Norcros – full-year results emphasise “excellent progress”, still a buy

Published 1 day ago

Bathroom and kitchen products company Norcros (NXR) has announced results for its year ended 31st March 2018, emphasising “excellent progress towards our strategic objectives” and that “the board remains confident that the group should continue to make further progress for the year ending 31 March 2019”

A Big Hole in South Africa Could Produce A Soaring Share for this Perky Miner

Published 142 days ago

Hello Share Lovers. If you’re rich, your card case will be made from silver. If you’re super rich, like the villain in my latest horror novel, Black Snow, then it will be fashioned in platinum. How’s that for a crafty plug? Platinum is worth more than gold. And like gold, which is currently shy of its deserved value, there looks some catching up to be done regarding its price.

Festive Break 2017: The view from ShareProphets' readers' windows - South Africa

Published 173 days ago

ShareProphets subscriber, and Align Research director, Richard Jennings sends this cheerful photo from South Africa. I have always thought that more people in the City should end up behind bars. I hope this marks the start of a trend.

Norcros - still a buy following encouraging trading update

Published 239 days ago

Bathroom and kitchen products manufacturer and supplier under the Triton Showers, Vado, Croydex, Abode, Norcros Adhesives, Johnson Tiles, Tile Africa and TAL brands, Norcros plc (NXR) has recently updated encouragingly on trading, yet the shares have thus far responded quite modestly – and only returning them to the 180p at which they commenced this year.

Platinum prices should benefit from disputes over new mining laws

Published 272 days ago

When it comes to precious metals, all the attention has seemingly been on gold and silver recently, but I think that people are making a mistake if they ignore platinum and the possible upside there.

Ferrum Crescent - still burning through cash and achieving little of note!

Published 309 days ago

With any AIM listed natural resources company it is always interesting to look at where the company is at this point in time when compared to the accumulated losses of the business since it started.

Jubilee Platinum deal with Riverfort - death spirals so bad right? NO!

Published 311 days ago

Jubilee Platinum (JLP) last week announced a $50 million funding package to grow its metals recovery business. Oh no Riverfort! Said the snipers. Death spirals, yak, yak, yak. They have it wrong. This deal is, if you read the detail, good news.

Sylvania continues to deliver a strong performance - buy for the longer term

Published 324 days ago

Sylvania Platinum (SLP) is a company which I’ve followed for quite some time and hold shares in myself - and I view today’s unexpected acquisition news as being positive for the company moving forwards.

Jubilee Platinum continues to make progress: BUY

Published 370 days ago

Shares in Jubilee Platinum (JLP) have taken a bit of a battering in recent months, but I can still see plenty of upside here on any sort of positive reversal in platinum prices, and it is also worth remembering that other platinum group metals have been more robust.

Disappointing updates from Lonmin suggest further weakness to come

Published 400 days ago

Lonmin (LMI) is a company that I have followed closely for several years, but after the latest updates this week, and with platinum still looking weak, I wouldn’t be in any rush to buy.

Another decent update from Sylvania Platinum

Published 419 days ago

I’ve been a fan of Sylvania Platinum (SLP) since early last year and during that time the share price has doubled, and the latest operations update has certainly done nothing to alter my view of the company.

The tangled web behind URU Metals

Published 439 days ago

URU Metals (URU) seems to have this RNS lark cracked – if the market hates the first one that you issue, then just word it slightly differently and release news about the same project again the following day. You really couldn’t make it up!

Lonmin offers a leveraged play on platinum prices

Published 472 days ago

Lonmin PLC (LMI) was one of my best performing share tips during 2016, and following the recent pullback I think it is well worth another look.

Afriag rescues baby elephant - aaaaaagh, very sweet photo

Published 476 days ago

I have not been terribly complimentary about NEX listed Afriag (AFRI) but you need a heart of stone not to go aaaaaagh at this photo and act of kindness below. Over to the SA press which reports:

Goldplat – Q1 2017 operational update, still a gold recovery buy?

Published 601 days ago

Goldplat (GDP) has announced an “Operational Update” for the three months ended 30th September, with CEO Gerard Kisbey-Green “very pleased with the progress made on all areas of strategic focus as we continue to improve our operational efficiencies, increase processing capacity and ultimately build our profitability”

Sylvania Platinum remains a buy after positive update

Published 602 days ago

I’ve been a fan of Sylvania Platinum (SLP) for some time now and it is a company in which I hold shares myself, and after the latest update I see no reason to change that stance.

I'm still happy to hold Sylvania longer term

Published 687 days ago

Unfortunately with many AIM companies these days, news is hyped up so much that when it actually arrives it can rarely meet the expectations of investors.

Ferrum Crescent continues to dilute investors at an alarming rate - avoid!

Published 694 days ago

There would appear to be an increasingly common correlation between CEOs who freely indulge in podcasts, interviews and courting private investors, and those same PIs getting screwed a short while later!

Fastjet - Breaking: New CEO brings glimmer of hope

Published 741 days ago

One of the key demands from major shareholder Sir Stelios has been that Fastjet (FJET) hires a competent new CEO. While it has taken longer than expected, we have breaking news today via RNS that a new CEO has indeed been found. From an operational point of view, this should be a game-changer.

Time to bank some profit on Lonmin

Published 752 days ago

Lonmin (LMI) shares have had a fantastic run since the start of the year, but if you haven’t already cashed in now might be the time to start thinking about it.

Sylvania overdue a re-rate on higher platinum prices

Published 760 days ago

Platinum prices have recovered very well since the early part of the year and have been consistently trading at above the $1,000 area, a big increase on the lows of around $810 that we saw.

A Shine on Platinum Should Put a Sparkle into Lonmin's Share Price

Published 834 days ago

Hello Share Plungers. Miners have had a really bad time of it. But the thing about bad times is that there are cycles at work and bad times can become good times. The tragedy is that recoveries only rarely equal and, even more unusually, exceed pre-crash levels.

Tobacco smuggling and a tale of two AfriAgs - the ghost of LonRho with David Lenigas

Published 921 days ago

Fridays focus of ramping for David Lenigas was AIM listed AfriAg (AFRI) But what is this company and who is involved? I sense the ghost of LonRho, what follows makes this an uber-bargepole stock

Motive Television – Memorandum of Understanding announced as directors scramble to keep their lifestyle funding rolling

Published 924 days ago

Scrambling to keep their lifestyle funding rolling, the directors of Motive Television (MTV) have announced the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding “to provide educational content to tablet users in South Africa, with possible further expansion throughout Africa to follow”. Convenient timing hey, just as the company seeks to conclude discussions with holders of £2.98 million of convertible loan notes which mature on 31st December…

Lonmin set to exit FTSE 250 – no rush to bottom fish the shares

Published 1061 days ago

It can be tempting to buy into a large company that has seen its share price tumble and looks cheap. But usually it is very hard to predict where the bottom is once some of these companies have been in a downward spiral for a prolonged period of time, and that would seem to be the case with Lonmin (LMI).

Gambling on higher gold prices with Goldplat

Published 1388 days ago

Goldplat (GDP) has been in decline since mid-2012, but now seems to have settled at its lowest point in more than five years and could be worth a look. The AIM-listed company is actually profitable and debt-free through its gold recovery businesses in South Africa and Ghana (although not overall). However the share price now sits at around 4p, leaving Goldplat with a market cap of under £7 million, a far cry from the highs of over 16p in 2012.

Fight back starts at Coal of Africa

Published 1391 days ago

Bombed-out Coal of Africa (CZA) is turning the corner in its struggle to eliminate past losses and surmount a raft of problems. The company could soon start creating value for patient shareholders from its two billion tonnes of coal in South Africa’s Limpopo province.

Sylvania moots dividend payout as the pace quickens

Published 1416 days ago

Platinum mining in South Africa has been a decidedly challenging business of late, with a prolonged miners’ strike rising costs and weak prices combining to sap confidence at many companies. One exception to the sombre tone is AIM-quoted Sylvania Platinum (SLP), whose Chief Executive Officer Terry McConnachie sounds in robust mood, as he suggests the company could receive an official mining right approval for its five to six million-oz. Volspruit open-cast platinum group metals (PGM) project in South Africa’s Bushveld region ‘within one to three weeks‘.

Anglo American at 1,583p - now on my buy list

Published 1429 days ago

When I penned my observations on Anglos American (AAL) the mining giant last week, my favourable impression of the company and its shares was partly based on the assumption that the management would be disposing of its old, inefficient and troublesome platinum mines that have hung about the company’s neck like a ton of bricks. Now we have reports that the company plans to sell off three shafts in the Rustenburg area of South Africa, further confirming my ‘good value’ estimation at the then share price of 1514p. Last seen the Anglo American share price was 1583p; up 4.5% in about a week and intimating a further challenge to recent one year share price resistance, at just above 1600p (have a look).

Buy Ferrum Crescent and Bushveld Minerals

Published 1430 days ago

Today I update you on two companies that I believe are still strong buys - the shares of both could gain 150%. Ferrum Crescent (FCR) and Bushveld Minerals (BMN) are both South African mining companies with excellent resource bases at developed stages and have massive upside potential.

Central Rand hopes to be back on track

Published 1433 days ago

Water, though vital for life, can present formidable problems in mining, as Central Rand Gold (CNRD) has recently found to its cost. However, chief executive Johan du Toit sounds confident the company is surmounting the threat posed by surging underground water levels to mining a gold resource of potentially more than 30 million oz. in South Africa’s Central Rand goldfields.


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