Tom Winnifrith Bearcast: is Sir Philip Green the most unacceptable face of capitalism? No.

Published 73 days ago

I speak not in defence of Sir Phil for there are many things one can rightly condemn him for, not least trying to gag a free press in an era when free speech is under real attack. But is he the demon the press makes him out to be today? No. He is a dinosaur and has acted wrongly but is no demon. And some of his critics, notably Lord Hain of sleaze, are rank hypocrites.

Notes from Underground - Is it an opportunity or a retreat?

Published 177 days ago

Looking at the leaderboard this week, I find it interesting - after a few days of plummeting share prices - that the most read articles are on prosaic things: clothing, hotels, real estate, and minerals.

Britain’s most loathed businessman Sir Philip Green accused of #Metoo Sexual harassment, racism, bullying & gagging victims and the press

Published 179 days ago

The Daily Telegraph has been on this story for eight months but Britain’s most loathed businessmen has used his vast wealth to take out legal injunctions stopping the press from publishing details. However that has been blown apart by Lord Peter Hain of sleaze using Parliamentary Privilege  to name Green and Hain’s comments can now be reported. The scumbag former Labour minister has for once in his life done the decent thing and told the House of Lords today:

BHS goes bust - why Sir Philip Green's brand of capitalism is not acceptable, he should be made a pariah

Published 1093 days ago

BHS started with 1 store in 1928. Today it employs 11,000 folk and operates from 164 stores. And it has just gone bust. The blame lies not with the current management but with Sir Philip Green who sold BHS to today's bosses for £1 a year ago.

MySale Group – IPO a warning of what is to come?

Published 1771 days ago

The IPO of MySale Group (MYSL) has not been the return to the stock market Sir Philip Green would have hoped for – the shares hitting a low of £1.66 and closing their first day of trading on AIM down more than 7% at £2.10 after the company had to clarify that its “trading currency is currently in GBP, as opposed to British pence as intended. The quote will be changed to British pence tomorrow Tuesday 17 June 8am”. The following reviews a company a Green investment vehicle took a 25% stake in in May.


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