San Leon Energy – M&A discussions terminated, but positives as shares resume trading

Published 27 days ago

San Leon Energy (SLE) has announced it has terminated discussions with Midwestern Oil & Gas and trading in its shares has recommenced on AIM - with it arguing “a number of positive developments across its business… Our financial position is much stronger than when discussions with Midwestern commenced”

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast - why Ed Croft is wrong to label Nigel Wray a sucker, can't count to 40 & arrived at a bogus conclusion on correct data

Published 28 days ago

In this podcast I look back at a very valid point made by Dr Hon at UK Investor on a cancer still at the heart of the City. I look at AIQ (AIQ), San Leon (SLE) and Paragon Entertainment (PEL) - another Finncap debacle. Then I turn to Ed Croft and UK Investor who was rude to me ( who cares) as he over-ran his allotted time and pretended otherwise by slating me. He also called Nigel Wray a sucker for his investments. Ed: how rich are you? How many AIM stocks have you backed in a major way where you could have m,ade 100* your money? But I am sure you are right and Wray is a sucker. And then Ed presented data which though accurate allowed him to leap to a totally wrong conclusion. If I was scoring his thesis I explain why I'd have to give it a fail. Or as that is now on campuses today a 2:1. Unlike Ed I did not insult someone else on the main stage on their big day as that would have been rude but his nonsense needs correcting.

San Leon Energy – a number of OML 18 “issues”. Being addressed? Really?

Published 85 days ago

San Leon Energy (SLE) has reported on a number of “issues”, though with CEO Oisin Fanning arguing these “are not expected to affect, materially, the long-term field performance, whilst in the shorter term San Leon has a number of protections in place for receiving loan note repayments which are expected to be approximately $19 million per quarter” But does anyone believe Mr Fanning any more?…

San Leon Energy - operational updates and what about the China bid?

Published 214 days ago

Despite a conditional takeover offer “of approximately 67-76 pence per share” currently remaining in-play, shares in San Leon Energy (SLE) remain depressed – at a current 25p offer – following recent newsflow.

Tom Winnifrith Bonus Bearcast - a total fucking waste of 45 minutes of my life. The San Leon GM

Published 227 days ago

Recorded at the Teeling distillery in Dublin (no jokes please, I am stone cold sober ahead of battle with evil Professor Conroy shortly), I reflect on 45 minutes of my life wasted at the San Leon (SLE) AGM. I am a bit angry with all sorts of folk and the language might reflect that.

San Leon - not long till shares trade again

Published 314 days ago

San Leon (SLE) has updated on the suspension of its shares - something that has now lasted a week. We have been in constant communication with the company and are relaxed about the situation, not expecting it to last much longer.

San Leon bid approach - Hold pro tem - any bid must be at c70p +

Published 517 days ago

San Leon Energy (SLE) has announced an early stage bid approach. Its shares are up to 49.5p on the news just down on our tip price but we hope you've followed our advice since and averaged down so are in the money. San states:

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast: Paternal Devotion sees the ultimate JK Rowling punishment

Published 518 days ago

My daughter is here and I shall show paternal devotion shortly and be punished for my many sins as I explain in this podcast. Ahead of that I cover Cloudtag (CTAG), Arria (NLG), Highland Natural Resources (HNR), San Leon (SLE), Aidan Earley and Big Sofa (BST).

San Leon - Polish Court Decision: BUY

Published 582 days ago

After hours announcements are poor form and in that regard we are not wowed by San Leon (SLE) sneaking this out at close to 6 PM earlier this week. On the other hand an adverse Polish court ruling was a) well flagged and b) just not material. San Leon states:

San Leon at 44.75p - worth 101p to 120p says SP Angel in 100 page report ( you aren't meant to read, peasants)

Published 598 days ago

Don't tell the compliance officer round at SP Angel that we have published this as he ( or she, I know not) is a dickhead who reckons that the fine research from that broker should go to institutions only and not peasants like you. But Zac "the knife" Phillips has today published a 100 page report on San Leon (SLE) in which he notes that the shares, now 44.75p after results this morning are worth 101p to 120p. We own the stock so are minded to agree that the shares are very cheap although Zac is perhaps a tad more optimistic than we are. 

Oil's Well that Ends Well - Stand By for A Rising Price

Published 622 days ago

Hello Share Scuffers. As I write the price of Brent crude is $47.62 dollars a barrel. That is lower than recent days when the price crawled back above $50. However, the trend is up and after reaching a nadir of $38 dollars a year or so ago, well the current oil price is a lot better now than it was.

Buy San Leon at a 45.5p offer

Published 624 days ago

Oh no, you cry, not that old dog? San Leon Energy (SLE) has suffered disaster after disaster as an AIM stock over the years and its CEO Oisin Fanning appears to have been well rewarded for failure. Anyhow, everyone hates oil stocks. Yes you are correct on all counts which is why the market has failed to recognise what an amazing deal Mr Fanning has just pulled off. The shares will be re-rated rapidly as that sinks in and as oil prices start to push higher - we expect to see $60 oil by Q1 2017. Therefore buy San Leon today at a 45.5p offer.

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast - Riling fraudsters and their advisors, yes you Stewart Dickson of African Potash infamy

Published 633 days ago

A rushed day, back to hospital in five minutes. Ahead I discuss why mug punters and Justin the Clown love blue sky rubbish like Cloudtag (CTAG) but not value plays. I discuss three value plays I know well two of which we own: San Leon (SLE), Obtala (OBT) and Guscio (GUSC). Boring is sexy. Then I look at a non value stock mugs like, North River Resources (NRRP). Then I discuss how one plays the game: fraud hunter vs fraudsters and yes that might involve producing mugs!

San Leon 2017 yield 19% and PE 2.6 - we are in

Published 633 days ago

Well that is the forecast anyway for those who took part in the San Leon (SLE) placing at 45p details of which were announced today. For once we are on the same side as Tosca Fund which did most of the placing as we also had a modest nibble. Delivery is the key but on those sort of forecasts it would be rude not to invest. 

Zak Mir's Bulletin Board Heroes: 88 Energy, Cloudbuy, Independent Oil & Gas, LGO Energy, San Leon Energy, Westminster Group

Published 892 days ago

Featuring  shares in 88 Energy (88E), Cloudbuy (CBUY), Independent Oil & Gas (IOG), LGO Energy (LGO), San Leon Energy (SLE) and Westminster Group (WSG) with share price targets for all five stocks.

Zak Mir's Bulletin Board Heroes: Atlas Development, Goldplat, Metal Tiger, Oxus Gold, San Leon Energy, Victoria Oil & Gas

Published 946 days ago

Featuring shares in Atlas Development (ADSS), Goldplat (GDP), Metal Tiger (MTR), Oxus Gold (OXS), San Leon Energy (SLE), Victoria Oil & Gas (VOG) with share price targets for all five stocks.

Zak Mir's Great Request Show: Petroceltic, San Leon Energy, XLMedia

Published 972 days ago

If you want me to analyse a stock for you just drop me a line at [email protected] - Today I look at Petroceltic (PCI) , San Leon Energy (SLE), XLMedia (XLM)

Zak Mir's Great Request Show: Castleton Technology, Netscientific, San Leon Energy

Published 1054 days ago

If you want me to analyse a stock for you just drop me a line at [email protected] - Today I look at Castleton Technology (CTP), Netscientific (NSCI), San Leon Energy (SLE).

Zak Mir's Great Request Show: Iomart, Parity, San Leon Energy

Published 1075 days ago

If you want me to analyse a stock for you just drop me a line at [email protected] - Today I look at Iomart (IOM), Parity (PTY), San Leon Energy (SLE).

San Leon Energy; Serious Due Diligence Now Completed

Published 1085 days ago

Martin Hughes is no mug, you don’t get the nickname “The Rottweiler” for nothing. The head of the US $7 billion Tosca fund doesn’t suffer fools gladly, he has just put £16 million of Tosca’s money into San Leon Energy as part of today’s £29 million Placing. In addition to its current shareholding of approximately 22% in San Leon, this investment would take Tosca's total shareholding after the Placing to approximately 41.5%.

San Leon Energy; £29million for this?!!!

Published 1085 days ago

This morning, San Leon Energy (SLE) announced a conditional placing to raise £29million. The proposed price of this fundraising is the equivalent of 0.8p in current money, but San Leon also plans to push through a 100-1 consolidation so the real price will be 80p. Based on the miserable track record of this company, about the only thing it looks like this move could achieve is to open the door to is further future catastrophic dilution.

San Leon Energy – why the market isn’t buying it

Published 1454 days ago

San Leon Energy (SLE) is trying its hardest to get noticed by the market. Over the course of May the company has issued three RNSs; one director purchase and two updates on Poland referring to farm-in discussion for the company’s Permian/SW Carboniferous Basin play in Poland. And no one gives a damn.


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