 days ago

The UK Investor speaker, Moneyweek columnist and gold guru and professional comedian Dominic Frisby sends me a flyer for his gigs at the Edinburgh Festival. Unlike some want to be writers, such as Ben Turney who are accidental comedians in that we just laugh at them, Dominic really is a professional comedian and is very funny so if you are in Edinburgh this year go see him. His main gig is Tax!

An economic refugee from the Scottish Welfare Safari writes

Published 830 days ago

Malcolm Stacey reckons that an independent Scotland will be innundated with folks from England seeking a better life but then he also believes in and worships the Money Tree. Tom Winnifrith reckons Scotland should be liberated, towed off into the Atlantic and sunk. After the past four weeks you have probably had enough of whinging celtic bores but if you want more where that came from here is a man who has fled the post industrial wastelands in search of work, liberty and the joys of free enterprise but retains a romantic sympathy for his welfare addicted compatriots. Over to Nigel McSomerville. 

Rejoice, Rejoice – The Tories Win

Published 833 days ago

At 7 AM it is clear that the Tories are going to be able to govern alone for five more years. As someone who runs a small business, who would like the economy to prosper, to see jobs created and the deficit cut and who wants us all to have a say on Europe I rejoice. My only regret is that I was not with her wife and her lefty pals at their election night party as they tried to work out how to but the corks back in the champagne bottle.

Scotgold ups resource and cuts likely costs

Published 932 days ago

A 201% increase in AIM-quoted Scotgold (SGZ)’s formal measured and indicated gold resource at Cononish in north-east Scotland’s Grampian Highlands, combined with a new mining plan for the project, has not impressed the stockmarket much, but chief executive Richard Gray suggests its prospects could now be transformed. He argues the new, confidently categorised 248,000-oz. resource, with an average grade up 9% to a robust 14.3 grammes of gold per tonne of ore, should make it easier to finance the project, three years after a previous tempt to launch it came to nothing.

No vote in #Indyref is a disaster for BOTH England and Scotland

Published 1064 days ago

At an emotional level I am sorry to see that my Celtic Cousins in the Greece of the North have not voted for a Scottish Free State.  But this prediction of disaster both sides of the border is based on economics and not emotion. I suggest that those Unionists celebrating ponder life in Quebec and think again. Like Proud Edward’s Army. 

An Open Letter to Alex Salmond: Post #IndyRef Scotland should use the Renmimbi and flourish

Published 1066 days ago

Richard Poulden, the uber-libertarian CEO of Wishbone Gold (WSBN) has written to Alex Salmond with two helpful suggestions on how to make an Independent Scotland the economic powerhouse of Europe. Richard writes: 

Evil Knievil sees Africa Minerals shares heading to near enough 0p – and Evil pere on Scotland

Published 1067 days ago

The father of legendary bear raider Evil Knievil is not only the greatest living classical scholar but in his youth played rugby for Scotland (his mother being Scottish). Somewhere the athletic gene passed his 25 stone son by. George Cawkwell (the father) is, like his son, a NO supporter but feels incensed that as an Oxford resident he cannot vote in the referendum.

Scots Will Take the ‘No’ Road – and Share Prices Will Rocket Through the Rye.

Published 1067 days ago

Hello Share Twiddlers. Patriotism can be a dangerous thing. I don’t altogether agree with it. But watching ‘The Last Night of the Proms’ at the weekend, I was struck by the pure fun people were having singing Rule Britannia. It was also uplifting to see all those Union Jacks being waved at the same time as Welsh dragons and Scottish flags.

Why Scotland needs the Painful Medicine of Independence and must vote YES for ITS sake

Published 1068 days ago

Scotland is the Greece of the North. 89% of its population are net takers from the State. Its share of the National debt is £108 billion which will be hard to support. It has a bloated Government sector and with oil revenues set to decline its financial position can only get worse. The only answer is independence. It must vote YES.


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