Mobile Streams – “to preserve and protect its remaining cash balances”. Hmmm…

Published 38 days ago

Previously writing on Mobile Streams (MOS) a couple of weeks ago, I noted interims & “the directors are analyzing further financing initiatives and a cost reduction program”. I bet they are!. Today CEO Simon Buckingham emphasises “decisive cost reduction actions. This has allowed the company to preserve and protect its remaining cash balances”. Has it?...

Mobile Streams – “delighted by this increased support from our existing investors”. Er…

Published 82 days ago

Mobile content retailer in Argentina and India, Mobile Streams (MOS) “is pleased to announce a fundraising of £140,000… at 0.35 pence per subscription share”, with CEO Simon Buckingham “delighted by this increased support from our existing investors. We are excited by the potential to launch our games services in the large Indonesian market”. Hmmm...

Mobile Streams – “initiative in Indonesia” announcement is re. services not yet launched. Hmmm…

Published 118 days ago

“new market initiative in Indonesia” announcement from Mobile Streams (MOS), including CEO Simon Buckingham arguing, having “considered a number of markets to complement Latin America and India… we strongly believe that Indonesia, a sizable market with a population of over 250 million, provides the best opportunity to achieve positive results in both the short and long term”. Hmmm…

I will be surprised if Mobile Streams is still trading at the end of 2019

Published 131 days ago

Back in early December I wrote a piece warning people not to get taken in by RNS-Reach announcements, and criticising the way that some companies seemed to use the system to try to attract investors and pump their share price, by releasing information that isn’t considered to be price sensitive, but making out that it is some sort of big deal.

Beware of share price rises caused by RNS-Reach - Mobile Streams is a case in point

Published 168 days ago

I often find myself questioning the purpose of RNS Reach announcements for companies listed on the AIM market, as they can cause severe volatility in the share price and this is usually far more than is justified by the news itself.

Hard to see a road to recovery for Mobile Streams

Published 296 days ago

The share price of Mobile Streams (MOS) has pretty much halved since I recently covered it as one to avoid at all costs, but despite that drop I still see no value in any investment here.

Mobile Streams faces an uphill battle - just to avoid bankruptcy

Published 341 days ago

Mobile Streams (MOS) appears to be yet another AIM company where it is hard to see it ever actually returning any money to investors, and whilst it certainly isn’t unique in that regard, I do have to wonder how long it can keep going for before the ability to raise funds finally dries up.

Mobile Streams – emphasises “delighted” with India growth… but overall it’s a “materially lower” profit warning!

Published 796 days ago

Trading Statement” announcement from mobile games company Mobile Streams (MOS) sees the shares currently more than 10% lower, heading towards 3p. Uh oh…

Mobile Streams – reckons “pleased to announce” full-year results, shares down 30%...

Published 921 days ago

“Mobile Streams (MOS), the emerging markets focused mobile media company, is pleased to announce its final results for the year ended 30 June 2016 which are in line with management's revised expectations”. Ok. Er, what? The shares currently 30% down, at 9.625p, in response...


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