Silver is due a bounce - Hochschild will benefit

Published 202 days ago

Silver has been incredibly volatile this year with large swings, but it is now back at a level where I can see a good chance of a bounce coming, and that in turn offers upside on producers of the precious metal.

Orosur looks under-valued as gold shows continued strength

Published 280 days ago

Orosur Mining (OMI) certainly isn’t amongst the more popular resource stocks on AIM and trading volumes are often verging on non-existent, but I believe that many are missing an opportunity here as they go chasing rainbows with companies that are years away from production, assuming they ever actually get to that stage!

Pipeline approval for Amerisur Resources - buy?

Published 705 days ago

It is still my view that the current low oil price is offering plenty of opportunities to buy shares in producers at a depressed share price.

Worried About Oilers in the Middle East and Ukraine? – Try South America.

Published 1314 days ago

Hello Share Paddlers: There’s a plucky oil company called Amerisur Resources (AMER). I found the tip on this punchy website and put some money into it. It’s since put on another 33% But I don’t think the fun is over yet.


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