Keep Professor Stacey's Dashing Dozen of New Year Resolutions - and your Share Bag Could Prosper.

Published 25 days ago

Hello, Share Swipers. New Year resolutions are more important to share shifters like us than most people. They can safeguard our lolly and help us grab more. But financial resolutions are harder to keep because they’re attacked by the destructive impulses of fear and greed.

Consider Giving Galliford a Try, as it Seems Unfairly Unloved and Good Value

Published 27 days ago

Hello, Share Swingers. It’s been a while since I’ve commended the unusually-named housebuilder Galliford Try. (GFRD) And since then, the share has not performed as well as most of the rest of my stable.

Day Trading Creeps Back into Fashion. So Here are some Fashionable Tips.

Published 88 days ago

Hello, Share Crunchers. Day trading is making a comeback.  And after being burnt a lot in the old days, I’m tentatively putting my toe back in the water.  Lower spreads (for selected companies) lower broker fees and the abolition of stamp duty on Aim shares are a few of the reasons. So here are a few tips I used to employ and am beginning to follow again.

A Promising Pocket Pharma Like This Could Pluck Perky Pickings. But You Need Nerve.

Published 105 days ago

Hello, Share Choosers. As we've often said on this glittering website, investing in small drugs companies is fraught with peril. Cures and remedies take ages to develop, and then you have to steer them through a punishing licence minefield. I’m a great believer, though, in this kind of punt, as the world becomes older and less healthy. And investment in the right pharma could reap big rewards for shareholders, but mainly the sick among us. Today’s suggestion seems a more promising pocket pharma than most.

Here Are Three Perky Shares Which I Think Will Do Even Better Now

Published 116 days ago

Hello Share Scorchers. There are still quite a few of our regular readers who can only glean the first paragraph of each article. Just to save less than £1.50 a week. Don’t they realise they would retrieve thousands of pounds just by following our warnings about dodgy cpmpanies they might otherwise stay with till the very end? I can’t understand human nature, and never will.

With IQE and Similar Rockets to the Stars, Follow this Simple Strategy.

Published 130 days ago

Hello Share Markers. The fact that you now have to pay £6 a month to read my modest articles, means that some of my regulars are no longer with us. Trouble is they lose out on all the other learned articles - including the dire warnings - and that could cost them thousands of pounds. Still, nearly every one on this planet is penny wise and pound foolish. And I don’t like paying for internet content either. It’s just that investing in shares is too dodgy not to have the best independent advice going. 

6 tips, the one gold share that all must own, and six reasons why the stock market may crash in 2017 - The August edition of the UK Investor Show magazine is now live

Published 141 days ago

The August edition of the UK Investor Show Magazine is live featuring six share tips, the one gold share that all must own, and six reasons why the stock market may crash in 2017 and much more.

Telly Can Be a Scary Business, But ITV Is At the Top of It's Game.

Published 173 days ago

Hello, Share Curdlers. At the incredibly good UK Investor Show in April, I heard a strong recommendation to buy into ITV (ITV). The reasoning was - and I agreed with this - is that, if you want your product to be aired before 6 million people in one go, then ITV is the only platform you have.

Four Tricky Tricks to Try to Tease More Money Out of Your Portfolio.

Published 207 days ago

Hello Share Pifflers. There are many little tricks we learn over the years as we play the golden game of share shifting. As I’ve been in the racket since King Alfred burned his buns, I’ve probably used most of them. As it’s another boring weekend with no markets open, allow me to share a few of the best

Who Has Short Shorts? Perhaps Nobody Should - Unless They're Experts.

Published 240 days ago

Hello Share Poolers. Shorting ain’t for moi. I’ve lost too much money, too fast to make it pleasurable. Painful is more the word.

Want an Easy Way to Invest in Emerging Markets? Take a Look at CLIG

Published 296 days ago

Hello Share Swiggers. As I write this, the share I love is once again putting on more value. However, City of London Investment Group (CLIG) can sometimes be in the opposite camp.

BP or Not BP? That is Exxon's Question. Meanwhile, I'm in a Quandary

Published 317 days ago

Hello Share Shakers. A bit of a dilemma faces me. I have some BP (BP.) shares in my ordinary trading account. I want to switch them to my ISA. When I do that, there’ll be an interim few days when I no longer hold the stock. For BP at the moment, this is a bit dangerous.

Picture Giant's Share Price Frames Itself Again. Now for some More Northerly Action

Published 341 days ago

Hello Share Squirmers. There was a rather unnerving fall for shares in Photo-Me (PHTM) in the middle of last month. It was based on a scare story that the quality needed for official id photos could be provided by mobile phones and so could be something of a challenge in the future for automatic photo machines.

Long Live the Revolution - If You Buy the Shares

Published 362 days ago

Hello Share Twangers. Though not a revolutionary sort of person, I do rather like an intriguing name when it comes to stumping up for shares. Revolution Bars (RBG) has a romantic ring to it, don’t you think?

Photo-Me's Shares Are Under-Developed After Press Scare

Published 365 days ago

Hello Share Gobblers. Uncle Tom has said that Photo-Me (PHTM) is my favourite share. This is no longer quite true, but I do have a lot of faith (and money) wrapped up in the stock.

Growing Competition May Curb Vodafone Shares from Ringing

Published 371 days ago

Hello Share Spaders. Recently, I opined on this superlative website that BT had been over-sold in the last 12 months and was possibly cruising for a new target of 500p a throw, rather than the present sad sub-400p share price. But I’m not so confident over its rival Vodafone (VOD).

Reasons Why Lloyds Bank Could Keep Boosting its Lamentable Share Price

Published 380 days ago

Hello Share Baiters. That awful share to hold, Lloyds Group (LLOY) may be getting less arduous. There is some optimism in the City that the current disappointing share price may rise 20% or so to beat 75p. Presently it’s around 66p.

Not a Famous Frog - But a Firm Whose Share Price Might Leap

Published 386 days ago

With the oil price rising nicely, it’s a reasonable time to look at a company which always reminds me of that famous frog in Beatrix Potter. You remember Jeremy Fisher? Well, today’s company is also involved in water: James Fisher (FSJ), a marine engineering giant with interests in the oil and gas world.

Why Do I Keep Making these Stupid Gaffs, While Warning Others Not to?

Published 422 days ago

Hello Share Thrashers. Even an old-stager like myself can still make elementary mistakes when trying to make a living out of trading shares.

Three Little Beauties Which Chime with One of the Truest Sayings in Shareland

Published 429 days ago

Hello Share Splashers. There are several well-worn maxims in Shareland which happen to be true. One of the best in my humble experience is ‘the trend is your friend’. Simply put, this is a share which has been rising for a few days continuing to rise. Just as a company which is doing badly continuing to see its stock tumble.

Anglo American May Lead the March of the Miners

Published 433 days ago

Hello Share Twiddlers. I’ve not looked at the giant miner Anglo American (AAL) for some years now. In general, mining companies have not inspired optimists like me over the last few years. The carnage has been terrible. But I’m getting the feeling that all the over-selling has come to an end now, to be replaced by the opposite activity.

You May Not Want to Sell Shell Pell Mell on These Figures

Published 448 days ago

Hello Share Diviners. Jim Slater's legendary book on shares, second in my view only to my own works, including the recent Share Attack, advocated investing in shares you really know something about. I seem to remember - though could be wrong - that the Zulu Principal got its name because his wife knew plenty of stuff about Zulus.

Computing Computacenter Prospects, the Share Has a Good Chance of Going Up

Published 460 days ago

Hello Share Shufflers. I don’t much like the name of the firm Computacenter (CCC). This is because of a prejudice I have against titles based on misspellings and particularly companies which use ‘center' instead of ‘centre.’ But that is just little old pedantic me.

The Dash to Buy Soaraway IQE May Not Be Over Yet

Published 490 days ago

Hello Share Swiggers. Let’s have an update on IQE (IQE) my favourite ‘new technology’ share. Though it’s not hard to reach that favoured position as I do not invest in many technology shares having been burnt rather too often.

Profits Up, Divi Up. Could Be Worth Shopping for Dunelm Shares

Published 496 days ago

Hello Share Pippers. The chain store firm of Dunelm Group (DNLM) has produced some jolly good figures. They are in line with other reports that consumer spending is actually up since the Brexit vote. So all those gloomy folk who predicted hard times ahead after our decision to divorce from Europe are wrong.

So You're Making Money on a Near-Record Footsie - Well, Show a Bit of Heart for Starving Refugees.

Published 501 days ago

Hello share swappers. There are a lot of stories of horrible selfish people on this website. Let us, as readers, show that we are more enlightened than they are. Britain is one of the very richest countries in the world. Early signs are that Brexit will make us even richer, as companies queue up to strike new trade deals.

The Blue Moon of Josephine May Bring You Luck - with Petra Diamonds.

Published 517 days ago

Hello Share Shufflers. There’s been a lot of commendation for gold miners on this splendiferous website. And quite rightly, as many of them have put on impressive share value in the continuing uncertainty about currencies, Brexit, QE and so on. But if the value of gold rises, so should the price of silver, platinum and precious stones. So let’s not forget diamond miners like Petra Diamonds (PDL).

Metering May Be Boring - But There's an Electrifying Market Out There for SMS

Published 524 days ago

Hello Share Pitchers. Some interesting plays can be in the field of new technology which tends to take a back seat. I’m not talking about high profile improvements in mobile phones and computers, but the grey areas, like helping firms do their admin work, such as billing, more efficiently. A company which really has a big market to go at here is Smart Metering Systems (SMS). It owns and supplies new-fangled, money-saving electricity and gas meters. A million of them, to be exact.

How to Try to Make Money Out of a Lemon.

Published 536 days ago

Hello Share Twiddlers. As it’s the weekend, I thought it might be an idea to feature an aspect of share-shifting which is sometimes overlooked by the gloomy forecasters we have among our midst. You see, our great game is not so much driven by the nuts and bolts of a company’s performance, as by pop psychology which drives us all, often in an illogical fashion.

This Super Share Might Still Suit You, Sir or Madam.

Published 540 days ago

Hello Share Bunnies. I have to admit that my heart lurches every time I hear the name ASOS (ASC), the big on-line clothing store which used to be called As Seen On Screen. Maybe it still is, but the name, which was so up-to-the-minute when the company started now seems dated, as so many retailers are also online now.

Cape is Worth a Bit of Good Hope, If You Think the Oil Price Will Rise.

Published 666 days ago

Hello Share Crunchers. If we assume - and I think this might be a safe bet - that oil prices will perk up, then perhaps we should cast about for shares in the energy game which might ride the rally.

Electric Wonders. We All Want ‘Em and this Plucky Purveyor of Gadgets Is Set to Spark.

Published 735 days ago

Hello Share Shoppers. I’ve been reading a few recommendations from sharper financial minds than mine about a great new British company which does a lot more than it suggests.

Cast Your Eye at this Flexible Little Company which Would Appeal to Plastic Man

Published 776 days ago

Hello Share Smashers. If you’re looking for an ethical share, I’m not sure you can do much better than having a peek at Biome Technologies (BIOM). Let me begin straight away by saying I’ve lost money previously backing this lot. Quite some years ago now, the share went wrong . I seem to remember this lot was called Stanelco then. And they were big favourites among penny play armchair tycoons like you and me.

Burberry: zero revenue growth, zero profit growth…but still a buy

Published 804 days ago

A month ago almost to the day (link here) I wrote on the luxury retailer Burberry (BRBY) that:

‘The direction of Burberry shares over the next six months does largely depend on how Chinese performance is perceived.  I think they surprise these low expectations and extrapolations…And this makes Burberry shares (still) a buy today’.

Today’s formal six month numbers to the end of September released today reiterate this view. 

Reader Poll – which is the next David Lenigas ramp to issue new shares?

Published 828 days ago

We will ignore the preposterous Lenigas Cuba as we already know that it is trying to rope in suckers to pay 5p – a mere 25,000 % premium to what Big Dave paid for his own shares just three months ago. But which of the other companies associated with the fat Aussie share ramper will be next to place?

Tern – And another Geek joins the fray

Published 868 days ago

Like London Buses, here is a third Tern (TERN) Geek in quick succession keen to share his knowledge. Clearly the geekishness of ShareProphets readers knows no bounds. It is all Geek to me, but ‘Armpit’ writes….

Amec Foster Wheeler looks set for recovery

Published 879 days ago

Amec Foster Wheeler (AMFW) has seen its share price hammered in recent months, but that could present a good buying opportunity. AMEC (as it was formerly known) took over Foster Wheeler in November 2014 to form the new combined entity, and at the time the new shares were trading around the 1100p area, but since then it has had lots of ups and downs and has failed to regain those highs.

Zak Mir's Bull Call Of The Day No. 2: Circassian Pharma: Support At 200 Day Line Implies Upside To 400p

Published 885 days ago

Circassia Pharma (CIR) may not be a company name most are familiar with, but at least from a technical perspective its shares have had an overall constructive setup over recent months. I now provide an upside share price target.

Don’t Let the Bar Stewards Talk You Up.

Published 889 days ago

Hello Share Swabs. If you read the blogs of amateur share traders, you will be aware of a stupid, and rather dangerous, mind-set. This is the talking up of share values.

The wider implications of low oil prices

Published 1106 days ago

Everyone is well aware that the oil price has plummeted, but many have yet to consider the wider implications of this drop. Unless you’ve been living in a cave you can’t help but have noticed the collapse in oil price, but many investors are still only considering it in terms of whether they hold shares in oil producing companies, or even just the fact that it is now cheaper to fill up their car! 

SABMiller: the beer is getting a bit too warm

Published 1227 days ago

Back on the final day of January earlier this year I asked the question whether it was time to get the emerging market beers in? This slightly strange title question was a reference to the global brewer (with a particularly large geographic focus on Africa and Latin America) SABMiller (SAB), which, at that time, was buffeted by emerging markets concerns and kicking around the £27 share price level. 

Mothercare – how low will it fall?

Published 1275 days ago

Mothercare (MTC) shares are down by 10% to 234p today as Destiny Maternity formally pulled out of a bid approach. Quelle frigging surprise! The only question is how low the stock will fall? Ask the experts.

Brian Toye of Toye & Co: Crony Capitalist you have Massive Questions to answer you POS

Published 1283 days ago

Brian Toye runs a listed company Toye & Co (TOYE) and has now made a 35p a share offer to buy out his fellow stockholders. The offer is disgracefully low – a 30% discount to the share price and a 70% discount to the last NAV. The manner of the offer also begs a stack of questions as to whether rules have been followed. The NEDs said No. But it will go through unless regulators intervene. This is disgraceful crony capitalism and POS Brian Toye has serious questions to answer.

Canaccord slashes Quindell target price by 70%, cuts EPS forecasts – but says BUY in 54 page note

Published 1289 days ago

What happened to Kevin Ashton the Canaccord analyst who refused to publish a buy note on Quindell (QPP)? He was put on gardening leave. A new gopher is in place and he has resumed coverage with a buy stance (quelle surprise as Canaccord is joint broker) and 354p target.  That is a 70% cut in target price. Earnings forecasts for 2014 and 2015. It would be fair to say the Mr Ashton would have regarded such a target price as wildly optimistic. Perhaps that is why Canaccord suspended him.

ShareProphets Tip of the Week: Buy Restore at a 176p offer

Published 1291 days ago

Restore (RST) is a share tipped by Tom Winnifrith and Steve Moore at 30p back in 2010. They both still like it and see meaningful upside at a 176p offer. This is not a blow your socks off buy but a solid “sleep soundly” investment to make you market beating returns without worrying. It is a dull and predictable generator of great cashflows…what is wrong with that?

There Ain't No Cure for the Summertime Blues

Published 1293 days ago

Hello Share Pushers: Members of my family used to annoy me every February by constantly reciting ' this is a funny time of year'. They meant that after the scurry of Christmas and before the awakenings of spring and summer holidays, there was never much happening. I'm tempted to say, for share pickers like us, that this sunny month is a 'funny time of year'. Once again nothing much is happening. In lazy July and August you can always expect shares to suffer. And they are so doing.

Tethys Petroleum at 19p worth 100p?

Published 1297 days ago

Commissioned Researcher Edison has initiated its coverage of AIM listed Tethys Petroleum (TPL) with a bold claim that the shares, now 19p, could be worth as much as 100p.

A new hot share tip on HotStockRockets Friday 23rd May - join NOW for just £5

Published 1342 days ago

The next sizzling hot share tip from the HotStockRockets website will go live tomorrow (Friday) during market hours. Our readers will get to know about it for as little as £5 a month ( or less!). 

Kentz Corp – shareholders send out a clear message to the ‘fat cats’ of London-listed companies

Published 1343 days ago

Kentz Corp (KENZ) is a company that, with its shares currently at 686p, has performed well for most shareholders. However, recent developments here show that such companies must still listen to what shareholders are telling them or eventually face consequences. The following explains.

Balfour Beatty - the drop is overdone

Published 1343 days ago

Profit warnings are never good for a company, but they also often cause an over-reaction and give investors a chance to buy at a bargain price. This may well prove to be the case with infrastructure services company Balfour Beatty (BBY). The company issued just such a warning a couple of weeks back and saw its share price drop from around 285p, before settling at the current level of 223p. Is now the time to swoop on this weakness?

Lombard Risk Management – CEO Catch Up

Published 1346 days ago

Following results from Lombard Risk Management (LRM) last week, I have now managed to catch up with CEO John Wisbey. 

Lombard Risk Management - full-year results, reasons to buy?

Published 1350 days ago

Tech firm focused on risk management and regulatory compliance for the financial services industry, Lombard Risk Management (LRM) has announced results for its year ended 31st March 2014 and that it has “entered the new financial year with recurrent revenues at another all-time high of around £8.6m, our highest ever year end level of order book at £5.2m, and with a good sales pipeline”.


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